Early Works (1969) - full transcript

Inspired by Karl Marx's "Das Kapital", three men and a girl named Jugoslava decide to wake up the conscience within the working class and peasants. Faced with the primitivism and a lack of morale, their revolution fails and the girl is one to be sacrificed as a witness of their unsuccessful attempt.


Directed by
Zelimir Zilnik

Written by Zelimir Zilnik
and Branko Vucicevic

Additional Dialogues
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Have you already
masturbated today?

Good Morning!

As if I don't want things
to be better for all of us.

We live as hard as our people
in the old Yugoslavia.

Before the War, our Daddy
lived the same as us now.

In school, we learn what we should eat
in order to be happy at work.

We don't eat that!

I sleep with my sister in the same bed,
but that's not unhygienic

because she hardly
sleeps at home at all!

- Can we come up?
- Yes, come up!

We have to see what we stand on.

If we are good in everything, like
we're good in grilling sausages,

we would be in power by now!

It's clear to me,
why daddy beats mom

after work, he is completly fed up!

Political Theatre

Warm Greatings
to our comrade nations!

Put down your cigarette, fool!

From a spark, fire will grow!

Need for gathering welth,
not naturally modest,

that's why those who gather wealth,
sacrifice their bodily pleasures

to their Golden Fetish.

Our international debt is to sing
"The International"

/ recites "The International"/

..." New World we'll build together,

Who was no one before,
now will be someone!"

Let's stop talking and start action!

Villages are neglected

but they carry all the wars and hardship
on their shoulders.

We start our action from the root!

People must know where
they're heading!


I am People,
and now you lead me!

Proletarians have to make an
end to their own Bourgeoisie.

Down with the Red Bourgeoisie!

We'll get arrested like rats
because we gather in groups

and our group is not registered.

Weak is your sense for the ideas
which will change the World!

It stinks.

It'll be bad for us.

Iliya, what we'll eat from?

Fuck these plates!
We'll all die!

Where you've been last night?

Feudalism rules in this house!

You're seeing me for the last time!


3, 2, 1, now!

Task accomplished!

Very well...

...we serve to People!

I'm not going back home anymore!

Shall I read aloud, so you can
lose your nervousness?

Shame is already a Revolution!

If the whole Nation
would feel ashamed,

then it would be a Lion
which retreats before the jump

Comedy that Despotism
is playing with us,

is as dangerous for him as well

as the tragedy was for
Stewarts and Bourbons

and even if we wouldn't consider
this Comedy for what it is,

it would still be a Revolution.

The State is too serious
to be treated as a joke,

perhaps a Ship full of Fools could sail
a long time under the will of the Wind,

but it would sail towards meeting its destiny
precisely because fools would not believe it

this Destiny, which is
in front of us,

is the Revolution

this Destiny, which is
in front of us,

is the Revolution

the only thing that "small sitizens"

is to live, and to multiply,
same as animals want

In the chests of these Men,

the sense of their own value and
Freedom should be awakened again,

Philister flower is a Philister
world of Animals

Despot always sees people
stripped of their dignity

they blend in front of his eyes,
and for him,

in the mud of ordinary life,

from hich they always
re-appear again, like frogs

The herd is silent, submissive,
and obeys its stomach

Have you ever shagged
until your teeth went numb?

You're too small for that!

Admit: how many times
you've done it in one night?

You're so stupid...

...tell me something nice!

With you...

...I could make it
7 times in one night!

This is your Art - Line

by the Apolon - Finger

Let me see, what's this?

Oh yes, this should be
your Life - line...

...well... you don't even live!

and the Venus Hill... it's falling apart

you're a type of a quick
and frequent guy...

First time it went alright,

but let's see it again.

It will get erected again
by the time you say "cheese".


Why do you lie?

Kiss me, and you'll see!

Come on, what are you waiting for?

How do you think you'll get
to the 7th time?

Why are you joking?

Tirke and Milja.

That's them

the flag, with the Star

I feel ashamed, for driving in a car.

One should go among People on foot!

Down with being romaaantic!

- Hold it!
- I can't!

Let me have a look!

Hold it!

Watch it!

To Berliiin!

Which one?

Here's the lunch.

All the real Revolutionars, they get
extra bonus when they go on a trip!

How much more would they ask for this?

Idiotic situation!


That's why
we're not being taken seriously.

The bogeyman is circling Europe,
the bogeyman of Communism.

All the powers of the old Europe
have joined together

in a holy chase against that bogeyman

Communists reject, with disgust,
to hide their views and intentions

They openly admit, that their purposes
can only be achieved by the force

and destruction
of the entire old social system

Let the ruling classes tremble in
front of the Communist revolution!

In Revolution,
Proletarians have nothing to lose...

...except their chains,
and they will gain the whole World!

Lenin was right,

Revolution is made only by
paid Revolutionars

we're diletants!

For us, it's better to do
Folk Dances!

Kolo, Kolo, all-around,

...embroided, sewed,...

...decorated, aromatized,...

quickly brothers, let's gather,
so we can all play together,

Serbian lives by the fireplace,
who can not feel your grace?

Montenegrian, little tzar,
everybody loves you by far

quickly brothers, let's gather,
so we can all play together,

Are you aware...

...there's no Shiptars here!

They're not "Shiptars", you idiot,
they're Albanians!

It's a fact, these pre-War songs, are
no good for brotherhood of our nations

Comrades, what's the use of these walls, and
all of those hours of hard-work to build them?

Zadruga are one of the many deceipts
of the politics of Collectivisation.

It's a question open for a discussion,

are they really appropriate
to the psychology of our Village?

Stop bull-shitting!

Pass me the newspapers.

Look, an excellent article
by Dz. Husic.

If we were smart, we wouldn't
come to the village at all!

Well, here we are...

...we've put it in our schedule.

We won't be able to go further!

I know how we'll manage,
you're a madman!

You're the only man I know
that masturbates!

You don't have a clue!
Everybody does it!

Shut up! That's why you all
have "dry" spine!

You're not a real friend when
you let me be cold.

Let's not ruin our friendship.

We're still friends after all...

...you're not mad at me?

Smart ass!

We'll be late.


I'd like to ask you,

Is it better to use pills, or spiral,
against pregnancy?

How many times can women
and stay healthy?

In which year... how old should
a woman be, to give birth?

When is it best, to give birth?

I'd like to ask you one thing:

If husband and wife
protect themselves,

so the woman doesn't get pregnant,

does that have any effect on health?

There are 2 main methods against
unwanted pregnancy:

First: not giving oneself to anyone

and Second, for those of you
who live with your men,

is to use
different contraceptive methods.

This Question was put in
Left-Wing Movements

since the times of Clara Zetkin,

and we're not able to do
anything significant to it,

until Man, in his Familiy,
stops behaving like Despot,

like He is the "Owner",

and Woman get exploited
like Proletarians.

Woman, to be liberatred
from her submissive role,

only a changed
structure of the employment

and destruction of Monogamous Family
can succeed in doing that.

But the Third, Technological Revolution,
to which we're heading,

will surely succeed.

Nevertheless, biologically,
Women are the stronger Sex

and She will rule,
in a decade or two

- Long live 8th of March, Women's Day!

To Destroy self-proclaimed
and uncomprehensible Art,

which is sustained by tortured
bodies of workers

To stop the emergence

and to stop the existence
of the new Citizen Class!

Culture to be given
to the Sickle and Hammer

Sickle and Hammer
to be above the Culture!

Do the Culture Revolution!

Comrades from villages,

aware to the resistance we'll face,
we feel our duty to inform you

that you will be destroyed!

And that this Destruction is
impossible to stop!

all the vital powers are challenging
the idiocy of rural life,

and you're immersed in it!

Although classics say that you're a class

that will die-out with the
developement of the Production,

although your little land
is non-profitable,

we're, in this transitory period,

on the side with workers
and poor peasants,


I'm happy that there will be
no peasants in Communism!

The source of our weakness,
is in fear of the Power!

Let's summ it up:

We hardly managed for 2 days.

Let's admit it, our approach was
Abstract and Humanist.

I don't see it that bad.

You, shut up! You've run away,
like a whore!

And what about you?
Have you achieved anything?

I don't count on you anymore!

Do it more!

Have you had enough?

Pass me a cigarette!

This is the last one.

Start the machine.

1... 2...

3... 4...

It's burning me!

3 kg of potatoes, for the 5 of us,
who can manage that tonight?

You're so plain!

Do you live on potatoes only?

Marko, come in the morning.

Kruno, we'll do it here.


Listen... you have a go...
me, I can't.

I can't help you.
Ask if you can call Marko.

I don't beg anyone...
Lepa, come here!

Why are you sitting there,
you faggots!

Lepa! Don't do it with both
of them, please!

After that with Lepa,
I feel sick when seeing you!

What? You've been thrown as well?

For pig-farm peasants, it's a Revolution
when they become clarks!

You can't expect him to go further up,
since he's happy after leaving his pigsty!

Is there Communism in Russia, because
everyone can eat "SCHTCHEE" and drink "KVAS"?

Let's make boundaries
to the sovereignity!

Let's be friends!

When Communism is been put in place,

there is no freedom,
for the enemies of the freedom!

My Mom will be more liberated by
washing-machine, than by right for voting!

Fidel Castro shouldn't have come
down from the mountain

according to you, Lenin should
have stayed in Switzerland

and Gorkich on the head of the Party

according to you, Stalin should
still lay where he was laying

and Trotsky beside him!

according to you, Kameniev,
Zinovjev and Bucharin,

would not be in
the trash of the History

according to you, Imre Nadj
would still be alive!

according to you, Hegel should have
been left head-standing!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Fire!


have our Russian brothers arrived?

I've had a swim in December, naked,
in Moraca river, when it was needed

If we go on like this, in Communism,
there will be not a single living soul left!


1st of May

It's better to give all of this
to the beggars!

The only thing a Proletarian has
it's his work-power.

He's got no property.

Proletarians have nothing to insure.

They are going to destroy
every possible private security.

Until now,
we always had where to comeback

we have time for excursions to the Village

we didn't have to work 8 hours a day,

we didn't succeed in helping them,

because we were spectators.

It's not a matter of helping someone,

but to share the destiny of the majority,

as we cannot change the position
to that majority.

Who can calmly suffer everything,
deserves all that comes to him.

Don't pretend,
you're well aware of how many

people wait for someone
to quit a job, so take it.


People wait!
Let me tell you!

Workers, who are we here
working for, so hard?

Stop! Let me tell you, people!

Just look at what we are looking like!

We don't have anything,
and yet we are working... for whom?


They've been driven in cars,
which we can't afford.

Why? People!

Damn, nobody's listening to us!

I'm totally covered in cement!

We never talk to each other!

And I don't see that much difference,
between you and me.

We could get aquainted, sometime.

You can come as well,
but if you're not looking at me!

Shame on you, take off that plaster!

I've dropped the soap!

I've told you not to look!

Take my soap.

The water is so nice!

May I soap you?

They suit you so nice!

So does yours, but for no use!

If Engels didn't say,

that honest sexual love exists
only among Proletarians,

you would get nothing today!

After that,
you better not come anymore!

Oh yes, as if I'm
crying hard for you!

You are living here as cattle,
you stinkers!


What can I do,
when I'm not a Baron!

Today, you've finished quickly!

Hey Sweetie, come to Mickey,
there's something for you to see!

Come here to see,
there is a spare room!

You can sleep in "7B",
the girls are there.

It's not the point to survive,
but to live sincerely and with purpose.

We can fix the windows,
and settle down here.

What's wrong with the female dormitory?

Her gorgeous lips,
in beautiful reds,

her rounded breasts,
of perfect shapes,

you're so dear to me,
you're like an angel for me,

For Mila, I live,
For her, I'll die,

For Mila, I live,
For her, I'll die,

For those who want,
fruits will grow,

For those who don't want,
they'll die.

Everything else will come to its place,
being healthy is the most important.

It's only important that you're
healthy and honest.

Money will come somehow.


"Gone with the Wind", guys!

You haven't been afraid until now.

I'm not afraid now!

What did you want?

To see if you can do it with all
three of us at the same time!

I've told you already:
It was the end of it!

I don't give a damn about you!

Let's see, who's gonna be
the first?

You've always played
silly games, you idiots!

You never succeeded
in completing a single thing!

"Those who do the Revolution only half-way,
they're digging their own grave" - Saint Just