Ebar Shabor (2015) - full transcript

A very much experienced police detective Mr. Shabor Dasgupta (Actor-Saswata Chatterjee) is assigned to do the task of solving the mystery of the murder of Mitali Ghosh (Actress-Swastika Mukherjee),who is a woman with a messy past life, who was killed on the night she had thrown a house party for her close friends and family. The task is very tough for Shabor to find the real victim. There are lots of twists in the story.

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Mr. Shabor
- Yes.

Third floor. Mitali Ghosh.

Used to live in Pondicherry

There was a party here last night.

Right after... he's
the victim's uncle.

He's Shabor Dasgupta,

Assistant Commissioner of Police,
Lalbazaar, Detective Dept.

Come I'll lead you upstairs

Won't be necessary.

When did the party wrap up?

Around 1.30am

Who's this?

My nephew.

After everyone left,
my sister went to her bedroom

Up there.

She was tipsy.

I asked if I'd help...


Sherry, Vodka, whisky, everything.

I've never seen Di like-

What's Di?

My uncle's daughter

Was anyone taking photos
at the party last night?


Get the photos immediately.
- Yes sir.

At what time did the party wrap up?

1.30... around 1.45.

I asked, if I should
accompany her...

Di, what's wrong with you?

You'll topple, shall I help?

Shut up.

Wait a bit Di, I'll
take you upstairs

Shut up!

I should have gone.

This is the victim's father.

Died seven months ago.

Barun Ghosh.

Natural death?

Yes, he's been unwell for long.

Suspected cancer.

Was admitted at a nursing home,

but the diagnosis was faulty.

Later he died of cerebral-

Find out about this law firm

Yes sir.

Who were the guests?

Bose is checking the list sir,

with some Haren who runs errands.

The perfume bottles were
broken to confuse the sniffer dogs.

All foreign. - Imported. - Eh?

The bottles were imported.

'Foreign' is wrong usage.

Pardon me, I'm from Jagabandhu
School, sir. It's Bengali medium.

So am I. What difference
does it make? Here, take this.

Mitali Ghosh tied the knot with
Mithu Mitra on the 9th of May, 2010.

Mithu Mitra.

May I get five minutes please?
- Yes.

Tea or coffee?

Mitali has been murdered!

I haven't been in touch
with her for a long time.

What do you do?

I'm an Accounts officer
at the UCO Bank.

Which branch?

Main office at Dalhousie.

Opposite the tea board building.

How long have you
been working there?

Around ten years.

At the same branch?

No, including transfers.

Mitali is your wife.

Was - She was? - Yes.



She never liked me much.

Good god! Why?

The marriage was a blunder.

I realised later.

I still don't know
why she disliked me.

I had to marry her
because of her father.

But people get married
to become fathers!

Barun Ghosh was Mitali's Father.

Good morning Mr. Mitra.

He was a customer at our bank.

'Morning. How've you been?

I'm okay. What's up with you?
- I'm good.

Just a minute.

Please sign on the reverse side.

Oh, yes.


Here's your Twenty Thousand.

All in notes of hundred,
as you always prefer.

Thank you. Thank you.

Can I say something
if you don't mind?

Yes of course!

Can you please give
me your phone number?

I need to talk to you in private.

Can you come to my place?

One minute.

Did you go to his house?


I won't force you
if you don't wish to.

I'm scared actually.

I have cancer.

I have six months at max.

if you happen to like Mitali

I'll be relieved.

Of course she's such a beauty.

What's there to dislike?

So you agreed!

Didn't it ever occur
to you why he chose you?

I mean there could have
been better suitors no?

Also, Mr. Barun never
really had cancer.

That was diagnosed much later.

Mitali and I got married...

My illusions were shattered
the night of our marriage itself

What's wrong?

Don't touch me.

Father forced me to marry.
I don't believe in this marriage.

Just leave this place.

Mitali? What?

You don't understand English?

Stay where ever you wish,
do whatever you please,

just don't come near me.

You understand?

Don't touch me

Just don't touch me.
Get out from here.

Just get out!

Get out of this room!

What about sex?

I slept in the living room.

That lead to divorce.
- Yes.

I didn't keep touch.

Heard she lived in Pondicherry,
was into painting.

She didn't return to Kolkata

But you regularly sent her emails.
We have retrieved them.

But I don't even have her email id,

How could you retrieve them?

I lied.

Are you a black belt?

Yes, its my passion.

By profession you must
be a black mailer then.

What do you mean?

Mr. Mitra,

Barun Ghosh had two
false accounts in your bank.

Yes, under the names
of Pinaki Sharma and Rudra Sen

You blackmailed him
about the false accounts

and then forced him to
get his daughter married to you.

Why else would Barun
Ghosh choose you as a suitor?

You made this up too, right?

You're quick mister!

Many people possess false accounts.

Not a big deal. Mind getting
off my seat? I've to go.


But I'll come for you again.

I know.
This is only the beginning.

But Mr. Shabor,

I'm not related to this murder.

Right after Mitali divorced you,
you felt vengeful.

And why not? You're a
strong man with a black belt

capable of timely revenge!

My keys.

Were you invited to the party?
- No.

I just went - Just like that?

A divorced wife who
did not invite you...

Listen, think, before you speak!

Forsaken husband,
inheritor of tons of money,

Neglected by a beautiful wife.

Mr. Shabor, I haven't murdered her.

What if you haven't,
listen to how the story unfolds.

A party's on at the second floor

and you wait in ambush
at the floor above.

I wasn't aware of the party.

I left as soon as I came to know.

I met Mitali for the last time.

It was around 6.30 in the evening.

What's your alibi?

On my way out I bumped
into Khanika and Samiran

Hey Mithu, what's up with you?



I see you know what an alibi means.


So how was the night?

'That was great love.

Then I must stay on,
don't you think?

You know I've work to do today.

Do you?
- Yes.

Now you have work, you coward!

Aren't you scared of ghosts anymore?

Don't you remember how much
you pestered me to come last night?


Khanika knows about this right?

Hey, I must have my morning tea!

The electric kettle and
the tea bags are kept there,

help yourself darling.

Stop staring at me like a moron,
and get the phone!

The sugar's kept in the side rack.

Yes, tell me...
- Tell me? What do you mean?

How can you have drunken parties
all night and wake up late everyday?

You will bring about my ruin.

Neither will you run the shop-

What has happened?

I'm telling you,
I'm leaving right now.

When will u go?

You rascal- Go to Mr. Verma
with the file you irresponsible fool!

His flight is at 11.30, if he leaves
before you reach we'll be doomed!

Alright. I'm leaving

Nothing's alright, reach within
fifteen minutes, miserable rascal!

If the income tax folks check us,
we'll have sticks up our asses!

Understand you stupid ass?

Of course not Mr.
Verma, I'm on my way, almost there.

Ya I'll reach you.

Who's at the door now? - Go in.

Should I check? - No, no. Stay in.
- Drama!

Who's there?

Samiran Bagchi?
- Oh! Yes.

Shabor Dasgupta,
Detective, Lalbazaar

Should I come in?

Must you? I mean,
I've someone...

Your girlfriend's in, I know.

Steps in at night,
and leaves in the morning.

Murder mysteries and girlfriends
are an interesting mix.

Step aside.

Come in.

Will you be late.
- Why you want to pee or what?

No I don't want to pee but
there is another P... Police here.

What! - Yes I swear!

What's wrong?
- The same old, Mitali's murder.

Come out please.
- Why?

He'll ask a few questions.

I feel he's been
keeping an eye on us.

Are you listening?
- It's okay.

There's nothing to fear.

I'm the daughter of a policeman too.

I've been raised by a policeman.

They don't scare me.

I'll be there soon.

That's cool.

Why are you here?

Just listening intently.

How do you know Mitali Ghosh?

No one!

Just a childhood friend.
We used to go to school together.

She got married after that.

Her father died later.

Why did she suddenly marry
Mithu Mitra? I'm taking one.

Mitali has always been
unpredictable with her feelings.

That apart, her
father was aging too.

He wanted her to settle.

She was very romantic by nature,

winding up with all the wrong men-

Like you?

Ah, no way.
With a lousy boy from her college.

Pantu Halder.

A local rogue

Lives in a shady
slum by her locality.

Unbelievable how a girl from such
a polished family eloped with him!

Her father blew up in rage.

He was a cheap bloke.

Wouldn't earn a penny.

Six months later,
our erratic Mitali returned home.

Her poor father went mad

running from one police
station to another.

?That was a horrible mess.

Didn't Mithu Mitra know about this?

Of course he did.

It was the hottest
gossip in the locality.

Amidst all this, you missed
the chance to marry Mitali.


Why? Weren't you attracted to her?

I just liked her,
you know how it is at that age.

Mitali was very drunk at the party.

It was the most amazing thing!

I was shocked!


She never used to drink.

In fact in Pondicherry she was a
part of a movement against Alcoholism.

You'll get the links
on her Facebook wall.

Strangely that night she
gulped down one peg after another.

I was a little high too...

When the party was about to wrap up

Khanika led me out

You mean the one
in the bathroom now?

Take a seat.

No that's Julekha!

How many do have?


Ah, this is my stop gap.

Lucky man!

So where's Khanika?

At her place, and I'm at mine.


After returning from Pondicherry...

...Mitali became very
dignified, matured, attractive

After returning from Pondicherry Mitali became
very dignified, matured, attractive

You mean sexy. Go on.

I was so high at the party,
I told her all of this.

Khanika was jealous.

Hey, but I was only
kidding! I swear!

Enraged with jealousy,
Khanika kills Mitali.

What are you saying?

- Come here.

I'm Julekha.

Shabor Dasgupta,
Detective, Lalbazaar.

Whose daughter were
you just saying you are?

My father's of course!

Who's your father?

Vijay Sharma,
Jharkhand Police, retired.

How long have you known this man?

Around ten or twelve days,
isn't it love?

Where did you first meet?

At the pub.

May I?


Thank you.

Isn't anyone with you?

I mean girls?

No luck.

I don't see your wallet.

Can money alone buy all?



a lot can cook up over money.


I'm Julekha Sharma.

Mary School

physical instructor.

Will you only ogle?

Won't you buy me a drink?

Do you keep drinking
like this in pubs and bars?

Fresh lime soda salt.


when I feel bored.

When I need company.

I do.

Do you know Samiran
has a girlfriend?

Of course I do.

Khanika, right?

She's left him.

That's why he pleaded
me to go with him that night.

He was pale with fear!

Fear of?


You're afraid of ghosts?

I've been terrified
ever since Mitali's murder.

I dread she'll come back.

Khanika's not there either.

Sleeping alone is petrifying!

You tell me sir,

how can a woman ignore
the calls of a terrified man?

Where do you live?

GM 17/4 Damzen Lane, room 14.


More like a hostel.

Oh my God!

I'm terribly late!

I've to rush back,
change and leave for school.

There's a fete today.

May I go sir?

You may.
- Thank you.

Bye baby, see you later.

You're sleeping
around with a hooker.

Won't Khanika kick
your ass when she finds out?

She will. But Julekha
knows this is not permanent.

Khanika is not my wife either!

She was married earlier.

Now divorced, but has a kid.
She lives with me now.

You trick women into bed
by saying you fear ghosts.

How believable is that?

I swear by my drink!

I've been petrified
after Mitali's death.

I dread Mitali will
grab me by my throat.

Mithu Mitra mentioned that

he met you and Khanika at the party.

Right. We were just about to enter.

Hey Mithu, what's up with you?


Let's go in.

Hey, what's up?

Good. Go in. - Let's go.

You go, I'll

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Everything's gone wrong Samiran.

I must reconcile.

Di, why are you standing alone?

Come with me

I must, hey listen,

Listen everybody, listen!

I must...

must confess

she was married,

she was, what?


But is not anymore!

She's free!


And I love her.

I love her.

She is...

She's stunning!

Stunning she is!


Look at this horny little baby.

Baby, will you...

marry... me?

Look at her...

Look at her boobies!

Get up you drunkard!

Heard you'd blackmail Mitali

by showing controversial
photos of your younger days?

What are you saying? Are you insane?

Don't get pissed.
I'm just saying it like that.

And you thought you'd get things out

She must reconcile.

With whom? You?

Why would it be with me?


I only loved her a little,
nothing more-

Let me explain.

When you knew you stood
no chance with Mitali, you left.

Then late at night,

just before Mitali
went up to her room,

You went there and lurked inside.

When she entered...

Would I be alive
after all of that? Huh?

Mitali's ghost would pounce on-

I know, I just made it up.

See, a lady's standing there.

Pick her up tonight.

The night shall pass without fear.

Mr. Shabor?

Take me home. Soon!

Julekha Sharma,
father's name Vijay Sharma,

Jharkhand Police, retired.

Find out if there's
someone in your locality.

Okay sir.

Can you tell me which area?

Territy Bazaar, near Damzen Lane.

Here are the photos
of the party, sir.

Reconcile, realisation,
and what next?


Was reading a letter about a foreigner
committing suicide in Pondicherry.

Why has the car not arrived yet?

I'll check sir.

"The boy resembled you deeply Mithu.

The moment the
realization dawned on me,

Your thought engulfed
my soul like a breeze.

I wanted to cry, profusely.

For three days now,
I haven't been able to work

You had kissed me by force
the night we got married

I was humiliated, and enraged.

Today, the memory of
the night has saddened me.

The boy who just
died was called George.

He committed suicide after
his newly wedded wife deserted him.

It's strange how everyone's
perturbed by the same emotions.

I was your newly wedded wife too.

I forsook you.

As your memory creeps in,

my insides wither
like the leaves outside.

I'm such a mess.

I was immature when my
father forced me to marry you.

I wasn't really my
true self at that time.

All the rage was
directed towards you.

I wish I could understand
you then, Mithu.

I felt anger when you kissed me.

Deep within, the memory of
that kiss pricks me with happiness.

You don't know when
you would sleep separately,

I would watch if
you'd force me again.

Why did you not?

I would have changed if you had...

I can?t stop my tears...

Why do I write you so many letters

When I know I'll never post them?

After seeing George's body,

my whole life seems to have altered.

I feel like loving you deeply."

It's nothing but the libido talking.

You know them?

They have a deed of Mitali.

After returning back to Kolkata

Mitali had chosen you
to take care of her property.


you own a hell lot of property now.

I know.

You knew?

I mean

there's no one else in Kolkata
to look after their property.


Hence you're a joint
account holder with Mitali now.

"To have you anew each day,
I let you go time and again."

I haven't committed
the murder Mr. Shabor.

Of course!

Where were you between one
and two on the night of the party?

Here, at my place.

I was sleeping.



Why are you crying?

It's so late in the night...

why are you crying Joyeeta?

Please tell me what's wrong.


apart from 47367 do
you have any other number?

Good day!

Why are you late?

Sorry sir.

Save Mithu's number.

Trace if Joyeeta really
called him that night,

and get the whole month's call list.

Okay sir.



He's off to Dhanbad
to deliver a car.

I'll get hold of him
as soon as he's back.

Where to Sir?

Mitali's house. - Eh?

Ballygunge Place!



Joyeeta, Haren and Bhajuya

were all at the
house after the party

- Yet none inquired after
hearing the bottles break.

Must have thought the drunken
ma'am was wreaking havoc.

Haren must have just retired,
after tucking in the nephew.

Let's go over the names one by one.

Mithu Mitra.

Has the strongest motive
of property and money.

Easiest access to their house.

Knew all the secrets of Barun Ghosh,
his false accounts,

Motive, revenge.

Samiran Bagchi.

Owns a jewellery shop in Bowbazaar,

sleeps with women to rid
the fear of ghosts, loves Mitali.

What's the motive? Revenge?

- Couldn't marry his
childhood sweetheart.

After returning, Mitali
entrusted Mithu as her custodian.

I'm sure Samiran pays
women like Julekha regularly.

Then, is it Samiran?

Driver, Bowbazaar!

Not even one? Hey, show that

Who are you?

I'm Madhu Bagchi, the owner.

Isn't Samiran Bagchi your son?

Do you know what he's up to?


Hey Radho,
get some tea, cold drink for them.

You needn't have come all the way,

just a call would have sufficed.

Such things concerning money
can't be discussed in the shop,

Let's sit inside.

So how much money do I owe you?

Let's not take this to the Police,

I'm ready to give you commission.

How much?
Go on, tell me

Same story, again!

I'm his father.

I know that son of
a bitch fully well.

I had sent my men to your bank.

Fifty five lakhs right?

I'll pay you, everything.

That ungrateful swine!

Some coffee or cold drink?

Yes, please put it down.

The bank loan-

He'll repay!

He eats off me.

Banks are useless too,
just just pass everything.

You do why know he took it right?

Why won?t I?

He said a it's for a
friend living in Pondicherry.

He wanted to start
an export business with her

and set up a factory.

Mitali Ghosh.

Yes, that whore! What a shame!

My own son is always with whores.

Excuse me? Hello?

His plan was to help Mitali, hoping
she'll make him the custodian,

but the property goes off to Mithu.

Sir, what does
'reconcile' exactly mean?

Why don't you know?

I'm from Jagabandhu school sir.


Ensuring the harmony between

two incompatible truths.

But what did Mitali want?

Mithu to stay and
Samiran to get the money,

Or Samiran to stay
and Mithu to get the money?

Wanting them both? Strange!

- Pantu Halder.

They asked me to call on this number.

Who're they?

Folks from the Murshipara
Police station.

Who the hell are you?

Shabor Dasgupta,
Detective, Lalbazaar

Oh, sorry sir.

I'm near Bijon Setu right now.
Near Dolna School.

What's the deal sir?

I've got work sir, I've to scoot.

Scoot and you'll
be limping for life.

Stay put wherever
you are till I come.

Pantu Halder.

Frist husband.

Lasted for six months.

Let?s go.

- We're getting off the bridge.

Where are you?
- You'll see me once you get off.

Yes, I've seen you


Get here.

Ah... shit!

Why are you beating
your head over me?

I'm better off in my coop.

Going to meet you
almost conked me out!

What do you do?

I'm a garage mechanic.

Started by being honest,

but life doesn't allow you to be

How far have you studied?

Till Secondary School.

I've passed with a distinction
in Math and English.

I swear!

Have the certificates.

Had taken admission in a college,
but didn't continue.

Did you have a registered
marriage with Mitali? - What?

Mitali Ghosh.
You can't have forgotten her!

Ah, so that's what this is about.

Yes, in Kalighat.

She was a minor.

How did you please her?

I had just joined college,

Had good marks.

She oozed off hotness.

We would have sex all the time.

Didn't give it much
thought in the 1st year,

But later understood
she'd got hooked on.

I got hooked on too.

One day she arrives
with a huge bag and says,

'Roll over, I want to sleep'.

How long did you sleep with her?

Six months.

She was done after that.

Went back to her house.

One fine morning she says,
'I'm leaving.'

And what did you do?

I sighed and rolled over in bed.

Any legal hassles?

Oh yes, the police took me in,

And beat me black and blue.

Broke my spine...


They kept me in for twelve days.

Her father didn't
want the case to go on.

His daughter's
reputation was at stake.

That's when he
dragged Mithu Mitra in.

Same case with him...

But what's the matter?

Why are you asking
so many questions?

Mitali is dead.


You think I don't know?

I live in the same neighborhood.

So where were you that night?

Umm, was playing cards
till night at a local shack.

Mithu Mitra had
passed by in his bike.

Where were you at 1.30am?

That night?
- Home. Home of course.


Cut down on the emotions.
Who was with you?

A woman at a local bar, Rita.

She was drinking alone.

I was drinking alone.
Things warmed up,

I got her over.

Which bar?

The bar by the Chinese colony.
I frequent that place.

Did you know her from before or was
it the first time you picked her?

First time!

So I'm drinking, and I see
she casually drops her purse.

Whole night?
- Nope, I drank too much.

Rita, or whatever her name was,
made a punch.

I passed out. Woke
up in the morning.

This is the place.

Whom do you want?

Rita Das?

Who Rita Das?

Rita Das or Julekha Sharma?

There's no one by that name.

Isn't this GM 17/4?

She's fair, with big eyes.

She stays here right?

This is my house!
Is this a brothel?

Get lost.

Is Rita Das and Julekha
Sharma the same person?

Dropping of the purse
in the same style,

Mitali's 'reconcile'

Fake accounts of Mr. Barun,

Pantu Halder's accident,

Mithu's marriage,
that's all understandable.

But a string of pearls
on a monkey's neck?



Here's last months call list.
Traced till the night of the murder.

The number marked
in red called frequently.

Hundred and twenty two times.

I've counted.

The last call was
at 3.40 am on a Saturday

A hundred and Twenty
two times a month?

Let's see if it's someone known.

As a kid,
I used to crave for summer vacation.

Thank god, you're no longer a kid

and the teacher's
aren't on vacation either.

Physical instructor



Yes, She's working here
for the last five years.

A very good girl.
Take a seat while I call her

That's okay.

Excuse me.
Is there any problem?

No, just need to clarify something.

Please wait.

Two incompatible
truths must co-exist.


That's right.

Not important.

We must know why she used the word.

After Miithu left the party,
why did Mitali say that to Samiran?

You don't get it, do you?

Excuse me?

You looking for me?

Are you Julekha Sharma?


Shabor Dasgupta,
Detective, Lalbazaar.

And you?

I'm the physical
instructor of this school.

Were you ever associated
with any other school?

I was at the Ranchi School.

We shifted to Kolkata
after my dad's retirement.

Your father?

Vijay Sharma.

He used to work for
the Jharkhand police.

I'm not getting any of this...

Neither are we. Huh?

Let's go Nanda.

I told a man I'm Sashadhar Bagchi,

and I work at the Maniktala
telephone exchange.

He goes there and finds some other
Sashadhar Bagchi working there.

But what's the point in this?

- Can I say something?


Mitali's murder.

I just remembered something.

Actually I couldn't
take out the time,

I wanted to inform earlier,

take this plate please.

This one.

How do you go around
eating such expensive meals...

...with a debt of 55 lakhs on you?

It's trickling.


So tell me.

After Julekha left that night,

I went to bring Khanika back.

You know how much
I fear Mitali's ghost.

I got a piece of strange
news from Khanika.

Mummy your boyfriend's
come back again.

What is your name?

My name is (Papi) incurable sinner.

But puppy means a doggy.

Then I'm your mother's doggy.

Mummy your doggy is here.


Is it over with Julekha?


Or has she left you?

What all you say!

Do I look like a bimbo to you?

You take a call girl to bed,

and presume no one will know?

You think people are blind,

or they wouldn't tell me about it?

Naba's mother must
have told you, no?

I've sinned. Sin
cannot be covered up.

Why don't I just die?

You will definitely die.

Either by a ghost or from AIDS.

Incorrigible swine!

It's your fault, I swear!

Of course it's all
because of you! Hey!!

Don't you know I can't sleep alone?
I'm scared of ghosts at night?

Drama! Such Drama! - How
can I stay without you sweetheart?

Pretentious bastard!
- Don't abuse! There's a kid here.

Have you forgotten how
you behaved at the party?

What happened?

Don't you know what you did?
In front of everybody?

Mitali, Sexy,
horny baby, please marry me! '

But that was the alcohol talking.

Then why me?

This is dependency,
listen, please This is dependency.

You bloody Pervert!

That's true. I'm a pervert,
but I've let off Julekha!

I've let her off by saying ' don't
you dare come in front of me! '

Haven't I done the right thing?

You haven't chased away Julekha.

I did! I met her, and blasted her.

I blasted her so bad, that she'll
never come close to you again.

So don't bullshit me! Never again!

Alright, you're great.
You're the greatest.

You're the best.
There's no comparison. - Back off!

Please make a better person.

Please, sweetheart, change me.


You are...

you are...

- A doggy!

She just called me a doggy!

Jia, go inside sweety.

You're a pervert,


sexually disoriented,

Nymphomaniac swine!

I know, I'm a sinner,
but you Please forgive me.

What happened?
- We returned to my flat.

What happened after that?

I don't know how to say it.

- You had sex of course!

What next?

Do you know Mithu has a lover?


Mithu. He has a lover.

Our Mithu Mitra?

Yes sir.

Do we have some Vodka and tonic?

Has it got into your head?

Mithu's lover.

Why do you keep repeating that?

He's not interested
in relationships anymore.

You're dearest friend Mitali
told me about this silly

Ouch, hurts!

Hey! Who's she?

- Vodka

You snatch my cigarette,
and are making fun of me?

I'll fall, I'll fall off!!

Why are you dragging
me in this manner?

I'll topple over, why must you run?

She didn't mention any name.

Who's asked you to interfere?
Go now.


Hey, where's Khanika's house?


Hey, Stop!

Why didn't you show your id card?

I have a car!

You'll drop us off and leave.
You won't stay anywhere close.

Where's the car?

That way.
- Let's go.

Let me tell you something clearly.

I feel you have enough
reason to have killed Mitali.

I just started talking. Sit down.

You've told Samiran that
Mithu Mitra has a girlfriend?


I came to know about
it that night from Mitali.

Party was in full swing.

Jia's health isn't fine.
So I'm a little disturbed.

What's this?

I'll just call you back.
- Where is your glass?

Why don't you have a glass?

I've had my quota of two pegs.

That's it?

Yes, complete.

I'm sorry Khoni.

I'm so sorry. - What?

I just want to cry.

What just happened? Hey?

Mitali what's wrong?

You know... - What?

He has a lover.



She loves him.

She loves him Khoni.

She - Who?


You in pain?

I need some more drink.

Gimme some more wine.


Come here.

She's in love with Mithu,


My sister.

My cousin sister.

Was Mitali upset?


She loved Mithu deeply.

Realised later that
she made a mistake.

Mithu was a good man.

Mitali was helpless.

Mitali wanted him back.

I'm not writing her biography.

I hope whatever I've said is enough.

It's time to wash off the henna.

It's also my lunch time.


A tale of love seems to be emerging
out of the murder mystery...

Love leads to marriage,
and marriage leads to murder.

What about marriage
after the murder?


According to M.N. Associates,

Joyeeta is the only child.

The only surviving child of
the two brothers, Barun and Arun.

The next of kin to Mitali.

Mithu is the custodian of
all property, joint account holder.

Mitali returned only
to get back to Mithu.

She tells him that

she wants to transfer
her accounts jointly.

Mithu sees it's only
to his advantage,

But Mitali returns to see
Joyeeta in love with Mithu.

But there's no way out anymore.

She has already made
Mithu her custodian.


On Mitali's death-

A hundred and twenty two calls!


Do you have some time?
Want to chat.

What? Who're you?

Shabor Dasgupta,
Detective, Lalbazaar.


but I'm not anywhere nearby

Where exactly?

I mean I'm not in the
southern part of the city

Then you must in the west!

North, I'll be late.

By North you mean Gariahat right?

In front of Basanti Devi College?

Need to create an account.

Savings right?
- Yes.

It's you!

Just fill up the ticked blanks.

Are your mom and dad fine?


You'll need to submit
the mentioned documents.

Your still around?

The form.

But the bank has closed down now,

Come back tomorrow?

In the first half.

Do you have something to say?

I'm sorry Mithu da. - For what?

I mean for how my sister
has behaved with you.

Have you come to talk on her behalf?

No, no!

She could never understand you.

Neither could I Joyeeta.

I don't try anymore.

Get the form, your
work will be done.

I won't be able to
come back tomorrow.

'Please forget the past Mithu da.

I can think of no one but you.'

When exactly did this happen?

We'll call you if required.

We need to talk to her alone.

Oh, okay.

Tea's kept there. - Thanks.

Yes, go on.

It happened six months
after their divorce.

Did you love him before
they were married or-

One must never lie to the Police,
lawyer or the 'kept'.

Know that, don't you?

After the divorce.

During my visits to the bank

You fell in love

What did Mithu say?

Didn't bother much.

I wanted to make right all
the things that my sister wronged.

Uncle wasn't aware of this,

but I felt the need to
do something for Mithu da.

Does your family deal in saris?

Yes, my mother designs them.

And you have a love for music.

I'm doing my PhD in music.

Very good!

You've got magic in your
hands child. Very tasty.

Why don't you stay with us?

Sister's not here, why live alone?

How can I leave the house
and all this property...

How's the idea of marrying again?

Uncle do you get to meet Mithu da?

Bad luck Joyee bad luck.

What a gem of a boy.

It's Mitali's bad luck.

She failed to understand Mithu.

I arranged everything,

but he feels no remorse towards me.

Such a gentleman!

Mithu da should get married now.


Inspite of all this, he visits me.

He arranged for my
tickets to Pondicherry.

I just don't know how to repay him.


You invite him, and I'll cook!


So Arun, your Mother
and we'll all eat together!

But I feel he won't come.

You want to bet?
He will come.

So Saturday then?
- Sure.

I dunno why but I really
wanted to cook for him...

I managed to convince uncle.

My little girl has
made excellent fish curry!

Don't you think so?
Try some.

Yes, your right.

Won't you eat?

Right after you.

No! Grab a plate
and eat with all of us.

Come on, sit with us.

Haren da will serve us.

I want to eat after you finish.

That not going to happen.

Yes, sit here. I'll serve you.

Wow. This is very tasty.

Have you really made this?

All this has been
possible because of Joyee.

She was the one who made the plan.

I had such great food today!

What's the matter?

Why are you crying?

Why don't you say something?

Mitali had shattered my confidence.

Thanks to you, its restored again.

It scares me.

What if...

I propose, and you say no

I've said whatever
I felt in that letter.

You have my number right?

I'm sure you wouldn't mind
if I'd say it over the phone.


That I love you.

No way! That's not possible!

What are you saying Arun?

You don't understand...

Mithu was Mitali's husband!

He 'was' brother.

The past is past!

They don't make men
like Mithu anymore.

And they are adults
capable of making decisions.


Arun, you don't understand.

Joyee, things like these
don't happen. It's impossible!

But they're divorced!

So what if they are divorced!?

They aren't married
anymore according to the law.

And if Joyee loves him-

What are you saying Arun?

This can't happen
within the same family!

No, this can't happen!
Please understand.

I can't say anything more.

How did you even allow this?

We did not know.

This happened after
you left for Pondicherry.

And it's all over
between Mitali and Mithu.

It's a closed chapter.

Please don't mind me saying this,
but your being a little adamant.

I'm adamant?

She's going to come to Joyeeta's
wedding and see Mithu's the husband?

No, Arun,
don't say these things to me.

Please please!

Brother? - Let it be.
He's hot headed today.

Don't say anything else now

But why's he so obstinate?
- Let it go.

- Don't worry okay?

I'll make him understand.

Uncle had an acute cerebral attack.

Survived for half
an hour in the hospital.

And after that...

There she is.

Hey! - Di!


Hey! - Di!
- Here! - Over here.


Let's go dear.

How much?
- 60 rupees.


What is it?

Does Mitali know about us?

No. Why?

It's time we told her.

Isn't right to keep her in the dark.

Come, I'll tell you more.

Mitali wants to tell me something.

I have a feeling.

She came to the bank the other day.

She needs to say something perhaps.
- But what?

She's a bit repentant.

What does that mean?

Don't know.
She came to my branch.

Was apologetic.

And wanted to create
a joint account with me.

I may be wrong-

What's going to happen Mithu?

Mitali's chapter is closed Joyeeta.

Tell her that.

Why don't you?

How can I?

She hasn't told me
anything directly.

But coming to the branch
and wanting to join the account

Tell her soon.

What happened?


Tell her,
or she'll nurture other ideas.

That will lead to unwanted problems.

Tell her.

I couldn't tell her.

The night before the party,

Di came back from
the attorney's office.

What all have you bought Di?

You've got the whole
shopping mall here!

I'm finally done with
a very important work.

Feel relieved now.

What work?

I feel like telling you everything.

Tell me!
- No! Not now.

People will call me mad otherwise.

Here, drink up the water.

Thank you.

Oh, I went to the bank.
Met Mithu.

What did he say?
- Nothing much.

Asked him to come home someday.

I wasn't in the right
state when father died.

Couldn't talk to him properly then.

And I feel whatever
happened with him was wrong.

I've wronged him.


What's wrong with you?
- Nothing

Something's wrong of course!

I always see your minds
fleeting here and there.

You must be in love.
- No way!

You are in love! - Di?

- It's nothing of that sort.
Tell me who!

You can tell me ofcourse!

Please tell me no?
- Trust me, it's nothing!

Tell me!
- Honestly, nothing.

Okay okay, I'll tell later.
- Later when?

- Tomorrow for sure?

Sure. - Great, I'll give you
a great news tomorrow too!

An announcement that'll
call for a party!

Haren da, I'm hungry!

Whom do you like more?

Buddadeb Guha or
Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay?

I like them both.

The morning the party took place...

Di was extremely happy.

She was playing pranks
on Haren da.

We arranged the house together...

She even suggested what
I should wear in the evening.

I've called and confirmed
it with everyone.

Did anyone call on
the landline for me?

Who's supposed to call?

I'm supposed to get
a call from the law firm.

I'm making someone my custodian.

You know him.

Tell me now.
- What?

Is he a good boy?

Which boy?

You said you'd tell me today.

There's no one!

You don't have to say it!
Drop it!

And if you don't tell me,

And if you don't tell me,
I won't either.

You promise you won't be angry?

Why would I angry
about you loving someone?

Is he handsome?

Tell me no!

Good looking?

Mithu da.

The swine's rekindling
his old flame!

Gimme two cigs.

And a pack of biris.

Why are you here?

Why can't I reach your phone?

I've been trying constantly.

You know what Mitali has done?
- What?

She's made me the
custodian of her property.

Why haven't you told her anything?

All this will lead to a huge mess.

I don't need that now!
- Please lower your voice

Why should I?
What have you both thought of me?

You want to use me in
whichever way pleases you.

Joyeeta I asked you to tell
her that we love each other,

and want to get married. That's it.

Joyeeta I'm talking-

Mitali what happened
in the past is over.

That doesn't attract me anymore,

Neither do I feel
obligated towards it.

I love Joyeeta.

We will get married.

I don't want anybody to have
a problem with that. Please.

Why would there be any problem?

You both will look great together.

Father came to Pondicherry today.

I went to receive
him at the airport.

Am I not driving well?

It's been ages that
I drove, you know.

I just fiddle a little
with the Austin 7.

But I always wanted
to drive this car.

You made it possible.

How's everything at home?

All good.

We had all gone to Shantiniketan.

Breaking rules for
a few days feels great.

Yes, the tummy's grown big!

What's up with Mithu?


Your dear Mithu Mitra.


Can't I ask?

I meet him at the bank.

Does he talk?

You wronged him Mitu.

I did not.

Come in Father.

I spend most of my time here.

Come, I'll introduce you to Pierre.

Yes. Come.

This is my father.

Father, Pierre Legrand

He's been working on
Time and Space for long now.

Good to meet you Mr.
Legrand. I'm Barun

Call me Pierre

This is an amazing place

Makes me pretty inquisitive.

I've been exploring Time and Space.

Space is big world.

As for Time,

Time has many layers.

And at one point they coincide.

Then we have only
the Eternal present.

That's what I try to catch.

Father, I was so depressed.

Pierre helped me get past it all.

He did really help me
find a new meaning to my life.

You are one of those rare people
who can actually inspire a generation.

Thanks Pierre for being
so kind to my daughter.

Not at all.

Had I not come here,
I'd never have known

you've been associated
with such incredible work.

Won't you go back to Kolkata at all?

What will I return for Father?

It would be better if you came here.

I can't,
I've a few responsibilities.


I've responsibilities,
duties, love for my children

That's why I'm asking
you to move in with me here.

Why did you suddenly
ask about Mithu that day?

Just like that.

He's still on his own,


Should I speak to
him after going back?

You want some juice Father?
I'll get some.

Should I order some dinner?

No. I'll boil some
potatoes with the rice.

'Love for children'

Love and affection
are toxic emotions.

Ex-husband on one hand
and sister on the other.

How would any
reconciliation take place?

'Love for children' and

'a ring of pearls
on a monkey's neck'

Joyeeta Mitali's sister, is having
a whirlwind affair with Mithu!

Yes, I've seen them
romancing everywhere!

Deshapriya Park...
he's totally hitting on her.

Affairs of the rich sir.

You're updated about
everything I see.

This bike is...


Yes. - Mithu visits this place?

Yes, there's no problem between us.

We're both Mitali's ex-husbands.

He and I both know each other.

Though our confrontation
began with a fight.

Mithu had thought Mitali
left him because of me.

Enraged, he came to beat me up.

Can I have a cigarette?

Don't smoke.


While hitting me,
he knew I was weak.

Mitali had drenched
me off all spirit

Mithu understood it wasn't
me who screwed up things with her.

Of course.
I'll need your voter i card,

but do you have any Id. Proof?

Ration card? Slum no 16?

Yes, remember to get that too.

I dunno if I'll be
able to repay the loan.

Now that I've
arranged for your loan,

You must work hard
at the garage now.

Why are you laughing?

Why are you doing all this?

I'll see you later.

Are you sure you saw Mithu
Mitra return back from the party?

Of course!
He reached much earlier.

He's the hen with
the golden eggs sir!

Why? What's with the golden eggs?

Mr. Barun had three accounts
under different names.

When I'd gone to
the bank with Mitali,

she had given random names.

Pinaki Sharma and Rudra Sen.

Don't remember so much

Would all this have been
possible if not for Mithu?

It's a screwed up family.

Didn't you feel like taking revenge?

What are you saying Sir?

The whole world functions
on money and power.

Illegal accounts!
Can they be trusted?

Mithu Mitra...

what exactly are your views on him?

He has a heart sir.

But is dangerous when pissed.

Since your childhood,

I've never spent
so much time with you.

Feels good.

Don't get me wrong

but it's difficult for me
to be away from Kolkata...

I'll be coming back.

That's good. Thank you.

This says Rudra Sen's
account has been dormant.

But withdrawal took place
from Pinaki Sharma's account.

How much?

Ten thousand.
- Regularly?


But after a particular
date all withdrawal stopped.

One Lakh twenty thousand...

Oh. He withdrew this amount
before going to Pondicherry.

Yes, he was at Pondicherry
for a whole year.

How old was Mr. Barun when
Mitali's mother expired?

I guess around 52, 53.

Not too old

A widower, aged 52,

with a lot of money,

spends a recurring amount
every month from a false account.

'Love for children'?

Ass! - Who?
- I am!

Life has its own demands.

10,000 a month?

And a lakh and twenty thousand...

...for 12 months right
before going to Pondicherry.


I haven't heard any
such thing about Mr. Barun.

But you don't know
which name he was using.

Pinaki Sharma?

A shock wave just hit my brain!

We know another person
with the surname Sharma.

Nanda? Don't you remember?

Please check if the cheques were
drawn to the Self or to another name.

Get going.

Have 'Brahmi' leaves at home?

Please eat them if you do.

Hey Kartik aren't
my groceries ready?

He never deprived
anyone of their money.

Go on.

He was a very good man, sir.

After madam passed away-

Didn't he have any affair?

He was the very
manifestation of God, sir!

God's have alluring mistresses too.

Who did he give ten thousand
rupees to every month?

I know nothing, sir.

I know nothing.

He may have needed it himself.

No one would withdraw money
from an illegal account for himself.

You've withdrawn money
yourself in a self cheque.

I have your signatures.

Where was the money sent?

Where's the nephew?


The boy we saw the other day with
the golden chain around his neck.

Oh, he's at my daughter's

One push and you'll perish
in the Ganges son of a bitch!

I don't know! I don't know sir!

Did he not have a mistress?

Yes or no? Answer you swine!

Yes, yes... no, I mean...

a woman came by.

Where? At the house?

Yes, no, she came over one day.

The day he withdrew one
lakh and twenty thousand.

Yes, I got in the house
and saw they were quarrelling.

Are you trying to blackmail me?

Does money grow on trees?

Don't forget what I've
done to give you this money!

Let me make one thing clear,

Dwarfs do not aim for the moon.

Remember that.

After that?
- I don't know anything more sir.

Two bullets through
and you'll be deaf for life!

Did she come back again?

No, no.

When did she come again?

The day before Mitali Di died.

The day before the party.

Yes. They had a huge row.

What the hell are you saying?

And who gives you the right to
say such things against my father?

How dare you?

Get out of my house.

Just get out of this house!

Haren da! - Yes, I'm coming.

Now I must be
introduced to your wife.

But she's at the village.

You?re not a compulsive liar Haren.

You never got married.
There is no wife.

You are last of the
generation of those appeasers

who sacrificed their
whole lives for the Babus.

Who's the nephew actually?

Don't even try lying.

Mr. Barun's son.

Ah, 'love for the child! '

Get to your feet.

This is for your groceries.

He has no idea about grocery either.

Whatever you say, he'll
say he's from Jagabandhu School!

I don't know what to do with him.

Wasn't I telling you the other day

about a Sashadhar Bagchi
in Maniktala?

Say, I use his name.

Later it's revealed Sashadhar
Bagchi is a different person.

Why would you want
to only use that name?

Because I know everything
about Sashadhar Bagchi.

Exactly what he does, where he goes.

It's easier for me
to become Sashadhar Bagchi.

Which means-

The woman who's using
the name Julekha Sharma

knows the real Julekha
Sharma very well.

Mary school!
- You can't reach there by rickshaw.

Stop. Stop brother.

Six years of age.
Should be in class two.

Father's name is Pinaki Sharma.

We're disturbing you, but you see,

I mean. We don't have any option.

Please sit, I'll check

Jagabandhu School isn't
all that bad either.

There are twins in Class
two with the surname Sharma.

Their father's name
is Shujit Sharma.

There's no one else with that name.

That means there's no guardian
by the name of Pinaki Sharma.

No sir.

Sorry. We should go. - Okay.

Barun Ghosh should
be the father's name.

'A ring of pearls
on a monkey's neck'?

How is Pritish doing?

I used to work in the
nursing home he was admitted to.

Your real name?

Doel Ghosh.

After that?

He was lonely after
Mitali went to Pondicherry.

He used to frequent
my house a lot then.


He would pay me ten
thousand a month.

Why didn't you marry him?

I told him.

He had agreed once.

But soon, decided against it.

The usual.

Pritish was conceived
in the midst of all this.

I thought he'd marry me
after the child was conceived.

Is ten thousand enough to survive?

I told him to marry me
now that the child was born.

Mitali wouldn't be back either.

What did he say?

He was furious.

Did not listen to me at all.

He stopped all contact.

I was tensed.

My son's admitted
to an expensive school.

The fee itself is
two thousand rupees.

Then I heard he was
going to Pondicherry.

I didn't understand how we'd manage.

Have you gone insane?

How dare you blackmail me?

Don't compare Pritish to Mitali.

Leave now.

Haren will drop off the money.

Did he not love his son?

He did.

Never expressed it.

Whatever he sent for
him was through Haren da.

What about the gold chain?

He gave it the day he was born.

What happened after
he returned from Pondicherry?

Changed man.

I thought he had softened.

But he'd always think
about his property.

He even agreed to get married.

I asked him if we should
have a registered marriage.

He could leave a little for Pritish,
and the rest for Mitali.

But! He was always
worried about Mitali.

Everything was slowly
moving forward...

when suddenly his cerebral attack

Do you think there's
a reason for the attack?

I didn't have the chance to know.

Mitali had returned home.

I decided I had to do something,

else things would fall apart.

What the hell are you saying?

Mitali would get everything alone.

How dare you say all
this about my Father?

How dare you?

Bloody fraud!

Get her out of here now!

That was when I decided
I had to avenge myself.

So you murdered her.

No, no! I did not commit
the murder! Believe me.

But I went to the house that day.

Through the backyard.

The party was at full swing.

Haren da gave me the news.

What news?

That Mitali had taken out money
and jewelry from the bank that day.

That's when I thought
I must seize the opportunity.

To do something for my son.

I had kept Pritish
with Haren da that day...

That night,
I left the house around 1 am.

I didn't kill sir,

but I did steal.

For my son.

You didn't do the right thing.

Had I been his wife,

my son wouldn't have
to rot in this rat hole.

I failed as a mother.

Will you arrest me?

I'll keep Pritish with Haren da then.


But I want to make a deal.

Like the barter system.
Give and take.

Live a clean life

Don't repeat what you've done.

I've done everything for my son.

I had nothing to feed him.

Don't you think he deserves a future?

Do anything else.
Choose the right path.

Remember that.


Pantu was Mitali's first husband.
Did you know?


I picked him up at the
den by the Chinese locality.

I had a reason of course.

His house was very close to Mitali's.

Would give me easy
access to their house.

Pantu said he'd reward me too.

But what I saw in bed...

You're not capable of anything.

cha! Cheap Scum!

Bloody shit!!

What happened?

Gimme the money.

I can't waste time here.
Useless asses!

Take this!

Take it!

I don't take money without reason!

Impotent swine!

I left around 11.45.

And he had dozed off after drinking
the punch you made for him, right?

Bloody shit!

I'll finish you off!

I'll kill you!

Why did you kill the girl?

You noticed her death.

What about mine?

It's been ten years that I died.

Ten years!

I kick started my life sir,

but Mitali ruined everything.

Pantu Halder never
gave a shit about any girl.

She lured me into everything.

You know nothing at all sir.

Police kicked me till
my spine got damaged.

I've become impotent.

The nerve in my left
eye doesn't fuction.

I'll lose vision soon.

My career's finished!

Pantu Halder passed with
a distinction in the Board Exams.

Had taken up science in college.

She seduced me and
my life got screwed up.

I had to give up my classes.

I went down to the dumps.

My life's devastated sir.

Used to pick up and dump girls

Now I'm reduced to being an eunuch?

That bitch Rita...

She said I wasted her time!

I burnt with anger.

I lied to you.

I did not pass out that night.

Right from the time
Mitali came back to Kolkata,

I was waiting...

for the right moment.


Stabbed her six times.

Three times for my sake.

And thrice on behalf of Mithu Mitra.

You chased me like crazy sir!

You could have just hit the trigger.

So could you sir!


Don't be scared.

Here. You'll arrest me of course!

Why didn't you run after the murder?

I did. Went to Dhanbad.

But I didn't know whom
to run from...

Where to run to...

Just understand me...

That'll do.

My body and mind is scarred
with wounds inflicted by Mitali.

I have no where to escape to.

I got a distinction in English.
I loved a poem.

"Woods are lovely, dark and deep

But I have miles
to go before I sleep."

I wish you had escaped.

You're under arrest.

Would you have a cigarette sir?

Is it this?

Yes, the longest kiss of the world.

There's one thing that
still needs to be done.

What's it?


He deserves something too.

What makes you smile?

How're you so sensitive?

You want it, right?

I've already got what I wanted.

We must give everything
to Doel and Pritish.

Don't you think we'll
be happy with what we've got?

But happiness makes
people complacent Joyeeta.

Makes them self-centered.

A balance of happy and
sad moments is what we need.

And you?

I can only give you what I have

Then give me...


Longer than the longest
kiss of the world.