Easter Holocaust (2020) - full transcript

It's Easter once again, and a demonic form of the Easter Bunny has risen to wreak havoc upon a small town . The local population quickly begins to dwindle as it murders everyone in its ...


I didn't think she was gonna
give in and fall asleep.

I'm almost nervous to start the car

and take the chance of waking her.

Maybe we should just lock the doors

and doze off for a little bit.

It's so quiet, so peaceful.

I know and so far it seems

like this is the only
thing that has worked.

I hate to waste the gas money but.

Sweetheart, don't worry about that.

If it means we can get
ourselves some sleep tonight,

it's well worth it.

Besides, I've been working
overtime at the cannery.

We got this.

Noah, I could get a job.

I don't mind, really.

I know we're just barely getting by.

No, Holly.

You already have a job.

I think

she's starting to stir.

Another body was discovered

near the RH Institute.

The details of the recent
discovery are being withheld

until the body can be identified.

Although, sources that
wish to stay anonymous,

how you say that?

Um, secret, claim that the
man's heart was torn out,

missing, and that there were
large creature-like footprints

near the scene of the crime.

Oh, hell to the no.

Sweetheart, it's just a report.

Bobbi Rhyder always tends to exaggerate

and get the facts wrong.

You know that.

Noah, you know for the
past decade around Easter

bodies start turning up with
their hearts ripped out.

And the footprints.

My mother swears.

Look Holly, a lot of
crazy things have happened

in this town over the years.

Not to us.

I'll make sure it doesn't.

I always keep you safe.

I would give my life for you
and that baby in a heartbeat.

I know, let's just get out of here.

Just knowing that the RH Institute

is just out over that
hill gives me the creeps.

That place.

I agree.

That place has always freaked me out,

and I wouldn't be surprised
if they've been responsible

for everything that's been
happening and covering it up.


Noah, did you hear that?

Hear what, I don't hear...

There it is again!

Let's go, I wanna go home!

Calm down.

There's nothing to be
afraid of, sweetheart.

And I think you're just overly tired.

I'm not being hormonal!

This isn't my post-partum depression.

Noah, I heard something!

Now start the goddamn car
and get us out of here!

Please don't kill me!

I won't tell anyone, please!

I have a baby!

Please, I don't wanna die!

Please, just let me go!


Get away from her!

I'm warning you!

Holly, get outta here!

Go get the baby!

No, I can't leave you, he'll kill you!

Not while I have this!



Now tell us what we need to know.

It's a newspaper.

I don't know what you wanna know.

Can I have a drink?

I'm so darn thirsty, nervous.

I reckon I've been sitting here for hours.

Just tell us what we need to know first.

I don't know what you want from me!

It's a story about the
murders and the creature.

Please remain calm.

Take a deep breath.

Stop telling me what to do!

That's enough for today.

I'm sorry, Natalia.

Why must you refuse
to disclose the location

of the creature to us?

Perhaps if you cooperate,
we can remove the...

Maybe I'll just remove
your eyes instead!

Agent Duffer, I need
to see you right now.

How is any of this humane?

I'm sorry, Dr. Clarke,
N1 isn't going anywhere.

Not until the experiment
is fully completed.

Natalia's a young, beautiful woman

with her whole future ahead of her.

And here we are lying to her

and letting her believe that all of this

will somehow help her remember.

It's for the greater good.

Using a remote viewing to
study and track an urban legend?

That's for the good of
our country, really?

Finding the creature is an
issue of national security.

And remote viewing is an
undeveloped defense technique

with unlimited possibilities.

Natalia is simply a casualty
of government progress.

You asshole-licking,
butt-savage, rim-job,

taint-sniffing, butt-plugging fucker!

- Hmm.
- Sorry,

my Tourrette's flare-up.

Anyway, Natalia is not just a lab rat.

This whole thing unethical

and I will not be a part of it any longer!

No experiments, no funding.

Natalia is tagged with an
implanted tracking device

that can be activated at anytime.

She's government property.

We'll see about that!


Just as I had suspected.

N1 indeed has the capabilities
to lead us to the creature.


Happy Easter.

Amy, I was afraid I
wouldn't see you again.

Are they treating you okay?

They aren't being mean to you, are they?

Oh, Amy.

I miss you, N.

I missed you too, Amy.

And just remember, even when
we don't see each other,

I'm thinking of you.

And no matter what they do to you,

just remember, it won't
be like this forever.

Someday, we'll be free.

And if I escape first,

I'll come back for you, I promise.


Natalia, what's wrong?

Dr. Clarke.


Karen, I ain't entirely
sure this is a good idea.

What if someone recognizes me

or what if I remember?

I'm counting on it.

Hopefully something will spark your memory

or someone will see you
and know who you are.

Don't be afraid of the unknown.

I mean, you do wanna know who you are

and get your memory back.

Yes, of course.

I just don't wanna upset no one in there.

I can't imagine what it feels like

to lose someone you care about.

But at the same time...

You felt a connection to Noah.

When you touched the newspaper
back at the institution,

you said you felt a connection to Noah.

You thought that perhaps
he was related to you.

Like a friend or maybe even your brother.

The only way we'll know for sure

is if we go in there.

Don't worry, if anyone asks
what we're doing in there,

I'll say that we're distant
relatives, college friends.

I'll make something up.

You're not doing this alone.


Does anybody look familiar to you?

No, I don't reckon.

I don't know how much
longer I can be here, Max.

This has all just been
way too much for me.

Maybe I should just go back to
the diner for the afternoon.

Alice, I know that you don't
wanna deal with any of this

and that's it bringing
up memories of your past.

Keeping busy at the diner
isn't gonna help anything.

You know, he's your brother

and you need to accept that.

I know.

I just don't wanna be a burden to you

and I know that you're
needed at the station

to help organize the search for the baby.

Listen, my number one
priority is to be here with you.

You know, the search is already
started for little Sadie.

There's nothing I can do
at the station right now.

Who are those people?

- Who?
- Over there.

I've never seen them before.

I don't want them near my brother.

I don't recognize them and
I know everybody in this town.

I ain't so sure about this.

Just try to relax and
tell me what you feel.

Holly, get outta here!

Go get the baby!

No, I can't leave you!

He'll kill you!

Well I see it all.

And this creature, he done take the baby!


What else?

We need to know more.

If we could find out about your identity.

Only thing I know is that
baby's alive somewhere,

and I think I can find her
by findin' the creature.

Natalia, that sounds dangerous.

I don't think the institution
is going to let you...

If this man is my brother,

then I reckon I owe it to him

to find his baby girl and maybe find out

who I am along the way.

Excuse me, this is a private funeral.

I need to know who both of you are.

Um, we were friends
of Noah's in college.



Noah never went to college.

He worked down at the cannery gutting fish

for 12 years day.

Well, you see-

- The only thing I see is
that you both need to leave.

My girlfriend is a total wreck over there!

For all I know, you could
be a couple of reporters

just trying to make a couple of bucks

off the recent tragedy
that this town just had.

Believe me, I am not
gonna let that happen.

Please, you have no idea
how important this is to us.

Listen, listen, I've
asked you both nicely

to leave already,

if you don't right now,

I'm gonna be forced to arrest you.

- Are you kidding me?
- Okay, now, all right now.

Wait, I can help you.

All right, that's it.

You have the right to remain silent.

- Anything that you say
- Max, are you sure

- can and will be used
- this is necessary?

against you in a court of law.



You won't get away with this!

You know that, don't you?

Maybe, but right now, I
ain't got nothin' to lose.

Hold it right there, sheriff.

One more move and she gets it.

Just go with it, I'm
gonna get us outta here.

I'm going to kill you.

I'm going to hunt you down like an animal,

and I am going to kill you.

I'd like to see that, sheriff.

But in the meantime, thanks
for giving me a headstart.

And Alice, I sure am sorry about this.

Maybe we can meet again
under better circumstances

and do something real sisterlike.

Take these, you heathen!

Be gone and let us be.

No thank you, ma'am.

This isn't a rivalry, it's an escape.


Take care of yourself.

Just tell 'em that I let you go.

Wait, take me with you!

No, I can't.

I need it safe.

Besides, I gotta do this myself.

Are you positive we
can trust the doctor?

No, but if she makes a mistake,

we'll fix the mistake.

I don't know about them antiques,

but I sure could use some ammo.

Anyone here?


Can I help you, my dear?

Oh, did you need bullets for your weapon?

I have a great assortment
from you to choose from.

As you can see.

But can I trouble you
to put your weapon away?

I'm afraid that guns, either loaded

or unloaded in your case,

both make me extremely nervous

when being brandished
around so carelessly.

Well how'd you know?

- You're...
- Professor Byers,

and yes I am blind.

But in spite of being blind,

there's a lot I can see
without the use of my eyes,

as I suspect the same for you, my dear.

- Well yes, I...
- Please, have a seat.

I get the distinct
feeling that there is much

for us to discuss.

I reckon I would, professor, but I...

You're on the run.

Yes, I get that feeling implicitly.

But don't worry, you've managed
to select a store to raid

on a most deserted road.

No one will discover
that you were ever here

until you are far away

within the next hour or two.

Aren't you gonna tell
me your name, my dear?

I told you mine, of course.

Come now, child, we do not wanna waste

our valuable socializing time.

What is your name?

Um, Natalia.

They call me Natalia.

But truth is, I don't really know.

That's one of the things
I'm trying to find out.


And you seem to be so self-aware.

I never would have dared to think

you know not who you are.

Most extraordinary, indeed.

Could you help me, professor?

You sure seem to know an awful
lot about a lotta things.

Do you think you could tell
me something about myself?

Perhaps, yes.

Yes, I can try.

Oh, yes.

I see greasy, molded hair.

Flat chest.

Very easily mistaken for that of a man.

And chin hair.

- Yes, and...
- Uh, professor,

I was hopin' you could tell me somethin',

like somethin' about the murders.

The missin' baby.

The creature.


It's fascinating.

I myself have spent a number of years

tracking down an elusive
creature in this very area.

As you can see, I have
compiled a vast collection

of evidence to support its existence.

I even theorized that it
may be responsible for the...

- The murders.
- Why, yes.

However did you come to
that conclusion, my dear?

Because it's what I've seen.

And I reckon by finding this thing,

I can figure out who I am.

Then the prophecy is true.

What prophecy?

You are the chosen one

that the prophecy foretells will locate

and destroy the creature.

- Hello there.
- I'm good, how's everybody?

Hmm, she's a real looker,
that one there, Max,

but do you really think you're gonna

be able to track her down
with that thing there?

It's Sheriff, Millie.

Nah, I'm Millie, the lonely ole waitress

but to me, you'll always
be my little maxi pad.

On account of you always
gettin' in the garbage

and chewin' on my used pads
when I used to babysit ya.

Uh, but hells bells, them
days are long gone by.

Nowadays, the only pads I use

are the ones for my achin' feet.

Well Sheriff, I think
it will be a great help

in catchin' her.

Catch a criminal?

Huh, you can't even catch a cold, boy.

Now our real sheriff...

Men who become alcoholics

after their wives kill themselves

have no place in law enforcement.

I'm the sheriff!

Your Uncle Mike, he's history.

Well you better check
your history lessons

because Michael Hardy

just walked in.

Excuse me, Max.

I need to get back to work,

but I'll hang some of these up on break.

Thank you, darlin'.

- Uncle Mike!
- Hello.

There's my favorite niece.


I'm so glad to see you.

Hmm, would you look at that, Max.

It seems like every women
that you've been involved with

always seems drawn to him.

Why don't you make yourself
useful, give me a refill.


I'm on break.

I'm really sorry that I
didn't make it to the service.

I mean, I really wanted to be there.

I understand.

You were leading the search party.

I know, but I should have been there.

I mean, I heard all about what happened

with that crazy woman with the gun.

Though I don't care for Max much,

I wouldn't wish that
situation upon anyone.

We're okay, Uncle Mike.

Our family has been through
a lot, especially you,

and that's why I'm gonna
track down this woman.

With or without the reward.

I always vowed that I'd look out for you.

You're all the family that I have left.

I really think Max
has things under control

- and I appreciate you...
- And even so,

these murders have been so monstrous,

perhaps we should have been
lookin' for a person all along

instead of supernatural creature.

What happened to you?

Looks like someone went
all Rocky on your ass.

I was injured in the line of duty.


If something like that
happened to me at work,

I would be the first person
in the unemployment line.

Shoot, even when we was together,

I didn't beat you that bad.

Oh, sweet Jesus!

Is this who did this to you?

She's a very dangerous person.

We think she might even be
responsible for the murders.

Can you do me a favor?

And I'll wanted to do was
come in here for a cold pop.

Can you talk about
this on the air tonight?

Yeah, I can do that.

Anything I can help with?



Now what are you doing
sneakin' up on me like that?

I thought I wasn't gonna see you

till after my shift at the station.

I decided to come in
for a quick cup of coffee,

and I needed a break from the search.

He was stoppin' in to check up on me.

Hmm, now that sounds more like it.

I'm really glad to
see you both so happy.

You guys really deserve it.

I couldn't agree more.

This little lady here is the best thing

to happen to me in a very, very long time.

Oh, well ain't he sweet?

And doesn't he say the nicest things?

I only speak the truth.

I know you do, baby.

But for real, I need to get to the station

because I gotta go live in 15 minutes.

Tell you what, I'll give you a lift.

I gotta pass by there anyway

to meet back up with the search party.

Oh, sheriff, my hero.

- I'm the sh...
- Ah.

For the coffee.

Take care of yourself.

I'll see you real soon.


There's something about this woman.

Listen, whoever she is or isn't,

I'm gonna protect you
and I'm gonna make sure

that we catch her, okay?

I know and I feel so much better

knowing that my Uncle Mike is
out workin' to find her too.

Alice, I know that you
don't wanna hear this

and the last thing that
I wanna do is upset you,

but anyone who loses their badge

and decides to become a bounty hunter...

Isn't reliable?

Go on, you can say it, but it isn't true.

Darlin', I didn't mean anything...

Look, I know you don't
like him but he's my uncle

and one of the bravest
men I've ever known.

I would gladly place my life in his hands!

It's fine, darlin'.

I'm pretty sure Max hates me

but it don't bother me none.

I don't rightly care much for him neither.

You, well you,

I'm definitely sweet on you.

All right, I'll talk to you later.

Love you too.

Hey you, yeah, you.

You're wondering why
you're even watching me.

Well I'll tell you why.

Because you've got a problem.

And I'm the solution.

You've got ghouls, you've got zombies,

you've got ghosts, you've got demons,

and I'm gonna come and clean
up every one of 'em.

Do you wanna know why?

I'll tell you why.

Because I'm the man.

The Great Manfredini!

That's why.

There is no task too tough.

There is no challenge that I can't handle.

Zombies, trolls, vampires, demons!

I'm not talking about cookie
cutter dances with Lady Death,

I'm talkin' big time!

And I thought you drowned.

Ax to the head, almost
drowning, don't make me laugh!

Yep, there it is.

I've been shot,

stabbed, hanged, frozen, electrocuted!

Even a bitch with telekinetic
powers couldn't defeat me.

I am one tough mother!

If it were up to me,

I'd send your ass out
into outer space for good.

Your poor mother would lose her head

if she knew how you turned out.

I've tracked my prey from
the dark force of New Jersey

to great streets of New York City.

I've been to Hell and back.

So don't waste your time with
those amateurs and imitators.

Right, Mike?

Just come to me, the
Great Manfredini.

Call me, 666-1946.

We now accept Ecoin.

Sorry Jason, you might be the first,

but there's only room in this
town for one monster hunter,


Not today, demon kitty.

She hasn't spoken since
the night of her attack.

I highly doubt you'll be able
to get anything out of her.

Frankly, I'm surprised her mother

even gave you permission.

Well, Millie and I,
well, Miss Powell and I,

we go way back.

And I promised her personally

that I would try to help her daughter

and find her missing granddaughter.

Just five minutes, that's
all I'm really askin' for.

All right, five minutes.

I'll be back to check on her.

I'll leave without any trouble.

No questions asked.


Holly can you hear me?

Holly, I know that it's difficult,

but can you try to think back
to the night of the attack?

Maybe there's something you can tell us

that could help us find your baby.

Doesn't my baby have
the most beautiful eyes?

Yes, you do.

Yes, that's good, yes,
just focus on the baby.

Baby Sadie.

Yes, yes, baby Sadie.

Can you try to think back
to the night she was taken?

Is there anything you can remember?

The Easter Bunny tore out
my husband's fucking heart

and ate it like a Cadbury Egg!

Yes, I know that part already,

- but I, um...
- Peter Cottontail,

Peter Cottontail,

- Peter Cottontail!
- Holly, Holly,

why do you keep lookin' out the window?

- Waiting.
- Waiting?

Everyone is quiet when they're dead.

And soon you will be too.


He's coming!

All right, times up.

She needs to take her medication.

- You gotta go.
- Come, come,

- come on, just five more
- You had

- Minutes.
- your minutes.

Please, aw shucks, come on now.

I was just startin' to make
some sort of real progress.

Not a chance.

You've already managed to take up enough.

Oh, now you just gotta.

She has risen.

And if anyone's seen

or heard from Chelsea,

please, please contact
the local sheriff's office

or even this radio station.

Any information, be just so gratefully.

You shut your mouth, girl.

I'll give you something to cry about.

That fancy talk on the
radio don't mean shit.

They ain't never gonna
find you.

Now if you don't quiet down,

you ain't gonna get no more chow.

Could you kindly shut the fuck up!

I am tryin' to get all
primped and gorgeous

for my show tonight,

and I can't concentrate
with all your carrying on!

Caleb, will you quit your belly-aching.

Ain't nobody comin' to see
your queer little performance.

But Papa, I've been tryin' real hard

and practicin' all professional
like in the mirror.

Would you just get outta
here, you little butt savage

before I...

Why don't you just get outta here

before I come over there and...

What the hell's going on here?

I cannot leave the room
for two fucking seconds

without one of you sons
of bitches carrying on

and waking up the baby!

Please Mama, we wasn't tryin' to be...

I won't stand for no backtalk!

Yes, Mama.

And as for you, old brother,

old husband of mine, I am gonna...

I told you, Mama, they've
been arguing all the time.

Why you little pint-size pussy licker!


Now you leave him alone.

Now your sweet baby brother,

he didn't do nothin' wrong.

He never does.

What'd you say, boy?


Yeah, that's what I thought.

All right, look at me,

now you get that baby

and you take it and you put it sleep!

You got it, pronto!

Now go on, get it!

You just watch yourself, missy.

Ma and Pa ain't gonna need you no more

now they got this baby.

And you ain't always
gonna be prettier than me.

You just wait till it brings
me some fancy new hair.

Now a you be a good
little sugar booger okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, I like that.

And you do your chores, okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- All righty.

And you do a good job for Mama, okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- And if you do a good job,

Mama's gonna get you one
of your little treats.

- Mm-hmm.
- I'll get your special

little treats, okay?

- Mm-hmm
- Ooh, my good boy.

Okay now, I want you to
take care of that girl.

- All right?
- Mm-hmm.

Now I want you to take this brush

and I want you to go...

Look at me, honey.

I want you to brush her hair real nice.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, real nice,

- slow, okay?
- Mm-hmm.

- They like that, okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Ooh, you're my little sweetie pie!

Here, come here, come here, mm!

Okay, you go on.

All right.

And as for you, Pa.

Now you just hush up, okay, yeah?

And I want you to watch your program.

Got it, okay?


Hmm, any fucking nonsense out of you, huh?

And I'm gonna take your tongue.

Your motherfucking tongue
and I'm gonna cut it up

and I'm gonna toss it in my stew.

Got it, baby?

Mm, good.

Good girl, you look so pretty.

You're doing such a great job, Charlie.

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.

You know you're my friend.

- Mm-hmm.
- Right?

If Mama said I do real good,

I will get a treat, I will share with you.


Pipe down, you two.

I wanna hear Miss Bobbi
Rhyder when she comes on.

You know I like her sweet, darky voice.

Stay inside.

- Do not go out under...
- Please, Charlie.

I know you don't wanna hurt me.

I know you're a good boy.

I am a good boy.

Maybe when you take me out later,

you can undo the chain.

Just for a few minutes.

- So we could play a game.
- Hey!

Anymore jaw-flapping about runnin' away

and I'm gonna let it out after you.

And then we'll see how much
fun you have with your game.

Yeah, I know what you want.

You wanna come have
dinner with old Pa Finn.

I'm gonna get me some
dark meat yet.

All right, all my fans out there.

I just wanna let you know
to keep your doors locked

and be safe.

We got ourselves one hell of a
crazy bitch out on the loose.

This is Bobbi Rhyder signing off

at KOA1, The Edge.

That was good, Bobbi.

Very informative.

I just can't believe the things

that are going on in this town, is all.

Boy, ain't you real good

at givin' a backhanded compliment.

Why don't you say what you really mean?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

My mind's elsewhere.

I'm sure you understand, right?

I just have all these
thoughts about Chelsea.

Like where she is and
what she's going through.

Like I shouldn't have, I
shouldn't have let her just...

Now you look here.

You can't control what
nobody else is doin'.

She's the one that put herself out there

dancin' naked in front of the whole town.

She was an exotic dancer.

Exotic dancer, stripper, ho,
whatever you wanna call her.

She's the one that put herself in danger.

Y'all don't know who'll be stoppin'

into those kinds of places to watch.

Wait, are you saying
she asked to be kidnapped?

No, but what I am
sayin' is that you need

to get your head out of your ass

'cause actin' like this
ain't gonna bring her back.

There is some whacked out
shit goin' on in this town.

Murders, people disappearin',

and all we can do is keep on keepin' on

and let everybody else
know what's goin' on

so we can keep them safe too.

And we can find Chelsea and the baby.

Yes, we can.

Listen, Bobbi, I have
no right to criticize you

or how you do your job.

I mean, you're really direct on the air

and your people love that about you.

Well if I didn't know
any better, Will Astin,

I was thinking you were
tryin' to apologize.

Apologize, apologize my ass!

She finally cashed in on
her book about the murders,

and you're gonna have her
on the radio, ain't ya?

Yes, yes, yes, I was gonna tell you.

I was gonna tell you.

We were gonna do the
interview on your day off.


- You won't even have to...
- Now I told you

how I felt about that woman!

She's makin' up all that
stuff about my family

and those murders.

Sayin' she's my real mother
who gave birth to me!

Like I'm some demon child
that came outta her!

Oh, hell no!

Bobbi, Bobbi, I'm sorry!

Yeah, I know you're sorry

'cause that's all you ever are.

So sorry for everything.

How could you, how could you go stirrin'

all that shit up and bringin' it here?

You know what, no, don't
even bother answerin'.

You think talkin' to her is gonna help you

with your career.

Well let me tell you
somethin', little man,

"60 Minutes" you ain't.

Bobbi, listen, I
don't believe everything

she says in this book,

but I'm so desperate to find Chelsea

and everyone in town seems to think

that she knows so much
about this type of stuff.

And that's the problem!

Bobbi, Bobbi, wait, it's
not safe out there are night!


There's still a curfew.


Let me in, let me in!

Will, I mean it!

No, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Come on!

Let me in!


You'd never know it but
that sweet thing up there

used to be Amish.

She could sure churn my butter any day.

You know what I mean?

Oh, I guess you don't know what I mean.

Sorry, I didn't mean to
offend you, little lady.

We don't get too many females in here

outside for the ones up there.

Well good, I'd really like that.

- We can put it on your bill.
- Nope,

I'm not offended at all.

In fact, I wouldn't mind
cleaning her carpets

with my tongue, myself.

So you, you, me, her


I'm afraid my heart
belongs to someone else.

And right now, she's out there somewhere.

And I need to find her

before it's too late.

Sorry ma'am, I ain't seen here.

Wish I had, though.

You got yourself a real
pretty woman there.

Thank you.



I'm Karen.

I lost it.

I was bitten, it's a long story.

No need to explain.

We all have a story.

Right now, I hope that
mine has a happy ending.

If I can find her.

I wish you luck.

And I'll keep an eye out
for your lady friend.

Thanks, Bruce.

I'll see you around.

Natalia, I'm gonna find you.

One way or another.

I promise.

Professor, I still don't
see what any of this has to do

with me being the chosen
person to kill this thing off.

Ah, fortunately for
you, my dear Natalia,

I know why you are the said chosen one.

It's all here in this infamous book.

"Codex Gigas."

Better known to most scholars
as "The Devil's Bible."

It chronicles the entire
myth of the creature.

Both its origins as well
as its dark purpose.

Likewise killin' folks
and eatin' their hearts.

Precisely, this book goes
so deep into detail as to...

I just love the smell of an old book.

You just stick your nose
right down in the crack.

Anyway, it details how to destroy

or at least banish it
back to the Gates of Hell.

Gee, professor, that sure is a lot

to place on my head.

I reckon I have some
more questions for ya.

Why yes, Natalia, I'm quite sure

you have a multitude of questions to ask.

I would be rather
perplexed if you did not.


Well first off, I
thought you were blind?

Legally blind.

My eye site was compromised by hunting it.


So how come you're touchin' that evil book

like you're in love with it or somethin?

Because I am.

I'm one of the rare few individuals

that identifies with
being an objectum sexual.

In layman's terms, a
person that is sexually

or romantically attracted
to inanimate objects.


It was with this beautiful book

that I first discovered
my unique feelings.

And it also sparked my
interest in the creature.

It was for these reasons I kept the book

when I came across it at an auction.

I can never bear the thought
of selling my beloved.

To have someone else
caressing her soft pages.

So you're sayin' this critter's a devil

and I need to get rid of it

or kick its ass back to Hell?

No and yes.

The creature is not the Devil.

It is simply a common misconception

due to the artist rendering
of the being in this book.

Well then what is it?

How can it be stopped?

It is a being straight from Hell.

A demon.

It has existed throughout all of time.

It has summoned man to
carry out its evil deeds.

It has materialized throughout
history in many forms.

Its latest has been that of
a children's fabled rabbit

who brings treats on
the holiday of Easter.

You're telling me I gotta hunt down

and kill the Easter Bunny?

Please, I know it's rather far-fetched

and difficult to believe,

but everything we know about
this supposedly made-up,

Hallmark holiday of Easter

is actually based on a dark truth.

A dark truth believed to simply be a myth.

Instead of bringing eggs
in an Easter basket,

it rips out the hearts of people

and puts 'em in a basket to eat.

It's how it survives.

And it returns every Easter
to repeat its massacre

until it's stopped by the chosen one.


It ain't true.

I'm not some chosen one.

Yes, you are.

It's all in the book.

Just look for yourself.

And if you don't stop it,

it'll destroy the whole town and...

Just stop!

I rest my case.

Let me guess, making
things move with your head

is somethin' the chosen
one would do in that book?

Why yes, telepathy is one
of the many gifts mentioned

in the book that the chosen one possesses.

Great, I'm sure my
ability to throw a drink

right across the room with my mind

will sure come in real
handy in saving this town.

But first we must find
the creature and the portal.

And for that, we will need
to utilize your talent

for remote viewing.

We will also need weaponry
to protect ourselves

while we track the creature.

Let's do some shoppin', professor.

Madison, thank God it's you.

Okay, I'm so sorry.

I just listened to your message now.

You sound like really upset.

Is everything okay?

Baby, I don't know, I think I might be

getting in way over my
head with this, this...

With your missing patient or
the search for the creature?


I hate to admit it but I'm scared.

Oh Karen, listen, you're one
of the bravest people I know

and I'm not just saying that
because you're my sister.

If you're scared, it's okay,
it doesn't mean you're weak,

you're just human.

You'll get through this.

You're a competent doctor, okay?

And your work with the
paranormal is groundbreaking.

If Mom hadn't been kidnapped again,

I'm sure she would tell you herself

how proud she is of all
the hard work you're doing.

Thank you, Madison.

You always know what to
say to make me feel better.

Well what are
long lost sisters for?

Besides, you managed to grow up

with all the crazy things that happened

in that small little town,

then you still went off and made

a successful life for yourself.

That alone proves your strength.

Well I suppose so.

I mean, our family did
experience more obstacles

than there are sands in an hourglass.

That's a fact.

Between Mom being possessed by the devil

and Dad being brainwashed
to become a mercenary priest

and me almost being sold on
the black market as a baby.

Don't forget about your boyfriend

being held captive in a giant
cage by what's-her-name.

Yeah, well and yet we
all managed to survive

the days that affected our lives.

We did.

I know exactly what I need to do now.

Yeah, I had a feeling you would.

And if for some reason
my plan doesn't work,

I can always fake my death, right?

Talk to you soon, sis.

Ah, I wondered when
you were gonna wake up,

Miss Bobbi Rhyder.

It's not too often we get a guest

as pretty and talented as you.

I listen to you every night on the radio.

I just wanna go home.

I won't tell nobody what you've done.

Now you hush up.

We don't want Mama to hear
you carrying on like this.

She rules this here
home with an iron fist.

Hmm, well, more like a butcher knife.

Yes, sir.

They used to call her the
Queen Butcher in these parts.

Creatures big and small.

People big and small, too.

But you just better pretend

you don't know nothin' about that.

I wanna go home, sir.

Finn, call me Finn or Pa.

Most people call me Pa,

but you can call me whatever you want.

What do you think of my
collection of weapons?

100% human recycled.

We all gotta do our part
for ole flat Planet Earth.

I tell you what, I'll be ready

when that ole zombie apocalypse comes.

Why are you doing this?

Now, Miss Rhyder,

you really oughta drink something.

Oh, you can't really grab
ahold of it, now can you?

Ma done tied these good.

Here, see I'm not such a bad guy.

You shouldn't have done that!

And you shouldn't have drug me

to this nasty ass place!

What, what, you ain't got
nothin' to say about that?

Gee, you still look thirsty, Miss Bobbi.

Ah, you bitch!

Looks like we're having
lady fingers for dessert.

You feelin' hungry yourself, Miss Bobbi?

Hey, Mama done said it's my turn

to play with Miss Bobbi.

Now you just hold on one minute, son.

I ain't ready yet.

All right, Pa!

You need to let Caleb have
his turn with the girl!

See, Mama said it's my turn.

Fine, but not till I play one more game.


Darlin', I don't wanna complain

but some of it spilled.

Clumsy me, I don't
know what I was thinkin'.

You'd almost think I had
somethin' on my mind!

Alice, why are you acting this way?

I don't know, Max, maybe I've had

a really long fucking day!

Alice, you're starting to make a scene.

Try to calm down.

Calm down?

Huh, now that little fuck
rag's gone and done it, hmm!

Alice, I didn't mean it
like that and you know that.

Listen, I know you've been through a lot.

You have no idea, Max.

But when you have one of your
love ones brutally murdered,

you let me know how you feel.

I'm doing everything that I can.

The only thing that I see you doing

is drinking cup after cup of coffee.

Now either you're taking
really long breaks

or you're too scared to
be out there looking.

That's enough, Alice!

I love you but I will not
be compared to your uncle.

It's creepy and it's unfair.

Folks around here might start thinking

you two are screwin' around.

How dare you?

Get out, I never wanna see you again!

Alice, don't do this to us.

Get out!

And take your coffee to go!

Fine, but I'm not givin' up on us.

If you need to fire me, I understand.

Fire you?

Sugar, I'm ready to make you
employee of the fucking month.

You just went and did what everyone

in this piss-ant little
town has wanted to do

to that little mistake.

I'm sure he's cryin' right about now

all over his mama's grave.

Millie, I do love him,

I just can't even think
straight right now.

But it's still no excuse,
I shouldn't have hit him.

Now don't go feelin' all ashamed.

It ain't nothin' that
boy hasn't had before.

Shit, before there was
them natty video machines,

I used to slap him all about.

But clearly it made no difference.

So that little love tap of yours

ain't gonna make a lick
of difference on him.

Only thing hurtin' on
that boy is his pride.

You're probably right.

Course I am.

And if I was you,

I would take this little spat

as an excuse to be done with him.

That boy is gonna mess up sooner or later

and really hurt you.

You'll see, mark my words

- Thank you, Millie.
- Oh.

Anytime, dumplin'.

Ole Millie is always here for you.

You just remember that.

I will and I really am gonna think over

everything you told me.

Good, tell you what.

You empty out that slop and
you head on home early tonight.

Thank you.

Now don't go thankin' me none, girl.

You do plenty enough around here.

So go on, finish up your work,

and get home early and get some rest.


Can I get some service here?

Hold your horses.

You're gonna die faster
from this here food

than starvation anyway.

Is anybody workin'?

Uh, maybe I'll go elsewhere.

Who's there?

I have mace, I know how to use it!


Max, is that you?

All right, this is great.

This is really special.

I am proud to be an American right now.

Look, if you're playin' a trick on me

because you're mad,

well, you better cut it out.

You know, prostitution,
it's not even illegal.

- I really...
- Max?

Didn't you hear me calling you?

I got scared!

I thought.

Now I really don't wanna
ever see you again!

Alice, please wait, I can explain!

Save it, I've heard this before!

Oh, my God, ah!

Alice, I thought we were finished!

Uh, eh!

And if I knew you were
gonna finish that way,

I would have charged extra.

What kind of girl do you think I am?

Here, just take whatever you want.

Hmm, that should cover it.

Nice doing business with you, sheriff.

I'll ask you one last time.

Tell me what you know and I can leave.

No, sir, we ain't see no woman

lookin' like that comin' in here.

If you remember anything important,

please call.

And who is it that we should call?

The X-Files?

Who are you people?

Who were are is none of your concern,

Alice, born January 14th, 1982,

who likes to sing naked while eating

mini donuts in the mirror.

How did you know that?

I am asking the questions.

All you need to know is that this woman

is extremely dangerous and
of government interest.

Call this number if the woman appears.

Good evening.

What's going on around here?

Who was that?

Who can say?

For all I know,

it's probably one of them transgenders.

Trans, Transformers!

Yes friend, I know what you're saying.

We use have to some of those
to play with on the farm.

We weren't allowed to
have dolls with faces,

but these were robots so Mother and Father

let us have them after all.

They don't seem to know
the location of the woman.

No, I think the only thing
we're going to find tonight

are the creatures footprints.

Thank you, Miss Powell.

Now none of that Miss Powell crap.

You just call me Millie, ya hear?

This is good.


We never had coffee like this.

Oh, it's all so much to get used to.

All right, now I'm
gonna give you some advice

and you can take it or leave it.

Well, this rumdinger business.

- Rumspringa.
- Whatever.

Now what I'm tryin' to tell you

is that this whole thing
has gone on long enough.

There ain't nothin' around here in town

for a naive Amish girl like yourself.

It ain't safe.

Not to mention what
you're doin' next door.

I'm just dancing.

And the men that watch,
they're all really nice.

And besides, I was never allowed to dance.

Father forbid it.

He said dancing was the devil's work.

But it's not evil.

And I'm so happy to be able to do it now.

And I owe it all to Candy
for giving me the job.

Listen, it's not safe work over yonder

no matter what you say.

Now I already done told you

that you can come here and work.

And as far as that lot lizard Candy,

well I wouldn't trust her, no way.

I'm sure she got some
kinda finder's fee for ya.

- A what?
- Exactly.

You don't know nothin' about nothin'.

But never you mind, Marsha Mayfield,

you just think about what I told you.

Best thing would be for you and Candy

to head on back to your clans.

But I don't wanna
marry my cousin Ezekiel!

I just don't love him.

And there's so many other
things I wanna do with my life.

There were so many
other things that I wanted

to do with my life when I was your age.

Believe you me.

So many other things
besides servin' coffee

and sloppin' the hogs
when they come on in here.

But that's life.

And sometimes you just gotta do

what you gotta do to get by.

Why did she say all that?

I don't want her to be upset with me.

She's not upset with you.

She only said all that
stuff because she cares.

Believe me, if she didn't care

it'd be a whole different story.

Just ask the sheriff.

I'm pretty sure he still
has some marks on his behind

from her from when he was a kid.

I better get next door.

My shift starts in just a few minutes.

And this is around the time
the best tippers come in.

How much do I owe you for the coffee?

Nothin', from one
workin' girl to another,

it's on the house.

No, you're just Joshin' me.

It's right here in my hand.

Now how much do I really owe you?

Nothin', it's just a sayin'.

It means it's free.

Oh, you must think I'm stupid.

No, I just think you're on rumspringa.

And from the time on our clock,

you're almost late for your shift too.

Oh, my.

Well, I'm off then.

Um, thank you, Alice.

I'm sure I'll see you later.

Of course.


Be careful.

The curfew's still in effect.

I will.

Good night.

Good night.

The Wheeler clan, I should have known.

The what?

Nothing, it's just
that there's a great deal

of suspicion surrounding the affairs

of this particular family.

They were exclusive persons of interest

in numerous disappearances.

Nah, it's true.

I reckon they done all them murders.

Indeed, are you positive that this

is the location of the creature?

I seen it in my head.

You must proceed with caution.

Remote viewing is not 100% accurate.

You could potentially
be walking into a trap.

Now don't you worry none.

I'm goin' in packin'.

What do you think, Miss Bobbi?

You think I'm ready for those
fancy picture shows or what?

Or what.

You just hush your mouth!

Unless you want somethin'
stapled to your face.

Or maybe we can cut something else off.

Mama said I get to play
with you before dinner.

So that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

And what I wanna do is dress up, bitch!

Hurry up, Caleb, it's
almost dinner time.

Mama said I get to play with her after.


You're supposed to call me Madame Winona.

when I'm done up like this.

Daddy said so!

And you can play with her after dinner.

That's the rules!

Now get!


Come on now, hold still.

You gotta get all gussied up for dinner

and we ain't got much time.

Come on, hold still!

Son of a bitch!

Looks like we gonna be
settin' another place

at the dinner table.


I've outdone myself this time.

Come on.

Oh, your favorite.


Pa, you put that fork down!

Now it ain't everyday that we got guests

so you best mind your manners.

Yes, Ma.

Besides, we ain't said grace yet.

Hey Mama, could I say grace?

I get real good at it.

Now honey, that's Caleb's job, okay?

Now when you get a little
older then you can do it.

But I tell you what, you
can feed the girl, okay?

And if you do a good job,

Mama's gonna give a nibble of a treat.

Okay, Mama.

I love my boy.

Well, well, well.

It's so nice of you to join us, Caleb.

Mama, it's Madame Winona.

You promised you were gonna call me that

when I was all dolled up like this.

Ooh, lady fingers.

Don't they just look divine.

I don't care what you call yourself

but I will not have any of my kin

havin' bad manners.

So I want you keep your
fucking ass in that chair!

It ain't everyday that
we got guests over here

for dinner and dessert!

- What are you doing?
- No, no, no!

We got ourselves guests, 'member?

Just do what you're told, boy,

or she ain't gonna let none of us eat.

No way, no how.

Fine, Pa.

Now that's my good boy.

Huh, you want your special treat, huh?

Okay, Mama's gonna give
you a special treat

because you are my good, good boy.

All right, ooh, ooh.

Give me, give me, just
give Mommy a kiss, come on.

- Give Mommy, mm-wa!
- Mm-wa!

You ready?

Huh, Mama that ain't fair!

You told me I couldn't have
no lady parts before supper.

Well maybe it's 'cause you ain't done

your chores yet, you fucking idiot,

because you been spending all your time

trying to get all gussied up

and lookin' like a
trashy tramp, look at ya.

Oh Mama, you know I
only don't look right yet

because of what the doctor said.

I can't have my operation until it...

Will you just hush up!

Or she ain't never gonna
let none of us eat.

Shut the hell up!

What is wrong with you people?

If you're gonna murder us and eat us,

then get on with it!

I ain't gonna sit through
this horse shit no more!

You know what, honey?

You're absolutely right.

All right, Caleb.

Whatever, what do you call
yourself, Winona Ryder

or whatever the fuck?

All right, now, you're
gonna say grace, okay?

'Cause we don't wanna keep
our guest waitin', now do we?

Now does that sit right you, honey?

Hail Satan, Prince of
Darkness and deceiver of man.

We ask of you for cursed blessings

of damnation and hellfire.

Give us the strength to murder and maim

those who oppose your will.

May we always swim in the
blackness that is your soul.

Sin always.

- Sin always.
- Sin always.

Oh that's always gets me choked up.

Come on!

What's a matter?

Ain't you hungry, girl?

I reckon it's pretty hard to
eat without my hands, Ma'am.

All right, Pop.

All right, but I gotta tell you,

don't get any ideas about runnin' off

because if you do,

I will set it loose on you.


Okay, but don't worry your
pretty little head, honey,

'cause as long as I got this box,

my pretty little box,

he ain't gonna bother you none.

Well speak of the devil.

Look who just brought us dessert.

Meet my beautiful grand baby, Peter.

Isn't he cute?

He's a demon straight
from the Gates of Hell.

Oh yeah, oh I forgot to tell you,

that we're satanic cannibals.

Don't you worry none honey, though.

He ain't gonna hurt you

as long as I have this box, okay?

He ain't gonna mess with you.

Besides, I think he's kinda
sweet on you.

All right, hello?

All right, dig in, honey.

It's good, I'm a good cook.

Now Amy, sweetheart,

just try to remain as calm as possible

and focus only on the
mirror and nothing else.

Can you do that for me?

Is she comfortable?

A2 appears to be comfortable, yes.

She has a name, it's Amy.

According to the government,

the child's name is simply A2.

Either way, I'm sure you're eager

to complete this experiment

so you may resume your search for N1.

That is not why we are
doing this experiment.

Besides, I'm fully capable
of locating Natalia

with the tracking device.

And something tells me,

she's closer to finding the creature.

Then why are we
conducting this experiment

with the psychomanteum?

We're doing this and all
of our other experiments

because of my research.

The data has shown that all
of our patients in our studies

have developed some sort
of psychic abilities.

And I am sure this is of
interest to the government.

Perhaps and if my theories are correct,

all of the patients have
developed there abilities

due to past experiences.

Paranormal experiences.

Paranormal forces that
seem to plague this town

for some unknown reason.

I can't leave you, he'll kill you!

Not while I have this!

I see trees.

That's real good, Amy.

The child's name is not even Amy.

What else do you see
or feel, sweetheart?

She wants her baby back.


She's scared and the baby's crying.

Fear made her this way.


Holly, everything is fine.

Let me help you back to your room.

It's Dr. Clarke.

We have two patients escaping.

Please proceed with caution.

One of them is a little girl.

She's probably terrified.

Stop right there, both of you!

Don't make me fire!

The only way either of
you are gettin' out of here

are in body bags.

So get back up to your rooms now!

What's the matter, did they
fry your fucking brains

here or what?

Can't you hear a word I'm saying?

Amy, Holly, please, I can help you.

I'll make sure that nobody hurts you.

Should would follow them?

Yes, I believe they will
lead us to the creature.

Alice, how many times can I apologize?

I'm sorry.

She meant nothin' to me.

I was just mad and it's
never gonna happen again.

You're right, it will never happen again

'cause we will never be together again!

Alice, please!

And take your fuckin' ring with you!

As far as I'm concerned,

you're dead to me.

You best turn around
and get on outta here.

Alice, run!

Oh my God, my arms!

Oh girl, what the
hell's goin' on in here?

I thought I heard gunshots.

So either watching an episode

of "Cops" on TV or...

It killed Max, it...

It did?

Sugar, some of our guests
truly are creatures, but.

Girl, I think you best head on home.

But Millie, I...

Don't you worry none.

I'll close up.

I whooped plenty enough ass in my time

that this costume-wearing
freak ain't nothin'.

Go on, get.

Now as I just told my little dumplin',

we are closed!

So go on, get your
ratty ass on outta here!

Unless you wanna scrub out some toilets.

What, are you deaf and dumb?

Go on, get!

Ole Millie ain't in no mood to fix you

any two-day old meatloaf.

Say, why don't you make yourself useful

and wash a fuckin' dish!

Ooh, ooh!



That's what I think of you

and that box of Trix
cereal that you're on.

I wouldn't waste a drop
of my ole titty milk

in a bowl of that for nothin'.

Max has the keys!

Oh, fancy meeting you here.


Circling the lot now?

You looking
for a change of career

or are you just here to scream at me

for messing with Max?

Believe me, you can have him.

He's just as dull as you are.


You stupid bitch, we don't have time!

You're gonna be sorry you did that.

Do you wanna die?

It's here, it's gonna.

Oh my, somebody help!


No, help, no, no!

Uh, no, no!



Help, please, no!


No, no!

No, no!

No, no!

Why, why are you doing this?

What for?

I would have given you everything.

You tore my heart out.

To hell with you, Candy Palmer!


Dude, if you're lookin' for a glory hole

this ain't the place.

I like my breath to smell
like a beaver, not the cock.

Now you've done it.

Now I'm gonna smash your face in.


What are you lookin' at, bitch?

Huh, you just jealous.

I'm prettier than you.

Everyone knows
I'm prettier than you.

Just ask Daddy.

You know, sometimes at night,

when's he's feeling all...

Oh, horse shit!

Madam Fucktard, now I told you

to cleanup this shit or I'm gonna beat ya!

And make you look uglier
than you already are.

Fine, but Mama, I know she's fixin'

to escape on outta here.

But don't worry, I gots my
own way of keepin' her here

until it's time to really
have her for dinner.

Grown-ass man still playin' with dolls.

What'd you say to me?


I done studied my
voodooey books real good.

And they've got lots of pictures.

So if you's tries to escape.

Enough, all right, that's enough.

All right, now look what you've done.

Got my little ray of sunshine

crying and I won't have none of it.

Right, we won't be cryin', will we?

Huh, no we won't.

So stop it.

Yes, Mama.

All right, all right, come on!

I said clean up this fucking shit!

And take your little playmate with ya.

I'm sick of you guys.

Yeah, yeah, we are.

Ain't we, yeah we are.

This ain't over, bitch!

You know I'm gonna choke
the life outta one of you's

before the night is through!

I guaran-fucking-tee it!

Boo, boo.

Oh, all right, honey.

My little sugar booga.

Now Mama, give me, give ma a little kiss.

Mama wants you to go upstairs, okay?

And you get washed up for bedtime.

- Mm-hmm.
- Like my good little heathen.

Yeah, you're my little heathen.

- Mm-hmm.
- Go on, honey, Mama

loves you, all right, go on up.

Hey, and you, missy.

Come on, you get to eatin'.

'Cause I'm gonna tell
you, I ain't gonna put up

with none of your fuckin' nonsense.

Now you eat what I put in front of you

or you ain't gonna eat at all!

Come on!

Come on, it ain't bad, let's go.

See, that ain't so bad now.

Look at you.

Good girl, yeah.

Good girl.

Huh, she's a good girl.

Ain't she a good girl?

I know,

that Noah boy ain't the best cut.

Believe me, I know,

but times are hard and we gotta take

what we can hunt down.

Hmm, besides, huh?

If we hadn't found your daddy,

we wouldn't have found you.


You sweet little thing.

You sweet little thing.

Give me that bowl, come on, come on!

Give me that fuckin' bowl.

What the fuck?

Okay, come on.

Now I know your daddy's good.

Your daddy's good.

Go on, yeah, go.

That's enough because your teeth

ain't sharp enough yet.

Uh, oh boy, times are hard, ain't they?



- Hey, uh, uh, uh, hey, hey!
- What?

- Hey, hey!
- What, I promise

I didn't touch your son.

Oh my God, what?

What the fuck you talking about?

Come on, get the fuck outta here!

Come on!

Can't you see that I'm tryin'

to conversate with our guests?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Go on.

Go, no, uh, uh, uh,
you give me some sugar.

Come on.

Oh, God.

I'll tell ya, sometimes

I could just kill that brother of mine.

Oh, but after 35 years of marriage,

I really can't bring myself to do it.

I don't know, call me
crazy or a lovesick fool,

but I just love that guy.

Ooh, but we've had some nights.

We've had some nights.




I'll tell you why, missy.

Because we can.

And because we like, no, we love

to do all that killin'.

'Cept, I have to tell ya,

it ain't like it used to be

where we could hunt people down

and butcher them up by the hundreds.

Not anymore.

It's Peter's nature and he's got to feed.


Yeah, he's got to eat human hearts,

same time, every year.

- Easter.
- How's come

you just keep sayin' one word at a time?

What's a matter, we knock
you around too much?

Oh, my.

Go to hell!

Ooh, frosty, oh, yes siree Bob,

I knew right away that you was the one.

Now don't that beat all.

That's the second time tonight

I've heard something like that.

You mean somebody else who's gonna

have you hitched up to a demon?

That's mighty
fuckin' peculiar, indeed.

Lady, you're barkin' up the wrong tree.

I ain't into men.

Especially demon men that kill

and wanna bring about
the end of the world.

I hate to tell you this,

but I'm afraid you ain't got no choice.

Yeah, 'cause it's matin' season.

And it's got to breed.

So plan on havin' the
best fuck of your life.

Oh, yeah, little lezzie.

My daughter Ellie, well she died birthing

that thing in the forest,

where she used to dance the devil's dance.

You see, the Devil chose her special,

like to lay with him.

And when we found it in the hunter's trap,

well we knew we had to bring it home

because family is family.

Besides, it made it up to me

by bringing me girls to replace my Ellie.

Good evening, Dr. Clarke.

When I suggested that we meet

to discuss my paranormal research,

I did not think that we would meet

under these circumstances.

And I didn't expect to
have a gun pointed to my face

in the middle of the night.

So I'll cut to the chase, so to speak.

I've been working with the government

to further develop the psychic abilities

of certain subjects.

One of them is a young woman named Natalia

and I'm trying to track her down.

The government wants me to follow her

in order to track down the creature

that you've been studying

but I don't care about any of that.

I only care about Natalia.

I love her

and I want her to be safe and free.

I don't care what it takes.

I don't care if I have to
run off the map with her

and double-cross my own government.

Are you quite finished?

I suppose so.

Good because she is inside

and very close to bringing
an end to this ordeal.

Monkey balls, booger
eater, chicken fart go.

Dr. Clarke, get ahold of yourself

or you'll endanger Natalia
and ruin this whole operation!

Listen, we need to work
together to help Natalia.

She must destroy the creature

or vanquish it back to Hell.

Otherwise, our doorway will open

and all the demons
throughout the underworld

will come spilling out.

Mankind will be destroyed

and betraying your country

will be the least of your concern.

So this is like Armageddon stuff?


Okay, count me in.

- All right.
- What do we do?



Come on, aw.

Oh, she's gettin' cranky now.

I gotta put my little Ellie

to bed.

This is past her bedtime, ain't it?

She is just gettin' fussin'.

Okay, it's okay.

All right, all right.

Well listen, it's okay.

Don't look so sad.

We're gonna have plenty of time

to jaw-flap, all right?

'Cause after all, you and I,

we're gonna be kin, right?

Oh, come on, baby, come on.

Family we ain't, lady!

And sooner or later, I'm
gonna stab you in the back.

I ain't gonna hurt you none.

I'm gonna fuck up this family real good.

Even more than what they already are.

And when the time comes,

I need you to take that
fancy box right there

on the table and run.

Can you do that?

Good, I knew you could.

So when I tell you to run, you run.

This is how this is gonna go.

I'm gonna torture, fuck, and eat you.

All while you're still alive.

Then I'm gonna make some
crafty fuckin' furniture

or a weapon out of your skin and bones.

No shit, I might just keep some

of your lady parts for fun later.

My boy, my boy, my boy.

I just wish you was here with us,

with your family, with your mama.

Instead of runnin' around
with that crazy circus crowd.

They're bad company, son.

They are bad, bad people.

But Son, we got a brand new baby sister.

I know you're gonna love her.

My boy, my boy.

I want you to come home.


Now it's time to play my game.

Get your Ed Gein ass over here now!

You, you won't hit a man
with glasses, would ya?

Mm-hmm, nah, I wouldn't,

but I sure would beat the fuck out of him

with this here gun!

Now come on, get up!

Go, get up!

Now this is how this is gonna go.

You're gonna beg for your life.

Have mercy on an old man.

And I'm gonna put this gun

to your fuckin' face.

Please, Miss Bobbi,
I was just fooling ya.

I promise, I won't eat no more folk.

And then I'm gonna shoot
you in the fuckin' head!

I reckon we ain't got much time

before the rest of the hillbilly family

and that creature comes after us,

so we gotta get outta here.


All right, what are we gonna do?

Here, you take the baby.

And you take the box.

What's going on?

Later for that, just
get to the police station

where it's safe.

I still have some things
to take care of here.

- Come on, girl.
- Thank you.

Come on.

Girl, that better not be you
playin' around in them woods!

A sister with a gun in her
hand and a baby in the other,

ain't no good combination, you mean.

Ain't nobody got time for that!


Kill my Ma and Pa, well,

I told y'all was gonna kill
one y'all bitches tonight!

Now you done did it by make
us runnin' and everything!

Son of a bitch!

Now take that, you bitch!



You can't hurt me as long as I have this.

If you want this thing, go fetch!

Come on!

Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi!

Oh my God, please don't die!

Please don't die, help,

help is on the way, I promise.

I promise.

Bobbi, I should have let you in before.

I'm so sorry.

Please don't die!


Sheriff, ah, Mike, thank
God that you're here!

I called as soon as I
heard screams outside.

Oh my God, not my girl!

Will, what in the hell have you done?

Wait, you couldn't think
that I've done this to Bobbi.

I couldn't.

The creature's

at the Wheelers.

Who in the hell did this
to my darlin' Bobbi Rhyder?

I don't know, she said something

about the creature and the, the.

The Wheeler clan, up on the hill!

Alice, what happened to you?

Sweet Jesus, I was
suppose to keep you safe!

It was the creature but I got away!

I'm gonna track this thing
down tonight and kill it,

if it's the last thing I do.

Alice, where is it?

I don't know, it attacked
us at the diner and Max.

They're all dead, I ran, I just don't.

The Wheelers.

The Wheelers?

Well what about the ole hillbilly family?

The Wheelers and the creature.

I mean, that's what Bobbi said.

Maybe the creature is
hiding in the Wheeler shack.

All right, let's start our search

and destroy mission then.

Go on, son, get in the truck.


I'll be back for you, my darlin',

just as soon as I take
care of that devil bastard!

Let's go hunt us a beast.

I wish I knew for sure
that this was the location

the creature maybe lurking,

but all this tracking device does

is tell me Natalia might
be in the vicinity.

I can only speculate that
she managed to track it down.

If Natalia tracked the
creature to this lair,

the portal must be here as well.


Contained here in this very...

Sorry, um, the pages are
a little stuck together.

In "The Devil's Bible"
there's an illustration,

the Gateway to Hell.

The creature emerged from this portal

and must be sent back through it.

The Codex Gigas?

I thought it's existence was only a myth.

It is no more a myth than the creature.

How should we proceed then, professor?


I'm so happy to see you!

You have no idea!

I reckon I do.

Natalia, I too am so
relieved to see you.

But how did you know
the creature maybe here?

Did you have a feeling or...


I've been trackin' those footprints

and they seem to circle
on back to that dump.

Sheriff, I mean Mike,

what brings you out here this morning?

The same thing I suspect you folks

are out here doin'.

We're gonna hunt that
thing down and destroy it.

You saw the creature?

No, but I saw what it did to my Bobbi,

and then I saw your car and I
thought you were in trouble.

Like Alice.

Them kids have been
through one hell of a night

and I aim to put and end to it.

All right, let's get to it.

If you are in fact the chosen one,

you'll need to somehow
focus all your powers

to open the gate and force the
creature back through and...

I reckon I can do that.

If I can move glassware with my mind,

that ain't gonna be nothin'.

I believe in you, baby.

I've seen what you can do.

But you must sure not to
let any other demons escape

while the portal is open.

Otherwise, it could be the end
of the world as we know it.

Now no matter what happens,

I need you kids to stay in this car.

No matter what.

You got that?

No matter what.

I promise, sir, I'll stay put.

I don't wanna see that creature again.

Yes, but fortunately for me,

we are very close to the creature

thanks to Dr. Clarke.

Yes, the tracking device was
very effective indeed, Karen.

N1 led you right to the location.

Now where's the creature as promised?

I can explain.

It's, it's not what you think.

It was all supposed to be
part of the experiment,

to use you to locate the creature,

to give to them,

the government but...

If you aren't here to help
us get rid of that thing,

then get the hell outta here!

You're still so bitter
about losing your child,

aren't you?

Somehow I get the feeling
she is alive and well.

Perhaps if you help me...

Don't fuck with me, boy,

or I'll blow a hole right through you

and say it was an accident.

I'm sure these folks here would say

that they saw the same thing.

Professor, it's here.

What do we do?

Take this and protect Natalia

while she tries to find and open the gate.

Mike, please cover me while I try to lure

the creature down into its lair.

Of course, professor.

Whatever you need me to do.

And you, either help or
stay out out of the way.

Um, I'll stay here and
I'll protect the children.

I took the liberty of
collecting some of the remains

from the Wheeler clan from
their shack last night.

My hope is that the smell
of fresh human flesh

will be enough to distract it

while Natalia opens the gateway.

Well they don't call you
the professor for nothin'.

I'll take your word.

Let's go to the basement
and find the portal

and send that thing
straight to back to Hell!

What is it, Natalia?

It's the door.

The Gateway to Hell.

I sure hope this works, professor.

I can hear that thing outside
circling us right now.

It's toying with us, indeed,

but I do not think it can
resist the smell of flesh,

even if it wanted to.

There's something wrong!

I rightly thought I
could do it but I can't!

I'm not strong enough!

Are you sure this is the
location of the doorway?

It just looks like an old closet door.

I reckon it is.

But my powers, they just ain't workin'!

You've got to try.

That thing's closer

than ever now and if
we don't do something.

She's the chosen one!

She's my daughter.

She's alive.

Professor, go get the book!


Get the hell away from my daughter!

You are one poor excuse for an antichrist.

That's real good, sweetheart.

Just keep on doing what you're doing.

We got 'em.

Alice, Alice come back!

There's nothing we can do!

Will, maybe you wanna
keep hidin' but I don't.

I can't live my life like this anymore!

I'm gonna kill that thing!

You can stay here if you want to!

Save it, freak, I'm not interested.


Professor, why ain't it workin'?

Why ain't that creature bein'
sucked into the underworld?

The child needs to recite a
certain passage from the book.

Yes, that's it!


What are you gonna do now, huh?

It so easy when someone ain't got

a weapon to defend themself!

What are you gonna do, huh?

Oh, my God, Alice, is it dead?

I sure hope so.

Stop where you are, demon, I,

I swear I'll shoot!

Professor, I'll fight off the creature,

you get the book!

That's what I thought.

Watch out, it's right behind you!


You're coming to the
lab with me right now!

Let go of that girl before I shoot off

your fuckin' head, lady!

Found it.

Natalia, it's behind you!


Are you ready to meet your maker?

Natalia, which passage do
we need to read from the book?

I don't know, but we
better do somethin' fast!

Natalia, what passage is it?

I don't know, just do
somethin' with the book!

You girls did it!

You saved the whole town!

We did it.

I reckon so.

Just like a real family.

How do you feel about kids?

I love the idea

but if we're gonna be a family,

I think we need to move out of this town.

Too much has happened here.

Are you gonna let killer dolls, demons,

and supernatural murders
run you out of this town?