Eastern Drift (2010) - full transcript

When drug smuggler Genia is betrayed by his partner, he has no choice but to get help from a Russian mobster. His main goal is to retreat from the crime world and retire. He travels to Moscow, where he arrives at his ex-girlfriend Sasha, a hooker with a heart. Everything goes wrong from there and Genia is forced to flee with Sasha through Lithuania and Belarus where he will finally end up in France.

When my life started,
my parents had died.

My uncle raised me.

He was a criminal, but also
a man who loved education.

He made me read books
he had read while in jail.

Time passed and I had
his values instilled.

But all I had learned
wasn't hard to make use of.

A poll was made
about privatizations

and about drug use.

Speed and ecstasy are
manufactured regularly.

Coke and other drugs
are sold on the coast of Lyon.

- Hi.
- Hi.

How are you? Any problems?

No. They let everything pass.

- Good luck.
- Bye.

I won't say I'm
in a bad situation.

Now I have to maintain myself.
I like having things to do.

Those who made a lot
went west.

The rest stays here.

Many stayed in Spain.

I've been in France for a long time.

Don't have a regular home.

Paris, Moscow, Minsk, Warsaw.

No problem having friends.

The problem is to distinguish
friends from enemies.

And to know who's
really dangerous.

Life's short, and one can say
I've lived most of it.

I'd like to breathe deeply,

and live for a long time.

When you do these business,
you don't have many options.

What you do has consequences.

Many criminals have gone to Lechiot.

They're called Eurasian indigenous.


- Hello.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Fine, and you?

Sorry for having the money late.
I've got many problems.

My papers.

That's not a problem.

But it's not my business.
Do you have the goods?

Don't get scared, but I lost them.

I trust you, and
understand your problems.

I'll wait for you.

- Alright?
- Okay.

Good luck.

Let's go.


Hi Gabrielle, it's me.


We have to see each other.


- Why are you so apathetic?
- I'm as always.

Room 20.

- Well, will you fetch me?
- I'll get you in one hour.

Kostik told me to get you.

- Where to?
- Germany. One week.

- I won't go.
-You won't decide that.

C'mon, go to work.

- Hi, Max.


- What's your name?
- Sacha.

Nice to meet you,
I'm Alexandre.

- Do you work here for a long time?

- The first time.
-Oh, yes?

- Do you like this job?

- You can stand it.
- Oh, yes?

- Want champagne?

- Why not?
- Do you want?

- Here you go.

- Want some grapes?

- Why not?
- Oh, yes?

I waited for you all night long.

I was working until late.

I wanna go to France, let's go?

I don't have the money, you know.

I'd do anything for you.

But I know you wouldn't
wait for me, you'd go.

You're a free woman.

- But I wanna be with you.
- With me?

- Yeah.
- With me?

Sorry, I'm not a man for you.


What are you doing?

Are you coming?

Why are you quarrelling?

Do you have the money?


Gimme back my passport.

We'll talk about this later.

If you want to...

You know, honey.

If you do your job, there's no problem.

So you're screwed up.

- So?
- Wait.

- You can't do anything else.
- Wait for what?

Are you nervous?


Did you hurt yourself?.

What's going on?

Nothing. I've got to go to Moscow.



I'll go with you.

You won't have anything to do.

I don't have anything to do here.

You always says you're
going but you stay.

But now I'm serious.

And I'll soon go to France.

I don't have the money.

This is all I've got.

I'll keep it for an emergency.

- That's all? For three days?
- I don't have more.

Gimme the money, I'll keep it.
You can get it soon.

No. I'm taking it with me.


- Hello. What are you having?
- Vodka. 50 grams.

I have to talk to you.


I've got to go.

I think they won't like it.

You can't smoke in here.




Will you call me?

I hope so.

Well, a kiss.



Wanna eat?


- Where are you going?
- To the Zimunai Terminal.


I don't speak Lithuanian.

Me neither.

- Where are you from?
- France.

- French?
- Actually, I'm Italian.

Can you show me the photo?

But I can show you
other things if you want to.

A little magic trick. Look.


What are you? A magician?

Other things.

And what are you doing here?

''Other things''.

Do you sit at a bar
staring at guys to do stuff?.

I'll do anything that a guy
staring at me wants me to.

What will you have?


Two cognac, please.

Do you wanna dance?

You didn't tell me
exactly when you'd come.

But I'm here.

Who won't go?

I want you to know I cancelled everything,
but didn't know if I should wait.

As you know I'll do.

Can't you respect me?

You cancelled everything?

Why do you make this sacrifice?

- Will you go for a long time?
- As usual.

You always says that.

But is it as usual?


Where are you going?

I've gotta do a job.

Can I stay in bed?


Later you'll go to town...

to the club, I'll have
an appointment there.

I'll think about it...

we'll see.


Did you take the key at the kitchen?



Have you eaten?

Do you wanna eat?

- You haven't eaten anything.
- Yes.

What if we get married?

- Now?
- Tomorrow.


I'll be a good wife, I'll be...


I'll always be by your side.

If you want me to.

If you want me to.

I'm bad. Bad, do you understand?

Can't do anything, do you understand?

Can you leave?


Will you get back later?

I'll wait for you.

Look who's come.


Do you think the job will
be waiting for you for ever?

While you wait calmly?

That's not how it works with us.

But we've changed our profile.

I'm sorry, but another one did your job.

What profile? Who changed?

Gimme my share.

I gave you 200,000 dollars.

Your share.

If you lost your share, it's
because you work with me.

I did my job.

So, my friend...

you're wrong.

And if you're not with us,
you don't have anything.

Or you can be a corpse.

You'll be the corpse!

Oh, yeah?

You won't leave here.

Of course I will.

And you...


Who do you think you are?


Quick, call all the men.

Also the police.

Our police, stupid!

Find the Frenchman.

Find him.

Will they find you?

They can't.

I've made a plan.

It's enough for half of it.
Soon it will sort out.



No, I won't go.

I'm finished for today.

Tomorrow no more.

They're going.


Stay cool.

Who's going?

They're going.

- I'll bring you the clothes.
- What?

- Who's going?
- Stay here.

Don't leave here. Get dressed, quick.

- That's all.
- Wait, let me...

That's enough.

Doesn't matter.

Not that way, fuck!

But tell me what's happening.


I can't go quicker, I have high heels.

Are you mad?

Put your coat on.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Remember me?
- Of course.

I remember you very well, I'm...


- You're right.
- I see.

Why did you leave so soon?

I had things to do.

Shall we walk a little?


- Gena?
- Yeah, it's me.

Are you okay?

I have to hang up soon.

Okay, but what's going on?
Are you in trouble?

Take care. I've got to talk to you.

Right, but where are you?

Pay attention.

Yes, but will you call me?

- Let's go or what?
- Yeah.

- Are you on your on today?

This way.

- We're finally here.
- This is my home.

Wanna drink something?

Tea, coffee?


I'll go get something.

I'll wait here, thanks.

- Good afternoon.
- Hi.

I haven't stopped calling you.

You never answer.

- I came to get the rental payment.
- I can't understand you.

- Where is it?
- I don't know.

If you can't pay the rental,
you'll leave, understand?

What do you want me to do?

- Did you understand?
- Nothing at all.

- Well. I'll be back later.
- Okay.

Whose key is this?
It was over the table.

It's not good luck
someone lost it.

Is it yours?

- Fuck you.
- Stupid.

- Whose key is this?

He asked you to help him.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Why are you crying?
Is it because of the guy?

I don't know what to do with him.

Are you afraid?

We have to go.

Why are you this way?

Let's go.

- I wanna listen to the music.
- Forget the music.

You're rough.


C'mon. Stop drinking wine.
That's enough.

I don't like rough men.

It's not my type.

- Playing difficult, huh?
- What?

And you, are you playing tough?

- Will you play the coquettish?
- Are you crazy?


What's your name?

Alexandra. So?

- We're all called that.
- And Sacha too?

- Shall we toast to you?
- What?

- Let's go?
- Let's go.

- I've got weed to smoke.
- I love cocaine.

It's expensive, right?

What do you think?.

Are you a gentleman? Someone
who's not a bastard?

It's a country of broken or what?


- Are you alone?
-That's enough, boys, go home.

- Let's go.
- We won't take long.

- C'mon.
- If you're hot, jerk off.

Don't talk like that.
What's this? Listen...

- Alright!
- You're coming with us.

- C'mon.
- Let's go, have some fun.

Let's go then.

- Why are you sitting down?
- Listen, boys.

Why are you sitting down?

- I said that's enough.
- I told you to come.

Honey, will you...

What will you do?


Stop it, stupid!

- Gently!
- What?

Calm down!

I told you to let me go!

Don't touch him!

- The kids, sorry...
- Good evening.

- Excuse us, please.
- Neighborhood patrol.

Hands up!

Shut your mouth.

Why did you do this?

Why did you do this?


Cut that off, bitch!

Shut up, fuck!

I wanna go home;

They'll get us.

Those jerks.

C'mon, get down.

How will we get out?

I don't know.

You'll have to wait.

Wait for what?

I'm scared.

What if we go west?

To the sea...

Listen, don't push me.

Don't get nervous.

- It's for me.
- I told him you'd talk.

Hi. Come in.

Half of it.

- Look.
- Good.

- Goodbye.
- Good luck.



My uncle, I need you to help me.

I need cash.

At least 200 euros.

You know I don't have money.

Get it. For me.

- Alright.
- But get that amount.

My friend also needs help.

If she's there, tell her to
get out as soon as she can.

They'll deport her, just
need to find her.

Will you buy me some boots?

I bought you a car and
you didn't buy me boots.

I look like a bum.

All messed up.

Everything will be fine.

Everything will be just fine.

Wonderfully fine.

I need to go pee.

I'll look for a corner to park.

- Are you alright?
- No.

I'm really tired.

If you park, I'll get my ass frozen.

I don't need that much.

Where did you buy these?

At the market?

At a restaurant.

- Which one?
- The best of them all.

- The best of the road?
- Yes.

The restaurant...

- ''The Death of the Swan''.
- What?

''The Death of the Swan''.

When we get to Paris,
you'll buy me the boots.

Doesn't matter if we have
to wait until we get there.

We're not in a hurry, you can chew.

No need to chew, only swallow.

Here, a leg.

Keep it.

You have food all over.

Let me help you.

That's alright.

Can I do it with the tongue?

Stop it.

Sorry, I'm sure I got it wrong.

I'm always hungry.

I'll become a chubby grandma.

Do you think I'm a little fat?

I'm really tired.

- Hi.
- How are you.


I needed to visit town.

I thought you'd knew it.

Is it your first time?

Don't believe in everything I say.

Not even I myself do.

So, you have to tell me when
you're serious and when you're not.

Okay, let's go.

Yes, lady?

I'd like to call a town.

- Which city?
- Moscow.

How many minutes?


You'll speak for two, but pay
for three. It's the minimun charge.

Alright, three minutes.

Very well.

- Go on.
- Thank you.

Hey. It's me.

What's going on? Where are you?
Are you alive?

Are you crazy? You're already dead.

They'll finish you off.
I'm well-informed.

Help me, I beg you.


Come get me. At Smolens,
at the station.


- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Polish police control.

Your papers.

Anything to declare?


Turn the engine off and open the trunk.

Park at the side aisle.

At the side aisle.

- Be careful with this man.
- Okay.

Fake documents.

- Call the boss.
- Right.

Ask the commander to come.

Wanna get in or go to sleep?

- Where can we go?
- Don't know, some club.

Why not?

If you don't want to, we
can always go to my place.

I know.

This is all I can do for you.

You should go now.

My cousin's going to Germany.

He can take you.

- My trip was nice.
- What did you see of interesting?

We can open a business
and make some money.

I don't like business.

I'm not good at them.

What? I'm serious.

Now you know where I live,
where I come from, what I do.

What do you plan to do?

Follow you.

Who is it?

No, fortunately this story is over.

But things could be simpler.

What do you want?

What will you do with
me by your side?

I don't know why I look for you.
It's not easy to say.

I don't know.

What do you want?

I'd like to sleep, eat,
rest at the beach.

Sunbathing on the sand
with my family by my side.

I'd like to believe in
anything I'm told about.

Anything sublime.

Things that touch you in the soul.

You have a debt.

I do my job. I had to find you.

I want my money.

I don't have it.

Get it.