East L.A. Warriors (1989) - full transcript

Bitter rivalry and endless warfare take over the streets of East L.A.


And I'm the Raver.

Tonight, we're going to talk
about a rumor that's running

rampant on the
streets of LA, a rumor

that somebody has revived the
old Roman gladiator games.

It seems that every two years
or so, the gangs in this city

call a truce to go to
these so-called games.

Well, are they real?

Or just another LA street myth?

Give us a call.

We want to know.

Line 1, you're on the
air with the Raver.

CALLER: It's crap.

Roman games?

Come on, man.

This is the '80s.





[gun shot]

[music playing]

[gun shot]


[gun shots continue]



The shock and pain of
East LA's latest in a series

of brutal drive-by killings
is still very evident here

at Willow Park, where a
birthday party was being held

for 13-year-old Juanito Santiz.

It is alleged that this
terrible incident is some sort

of gang related shooting.

Police have confirmed six
dead, all young Hispanics

in their early to late teens,
including young Juanito Santiz.

Only two of the dead were
known to be gang members.

With me now is Sergeant Carl
Summers of the LAPD Crash Unit.

Sergeant, we have unconfirmed
reports that this shooting is

somehow related to the
recent rash of drug murders

that have been taking
place in East LA.

Can you help us
substantiate these reports?

Well, at this time, we have
nothing support those rumors.

All's we know it was a blue
or gray sedan with four men,

possibly members
of a rival gang.

And they were all carrying
assault type weapons.

We also have
rumors that there is

some sort of gang war
being waged between two

rival factions in this area.

Could this incident have
anything to do with that?

We're investigating
all possibilities.

But at this time, there is
no motive for the shooting.

One more question, Sergeant.

Is there any truth to
the rumor that there

are some kind of gang games?

Games where fights
between gang members

are fought to the death?

Listen, I have nothing
further to say at this time.

Thank you, Miss.
- Thank you, Sergeant.


Baby, why?


[speaking spanish]
He was so young.


Please don't cry.

Oh, Paulo.


You won't let them
take you, please.


Of course.


I want to talk to you.

You gonna bust me, Rodriguez?


Did you do something wrong?

Not yet, man.

You know who did this.

Look, Rodriguez.

If you ain't gonna bust
me, then I got to go now.


You OK?


I'm fine.

Who did this?

I don't know.

Dammit, Paulo!

I'm-- on your side.

REPORTER: The horror
of death has again

struck in East LA, this time
taking six young lives, who

just wanted to have a
good time to celebrate

a friend's birthday.

The name of Juanita
Santiz was once

written on a birthday cake.

Now it must be inscribed
on a tombstone.

I'm Michel Lane for Channel
7 in East Los Angeles.

RADIO DJ: Line 4, your on
the air with the Raver.


I just heard about that kid
that got killed in the drive

by tonight.

Real shame.

The news said something about
some kind of gang games.

You ever hear about
anything like that?

RADIO DJ: Yeah, two years ago.

But these punks don't
need any kind of games

to kill each other.

All they need is a gun.

All we can do is hope the
body count doesn't include

too many innocent victims.






My Leticia.

[spanish] For what?

Because Juanito
Santiz had a birthday?

We pay back tonight, man!

Hey, Hector man.
I think--

Shut up, wannabe!

You don't talk!

You ain't got no
fucking say, ese.

You ain't in the click, man.

Yo, man.

I can't say!

My brother, Carlos, died
because of the games.

People died because
of Los Lobos.

You ain't in the gang, ese.

Unless you think you're ready.

Listen, wannabe.

Anybody fucks with us, they
better be ready to bang, man.

Now if you want say, then
you get jumped in now.

Otherwise, you shut
the fuck up, man.

We keep the truce.

[speaking spanish] If we
let this go, the fuckers

will think we're cowards, man.

Are you [spanish], Miguel?

Are you making a challenge?

You want a knife?

[spanish] Guns?

All right, man.

We wait for the games, man.

The Lobos rule, man.

Viva Los Lobos!

[tires screeching]





[spanish] Rodriguez!



[tires screech]

Dammit, Miguel!

I'm getting too
old for this shit!


God dammit.

I just want to talk to you.

I'm definitely too
old for this shit.


You messed up that hit.

All those dead bodies.

And no Paulo Santiz.

I thought we got him.

You think?

I pay you not to think.

Just to do.

We'll go back.

We'll get him.


Nobody break [inaudible]
the [inaudible] truce.


You take care of
this at the games.

You understand me?


At the games.

At the games.

MARIA: Are you OK?
- Yeah.

MARIA: No, you're not.

I've been the leader of
the Lobos for five years now.

There's always been
turf wars gang-bangers

getting hurt and killed.

But now there's no sense
to anything anymore.

What world are we living in?

Why do you stay
in the gang, Miguel?

Es familia.

Why do you want
a family like that?

Where is the pride in knowing
that your family has killed

the most children or taught them
to kill, sold the most drugs

or sent most of its
members to jail?

Why is it such a proud
thing to be in jail?

It's where society
sends its trash.

Why do you want to be trash?

Why are you here if I'm trash?

There is nothing else
for me or any vato.

The Anglo's control everything,
everything except the gangs.

And the drugs?

That controls them.

And you?

Juanito Santiz was only 12.

All we wanted to be was
13, and now he he's dead!

Why, Miguel?

Por que?

I can't stay here
with you anymore.

I'm tired of being afraid.

I'm tired of having to
watch and be careful where

I go, what I do, what I say.

I'm tired of your stupid
world and it's stupid killing!

I want to join the real world.

Go ahead then!

Go on, get out!

Go find yourself
some [inaudible]

and become a good
little coconut!

Better that than being
a little boy that's

only playing at being a man.

Dios mio.

Maria, I'm sorry.

Forgive me.


I know.

I know.

It's OK.

I love you too.

It's OK, sweetheart.
It's OK, baby.

[music playing]

PRIEST: Father, into your
hands we commend our brother,


Eternal rest, grant
it to him, Oh Lord.

And let perpetual
light shine upon him.

May his soul and the
souls of the faithful

departed through the mercy
of God rest in peace.

In the name of the
Father, of the son, and

of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


[organ music playing]

Paulo, you're going
to be late for work.

PAULO: Yeah, mama.

I know.

Can you go to the
store for me after work?



Here's a li--

why must you dress like that?

To survive.


What good did it
do your brothers?

What good did it do your father?

Mama, please.
Don't start.

Do you think it's
macho to be in a gang?

It's not macho.

That doesn't make you a man.

You're just lying to
yourself that you're a man

until you become a dead boy.

I'm late.

Hey, man.

You're on [inaudible] turf and
you're wearing Lobo colors.

You must be one
stupid mother fuck!

You're late.

I know, Mr. Montana.

I ran into a slight
problem on my way to work.

You OK, son?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You sure?

Yeah, Mr. Montana.

Really, I'm fine.

[spanish] Sorry
about your brother.


Well, if you're OK, then
I guess you better change

clothes, go to work, and--

why don't you take
section three?




Check it out.
You know who that is?

Uh-uh, man.

Who is it?

You shitting me, ese?

[inaudible], man.

The snow man.

That's [inaudible] That's the
vato who does the games, man.

[inaudible] gentlemen.

You know what you must do?

You must go take care of
him, like you always do,

and you'll have a fine tip.

What do you want?

To thank you for this morning.

You're welcome.

How did you find me?

I asked around.

[speaking spanish] I want
to learn to fight like you.

Go away.


Because I say so.

But I want to learn.
I want to learn.

I won't teach you.
Go away.

[speaking spanish]

Gracias, Paulo.

Dinner will be ready soon.

OK, mama.

I'm hungry.

Paulo, what happened?


Look at me!

Why is your face all bruised?

You joined the
ganga, didn't you?

No, mama!




Mama, please.

Go away.

Paulo, I want to talk to you.


I don't want to talk!

I just want to be left alone!


[tranquil music]

That's beautiful, man.

Why are you following me?

You know why.

I told you, no.

Why not?

Because you don't
need to learn.

But I'm going to be
jumped, because of the Lobos.

Go get a gun, and be
like all the other punks.

I'm not a punk!

I'm a warrior for the Lobos!


You are a punk almost.

What's the difference
between a punk and a warrior?

A warrior will
develop his weapon.

A punk would rather just
have one handed to him.

Where [inaudible] Now go
away, as I asked you to.

Is this the
[inaudible] residence?


Well, son of a bitch.

- Anything else?
- No.



Hola, [inaudible].

You're still eating
those things, eh?


Thank you for coming.

It's OK.

How are you?

How's your knee?

It's working.

Are ya hungry?


Just the coffee, please.

[speaking spanish]
Been a long time.


I thought you went
back to the [inaudible]..

I came back home.

Look, I know I should
have stayed in touch.

You did what you had to.

You got out.

Time's change.

People change.

I'm sorry about Loretta.

She's with God.


How about you?

I'm a cop.

I used to be a
warlord of the Lobos.

But I swore I'd get out
of the barrio, and I did.

I jumped from one war
zone right into another.

After 'Nam, I figured,
what the hell?

If I've got to go on
fighting the wars,

I might as well fight for
something that matters.

So I joined the force.

Later, I transferred
to the crash unit.

But before I retire, I
wanted to do something

for the old neighborhood.

I figure maybe I can
make a difference,

because I lived here once.

I'm trying to get
a lead on Chesare.

You'll never get him.

He is too smart, like Zorro.

He likes mucho dinero.

I remember when he was
just a punk with a gun.

Now he's one of the biggest
dealers in the city.

And he runs the games, so he
can recruit more and more kids

into the organization.

But I know I've been away
from the barrio too long.

I need your help.

No, Eddie.


Because I still
live in the barrio.

You want me to become
a [spanish] for you?

Come on, man.

Nobody's going to
call you an informer.

Aurelio, don't you
remember when we

used to stand side by side in
[inaudible] until they dropped?

All we did.

But once that
happened, it was over.

We'd go home.

Our families would
patch us up, and we'd go

out and do it all over again.

Yeah, sometimes one of us died.

That, was the exception.

Now it's the norm.

Yes, but I still live here.

Well, if we could
just get the gangs

to throw away the goddamn guns.

But they're always going
to bang, I know that.

But why can't they
do it without guns?

They don't know how.

They are not warriors.

I need your help.

I can't help you.

And you know it.

The son of a bitch
is killing kids!

[speaking spanish]

You do what you have to.

Just think about it.

[rhythmic clapping]

[gun shot]


Ya boy?

I'm coming.

Can we talk?


Come in.

Have a seat.

I didn't mean to wake you.

No worries.

It's OK.

I remember the last time
you and I sat at this table.


We were both so hung over I
thought we were going to die.

What's on your mind?

Will you help me get Chesare?


But it's my way.

- OK.
- What can I do to help?

What you can do is
stay out of the way.

If this goes the way I hope,
we all get something we want.

You have to trust me, Eddie.


[spanish] But if any
bullshit comes down,

I want to know about.


[speaking spanish]

[spanish] Wait.

You forgot this.

It's empty.


Viva Chesare!

That's what a vato loco
get some Chesare [spanish]

Ruiz, that was very nice.

I wish you would treat all the
clientele like you treat him.

Get out of my face, man.

It's not healthy.

Is that a fact?

Oh no, Mr. Martelli.

But I might have a
germ or something.

And I wouldn't want you to
get sick and die, you know?


Why are you back?

I want to learn
to be a warrior.


I need to learn how to fight.

I need to be ready.

I told you, get a gun.

You don't take a gun
against your family.

So you want to be a fighter?

But why do you want
to be a warrior?

Warrior, fighter.

It's all the same thing.

I just want to
learn how to fight.

Fighter is a fighter.

A warrior is something
much, much more.

Go away.

Think about this.

Ask yourself if you can
look into the eyes of a man

you want to kill.

When you have answered that
question into your heart,

come back.

I hope the answer takes
that smile off your face.

[spanish], Chesare.

Anything you need, you just ask.

Mr. [inaudible] will
take care of you great.

So have you
answered my question?


Then why did you come back?

To learn the answer
to your question.

To do what I have to do
to be a true warrior,

like in the old country.

Will you please teach me?


I will teach you.


Don't thank me, man.

Because it will not be easy.

I will try to break you.

[speaking spanish]

[spanish] is many things.

But what is most important
is the true warrior, not

the killer.

He can kill with no protection.

It's only to survive.

But to protect the
lives of his family.

If you fight with
your hands, [spanish]..

If you fight with a
gun, it is [spanish]..

You are a killer.

It's only to survive.


Pain is the
[spanish] best teacher.


What's wrong?


I'm just beginning to wonder
if I still want to be a Lobo.



I don't know why I
want to join anymore.

All they do is wait to
get killed or busted.

You don't do anything
with meaning.

They not going
to be your friends?

You are more my friend
than they could ever be.

You teach me.

You care about me.

No one else ever has.

Your mother cares about you.

Yeah, I know she does.

She always thinks
something's going to happen.

You-- you trust me.

You're my friend.

And the Lobos?

Are they going to
be your friends?

I don't think so.

[spanish], Paulo.

You are now a warrior.

[spanish], Paulo.




What are you doing?

Do you know who this man is?

He's my friend.

He's not!

Paulo, you come with me now.

Carmen, it's not
what you think.

This man, he kill your father!

Is that true?


But it was a long time ago.

But a warrior.

You said--



[gun shot]

What do you want?

To talk.

I have nothing to say to you.

Well, I have
something to say to you.

[spanish] Paulo.

What is it?

May I come in?

You haven't changed.

Neither have you.

Yes, I have in many ways.

But right now, I need you
to know what's going on.

I know what's going on.

You are going to get
my last son killed.

You teach him how to fight.

You make it easy for
him to join [spanish]..

He would have joined anyway.

Carmen, please.

Listen to me.

I'm trying to change things.

[spanish] is trying
to change things.


You still blame
me for [inaudible]..

You killed him.

You lost a husband.

And I lost my wife.

It was a challenge.

[inaudible] chose the weapon,
and he tried to kill me.

I simply reacted.

I will live with that night for
the rest of my life, Carmen.

I live with it too.

And with the deaths
of my two sons.

Now you teach Paulo
to simply react.

I hate it.

I hate all of it.

The drug, the guns, the
fighting, the killing.

Well, what do
you want, Carmen?

A son who knows how to fight
with his hands or a son who

knows how to use a gun?

Paulo is quick.

He's a natural leader.

He may be the one
to change things.

If he lives that long.

I need your help.


We have to try to
stop this, this--


[bell tolls]

[music playing]

CHESARE: Excellent, man.



And me shipment is
going be on time?


Mucho gracias, amigo.



Bye bye.

[playing piano]

Now, it's been brought to my
attention that you Red Wings

have been holding back on me.

That's bullshit.

Says who?

- The bapas.
- Huh.

The bapa says this?

The bapas.


Well, fuck them, OK?

Them fucking bastards, man,
they lie to their own mothers.

Well, perhaps.

But you see, their mother
wouldn't kill them for lying.

I would.

Chesare, man.

You got it all wrong, man.

They set me up.

A set up?


Can't you see that?


Y'all been coming up short!

If the bapas says the Red
Wings, I believe them.

They're lying man.

You got to believe me, man.

They're lying.

I don't think so.

Aw, come on.


You got a bunch of
faggots in here, huh?

Want some, huh?
Big man?

You want some?



Come on, man.

Come on.

[playing piano]

[interposing voices]

Paulo, ese!

Where you been?



We're going to kick some
fucking ass [inaudible]..



Hey, What, aye?

[inaudible] jumped in.



You sure man?

You want it here?

You know what it means.

It's forever, man.

Unless you get jumped out.

Yeah, man.

I know.

OK, man.



[speaking spanish]
OK, school boy.

Now you throw with me, ese.

Come on, fucking punk.

Get up.

Come on!


Let's see what you do
against [speaking spanish]

Hector, [spanish]!

[spanish] little
mother fucker.

I could have kicked his fucking
ass all over the hood, man.

But he needs some old
fucking gangster to help him.

[speaking spanish] The
big East LA Lobo gang.

[speaking spanish]




How about this, man.



[gun shots]

Big East LA Lobo gang rules
the fucking barrio forever,

you fucking [spanish].

Show us what you can do.

Hector just broke the truce.

Where's Hector?

MIGUEL: Haven't seen him.

STONE: Some heavy shit
went down tonight, Miguel.

Two of my men are dead.

Hector did it.

You guys broke truce, man.

Hector broke the truce.

The Lobos had nothing
to do with it.

Bullshit, holmes!

Hector's warlord of the Lobos.

If it weren't for the truce, I'd
smoke your whole fucking sect

right now.

But I don't want to
piss off Chesare.

So what are we going to
do about this matter?

Before the games, holmes.

And I want proof.

This is business.

Chesare may get pissed, and make
the Lobos an extinct species.

And if he don't, I will.


[speaking spanish] Aurelio!


Hector broke the truce, man!

Miguel went after him.

Something's going to happen.

Something's going down, man!

[speaking spanish]

Miguel, [speaking spanish]

You broke the truce, man.

[speaking spanish]
Fuck the truce, ese.

The boppers paid, man.

Chapo Loco made
them pay, holmes.

Nobody fucks with the Big
East LA Lobo gang, brother.

Yo, man.

You fucked up big time.

No, Miguel.

[speaking spanish] Those fuckers
never knew it happened, man.

I just went up to
them, and boom, ese.

You stupid motherfucker.

Don't you get it, ese?

You blew it!

You stupid chickenshit!

You ain't no vato [spanish].

You're just as bad as they are.

You got whipped, so you had
to go prove you had balls.

So you break the fucking
truce, and maybe bring

Chesare down on all of us.

Fuck you, ese!

I made them pay alone!

I went up to them,
and boom, man!

You shot them in the back!

So what, man?

You think you bad?

You do me, man.

Fuck me in the fucking
eye, and pull the trigger.

Then you can be pres and
you can whatever you want.

Come on, man!

Do it!

Don't be chickenshit.

You're jumped out, man.

I don't care what the
Boppers do to you.


[gun shot]


Let's go over it again.

Look, what do you want
me to tell you, Rodriguez?

I told you everything I know.

Did Miguel kill Hector?

I don't know.

Why did Hector
break the truce?

Man, no say!

Well, then who knows?

Miguel and Hector.


You wait for me outside.


Aurelio, what
the hell happened?

You asking me to trust you.

All of a sudden, I've
got two dead Boppers

and two dead Lobo's on my
hands in the middle of a truce.

And forensic is telling me
these two shot each other.

Now, what the fuck is going on?

Are you asking me as a cop?

Yeah, I'm asking you as a cop.

I don't know, man.

Don't bullshit me!

I don't talk to cops.

What the hell are you look at?

Get back to work!

Off the record?

Hector killed the two boppers.

He had to pay for the killings.

So how did we
get two dead Lobos.

No say, amigo.

Paulo and I got here too late.

Need something else?


You and the kid can split.

I'll be in touch.


Are we almost wrapped up here?

[camera clicking]


CHESARE: It is time for
the games, young warriors.

So you're the number
one Lobo, aye?

What's your name?

AURELIO: [spanish]

CHESARE: Little old, aren't ya?

AURELIO: We'll see at the games.

I nominate Paulo.


I say we fight
for the pres, man.

Do you think you
could beat Paulo, ese?

I nominate Aurelio.

Yeah, Aurelio.

Look, the rules say
that anyone could be

pres by fighting for the pres.

Miguel is dead, man.



Hector is dead too.

Aurelio is alive, man.

[spanish] He's never
been jumped out.

He's still a Lobo.

I nominate Aurelio.

Maybe, just maybe he
can keep us alive.

Do I hear a second?

I nominate Aurelio too.

And Paulo as warlord.

Yeah, all right.



I walked away a long time ago.

I got tired of this bullshit.

If I do this, it's my way.

[speaking spanish] The
killings have to end.

It's never gonna end, ese.

That's the way it is for you.

And that's the way it is for us!

Los Lobos have to
kill to survive.

We don't have to kill.

Killing is a fucking waste.

Fight if you must.

But mano a mano.

This is the way the Lobos are
going to do it from now on.

Mano a mano?

If we do it that way, we're all
going to be dead in six months.

[spanish] Why, ese?

Because we're not
fucking Superman.

Bullets don't bounce off us.

If we don't kill them,
they don't kill us.

No [spanish] wants to die.

The Lobos got a
reputation, ese.

We've got to be strong.

Otherwise, the other varios
think we're [spanish]..

Why don't we make the other
gangs want to be like us?

And how do you
want to do that?

The games.

Rodriguez, I thought you
were going to gather evidence

on this Chesare,
so that we might

just maybe shut these goddamn
games of his down for good.

But so far, all I've
seen is a lot of nothing.

Ending with a couple
of dead Lobo's,

who allegedly shot each other.

Now, what in the
hell is going on?

A bunch of shit came down.

Things got screwed up.

But I've still got a
solid line on the games.

It's just that at this point
I've got to take this slow.

I line?

Who is it?

Can't reveal that.

Captain, you know that if
I don't protect my sources

I lose them.

Well, just what in
the hell am I supposed

to tell the Mayor's office?

Tell them the truth!

I'm working on it!

Captain, my source is solid.

I need more time.


See, time is what we
don't have any of.

Because if we don't find
those games this year,

we may all be looking for a job.

Do you understand me?

Yes, sir.


What's on your mind?

I was just kind of wondering
when my father was like.

Mother never says anything
about him, you know?

My brother, Carlos, well,
he never said much either.

You want the truth?


Your father was not
a good man, Paulo.

He was greedy and dangerous.

He and Chesare set me
up to be challenged.

At the end, Chesare
tried to shoot me.

And Loretta took the
bullet meant for me.

So you lost a father,
and I lost my wife.

Gangs are a lot like wars.

They're really good for
nothing, except for getting

people killed.

Maybe, just maybe we can
change that at the games.



We have gathered to the games.

The games!

And who do you fight for?

[chanting] Chesare.








And how do you fight?

To the death!

To the death!

To death!

The Lobos do not answer?

Are they afraid?

The Lobos are not
afraid, Chesare.

Who speaks for the Lobos?

[spanish], Chesare.


Me old adversary.

I thought you went back
to the old country.

The Lobos are chickenshit!

[imitating chickens]

I say it's Chesare
who is el pollo.

You're fucking chickenshit.

Why else would he have his
army fight to the death?


Because he is afraid you will
one day unite and destroy him!


Are my powers.

You keep the games alive.

Only the best survive.

Only the luckiest!

Doesn't take skill to grab a
gun and shoot your opponent.

It's simply who
reaches the gun first,

not who the better man is.

I want to see real warriors.

If you are not afraid
of them, Chesare, then

let them fight to first blood.

Bull shit!

It's always been a
fight to the death.

The boppers are not
afraid of any one of you.

No one can take on
a bopper one-to-one.




What's the matter, Stone?

You afraid to look your opponent
in the eye when you fight?

Or maybe the boppers
have been winning

the games so many times,
because Chesare wants them to.

[chanting] First blood.

First blood.
First blood.

First blood.

First blood.

First blood.

First blood.

First blood.

First blood!

First blood!

First blood!

First blood!

So be it.

First blood.

That means that one of the two
combatants can no longer fight.

No guns.

No gloves.

No rules.

Just the last man to walk out
of the ring under his own power.

First blood will be decided,
as always, by the draw.

Let the games begin!

[bell dings]



[bell dings]

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering]

[bell dings]



[spanish] !






Bad dude, man.

Bad dude.

[spanish] !

[crowd cheering]

[bell dings]


It is not over.

We still got one more fight.

Years ago, this day would come.

Si, I suppose.

Now, Aurelio!

[crowd cheering]

In front of all my soldiers.

To the death.

[bell dings]

Aurelio, fight!


[gun shot]

He called it.

To the death!

He had no honor.

No courage to face
a real warrior.

The games are over!

You can all go back to fighting
your petty little turf wars.

Killing each other for a few
blocks of the caged city,

you'd be doing exactly
what we want you to do.

It would mean that many less of
you that we have to deal with.

Or maybe, just maybe
some of you might

learn something from that
man standing in the ring.

You'll learn what it really
means to be a real warrior.

Maybe then the
killing will stop.

Maybe then the war will end.

[chanting] Aurelios.







Steel wheels reflect the night.

[inaudible] children
wary, ready to fight.

Warlords and warriors
[inaudible] their eyes.

No pastor.

No future.

Just living to die.

Living to die.

Living to die.

Never ask questions.

Never ask why.

Living to die.

Living to die.

No pastor.

No future.

Just live and let die.

Homeboys on the corner
wait for the play.

They say the don't
care who dies today.

A car screams,
shattering dreams.

A shotgun destroys the night.

The homeboy stares,
preaching not to care,

that they are all
just living to die.

Revenge must be taken
with a gun or a knife.

The colder the streets
a life for a life.

Sirens wail and mothers will
cry for another young boy

who's just living to die.

Read the graffiti.

The message is plain.

The property, the ignorance,
the fear, and the shame.

These guys in the challenge
of a street gang's name.