Early Warning (1981) - full transcript

A Christian woman (Delana Michaels) wants a newspaper man (Greg Wynne) to publish a story about a One World Foundation being set up whose only goal is to control the world. She wants him to warn people that this is coming and explain how it ties into the end times spoken about in the Bible. The newsman is opposed to such an idea until he sees the woman being pursued by the Foundation. As this adventure unfolds, the newspaper man begins to realize that what the woman is saying could be true. This evangelistic, classic end times film presents the truth about Jesus Christ and has interesting insight into what might be coming in the last days.

- [Announcer] And now for the news.

Firefighters are back on the job this morning.

They returned early today after union representatives

and city officials--

- [Reporter] $15 an ounce in Europe

and declined $8 in New York

- [Announcer] Two gunmen assassinated a Turkish

embassy official and seriously wounded another

in a hail of automatic weapons fire on a street in Paris.

- [Reporter] Today, six American Nazis

and Nazi supporters pleaded innocent to several charges

that they conspired to set off explosives

in the metropolitan area.

- [Announcer] Three Malaysian Chinese were hanged

here Wednesday for illegal possession of firearms,

bringing to nine the number executed

under Malaysia's tough security laws over the last week.

- [Reporter] Clergymen have been arrested in Alabama

after the protest of the closing of their churches.

State officials reported it was necessary

to close the places of worship because

of the recent outbreak of racial and religious violence.

- [Announcer] Racial and religious violence

against a five-year-old black boy have resulted

in a sentence of life in prison without parole

for a 40-year-old--

- [Reporter] Man convicted of the recent rape-torture

killings of five Chinese girls, one of the most

malicious, cold-blooded murders

in the history of American crime.

(sirens wailing)

- [Reporter] Supreme Court Justices hearing arguments

on the male-only draft law appeared reluctant

to second-guess Congress.

- [Announcer] Drove a jeep through the front doors

of the Wadsworth Veteran's Administration Hospital

in west Los Angeles on March 14th.

- [Reporter] Medical Association and the Committee

on Moral Concerns were are on opposite sides--

- [Announcer] Crashed early yesterday in a schoolyard.

Five students playing in the schoolyard were killed.

- [Reporter] The third and fourth earthquakes

in less than two weeks shook most of Greece,

claiming at least one life and slightly injuring 30 people.

- [Announcer] And for the weather, showers

and thunderstorms will be with us until tonight.

(phone ringing)

The Sons of Hitler once again marched on city hall

demanding the expulsion of all--

- Daily Register, Sam Jensen.

- Mr. Jensen, you probably don't remember me,

but I used to work on the paper.

It's very important that I meet with you tonight.

It's a matter of life and death.

I can't talk now.

Meet me at 622 South Spring, 2 a.m.

(tense music)

(computers whirring)

(keypad beeps)

- Since our last meeting, we've made tremendous progress,

and I'd like to say that most of the credit

goes to our extremely efficient

international research and development committee.

I would like to thank each and every one of you

for your hard work and dedication to our cause.

In reviewing this year's progress,

let me say that we have been highly effective

in conditioning the people's minds to accept

our solution to the worlds problems.

The energy crisis here in the United States

was exceptionally successful worldwide, and we expect

similar success with our upcoming food shortage.

Our labor leaders have made great progress

by causing confusion and work stoppages

in all areas of the world.

(tense music)

Financially, the dollar is being devalued

even faster than we could have hoped.

Politically, the public has lost total confidence

in any form of government.

The threat of universal war is a daily possibility.

As you know, we ourselves do not need to hold any

visible office of leadership.

As a matter of fact, it's better that we do not.

If we control the finances, news media,

food, transportation, and energy, we control everything.

It is important that you as world leaders

keep our program before your countrymen.

With our world bank and computer program operational,

we now have the capacity to control the financial affairs

of every human being on earth

by giving each person his own computer number.

Any time his number is used, we would know

his financial situation at once.

He could not buy or sell anything

without his computer number.

It will simplify their lifestyles tremendously.

The end result will be a one-world monetary

and government system that we alone would control.


- What about the people who forget their number

or their cards are lost or stolen?

- We've made provisions for that.

By using this laser imprinter, we can painlessly

and permanently affix the person's number

to the back of his hand or his forehead, if he so desires.

The numbers would be easily read by this

new ultraviolet scanning equipment.

For the purposes of demonstration,

I've had such a number imprinted on myself.

(group murmuring)

Once this number is imprinted,

it cannot be lost nor can it be changed.

Now, are there any questions?

- What about the individuals who refuse

to have this number implantation?

- We expect some minor resistance,

especially from highly motivated religious groups.

But eventually, hunger will cause even the most zealous

to conform to our program.

- Ah, Mr. Chairman, I am concerned about

the situation in the Middle East.

- We've given Russia and Israel

a great deal of consideration.

Russia is as you probably already know

considering an invasion of Israel in order to

obtain a Mediterranean seaport.

Our policy is to support such a move,

and supply Israel with the necessary nuclear weapons

to fend off such an attack.

The mental conditioning of the Israelis is,

he has nothing to lose, and subsequently

will attack the Russians before they can

get their planes off the ground.

Gentlemen, I believe that within a year,

two at the most, our one world government

will be a reality.

If we continue in our present course,

it is my opinion that we could present

the devil himself as a world leader

and the people would accept him.

(dramatic music)

(man breathing heavily)

(man moaning and kicking door)

- [Man] How things going with the wife?

- Same old story, she's nagging me to death.

Some things never change.

- Yeah, like this place.

(thumping on door and muffled moaning)

(door beeps)

(alarm sounding)

- Code three, section 12.

Code three, section 12.

- [Announcer] Go to your assign security stations.

Emergency code three seven.

Repeat, emergency code three seven.

Attention, attention, there is an intruder

on the premises.

Please go to your assigned security station.

Repeat, please report.

(dramatic music)

- Halt!

He ran around the side.

- There he goes!

- Right.

- Halt!

(gun fires)

Get the dogs.

(alarm sounding)

- There's nothing to worry about.

An intruder got onto the grounds.

We expect to have him in a matter of minutes.

- How could this be?

An intruder?

- As I explained, Mrs. Sugita,

there are those who try and those who succeed.

They try, we succeed.

- Hey Noah, how you doing?

- Fine, just fine, Mr. Jensen.

Just fine, just fine.

Every since I met Jesus.

- You're still trying to save the world, aren't you?

- I can't save the world, I can just watch it.

- Whatever you say, Noah, I'll catch you tomorrow night.

622 Spring Park.

(tense music)

(dog growls)

(dogs barking)

(door creaking)

(tense music)

(police radio chatter)

- I got the drop on you, copper.

- Well, if it isn't Sam Jensen,

big time reporter.

- That's very funny, O'Malley, d'you write that yourself?

What have you got?

- Routine homicide.

- Who is it, do you know?

- Haven't the foggiest.

- May I?

- Suit yourself.

You know him?

I said, do you know him?

- Yeah, I know him.

Name's Mike Williams.

He was on the Register when I first started, 10 years ago.

Good man, always did his homework.

- Another big time reporter, huh?

What brings you down here?

You know anything about this?

- No.

Just passing by, saw the action.

- I bet.

Alright, let's load him up, I haven't got all night.

Oh Sam.

You stay in contact, I'll be talking to you.

- Any time, O'Malley, any time.

- I can assure you, nothing important was discussed.

Yes, Senator, I'll keep you informed.


- We found nothing.

No ID, no clues, nothing.

Perhaps he left the tape somewhere on the premises.

- Impossible.

Nobody goes to all that trouble,

then leaves the evidence behind.

What about the others?

- Well, Sergeant O'Connor went down, talked to everyone.

No one say anything.

- A man cannot simply walk into this fortress,

knock out a systems analyst,

crawl through our air conditioning system,

and record a top-secret council meeting

without anybody seeing anything.

Yes, what is it?

- Mr. Stonefield, we ran a computer check

on all the calls made today.

This is the only one the computer designated

as unofficial business.

- Thank you.

- [Sam] Daily Register, Sam Jensen.

Hello, hello?

- It's all beginning to fit into place.

Our little Christian group has gone too far.

Bring in the girl.

I want us to have a little talk.

- Mr. Jensen?

- That's right.

- I'm Jenny Marshal.

- And what can I do for you, Ms. Marshal?

- It's Miss.

- Okay, Miss.

If you're looking for a job,

personnel doesn't open til nine.

- I thought maybe Mike Williams might have mentioned me.

- Mike.

Mike's dead.

- Yes, I know.

He asked me to contact you if anything happened to him.

- What are you talking about?

- Didn't Mike call you?

- Somebody called, told me to meet him at 2 a.m.,

I get there, Mike's dead.

Now will you mind telling me what's going on?

- Well, about six months ago, Mike asked me

to help him gather information about a group

called the One World Foundation.

- The ones who give grants to colleges, universities?

- [Jenny] Yes.

- Yeah, well, so you got something

against people that like to give away money?

- You don't understand.

The One World Foundation is just a front

for a group of individuals who want to establish

a one world government.

- Oh, come on, you want to publish this kind of information?

- If that's what it takes to convince the people, yes.

- Who's going to print it?

- [Jenny] I don't know.

Mike thought maybe you could help.

- No, sorry.

- Look, I'll pay you for it.

- Why don't you save yourself some money?

You write it.

- You have a reputation.

People will believe you.

- Look, Miss uh.

- Marshal, Jenny Marshal.

- Look, Miss Marshal, there are a dozen other reporters

on this newspaper, why don't you try one of them?

- Because Mike said you could get it printed.

- Yeah, well, Mike's dead, and I'd like to stay alive.

- Look, you don't understand the seriousness of this.

Mike isn't the first.

There have been many others that have died because of them.

- As long as they're not shooting at me,

I could care less.

- So that's your final answer?

- You got it.

- Mr. Jensen.

Look, try to keep an open mind about this.

- I am keeping an open mind, and the answer is no.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get

a little breakfast.

- Uh, good idea, I'll join you.

A little breakfast will do us both good.

- Bingo.

(playful music)

- So how you going to stop this 2000 pound gorilla?

- We're not.

Some breakfast.

- Well, what do you want for $1.98?

Besides, what's wrong with Mexican food?

- Does wonders for my waistline.

We're not trying to stop them.

We just want to warn the people

that God's judgment is about to begin.

- God's judgment?

That's a joke.

- It's not a joke.

Hmm, this is good.

- Of course it's good.

You think I'd mislead you, Miss Marshal?

- Do you think I'd mislead you, Mr. Jensen?

If you'll look at the world today,

we're speeding down the same paths

as the people in Noah's day, Sodom and Gomorrah,

Jonah and the Ninevites.

- The what?

- The Ninevites.

God told Jonah to go and preach repentance

to the men of Ninevah.

When they repented, God saved them.

It was pure and simple.

- Tell me.

- [Jenny] What's that?

- What did Jonah do for three days and three nights

in the belly of a whale?

- I don't know.

When I get to Heaven I'll ask him.

- I got you there.

That Jonah was no saint.

Maybe he didn't make it to Heaven.

- Well, in that case you can ask him.

(tense music)

- 62 to control.

- Book of Revelation tells about the coming

of a new world ruler who will make

everyone receive a number on his hand or forehead.

No one can do business of any kind without a number.

- So how does the One World Foundation fit into all this?

- Well, the Foundation's the most powerful

organization in the world today.

They control transportation, education,

our news media, the banking systems.

Plus 37 percent of the world's major industries.

And through their grants to our universities,

they can control what is taught.

- Because of the recent break in,

we'll need extra guards stationed

all around the hotel, especially near the conference rooms.

(door opens)

- Two of my men just found the girl.

She's with that Jensen fellow.

You want them to move in?

- No.

No, I have a better idea.

Have your men follow them and report back

every place they go.

I have a feeling there's more to their little group.

- Yes, sir.

- Technology now exists by which one man

can control the world.

- Do you have any substantial proof

that the One World Foundation is part of all this,

or is this just some kind of whim?

- It's not a whim, Mr. Jensen.

- Sam.

- It's not a whim, Sam.

Mark was working on getting the proof

just before he was killed.

Uh oh, don't look know, but I think we got company.

Come on, we can take my car, it's just around the corner.

- I think you better follow them on foot,

in case they try something.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, I thought you said it was just around the corner.

- It is, come on.

(car starts up)

- Yes, I understand, Mr. Secretary.


No names were mentioned.

Yes, I'm sure we'll have the tapes

before they get into the hands of the public.

Yes, there'll be extra security guards

at the council meeting.

Yes sir, I will keep you informed.

See you day after tomorrow.

(intercom buzzes)

Yes, what is it?

Send him in.


- She got away.

- What about the tapes?

- We searched the girl's apartment.


- Where is she now?

- We don't know.

But we know she's with that reporter fellow Jensen.

- I give you a simple task, and you blow it.

How do you expect me to explain this to the council?

- My men are looking for them now.

- I bet they are.

You know,

this might be the perfect time to try out our little system.

Computer operations.

I want to program a credit cancellation

on Sam Jensen.

112 South Hudson.


Put a hold on his savings and checking account,

and I want to be informed every time he tries

to use his credit cards.

One thing for sure.

- What's that?

- They won't get very far without any money.

- [Plummer] Yes, sir.

- Now what?

- They don't know who I am.

Let's try my place.

- Tack one to home base, subjects entering building, over.

- Hmm.

Looks like your cleaning lady was here today.

- Very funny, have a seat.

- Where?

- Uh oh, Sam, looks like we got trouble.

Now what are we going to do?

- What do you mean, what are we going to do?

How do I know what we're going to do?

What am I, some kind of James Bond or something?

- How 'bout Clark Kent.

- Cute, real cute.

One thing for sure, we can't stay here.

Sally, Sam.

Uh listen, I need a favor.

Can I borrow your four by four?

I'll explain later.


I, I love you too.

Okay, okay, bye.

- Who's Sally?

- She's just a friend.

- Hmm, what kind of friend?

- You know, sometimes you ask too many questions.

Now will you come on?

(Jenny giggles)

What's so funny?

- You could get arrested dressed like that.

- Would you get in and get down?

- Why, are you ashamed to be seen with me?

- [Sam] Will you--

- Alright, alright.

- I don't know how I got myself into all this.

- I think they call it predestination.

- Will you get down?

- Just my neighbor Sally.

(Jenny laughs)

- They'll never cash it.

- Give me a break.

- Bet you dinner.

- I've been coming to this bank for 10 years.

They know me.

Besides, my check is as good as gold.

- Doesn't make any difference.

As far as the Foundation is concerned,

you are enemy number two.

- No organization can be that strong.

- Double or nothing.

- Hi, Mr. Jensen, how have you been?

- See what I mean.

- Your slip is showing.

(tapping keys)

- I'm sorry, but there's a hold on your account.

- What are you talking about?

I know this is good, I got plenty of money in my account.

- I'm sorry, Mr. Jensen, but the computer placed a hold.

- Alright.

Here, I know this is good.

- I'm sorry, but there seems to be a problem

with your accounts.

- Look.


This is my savings account.

I have money in this bank.

- Would you like me to call the bank manager?

- Uh, no, I'm sure everything will be alright.

It's just a matter of a few days until the check clears.

Come along, Sam.

- Wait a minute.

This is my money.

- I think I'll take a steak.

No, maybe a lobster.

Whichever's more expensive.

- You're a barrel of laughs, you know that?

- Would you like to try your credit cards next?

- Ha, ha, ha.

- Now do you believe me?

The Foundation is not playing games.

By controlling your money, they control you.

Whatever they want you to do, you do,

because you have no choice.

Spooky, isn't it.

Come on, I'll drive.

- Where are we going?

- To the desert.

I want you to meet my uncle.

I think you'll find what he has to say very interesting.

Besides, we can get a free dinner.

- And plans have been made for the laser implantation

of computer numbers on ...

Come in.

- Mr. Stonefield, you wanted to know

every time Mr. Jensen tried to use his credit card.

- Yes, and?

- He tried twice today to cash a check

and three times to use his credit card.

Here's the list of the places.

- Thank you, Miss uh--

- Rockwell, Melody Rockwell.

- Thank you, Melody.

Are you available for dinner sometime?

- Well, yes, I'd like that.

- That will be all.

- Yes, sir.

- We've got them now.

One of my men put a signal transmitter under their Jeep.

- Excellent.

Which way are they headed?

- Up I-15, toward the desert.

- That's very interesting.

If my thinking's correct, we might expect

a few extra guests at the council meeting.

You'd better prepare some additional rooms

for their comfort.

- Yes.

- Have the Cobra meet me at Rio Rico tomorrow.

(relaxed music)

- Who lives here?

- My uncle.

He raised me when my parents were killed.

I think you'll like him.

He's an astronomer, stars and all that stuff.

- Jenny, what a pleasant surprise.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Uncle Paul,

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine,

Sam Jensen of the Daily Register, Dr. Marshal.

- Mr. Jensen, glad to know you.

- It's Sam.

I've heard a lot about you.

- Well, there goes my reputation, huh.

Hey, why don't you come inside.

You Aunt Belle's just fixing supper.

I, uh, I heard about Mike.

What happened?

- I don't know.

The police said it was robbery.

Did he say anything to you?

- No, he just said he was working on something big

and he'd call me in a few days.

- [Belle] Paul, who's at the door?

- Oh uh, listen, I wouldn't say anything

to your Aunt Belle about Mike.

She doesn't know anything about it.

- [Belle] Paul?

- Belle, look who's here.

- Oh my, Jenny.

What a surprise.

(tense music)

(crickets chirping)

- Ah, that's beautiful.

Dr. Marshal.

- Paul.

- Okay, Paul.

How'd you get started in all this?

- In astronomy?

- No, One World Foundation.

- Oh.

By reading the Bible.

- You know, a lot of folks think

that scientists are atheists.

- Well, that's where they're wrong, Sam.

There's a lot of scientists that are Christians.

As a matter of fact, for me, the study

of God's handiwork strengthens my faith.

We have a great God, Sam.

- Well, I'm impressed by your faith.

And your research.

But uh, they seem to contradict each other.

- Hmm.


Let me ask you a question.

What's the first thing that you do

when you get a tip from someone on a story?

- The first thing?

- Mm hmm, very first thing.

- I research the facts.

- Exactly.

And that's what I'm doing here.

Researching the facts.

Let me read you something.

This is Luke, Chapter 21.

"And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars

"and upon the earth, dismay among nations,

"and perplexity in the roaring of the sea and the waves,

"men fainting from fear, and the expectations

"of the things which are coming upon the world,

"while the powers of the heavens will be shaken."

Sam, I've been studying the stars now for over 40 years.

Well, ever since my father gave me my first telescope.

But it's exciting to know that as we sit here,

these scriptures are actually being fulfilled

right before our eyes.

- Well.

It might be exciting for you, but it

doesn't do much for me.

- Let me show you something.

Without getting into a lot of scientific details,

let me explain.

You see, every morning, with the help

of the university's computer, I calculate

the position of the planets in our solar system.

Now right now, they're like this.

But soon,

they'll be like this,

forming a 60 degree arc around our sun.

And right there, that dude is the key.

- Why's that?

- Jupiter is 4 1/2 times further from the sun

than the earth, and 318 times more massive.

Because of this great mass,

Jupiter dominates the solar system.

Its powerful gravity pulls the orbits

of the other planets out of shape,

and even affects the orbits of comets.

- Well, what does that have to do with the Bible?

- You see, in the scriptures, God is telling us

to be alert to the signs of the times,

and in doing so has given us certain areas

in which to look.

The heavens is one of them.

You see, the aligning of the planets

affects the solar system several years

before it actually happens, and during this alignment,

the combined gravitation pull of the planets

will create huge sunspots on the surface of the sun,

causing wind and temperature patterns

to change on the earth.

The aligning of these planets even has the ability

to create numerous earthquakes, all varying in size.

- Well, how can a planet a million miles away

affect the earth?

- Well, we all know what effect that the moon

has on the earth's tide.

Now you take into consideration that the crust

of the earth is like a series of barges or rafts

called plates.

Instead of floating on water,

they float on molten lava.

During the alignment, the combined gravitational pull

of the planets on the sun and earth

could be just enough to cause a small tidal activity

in the molten lava of the earth.

This tiny shift could be the trigger

that causes movement in the various fault lines

throughout the world, creating volcanic activity

and massive earthquakes resulting in

enormous damage and loss of lives.

(men snoring)

- Nice man, that Mr. Jensen.

- He's self-centered, egotistical, and stubborn.

- Sounds like a young girl I know.

You like him, don't you?

- Aunt Belle, how can you say that?

- Oh, maybe because its true.

I saw the way you looked at him at dinner.

- This is purely business, that's it.

As soon as he finishes writing the book,

I'll probably never see him again.

- Well, if you say so.

Hey, where are you going?

- I though Uncle Paul might like a fresh cup of coffee.

- Can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen,

I always say.

- You see, Sam, the scriptures plainly tell us

that these signs are going to happen

so that man will know that God is true to His Word

and be saved before the day of judgment falls.

- So there you are.

I've been looking all over for you.

Aunt Belle thought you might like a fresh cup of coffee.

- Thank you.

- Well?

- Well what?

- Well, has my uncle completely bored you,

or do you understand the urgency of our cause?

- From the looks of things, we're running out of time.

- So you're still going to do it?

- Maybe.

- You are the most self-centered, egotistical,

and stubborn person I have ever met.

- Why, thank you.

- Paul.

There are two men asleep in a car down the road.

I was taking the garbage out and I thought

I heard someone snoring, and sure enough--

- Must be those two guys from this morning.

Now what are we going to do?

- We can't stay here.

- Why not?

- We'll be sitting ducks in the daylight.

I'll get the Jeep ready.

- Yeah, I think he's right.

Well Belle, you get some food ready, and I'll help Sam.

(sneaky music)

- Now remember, Jenny, don't turn on your lights

til you're well past the car.

- Okay.

- And you take good care of yourself, darling.

- I will.

What about you?

- Oh, don't worry about us.

They don't have anything on us yet.

- I love you.

- I love you too, Jenny.

Let's go, Sam.

(sneaky music)

(men snoring)

- Hey, hey.

Hey, I thought you were supposed to stay up

and watch for them.

- Hey, ever mind.

Get the RDF.

(device beeping)

- Alright, I got 'em.

Now let's go.

- Sam, I think we're lost.

- What do you mean we're lost?

I thought you said you knew your way around the desert.

- I do, but not at night.

- Give me that.

Check in the back, and see if Sally's got a compass.

- Sam, what's this?

- What's what?

No wonder they knew where we were.

- Would you mind explaining what you're talking about?

- It's a transmitter.

They must have stashed it in the car

when we were in town.

That's how they knew every move we'd make.

- Now what?

- We got to get out of here, that's what.

- Well, where are going to go?

- Through the desert.

They won't be able to follow us in their car,

they'll get stuck in the sand.

- Alright, no more games.

I've had it with those two.

Come on.

- But you know what Plummer said--

- I don't care what Plummer said.

Are you coming with me or are you gonna walk?

(engine revving)

- Hold it, hold it.

No use, it won't budge.

- I though you said their car'd get stuck in the sand.

- You're a lot of help, you know that?

- Did you ever thing about praying about it?

- You've got to be kidding.

- No, I'm serious.

If God can part the Red Sea for Moses,

maybe He can move the Jeep for us.

That is, if you ask Him.

- You ask Him, I don't think He'll listen to me.

- Mm, you may be right about that.

Father, I know you're kind of busy but,

could you do us a little favor and give us a push?

All set.

- Alright, hit it.

- Thanks, Lord.

- Yeah.

Thanks a lot.

(playful music)

(Jenny laughs)

- We'll never make it in this.

- Well, I don't think we have a thing to worry about.

We're miles from nowhere and there's nothing much

can survive out there.

- Come on, let's go.

(Jeep sputters)

- That's it.



How are you going to pray us out of this one?

- I'm not.

When you're out of gas, you're out of gas.

- Yeah, and there probably isn't an Arab

around here for miles.

- Now what are we going to do?

- We can't stay here.

- You mean we're going to walk?

- Unless you have a magic carpet.

- Well, I think we should stay here.

- Suit yourself.

- Sam Jensen.

Where are you going?


Wait for me.

(adventurous music)

Can I have some more water?

Oh, thanks.


What are you looking at?

- I'm not sure.

- Thanks a lot.

- No, I mean, you're different from what I thought.

You don't seem like a.

- A religious fanatic?

- No, I just always thought your type

was out of it, you know?

Miss Goody Two-Shoes or.

- Miss Goody Two-Shoes.

- [Sam] What are you laughing at?

- Ah, it's just that a lot of people have the same idea.

They don't understand what it means

to be a Christian, either.

You see, I'm just like you.

The only difference is, I've accepted Christ as my savior.

- I know I'm going to regret asking this,

but it's the reporter in me.

What do you mean by taking Jesus Christ in as your savior?

Is that like being born again?

- Well, let me explain it this way.

The Bible says that all people are sinners,

and that none measure up to God's standard of righteousness.

But, God still loves us, and has provided forgiveness for us

by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place.

When we accept Christ as our savior,

we're totally forgiven in the sight of God.

The Bible calls this being born again,

because spiritually we are born into God's family.

Of course, you can have His forgiveness too, if you want it.

If you ask for it.

Jesus said, "Whoever comes to me,

"I will never turn away."

(dramatic music)

(helicopter approaching)

Oh, that was close.

- We better keep moving.

(dramatic music)

- Everything ready for the council meeting?

- Everything's all set.

- What about our two friends?

- Our reconnaissance plane found the Jeep in the desert.

No one was around, so I guess they're on foot.

- Looks like we won't need the Cobra after all.

We'll just let nature take its course.

- Yes, sir.

(ominous music)

- Can't we stop, just for a little while?

I can't go much further.

- I suppose it will be safe.

I don't think they'll sent out

any more planes until tomorrow.

- Do we have any more water?

- Just a swallow, we better save it.

- I'm sorry I got you into all this.

- I know.

- Sam.

- [Sam] Yeah?

- Are you scared?

- A little.

(tender music)

- Me, too.

- Come on.

I'll find us a safe place to sleep.

(coyote howling in distance)

(tense music)

(snake rattling)

- Sam.


- Go back to sleep.

- Don't move.

(snake rattles)

(gun fires)

- You got til the count of five to state your business.

I've already started counting.

I'm up to four.

That's five.

- Uh, we ran out of gas.

- That so.

Get up.

- Boy are we glad to see you.

- Shut up.

Get moving.

Drop that!

(tense music)

- Some hero you turned out to be.

- What do you want, the guy's got a gun.

I don't like guns.

- Hush up that talk.

(water flowing)

(martial music)

- Contaminations due to poisons, radiation,

and other pestilence must have a strong consideration

in selecting water sources.

One of the worst hazards in long-term survival

is waterborne diseases.

Dysentery, cholera, and typhoid are among the many.

- The .45 is your most vital personal defensive weapon.

It is very effective at close quarters,

and should be kept ready at all times.

If you are assaulted, you must respond.

My philosophy is, you can speak with me first,

but cross this line, and you're dead.

- Now look what you got us into.

- Me?

- You must accept the fact that out there

is a hostile world, and there are people

that want to kill you.

You must be mentally conditioned.

The white zone is the state of unawareness.

It's the one in which most people die.

I'm never in white.

Only fools are in white.

You can spend the rest of your life in yellow,

once you get used to it.

It means you're always aware someone out there

is trying to kill you.

Orange signals a threat, trouble.

Gun in hand.

Your decision to kill is made here.

Red means kill.

You now kill that man.

(gun firing)

One other thing.

Since this is your first day, remember this.

Point your gun in my direction, and I'll kill you.


Okay, break for lunch, one hour.

What you got there, Tucker?

- Found them wandering around the desert.

- Names McDonald, Jeff McDonald.

- Sam Jen, sen.

- And you must be Jenny Marshal.

- How'd you know?

- Been monitoring the One World's radio all day.

They've got search parties, planes, you name it,

all out looking for you two.

Whatever it is you've done, it must be important.

They want you awful bad.

- You're not going to turn us in, are you?

- Me?


I hate 'em.

Probably as much if not more than they hate me.

Tucker here will show you where you can get cleaned up.

Then you can join me for lunch in my camp.

- We gotta get out of here.

This guy's out of his gourd.

- You noticed.

Where are we?

- Fraid I can't tell you that.

But you're safe.

At least for the time being.

- Well, can I ask you what this place is all about?

- Sure.

No secret about that.

This is a advanced survivalist training camp.

- Looks more like a special forces camp.

- Well, in a way, it is.

Let me ask you a question.

Suppose you woke up one morning and found no electricity,

no water, no food, your money was worthless,

and there were looters roaming the streets.

- Well, I wouldn't call him.

- Very funny.

What about the police or the National Guard?

- What could a couple of thousand cops and soldiers do

about a million starving people?

And besides, cops and Guardsmen are survivalists

from the word go.

Wouldn't be surprised

if they were looking out for themselves.

This is your only protection.

You've got only one choice.

Get the other guy before he gets you.

- You mean to say you teach people to kill each other?

- I teach people to survive.

My feelings about killing are neutral.

I don't consider a human life sacred.

It's cheap,

and I don't care about the morality or legality

of taking a life.

I just teach people what they have to do,

and leave the moral considerations to others.

Order 50 more cases.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I've got another class.

- Oh, Mr. McDonald, do you think you could

find someone to drive us back to town?

- What's the matter?

You don't like our little camp?

- Oh, no, it's not that.

It's just her uncle.

He's probably worried about her.

- My uncle.

- Doesn't matter to me.

I'll have one of my men get your Jeep and gas it up for you.

- Thank you, Mr. McDonald.

- Colonel.

- Colonel.

(martial music)

- Here's your Jeep, just like I promised.

We'll have you rolling on your way in no time at all.

Oh uh, excuse the blindfolds.

Security, you know.

Just can't be too careful around these parts.

(martial music)

- I'm getting kind of tired of this, you know that?

- Well then, what are you going to do about it?

- I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

- You're always thinking.

By the way, who's Sally?

Driver, can we remove these blindfolds now?

- By all means, Miss Marshal, by all means.

- Sam, they turned us in.

Those creeps, they turned us in.

- Sold you out would be more appropriate.

Take them to the hotel.


Be discrete.

I don't want to alarm our guests.

Lock them in the storage room.

I'll deal with them after the council meeting.

- You alright?

- I think so.

I'll let you know when my heart stops pounding.

- [Sam] Well, it's obviously not the presidential suite.

- Now what?

- Worry.

- Well, looks pretty hopeless, doesn't it?

- Yeah.

- Well, we came close.

- To what?

- I thought for sure I'd see

God's conclusion to this world.

Guess now I'm going to have to settle for

a grandstand seat in Heaven.

- You really think God's going to wrap things up down here?

- Yeah, I really do.

- Why are you so sure?

- Number of reasons.

Or should I say fulfilled prophecies.

Uncle Paul told you about some of them but,

I don't think he mentioned my favorite.

- Oh, you have a favorite?

- Yeah, kind of think it's God's, too.

You see, the Bible says in the last days,

the Lord's return would center around the nation Israel.

God has always called Israel his fig tree.

He said that when the fig tree starts to blossom,

we know the end is near.

- So when the Jews return to Israel,

then the fig tree started to blossom.

- Hey, you catch on pretty fast for a newspaper man.

The exciting part is, that he also said that

the people living during that time

would be the generation to witness his return.

I believe we're in that generation.

When he comes, Sam, it will be a time of terrible judgment

for all who've not accepted him as their lord and savior.

Nickel for your thoughts.

- A nickel?

- Inflation.

- I was just thinking of a possible solution.

- Well, don't wait for it to come out in paperback, tell me.

- You think you could pray us out of this one?

- God loves you too, Sam.

Why don't we both pray?

- I don't know how.

- It's easy.

You say Lord, please get us out of here.

- Well, if that's all it takes,

I've already been doing that.

- Where are you going?

- To get us out of here.

- What are you going to do with that?

- Open the door.

- Are you crazy?

There are guards out there with guns.

You know, the kind that go bang bang, you're dead.

I bet you flunked out of crime school, didn't you.

- No, as a matter of fact, I got straight A's.

- I'm impressed.

(tense music)

- Halt!

(whistle blowing)

- Sam!

(whistle blowing)

- Don't.

It'll upset the guests.

We'll let the Cobra take care of our friends

once and for all.

- [Brownstone] We now have the capacity

to control the financial affairs of

every human being on earth by giving each person

his own computer number.

Any time his number is used, we would know

his financial situation at once.

He could not buy or sell anything

without his computer number.

- Well, this is what Mike gave up his life for.

There's enough evidence on that tape to

substantiate all our claims

against the One World Foundation.

- It's really happening, isn't it?

- What is?

- The end of the world.

Drugs, corruption.


We're all doomed.

- Not all of us.

- Well, I,

I do think we should all chase off to bed.

- Goodnight, Sam.

- Paul, can I talk to you for a minute?

- Yeah, what is it?

- Did I say something wrong?

- [Paul] Oh no, I don't think you said anything wrong,

I think she just needs some time to think.

- What do you mean?

- Well, you two have been through a lot together

these last couple of days and I uh,

frankly I think she's in love with you.

- And you don't approve, is that it?

- Oh no, approval has nothing to do with it.

It's uh,

I do think you have a problem.

- What kind of a problem?

- Well how do I put this?

I guess you can only put it the way you put it, it's uh,

well she's a Christian and you're not, Sam.

I think she loves you, but I

also think she's concerned about you.

- Yeah.


That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Jenny and I were talking earlier

about the world coming to an end,

and she said it wouldn't exactly be a picnic for those who

hadn't taken Jesus Christ as their savior.

Well I um,

I was wondering.

Do you really think God's going to be that tough?

- Let me read you something, Sam.

Guess I'm always reading from the Bible, huh?

That's all I know, Sam, it's my source.

It's something from Genesis.

"Then the Lord saw the wicked hearts of man

"were great on the earth, and that every intent

"of the thoughts of his heart was evil continually.

"And the Lord said, I shall blot out man

"whom I have created from the face of the earth.

"Then God said to Noah, the end of the flesh

"has come to me.

"Behold, I am about to destroy them.

"Go and build yourself an ark."

The Bible tells us Sam that God is the same

yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

You see, yesterday in Noah's time,

God destroyed man because of his evil heart.

What do you think he's going to do to man today

if he comes tomorrow?

- Well, it's a nice old Bible story,

but I don't see what it has to do with me.

- In the last couple of days, Sam,

you've seen a lot of what's going on in the world,

more than I'm afraid than most Christians know.

You see, God's given you a great gift,

the ability to see firsthand the corruption of man's hearts.

And God is telling us today by showing us signs that,

that the time of the Gentiles is drawing to a close.

- But what if all this doesn't happen?

- But what if it does?

Sam, don't be like the men in Noah's time.

Don't ignore God's warning and be destroyed.

You see, God is inviting you Sam to come into his ark.

And it's very simple.

All you have to do is invite Christ into your heart.

Admit that you're a sinner and ask God to forgive you,

and accept His Son as your personal savior.

You see Sam, Christ is the only way to heaven,

and will save you from the wrath to come.

You have the key to your salvation right here.

And all you have to do is read it.

You never know when the end will come, Sam.

(contemplative music)

(dramatic music)

- Good morning.

Well, good morning, Jenny, how are you today?

My, don't you look pretty.

- Yeah, sorry, good morning.

- I uh, didn't see any cars out front.

Do you think they know we're here?

- Well, if they don't know by now, they will soon.

- Ground to chopper one, are you in position?

- [Pilot] Affirmative, ground, we're in position.

- I thought we might go for a picnic this afternoon.

- Not today.

I gotta check some things out in town.

- Hey, I'll go with you.

- Not this time.

- But Sam--

- I said, no.

- I don't care what you say, I'm going with you.

- Will you ...

Give me the keys.

- You're not getting them unless I go with you.

- Will you give me the keys?

- You are not getting them unless I go with you.

- You know, you're kind of cute when you're mad.

Now will you give me the keys?

- No.

- Paul, can I borrow your car?

- Oh, yeah, I guess so.

- Thanks.

Wish me luck.

- Sam!

Sam Jensen!

- Chopper one, subjects leaving the house.

Move out.

- Sam, stop being so stubborn and thickheaded.

Sam, listen to me, you can't have that printed

without me, it's not fair!

Sam Jensen.

Self-centered, egotistical ...



Uncle Paul!

- [Pilot] Chopper one to control,

subject located one mile south of mountain road.

- [Control] Roger, chopper one, commence attack.

- [Pilot] Roger, wilco.

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

Chopper one returning to base.

- No!

(car explodes)

- Sam.

- Sam.




(flames roaring)

- I'll take that.

- Murderer, you murderer!

- Jenny.

- [Jenny] Murderer, you murderer!

- [Man] What do we do with them?

- Nothing, let them go.

Without the tape they're harmless,

no matter how much they talk.

(Jenny crying)

- There's nothing more we can do here, Jenny.

(dramatic music)

(Sam coughing)

(Sam moans)

- Sam.


- Sam?

- Oh Sam.

Oh God, please don't let him die.

- Jenny.

- I'm right here Sam, I'm right here.

- I prayed, Jenny.

I prayed.

- Oh Sam, I love you.

- I love you too.

- Tapes, get the tapes.

- No, it's alright Sam, Stonefield's already got the tape.

- How are we going to stop them?

- Well, we can't stop them, Sam.

They're doing exactly as God said they would.

Well, they'll form the one world government alright,

but God will let them destroy themselves by their own greed

just as the Bible says.

- What are we going to do?

- Look up, Sam, and rejoice, for our redemption is near.

They may have the tapes, but we,

we have eternal life through Jesus Christ.

- [Reporter] A jeep through the front doors of

the Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital

in west Los Angeles on March 14.

- [Reporter] Recapping today's top stories,

Alexander Stonefield, chairman of the One World Foundation,

denied reports made by Sam Jensen of the Daily Register

that his organization was conspiring

to overthrow all existing governments

in order to establish a one world government.

Stonefield also commented that Jensen

may not yet have recovered from his recent auto accident.

(dramatic music)