Eastern (2019) - full transcript

Behind the gates of a housing estate, a peculiar game is being played. The life of its wealthy residents is regulated by an honorary, patriarchal code. The Kowalski and Nowak families have ...


You can disrespect someone's honour

when you call him a liar
in front of someone else,

when you spit on him,
harass or beat him, shave his head,

ignore his word of honour,
have an affair with his wife,

turn down his weapon...


...turn down his bread,
offend his guest or employee.


- Anything else?
- No.

Any questions?

Thank you, that's all.

Anything else?

He shouldn't stay here for too long.

In case you can't fall asleep.

Do you need a lift?

I'll go back with my uncle.

Come here.

Lean it against his head.

Hussar, go home! Now!

- Where?
- In the woods.

Wait in the car.

We ask you for the besa.

- Twenty-four hours.
- Forty-eight.


What was that?

The third clearing on the left.

"The tax payer declares"

"that all prior fees
related to the blood dispute were paid."

"There are no outstanding payments"

"or ongoing proceedings
that might affect the results"

"pertaining to the conclusion
of this Agreement."

"No additional VAT tax shall be imposed
on the tax paid."

"The tax includes
the fee of 1200 złotys"

"to cover the registration
in the ancestral books."

"This Agreement has been read,
approved of, and signed."

Would you like to buy out
your daughter's blood?


We can begin the mediation process
with the Nowaks

and offer to buy the blood out.

That's impossible.

Please accept my condolences.

Thank you.

My condolences.

- My condolences.
- Thank you.


Come join us.

Let her do it, please.

Sit up straight.



♪ Goodbye... ♪

♪ ...joyful world. ♪

♪ I'm facing... ♪

♪ ...death today. ♪

♪ The yarn of life unfurls. ♪

♪ Death makes me pass away. ♪

♪ The first hour has gone. ♪

♪ Goodbye, parents dear... ♪

♪ ...friends, family, and foes. ♪

♪ I greet grace with a cheer. ♪

♪ Your care will repose... ♪

Where's the bathroom?

- Where's the toilet?
- On the first floor.

♪ ...The second hour has gone. ♪

♪ Goodbye, bosom friends... ♪

May I pass, please?

You didn't wash your hands.

Hands first.

May I?

Open the cabinet.

Gerhardt Nickel.

1.4 x 24, with the reticle
in the second focal plane.

Optically perfect
up to several hundred metres.


You've got one bullet.

One shot.

To the head.

- What if I miss?
- You won't.

Take it.

No, thanks.

The blood has already turned yellow.

Soon, they'll take away my right
to do the garden.

Then, the right to carry a weapon.

Finally, they'll put me on a chain...

Kill her yourself then.

Four in the corner pocket.

Antelopes migrate
in search of water and food.

Yet, they are not alone.

A young female cheetah
follows them closely.

One false move
and the hunt ends in failure.

No going out on your own.


You'll be home-schooled
starting next week.

Go get changed.

Stay here.

- I have a package for Ms Kowalska.
- Yes.

Your dad would be proud of you.

You don't like it?

I'm not hungry.

Mum, the meat is delicious.

Ewa, turn it down, please.

I bought tickets.

Open it.


We'll take a girls' trip.
Just you and me.

You do know
she can't go anywhere now.

If we get bored, we'll rent a car.

We'll go to the mountains.

You know how to contact that woman,
don't you?

We can rent a mountain chalet
for a couple of days.

Why don't you go with them?

Ewa, do you want to go away with Mum?


Stay away.

The time's running out.

Why did Tomek kill him?

We were supposed to make up.

He did what he had to do.

But Kowalski didn't hit Dad.

Kowalski turned your Dad
into a cripple.

Pick up the apples.

How long will it take?

How long are you going
to hide her in the house?

You have no honour.

You people never did.
Neither you nor Kowalski.

You remember this, Nowak?

Move on.

You've got a short memory.

Kowalski simply let you go.

He spared your life
because you begged him to.

A box of Federals .308.

Federals ran out. We've got Hansens.

One more.

- 364 złotys.
- By card.

Will you come on Friday?

- What time?
- At nine.

See you.

Please, come!

wild animals at close range

♪ I'm sliding sideways, ♪
♪ the turbo spinning slowly. ♪

♪ Getting high on adrenaline. ♪

♪ No fucking motel. ♪
♪ We can sleep in the car. ♪

♪ The morning comes and I drive faster. ♪

♪ More and more, I always wanted more. ♪

♪ Greater stuff, a bigger flat. ♪

♪ I lost 500 or 600 days. ♪

♪ I'm gonna end up in hell anyways. ♪

♪ More and more, I always wanted more. ♪

♪ Greater stuff, a bigger flat. ♪

♪ I lost 500 or 600 days. ♪

♪ I'm gonna end up in hell anyways. ♪

To your son.

A baby boy! Fuck, yeah!


He's just been born. 3200 grams.

You know what?

A boy or a girl,
it doesn't matter now.

What matters is courage.

A boy?


Enjoy your meal.

How about a shot of vodka, eh?

Can I see it?

Get yourself a decent one.

What's so fucking funny?!

- Your maths homework done?
- Yes.

- Does your mother know you're here?
- Yes.

I feel sorry for you.


You guys could have made up
when your father didn't hit Nowak.

He should have killed him.

- Shall I moan for life like your Dad?
- Shut up.

You wanna try it on?

Sit down.

Need to use the toilet.

You got scissors?

Pick it up.

I love Coke.

I can't fall asleep
without a can of Coke.

Take it off.

Aren't you gonna eat that?

Isn't your tummy gonna hurt?

Why didn't you kill me?

Why doesn't your mother want to pay?

None of your business.

I'll go and pay.

I'll pay you back.

- Will you?
- I will.


Get me a can of Coke!


Where did she go?


And what are we gonna do about it?

No idea. I don't want to kill you.

I don't want to be the next one.

What's this?

My buy-out.


Where's my charger?!

- Wanna see something?
- What?

Come on!

- Wow, is it yours?
- You like it?

I do!

- Can you keep a secret?
- Yes!

- You sure?
- Yes.

Klara! Klara...


Die, bitch!

Nah... Press here.

"...and a knee,"

"nothing will be left of me."

"Splattered brains and a knee,
nothing will be left of me."

High five. Give me the number.

"Splattered brains and a knee,
nothing will be left of me."


Son! Hello?

- Bruno is safe.
- Who's that?

Who are you?

- Doesn't matter.
- Put him on!

- Listen...
- No, you listen!

How fast can the police
track your phone, eh?

I'll kill you if he gets hurt,
you hear me?

- What do you want?
- Half a million in unmarked bills.

And you'll have breakfast
with him tomorrow.

- They're not gonna pay.
- Why not?

Don't know. They're fucking with us.

Did they call the police?

How should I know?
We're screwed anyway.

Where are you going?

Let go of me! Stop it!

- Let go of me!
- Listen to this, fucker!

Bruno! Bruno!

One stupid move
and your kid is history, hear me?

Come here!

It's okay now...


"Got the dough, made it, bro!"

"Drive the car, hit the bar!"

Bruno, Bruno...

Hey, what's wrong?

Hey, kid! Bring water!

Come here...


Drink this.



What are you doing?!

- Calling an ambulance...
- You fucking nuts?!

Let's go! Let's go!


Open the window!

What's going on?!

I don't know!


Keep your head low!

Drive the fuck on!

You deaf or what?!

Get the fuck outta here.


Move away.

Excuse me!

Easy. Deep breaths.

- What happened?
- A bee.

- When?
- About twenty minutes ago.

Oxygen, please.

Easy, easy...

- Inhale.
- Deep breaths.

Adrenaline, please.

Keep breathing.

Slow, deep breaths.

Don't worry.
You're going to be fine soon.

Give the money to your mother.
And we'll never go back to this, okay?

- Get it. Give me that.
- All right?

Yep. Give me that.

Here, get yourself a scooter.

How much have you got there?

- Doesn't matter.
- How much?

- Twenty.
- Split in half, that's ten.

- Who says we split it?
- Who says we don't?


Why don't we do it for real?

- Do what?
- Kidnapping.


"Both Parties declare"

"that they shall voluntarily end
the existing conflict"

"over the family blood dispute."

"The Parties apply for the buy-out
of Klara Kowalska's blood."

"The buy-out shall be paid in cash.
No further claims shall arise thereof."

"The additional amount of 10,000 złotys
has been additionally paid"

"to cover the fee of the legal advisor"

"and the registration
in the ancestral books."

"This Agreement has been read,
approved of, and signed."

Any objections?

I'll do it.














Translated and subtitled by
Magdalena Cedro