Easter Yeggs (1947) - full transcript

The lazy Easter Bunny tricks our redoubtable Bugs into delivering his eggs for him. Bugs Bunny is happy to do it until he encounters a nasty little toddler who sucks a pistol for a pacifier. After nearly getting killed by the boy's hillbilly family, Bugs tries to give the eggs back to the Easter Bunny, who whines some more and gets Bugs to continue with the job. Elmer Fudd is eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny: he wants "Easter Wabbit stew." Bugs will thwart Elmer by cuddling him in the Tunnel of Love, performing a magic act on his watch, and sending the sadistic brat to beat him on the head. Then Bugs will realize it's time to take revenge on the Easter Bunny.






Eh, what's up, doc?

Are you sittin'
on a tack or somethin'?

I'm the easter rabbit,

And I'm supposed
to be happy and gay...


When I deliver
the eggs.

But my feet
are killing me.

Well, I'm not
doin' anything.

I'll deliver the technicolor
hen fruit for ya.

I don't think
you can do it.

Don't worry, doc.

I'll be ok.

Well, remember,

Keep smiling.

Every year i get some dumb bunny
to do my work for me.


Here's the easter rabbit


Making life funny



I'm glad I don't have to do this
for a livin'.

I am gettin' looney-Tuney,
tetched in the head

This whole thing is gooney,
I shoulda stood in bed

Well, here's the joyous bunny's
first stop.

Here's the easter rabbit


The happy easter rabbit

Here, kid,
have an egg.

I want an easter egg!
I want an easter egg!

I want an easter egg!
I want--

Why, you little--



Cut it out, kid.
Somebody'll get hurt.

Probably me.


Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ohh!

How did I get
into this mess?

Now, look here,
you juvenile delinquent.

Oh, he broke my wittle arm!

He broke my wittle arm!

Ooh, the bad wabbit

Broke my wittle arm!


But you can't quit.

You'll give the easter rabbit
a bad name.

I already have a bad name

For the easter rabbit,

But I'll try once more.

Remember, keep smiling.

Here's the easter rabbit


The happy easter rabbit


I'm waiting for
the easter wabbit.

When he comes in,
wookin' so fluffy and cute

With his wittle basket
of easter eggs,

Bang! Easter wabbit stew.

Ha ha ha!

tetched in the head

Here he comes now.

This whole thing
is gooney

I shoulda stood
in bed


Here we go again.

I'm gettin' the jump
on this one.

the easter rabbit

Here's an egg
for you, kid.

And hold onto it
real tight.

I'll get that
wascawy wabbit

If it's
the wast thing I do.

I can't miss with
my dick twacy hat.

Hens work hard
the eggs to lay

Then I give them
all away

Crazy easter rabbit,

I gotcha now, wabbit.

I'm gonna dwown you.

Hey, come back here,

I bet you say that
to all the rabbits.

Ha ha ha!


Temper, temper.

Don't be a sorehead, doc.

I'll show you a trick.

I used to be in
a magician's act.

You've got to deliver
a lot more eggs.

Eh, that's not
the trick, doc.

Now, observe closely.

The hand is quicker
than the eye, doc.

Nothin' in the hat,
nothin' up my sleeves.

I'll need a watch
and a handkerchief.

Now, i place the watch
in the handkerchief

And proceed to seemingly
destroy the watch.

Step back, son,
I might hit your fingers.

Then I place the seemingly
destroyed watch

Into the hat, thusly,

And then a few magic words
a wandering gypsy once told me

By the light of a full moon,

Hocus pocus alakazam,

The trick, she is done.

Eh, another trick
this guy had...


Was sawing a woman in half.

Ya got a saw
on ya, doc?


Of course, you know
this means war.


[gunfire continuing]

Eh, which way did he go?

Which way did he go?

He went that a-Way,

And don't forget
your easter eggs.

Ha ha!

I want an easter egg.
I want an easter egg.

Oh, no!


I want an easter egg.
I want an easter egg...

hey! Cut it out!

Ooh! No!
Stop it!

Well, that's that.

No more finagling
with easter eggs.

Oh, here's an easter egg

That crazy rabbit
forgot to deliver.

If you want anything done,

You have to do it yourself.

Things like this just
make me go all to pieces.

It's the suspense
that gets me.


Remember, doc,

Keep smiling!

Ha ha ha!

[Instrumental music]