East Side of Heaven (1939) - full transcript

Singer Denny Martin's marriage to telephone operator Mary Wilson has been postponed several times already and is delayed once again when he changes jobs from singing telegrams to being a singing cab driver. His friend Cyrus Barrett Jr. is the scion of an autocratic millionaire father who is determined to wrest custody of his grandson from his alcoholic son and wife Mona. After Cyrus goes into rehab to dry out on Denny's advice, Barrett Sr. legally moves against his daughter-in-law and tries to have her arrested on kidnapping charges. A desperate Mona leaves Denny in charge of her infant son until she can locate the younger Barrett, but this presents new complications for Denny and his Russisn roommate Nicky as fiancée Mary becomes suspicious that Denny may be seeing another woman.

This is from the Postal Union with regards to Mr. and Mrs. James Travers.

♪ It was 50 years ago ♪

♪ You said love, honor and obey ♪

♪ A union of half a century ♪

♪ Surely it was forged in gold ♪

The person who signs the message is "Harry".

If you think I'm going to put up with this, you're crazy!

Oh, now I'm crazy.

- Who said you're crazy? - You

- I did not say. I just said. - Shut!


This is from the Postal Union,

with a message for Mr. and Mrs. James Monaco.

♪ Now that they are husband and wife ♪

♪ I wish you joy in your married life ♪

I'm sick of these constant fights!

- What? - You heard me!

♪ It doesn't get any sweeter than that ♪

♪ The joy that comes with the blessing of union ♪

Don't you dare do that! Do not you dare!

Here you are, Mr. Barrett.

Denny. This is our friend Mr. Barrett.

He wants you to sing Happy Birthday to Dad.

It's fine. What is the phone number?

Nerd. It's to sing in person..


Well, it has to be today.

His birthday ends at midnight.

Couldn't someone else do that?

I have a date tonight.

For Mr. Cyrus Barrett Sr., his commitment will have to wait.

Sight. This is what I want you to do.

Go to that address and sing "Happy Birthday" to my dear daddy.

Do not let anything stop you.

Just go out there and sing to him.

Tell him it's from his beloved son.

Is it okay if I stop for five minutes on the way?

Yes, but don't delay. It's fine.

Oh, and listen.

Listen. When you sing, she sings loud, with feeling.

Are you sure you don't want me to sing Sweet Adeline ?

No no no no. "Happy Birthday".

"Happy Birthday". It's fine.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a cross between a nightingale and a carrier pigeon.

You know, this is going to be really good.

My father hates music and especially hates singers.

It will be fun, right?

Very funny.

Just an occurrence. That's all, just an occurrence.

Calling Mr. Robertson.

Sr. Robertson, please.

Hi Denny.

Hello, pup, how are things?

OKAY. How's it going?

I can't complain, I can't complain.

What's up Gay?

Oh, okay, Denny, how are you?

Oh I can't complain, I really can't complain.

Hotel Raleigh. I pass it on.

Are you new here or am I being too cheeky?

No, for the first question. Yes to the second.

Your face looks familiar to me. Have you been to Atlantic City?

- Have you already been there? - Yes.

So I didn't go.

What does he do with your nights?

Some I like, others I pass.

You have an answer for everything, right?

But of course, I stay here all day. Hotel Raleigh.

Girl, you're too pretty to work.

If you only listened to me, you'd lie on a velvet couch all day,

Eating chocolates to be as big as a house.

Oh, Denny, you're so dumb.

Filth. I was unmasked.

Hotel Raleigh. I'll make the call.

Why the cap?

Postal Union brings you more news.

Don't tell me you're going to work overtime again?

But I won't be long, if you can stand it for an hour,

We can still go to my bachelor party together.

Are you sure you don't want to spend the night with Nicky and the boys?

You are welcome. I know all his jokes by heart.

Besides, I want to have one last dinner with you while we're still single.

Oh, Denny.

I can't believe it's true.

Oh, this time it's really true.

- Here's the license. - Do not miss it.

No way. It goes straight to the vault along with other important documents.

Hotel Raleigh.


See you honey.

Mercury flies with wings on his feet!

I used to pose as bookends.

Are you happy, darling?

Very happy.

Is he one of the reasons?

He is absolutely right.

Hotel Raleigh.

By chance my keen ears detect again...

the distant tinkle of your wedding bells?

Yeah, and it's all set for tomorrow morning.


If I remember correctly, this is the third

time my greetings are premature.

Four. But this time it will happen.

I see.

And can I tell my radio audience what the beautiful bride is going to wear?

I'll wait to finish everything, then I'll tell you everything.

If you tell me, it will be the first time you tell me anything.

You know, Mary, if you wanted to be nice,

I would write half of my program.

about what happens on the panel of your phone.

My job is to connect people, not separate them.

Hotel Raleigh.

That is a good sentence.

If you listen to me tomorrow night, you would.

By the way, why don't you appear on one of my shows?

Then we can go to my apartment for a little dinner.

Oh, I would love to.

Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

I don't know if Denny will like his apartment.

Yeah... Well, I'll keep trying.

You called the wrong number.

Union of postcards.

I have a special message for Mr. Barrett.

Messrs. Barrett is busy right now, you'll have to wait.

Oh, Denny!

Mona Parker, I had no idea you lived...

I'll talk to you later.

Sit down, Mona.

Meet my attorneys, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Loftus.

How are you? Yes, we already know each other.

Messrs. Barrett is saying you've decided

for a legal separation from her son.

Yes, that exactly.

Well, maybe you're right, Mona.

I admit that Cyrus has been behaving very badly.

Drinking and dancing...

Let me tell you, Mr. Barrett, that you are responsible.


I try to control our life as if it were his own,

and it just didn't work.

Well, I wanted the best for you two.

If Cyrus loves me, he'll come to his senses and straighten out.

And if he doesn't, well...

So it means we shouldn't be together. Only that.

It is certainly a reasonable way of looking at the situation.

What happens between you two is none of my business.

I'm only worried about one thing.

I know what he's going to say.

If I leave my baby here, you offer me a deal.


I knew you were a smart girl.

You're doing the right thing

by considering your child's well-being first.


That's why I take it with me.

You will do what I say

if you know what is best for you.

Surely you know that there are legal means

through which Mr. Barrett can obtain custody of the child.

I'm warning you. It is better to accept the deal.

I've stayed before. And I can do it again.

You have no right to deprive the child of the things I can give him.

There is one thing you are forgetting.

Turns out I'm the boy's mother.

And I think you're absolutely right.

Who are you.?

I'm Denny Martin, Postal Union.

What does he want?

I have a special message for you.

♪ happy birthday ♪

♪ Congratulations dear daddy ♪

♪ happy birthday ♪

Signed, "Your beloved son."

Get out of here!


But I still think you're right.

Go! Get out of here!

Oh, I'm leaving.

I understand the hints.

Get out of here!





What do you want?

Orange juice, eggs with ham, toast and coffee.



Hello, sleepyhead, it's the bride.

Well, hello, earlier than me.

I'm here at the corner store.

Is there something special that you and your partner

room would you like for our wedding coffee?

Honey, why don't you surprise us today?

It's okay. I will surprise you.

Put the coffee. Going up.

It's practically boiling. Come quickly.


Come on, tovarich [companion], get out of that cloud. Today is my wedding.


My horse won and they paid 50 to 1,

and when I'm about to collect my money you wake me up.

What difference does it make? You would lose everything in the next race anyway.

That is your problem.

The horses of your dreams are always nightmares.

What cute pajamas for a godfather.

Hey, what are you complaining about?

Since when does a groomsman have to wear fancy pajamas?

The idea. Being godfather

It's silly, really.

If the godfather is the best,

Why does the bride marry the groom?

Hey, did you drink my hair tonic again?

My dear onions.

One day you will grow up to be beautiful onions.

Denny, my garden is getting beautiful.

I love gardening.

There is nothing like being close to the ground.

A garden has an effect on me.

Tell me, Nicky, how is your garden?

Do I have to repeat it all over again?

Oh, it must be Mary, could you open for her?

It's fine..


Isn't it a perfect day for a wedding?

Mary, I hate to say this,

but I saw your horoscope last night.

and the stars are against you.

What kind of nonsense is that?

It's not nonsense.

Look, you're a Sagittarius and Denny is a Libra.

It turns out that the Moon is in the middle of the sky and Mars is in the ascendant.

That part is fine. Then?

The problem is that today Pluto is in conjunction with Uranium.

Oh, and what does that mean?

That you should postpone the wedding.

You can control Mars and Uranus, but never play Pluto.

Why don't you ask the stars when you're going to find a job?

Well, I already did that and they told me not to try it until 1942.

Well, it's not that long.

Hello Mary, how beautiful you are!

How do you know? You're not even looking at me.

And do I need to see you? You are always pretty.

Scoundrel! I bet you say that to all your cooks.

Hey Nicky, how about you pluck some of your spring onions for the scrambled eggs?

Oh my chives. They are so young.

Well, they won't be any younger than that.

What are you singing?

The Russian harvest song.

Honey, there should be a girl like you in every kitchen.

- It's free. - And I'm good too.

What are you making up this morning?

Scrambled eggs with chives.

A wedding cafe fit for a king.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

- Can you serve? - With pleasure.

That's what I like. Good home life.

Love it!

If I were a dreamer, Mary, do you know what I would dream?

tell me

A little place in the country, with a couple of acres of land,

enough room for a few chickens and maybe a large dog.

And right in the middle, a country house like the one you see in the books.

Oh Denny, that sounds great!

I think we would all be very happy.

Now, listen here, tovarich ,

when Mrs. Martin and I return to the estate

after the wedding, it will no longer be a bachelor pad.


I think I understood.

A toast to the newlyweds.

May all your problems be small.

I do not have any problem. I am healthy, happy.

I have a wonderful girl and a wonderful job.

Could you excuse me?

Telegram to Mr. Denny Martin.

It's me, thanks.

You're welcome.

what do you think about it? someone congratulating us

even before we got married.

Oh, Denny, I hope you haven't forgotten.

to tell your boss you want to take the day off.

Looks like I won't have to ask for a break.

No? And why not?

Look darling. You better read.

Due to your actions at the Barrett residence last night,

their services will no longer be needed.

Oh, Denny, I told you you were going to get me in trouble.

What a good sense of humor, huh?

A comrade bids you farewell on a congratulatory paper.

Yes, did you see that? Pluto, that little devil.

Every time you try to help someone you end up hurting yourself.

It's alright dear.

When Mona was in the theater, she tried to get me a job.

She's a good person and I'm glad I did what I did,

but I think I got carried away, that was all.

I know you did it for good, Denny.

I feel bad that we'll have to postpone the wedding again.


You know we can't get married unless you have a job.

Be practical.

Now, I'm tired of being practical.

I want to get married.

I'd like you two to make up your mind.

From so much packing and unpacking, my clothes are spoiling!

"Radio and Theater Audition for Singers"

♪ Some seek solace in a sad and sober song ♪

♪ Plunging into the depths of those realms ♪

♪ While others thrive on things that terrify people ♪

♪ I guess it's a matter of taste ♪

♪ Well I say, sing a song about sunshine ♪

♪ Let the notes fall where they want ♪

♪ Sing a song of sunshine ♪

♪ In a fantastic and light way ♪

♪ Show the sad ones that you're busy ♪

♪ And that you just can't be bothered ♪

♪ They'll get up and go ♪

♪ Because they know they are null and void ♪

♪ People are dying for a smile ♪

♪ If you give up, they'll give up ♪

♪ People always love a jovial gentleman ♪

♪ They might even make him president ♪

♪ So sing a song of sunshine ♪

♪ Let the notes fall where they may ♪

♪ Sing a song of sunshine ♪

♪ In a fantastic and light way ♪

♪ Life is never perfect but it's not always wrong ♪

♪ So all you have to do is sing a sunshine song ♪

Here we are.

How much is it?

Oh, it's free, ma'am.


It is a new service of the Rayo de Sol Taxi Company.

to promote goodwill and increase business.

If you liked it, please tell your friends.

Well, I've never seen anything like it.

It's a new idea, you know?

Taking my taxi is like taking the copper ring on the carousel.

You win a free race with music included.

I thought it was amazing, and I loved his voice.

Have you listened to Martinelli?

Oh yeah.

Of course, it's also good, but it doesn't have a taxi.

Hi darling.

How are you, little flower?

Don't change the subject.

What business?

What am I thinking, fool.

How's the new job going?

Oh, it's great!

Today I closed at kilometer 40, 84 choruses and two finals on a high note.

Oh I hope it lasts.

I hope my vocal cords do too.

It's really wonderful, honey.

I am evolving in the world.

That's not a job, it's a great position.

I sit, direct and sing for a real audience.

Yes, but for no more than four people at a time.

It's still better than singing on the phone,

At least they can't hang me in the face.

That is progress.

How much more will you earn per week?

You know, honey. This is the first real opportunity I've had.

How much more are you going to earn?

More than two million people take a taxi a day in this city.


The odds are two million to one in my favor.

Wait a second.

Are you going to tell me how much more money you're going to earn a week?

Well, it's not exactly anymore, it's...

Oh, will you get equal pay?

No, not exactly the same.

How much?

Well, that's $2 less a week.

$2 less per week?

Oh, it's evolving in the world.

Two more evolutions like this will be in the background.

Well, it's a job anyway,

and we can get married tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

So Saturday. We'll have the whole weekend for our honeymoon.

We're going to save it for Saturday night, after work.

We can use the salary of that extra day.

Oh there you go again

putting money before romance.

You know very well what happened the last time you asked for the day off.

Is history.

Oh mira.

It's not sweet?

Oh, Denny... do you think we'll ever be able to

raise money for a room like this?

Who wants a room like this?

Can you imagine me in a bed that size?

Look at that cute little chair and wallpaper.

Of course, we will have to put something in the corner.

Sounds like a good place to put a bar.

Oh, what do you know about babies?

I know a lot about babies. If you want to know, I was once one.

Sometimes when I hear you talk like that I think you even like them.

Of course I like babies.

I also like horses, but I wouldn't want to live with one.

Besides, what's so wonderful about having children?

A boy and a girl get married and have a baby,

they give all the attention, they make many sacrifices,

the baby grows, home, and what is left?

Some faded photographs from that day at Coney Island.


Your father wouldn't like to hear you talk like that.

My father was the one who told me that.

It's true?

My mother told me something else.

Yes of course.

Wait until you're pushing your stroller

through Central Park, you'll change your mind.

The only cart I will push. Will that be my taxi if it stops?

That's the way it is, friend.

The voice of experience.

Well, there it is.

Look over there. Looks like Nicky's business is doing well today, huh?

Get out of the way. Let me see.

Where is?

¡Oh mira!

Hey, Copernicus, wake up, come here.

What's about you? You are losing a fortune.

Everyone is watching for free.

They can peek over there,

but on that side there is nothing.

Very good.

Hey, Nicky, what's this?

What is the intention?

Why did you cut the price in half?

Today is the waning moon.

So save the stars and the moon,

Let's get something to eat, eh?

Why should a man eat?

To live What should a man live for?

Hears! Ask me the same as you!

Hey, what's up today?

I do not know. Ma Kelly never had music.

Sad song. Like in Russia.

Now I can get depressed while eating.

Hello, children.

How is the Avenger Troubadour today?

The Traveler troubadour , Mrs. Kelly, and you are doing very well today.

I see you have musical.

Oh that?

Wow, he's just one of those playboys who gets drunk.

You are feeling very sorry for yourself.

What do you think about that? He takes his own band to a restaurant.

Then the gang take him home.

What will it be today, children? The dish of the day?

That there. One of Mrs. Kelly's fabulous burgers.

Shoot until you win.

Denny, he's practically here now.

With Sun and Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in the middle of the sky,

Mercury looks at Saturn and the first race is at 2:00.

Now if the Moon were in Scorpio,

and Saturn conjunct the Sun,

How can you lose the second horse?

Hi Nicki.

Oh my angel.

Oh, ¿romance?

Not finances.

He wants Mamie to invest her savings

in your racing betting system.

There goes Mamie, from the pan straight to the bread line.

That's great.

Play it over and over and over again.

Hey, wait there.

Haven't you already listened to a lot of sad music?

Let's play something else for a change.

Oh hello!

Hey, it's young Barrett.

The man who got you fired?

No, his son.

- See this? - Of course.

Do you know what it is?

A match.

No no no.

What does the Statue of Liberty hold?

Well, a torch.

Same thing. That's what I'm holding.

The White Man's Burden. Hello, Mr. Barrett.

Oh, my friend from the Postal Union. And there?

- How are you? - Well.


You know, I lost my job yesterday.

Oh how bad is that.

Well, today I have a better one.

Well then it's fine now.

I'm getting married on Saturday.

Oh how bad is that.

Hey, wait there. I want you to meet Mrs. Wilson.

She is the girl I am going to marry.

How are you?

OK that's fine.

Hello, Mr. Barrett. Can I talk to you for a moment?

You can make me stop if you heard that.

Oh, do you have a new story? No.

Oh no. It's an old story and you've probably heard it.

But that's how it is.

Most scientists agree that one of the few things

that cannot be preserved in alcohol is a happy home.

I get it.

In fact, I ended up coming to the same conclusion.

And all I want is a few more drinks

and some more songs to extinguish the torch.

Play, boys.

You will never put out the torch with that kind of music they play.

It is the same. Denny, give them something lively. cheer them up.

Listen here, Mrs. Kelly. When I park my taxi, I park my voice.

But if you think it will do her some good, she might reconsider.

Of course it will do you good.

All right, guys.

As soon as you finish lunch, play Hickory Limb.

OK dude.

You start, Joe. We join you in the choir.

♪ I was flipping through an old quote book ♪

♪ And I found the theme of romance ♪

♪ When poets and sages wrote the ancient wisdom ♪

♪ They gave the lover only half a chance ♪

♪ In every bit of pleasure there will be pain ♪

♪ If you think it's not business, then refrain ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree when love passes by ♪

♪ Then you won't know sadness in a breath ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ When spring is in the air ♪

♪ You will not be a victim of despair ♪

♪ You can laugh at boyfriends who grieve and faint ♪

♪ They are so romantic that they trusted the moon ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ Unless you feel like I do ♪

♪ That love is worth more than the problems it brings ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree when love passes by ♪

♪ Then you won't know sadness in a breath ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ When spring is in the air ♪

♪ And you won't be a victim of despair ♪

♪ You can laugh at boyfriends who grieve and faint ♪

♪ They are so romantic that they trusted the moon ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ Unless you feel like I do ♪

♪ That love is worth more than the problems it brings ♪

♪ Hang your heart on a walnut tree when love passes by ♪

♪ You will not know sadness, you will not sigh ♪

♪ Hang your heart on the branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ When spring is in the air ♪

♪ We are so happy when the sky is blue ♪

♪ Spring makes me cheerful ♪

♪ Watch out ♪

♪ Laugh at silly boyfriends ♪

♪ They are so romantic that they trusted the moon ♪

♪ Hang your heart on a branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ Unless you feel like I do ♪

♪ That love is worth more than the problems it brings ♪

♪ You can laugh at boyfriends who grieve and faint ♪

♪ They are so romantic that they trusted the moon ♪

♪ Hang your heart on a branch of a walnut tree ♪

♪ Unless you feel like I do ♪

♪ That love is worth more than the problems it brings ♪

They're good, right?

Thanks my friend. That was like a tonic.

I swear it was my last drunk.

And tomorrow I'm going to go to a bathhouse

to get plenty of fresh air.

I like it that way.

Hello, Mr. Barrett.

I've been looking for you all over town.

Oh yeah?

Well, you found me. What's up?

Your little domestic squabble will put you in the headlines.

I thought you might like to tell your side of the story.

Don't be nice to me.

Oh, it's not a matter of being nice to you, boy.

After all, your father is my sponsor.

I'd like to do you a favor if possible.

So what happened to his wife and baby?

Why don't you talk to your sponsor?

He is taking care of everything.

Well, from what I see we're not going anywhere.

So I guess I'll just have to do my best.

Good evening.

Ah, the little mermaid on my switchboard.

Are you happy, darling?

Why don't you go play with your microphone?

This is the voice of love speaking.

And a wiser man than before as I said,

"Love is drunkenness, marriage is a headache,

and divorce is aspirin."

Permit. You fascinate me.

Would you mind telling me the day of your birth?

Not at all.

According to the DeWolfe family annals, I entered

this valley of tears a brilliant April 25.

As I thought. Taurus, the bull.

♪ The only thing to do is sing a song of sunshine ♪

How much was it?

Oh, it's free, ma'am.

Sun Ray Company Service.

Oh, then I'll have to give her something.

Hi Denny.

I thought you couldn't get a tip.

Well, but the customer is always right, you know.

Taxi please.

Could you wait a while? One more person comes.

Of course Miss.

To the Federal Broadcaster, please.

Yes ma'am.

This goes after the first commercial.

"Manhattan Heartthrobs, dos puntos.

"The rushing crowds on Fifth Avenue yesterday afternoon..."

♪ Sing a song of sunshine ♪

What was the last?

"Fifth Avenue yesterday afternoon."


"They were not disturbed by a rather ordinary spectacle...

♪ In a light and fantastic way ♪

♪ Show the sad ones that you're busy ♪

♪ That they can't bother you ♪

What did I just dictate?

"Somewhat ordinary show."

Oh yeah. "For a fairly ordinary show..."

♪ People are crazy for a smile ♪

One minute please.

Without being rude, may I ask you to postpone your singing?

I like music, boy, but not while I'm dictating.

Listen, Mr. DeWolfe,

this world would be better if there was

more music and less dictation.

For Daily Press readers, a warning.

Don't be fooled by conflicting reports about the

impending split from the socially distinguished Cyrus Barrett, Jr.

Some of my less obscure colleagues have given

unsubstantiated information about this separation,

which, believe me, is friendly.

This was confirmed last night.

by none other than Cyrus Barrett Jr. himself,

whom I interviewed in a little-known coffee shop,

despite the vocal interruption of a certain Denny Martin.

Martin is my number one candidate for public embarrassment.

He is a taxi driver for Rayo de Sol, which brings danger to traffic,

when singing to the passengers.

If they make any law,

Why not create one that bans singing drivers like Martin?

And that, dear listeners, should satisfy your appetite for news and...

Danny, please. Don't suffer for what he said.

Oh, I'm not hurt.

Every hit is a push, you know.

Yes I know.

And no matter what they say about you,

As long as they spell your name right.

Same thing.

Too long, dear?

I have two more hours of service.

Also, when someone known as DeWolfe mentions your name

You never know what can happen.

That's exactly what I'm afraid of.

I'm sure, Mr. Barrett, that everything will work out.

Hope so.

Sres. Loftus.

- Good evening, Mr. Barrett. - Good evening, J.F.

So, Loftus, did you get that order?

Of course.

But it's a temporary order

that gives you custody of your grandson until the hearing.

And this is another temporary order that prevents

Have Mrs. Barrett take the child.

of the jurisdiction of the court.

That means you can't take it out of state hands.

Perfect. Have a brandy, Loftus.


Well, let me congratulate you gentlemen on the way you take care of it.

Everything is going according to plan.

So far so good, huh?

Messrs. Barrett! Mr Barrett!

What's happening?

¡Oh, Sr. Barrett, es terrible!

I don't know how to tell it.

What happened?

The baby. He went away!


I left her little room for five minutes.

I went down to the laundry room.

- Where is Mrs. Barrett? - I don't know, sir.

I am so upset!

If that child goes missing, someone has to pay for it!

Take it easy, Mr. Barrett.

You don't seem to understand what this means to me.

I understand clearly.

I already know what's going on here.

- It was not my fault. - Shut!

Maybe Mrs. Barrett took the baby for a walk.

Ride? The baby is 10 months old.

Check the whole house! Look everywhere.

Don't worry, Mr. Barrett.

I will never forgive myself for this.

He went away! The baby is gone!

Impossible. We have a court order.

If that woman is responsible, I'll put her in jail.

Mona! Mona!

She took the baby.

She found out what we were going to do.

I won't let him get away with it.

Excuse me, Mr. Barrett, may I make a suggestion?

No! Get away from it!

Listen, JF, I'm going to call my friend, the Commissioner.

Nerd. It is not the most appropriate procedure.

Oh, call them all!

I'm in charge here.

This is what we have to do.

First, don't say a word to the police.

There shouldn't be a scandal.

Higgins, see that none of the servants leave the house.

Very well sir.

Get the best detective agency in town.

Tell them to spare no expense and make all men available.

I don't care how much it costs or how they do it.

But they need to find that woman.

Hello? Sunshine taxi company?

Can you tell me how I can talk to Denny Martin?

Yes, the traveling minstrel.

It's hard to say, ma'am.

Try the A. Frigideira restaurant.

Denny didn't come today.

Why don't you try the Raleigh Hotel?

If he can come here and wait, he'll catch it for sure.



- Well hello. - Hi, Danny.

could talk to you? It is extremely important.

Oh, of course. Go ahead.

Oh, but not here.

Can't we go somewhere quieter?

I think so. Enters.


Well, how are you?

It must be the quietest place in New York.

Thank you, Denny.

I know you're wondering what this is all about.

Good yes. In fact, I'm a little curious.

I listened to the Claudius DeWolfe show last night

I also.

He said you were with my husband.

Denny, I need to find him. Any idea where it could be?

Well, if he drinks again,

it can be in any of the 50 nightclubs. But...

Last time I saw him, he said he was going to a bathhouse to recover.

A bath house?

Did you say which one?

No, he didn't say that. But...

Why? Is old Barrett making a fuss again?

Oh, it's much worse than that.

He's going to get a court order to take the baby from me.

Now, your husband won't put up with that, will he?

That's the problem.

He doesn't know anything about it.

That's why I really need to find it.

Well, I know what I'd do if I were you.

Denny, I'm desperate.

I will do anything.

The first thing you have to do is hide the baby.

But where?

Well, you must have many friends.

It's the first place they'll look.

Well, how about a nursery, a hospital or something?

Can not be. It would be recognized.

Well, this is the best option.

Find someone old Barrett would never suspect.

and leave the baby with that person until things settle down.

In the meantime, you tour every bathhouse in the state.

Then, with the baby well kept, they will send you

papers until they are purple with rage.

They can't take away what you don't have.

Oh Denny. I don't know how to thank you.

Oh, it's fine.

Do you know someone you can leave the baby with?

Yes. Yes, I know someone.

Is there a telegraph station near here?

Oh yeah. At the Graystone Hotel. Two blocks from here.

Could you take me there?

Of course.

Whatever happens, I wish you luck.

Could you watch the baby?

I will not be late.

You can go. Do not hurry.

Take care that your passenger does not fall out of the seat.

At least I know that passenger hasn't been drinking.

What a cute little devil, reminds me of my younger

Your minor? How many does she have?

Five. God bless you, my loves.

I'd rather part with my right arm than either of them.

Talk like my girl.

But you see, I wouldn't give my uniform for one more.

Now you talk like me.

Can you call a taxi please?

Yes ma'am.

Yeah, Denny, boy.

After what I went through with the last baby

I swore I would never be a father again.

Are you Denny Martin?

Yes, it's me.

I have a telegram for you.

For me? You must have got the wrong Martin.

I don't think so, sir.

The lady said that her taxi would be parked in front of the hotel.

Denny: I decided to take your advice...

and leave the baby with someone my father-in-law will never suspect: YOU

I count on your help. It will only be for a few days.

I know you know that I will be forever grateful to you. Monkey".

¡Eh, you!

Is it your taxi?

Yes, of course.

Well, then get him out of there. She should have known.

If in this moment.

Well, now what?

I can't drive around town with you in the backseat.

One more sudden stop and you hit the ground.

Isn't it terrible?

The traveling troubadour with a baby in the car.


Do you care about the situation you put me in?

I figure if you find me in the seat

ass while you drive, would you take care of me.

Yes absolutely.

And if you think that little smile

It will help you in something, you are wasting your time.

God, I'd like to help. But what can I do?

You could get me in a lot of trouble.

You know as well as I do what the guidelines say.

Any valuables found

in the taxi must be handed over to the police.

And, honey, you're a valuable asset.

Oh, of course.

It's funny to you, but not to me.

Look, I'll do whatever is sensible.

I don't want to do this because I want to help you.

But it is very dangerous.

I'll take you to the 47th precinct.

You will like the guys there, they are very good policemen.

They will be nice to you.

They'll get you a big police car, a siren just for you,

They will not stop at a red light.

Zoom, they'll take you straight home.

Ah, but that's the problem. They will take you home, right?

You know you must be looking at the biggest fool

from all over New York City.

I'm an idiot and I know it.

I'm headed straight for something that ain't gonna get me nothing but trouble

But I'll tell you what I'm going to do.

Let's go to my house and figure this out, huh?


Hi Nicki.

Hi Denny.

Some message?

No. Maria didn't call.

Nicky, I have a little surprise for you.

Since I started with astrology, nothing surprises me anymore.

I know everything that will happen.

The future is always clearly written in the stars.

Well, just this morning...

Denny! Denny! ¡Denny, mira!

Take it easy. He will not bite you.

I know but why? whose? where?

Waiting. There is no mystery.

I found the baby in my taxi and brought him home.

You brought it home.

And you were the one who complained when I brought home a kid.

Same thing.

Well, what are you going to do with it?

- That's what we have to decide. - Us?

Exclude me out of this.

We are partners, right?

Because we live together, right?

Well, in a way, yes.

If you're in trouble, I'm in trouble, right?

Same thing.

If I'm in trouble, you're in trouble, right?


I am in trouble.

Very good.

Come here.

Who would say that such a headache

would come in such a small package, eh?

It is something strange. Now I am convinced.

Just this morning I was looking at your horoscope.

And the stars said that tonight something embarrassing was going to happen.

Hey, Nicky, be careful with that baby.

Do not worry.

In my family there were so many children who

my father didn't even know all of them.

I understood. You had some experience, huh?

Of course. I raised three of my siblings from birth.

Where are you now?

I do not know. They died.

What are you doing there? Can't you do anything with that crying?

I'm not crying. It's the baby.

You are crying.

I'm in trouble and you're the one crying.

Hey, what are you singing?

It's a beautiful Russian lullaby.

It tells of a girl whose boyfriend leaves her to join the army and is murdered.

- Then she jumps off a cliff. - Give me that baby.

Do you want the poor thing to have nightmares all night?

Turn off the lights.

Now, listen here, little friend.

It's getting late.

It's time to put an end to those tears.

You must think it's different.

I don't know, maybe you do.

Or do you think you are big for your age?

You better go to sleep, young man.

But if I can't convince you...

♪ Anyone can... ♪

♪ That cunning gentleman on the alameda feather mattress ♪

♪ He's looking at you ♪

♪ He's looking through your window ♪

♪ He took sand from the sky ♪

♪ That sparkles and shines ♪

♪ It will splash your eyes with dreams ♪

♪ It will make your little heart very happy and cheerful ♪

♪ You'll ride a rocking horse through the Milky Way ♪

♪ Why stay awake? ♪

♪ Better take the dream train ♪

♪ With the cunning gentleman of the alameda feather mattress ♪

Good morning, Mr. Barrett.

Then? Then? Did they find anything?

He went through all the clubs looking for his son.

Forget it.

What did she do with the baby?

We're still working on it, sir.

She checked into the Fabian Hotel but was alone.

He must have left the child somewhere before we picked him up.

Now listen to me.

I'm not interested in that woman.

I'm not interested in reports.

I'm only interested in one thing.

Where is that baby?

That's what I'm paying you for, to find out.

Where is that baby?

Nicky. Nicky.


Take the baby out of circulation.

Good morning, Mrs. Lee.

Good morning, Mr. Martin.

Any problem? Yes.

Could you tell your colleague Mr. Bulabulakoff

to be more careful when watering the plants in the morning?

Well, what happened?

Mrs. Watson, my downstairs tenant,

leave the parrot in the window just below the flower boxes.

And the falling water made the parrot catch cold and he can't talk anymore.

I'll handle it, Mrs. Lee.

Let's see if there is any way.

It was close.

Why do you worry so much?

Imagine if he finds out we have a baby here.

Well, what if he finds out?

Then we moved to a bigger place with a bigger garden.

Who can have something against plants and babies?

It turns out that this is not a normal baby.

Well, it seems normal to me.

Nicky, I wasn't going to tell you that,

but it turns out that this baby is the grandson of Cyrus Barrett.

¿ Nieto de Cyrus Barrett?


Now can you understand why we have to keep quiet?

Now I understand why we will be silent for a long time

if anyone finds out

But it's only for a few days.

And don't get too excited.

Where did you put it? The fact that?

Oh yes, the baby.

There it is, like an Indian slingshot.

Are you crazy?

What if he falls on his head or something?

That's nothing, I fell on my head twice when I was a baby.

Oh yeah? Once was enough.

Here it is.

What do you want now? What was that?

Oh I understood. He is hungry.

Hey Nicky, what do we have for dinner at home?

Everything. We have bell peppers, rarebit sauce , pickles,

Swiss cheese and a beautiful salami.

Salami. You can't give those things to babies.

They need milk and oatmeal.

I'll put something on and go to the store.

Just bring the oatmeal...

and leave me the milk.

Here it is. Stay here now.

The milk train will be here soon.

-Nicky? - Yes?

Back then.

Don't let anyone in while I'm gone.

Nobody, got it?

Do you think I'll stick my head in the lion's mouth

When do I know you're about to close it?

This meal is brought to you courtesy of man's best friend. Cow.



Mary, oh. Hello Mary. How are you?

How am I? Do not be ridiculous.

Open the door.

The door? Well now I can't.

How? I came to prepare breakfast.

But my coat is being ironed.

Do not be silly. Wear a robe.

My robe is also being ironed.

What's happening? Where's Denny?


Where's Denny?

Oh, questions about Danny?

Well, it's gone.

He left?

When is he coming back?

He did not say.

Oh, you don't say things with things.

Well, when he gets back, tell him to call me.

Let's see baby when you grow up and a woman knocks on your door

This is how you should talk to him.

See ya Harry.

- See you later, Denny. - Bye.

Oh, Denny!


The first rule, baby, to succeed in life is to take care of your appearance.


Hears! Hears!

What's happening?

What are you trying to do with the baby?

This is how I play with babies.

Well, now I understand what happened to your three brothers.

I went as fast as I could. Did you miss me, baby?

I did my best to entertain him while you were away.

Yes, but no one knows how to take care of you like I do.

Isn't that right, darling?

We'll have to make some changes for tonight.

Hope so. It was very uncomfortable to sleep on the floor.

Baby, soon you'll have to go back to your other daddy.

because I'm getting married tonight.

Is that hat new, Mary?

If you like?

It wouldn't fit me.

But I didn't buy it from you.

Calling Mr. Cook. Mr. Cook, please.

Hello Mary. Hello, Mr. DeWolfe.

Are you happy, darling?

Not much.

Oh yeah? Well, there are two problems in life.

love and money

I'm not broke, if that's what you mean.

I can infer that a cloud of disharmony

is covering the sunlight of your romance?

There is no romance. She finished.

Did you let the Traveling Troubadour travel alone?

He does not travel alone. That's why I left it.

Are you telling me that he has acquired another interest in life?

I'm not telling you, but I can't help but guess.

Forget it, Maria. One man's loss is another man's gain.

A broken heart for you, a new article for me.

Good evening, Mr. DeWolfe.

Good evening.


Mary, I've been trying to talk to you all day.

There must be something wrong with the phone panel, huh?

Well, there's one good thing about phone panels,

when you don't want to talk to someone, just log out.

I do not get it. Since when did you start unplugging the boyfriend?

If you're engaged, it's someone else's, not me.

Hey, wait. Remember me?

I'm the guy you're marrying today.

You are not. This time I'm definitely postponing the wedding.

Wow! Wow! What is hapening here?

This requires some explanation.

I think you owe an explanation.

Like what?

Like why didn't Nicky let me in this morning?

when I went for a surprise.

Are you saying you went there and Nicky wouldn't let you in?

He didn't even say anything to me.

Oh, you won't laugh your way out of this.

Look, Denny, I've always been fair to you.

I didn't care when you lost your job

because I knew I was trying too hard.

I even tolerated them postponing the wedding four times!

But there is one thing I do not tolerate, no woman would.

And that's what happened this morning.

Oh honey. You shouldn't have gotten upset over a little thing like that.

Small thing? Small thing?

Do you think I enjoyed standing behind the door on our wedding day,

hearing you say "baby" to that... woman?

Oh, the old monster with the green eyes, huh?

Did you know that you look gorgeous when you're jealous?

I'm not jealous. I'm fed up. That's it.

Go. Come with me.

I want you to meet someone.

I'll never go anywhere with you again! Never more!

- Hello Mary. - Oh, good night.

Your jacket is much better after ironing it.

Well, I had to say something.

Yes, you're very good at making excuses.

You should be ashamed.

But you said not to let anyone in.

No one? Why, Mary is nobody.

she is the whole world

She can come here whenever she wants, don't forget that.

You know, I think Mary is the most wonderful girl in the world.

Now, if you had the slightest idea how I feel about her...

Explain it to him next week.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go to work.

When the sun goes down, I go out.

He's a great guy.

He would do anything in the world for me... and he would do it wrong.

Well, I'm waiting.

Yes. Honey, I have a confession to make.

I need to say it sooner or later.

It's good that it is now.

I know you're old enough

to understand when I say that someone else entered my life.

I want you to meet the person you heard me talking to this morning.

Oh Denny! A baby!

You have guessed it from the beginning.

What is he doing here?

Well, I'll explain later.

I'm just doing one person a favor.

Now, if you ask me nicely, I might forgive you.

Oh, Denny.

Hello Darling.

Oh, isn't it a love?

Look at those little hands!

The size of the nails always surprises me.

Have you ever seen something as small as this?

Weren't you the type who didn't like babies?

Well yes, there must be many babies that I would not like.

You can never tell. It's like when you meet a lot of people.

Some you like, some you don't.

I like this one, that's it.

Oh, Denny, we're going to have...

I mean, I hope our plans work out.

Succeed? Look, honey, for me, we would have...

Now, there are many things that I would like to have if all goes well.

For a moment I thought you wouldn't like to have...

Some people have funny ideas about certain things, right?

Yes Yes. But they also change their minds.

Don't you think a baby will feel lonely?

Of course.

They want company, just like anyone else.

It was what I thought.

You know, if I ever decide to have children

I want to have them all together.

Well, there is something new under the sun after all.

This must be the first time a baby has postponed a wedding.

Same thing.

We'd make a good group, with the best man holding him on his lap.

Duérmete, duérmete.

You can never sleep like this.

Yes, I will do it.

If you want a lesson on how to put the baby to sleep, I'll teach you.

Come here.

Here we go.

You can listen if you want

but you have to stay awake.

♪ Do you want to hear a story? ♪

♪ The most amazing story you've ever heard ♪

♪ Talk about a certain romance ♪

♪ The most amazing romance ♪

♪ You'll have to believe what I say ♪

♪ It may seem like a lie ♪

♪ But it's the purest truth ♪

♪ I know an angel on the east side of heaven ♪

♪ Who lives in a room on the first floor ♪

♪ We meet on the roof and dream in the dark ♪

♪ When the lights of New York bloom ♪

♪ All day long it's the same old Manhattan ♪

♪ But the night sets me free again ♪

♪ So I turn off Broadway to the east side of heaven ♪

♪ Where an angel waits for me ♪

Well? News?

Yes, Mr. Barrett. It's about his daughter-in-law.

What's wrong with her?

Two of my most experienced men

They followed her from the hotel to Pennsylvania Station.

You know, Mr. Barrett, how big that place is, and there are thousands of people there.

Are you saying you lost track of him?

I hate to admit it, Mr. Barrett, but that's what happened.

What kind of detectives are these?

If that's the best they can do, it's not good enough.

Send the invoice to Mr. Fisher.

Yes sir.

This way, gentlemen.

Loftus, I'm worried.

Call the police, sir.

It's the right thing to do.

Nerd. Advertising...

This is no time for pride, sir.

As long as we knew where your daughter-in-law was,

there was a chance we could find the baby.

But now, I could really be in danger

your life could be at risk.

Call the police commissioner.

Very well sir.

Never a shred of scandal touched the Barrett family name.

The Barrett name hasn't been in the press lately.

And my informants say that young Cyrus Barrett

he no longer frequents his favorite places of entertainment.

Which leads us to believe that your current domestic difficulties

they beat him deeply.

And going down one or two rungs on the social ladder, it is

interesting to know that Barrett's favorite singer,

Denny Martin, the traveling minstrel, put out an old flame.

But at least Martin was lucky.

You have already found a new baby.

And from what I've been hearing, quite the baby.

And that, dear listeners, must satisfy...

Remember one thing. If someone asks "do you know me?",

do it like this:

Good good good. How's mom?


News? Did you listen to DeWolfe's show?

I don't care about the DeWolfe show.

You will be interested in this one.

He just told the whole world that you have a baby here.

You do't know what you are talking about.

Maybe not, but DeWolfe knew what he was talking about.

We just found out, right?

- What did he say? -He said you found a baby!

Well that's impossible. How could she know that?

You didn't tell him, did you?

Look, last night a guy asked me the time and I didn't tell him.

I do not understand. How did she say?

Said you just snuffed out an old flame.

and that you have already found a "new baby".

Oh, I should have known by now.

You are wrong about everything.

What does it mean?

“I think Mary told you that she heard me talking to a woman here.

That's DeWolfe's loving way of putting it.

You know he meant a girl,

And now I know he meant a girl, but DeWolfe said "baby."


And what is he? The lonely knight?

Well, you may be right about that.

I'd better talk to Mary to make sure

that he says nothing more to DeWolfe.

Get out of here.

Yes? Are you Denny Martin?

The same.

I'm Detective Lieutenant Finnegan.

of the Missing Persons Bureau.

Maybe you could help me.

Of course, come in.


He works at Rayo de Sol, right?

Yes, I do.

Does this tell you something?

Of course, that photo is on all the covers.

It's the missing lady.

Have you seen her before?

Actually yes. He took my taxi a few days ago.

Where did you pick it up?

In the vicinity of the Raleigh Hotel.

¿Hotel Raleigh?

That helps a lot.

Did you carry the child?


Where did you leave it?

Let me see...

I don't have my notebook here, but...

Oh, I remembered.

I left her at the Graystone Hotel.

Do you remember what time it was?

I'm not so sure,

but I think it was between 9:00 and 10:00.

Thanks, Martin.

Is that all you have to tell me?

Yes, that's all I can say.

Ok, if we need you again, we will contact you.

I'll be happy to do what I can.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

Bye Baby.

What's happening?

Aren't you going to take him home?

You think I'm crazy? I couldn't walk two blocks with him.


Do you want to stop?

But, Denny, with all the police

of New York in search of these babies, the radio and the

Newspapers are going to turn this into a federal project.

Didn't you realize that we really are in trouble?

We're in trouble, but it's not as bad as you make it out to be.

We'll be out of this as soon as Mrs. Barrett shows up.

and take the baby with her. - Okay, but what if she doesn't show up?

Do you want to stop worrying? Everything will be fine.

That's what they told the Tsar, and then the revolution began.

We didn't do anything wrong.

We have a good explanation for why the baby is here.

I know Mrs. Barrett, she asked me to take care of the baby

And that's what I'm doing.

They can't do anything against us for that.

With this alibi, there is no jury in the world that can give us more than 10 years.

You have to get him out of here.

Listen here, the baby is not leaving this house with me today.

The first policeman who sees me arrests me.

What difference there are? You said you could explain it.

Well it's the same for you

I'd rather spend the night here than in jail.

Anyway, while we're at it, let's go all the way.

Besides, Mrs. Barrett should show up any minute and she'll fix everything.

If she doesn't show up tomorrow, I'll go to old man Barrett.

"If she doesn't show up tomorrow."

Alcatraz, I already hear your call.

Missing Barrett Jr.'s wife and son.

Police looking for millionaire's grandson.

Search for Barrett's wife and baby.

Millionaire Barrett searches for his grandson.

Trace of Barrett's disappearance in a taxi.

Singing driver helps the police search.

Apparently, Martin was the last person to see Mrs. Barrett and the baby together.

- Hello, Fil. - Hi Mary.

How's business?

With so much cold, we are selling a lot this week.

Thanks to the meteorologist.

Mr. Fredericks from 712 has a terrible cold.

- Really? - Sr. DeWolfe, company for you.

Hi, Mary.

Good day.

Are you happy, darling?

Yes, but no thanks to you.

- What did I do? - Oh nothing.

You just announced to the whole world that Denny

and I had parted ways, that's all.

What do you need, Mary?

I'm skipping lunch. A chocolate shake, please.

What's all the fuss about saying Denny found a new baby?

Maybe he wasn't totally wrong. Watch this.

Isn't that fun?

I announce that the Traveling Troubadour has found a new baby.

And two days later, voila! The news comes out

that he actually had baby Barrett in his cab.

It is fun.

What's so shocking about it? Taxis carry hundreds of people.

I don't even find it interesting.

It's because you're not a radio reporter.

But I, Mary, was very interested.


"Apparently, cabbie Martin...

"She was the last person to see Mrs. Barrett and her baby together."

Honey, you got us in a lot of trouble.

Yes, the problem is correct.

I had no idea it would go this far.

If the police catch us, it could go further.

We'd better think of something and fast.

Well, I did everything I could for Mona, but

I have a strange feeling that something went wrong somewhere.


- I think I'll see old Barrett. - Well said.

Pay attention. If that spy comes back, you play dumb, understand?

I can try, but I'm not a very good actor.

Well, you won't need that for this role.


- It can? - Yes of course.

Good afternoon, Mr. Barrett.

Look here, young man. Don't start singing.

Somehow. There will be no singing today.

I came to do you a favor.

What is it?

Well, if someone came to do me a favor, I'd ask them to sit down.

Sit down.

Did you know you have a wonderful grandson, Mr. Barrett?

He's a great baby.

Could you go straight to the point?

Your son is fine too.

Of course, he's been confused lately, because of you.

What is all this?

Here I go, but let me talk first.

This all started when he broke up his son's marriage.

He caused even more trouble when he tried to take the baby from his daughter-in-law.


He already kicked me out of here once.

Don't do it again if you want your grandson back.


Do you know where it is?

I could bring it to you in 15 minutes,

but we have to do one thing right first.

How much do you want?

How much do you offer?

Wow, forget it, Mr. Barrett. Not everyone acts with money in mind.

I think he found out when he lost his grandson.

I'm nobody by your standards, and you're pretty important.

but I know when I'm right and you're wrong.

For God's sake, man.

If you know where the baby is, take me to him.

Maybe I was wrong, but I suffered for him.

I'll do anything to get that baby back.


Okay, so let your son and your wife control your lives.

Give them the opportunity to succeed.

Very good. I will do it.

Okay, let's go.

- Has the child been well cared for? - He's fine?

One hundred percent. I'll explain everything to you on the way.


I'll make sure he's well rewarded, Martin.

Don't worry about it. There is nothing I want.

We'll talk about that later.

Nicky. Nicky, traje al Sr. Barrett.

Here we are, Mr. Barrett.

Here is your baby.

Nicky, what happened?

Wait wait.

Go on, what happened?

There was a knock on the door.

and someone said, "telegram."

I opened the door, stuck my head out.

Something hit me and here I am, seeing stars again.

- Who did that? - I do not know.

Listen, Martin.

I don't know what your little game is, but he won't get away with it.

He said he was with my grandson, and I thought he was.

Let's see what the police think.

And if you are responsible,

I will not be calm until you are in jail.

What is your place?

Wait! Mr Barrett! Please, you have to listen.

And now, what are we going to do?

Barrett goes straight to the police.

We only have one thing to do. Get out of town!

But we are innocent!

That's what a guy said when he was hanged.

But we did nothing. All we did was help one person.

What we did was lose baby Barrett, that's all,

I want to see how we go about explaining this. Go!

- Where we go? - Brother, let's go.

The line is busy, ma'am.

Mary, can you tell 402 that the papers haven't come in yet?

You know, there's some really weird stuff going on in this hotel.

Can you imagine what that DeWolfe ordered?

No what?

Baby basket, bottle and malted milk.

And only for singles.

Hotel Raleigh.

Come on, Denny. sing.


One moment, please. Hi Denny.

What's happening?

I need to tell you something but I don't want anyone to hear.

I stopped to say goodbye.

Bye? where are you going?

I need to get out of town.

Get out of town? Why?

Because Nicky and I can be arrested at any time.



Because of what happened with Nicky this morning.

For the love of God. What happened?

Well I brought old Barrett

to get the baby and there was no baby.

Someone took it.

Did someone take it?

Who would do that?

I don't know and I won't wait to find out.

One minute. Come here.

What's happening?

Do you know anyone who drinks bottled gin?

Honey, this is no time for jokes.

No? Just listen.

Claudius DeWolfe just bought a baby basket and bottle.

- Yes? - Yes, and where there is smoke there is fire.

Where there are bottles, there must be babies.

But what the hell would DeWolfe want with baby Barrett?

Well, I don't know. Let's find out.

Look Mary. Go to her room.

He'll let you in, won't he?

I think so.

Ok, give it some time tune in to the radio on WIX.

- I have an idea. - What is it?

You wait here.

Message for Mr. Knowlton!

Have one of the guys fill in for me for a few minutes?


I can take care of that song now.

Great, Danny.

♪ That cunning old man from Featherbed Lane ♪

♪ He's looking at you ♪

♪ Looking through your window ♪

Oh, Mary.

I came to remind you to warm the milk before giving it to the baby.


And don't forget to sterilize the bottle.

Go ahead, Mary.

With what intuitive powers did you guess that she was harboring a child?

Try to keep a secret in a big hotel.

I have tried once, but no success.

This time it's a harmless secret.

It's not even a scandal?

Hard. Unless it's scandalous to take care of my sister's baby.

Oh can I see it?

Oh no, no,

we must not disturb the sleep of the innocent.

Do you want a drink? - No, thanks.

- Do you mind if I take one? - Somehow.


♪ With the cunning old man from Featherbed Lane ♪

We interrupt this program to make an important announcement.

Baby Barrett, nieto de Cyrus Barrett,

it was found 10 minutes ago and has already been returned to grandpa.

For more details, read in your evening paper.

Oh thank God. I'm glad to hear the baby is okay.

- What's wrong? - I do not feel well?

I do not feel anything. I am paralyzed.


I was wrong baby.

I'm not understanding. She belongs to your sister, right?

My God, I wish it was.

Will you stop being so mysterious and tell me what's going on?

Mary, I was going to give the biggest scoop of my career.

I was going to return the baby to Mr. Barrett tonight at the radio station.

I even called him to tell him to come over there.

Whose son is this? How did you get it?

Well, I think it's better to tell you.

After talking to you this morning,

I figured Denny was with Barrett's baby,

and sent a friend to check it out.

He found the brat in Denny's apartment and brought him here.

A baby in Denny's apartment?

Hey, I don't see anything funny in that.

You took the baby from the landlady.

- What? - Yes!

Nicky takes care of him every time he goes shopping.

Mary, can you do me a big favor? Someday I'll make you one.

Give that baby back to the landlady

and tell him you took him out for air.

Tell him anything, but take him away.

Well, I don't know.

Mary, you will do this for me, I know you will.

There's no time to waste, Mary.

Maybe you can return it before she misses it.

Okay, but I wouldn't do it for anyone else.

Mary, I will be eternally grateful to you!

I know.

Thank you, Freddy.


Here it is.

Calling Mr. Robertson!

Sr. Robertson, please.

It's our baby.

What? Do we get it back?

Denny, it worked perfectly.

As soon as he heard the radio,

told how she got the baby.

It doesn't matter anymore.

Now we have to get the baby back to Mr. Barrett as soon as possible.

If the police don't catch us first.

But Mr. Barrett will be at the radio station.

Claude was going to meet him there.

Oh yeah?

He was going to become the great hero, huh?

Well, DeWolfe pissed me off enough.

Now is my turn.

Hotel Raleigh.

Who is talking? One minute.

It's Barrett calling DeWolfe.

Hello. DeWolfe?

My secretary says she wants to meet me on the radio.

May I ask what for?

Well, Mr. Barrett,

I assumed he had some important information about your grandson, but

since you already have it back, I don't think I have anything to say.

Do I have it back? What are you talking about?

Are you saying the baby hasn't been returned to you?

Returned? of course not.

Look, Mr. Barrett, meet me at the radio station.

and I will try to explain everything to you there.

One moment. It's DeWolfe.

Yes, Mr. DeWolfe.

Mary. I'm glad I caught you in time.

Some error has occurred. Wait for me, I'm going down.

Is coming down. What do we do?

Think fast, Denny. Think fast.

Message for Mr. Stewart!

Mr. Stewart, please.

Mary, I've decided it's not fair for you to do this.

I'll take the baby myself.

- But I thought you said... - Okay. Guy?

- Thanks anyway, Mary. - Yes sir.

Take this out, please. Take it carefully.

Yes sir.

You and your boyfriend thought you were very smart, right?

You know I knew it all along.

Nobody can beat me.


Do not worry honey. It must be in your room.

Good night, Madame.

Higgins, did Mr. Martin bring my baby home?

No ma'am.

I knew something was wrong when I didn't see anyone at Denny's house.

Is my father at home?

No sir. He goes to the federal broadcasting station.

radio station? For what?

Something about the boy, sir.

Mr. DeWolfe called him.

C'mon darling.

Good evening, dear listeners.

Here's your mentor from Manhattan, Claudius DeWolfe,

bringing the news of the century.

The mystery of baby Barrett's disappearance has been solved.

While all the police swept through the city and failed,

while each law enforcement unit searched fruitlessly,

by Cyrus Barrett, Jr.'s son, myself,

your humble reporter, alone and defenseless,

I accomplished what hundreds of others failed to accomplish.

I, ladies and gentlemen, found baby Barrett.

But before I give you the details of this incredible story,

I will return the child to the arms of his anxious grandfather,

that should be here any minute.

Oh, just a second. Here comes Mr. Barrett!

Mr. Barrett, his anguish is over!

Here is your grandson!

Are you happy, darling?

Mr. Barrett, I don't know how this happened.

Does not know?

DeWolfe, are you trying to make a fool of me?

Of course not, Mr. Barrett, I don't understand anything.

Nor I. I want this man arrested!

Mr. Barrett, let me explain. I do not know...

That is the man you want to see arrested.

Oh, there it is!

Take it easy, Mr. Barrett.

Here is your grandson.

We would have brought him sooner if it weren't for handsome Claudio.

I don't know what they're trying to do

but I want everyone detained for an investigation.

- Yes, sir. - Wait, dad.


Look, daddy. You don't want this man arrested.

It's the man who took the baby.

No, it is not.

I left him with Denny while he looked for Cyrus.

I will never be able to thank you.

Well, I guess that leaves me out.

Of course. Out and jobless.

Mr. Barrett, you can't do that.

You had the baby today and you didn't tell me.

DeWolfe, you're fired.

Play something, boys.

Did you realize we're on the air?

How are we doing?

Dad, give Denny a chance. He deserves it.

Martin, if you want that job,

You can keep it forever.

Now go sing.

Over here please.

I do not know. This is so sudden.

I feel weird without my taxi.

- Go ahead, Danny. - It's fine.



She sings much better with a baby in her arms.

Quick, honey. 'Cause when you hear the signal,

It will be two minutes before our wedding.

♪ I know an angel on the east side of heaven ♪

♪ No wonder I'm happy and free ♪

♪ When I cross Broadway to the east side of heaven ♪

♪ Where an angel waits for me ♪