Eastern Condors (1987) - full transcript

A motley group of Asian prisoners held in the US are given one chance for freedom. They are to go deep into Vietnam and destroy a secret depot of missles that the US left behind during the pull-out. The group, led by Lt. Lam and convict Tung, hook up with a trio of female freedom fighters and a happy go lucky martial artist named 'Rat'. The entire group is captured by the VC because one of them is a double agent, but they escape, cross an un-crossable bridge, and get to the secret base just ahead of the VC. By this point nearly all of the original group is dead, and it's up to Tung and Rat to fight the VC's leader, a bizarre giggling man who's lightning fast with martial arts.

Well we've lost this goddamn war,

but it isn't over.

During the last two years of the war,

we'd transported a large shipment

of sammo-26 bombs
to a secret military arsenal in vietham.

Before we pulled out,

we tried to destroy that arsenal,
but sadly we failed.

In other words, 2 million pounds

of explosives could fall
into the wrong hands.

If that arsenal is found,

you can imagine the consequences.

There's no way the us can send
troops or bombers in,

but that arsenal has simply
got to be destroyed whatever the cost.

And we need your help. Understand?

Yes sir, we understand.

I've already chosen from among our troops

12 Chinese Americans for an assault force.

And this file here contains your orders.

But as far as, the U.S.
defense department is concerned,

it simply does not exist,

only the name of your mission..

"Eastern condors".

The western is so stupid


All the information you requested

on the Asian prisoners is here.

But a lot of them are
rapists, blackmailers,

smugglers, and even pimps.

Anyway, take your pick.

But are you sure you only need 10?

Why not take 100 if that's not enough?

It's no problem.

I can always arrest more.

"Joey chu, alias turbo"

"jailed for fraud for 3 years."

"Benny and Danny wong,"

"jailed for 7 years for
assault and battery."

"Jeff ling, alias sunny”

"8 years for armed robbery."

"Ricky lo, alias mouse."

"13 years for manslaughter.”

"Steven yau, alias fingers,"

"petty theft jailed for 2 years."

"Jack wang, alias filter"

"life sentence for murder."

"Alex yuen and frank chau,"

"convicted on 8 counts
of Grand Theft Auto,”

"both serving 5 years."

"Shawn su,"

"convicted for killing a federal officer,”

"sentenced to 30 years."

You men have been chosen for a mission.

If you accept,
'vou'll all receive special training.

After training you'll be joining a up

with a covert unit.

Throughout the duration of this mission

you will still be considered convicts.

But upon its successful completion

you'll all receive full pardons.

In addition,

you'll each be paid us $200,000.

Any questions?

No sir!

I think they're staring at me mouse.

Bet you can't make them blink.

They didn't even flinch!
Bet they're stoned.

Mouse, how are you going to
spend your 200,000 bucks?

Half's going to my daughter,
the other to my wife.

You never told me you were married.

You never asked, and where I'm from

it's a lot safer to keep your mouth shut.

Hell of a policy. I couldn't do it.

Benny, what're you gonna
do with all your money?

What's it to you?

It's none of your damn business.

Ease up bro.

Well it ain't!

Ok ok ok, sorry for asking.

What about you, sunny?

I-1-1-I'm g-gonna-g-go...

Don't worry, tell me later.

Shawn, I know in the past we...

Forget about it. It's the past.

Ten 'hut'!

Move out!

Colonel, this is one hell of a mission

you're taking on here.

Well war is hell, sir.

Take my advice.

Your objective here is to

divert the enemy's attention,

so our commandos can get their job done.

There's no need for heroics, understand?

What those men are facing is real.

So what?

But this isn't battle.

That war is long over, you know.

This is a one off.

We're correcting a mistake made years ago.

Listen, just do the job

and don't get killed. Right?


Colonel, do me a favor.

This is my brother.

When we withdrew from that ammunition dump,

he was wounded and had to stay behind

in a nearby Nai village.

When you're there if you get a chance,

try and get him out.

Ok I'll do my best sir.

Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

How many?

Just six.

And they're drunk.

We'd better hurry, more will be coming.

You know what to do.

Let's go

I can't stand this! Where are we going?

Why won't they tell us?

Hey bro, calm down!

Why's it matter anyway?

Why's it matter? I wanna be ready!

If it's cold then

I'll need an overcoat

but if it's hot,

I'll just go naked.

Who cares, we're gonna die anyway.

You wanna die?

I'll throw you out right now!

Benny, take it easy!

Calm down!

Shawn, I've been thinking.

You know, I think he's got a point.

It doesn't matter.

If you ask me, it's better than jail.

I'd rather die fighting than locked up.

Maybe for you. They sent you away

for 30 years for what you did,

my sentence was only 8. How's that fair!

Hey man you got what was coming to you,
Shawn got a bad rap.

That's what they all say.

Just telling you what I heard.

After this mission's over,

we all get a second chance, a fresh start.

Hey guys we've been
heading south-southeast.

If the air speed is 400 knots,

it means that...

In a couple of hours,

we'll be somewhere over Vietnam.

Bullshit! They wouldn't
be taking us to Vietnam.

What's that? You calling him a liar?

You watch your mouth!


You guys need to calm down.

Yeah right, these guy are
all animals, aren't you?

Hey forget it.

Why'd you get everyone nervous

by saying we're going to Vietnam?

Cause according to calculations it's

where we're going.

At ease.

Alright sit down, just relax.

We'll be over the drop zone in 2 hours.

Tell them to get ready.

Yes, sir.

Now listen up! To avoid detection,

we're at high altitude.

Open your chute too soon

and you'll miss the target zone.

Once you're out of the plane,

count to 20 and then pull the rip cord.

Pull the cords by ourselves sir?

But sir, we didn't cover that

in training sir.

Nothing to it. Count to 20,

then pull the thing.

What if the chute doesn't open?

Kiss your ass goodbye.

You'll never have to worry
about another thing,

who knows I might not be far behind you,

we all might be there soon enough.

Any more questions?

Yeah how. How can... we...

Spit it out!


I guess it's out of the fry pan

and into the fire.

Count to 20 before you pull it


Count to 20 before you pull it

o... 0... k... Kay!



Damn it!


Sir, orders just arrived,
the mission's cancelled!


There's been an explosion
on colonel Yang's plane.

No one survived,

the orders say we must return.

How about the ones who already jumped?

But sir, this is an order.

Report lieutenant colonel
lam has already jumped!

They're landing behind the trees


Sir! Sir!

Sir! We're Cambodian underground,

sent to meet you.

Where are the others?

Behind the trees.

Alright good, help me with this.

Hey I'm here!

Shh, keep quiet!

Everyone okay?

We all here?

123456, yes sir!

Idiot, we're missing one.

Sunny's not here!

Search the area! Right!

Sunny! Sunny!


Sunny! Sunny!

He's over here!




Sunny! Sunny!

He's dead

the order to abort came right

before I jumped,

we're on our own now.

Alright, then we're on our own.

Shawn, should I tell the others?


They're scared enough as it is.

If we tell them,

it'll just make things worse.

This is your first check point,

from there go east

you'll hit a river. From...

No. The plan's been changed.
We're going to the Nai village.

Nai village?

I wasn't informed. Are you sure?

It was last minute.

Oh man, that really stinks.

Something wrong?

No sir, don't let me stop you.

Smell bad? I told you it was her.

That ain't no kinda woman

I mean it sure looks like a woman,

but it smells like some
sort of rotten thing.

You'd have to be pretty damn desperate.

I wouldn't go near that!

I would.

I'm not kidding, it's awful!

I'm going to take a shit! Now!

There's a unit in that village

and a camp a few miles away.

They get wind of you

and you ain't never coming back.

If you'd told us

we could have prepared the way,


Where's fingers?

Can you see them yet?


Be quiet!

I ain't scared of those dudes!

Son of a bitch!


It's a pack of American cigarettes!

That's weird.

Over there!

Take them!


No no don't shoot! ..


We'll rest here.

Don't you worry, fingers. You'll be okay.

You'll be fine. We'll get
you out of here alright.

Listen to me,

you'll be okay.

You just hang in there, alright?

He's dead.

He's dead.

Fingers had no business being here.

He wasn't a soldier.

Be quiet!

Two of us are dead,

I don't want to be the next one!

Colonel, I've had it!

It was a damn sight safer

back in my prison cell!


Piss off!

Benny, come back!

Be careful man

he might shoot you in the back!

Leave if you want to.

I won't stop you.


Well then I'm getting out of here too!

Benny, we're in the middle
of Vietnam for god's sake!

We don't even know where we are!

What if we're captured by the vietnamese?

Or fall into a trap or something?

We're better off if we stick together,

you know look out for each other. Right?

You gonna just up leave you friends

in the shit?

What about me?

Fine. I'll go back.

But this is for you, not for them.

You're going back there? Wait for me!

There it is.

The rest of you stay here.

We'll rendezvous at the
west hill in 2 hours.

If we're not there

then you're on your own.

See you soon.

If they get in trouble,

do we go down to help them?

Alright, gather round

give me some room here kids.

Come on out of the way! Stand back

look weasel! Here.

This is gold. Where'd you get it?

I got it from my uncle.

He said that if you'd take our whole family

to Hong Kong,

then he'll give you a great
big case full of it.

But he'll only deal with you.

Right. Tell him to come meet me
at the committee house.


Here, for you.

Thank you.

Don't worry master, we'll take cre of him.
You okay pal?

Looks like I saved your neck again!

How about a reward?

Ring a ring of the roses, pocket full of
posies, a-tishoo a-tishoo, we all fall down!

Save me the idiot act.

Now come on where'd you hide the treasure?

Once we're rich, we can
fly right out of here!


Fly! Fly! Fly just like a bird!

Yeah that's right, wherever you like.

But it takes money.

Now tell me where is it?

It. T's

go on!

Right here!

What can I do for you today?

Let's drink.

It's not my birthday.


You see this shit? The
stuff's contaminated.

I took one sip and shit for a week!


We'll see how impossible it is!

Now drink!

Finish the bottle

or I finish you!

No problem.

To your health, and mine.


Now asshole, I don't really
want to have to shoot you,

but if I see you again I will! Beat it!

Where'd he go?

It's alright! Please,

your brother sent us.

Right, I know who you are!

You're the chief

and vice-chief,

and piglet.

I know, why don't we all
play cops and robbers?

You're the cops, I'm the robber,

you catch me!

Sir, you're coming with us!


Sir? You peeing?

Of course I am! What's
it look like I'm doing?

It's just... you don't need to pee here.

Use the crazy guy's can.

I need to use your can.


Guess what sir?

The are three Americans here.

Yeah where?

They're in there.

There's one in there, and 2 in there.

You idiot!

But they're here! I can prove it!


Hey sir, just look!

Where're you going? They're right here!

Colonel, this guy is crazy.

Let's get him up.

Uncle! Uncle! Hil

Hey take it easy! And don't forget...

There are soldiers out there.

They're gonna hear if you shoot me.

We won't shoot you.

We don't want any trouble.

We're here for Mr. Yang.

What? You wanna take my uncle?

But he's lost his marbles!

He won't tell you anything,

you're wasting your time mister

what won't he tell us?

Oh about where he hid the tre...


You got three seconds to put your gun down.

I don't give a damn if
those soldiers hear us.

You can all go to hell!

You win.

Let's go!

Put that thing away it's dangerous!

You have my uncle, don't you?

And I'm not much of a threat.

Well now!



Oh I'm going to get married
in my fiancée's village.

Here, you wanna meet her?

That's her father and her brother.

Hi there!

Here, for you.



See you!

Help me!

Get them...

Stop! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

They're gonna tear us apart!

Now look, this is between you and them.

Let me go and surrender. Well?

Come on!

Stop shooting! It's weasel!

Those guys are animals!

Give me a gun! I'm a real good shot.

Come on!

Thanks a lot.


let me try to lure them away.

You'll have a better chance.

You'd never make it.

Don't! Listen

that's not a bad plan.

You all run, I'll help my uncle.

Keep quiet!

Not next to my ear! Get the Cannon!

Yes sir!

Hurry! Come on! Hurry!

We're dead, we're dead!

Come on, I'm sorry!
I know I've been bad but not this bad!


You brought backup?

My wheels!

Are you ok?

What are you doing?

I told you to stay put!

See what did I say?

We should have left them!

Alright! Cool it!

More soldiers are coming.

You'd better get going.

Good thinking. Let's move out!

Move out! Right! Let's go!

Come on you're slowing us down!

Come on!

He's doing his best.


Shouting at him is not going to help.

Here's fine.

Colonel, he's hit bad.

We'll have to remove the bullet.

You've done enough damage!

Uncle, I'm here.

Who the hell are you?

Who the hell am I?

You wanna know who I am?

I'm the one who just got you out of there!

I just saved you ass,

that's who the hell I am!

Because of you I'm homeless!

And I almost got killed this morning!

Do you think I like running around

getting shot at all day?

I used to be a quiet businessman,

but you've just turned me into a bandit!

You've screwed my life!

My uncle and I used to make a good living

but thanks to you we're now both fugitives!

And you have the nerve to ask who I am?

Here, sir.


deng, I don't know you that well.

But I have to say you got a terrific figure

from what I can see.

You're very kind... and such a pretty face.

I wouldn't want to have to ruin it.

You get my drift?

That's one mean ass chick.

She'll come around.

You mean it? 200,000 if I help you?

That's right. Not a bad deal...

If you trust me.

I don't, but then I don't know you.

Are you with us?

I don't have a choice. Can't go home,

but my uncle...

Don't worry about your uncle

we're gonna take care of him.

Well I'm your man.

I know the place like the back of my...

Give me your knives!

- Look after him!
- Right!

No thanks. You keep it.

Over there!

Move out!

You okay?

It's me!

Come on quit spying!

Observing, not spying!

You know you've really

got to lighten up on people.

You know your problem?

You're always complaining!

Whenever I try or do something,

you always have to find
something wrong with it!

Can't you just get off my case?!

Quiet! You're too loud!

What's it to you?

I'll holler as loud as I like!

Go ahead ignore me!

You never even listened to

what I say anyway.

I'm surprised you haven't killed
each other, all you do is argue.

Keep out of this!

Unless you wanna sit out there!

Sorry, whatever you say sir.

Are you making fun of me?

Benny, calm down will you?

Keep observing. Go on!

Observing? I'm spying!

Mouse, quit moving!

You're letting water in.

Why don't you go have a rest?

I'm alright, deng.

Why don't you girls just find a husband

and settle down?

Why are you risking your lives like this?

We're fighting for our freedom.

Don't waste your breath.

He doesn't know what a guerilla is.

Sure I do. From what I've heard,
guerillas are wanderers,

badly prepared, and badly organized.


I'm serious!

I was just kidding with you!


Let's hope that next year

we can have another party.

Don't tempt fate, okay?

Goddamn it! 2 days!

When's it gonna stop raining?

We don't deserve this shit.

Deserve has got nothing to do with it.


Look I gotta come clean,

thers something you should know.

The mission that we're on...

Listen it doesn't matter.

Whatever happens we know you're doing it

for our own good.

We trust your judgment.

It's just all this damn rain.

It's starting to get us down.

Can't sleep?

I couldn't help thinking,

somehow this is no place for a young woman.

You need the protection of a man

who'll look after you.

But look no further, I'm right here.

Listen if I did need a man,

it wouldn't be you that's for sure.

Now take a hike, you get me?

But you can do something for me.

Take over the watch, I'm tired

One of these days you'll
come back and beg me

who's there?

Stop or I'll shoot!

Don't shoot, it's just me. I need a pee.

Take a leak somewhere else!

That's disgusting!

There's so much rain,

you wouldn't be able to tell the difference
between water and piss.

Hey either you stop...

Or I'll shoot you!

Think you got the guts? Here!

We're under attack! We're under attack!

We're under attack!

We're under attack!

Keep moving!


No more bets! Time to play.

Fine with me.

Who's calling it?




I'll ask again, what're you doing here?

What are you doing here?

In the cage!

Are you trying to kill him, you idiot?

Just trying to get a confession.

Don't waste your time

the man's made of steel.

Colonel! Don't give up!

Right, you ready?

Will it work?

Let's find out. Okay!

What're you doing?

You're hurting her! Stop doing that!

Are we going home now?

You can do it.

I never lose this game.

No please, don't please...

I should have bet against you.

Hey idiot! We haven't finished with them.


I should have bet against you

they are lose

You! Take him back.

Sir, move it! Go do some work

sir! Move it!

Yes! Yes sir.

They were heading in the
direction of pine hill.

When I know more,

I'll have you contacted immediately sir.

Yes sir.

Keep him out of sight.

Hurry up! Everything ok?

Yeah no problem.

Did you just shout?

Come with me.


You guys, come here.

Come here. I gotta tell you something.

Yeah alright.

Follow me.

You guys aren't going to believe
what I just heard.

But keep it quiet

hey you look a lot like
that fat guy in the cage.

You calling me fat, asshole?

Let's get out of here!

Right! Come on!



Help me! Oh god it hurts!

Just stay there, don't move!

Someone help! Someone help!

Danny! Danny!

Open your eyes! Please don't die!

Someone help! Danny!



If my brother had been alive,

he'd have been Danny's age.

Nothing you can say to me will help!

He died on his first tour.

He was only 17.

Was he always on your case too?


But I wasn't like you.

I wasn't impulsive.

I'll have to change.

There's nobody else out there,

nobody to keep me in line.

If you become better,

then it wasn't in vain.

Are you crazy? How can you say that?

My brother's dead!

Benny! Cool it!

Benny, take it easy.

He was more than just those words.

We've got to move out. Bury him!

Why'd he die? What's it about?

Well? What are we doing here?

What is the point of this mission?

You tell him, what was he fighting for?

Sorry, but I can't tell you yet.

If you don't tell me...

Then I don't fight!

He's right. Why am I risking my life?

I don't want to die, not for you I don't.

I'd rather stay right here

and die with my brother,

then fight for no reason!

Colonel, these men have been risking

their lives for this mission.

It's only fair that you tell them

what this is all about.

Alright. We're nearly at our objective.

- The aim of the mission...
- Hold it

you think I'm crazy but in fact

I'm as sane as the rest of you.

I've just been acting that way.

I've been trying to find out the identity
of the spy that's in our midst.

A spy?

That's right. Weasel.

Hold it!

One of you girls dropped your transmitter.

Who was it?

I don't know what you're talking about!

We're not traitors!

You're kidding!

You said she was on the radio.

You sure it wasn't her?

It can't be her it's too obvious.

But if you're sure it's her you saw,

then it means

she's been deliberately leading
the vietnamese to our position.

Sound familiar?

They've been following us
right from the start, haven't they?


I could never believe that.

Who would ever believe it?

Well speak up!

No I'm...

I knew you'd deny it!

You are the spy, aren't you?

Come on are you?


How could you? I've treated
you like my own sister

these past few years.

How could you double-cross me!

Don't waste your breath.
Just get it over with.


You bitch! I can't stand the sight of you!


I don't care what their
mission is now, captain.

Wipe them out!

Yes, sir!

How could they have been so stupid

and let the yankee pigs escape the cage.

If we could only grab a chopper

we'd be home and dry.

Alright, there's no problem

getting onto the bridge.

They've only got two machine guns

down at this end.

Trouble's at the other end,

they got two 70mm"s...

Sitting there.

Trying to rush them,

that would be suicide.

Is there another crossing less fortified?

It would take me 3 days to get there.

It'd take the bunch of you over a week.

Mouse, you hear that?

Your rickety old bones are holding us up,
too old to be any use.

That so?

If you don't wanna die young

then keep your mouth shut.

Come on don't talk like that.

Colonel, why not cross at night?

It'd be safer.

If they get to the other side before we do,

we won't have a chance.

Looks like we're out of options.

I'd rather die fighting than go back

into that goddamn cage again.


I'll go across and see

if I can knock out the 70mms.

When you guys hear the explosion,

knock out the two on this side,

then rush the bridge

before they get time to regroup.

Have you got that?


No, I don't get it.

They'll explain.

There's a truck coming!

We could use that truck.

Hey you really get two hundred grenades.

You bet, come on!

Don't move or we all die.

Alright drop your guns!

You try anything...

And you're all dead!

Hold it!

Everything ok?


Seen any guerillas?

No, nothing.

You'd better be careful,
they're in the area.

So keep your guard up. Go!


What happened?



Don't cross yet!

Make way for the jailhouse commandos!

Just be careful!

Too old to be careful!

You're not that old!

Filter, are you ok?

Mouse, you alright?

Mouse, it's okay.

We... we... we're both gonna make it.

Come on! Let's go get them!


- Filter!
- Mouse!

- Filter!
- Mouse!

You can't diel

I ain't afraid of dying,

just leave me here.

Forget it! I'm getting your ass out of here

I won't leave you behind!

Taking me along will only

slow you guys down.

No way, it's too risky. Get going!

No way, we'll just take turns carrying you.

- We won't leave you.
- Right

come on, I ain't gonna make it out of here.

Mouse, we're not gonna leave you here.

There's no choice. Leave me here.

My day's done. Listen to me,

I know you don't want to go
but you've gotta do it

and at least

I'll die here in the east.

I don't belong over there. So get out of
here. You guys finish the mission for me.

We'll meet again someday.

Shawn, finish this thing.

I just said that.

You gotta leave us here.


Shawn, you played it straight,

you've never lied to us.

Don't you spoil things by

bullshitting me now, you hear?

Forget the past, you're a good man.

I know it and I'll never forget it.

Promise me you all make it out, ok?

Listen we gotta move out!
There's a column coming!

We gotta move out.

Get going!

You guys be careful!

Damn! These bodies are really heavy!

Come on! Hurry up!

Listen.. Here they come!

My ears still work.

Mouse, let me do it.

I can still shoot straight.

Shut it, don't argue.

You're hurt badly

and we can't afford to screw up.

You're thinking straight for once.

It took you long enough.

Better late than never I guess.

Must have been the bullet in the ass.

Kind of woke me up.

Let's hope you stay awake long enough.

Move over!

Those things will kill you.

Too late now.

Come on, come on, come on!

Give them hell!

Here they come, mouse!

Give them hell!

Come on a little bit closer!

Yeah come on that's it! That's it!


A bullseye!

Attaboy filter! Move it!

Mouse, see you in hell.

No. I'm already there.

Nothing could be worse than this place.

I'm due for promotion when I die.

What color's the sky, filter?

Big blue sky.

What'd you think it would be?

Black, like in hell.


Look, there's the entrance!

Follow me.

Who can run a generator?

I can.

Follow me.

It's in there.

Hang on it's coming!

If they ever got their hands on this shit,

we'd be in trouble.

They've been looking for years.

Alright set the charges.


You mean we're blowing it up?

That's right. There are 9 silos down here

and each one is independent

we break into teams. They've all gotta go.

Set the timers for 30 minutes.

No wait!

Colonel, I can't let you
destroy the weapons.

Our fighting forces need them

to fight against the vietnamese.

I have my orders to follow.

Now move out!


Stop! Move back!

Stop! Don't move!

Drop your guns!

I'm unarmed, honestly!

Colonel, I can't let you do it.

You know why we're fighting this war?

They're killing our people!

They've invaded our country.

We have to stop them. This is our duty.

Colonel, I know you were
just following orders,

but please understand.

We have to do this. We need the weapons.

Without them our country
will never be free.

Shawn, set the charges!

You left me no choice!

- Deng!
- Shut it!


Move it! Set the charges!

You heard him!

Careful where you fire

don't damage the weapons!

Be seeing you mouse...

And I'm bringing these bastards...

With Mel

I'll kill them for this!

No wait!

The weapons, we have to destroy them!

Help me set the charges.

May lin!

Keep going! Finish this!


Over there!

Come on!

Why don't you fight me like a man?

Is everyone else dead?

We gotta go!

The charges are set.

The place is going to blow!

Time to go, move it!

What? It's raining!

Come on!

When we get out of here remind me
to never do this again!

Forget that

I never want to see either of you again!

Turn back around! It's no good!

They've blocked the door!

We're trapped in here!

What? I don't want to die in this place!

Down the drain!



Well we made it out. What now?

Wait for the chopper.

You sure it'll be here?

I hope it'll be here.

Someone must have seen that.

I'd say it's about 50-50.

Let's just hope it's ours

better be.

It's the Americans' fault!

They got us into this!

Idiot Americans, freaking America,

goddamn America.

When this is over, where
d'you think you'll go?

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