Earth and Blood (2020) - full transcript

Saïd owns a sawmill deep in the woods, which he decides to sell. Little does he know that one of his apprentices was cornered by his brother and forced to hide a large amount of cocaine inside the factory.


Turn around. I said turn around!

Your gun.

Don't move!


I said to go. Fuck!

- Is anyone downstairs?
- No.

Don't move.

Open the door!


Back up. Turn around.

Hurry up.

Hurry up!

Come on! Move! Close the bag!

We have two men down here!
Call the others. They're downstairs.

Come on, we're splitting.
I said don't move!

The chest MRI shows small tumors
in your lungs

which seem to be
bronchogenic carcinoma.

Don't be so technical.

How long?

No, the whole intro here.

Yes, that seems good, doesn't it?

Yeah, that's good.

Okay, so for the guests...

We have here...

- Jérôme?
- That works.


And so, for the projection,
I would say about...

- About here?
- Yeah.

- Is that good for you?
- Yes, very good.

What's wrong?

Is it Sarah?

I worked too much, like your father.
That's not what I wanted for Sarah.

I'd like her to come here, to town,
or even go to Paris

and take drawing classes.
Follow her dream.

Is something wrong?

I'm near the end, Catherine.

I'm in the red.

I still haven't paid off the machines.

I had a shitty winter.
I haven't paid myself in four months.

I feel like I've lost my life
trying to win it.

I'm going to sell.

I'm gonna sell your father's sawmill.

Are you kidding? It's your whole life.

I want to catch my breath.

I want to sell.
I want you to get your share.

Saïd, I left that forest at age 16.

You married my sister.

She loved you.

My father taught you the trade, but...

- neither of them are with us today.
- It's your inheritance. It belongs to you.

Sarah will have her share.

I'm just the manager.

Hold on. Tell me...

How is your love life?

At the moment, I don't really have one.

Man, he's called five times.

That sucks.

It doesn't matter.

Do what I say.
We keep the dope and sell it ourselves.

We should've found another solution.

We're doing what I said.

Take advantage
of an exclusive sale at all our stores.

Come see us on the second floor today.

What's going on?

"What's going on?" What's that?
"Good evening, bro. How are you?"

Medhi, you asked me to come and I came.

Good. Awesome!

Whose ride is this?

My boss's.

You're gonna take my car for two days,

stash it in your forest,
and lend me this one.

What are you doing to me?
I'm telling you this is my boss's car.

Yeah, I got it.

And I'm telling you we're gonna trade.
You're gonna do me a favor.

Can you do me a favor?


You're my half-brother, aren't you?

You're my blood.

You're my blood.

That's family.

This is blood talking.

- Move.
- What are you doing?

There's coke in the car, all right?

- Fuck.
- What do you mean, fuck?

Go fuck yourself!


What is this bullshit, Medhi?

I need you.

I'm on parole.

You know I'm on parole.

I'm not going down
because of your bullshit. It's over.

What did I promise Mom?

- What did I promise her?
- Stop.

What do you mean, stop?
What did I promise Mom?

It's our fucking ticket out.

The sun, the sea.

Now's the time.

It happens now.

Come on.

We'll see what happens
in the months to come.

Finally, our top story.

A robbery went awry at a police station.

Four armed, masked individuals
entered the precinct

and stole eight kilos of cocaine.

- That asshole.
- Two were killed.


What are you doing here?

I was taking a walk. I couldn't sleep.

Come here. Give me a hand.

- Is it the battery?
- The battery's new.

Everything else is worn out.

Come on.

Come on.


Thanks for coming.

- I know you have work on the other side.
- No, this is too much.

That's what it's worth.


Forget it. It won't work.

I thought you quit.

I quit.

Actually, I wanted to ask you...

My parole officer's been pressuring me.

He's been asking me
if there's any extra work.

I'm sorry to bother you with this again,
but it's important to me.

We'll talk about it.


Where are you going?

What do you want?

Are you still interested in the sawmill?

You must really be fucked to ask me that.

I'll sell it to you
for what you offered three years ago.

You know where to find me.




I ran into Lefèvre.

I asked him...

to buy the sawmill.

I did what you told me.

I put aside my pride.

You can't stay here.


You have to think about your future.

You can sign up for drawing classes
with the money.

I'm going to build a cabin in the woods.

Eight kilos of cocaine
were stolen from the police station

this morning around 11:30.

There were four culprits.

Do we know how they escaped?

Listen. At the moment, we don't know much.

There were four people in a van

who looked like the four
filmed by surveillance cameras

within the outer wall
of the police parking lot.

I feel like you're taking me for an idiot.


I'll ask one last time.

Where is my dope?

Go to the workshop
and get me some oil.

I wasn't expecting you so soon.

I was afraid you'd change your mind.

Who told you I wasn't gonna
buy your sawmill and resell it?

Okay, listen up.

I'll leave you everything.

The buildings, the equipment,

on one condition:

You keep my guys.

All my guys.

They're good men. Even the rookies.

They work hard.

That's the only thing I ask of you.

You have my word.

Can you show me around?

Yeah, come on.

Maybe you could
keep working here with your men.

I'll manage everything and you...

You'd take care of production here.

What do you say?

Yeah, we'll see.

- Wait.
- What's Lefèvre doing here?

Where's the Lada?

I don't know. I think Yanis took it.

- Hey, come with me.
- What's up?

Stop the machine.

Can you explain this?

What is this?

I'm talking to you.

It's nothing.

Why are you hiding it then?

Whose car is this?

It's mine.

Don't fuck with me.

- What did you do with this car?
- Nothing.

What's inside?


What's inside?

Nothing, damn it!

Oh, yeah?


What's there?

Stop! You're crazy!

- What's there?
- In the trunk, under the car seat.

You come see me,

I give you a job,

I house you, give you food,
and you bring this here?

I swear, I didn't have a choice.

- My brother asked me to hide it.
- You're gonna call him right away

and tell him to bring my car
and pick up his piece of shit.

Then you get your stuff and get out.



Yeah, it's Medhi. You know what to do.

- Where did this dope come from?
- I don't know.

I think they're the ones
who robbed the precinct.

It was on the news.

When is your brother coming?

I don't know.

Open it.

- What are you doing?
- Shut up.

Saïd, what are you doing?

Saïd, I didn't do anything!

I didn't do anything! Fuck!

End of the week.
You get the men, pay them,

and within ten minutes, everyone leaves.

Yanis did something stupid.

He messed up. I'll handle it.

I'm gonna go see the police.


Listen, you go to the house.

Lock yourself inside and wait for me.


End of the week!

Your checks are in the office!

Let's go!

What? End of the week?

Is it done? You're selling?

We'll talk about this later.

For now, take your things and go home.

Trust me.

- Where's Yanis?
- He's staying. I'll handle it.


Sarah, let me out.

Sarah, let me out!

Leave me alone and go.

Adama, stop your bullshit.
This is a village.

Am I your brother or not?
Do you trust me?

I'll give you five minutes.

Do you know them?

They said they wanted to buy some wood.

- They asked me for your sawmill's address.
- And?

I gave it to them.

One of them already left.


Let me out, please!

Let me out. I'll explain everything.

Sarah, let me out!

You can't leave me here!

Sarah! Open up!



Sarah, look at me.

You, come here.

- Fuck.
- Come.

Call the police right away.

The Hontoir Sawmill.

Hurry. There are people here.



The line went dead.

They won't be here
for at least 20 minutes.


Let me go. I'll talk to them.

You're not going anywhere.

The dope is gone, someone is dead,

we're not in a position to negotiate.

Come here.

- And my brother?
- Here.

We'll meet back up
at old man Moriot's farm. Got it?

Come on.

Let's go.

I'm trusting you with my daughter.

From now on, no matter what happens,
you don't let her go. Understood?

Do you understand?

- And what do we do about my brother?
- I'll take care of it.

You were the one at the gas station.

Do you know this man?

His brother works here.

Him, there.

He stole my cocaine

and had it stashed.

I'm aware.


came back to get it.

That's gonna be difficult.


Come back.

- It's gonna be okay.
- I fucked up.

- It's gonna be okay.
- I fucked up.

Come on!

Drissa got killed!

I know this doesn't change anything...

but I swear I didn't want any of this.




Yeah! Let's go!

Get out of here!


Let's go.

What's going on?

Calm down.
I don't understand what you're saying.

I'm sorry.

The little girl you're ready to die for...

is she your daughter?

An eye for an eye...

That must be the police.