Eaux profondes (1981) - full transcript

Melanie enjoys flirting and having little affairs. Her husband Victor seems to bear her antics with utmost calm and nonchalance. This impression turns out to be wrong, very wrong indeed.

Deep Waters

You're blocking the view.
Sit down.

- How are you?
- Good.

I'll be back.

Mrs. Miller's husband teaches
at Victoria College.

Oh... Right.

I'll leave you with Victor Allen.

Mr. Vallette hopes to get me
a job at the consulate.


How long on the island?

I've been on Jersey forever.

You make perfumes?

From father to son.
An artisanal company.

- Reputed.
- Yes.

May I?

I didn't have time
to introduce my wife.

I'd like to visit your perfumery.

- See you soon.
- See you soon.

When will you come and see
my cuttings?

Tomorrow work for you, Doctor?
Between 1 and...

She got me.


I meant to tell you,

my company asked me
to stay a week longer.

I'll be able to invite you back.

And tell you...

it's nice of you to let me
date your wife.

Some husbands would lash out
for less than that!

You're really cool!

Thank you.

I never lash out,
as you say.

When someone truly upsets me,

I kill them.

Have you heard of Malcolm McRae?

You know, the Malcolm McRae case?

Yes. A friend of yours?

A friend of my wife's.

That's not funny.

They never found the killer.

Between you and me...

I didn't really kill him
because of Melanie.

It was because he was vulgar.

That's all bluff.


Go on. Melanie is looking for you.

That's not funny.

You said that already.

Besides, you're wrong...

It is funny.

- How are you?
- Good.

And Marion?

Very well.

What did the teacher's wife want?


I hope he had a good time.

- Is he moving here?
- No. I think he'll leave soon.

Marie, the Millers are leaving.

If my son is lazy, no mercy!

Count on me.


Can we go home?

I'm tired.

- What did you tell Joel?
- Joel?

I saw you talking to him. Tell me.

You saw me?

He acted strange afterwards.

What do you mean, "strange"?


You were charmed by Mrs. Miller.

You saw me?

Your teeth?

- And your wee-wee?
- Tomorrow.

Do I sing out of tune?

You can't sing, mom is asleep,

breakfast is burning, we're late...

Five, hand me the towel.

Julie's dad says if the paper...

If the paper calls for sun, it rains!

But I say it won't rain.

This morning we have fresh,
hot croissants.

That's nice!

I'm late. I'm off!

Go to the butcher's on the way.

- A roast for four.
- Four?

- We have a guest.
- Oh?

Hey! Don't be upset!

- I invited...
- Wait, let me guess. It's...


- It's Joel.
- Great!

You look ravishing.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

So, you cook?

You caught me red-handed!

Pour yourself a drink, I'm coming.

A quick one. I haven't got long.

And dinner?

No, that's the thing...
I can't.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Everything's changed!
I'm going back to headquarters.

I must return to Paris.

We're sorry to see you leave.

You really must stay for dinner!

Yes! You should stay for dinner!

No. I'm sorry, I can't.

If you come to Paris...

Give me a call.

- Well, until next time.
- Sure.

Have a good trip.

OK, you win.
What did you tell him?

Tell me.

What, honey?

What if I invited Ralph?

You're afraid of
being bored this evening!

What am I going to do?

Oh! I can't stand this music!

I think Melanie wants to dance.

Show me. Go on.

Who is this?

I'm sorry.

You aren't. So don't say that.

Are you going to sit there all night?


I chose an English opening
and I'm not faring well.

Are you done?

I won.

- Another glass?
- Thank you.

Not too much.

Are you trying to get me drunk?


Have fun, kids.

I think I'm going to read.

Mom, I can't sleep
with all this racket!

Really? I didn't notice anything.

Sorry, honey.

Go back to bed.

We haven't seen you in a while.

Did you bring me a gift?

Next time.

It's always next time, with him.

Go on. Back to bed, love.

- Do you like Ralph?
- Yes.

- I liked Malcolm better!
- He gave you gifts.

You're a venal woman.

Are you jealous, Daddy?

You shouldn't be. You're my favorite.

Thanks. I feel better.

Now go to sleep.

What about my story?

Once upon a time,
a princess had a dog and...

four uncles who were kings.

The first was named Alligoté,

he was the Zambezi king,

and the zurrounding areaz.

Want something to drink?

Oh... No, thanks. I have to go.

- Is it late?
- Early.

It's time for breakfast.
You can't leave like that.

- Scrambled eggs, anyone?
- Me.

- Sleep well?
- Yes.

However, the sailor looks ill.

I don't think he's cut out for this!

Tell me what you think about this!

I'm not hungry...

Come now.

When you dance all night,
you need protein.

Who is this for?

For Ralph,

dancer emeritus,

unparalleled sailor,

mediocre drinker.

Bye. I'm going to bed.

What's wrong?

How do you feel?
I'm worried about you.

I feel seasick.

- You're a good man.
- No.

You're a good man!

You should have thrown me out!

This isn't the nineteenth century.

When I'm upset,
I don't throw people out.

If people upset me, with Melanie
I mean, I kill them.

As well you should!

I'd like to keep you
and Melanie as friends.

- I like you guys.
- Malcolm McRae, for example.

I killed him.

You killed Malcolm?

I did. With a hammer,
at his house.

With a hammer?

Between you and me...

He was sleeping with Melanie. See?

- Does she know?
- No one knows.

Not a word to Melanie, OK?

I have to go.

Want a ride back?

No, no.

You're too kind.

- Thanks for everything.
- Of course!

- Has he left?
- Yes.

You were great.

That's good.

I thought you found me rude.

You're never rude.

Good evening.

People talk about you!

About me?

- About your murder.
- Ah...

Our captain told everyone!

Melanie will be short of suitors!

My dear Vic...

I don't think I'll dare
trust you with my flowers.

What do you think?

My dear doctor, I wholeheartedly
share your concerns.

What can I say?

You're in the shit!

Go see what's wrong.

Ralph thought I killed Malcolm?

Of course he didn't!

Wasn't it funny?

What's funny about it? Tell me!

It's funny when I tell the story.

I dreamt of you last night.

You were dancing with a young man
who was intelligent and...

not at all vulgar.

My Mel...

My Melanie...

Is it worth crying over?

Are Joel and Ralph
worth tears from these eyes?

I'm not crying because of them.

Because of me?

Because of us.

Got my paper?

The princess' paper has not arrived.

I'm not the princess.

When the princess wants a dog,
she gets a dog.

It's nice out.

When can we go back to the cliff
for a picnic?

Daddy, are you deaf or what?

Already? Oh no!

See you tonight. Be good!

They caught Malcolm's killer.


Aren't you glad?

Read it to me while I bathe.

Denis Miller said you did it!

Miller? Why?

Maybe he's jealous.

Because of you?

Or... because of you.

Henri speaking, hello.

Congratulations for what?
I didn't arrest him.

Good. Bye-bye.

- Who was that?
- The consulate.

They're happy and reassured.

Memorizing it?

No. Going out?

Yes. I'm lunching with Evelyn,
then going to the library.

Is that OK, or do you want
more details?

I'm walking to the plant.
Will you pick me up later?

Why not?

Come on, Carlo.


This is Carlo Canelli.

Carlo... My husband.


Carlo is a pianist.
He plays at the Grand Hotel bar.

Aren't you working?

No! I have Mondays off.

Like barbers.

I'm going to learn to play.

Carlo will give me lessons.

- Really?
- Want a ride?

Are you happy?

Your zombie act at the bar.
Nothing better to do?

Sir. Grandson of the fish,
grand-nephew of the slug,

would you grant me this tango?

See? You don't want me
to have fun anymore.

Or play the piano again.

Of course you can.

And I'm free not to greet
Mr. Carlo Canelli!

You'll have to at the Cowan's party.
He's invited.

- By you?
- By Evelyn.

I arranged it.

- He gave her a deal, she's pleased.
- He gets paid!


No need to wonder about what to wear.

You can dress as Lady Chatterley.

A woman who slept with her servant.



How are you?

Good. And Marion is quite well.

Let me introduce Carlo Canelli.
He'll play for us tonight.

Phillip Cowan,
hotel manager and an old friend.

Good evening.

Where's the charming Mrs. Miller?

Over there. Somewhere.

The buffet is here.

- Find it easily?
- Yes.

Think this party is a tax write-off?

Why don't you ask him?

- The party is boring.
- I don't think so.

No one forced you to come.

You know, that guy...

Miller. He thought you'd be arrested.

He believed Ralph's story!

He and I have one thing in common:

we're the only ones displeased by
the arrest of McRae's murderer.


Why are you here alone?

Staying? We heated the pool.

Those who want to swim can change.
We have bathing suits.

The door is locked!

Aren't you swimming?

Good evening.

You look like a Pierrot! I love it!

Go on in. It's great!

My head hurts, though.

- Want an aspirin?
- Yes.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Don't catch cold.
- No.

Nice pool.


- Coffee?
- Yes.

The Millers had to leave.
She was tired.

And Carlo?

Still in the water. Well,
he was when I left.


What's he doing?


Have they been together long?

No, no. Not really.

Vic! Phillip!

- What happened?
- I'll call Franklin.

Think he had a heart attack?

Give him CPR.

We should cover him with a blanket.

- Sure.
- Maybe it was a cramp.

I can't hear anything. Do something!

What happened?

Uh... I don't know.
It was five minutes ago.

We have to take him right away.

But he'll die!

Let me go!

You didn't want the pool.
You were right.

But... what was he doing
when you left the pool?


He didn't say the water was too cold?


You did it.

You hit him, then you drowned him!

She's in shock.

He did it! I'll call the hospital.

I want an autopsy!

Let me go!

I'll call. I'll call!

Give me the emergency room.

What is Mr. Canelli's condition?

He must have arrived...

Oh... alright.

Thank you.

He's dead.

They'll do an autopsy.

Coming, Melanie?

Let's go home.

We're here.

What's going on?

Carlo's dead.

Is it true, Daddy?

- Yes.
- How'd he die?

He drowned in the pool at the hotel.

Did he eat before swimming?

You're hurting me.

You found nothing

indicating Mr. Canelli's death
was intentional?


No sign of struggle?

Redness on his shoulders

possibly from when he was pulled out
of the pool

or when CPR was performed on him.

No head injuries?

None at all.

Your conclusions match the coroner's.

But the pool was heated.


I address all of you.

Does anyone doubt

the accidental nature
of Mr. Canelli's death?



I'm listening.

My husband didn't like him.

You mean they argued?


He didn't like him
because I liked him.

And you think your husband
was jealous of Mr. Canelli?


And he killed him.

Please remain seated.

Did any of you witness violence

between Mr. Allen and Mr. Canelli?

Mrs. Allen?


But I know he killed him.

Do you have proof?

A clue?


I just know, that's all.

Can any of you confirm

that Mr. Allen is of a jealous
and angry nature?

Your Honor...
I've known Mr. Allen forever.

The accusations are implausible
and despicable.

I consider Mr. Allen...

as the most righteous man I know.

Barring contrary proof,

Mr. Canelli's death
was due to accidental causes.

The investigation is closed.
Thank you.

I thought you were great.

And I'm just getting started.

Is it true you killed Carlo?

No. Who said that?

Julie swore on her little brother's

Poor little brother!

It's great!

But it's not true!

If it was, you wouldn't admit it,


- You're here? What a surprise!
- Gotta go. Bye.

- That was Denis Miller.
- Who doesn't say hello.

How did it go?

Hmm! Not great.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You may have forgotten.

You invited me to visit your plant.

I remember very well.

Come on up.

For the bottles...

I don't condone my husband's actions.

Oh? What actions?

The stories he's telling about me?

I don't understand
what he's got against you.

All he's doing is making people
hate us.


I wanted to apologize...

for him.

Does he know?


Things are going badly between us.

It was nice of you to come.

Why did you do that?

Because I wanted to love
someone like you.

But I can't.

Greetings to your husband,
Mrs. Miller.

Oh! Shit!

Start over. That's no way
to win a contest.

It's not for 15 days.

Just enough time.

OK. I'll do it again.

Do you love Mom?

Of course I love her.

Why do you ask?


Do you love her?


Good evening, everyone.

What's wrong?


Good evening.

Vic, this is Robert Carpentier.

Robert, my husband.

- Sir.
- Sir.

He works on Victor Hugo.

- He's here awhile.
- Very well.

What would you like to drink?
Scotch, Porto, Martini?

Whatever you like.

You're in perfume?

That's right.

He'll stay for dinner.

It's an honor, but I...

I bought steaks.

Ah, very well.

- Who cooks?
- You.

I'll show him the house.

Beatrice Marie Allen,
Marion to my friends.

Hello. How old?

- 18. You?
- 28.


- Marion.
- Marion, help me in the kitchen.

Go on. Hurry up.

Come on.

You're right, tourism
destroys local culture.

- It's over...
- "France

"in the sea picked up by England?"

Who said that?


- Hugo?
- Bravo.

Aren't you tired?



What is it?

- Is that the one we saw?
- Yes.

Robert. I married Victor Allen
7 years ago.


- 8 years.
- Really?

Good night, Vic. Thank you.

Where's my wife?

She's just gone up.

I don't mean to throw you out, but...

she's sleeping!

Really? She said she'd return.

- Excuse me.
- You're excused. Good evening.

Melanie? It's me! Are you home?

I left the car outside,
I have errands to run.

Are you dining here Mr. Carpentier?

I don't want to impose.

Impose, my good man, impose...

while you still can.

I hope I'm not interrupting

Melanie's support group!
- What's up?

Get rid of the boor
living at my house

pretending to sleep with my wife.
Know him?


I thought you had balls!

You're usually more polite!

I'm usually in a good mood.

- Your bullshit pissed me off.
- What?

- Forget it.
- No, no. I'll tell you.

He and my wife hired
a private investigator

to try to get me to kill him.
I'm so jealous!

The proof I killed the pianist,

did you obtain it?

Why should I answer you?

No reason.

Good evening.

Carpentier works for the
Cherbourg Secret Agency.

Thank you.

- Hello to Mrs. Miller.
- She left me.

She said I had too many enemies.
I don't need friends.

Good evening.

Oh! I forgot.

Who's paying Carpentier? You?

Yes, I'll hold.

- Nice walk?
- Very nice!

Hello, sir.

It's about your employee,
Robert Carpentier...

Help yourselves.

No, no. He's great! Very nice!

But... Careful, it's hot.

The man he's supposed to spy on

Who am I?

Well... the man he's supposed
to spy on.

That's right. The husband... There.

OK. Charge his return ticket
to my account.

As I understand it, I...

Yes. Right. Thanks again, sir.

Aren't you eating? It's good.

Goodbye, Mr. Carpentier.

A letter came from Anthony Cameron.

He's coming for a few days,
later this month.

Who is he?

The Canadian who wants to
sell my perfumes over there.

You don't care, do you?


You want to divorce?

You can have all you want,
except Marion.


No? You don't want to?

No. We're not finished.

Is that a threat?

I hope you're as unhappy as I am.

- I got you!
- You got me.

Come on. Let's use our left
so you have a chance.

No. Not now.

- Where you going?
- I'll be back.

Stay with me.

- Mr. Cameron?
- Mr. Allen?



This is Anthony Cameron.
My wife, Melanie.

- Hello.
- Ma'am. Delighted.

- So you're the American?
- No. Canadian.

You want my husband?

Only his perfumes.

- To sell in the US?
- Expensively.

He came by boat.

- From the US?
- No. Ireland.

I like islands.

I was born in one.

- Jersey?
- No...

- He's from Jersey.
- And you?


The best island.

Not many perfumers work as you do.

I know.

I do a lot of things
no one does anymore.

- You're lying.
- Not at all.

I swear. That's how it was, there.

If you'd known my father...

The orchestra...

Too late. It's closed.

Good. I hate visits.

Me too.

Turn back?

The castle isn't interesting,

it's what you can see from it.

Isn't he a bore?

No. I find him refreshing.

Really? How is he refreshing?

He's the exact opposite of you.

Will you see him again?

Of course. Won't you?

I don't want to do business with him.


Are you still unhappy?

It's late.

Go to bed.



- When's your contest?
- Saturday.

- When's that?
- After tomorrow.

- Is it time to goof off?
- You should chastise me.

Oh! I didn't see you.

How are you?


- Daddy.
- Yes.

You're still here?


Come over here.

Turn it off. It's late.

Are they going to stop their rocket?

Go to sleep.

How can I sleep with this...

Racket, not rocket.


- You know what?
- No.

I didn't get my story.

It's the story of Samson. He
was the strongest man in the world

and he fought the Philistines.

What's a Philistine?

Vulgar people...

and loud... but powerful.

Samson was stronger than them,
until he met Delilah.

Delilah was very beautiful.

Philistines paid her to learn

the secret of Samson's strength.

Each day she asked his secret.

And Samson would lie to her.

The Philistines couldn't
capture Samson.

So Delilah...

started to cry

and pout so he'd tell her his secret.

Finally, he told her the truth.

And he lost his strength.

The Philistines captured him,
put his eyes out

and bound him in a temple

where all could see him
and mock him.

What was his secret?

His hair.

It's a sad story.


Because one day, as people laughed,

Samson pushed against
the columns supporting the temple.

His hair had grown back,
so he'd retrieved his strength.

And he made the temple fall,

killing many thousands
of Philistines.

But he died too.


But it no longer mattered.

Go to sleep.

Yes. But why did Samson
tell the girl his secret?

I don't get it.

Me neither. Go to sleep.

I didn't hear you get up.

Aren't you cold?

- Are you seeing Cameron later?
- He'll come for dinner.

Vic, I accept your offer.

Which offer?

You know. Divorce.

- Yes?
- Whenever you like.

What made you change your mind?

Not Mr. Cameron?

Yes, Mr. Cameron.

The clown with a clarinet?

I need a clown with a clarinet
right now.

I'm keeping Marion.


50,000 Francs per year. Good?

That works. What next?

Well, you accuse me of adultery.

I'll handle it tomorrow.


Say... Would you kindly give us

two or three dozen
of your snails for dinner?

My snails aren't for eating.

Then what are they for?


They aren't for anything at all.

You have so many! You can share!

He knows how to cook them.
Go ahead, Tony.


I said my snails weren't for eating.

Just three dozen.

One for you, him and I.

I said no!

Dad... Have your snails eaten today?


Then there's no way.

You have to purge them
before eating them.

Come here.

Sorry. I didn't mean to...

It doesn't matter.

I'm hungry!

You should have eaten.

I'm nervous. I can't eat,
but I'm still hungry.

It's at 11. Don't be late.

I'll be there.

If I win, you promised I'd get a dog,

Are you leaving us?

Melanie told you?


We leave tomorrow.

I'd like to discuss it with you.

I'm in a hurry, I'm off to the plant.

Will you come along?

Why not?

I smell the sea.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Mr. Allen?

- Oh, hello.
- Hello.

- What is Julie performing?
- Nothing.

She came down with measles
last night.

Oh no! Give her Sophirès.
She'll feel better.

- It works?
- Sophirès works.

It's sold everywhere.
Have a nice day.

Ladies and gentlemen,
dear children.

I won't give a long speech.

We know why we're here today.

We'll begin our party with the
traditional piano contest.

It's my pleasure to announce,
number 1,

Miss Beatrice Marie Allen.

Daddy! Perceval is so disgusted
I didn't get first prize

that he won't eat.

Is something wrong?

OK. I'll cook dinner.
How many of us?

Why do you ask?

Because I need to know if Mr. Cameron

will honor us with his presence.

I don't know.

Aren't you eating?

Perceval and I are too anxious.

In that case...

This is ridiculous.

He was probably held up somewhere.

Eat something.


Yes, I'll put her on.

It's Julie.

Are you in bed? Are you all red?

Why are you so smug tonight?

What did you tell him?

- Who?
- Tony.

Why? What's going on?
He's disappeared?

I don't know.
No one knows where he is.

I bet he ran off.

He left his things at the hotel.
Explain that.

He wouldn't leave without paying.

I'm not explaining, but...

we agreed he was my guest.

He'd never leave like this.

Maybe he got scared at
the last minute.

Afraid of you?

I can't imagine he'd be afraid of me.

Something happened.

You did it!

I'm telling everyone!

- You're too drunk.
- Let me go!

Let me go! Don't touch me!




Allen, Victor.

Sit down, sir.

What happened to you?

I fell on the stairs.

Were you there?


Mr. Allen, you met Mr. Cameron
on Saturday at 10:15 AM

in front of the
Saint-Hélier travel agency.

That's correct.

I knew you'd seen him
Saturday morning.

An agency employee
says they saw him enter your car.

You're the last person
to have seen Mr. Cameron.

He missed a 1 PM meeting
at his hotel.

With you?


Can you tell me
what happened, exactly?

I saw him leaving the agency

and offered to drop him off.

He asked to go to the port.

What time was it?

10:15, 10:30 AM.

Did he say anything?


Then what?

I went to my plant to get a dog

I'd bought for my daughter.

She practiced hard for her recital.

You were at the school by 11.

Mrs. Allen arrived
a few minutes later.

Mr. Allen...

why not mention earlier

that you'd seen Mr. Cameron
that morning?

To protect my wife.

Her reputation.

In any case,
to protect her from ridicule.

She failed to mention

she was about to start
divorce proceedings,

to leave with Mr. Cameron.

- Is that true?
- Yes.

You'd known Cameron for about a week?

Five days.

And you intended to marry him?


I'm afraid,

forgive me, Melanie,

that, scared off by my wife's plans,

Cameron may simply have fled.

That's all for today.
Thank you, sir.

Goodbye, ma'am.

Havermal. Sound familiar?

Yes. I saw him yesterday.

I was at the consulate.

- It's starting again.
- What?

Don't play dumb.

The same story as with the pianist.

A guy dies or vanishes

and your broad pins it on you.

Melanie isn't my "broad."

What happened to you?

I fell on the stairs.

I was happy

to tell him what I know about
Melanie and you.

Can I ask you something?

What are you waiting for
to divorce her?

Thanks for coming by.

In any case, the detective
more or less said

the case was closed.
Besides Melanie's ramblings,

nothing indicates
the Canadian is dead.

You'll see. He'll pop up somewhere.

Think so?

Go to sleep.


Come in.

Come here.

Ultimately, I'm glad
I didn't leave.

You changed the lampshade?

It's nice. The light is softer.

The rest doesn't matter?

What are you thinking about?



Meet us on the cliff at 5 PM

Happy birthday!

I'd completely forgotten.

We didn't.

Don't get too close to the edge,

I was scared.

Me too.

Come on.

Let's go home.

Subtitles: Eclair Media