Eastern Plays (2009) - full transcript

Georgi (Ovanes Torosian) is a typical schoolboy in search of some identity and--being lack of guide, ends up hanging out with the wrong people. Itso (Christo Christov) was a drug addict now undergoing a therapy who finds himself sinking in beers. Through them, we see post cold-war Bulgaria--its freedom, as well as its confusion.

Mr. Dimitar Jelev
is running for mayor of Triaditsa.

Hello, Mr. Jelev.

You still here?

I talked to people in the neighborhood.

Don't you hear me?
Why aren't you at school?

I have class this afternoon.

I have also come to realize

that people need change.

Come on, I'm sick of waiting for you.

Too cool, you shaved it.

Man, I can't do it.

I gotta go to school.

Are you kidding me?

No, I have a test today.

You're crazy.

Kitty, you want a drag?

How long are we gonna wait?

What did he say?

It's a strong one, eh?

You know why...

there are no Arabs in Star Trek


'Cause it takes place in the future.

You get it?


You never laugh!

Ivan got kicked out last night.

My wife voted as well.

I told her it was so damn stupid.

Why do you send text messages?
The results are rigged.

Fucking Music Idol!

Beans and a beer.

For me, beer,

chicken soup and bread.

Hi, ltso.


Yeah, yeah.

With Georgi.

Georgi, from the neighborhood.

From the block.

Yeah, you know him.

We have to join them at the "Rally".

Who was it?


See how I got fucked up.

Some rednecks from the provinces!

I got drunk and woke up

with these guns and flags on me.

Fucking assholes,

they really fucked me up!

Don't look at that, it's crap.

Why? This is cool.

Cool? No one's gonna get that.

I think it's cool.

Get an eagle

or a dog with a cross.

What kind of dog?

A dog or two, or three.

With some crosses, I don't know...

Come on, let's go.

Ok, if you don't want to do it.

You guys want your dicks pierced?


How you doing, buddy?

It's been a thousand years!

What's up?

I'm ok.

It's been ages!

Since the Art Academy.

You working?

Yeah, making furniture.

I mean, on your own stuff.

I'm working on something, but...

Let's go and see it.

I was gonna have a beer, but, ok.
It's a five minute walk.

We'll grab a beer later.

Why'd you come back?
Don't you like living in Holland?

I wanna try my luck here.

In Bulgaria? Are you crazy?

I'm divorced. I have two daughters.

Rumpy is a total mess.

I asked him to lend me 50 leva.

He was dropping cigarette ash
all over his car.

He almost crushed a fag
on my forehead.

Come on in.

What's up?


Roommates... It's the worse.

Very cool.

This is my heart.

There's another one over there.

Adam and Lilith.



Let's do something together.


In Holland.

Forget about Holland. Let's do it here.

Hurry up. It's getting late.

I fucked up!

Why did they wrap you up
with that plastic?

So you fucked up, big deal!

Come on!

- I'm going home.
- Why?

'Cause my father'll get pissed off.

Are you crazy?

What are you, a school girl!

What do I tell Drega?

That your dad doesn't want you out at night?


What's up?

Oh, Fish!

What's up?

You tell me.

Who's that?

Georgi, from the hood.
Don't you remember?

You remember?


You look like Rambo with that haircut.

Rambo has long hair.

Look at his fingers.

Are you a piano player or what?


What? A tennis player?


You know that guy...

Ivo the Cork?

Ivo the Cork.

I know a guy named lvo, but he's tall.

They don't call him the Cork

'cause he's short, but...

'cause he shoved a champagne cork

up a transvestite's arse.

For real?

That's what they say.

Have you tried with a cork?

No, but I think I know the guy.

Who? The transvestite or the Cork?

The Cork.

Can you fiind him for me?

I can try.

It's nice and quiet here.

It's boring.

It's boring, but there's no one around.

It's great.

Everyone's at the seaside,
baking their asses.

While I bust my ass in that woodwork shop.

Let's find a workshop
and do something together.

Bro, that's my dream!

Come on!

We'll call the others.

It'll cost a lot of money.

We'll split the rent

with my brother, Rumpy, Chavo.

I'm all for it.

I really wanna do it.


This is Niki.



Nikolina. Niki.

Nice to meet you.


A friend from the Academy.

Oh, woodcarving?

No. Design.

It's the same.

I knew you'd say that.

I want a beer too.

Can't you talk?

One beer.

What do you do?

I study theater
with professor Danailov.

She talks like a radio show host.

- Cool. Which year?
- Second.

It's very cool. We do fragments.

Fragments? What's that?

She can't really express herself.


What about you?

- He already told you: design.
- Yes, design.

I'll ask some friends.


But don't count on it in the city.

It can be elsewhere.

That's a great idea!


Itso dreams of making a living off his art

instead of working with those toxic sprays.

He probably told you.


What do you do?


Between 2003 and 2005,

92 acres of state forests were cut down.

Since 2005.

that surface has been multiplied by 100.

Why are you back so late?

Young man, I don't approve this.


The Prime Minister announced

that all Sapard projects would be verified.

Goshe, is that you?

Stop calling him Goshe.



We aren't gonna wait for you.

What happened to your hair?

You look like a monkey.

I asked him the same thing.

But he won't say anything.

As if I were to blame.

When did you ask me?

There's no salt.

Why are you so late, you little shit?

You know what time you need to be home.

You need a good thrashing to grow up.

Goshe, how was school today?

Itso. Hi.

How are you?

Super, but I'm late for work.

- What was your number?
- 187.

I'm thinking of cutting it down, but...

You should.

I gotta talk to the doctor fiirst.

I can't pee.

Just a little bit.

- Could you let the water run.
- Ok. Come on.

That'll do.

Is that you?


What's up, ltso?

I'm bored.

Let's go out.

Why not?

Obviously, you forgot.


Today's my birthday.

I'm such an idiot.

I wish you the best.


And get rid of that clown.

What clown?

What are you talking about?


Are you listening to me?

I'm talking about me.
You need someone better.

I reserved a table for dinner
and I want to enjoy the evening.

Not fiight with you, for once.


Good evening. Are you ready to order?


- What kind?
- Bulgarian

We don't have Bulgarian.

- You got Swedish?
- Yes, we do.

A Swedish beer?

Any kind.

What about you?

Don't you want to eat something?

I can't read the menu. It's in English.

And bread!

Is it good?

There's no salt.

Itso, people go to restaurants
to eat and to talk.

Clearly, we've run out of things to say.



What is wrong with you?

What are you missing?


And pepper.

Why do we have to have fun?

Because it's my birthday.

Big deal!

One more beer!


The prices seem ok.

What are you having?

I don't know, maybe a salad.

- Are we having wine?
- I'm not drinking.

I'll have a glass of red wine.

It's nice here.

And the people look ok.

It's a quiet city.

Compared to lstanbul, everywhere is.

'Cause you've never been to China.

Please, don't talk to me about China.

You know the Chinese eat everything.

They even eat Tibetans!

How is that possible nowadays,

one country conquering another?

In the 21 st century, I don't understand!

Don't be so naive. It suits everyone.

Who is everyone?

The big players.

The States can't do much

without China.

Let's change the subject.

How's your dish?

It's delicious.

I wonder what

the ordinary Chinese thinks ofTibet?

Is it black pepper?

I don't know.

It's delicious.

Let's go.

Hello, Kerem!

It's the answering machine.

Kerem! We're spending the night in Sofiia.

Hopefully, we'll be in Vienna tomorrow,

expect us in Berlin by Monday.

Lots of kisses.

You don't need to lose weight, Dad.

Of course not!

Mother, why didn't you wear
the sandals I bought you?

Shut up, bitch!

Look at these Turks on our streets.

Are you a tough guy?

What're you waiting for?

He's yours.

Fish! Go and watch that corner.

You, go to the other side.

He's fallen asleep.

What's happening here?

Shut the fuck up, asshole!



Georgi, come on!


Could you send an ambulance

to Dondukov Street?

I think it's the second one after Levski.



You don't recognize me or what?


Come on, sit down.

Get me a glass.


Thanks for the fork.

Here you are.

Silence is golden!

Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes, I do.


And that stupid place you work in...

What do you know about it?

What do I know? I know you earn 300 leva.

Isn't that so?

And this one, here, is never home

or he's on the computer, chatting...


You call this your home?

This is not your home. Is it clear?

"Georgi"! All the time "Georgi"!

Look at yourself, then talk about others.

- What's wrong with me?
- What?

All you know is
Big Brother and Music Idol.

Why are you so interested
in other people's money?

Always asking
how much people make?

What do you do all day long?

Buy washing machines...

That's not true! I'm a hairdresser!

- Will you shut up?
- No. I won't.

You will.

That's it.

- Where'd she come from?
- Hold it...

I have a question for you.

Are you still doing drugs?

Give me a break.

What kind of example
are you for your brother?

Dad, please.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror?

Cut the crap.

Don't talk to me like that!

You've been either stoned or drunk.

It's all the same.

If you're here for money...

- Money?
- I ain't got money!

I came here...

for your spoiled chicken

and to finish your beer.

That woman's totally insane.

Want a smoke?


I don't smoke.


where did you fiind those morons?

Why are you hanging out with them?

Don't you get it?

The fat politicians

use those dumb arses and their violence.

You shaved your head.

Give me a smoke.

I thought you didn't smoke.

- I have mine.
- You have yours?

A non smoker, my ass!

How are they?


It looks better and better around here.

Buildings, everywhere.

This whole fiield will be a business center.

They demolished the houses over there.

Soon, there'll be towers all around.


We'll merge with Plovdiv city soon.

How is Mum?

Have you seen her recently?

Georgi, where are you going?


73 football fans from CSKA and Levski

were arrested for engaging
in fighting before and after the game.

23 of them have criminal records.

Prior to the game,

CSKA fans attacked
tourists from Kosovo.

The window of a trolley bus was broken,

wounding a 43-year-old person...

Yes, he's here.

I heard it was a good game.

Even though we lost.

Let me talk to him.

It was a good game even though we lost.

We kicked their asses!

He says they kicked their asses.

Tell him there's already a lot of us.

He says there's already a lot of them.

Tell him to stop showing off.

Mister big boss.

Ok, give him the money.

Of course.

Your father wants to see you.

Just a second, Mom.

Why are you acting like this?

Come on.

Don't talk to these people.

What people?

Stay away from these Bulgarians.

"These Bulgarians"?

Don't talk like that.

I'm asking you...

to stop seeing this guy.

How can you talk like that?

Can't you see he's different?

End of discussion.

Dad, it could have been worse.

By accusing them all,

you're turning into one of them.

Isil, please let your father rest.

Fish, what happened to Rambo?

I don't know, he always disappears.

What now?

Why won't you answer your phone?

You don't listen to what I say.

Listen to what?

You don't pick up your phone,
how can I hear you?

What's the point of suffering?

But I'm not suffering!

I want to be with you.

Stop talking nonsense, please.


You are everything to me in this life.

And how's that supposed to matter?


What's up? I haven't seen you for a while.

What's your problem?

Blow me.

Are you a fag or what?


I said are you a fag?

An insecure fag.

We must strictly enforce

the laws of our country...

You too?

We will reach this goal with the police,

the gendarmerie and the city.

Unemployed gypsies will not be allowed

to leave their designated areas.

Caravans will be barred

from the streets of Sofia.

Let's have a walk.

Maraba, my love.


Where to?

Just drive. I'll tell you...


Where do you want to...

Where are you from?

Take this ball.

For the girl from the Sun. A gift.

A ball.

For rolling.

Methadone treatment, but...

it doesn't really work.

I started drinking alcohol.

A couple of shots in the morning,

then at lunch

and after work.

And I want to drink even more.

How did I become an alcoholic?
I don't understand.

Where have you been? I was worried!

I went out for a walk.

Didn't your father tell you not to go out?

Oh, come on, please!


What again?

I'm so happy to see you.

Last night I realized
we could be just friends...

and share our secrets.

Let's go and see a movie.

There you are.


I'm gonna see the psychiatrist.

All right.

There's nobody waiting.

Please, don't mix up the bottles.

Don't worry.

I guess...

I left my soul in the fridge.

Yes, you can have that feeling.

But I think that, with time,

we can overcome this.

Slowly, but surely.

I almost want to smile!

I hope so.

I still believe we can make it.

It may take a little while.

I'm so nervous.

Yes, I can sense that.

Quickly, slowly, forward, backward,

upward, downward...
Nervous all over.

Sounds like you have nothing to hold on to.

I feel like I've reached...

the bottom.

Like I'm flat on my back.


And you have no strength
to pick yourself up.

I have the strength,
just nothing to hold on to.

I don't need a cane.

I need some kind of a truth to believe in.


I don't remember if we discussed this...

A study shows

that among the best scientists,

or painters or writers,

80% are believers.

Yes, I know.

At the end of his life, Einstein

proved the existence of God.

Yes, my boy.

Isaac Newton explained

his law of energy at the Sorbonne.

He said: "I've brought you a new law,

"a law of energy.

"Energy is never lost,

"it is just transformed."

Scientists asked him:

"How did you discover this?"

And he said: "Believe it or not,

"God wrote me the answer
in red letters on the wall.

"And the letters were on fiire."

So we should never
lose faith and keep hoping.


I don't know about hope,
but I like the letters on fire.

It's true.

I feel more attracted
by fire than by hope.

Try thinking of everything good in yourself.

I really want to find that little piece

of goodness.

But where is it?

Maybe it's in my heel.

Do I have to take a big needle,

suck it out from here and inject it there.

No, my boy.

Slowly you'll come back to reality.

You'll do it, little by little.

I don't want to be real.

I want to be crystal.

I want to radiate light.

I want to love all human beings.

I want to embrace them.

But it doesn't work. Goddammit!

But now, we reach another problem.

Do you have a lover?

No, no.

I assure you. I don't have a lover.

Neither do l.

Lorenzo, I swear to you

that I will never love again

and that I will become a philosopher.

Bye, ltso.

On a bed I laid ill

White room with no stars

Oranges on the floor

I have neither brothers nor sisters

Fears I pin with needles

And the salt I eat with a spoon

My body has no skin

You are away - I'm mute

Inject! Inject!

Inject me with love

Tiny snakes I stick with my fingers

And I drown in wells

The devils are believers

And spin the souls around

I went blind from too many words

I went deaf from too much dark

My body is too tight for me

I'm gonna fold into a little dot

Hey, boy!

Come and help me.

Please, come and help me.

With that cardboard?

Take that bag.

Do you live closeby?

Very close.

On the second floor.

Leave the bag over there.

I felt so warm.

I fell asleep.

I feel like I've been here before.

It feels like home.

It's you? Come in.

Can I spend the night?

Come on in.

I mean...

- What is it?
- I'm not alone.



I'm Angela.


But there's just one bed.


Your bag... Are you in trouble?

I can't stand those two at home anymore.

Why don't we have a beer?

What are these bushes?


Angela, Angela

A child from the wild desert of Love


You are the only one I love


I want you to teach me to draw.

On a Sunday?

Let's have a beer first.

Shit. I'm out.

Is there any coffee?

We'll find some.

You snore like a bear.

Ah, Sashe!

My brother and...

his girlfriend.

Who's that?

My roommate.

Where did Angela go?

She went home.

Memoriam of Christo
Christov-Itso 1969-2008