East of Middle West (2021) - full transcript

A teenage runaway and a widowed father each fight to take matters into their own hands to redeem their dark past.

Good morning.

For the record, this hearing
will be conducted

via video conference call
as you're currently being held

in the Fort Madison
correctional facility

and will be recorded.

First, I'd like
to thank Ms. Royer

of the Iowa District
Attorney's Office.

I'm being joined
by Ms. Fancher and Mr. Davidson.

Now, is this our understanding
before we begin

you'd like to make a statement.

I know that some things
are done on purpose

and some things
are done on accident.

Part of me thinks that
I shouldn't even be here.

What I did...

What I did was wrong.

I wish that I could
take back that day.

But I can't.

I tried blaming everyone else
but it was me.

I killed them.


-Let me see it.
-Mom, it's still hot.

No, I know.

Ow! Shit!

You know, she probably
didn't even write a will.

She's got that big old property
that she didn't do shit with.

Wouldn't even occur to her
to leave it to her only kin.

-I don't think it was that bad.

you are too young
to remember. Stop lying.

If you hated her so much,
why are we going?

I don't hate her.
She's my sister.

I can't not go.

Besides, it's bad enough

people won't shut up
about what your father did.

-He was your husband.

Okay, try it now.

It's the damn battery.

We've come here today
not because of a death

but because
of a life well lived.

One lived with truth.

That is something we should
remember about death.

Besides, we don't know
when it comes.

We must have said all we can say
before that day.

When that time comes...

Aunt Addie was
different from my mom.

She used to tell me
I wasn't gonna grow up

to be like my dad.

He used think she was right.

I'm only known in this town

because my dad is the only
person serving a life sentence.

It's like everyone knows
the worst thing about you

before you even open your mouth.

What's your deal?

-Why'd she leave?

An allergic reaction?
I guess it was her time.

-I don't know.
-No. I, I mean,
why'd she leave town?

-You guys both grew up here,
why'd she go?

I don't know, Chris.

She was always kinda odd.

She probably left thinking that
she would fit in somewhere.

I've excused you for
the first part of the day.

I don't need to get
a call from the school...

-...telling me that
you skipped again.

I know!


-Good luck at the game tonight.

I promise I'll be there, okay?


How about we ask Freeman's dad

about how long it takes
for bones to decompose?

Where's your school spirit,



I'm sorry.

I stopped to have
a quick drink with Craig

and then this car
wouldn't start.

Anyway-- Hey, do you know Craig?


He's not a plumber.
He's a contractor.

-He cleans our toilet.
-He does not clean our toilet.

He fixed the bathroom.

I hate our bathroom.
It looks like shit.

He's coming over tonight
to watch a movie.

You think maybe you could go
hang out with your friends?

I need to get beer
and scratchers.

You know, you don't have
to make me feel so bad
for trying to have a life.

You could be doing
the same thing.


Something new?

I'll tell you what.

Put some hair on that chest.

Go on.

Drink up.

I'll take that, thank you.

We're gonna have a beer and run.
Let's go.


Let's go.


Hey, there's one right here.

- Hey!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!


Had your back there, Freeman.

Here you go.
It's all right here.

- Come on.
- Whoo!

Alright, I gotta grab something.

Let's go.

Was that a-- Was that a 9mm?

No, it's whiskey.

No, no, the, the gun.

Oh, you had a gun?


My, my dad has a gun, though.

He-- That he keeps
under his pillow.


-I shot it once.

He, uh, he came home
like super drunk

and my mom was screaming
so I, I--

I, I shot it in the air.

Why didn't you shoot him?

What the hell did you
get a turkey for?

To blow up.


My God, Freeman.
You need another one?

- Sure, yeah.
- Here you go.

Here you go.

It's all right here.

Whoo! Hey, we got one!

Hey, hey!


I'm tired of throwing cans!

Wanna throw some punches.

How about you, Freeman?
You wanna beat some ass?

Who are we fighting?


How about you and me?

I'll even let you have
the first swing.

I don't wanna fight you, man.

See that's your problem,
Freeman. You're just scared.

Haven't thrown
a damn can all night.

Pretty sure dad had some balls.

Aright, Slim.
Up here on your left.

On my cue.

Let's go. Come on, now.

Good morning, Maddie bear.

Make dottie!

Dottie it is.


-At the dot.

Uh, I don't think so
this morning.


You win.

All right.

Here's dottie.

Here you go, sweetheart.

Let's give you a little syrup.


Maddie girl and I are having
pancakes. You want some?

That's dottie. Really delicious!

Here you go. Eat up.

Soy milk and eat
a little bit of fruit, okay?


I thought you were gonna
get the real milk.

I don't want her
drinking this stuff.

It's just watered down.

Call about the job?

You want me to give you
the number again or...

- I'll call.
- By the way, um,

your dad called last night
when you were out.

Why do you say that like
you didn't know where I was?


Last night, when you were
helping Warren with his fence

your dad called. Better?

He wants to pick up
Maddie this weekend.

Yeah, it's not gonna work.

It's her grandpa, Denny.

Well, I'm her father.

At least he's trying.

God damn it!

Guys, all set? Ready to go?

-Yeah. Uh,

I was thinking we should
get some ice cream.

I actually was just talking
to Diane Selby.

She and Frank invited us
over for late dinner.

So I told them
we're gonna do that. Sorry.


Okay, let's go.

But you can't say
I'm not trying.

Good girl.

Alright, friends.
I got the brewskies.

Uh, did you want
some more water or...

- This is fine.
- Okay.

Okay. We're up.

- Yeah.
- Go.

Uh, he's a football player.

-I always said his name wrong.
-Oh, Dan Marino.

-Who says Dan Marino?
-It was a mistake.

Whatever, nobody cares
about the name.

Well, Dan Marino's one
of the most famous--

-Anyways, okay,
go, go, go! Let's go.
-Okay, just-- I'm--

He was a politician. Um,

you volunteered to canvas
for him one summer.

Oh, Walter Mondale.

Denny door-knocked
for Walter Mondale?

- Come on.
- He's very proud of it.
So you probably shouldn't.

-I was for a good cause
or I thought.

- He came in knocking on my door wearing this low white...
- -Oh, hey.

...'old man' short sleeves.
Buttoned up.

No, we came in longer.

Super cute, super nerdy.

- Super my type.
- So your type.

-I know.

Good. Okay.

- Are you ready?
- Yeah, alright.

Ah, let me see.

That wasn't so bad.

You don't-- Uh, no, it wasn't.

Thank you for doing it.
I appreciate that.

I, I miss you. I miss...

I missed you.

I'm here.


Fuck, Freeman!

Oh, shit.

Let's go!


I'm sorry.


What happened?

Dear Lord.

Hey, you know the Tillmans?

Brenda Tillman.
Works at the school.

Anyway, um...

they got into a horrible
car accident last night.

Mrs. Tillman
and her daughter both died.

I want you to go
buy some flowers

and drop it over at their house.

I'll give you the address.

Well, it's in the car. Hold on.

- Riley, we need to talk.
- Get outta my face, Freeman.

No, what are we gonna do, man?


Well, yeah. You know
it was an accident.

No, I don't.

What I do know is that tomorrow

I'm going to the station
with my dad

and I'm gonna tell him
how some Freeman kid

threw some shit up my window.
You're on your own, Freeman.

No, you know
that was an accident.

-The hell, man!
-Come on!

Get the fuck off my property.




Hi, Den. It's me.

I know you told me not
to leave voice mails, but...

I'm just worried.


I'm not trying to st--

Who the hell are you?

-Who the hell are you?
-I'm, I'm, I'm Linda's son.

Uh, I'm, I'm Addie's nephew.

I didn't know anyone was here.

You can't stay here.

Who the hell are you?

You don't even know who I am.

What you need is you need
to get the hell outta my house.

What? Just 'cause you were
sleeping with my aunt
it means you get to stay here?

What'd you say?

Say that again.

Say it again.

It's not your house.

Even if I didn't marry her

that sure as hell doesn't
give you permission

to fucking squat here.

Shit. Go on.

- What?
- I said go on.



Look, man, I'm too old
to feel bad, alright?

Feelings is for your age.
Good luck.

Go to hell.

Don't forget your bag.



I know you're in there.

I just wanna talk.


- Ahh! What?
- I'm so sorry.

-Are you okay?
-What, what are you doing?

Well, I live here.
What are you doing here?

Uh, I...

I thought this was
a different property.

So you sleep under my tree?

- I'm travelling.
- Oh, yeah? Where?

Do you guys not, like,
start with names around here?

Not when they're irrelevant.


It's nice to meet you, Amy.
I'm Chris.

And I gotta get going.

Get in.

Why? Do you got
any other options, kid?

Come on. Get in.


Uh, you okay if it's black?

I don't got nothing
to put in it.

Yeah, that's fine.


are you gonna tell me
why you're here?

Look, I don't need
your help, man.

I don't need to stay here.

Where you gonna go, huh?

Back home?

After your nice little vacation
in Clinton, Iowa.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on, man.
I'm just trying to help you.

You gotta shoot straight
with me, though.

Why you running?

Did you just get in a fight
with your mom?

What? You knock a girl up?


You is the problem
with your generation, man.

You guys can't handle your shit.

It's pathetic.

- You don't know me.
- I don't know you.

But I don't need to know you
to know that you're scared.

-I'm not scared.
-Oh, yeah?

Hey, let me tell you
something, man.

Everybody's scared.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Come here.

When you don't know...

what you're scared of,

that's when your problems
are gonna start to haunt you.

But the second you know
what it is

it's just like a ghost in a--

A bad dream.

It's just gonna disappear.

All right.

Oh, hey.

Excuse me.


What's that? I know.

I'm coming. I know.
I had to come back.

I had to come back to that.


Okay. I gotta run.

I got some business
I gotta take care of.

Got some clothes for you.
Come outside with me.

Uh, I'm gonna pay you
for a day's work.

You know how to work, right?


See this shit here?

There's stuff like this
all over the farm.

I want you to get it all
gathered up, put it
in the back of my truck.

You can use that
wheelbarrow right there.


And when I come back...

you're gonna tell me the truth.

Or you'll be on your way.


Alright, get to work.

Oh, hey, you stay
out of the shed here

with the green wrenches.

I mean it. You go in there

I'm a rocks throw
from the sheriff

and you don't wanna be
acquainted with him.

Get to work.

What are you doing?


You work for Bill?

Yeah, well, I clean
this place for free.

Uh, sorry about the other day

and for hounding you just now.
There's just a lot going on.

It's good to see you again.

Look, I work down
at Odie's in town.

Maybe come by some time?

I can sneak you out a beer.

Call it even?


So, what were you
and that girl talking about?

She think you're staying here?

'Cause you ain't.

She's your neighbor.

Yeah, I know exactly who she is.

- I didn't tell her anything.
- Yeah? Is that right?

Huh? Mr. Secret Agent man?

Time to go. Hey.

Take it. Go on.

'Cause you got
nothing to tell me, right?

Good luck, partner.

-I killed them.
-No, you stop, stop!

Stop right there.
You made a mistake.

Come on, man.
You're telling me what?

You, you mean to kill that
mother and child?

-No. No, right.

So this is where you
gotta make a choice.

You move on from this.
From here. Okay?

I told you if you were straight
with me, that I'd help you out.

I'm a man of my word.

Now let's get you
set up in the barn.

We're gonna be smart about this.

I mean, it's not the Renata
but better than a brick coop.

Oh, boy.

This is my old car.

Well, we gotta do something
with that hair.

Think you're good looking
enough to pull that off?

It's too risky to keep
you up at the house.

Everyone in this town talks.

I wanna help you.

But if you tell a soul

-or you talk to that girl...
-I got it.

'Cause if it's between you
and me, kid, it's a no-brainer.

We should probably
figure this out soon.

Sorry I'm, uh...

If financing's an issue,

-we have options.
-I'm fine.

The four-by-two
comes in a wicker trim, okay?

Please, just take your time.

- Julie, what did I tell you?
- Denny?

Denny, it's Diane Selby.

Hey, listen. Um...

There's a memorial tomorrow
at the school.

I thought you might wanna...


I tried calling earlier
but, um...

I guess you need rest.

Yeah, that sounds fine.

Good work.


Dad, listen to me.

You say you're gonna
do something.

But I'm just locked up here.

I'm not playing your mind games.


Sam, can I get another?

Did you give up so soon?

What are you sitting
in the dark here for?

What's wrong with you?

Bill, can we talk?

Tell you what, why don't you
come and help me make dinner.

While eating you can tell me
whatever the hell you want.

'Cause I need somebody
to rinse these.

-Can you grab
my reading glasses?

- Here.
- Thank you.


I found your aunt's
old recipe book.

I'll tell you, man.
She liked some weird shit.

She ever talk about my dad?

Ah, not to me, she didn't.

Oh, are you allergic
to peanut oil?

I had to watch everything
with your aunt. Yeah.

You know, I did meet him once.

My dad?

Well, I didn't actually
meet him. I--

I was with him
at the race track.


Oh, boy. There's a lot you
don't know about your old man.


This is before I met your aunt.

Well, if he didn't win
that first one and then
the second one--

Third one. He just kept
doing it and doing it.

And it was just like his luck
was just growing and growing.

I watched this thing for hours,
man. It was unbelievable.

Yeah, but what happened?

I'll tell you what happened.

Last race of the day.

He took everything and he...

put it on that race.
Put it on one, one dog.

He lost it.

- Damn!
- -That's what we was all thinking

but he takes out his knife

grabs the bookie from behind.

Knife, right to his nuts.
And he says to him

- "Is your manhood
worth two grand?"

Pissed his pants.
Right then and there.

It was amazing.

I'll tell you something.
You don't see that no more.

Yeah, what's that?

People who know what they want.

They'd do anything to get it.

I never heard anyone
talk about my dad like that.

Let me tell you something.
You're a Freeman, okay?

And you should be
proud of that name.

I went in the shed.

Look, I know you told me not to.

I can put two and two together.

-You stole that stuff.
-No, no.

People who steal

they got no moral code.

Okay, they, they steal
because they just got the itch.

'Cause they want more.

Me? No. I have a system
and it was clean.

And I only took from
people who took first.

I wanna make money

- and I wanna
get the hell outta here.

You wanna make money?

I'm good.

Take the beer.

Take the beer.

There's a lotta people
around here.

Flat out


Ah-ha! You know the type
I'm talking about.

The ones that just like
to take advantage, huh?

You gotta tell me how you do it.


Maybe if you still got some
of that Freeman luck tomorrow.

I'll tell you some more stories.

Hi, do you know
how to get to Odie's?

Perfect. Thank you.


Jerk! Don't you use front doors
where you're from?

I didn't mean to scare you.

You don't scare me.

What? You just go from town
to town cleaning people's barns?

To get where?

Uh, nowhere in particular.

I don't just clean barns.

How old are you?

I'm 21.

-I am.

Okay, there's nothing I hate
more in this life than a liar.

So, you can use the front door
on your way out.

I'm 17.


My birthday was in May.

See. Wasn't so hard, was it?

So, was it your mom or your dad?

Who'd you get in a fight with
before you ran off?

Look, Chris, you can be
honest with me.

We're closed. Oh, hey. I was
gonna drop it off tomorrow.

Chris, could you
hand me that folder?

Do you guys have
a bathroom back here?

Yeah, just around the corner.

-Who's that?
-No one. What's up?

Well, I just had
a few questions for you.

Look, Skip, I told you
everything I can remember

and honestly, I'd rather forget.

-So, are you getting it?
-Only stealing from people
who took first. Yeah?

- You got it.
- Okay, how do we do this?

It's not the how. It's the who.

Now, you see this is
Paige's Hardware here.

Used to be run
by an honest couple.

Once they died, everything went
to their sons Jed and Jim.

And these two drunks,
they should've ran this place
straight into the ground.

But instead,
jacked up the prices

knowing that these poor farmers
are not gonna go

ten miles outta town.


Why didn't anyone
open a new one?

Well, now, where are they gonna
the money to do that?

And you know what? Why--
This isn't the time to be

about capitalism, okay?

You just follow my lead,
we'll be good.

Okay, you see
this alley over here?

Head down that alley way.
You're gonna hang a right.

There's a building on your left,
double doors.

Those double doors,
always unlocked.

You go in, all the hardware
is lying under one wall, okay?

East side. You'll see it.

Just take whatever you can get.


Yeah, let's do this.

Alright. Hey, wait, wait, wait.

I got something for you.
It's under the seat there.

- No, I don't know.
- Not the gun. Put the gun down.

There's a bag under there.


What do you think of that?

You like that jacket?

That's my good luck charm.

This was yours?

I wore it.

I want you to have it.

Bill, I don't know. I don't--

I don't need this.

You know, it's funny. Years ago,
I tried giving it to my son.

He didn't want it neither.

Would've kept him out
of the brick coop though,
if he'd worn it.

Put it on.

Trust me?


You ready?

Come on, boy.

You'll be good.


Need a ride?

Sorry for your loss.


Wanna go for a drink?


Let's get outta here.

So, you're not in your crib.

I mean, you're not even
in the room.

Four hours goes by,

I can't find you anywhere.

Get you guys another round?

I'll have another. And, uh...

I'll take another club soda.

I can't keep up with
my older brother, you know.

-Where was I?
-You do that a lot
in front of mom?

- Denny, I wasn't--
- Dad, I'm not upset.

How many times did you cheat
before you actually left?

You really think people change?

'Cause the way
I see it is, uh...

Change is impossible.

It stays in the blood.

I'm doing the same shit you did.

I gotta go, uh...
Gotta go pick up some cigarettes

and then I thought I'd maybe
head over to the casino.

I'll be back a little later.

One second.

- Hey.
- Hi.

You found the place.

- This a bad time?
- No. No, no, no.

Don't be a stranger. Come on.

Sorry about last night
by the way. I didn't mean
to run away like that.

Yeah, you did.
I mean, don't worry.

My uncle has that effect
on people.

You're not the first boy
to run just looking up.

Your uncle's the Sheriff?


You know, when I was younger,
I used to hear the craziest
stories about him.

Like what?

I don't wanna scare you.

Do you want something to drink?

I have milk or water.

Water's good.

Is this your family?


I'm the little turd
with ice cream on her face.

You guys all look so happy.

Yeah. I think we were.

But then again,
that was a long time ago.

Half the people in that picture
are either dead, drunk,
or in prison.


As you can tell,
the picture's really old.

So, you're just, uh... What?
You're living here on your own?

I've been taking care of myself
for a really long time.


It used to be
my grandmother's place.

But she died last fall.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, me too.

I mean, uh, you don't
have to be sorry.

Uh, I hate when people
are sorry about death

like it's this new phenomenon.

It's not.

Do you like it?

I mean,

living all on your own.

Um, yeah.

Yes and no. Like,

it's nice and it's quiet.

And then, some nights,
it's too quiet.

Um, it's been
a lot like that recently.

My, uh, cousin was killed
outside of the bar
that I work in.

Over watches.

Or whatever he was
selling that night.

So, um, what are you...

becoming a doctor?

A nurse practitioner.

I'm taking some classes
at college this fall.


That's cute.

Okay, one: not a little angel.

Two: you've asked me
a lotta questions.

-I wanna know about you now.
-Is that your uncle?

Shit. He wasn't supposed
to get here until six.

Um, I'm sorry about this.


What can I get you?

Double bourbon.

Ken, it's for you.


I told you not to call me here.

I'll be home when I'm home!

Just grab her and be...

I just wanna do that every time
she freaking calls.

That your wife on the phone?

Why? She harassing you too?


You know, because marriage,
it's a sacred bond.

-What'd you say?
-Just, you're the kinda guy
that has no respect

for his own family.

You piece of fucking shit!

What do you got for me?

- Hey, tell him
what I told you?
- Simple. Just pass--

Hey, hey, hey, hey what are
you doing? The hell you doing?

Dude, you never count the money
out in the open like that.

It did feel pretty good though,
didn't it?

It felt great.

More of this coming.

Just gonna pay finder's fee.

You did good.

♪ See the storm
to the North and to the South ♪

♪ This is your last chance ♪

♪ To get out ♪

One of this. One of this.

Behind, step, foot out.

♪ You wanna take a ride? ♪

Put the right foot out. Boom!

Let's do it again. Yeah, man.

You got it. You got it.
You got it.

♪ Go out ♪

It was tough seeing you

like that the other day.

I know you're going through
a lot and I'm probably the last
person you wanna talk to.

But I just wanna know
how you're holding up.

I miss you.


Hey, Julie!


Don't you ask me how I'm doing!

You don't get to ask me
how I'm doing!

No. No, I don't wanna
talk to you.

Sir, I understand
your frustration,

-but why--
-Because I need to speak
to the Sheriff.

I just have one
more question. Please.

There's no new information
about the suspect.

Again, sir, I'm sor--

What'd we get?

A hundred and twenty.

A hundred and twenty.?

That's it?

- That's it?
- Car radio?

That little car radio
was new, wasn't it?


Come on, man.


We've spent so much time
talking about bullies.

But you're just giving me
advice here.

I'm the one taking all the risk.

You sure as hell are
acting like one

giving me half of what I made.

What'd you just say,
you little shit?

-You have any idea what
I'm doing out here?
-What the hell?

How much risk it is? That's
my fucking freedom, brother.

You know that?

And you think you would have
a god damn dollar to your name

if it wasn't for me.

Get out. Get out!

You're a nobody.
You got nobody else!



Oh, Chris, is that you?

Do you know what you are
putting me through?

The cops are showing up--

Hi, uh, this is...

Denny Tillman calling.

Brenda Tillman's husband.

I was calling to see if, uh,

you'd filled those positions
and if you have a name.

I was wondering if I could
come in for an interview.

Yeah, I could.


Thank you.

What characteristics do you have

that would make you a loyal
member of this team?

Uh, I'm a hard worker.

And I...

I'm a team
player and I think integrity
is really...

uh, really important.

What? Are you stalking me now?

No, I was just
in the neighborhood.

We can hang out.
I just feel kinda gross.

-So I need to change
first, okay?



When I first moved here

I thought that I was, like,

fundamentally different.

Because of my family, because
of my past, the way I look.

And the more that I thought
about it, the more I just...

Felt like you wanted to get out?


But here's the secret.

The nice thing about
living in a small town

is that everyone has secrets.

Everyone is hiding something.

So I do my best to just
not judge other people

'cause I try not
to judge myself.

Yeah, and what are you hiding?

From you?


You could ask some questions.

Amy, the guy that, um--

The guy that killed your cousin,
do you not judge him?

Haven't figure that one out yet.

-You, uh got something
in your hair.
-No, no, no, no.

No! Jerk!

♪ I am floating on the sea ♪

♪ Only the moon can follow me ♪

♪ On a blanket on the sea ♪

♪ Only the moon can follow me ♪

♪ Through these has a mystery ♪

♪ Only the moon can follow me ♪

♪ All the way down ♪

I don't know. You were saying
I was gonna be the one
scared from all the rides.

-But you were looking
a little rough up there.

I think I heard you scream
at least twice.

-I don't know what
you're talking about.
-I do.

-You were screaming.

Brave man.

Did, did you want some?

-You sure?



Oh, my God.

Amy, I gotta tell you something.

The reason why I'm staying
at Bill's place...

I know you're gonna
look at me differently

after I tell you this.
No, I'm serious.

I need you to know,
I didn't mean to hurt any--

Unbelievable. This is
harassment, you know that?

No, this is uncle talking
to his niece.

-Who's this stranger here?
-He's a friend.

Hey, a friend.
What's your real name?

When I talk to her,
that's my blood.

-But when I address you,
it's the law, you hear?
-You're being ridiculous.

Amy, I need to talk to you
about something.

-Could you just give me
a second?


Sheriff in the next town
is finally ready to

send me the pictures
of that kid.

We should have him
in the morning.

I guess, before
he showed up here

- he was out ranging--
- Can we just do
this tomorrow?

I will be all ears.
Come by bright and early.


You still live here?

You still think

that I'm a bully?

And that all I do
is take and take?


What is this?

That's for that right there.

Now it's yours.

Not stolen.

It just need a new engine.

You still think I'm a bully?

-Bill, I'm sorry.


Welcome to the family.

Just like any family, keeping
each member safe from harm

is our number one priority.

So let's take a look at some--


New guy!


I'm Carl.


- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, good to meet you.

How're you getting on?

Yeah, I guess I'm doing fine.

You, uh, you married?





They're a handful anyways,
you know?

I wouldn't trade
that feeling for anything.

Yeah, I, uh, think it's lunch.

Oh, right on the dot.

Alright, good talk.


Look, we gotta talk.

Bill, I'm, I'm sorry. I--

I shouldn't have said
all that stuff yesterday.

- Shit!
- Bill.

- Get in. Get in.
- Please be silent. Please.


Hey, tell me you're doing
better than I am.

I'm good. How are you?
Good to see you.

That kid working with you?

- Breaking in all the time.
- The kid?

Yeah, yeah.

I know where to find you.

Yeah. Maybe I'll see you
there a little later.

- Well, we got till morning till he's back snooping again.
- -What did he say?

I think that niece said
something to him. But you know,
it's not important.

What is, is just getting you
outta here and on your feet.

Now, I got
something else for you.

I gotta go into town to get it.

I'll be back.

Stay low.


♪ I can hear the car
on the street ♪

♪ Let them say goodbye ♪

♪ We laughed and we wanna cry ♪

♪ Singing you wanna die ♪

♪ Left to wonder why ♪

♪ Yeah, we'll let
this day go by ♪

This should get you outta here
and on your feet.

Bill, no. This--

No, this is too much.

- How long have you been holding on to that?
-Too long,

if you ask me.

But you can't put
a price on family.

So, look, tomorrow...

Get your ass in the family pawn.

Okay? And get to Red.

As soon as you get that money
in your hands, I want you to
hit the road like lighting.

Highway's just shy
of the down road there.


Come on. It's not like we're
not gonna see each other
again, you know.

Good luck, son.




I heard what you did, Chris!

Please tell me it's not true!
You wouldn't hurt anyone.

Just tell me why.

It was an accident!

You think I wanted to kill
a mother and daughter?

Take a man's entire family?

Why a family?


-Got something nice for you.
-What's happening, kiddo?

Just a minute.

- Is that the same kid?
- That's the one.

Thanks, Red. Get that
other stuff for me.


You are done running, son.

- Are you a murderer, boy?
- No!

Don't lie to me.


Do you know what this means?

This means I am like
the father of the law.

And I will protect it
like my own kid.

Red, where's that folder?

The father has got
to know the truth.

I need to hear it
from your own mouth.

You're the one.
Did you kill him?

You think I'm stupid?
Do you think I don't know?

I got your whole shit
on you right here.

Now, if you took a life,

you just tell me
and I will be swift with yours.

- I killed them. It was me!
- Hey, hey!

- You don't start
crying on me now.

I got no pity

for people that kill
for the sake of property.

No, I, I didn't kill to steal.

Oh, yeah. The hardware store.
Fuller's lumber.

We got tools and tape decks
all over town.

Hell, you even took
Tom Fenley's pistol.

That didn't even count.

For it to count he was here
before he got to us.

They're a little more
technically sound

in our little farm town here.

- That isn't me!
- What other little shit

- been wearing that jacket?
- No, that's--

Huh? What're you gonna
tell me now, boy?

It's not mine.
It's Bill's. I swear.

I've had enough of your talking.

Leave me! I swear!

He was telling me about you
just yesterday.

That you at the barn
as long as you did some work.

And then you just split town!

And you got the balls to show up
at my niece's house

after taking her cousin's life.
Now, that is just sick.

Wait, I didn't!

You killed my nephew for this?

I didn't! I swear! It wasn't me!

I swear! I swear!

Oh, shit!

Amy was the only person
who knew the real me.

I didn't kill her cousin
and she knew that.

I mean...

I was still guilty.

She saved my life.

It didn't matter though.

All I could think about
was Bill.

I wanted him to die.

That what you did?


This your son?

You set me up for him?

I didn't set you up.
You set yourself up.

-I'm not playing
your games anymore.
-I didn't come to your house.

-You came to mine.
-Did you even marry my aunt?

Just put the gun down, kid.
You're already in enough
trouble as it is.

You put me through
all of this to save him.

No, that's where you're wrong,
okay? A man is a man. Remember?

Supposed to be able
to handle his own shit.

This one here? He gets caught
on the job that I set up.

He promises that he's
gonna rat me out.

Also even went to the Sheriff.
You see, and the you came along.

And so you used me.

Doesn't matter who the hell
it is. You use everybody.

Oh, man. I just--
I whisper what I think.

You whisper lies.

Put that fucking gun down.
Put it down.

Get on your knees.

I said, get on your knees, Bill!

Well, go ahead.
Yeah, go ahead, end me.

Why don't you just end me
like you did that mother
and that little girl.

You see her face?
Why don't you pull one right
in this coward over here?

You know why?
Because he just as bad you.

You know what?
You'll never find freedom.

You'll never find your freedom.

-Shut up! Shut up!
-You'll never find freedom.

You'll never find freedom.

Do it. Do it!

Kill me for my lies

and set your sins free,

When I was alone
in that basement

I finally broke.

I blamed everyone else
for what I did

and now it was Bill.

Then once I had him
where I wanted him...

He started talking and I
realized he was just doing

exactly what he told me he was
gonna do the entire time.

And no matter what
he felt about me,

if it came down
between me and him

he would choose himself
every single time.

Why didn't you shoot him?

I was going to.

I wanted to.

The only difference between me
and him was he'd been rang
for a lot longer.

I didn't wanna do that anymore.

Why are you here?

I always wanted
a house like this.

Not the house,
but the, the feeling.

All the lights on, the TV
playing in the background
with my mom and dad.

I took that from you.

I didn't mean to but I did.

Whenever something
would go wrong in my life,

I'd blame my dad.

And the it was my mom and Bill.

It's just not their life,
it's mine.

I'm sorry, sir.

I need to get going to the...


I, um...

Sir, I know I don't deserve it.

Please forgive me.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

You're a good husband.

That's not true.

For the record, this hearing
will be conducted

via video conference call

as you're currently being held

in the Fort Madison
correctional facility.

It is our understanding
before we begin

you'd like to make a statement.

I understand that some things
are accidents.

And there are some things
that are done...

on purpose.

I'm so sorry for what I did.

Do you believe
you are a changed man?

♪ We can't sing ♪

♪ You are glowing ♪

♪ Lets make crystal palaces
and open fields ♪

♪ And open fields ♪

♪ Dance tonight ♪

♪ Under a golden sky ♪

♪ Turn out the lights ♪

♪ Sing as one ♪

♪ Sing as one ♪

♪ No water Sun ♪

♪ Go on ♪

♪ Go on ♪

♪ And go on ♪

♪ Drift away ♪

♪ Drift away, yeah ♪

♪ Drift away ♪

♪ Drift away, yeah ♪

♪ Drift away ♪

♪ Drift away, yeah ♪

♪ Drift away with me ♪

♪ Drift away ♪

♪ Drift away ♪

♪ Drift away ♪