Eakam (2021) - full transcript

Eakam a philosophical fiction thinly based on the life of Shiva. This type of genre is never been attempted in Telugu. It's has been shot at a record span directed by a debutant B Varun Vamsi under the banner Ananda Thoughts production company and A Kalyan Sastry's Samskruthi Productions. Though there were certain limitations we roped in a young team and shot in various different locations in and around Hyderabad. The undercurrent of the film is a spat on the current stereotypical society. It's a new age drama which follows the five elements of nature viz. Earth fire wind water and sky. The 5 main characters represent each element n how the story unfolds by the jobless god talking about oneness of human souls is the crux of the film.

'Inside the supreme cosmic
being, mystical questions and'

'endless conversations have
given life to many epics.'

'This story is inspired by a conversation,
which started millions of light years away, '

'as a question between the king of demons
Hiranyakasyapa and his son Prahlada'

'Why are we born?
- I don't know.'

'Instead of sitting with closed eyes,
open them and see the world once.'

'You close your eyes and see once.
- Why?'

'There is a bigger world within.'


'Is your God present there too?'

'It is darker than you and
there is a bigger evil too.'

'One day..'

David, what you're doing is wrong.
- I can't help it Ravi.

I have a son David, he is very young.
He shall become helpless without me.

If you're alive,
he might grow up to become like you.

Or in the worst case,
he might become like me.

In a way, I am actually doing a good
deed to you and your son.

Damn it, are you even a human?

I am in a helpless situation,
but I believe in God. He won't spare you.

Ravi, God is not somewhere else,
He is present in every human.

He is also present in you. Do you want to
see what I can do to Him?


"How the life, will be started without.."

In that way, the demon swallowed
the light of the world.

'O Divine Energy of Fire, give me
higher intellect and illuminate my mind'

'In a world filled with
darkness, a soul couldn't live'

'and decided to merge
with that dark world.'

'An eternal light emerged
to stop that atrocity.'

'It said that the war hasn't
completed and that God'

'is returning to punish the
evil and save the world.'

'Punish the evil and save the world!'

'How is your God going to come this time?'

'Will He take form from,
chains? Or from pillars?'

'From a curse...'

'O Divine Energy of All Space, give me
higher intellect and illuminate my mind'



I believed that you would take
care of me if I devote my life to you.

I have spent 40
years of my life serving you.

I took care of everything you ever wanted.

What is your payback for that?
Tell me..what is your payback?

Because I grew old,
you distanced me from your service.

You took my job away from me.

If you do not intend to
bless your devotees,

you don't have the right
to stay in Vaikuntham.

That's why,
I am suspending your job as a God.

From today,
you won't be offered anything.

You take care of your food,
shelter and clothing by yourself.

You think that you possess
eternal power, right?

Take birth as a normal human being
and prove yourself.

If my devotion is real, even you must
experience my trauma of being unemployed.

You too must experience it,
you too must experience it.



'By taking birth through a curse,
that God remained in that cemetery.'

'It's already filled with
darkness, and even your God has'

'reached the cemetery.
What else is left in your world?'

A ray of light.

'She is about to take a decision to
fulfill her dreams. She trusts that'

'the decision will change her life,
as well as the world around her.'

"Who's written the language
of Love, with signs?"


"Who made me too learnt,
the language of Dreams."

"Who's written the language
of Love, with signs?"


"Who made me too learnt,
the language of Dreams."

Coffee shop dream?


If I knew you looked this
pretty when you're angry,

I would have irritated you daily.

Please, don't start again,
come to the point.

Why are you following me?

Wouldn't your coffee shop idea look
better practically rather than on a book?

Will you marry me
if your coffee shop dream is fulfilled?

Are you proposing to me?

As of now, I am just asking for a
part time job in your coffee shop dream.

After a year I will apply for
a full-time job, as your life partner.

That must mean you like me!

But why wait for one year?
How is it linked with coffee shop?

This coffee shop is your dream.

You're so beautiful now.

But once your dream fulfills,
there will be a completeness in you.

I want to see how beautiful.
You look with that completeness.

If this coffee shop is your dream,

watching that completeness
in you is my dream.

What are you thinking?

I'm wondering if I should thank you now
or after a year?

"Who's written the language
of Love, with signs?"

"Who made me too learnt,
the language of Dreams"

'Does a small light really matter
to the darkness,

which has swallowed whole light?'

'For dreams to be fulfilled,
tomorrow should exist right?'

'No, there is no tomorrow.'

'In a world which lives close to
tomorrow and away from today,

a new journey is about to start where the
world is away and the soul is close.'

'A bond that has stopped the journey so far,
has now become the reason for that journey.'

Didn't you say you got a job last month?
What happened?

Because of recession, the company
shut down in the first week of my joining.

This is the second company,
which closed down after hiring you.

You have been facing many backlashes
since a year. Aren't you sad?

Of course, I'm sad.
But if I hold your hand,

even that sadness turns
into a beautiful memory.

Why is your hand so cold?

I actually came here to tell
you something important.

But, as always, the moment I saw you
and held your hand,

I forgot about everything else.

What happened?

I am getting married soon.

I neither want to lose
you nor hurt my family.

I am really tensed and that's
why I'm here. What shall I do?

I think, your life isn't confined
to just a job or a marriage.

Also, as you said, may be destiny
has bigger plans for you.

Your journey must continue irrespective
of the people in your life.

Only this diary will accompany
you throughout your journey.

"My dreams are leaving me"
- Goodbye.

"Searching for better prospects."

"Sharp thistles on a flowered path."

"Stray raindrops on a desert plain"

'Like the five elements unified
inside Lord Shiva, these five stories'

'are going to be unified,
and unify the world.'


What happened to that girl?
Why was she so dull?

Nothing, she is getting married.

- She will be leaving India in two months.

What happened?
- She's getting married it seems.

What? Is she getting married?

Hey, we know that
you are good for nothing.

But why did she leave like that?

Hey guys,
she understood me better than all of you.

That's why she has left me.
It's OK.

Divya is my angel,

the angel who has come to
marry me and bear children for me.

This coffee shop is temporary.

Within a week,
I'll make herself say,

"Santhosh, this coffee shop isn't working,
I have troubled you a lot".

I'll call with the good news that,
this coffee shop is closed.. See you!

- Nothing sir, cigarette.

What are you thinking?

Nothing sir, when you didn't want
madam to do this business,

why did you support her for this long?


Girls won't even look at our face,
if you say no to them.

We have to just say yes to everything, and
later prove to them that they were wrong.

Only then they will listen to us
and agree to our terms.

But madam strongly wished
to stand on her own feet.

Now will God side
with her or with you?

Hey hey hey!!

Those are your certificates man!

You may be frustrated but
it's not right to burn the certificates.

Guys, I am not frustrated.

Then why did you burn them?

I never wanted to work for myself.

For whom did you?

For my parents and for Priya.

I understood that only after getting
separated from all of them.

Fine, what do you want to do now?
Tell us your plan.

I want to know who I am and what I want.

Hey, I told you he was depressed.
- Did I not ask you to take care of him?

How many times should I take care?
- Why don't you do it?

I cannot man, you only take care.

No, you take care.
- I cannot man, you do it.

I told you long back that I cannot.
- I told you too.

Hey, stop it! I'm not in depression.

I'm in the right senses only.
- Give me that.

"The silence in my heart..."

Divya likes this business a lot.

For that reason, we are continuing it
irrespective of the losses.

You are a true
gentleman, Santhosh.

You're working and also taking
care of Divya's business.

You are really great.

Honestly, no one would be willing
to take this kind of a risk.

By the way, you didn't tell me how the food is.
- Yes, it's really tasty.

We usually have 3 to 4 events,
monthly for sure.

Let's work it out together.

Divya, want to have a coffee?

Why are you so low?

Do you remember? Exactly a year back,
on this very day, we started this work.

You wanted to see completeness in me
but I'm completely washed out now.

I'm in a state where I cannot
even take petty decisions.

Investing in a business that I have no
idea about, and standing here as failure.

You believed in my dream
more than I myself did.

Now, you are troubled because of me.

I always had the negative
thought that whoever came to the

coffee shop should only talk to
me and pay attention only to me.

You've taken enough stress
about the coffee shop Divya.

Do you remember the
offer we got last month?

Yes, you mentioned someone named Giri.
- Yes, Giri.

He said he will pay the balance
lease amount.

He is also willing to pay 10% of what
we spent on the interiors.

I think it is a better deal.

We are already in losses Santhosh.
10% is really less.

You know how tough it was for me
to arrange the money.

We shouldn't think of money any more
Divya. This was a bad experience.

If we miss out on this deal,
we may regret it in the future.

I'll be left with nothing
if we close this deal Santhosh.

Why will that happen Divya?

I have a job and
there is a good growth in it.

If you really want to stand
on your own feet,

we have openings in my company.
You can also try in other places.

It's the right time to earn money.
I think we should move on from here.

Stop thinking Divya.
I am telling this for both our benefit.

Hey, what are you watching?
- Stars.


Being a jobless, and watching stars!
Anyway, how many did you count?

It's OK.

Hey, I remember watching a movie as
a child. I'm unable to recall the title.

Oh yes, it's "Mathrudevobhava".

The struggles faced by the actress
in that movie remind me of your struggles.

Still, you act as if everything is normal.

Why should I be dull?

Hey buddy,
I know that you are in depression,

but why are you tensed,
aren't we there for you?

Guys, stop blabbering. Tell me
what's on your mind quickly and leave!

Let me be in peace.

Do you remember our HOD Shastry?
- Yes, he also taught us, right?

Yes, his brother has opened a
software company.

I spoke about you and your certificates.
You have to go to the interview tomorrow.

Who asked you to do that?
Did I ask for a job?

Dude, we are not
requesting you to work.

We have already spoken to them,
you are going and that's fixed.

All our classmates are happily settled,
married and have children.

Look at us! Hey Malinga, get up! How many backlogs do you have?
- 10.

Yes ten, go back to sleep.

He has completed all his backlogs and
is leaving to USA very soon

but we are still watching stars here.

Guys, stop irritating me and just
tell me what you want me to do.

Go to the interview and come
back with the call letter.

OK, but now you guys get lost
from here and leave me in peace.

Good morning madam, I am David.
- I am Divya, tell me..

Hi I am Santhosh, tell me..

Um, who is the owner of this shop?
- Divya is the owner.

Tell me David, how can we help you?

I have seen a board outside, that
you are hiring. I am looking for a job.

I am here to talk about the same.

You want work in a coffee shop
at this age?


Anyway, we are not hiring Mr. David.
Ganesh, take out the hiring board.

I am desperate for this job madam.
It is in your hands, right?

Please consider.
I am a hard worker.

We can't hire you Mr. David.
You have many options outside.

Try somewhere else. I am getting late to office Divya, I'll leave, good day!
- Bye!

You may leave, Mr. David.

Sir told you that there is no job, right?
Why are you still here? Leave.

I'm not staying regarding the job,
can you give me a piece of cake to eat?

Cake? OK, select one.

But I don't have money.
- You have no money!

I didn't eat anything from
yesterday afternoon, I feel weak.

I can understand but there is nothing I can
do without Sir's permission, please leave.

I'm sorry.
- OK.

Ganesh, call him and give him
something to eat.

I think he left, let it be madam.
- Do as I say Ganesh.

[MOCKS] Do as I say, Ganesh!
Did I come here for this?

Not just two days,
he looks like he hasn't eaten in a week,

he finished a whole batch.
Sure, drink up!

Salary is Rs.10000.
I am hiring you.

Hey sit down, eat peacefully first.


Come in.

Hey you..

Sorry ma'am!

Decide if you want to call me
ma'am or not.

It took a while to connect from
classmate Nitya to HR Nitya. I'm sorry.

I let you walk-in to the interview
in spite of you not having

your certificates,
because the manager recommended you.

When I have given you
this golden opportunity,

is this the way to attend an interview?

Couldn't you have
at least dressed in formals?

If I had expected that I
would clear all the rounds

and reach the HR,
I would have groomed myself.

So, aren't you confident about yourself?
- No.

You are saying that you aren't confident
directly to the HR who is interviewing you.

That must mean that you are not interested
in the job or you are acting really smart.

I am interested in the job but
I am not passionate towards it.

So, I value the comfort of the truth
than the confidence acquired by lying.

Why should I hire you?

Because I'm a hard worker.
I'll strive for the company's progress.

In fact, I'll also dedicate my
whole life towards it.

Above all, I can bluff very well.

Also, I bluff to myself pretty well.

Do you think we hire people
based on their lies?

Would you hire somebody if they only
spoke the truth?

Very smart! You're selected.
- Oh, thank you.

We will email your offer letter in two days. Be confident.
- OK.

Did you enquire about that guy?
- Who?

The same guy whom you hired, David.
- I told Ganesh, he said he would do it.

- Sir?

Did you find out any details about David?

He isn't talking much. Since he is new, it
will take me a while to ask him sternly.

Will try to do it as soon as possible Sir.

I think, you made a mistake
by hiring him Divya.

We are already in need of workers
and when somebody is willing to work,

I don't understand why
you are rejecting them Santosh.

Divya, we already spoke to Giri
about the lease.

I said no to hiring
since it's not the right time.

You should have discussed it with me.

It's OK, I'll take care of it. Let it go.

Talk respectfully about elder people
Santosh. It doesn't sound right.

OK, I'm sorry.

Good morning Sir.

We know nothing about you, but since
you are desperate, and we hired you.

Ganesh will brief you about your work.
- OK.

Hi guys!
- [UNISON] Hello sir.

A new recruit has joined our project.

Let us congratulate and welcome him.


Don't go overboard.

I'm Charan, Project Manager.

For the past 8 years,
I've been working in this company.

There will be good growth for
hard workers. I believe in your hard work.

Thank you sir.

We ask a question to every
new recruit on their first day.

That question shall remind
you the growth in your career.

Please ask sir.

In the next 5 years,
where do you see yourself?

I definitely will not be amongst you
people in this office.


Either I'll quit this job
or you will terminate me.

I'm sure until that point.
I don't know what might happen after that.

Don't you care for the customers?


We hardly have one or two customers
and I always have to take care of them.

What are you here for?

I'm coming sir!

What do you want Sir?
- What do you have here?

Take a look.

Do you have all the items from the menu?

No sir. Only coffees, pastries
and sandwiches are available.

Will the coffee be strong?

Did he come to drink coffee
or write a book about it?

Will the coffee be strong?
- I'll make it exactly like you want sir.

OK. Um..
- Is he picking a good moment to drink coffee!

Get seven cups of strong coffee.
- Seven cups? Is anyone else coming?

No, they are all for me.
- Stop joking sir, how can you alone have seven cups of coffee?

Yes, I will, get one cup every hour.
- Why don't you rather order every hour?

I have come here to read. If you get me
a cup of coffee every hour,

neither of us will be disturbed then.

I'll also pay the bill now,
so, you won't disturb me later.

What is he stirring?


I have to receive the customer, take
the order and also remove the used cups!

Why are you here
if I should alone do all the work?

Oh! You're here
only for the salary?

That man says he needs seven cups
of coffee.

I'm not sure if he intends to drink them
or shower with them!

Go, give him the coffee.


It is weird to see such a strong coffee
being served in such a small cup.

Any problem sir?
- I'm suggesting that you should use bigger coffee cups.


May I come in Ma'am?
- Yes.

I received a complaint that you spoke
recklessly in a meeting the other day.

If you ask me about today, I can answer.

But I cannot answer questions regarding
my plans after 5 years.

I figured I cannot work long with this kind
of people who only think about the future.

That's why, I said either I will quit
or you will terminate me.

Our intention behind asking you the question
is not that you will predict the future.

It is for you to think about where you
want to be after 5 years, career wise.

I definitely don't want to grow in the
company or settle here.

I am working only for a livelihood.

My answer is the same,
even for after 5 years or 10 years.

OK, you may leave.
- Thank you.

By the way, learn to be humble to your seniors.
- Sure.

What are you doing here when the customers are waiting there?
- Sorry sir.

OK, where is Ganesh?
- He said he will come in a while.

See what the customer wants first.

Also, I want to talk to both of you
in the evening. Wait till I come.

Did you ever think that there's more
to a job than just earning money?

My ambition in life is also the same.
I didn't come looking for this job,

the job came to me.
It's just a part of my journey.

I don't want to spend my whole life here.
Do we have coffee here?

Why haven't they closed
the coffee shop yet?

It's 1:30 AM, why did you
still keep it open? Where is Ganesh?

You said you would come and talk to us,
right? I told Ganesh too but he left.

I was waiting for you to come.

Switch off all the lights first.

If the police comes,
we will have to pay a fine.

What happened?

The whole city closes by 12AM,
did your clock not strike twelve yet?

Sir, we are closing.
Give us just two minutes.

Not just today, on most days
this place is open till 2:30-3 AM.

My superior ordered me to enquire.

Sir, we usually close by 11 o'clock,
it happened today because of

a small problem, you can see
that its empty without customers.

Firstly, why are you holding
meetings at midnight?

I should inform my superior.

Sir, please don't make it an issue.

We won't repeat it again.
- OK, close it ASAP.

You give unnecessary importance to people;
You just don't care for my words.

Yes? What is this?
- My resignation letter.


Looks like he has influenced you too.
What will you do after resigning?

I want to be a singer.
- Wow! Sing a song please.




What do your parents do?
- They work in a small agency.

How much do you have in your account?
- Three thousand.

Wow! Three thousand? What are you
going to do after that money is spent?

OK, do you have a girlfriend?
- Yes sir.

Will she marry you
if you don't have a job?

Listen, these passions
and emotions don't feed you.

Relax and get back to work.

Every tom, dick and harry wants
to try something special! Whatever!

- What is this?

You unnecessarily had to pay the fine
because of me. It is that money.

I wanted to ask you last night itself.
We hired you and are feeding you in time.

But we're at
a loss because of you.

Please use your brain from now at least.
- Sure sir.

Get back to work.

Santhosh, this is too much.
The poor guy is broken.

He's made a mistake but he also
apologized. You could have left it.

It's not about money Divya,
he must know his mistake. Leave it.

This is not correct, Santhosh.

He is right. You don't need to be
that generous with workers.

Your business also is
in this state because of that.

- Yes.

You don't have any money, right?
Then how did you manage to get Rs.1000?

I borrowed it from someone and assured
to pay back once I get paid.

Give it back to the person
you borrowed it from.

Make sure to not repeat the mistake again.
That's enough.

- I'll manage Santhosh, OK?

Whom do you want?
- Surya.

Surya isn't here.

"Being born as a human is not special."

Hey, it's the same girl from the video.
- Yes, Man! She's superb.

Hello Surya, I'm waiting downstairs.
- [SURYA] Have you gone mad?

[SURYA] Just leave from here. I'll lose my
dignity if somebody sees you here.

They kicked me out of my house Surya.
I don't know where else to go.

[SURYA] So, you think you can just
crash at my place?

[SURYA] My family will kill me
if they see me with you. Just leave.

Are you so ashamed of me Surya?
Didn't you say you'd marry me?

[SURYA] Please check the internet once.

[SURYA] Your naked video is
trending all over.

[SURYA] I will lose my respect
if we get married.

"I won't forget food or worldly pleasures."

Just leave, please!
- Are you leaving me?

"I won't forget food."

"Or worldly pleasures"

"I won't forget sensual pleasure"

"I'll forget wisdom and philosophy"

"I'll forget my guru and my God."

Please send more videos if there are any.


Do you know that 15 employees
have emailed their resignations?

Really? I don't know.

The manager has set up an enquiry
committee to know the reason

behind these sudden resignations.

This is the enquiry report.


We found out that you are
the reason behind their resignations.

An employee has complained too.

So, are you terminating me?

When you have absolutely no interest,
why did you even take the job?

I have interest in the job.
But I have no attachment towards it.

OK, I get it. I know why you
talk like this. I did a background check.

Background check?
- Yes.


Your dad expired when you were an infant.
Even after struggling a lot,

you didn't get a job due to recession.
You lost your mother during those trials.

Your girlfriend dumped you. You tore your
certificates in that disturbance.

I get it.

Everyone has ups and downs in life.

It's not right to stay
in the past and suffer.

I didn't burn my certificates
in frustration,

I could do it due to the freedom
that my life has given me.

Pease tell these things to someone else,
they may believe you. But I will not.

Nobody knows you like I do.

What do you know about me? And how?

Don't ask how and what, ask me why I know.

OK, why?

I was waiting for a special occasion
to tell you this.

But I never thought
of saying it like this.

Let's see if you'll overcome
your frustration after I tell you this.

I love you.

Please overcome your
restlessness and

concentrate on what you want.
I'll plan our future together.

Shall we have a coffee?

I didn't ask for it.

Since you didn't take the money, I
wanted to make you a nice coffee at least.

Do you know how to make a coffee?
- I have a faint idea.

Two shots of freshly brewed pumpkin spice,
whipped cream, and Colombian beans.

One shot hot milk.. No.. You added cream,
one glass hot water, right?

Wow! What is this?
- I wanted to try something new.

Are you interested in trying new things?

Yes, why not. I will make
a new variety everyday if you like.

That was actually the initial idea
of this coffee shop.

A new variety coffee every day!

But Santhosh said the idea wouldn't work.
So, I dropped it.

Before I came here,
even my life started with an initial idea.

It's a long journey.
Along the journey, I always thought

about where I am and what I am.

But I forgot the initial idea of why
and how I started it.


Go straight.

"I won't leave my sins or vices"

Madam, where do you want to go?

Just keep going straight.

"I won't leave my greedy desires."

Madam be clear, I have to go home.

"I won't leave my sins or vices"

I have to go to my death;
Can you take me?

Stop there.

"I'll leave my duties and objectives"

"I'll leave my traditions and culture."

"I'll leave my duties and objectives"

"I'll leave my traditions and culture."

See, I have to clear two things to you.
Firstly, I'm not depressed.

in the 'I love you' that you told me,

I'm stuck at 'I'.
I haven't reached 'you' yet.

My wish is to discover my own self.
If you mistake that as depression,

I can't do anything. I feel..
You don't even know me.

I now understand how you
made all those people resign.

You spoke in the same way
and confused them, right?

I didn't confuse anyone, and
I don't even think that they got confused.

No matter how hard you try,
I won't get influenced by your words.

At the same time,
I'm not letting go of you

until you take your
life seriously and plan it well.

I think you are wasting your time.
Anyway, do I still have my job or not?

Sign on this apology
letter and say sorry to the manager,

I will take care of your job.

Why are you leaving while
I'm still talking?

I'm feeling suffocated here,
I'll take a walk and be back.

Hello! Where is the apology letter?

Here! A big apology to you,
your company and to your HR.

Hey, have you gone mad?

I'm a phantom, a sacrifice, a revolution.

A poem, an argument,
a great force to be reckoned with.

A veritable feast
in front of worthless people.

All the worlds are nothing but chaff
when they are faced with my wrath.

[DAVID] It started as an initial idea
before I came here.

New coffee for every day!

[DAVID] I forgot the idea
with which I started.

[SANTOSH] If this coffee shop is your dream,
my dream is to see completeness in you.

That was also the initial idea
of this coffee shop.

Hello. Please don't come to drop me
today, I'll take the bus.


It's not that easy to count stars man.

True, our friend is really great
in that way. I love his patience.

We too should learn it man.

- Counting.


Call him.

'The number you have dialed
is switched off.'

Try again.

'The number you have dialed
is switched off.'

'Please try again later.'

Same again.

Where did he go?
- Hey, today is his birthday.

"My dreams are leaving me."

"Searching for better prospects."

"Sharp thistles on a flowered path."

"Stray raindrops on a desert plain."

"My companion has abandoned me."

"My love is gone with the wind."

"A new melody that shattered the norms."

"A star that fell from the heaven."

Are you lost?


I'll show you life,
come with me.


- Hello David? Did I disturb you?

No madam, please tell.

Having a new coffee flavor every day
was the initial idea of the coffee shop.

I want to implement it.
Will you support me?

Definitely madam.

Thank you so much David, come early in
the morning tomorrow. Bye.




'Welcome to Nirvana Society.'

'To know the value of light, you should
have experienced darkness.'

'People who can cross the darkness

and take the light into the world
can only come here.'

'Nobody can come here
accidentally or out of their will.'

'They can come only if the society wills it.
If you are here and are listening to this, '

'that must mean that your
world is filled with darkness.'

'Now, you are a member of Nirvana society
which aims to kill that darkness and'

'show light to the world.
The genesis of the war between this'

'darkness and light will be known to you
at the earliest. Signing off, Nirvana.'

Are you hungry?

Don't fear hunger. There are millions of
people who are being fed by God.

When you are starving, demand Him.
He shall feed you too.

Turn back and see.

That's the world you left behind.
If you want to go back, you can. If not..

Why did you kill my father?


Who are you? Who is your dad?
Who brought you here?

Nobody brought me. I came by myself.
My name is Prahlad.

My dad's name is Ravi.
You are the one who killed my dad, right?

Who told you that?
- I know it.


Appayya!! Are you crazy?
Do you know what you are doing?

You have already abandoned all
the customs by sitting in this graveyard.

On top of it, you are chanting
holy hymns in this unholy place.

Give us the idol and
take a holy shower.

Accept your sins and publicly apologize
to everybody in the temple.


I didn't commit any sin. This God has
committed a sin by being in yogic sleep

and not taking care of me irrespective
of me serving Him for many years.

That's why I took Him
away from Vaikuntham,

removed His job as a God
and installed Him in this graveyard.


Don't talk nonsense Appayya.

Stop living in an illusion,
away from reality.

This ash will erase
all those illusions.

This is the truth. This is eternal.
This is Shaivam and

this is also Narayanam.
Even you people should apply it.

Lord Narayana!


You have applied ash to the holy
idol and ruined the sanctity.

You've left the Vaikuntham
and reached the graveyard.

Nobody can save you. We have decided
to abolish you from our society.

It's a sin to even look at you.
Come, let's go!


They say I have left Vaikuntham
and reached graveyard.

If one has to reach Vaikuntham, they
too should first come to this graveyard!



Hey, looks like it's a girl.
- Dude, why are you always thinking of girls?

World is going to end.
- World is going to end?

Hey she just left, let's catch her.

- Come let's catch her..

She looks like a girl.

Not like a girl, it is a girl.
Let me talk to her.

What are these pamphlets madam,
do you want to scare us?

Hey! She is the girl from that video!
I watched it many times.

Get out of my way immediately.
- What will you do if we don't?

Let me show you..

What did you say?
Tell me, what did you say?

You're done!
My friend is a boxing champion.

What are you, a karate champion?
- Let me go! It's for your good.

Stop! Bloody cowards!

Ganesh, David will take
care of the kitchen from today,

you take care of
cleaning and serving.

I know madam, that guy mixed something
in the coffee the other day.

What? Are you mad?

How else could you decide
with just one coffee?

Before handing over the kitchen to me,

Santhosh sir made me prepare
30 coffees for him.

After drinking so many cups, he gave you
the kitchen only because he got habituated.

Not because he
liked your coffee.

Why would we ask you to make the coffee so
many times if you are actually good at it?

Shouldn't we inform sir too?

If not, he might yell at me for
not informing him about all this.

Stop your nonsense and
clean the tables.

This is nonsense?
Let sir come! I'll show you.


It's not my job to make from today. The
guy who makes the coffee hasn't come yet.

After he comes, he will make it.
Please wait till then.

I will drink the coffee only made by you.

Did you see that madam?
The only customer to our

coffee shop wants to have
coffee made only by me.

OK get it.



I'm talking to you..

Get up!

What are you doing here? Who are you?
- Um.. Those three people..

What? Which three people?

Nobody is here, this is Nirvana society.

I am talking to you.

"What's your direction, Almighty Shiva."

"How's your Appearance look alike,
Mighty Shiva."

"Mighty Shiva."

"Ferocious Shiva."

"Saviour Shiva."

"Almighty Shiva."

"Are trident, and third-eye
are belongings of you!"

"Is dance and rhythm
are the blood of you."

"Come as fiery-breeze."

"Come as windy-breeze."

"Come as breath-winds."

"Come to destroy the doubtfulness."

"Come as floating-land."

"Come as floating-water."

"Come as heavy-air."

"Come to remove the sorrows of world"


"A dream in me.."

"Kasi Shiva."

"How to be, like you, Lord Shiva."

"Kasi Shiva."

"Lord Shiva."

"Rising Shiva."

"Mighty Shiva."

"Are birth and deaths, are your calls?"

"Is silence and meditations
are your deeds?"

"Come to me as sleep."

"Come to me as a dream."

"Come to me as my story."

"Become a proof to everyone."

"Ego is the thing."

"It's everything."

"It's the only thing."

"Know this secret and the world is yours"



I was in a deep sleep.
I didn't notice you, sorry.

Do you have coffee?
- It's in the kettle. Take it.

I'm giving you ten minutes.

Have your coffee,
pack your things and leave from here.

Ten minutes isn't enough.

I'm very tired from the journey.
I'll stay here till evening.

I'll take care of my food and stay.

I told you a lot of
times to not come here.

I even put up that trespassing
board for you.

This isn't a shelter. You cannot
stay here. Please leave this place.


Madam has become a busy
businessperson these days!

Looks like sir's
anger has reduced.

That isn't anger Divya.


I'm just concerned about the problems
we might face in the future

due to today's wrong steps.

But we cannot spoil the present
by living in a fear of the future, right?

OK. What has happened has happened.

From now,
I shall plan our future securely, OK?

Sign on these documents.
- What are these?

We decided to lease
the coffee shop, right?

They are the concerning documents for
the payments, terms and conditions.

If you quickly sign then,
I will submit them on my way.

Santhosh, I need some time.
- Time? For what?

I am just developing confidence to run
this coffee shop.

I now understand that I can
run this business on my terms.

For a while,
please let me do things my way.

I need another chance.

We have already decided that this isn't
working, right?

You are making these decisions
like a child.

Did you ever consider the problems
I'm facing because of your decisions?

If it's so much of a trouble to you,
you can leave me Santhosh.

I am unable to cope with the feeling
of you getting troubled because of me.

You don't need to save me.
This is my passion.

I can enjoy it even through the
tough times. Don't try to control me.

Divya, I have already given my word to
Giri. You cannot change your decision now.

I'm not scared of anybody.

He is telling for your good,
why don't you do a job instead?

Excuse me, I don't even know your name.
You're only a customer,

you don't have to get involved
in everything.

Don't talk to the
customer like that Divya.

Santhosh this is my coffee shop!
I don't need your suggestions.

Madam, sir really likes you...

Ganesh, one more word and you
will be out of the coffee shop.

I can only blame myself for
putting up with all this.

Santhosh, you don't have to put
up with anything.

A year back, you yourself came
into my life talking

about part-time job and full-time job.

OK, do as you please. I'm leaving.

I have completed my
yesterday's task successfully.

Though I returned early,
it took me time to record my report.

After two months,
he has come again while I was away.

I just don't understand
why he keeps coming so many times,

in spite of me telling him not to.
But he doesn't look suspicious.

It's time for lunch. Signing off, Nirvana.

There's no food left. I was indulged in
the task and completely forgot about food.

I need to find a food source.


I know where to find it.

Hey, I was worried if you went quite a distance.
- Why worried?

You said you'd take care of
your food, right? How?

Did you come this far to only ask that?
- Please answer me first.

- How many days will it last?

Easily, a week.
- I have a proposal.

I'll take care of your accommodation;
You take care of my food.

I'm still talking, why are you leaving?
- I didn't like the deal.

What do you mean?

I'll stay for three days.
- No, not possible.

Then, forget it.
- OK, two days.

See, first of all, I'm not interested to stay
there at all. I've changed my plans, bye.

OK, three days. Now stop.


Let's go.


Who's this guy? He looks hungover!

Sir, shop hasn't opened yet.
There's still an hour before it opens.

I'm not here for it to open,
it's time to completely

close your coffee shop.
Call Divya and ask her to come.

There are certain rules to
stay here for three days.

Firstly, you should make sure
that nobody comes here while I'm away.

You should not enter my workstation.

You should not ask any questions
regarding my work.

Most importantly,
once you leave this place,

you should never return.
Do you understand?


Why are you laughing?

We break rules when we
are hungry and once our stomach's full,

we remember our rules again.

It's just human nature.

I didn't get it.

When you came looking for me,
you were very hungry.

You broke your rules
and let me come here.

Now that you are full, you're
reminded of your rules and conditions.

I'm heading out. I'll be late. Make sure
nobody is here while I'm away.

Santhosh, come to coffee shop please, I have a problem.
- Yes Divya?

Didn't you say you would also enjoy
the difficulties? What happened?

OK fine, I'll handle it myself.

Sir, even I considered closing the
coffee shop until last week but now,

I'm confident that I can run it.

This is my mistake.
I'm sorry for the trouble.

Take a look around this place Divya.
You have two workers,

three people in all, including you.
What about customers?

If you think this is business,

I should definitely correct you.

Accept that you can't run a business,
vacate this place

and find a job for yourself.
That works best for you.

You don't have to tell me
about my capabilities sir.

I never wrote an agreement stating
that I will vacate, right?

In fact, I'm meeting
you for the very first time.

I'm leaving these documents here.
I will be back tomorrow to collect them.

You will regret not taking my advice,
if I don't see the papers signed.

Good luck!


I asked you to take care of this
place, right? Where did you go?

I got bored and went for a walk.

Don't lie. I've been here since yesterday.
Who goes out for a walk in the midnight?

I do. Come, have a look.

Can you see that rock beside the water?
- Yes.

I wanted to know what lies behind that.
So, I went there.

Your words are very confusing.
I noticed you even the last time.

You are just roaming aimlessly.
Don't you fear tomorrow?

Why should I fear?
This world is feeding millions of people.

I believe it will feed me too.

Those who don't believe in it,
fear about tomorrow and chase money.

Since you're a believer too,
you don't chase money.

Who told you that I don't chase money?

You checked my bag while I was away, right?
Even I entered your van in your absence.

Don't get angry.
Even curiosity is a hunger.

Since we both broke rules,
we are even now.

So? You want to save this world, right?
- Yes, why is that so strange?

What is it, if not strange?
What has happened to the world?

There is water in the seas.

We are living on this earth.
Birds are flying in the sky. All is well.

Is this all a joke to you? On one hand,
people are helpless as

they're losing jobs because of recession.

On the other hand, Mayan calendar
has ended and resumed.

World War 3
is about to start in two years.

Do you even realize how many
problems are present in this world?

True, but the world has been present
even before these people lost their jobs

and even before they joined in those jobs.

The guy who wrote the Mayan calendar,
also was born into the same world.

This world has seen bigger wars and
atrocities than the anticipated.

World War 3. When the world has
stood strong through all that,

do you think it will end
because of your stated reasons?

I don't have an answer to your question
now, but will surely answer it someday.

Good luck.

What happened?

Somebody came and warned madam to lease
out the shop. She has been lost since then.


You thought you could
handle everything independently, right?

Do you understand now that
you are incapable without me?

Admit it that you are not fit to run this
business Divya.

Sir give us two mins.
She will sign the papers.

Sorry Divya, this place is yours.

If you need any help in the future,
feel free to call me.

Here is the cash you asked for,
please leave my brother.

Dilip, Giri has delivered the cash.
Leave his brother.

You leave Giri, your brother will come home.
- OK


I didn't understand what you have
written in this dairy. What's all this?

Didn't we agree that we were
even this morning?

Why did you open my bag again?

It's the same when you break
a rule once or a hundred times.

Everything in this place,
including you and me,

belongs to Nirvana society.
So, I don't need your

permission to open this
bag or book.

This society decides
who should come or stay here.

False beliefs!

Hello, I don't believe in God to be having
false beliefs. I believe in science.

Atheists tend to have more false beliefs
than one who believes in God.

Modern false beliefs!
- Do you mean that this society is fake?

In my opinion,
every society in this world is fake.

We think that we are
alive because of these societies.

But in reality, they exist
because we believe in them.

You spoke about a journey, right?
Where do you plan on going?

Away from these societies.

Closer to myself.

I want to know about you.

I myself don't know who I am yet.

You are trying hard to not let go
of this coffee shop,

but somebody else is
trying to get rid of it.

I don't get it.

Giri would never come by
himself and warn you.

He's being provoked to do so by somebody.



"My path has changed as..

Unable to change".

"Remained as a question."

"As unable to answer."

"Every moment the pain..

On my lips has increasing".

"Every moment, the pain
of my lips has increasing."

Sir, it was you who made him
apologize and leave, right?

He was scared of you. That must
mean you have a huge background.

I even noticed David talking
to you before that.

I understand now.
David worked for you earlier, right?

I used to work under David.

What? You worked for David?

What is this?
- Bill sir.

Are you mad?
Why are you billing me?

Anybody who drinks coffee,
must pay from today.

Why should I pay Divya?
What happened?

Nothing, you are only a customer
to this coffee shop from today.

Beyond that, you have no relation
with me or the shop.

You're insulting me
Divya, please stop this.

Why aren't you responding to me?

Ganesh, see what the customer wants,
he is yelling.

"My love-tale is like an endless journey."

"My love-tale is like a endless journey"


You didn't answer me
when I asked you about this book.

At least tell me now,
what is this book about?

The first page itself
tells you what this book is.

'Eakam'. What is Eakam?
- It's complicated.

So, simplify it and tell me.

Like you told me the Doom's
day concept yesterday,

even this book is
meant to save the world.

It has a solution for
every problem in this world.


I don't believe you.

Do you think doom's day is a joke?
- That's why I said, it's complicated.

Do you mean to say that I will find
solutions to my problems in this book?

Sure, if you believe it.
- So, will this book answer my questions?

Try for yourself.
- How do I try?

It's simple, close the book,
ask a question in your mind

and open any random page.
You will find the solution there.

For me to believe in this book,

I should first know how powerful it is.

And my question is the same too.

Whether this book can give a solution
to my problem or not.

There are many unanswered questions
that are unexplored in this world.

Seek with belief and you may find answers
to your questions in this very book.

Seriously! How did it answer so exactly?
- So, even you found a solution.

I am not convinced. Let me test again.

I'm asking the same question, does
this book have a solution to my problem?

If you give a chance to doubt,
that is an insult to an opportunity.

So, did it pass your test?

How does it work?
How did this book get these powers?

It's a secret that you shouldn't ask
and I shouldn't answer.


I knew it, you are very special.

That's the reason why Nirvana
society has selected you.

That is a fact even if
you believe it or not.

I want to see how my life
might change because of you.

Your life will not change
either by me or this society,

it will change only by
your choices and beliefs.

I'm out of batteries in the transistor,
do you have any spare batteries?

They are in the workstation.

Can I go inside?
- On one condition.

What's that?

You must admit that you are a
member of Nirvana society too.

This is far dangerous than
religious conversion.

Fine, I'll admit it. Can I go now?


- Yes Ganesh?

I didn't know about you and hence,
acted foolishly around you.

Please don't mind.

Using your background,
can you please find me a good job?

What does a good job mean?

A good job means... my future should be
secure. You know about it better than I do.

I only know about myself Ganesh.
For me, this job is the best one.

Similarly, you should
be able to realize what you need.

In this vast world, there will be
a smaller world that gives you happiness.

You have to search for it.

Hey, what are you doing so seriously?

Is that weed?
Where did you get it?

It wasn't in your bag
when I checked yesterday.

We get only what we want.

That's why you found that book
and I found this weed.

I have to apologize to you.
- For what?

That book doesn't possess
any powers in reality.

I was just being playful.

Don't worry.
I won't tell anybody about that book.

That's the truth even
if you believe it or not.

Since my childhood,

I have a habit of writing down
my thoughts and doubts in a book.

It is just one of such books.

Did nobody answer your doubts?

I asked my family, teachers and friends.
Nobody had the time.

That's why,
I started looking for the answers myself.

At first, I searched outside
and didn't find any answers.

Then, I looked for answers in the doubts
I had written in this book. I found them.

Not just your doubts,
this book has answers to my questions too.

Maybe this book has solutions to
everyone's problems.

You may believe it or not,
but this truly is a powerful book.

I'm going out. Do you want to join me?
- Sure, I'll come along.

Won't you ask where we're going?
- Where are we going?

Yesterday you admitted that you
are a member of Nirvana society, right?

So, I'm assigning you a job.

Why are you laughing?

Finally, I found a job.

See that nobody comes here until I complete the task, OK?
- OK.

On what task have we come here?

We should make graffiti of Nirvana
society's name on all buildings of private

and corporate sectors.


Do you know the main reason behind
the destruction of this world?

It's these private, corporate offices
and the governments.

So, this is about them.

But what will you achieve
through graffiti?

Don't people fight for different causes?
This also is a kind of protest.

Can you imagine what could happen
if all the birds stopped flying

because the flights have invaded the sky?

Complete the task.
I will make sure nobody comes.

By the way,
if you make graffiti all over the city,

how is the society a secret anymore?

OK, complete it fast.

Is your job done?
- Come, let's go.


Do you have hundred rupees?
We should fill fuel.

Oh God!

They don't even have money
for petrol and call it a society.

Hey, who are you? What are you doing here?
- Hello. I have come all

the way here to talk to you and
you are running away from me.

I'm not running away.
Just going on a walk.

You said the same thing last time
and just vanished.

I'm trying to say something, is this a joke to you?
- Tell me.

Listen carefully,
I'm getting married in three days.

Let go of all this and come with me.

I'll manage my parents.
They'll even find you a good job.

I'm wasting my time, right?

Just remember,
I'm getting married in three days.

You have time till evening.
I leave it to you.

Didn't you say that people come
here only when the society wills it?

You think the society
wanted her to come?

There's absolutely no privacy.

Random people are just barging in!
Such a lame society.

That's enough David.

This coffee shop, these
people, this work...

This is not who you are.

You don't have to answer me.
But you should be answerable to yourself.

What happened Ganesh?
Why did you pack your bag?

I'm quitting madam.
I just wanted to inform you.

Why? Did you find another job?
- No madam.


I understood that this not my world.
I am going in search of it.

You might get lost
in your search, be careful!


I've been here so long because I was lost.
It won't happen again.


Thank you, sir.

Good luck.

See you madam.

I've been looking for him since
yesterday morning. He didn't show up yet.

I'm not sure if he will even return.
Where do I search for him?

I know where to look..

Will I meet him again?
- Did you find the answer?

Nothing is written here.

Then, you are on right page.

Meet Ahmed. He says he knows
about our Nirvana society.

- Yes, he is close to our society's founder.

What society?

The customer who buys weed from you
has started a society here.

What customer?

Oh, our society's founder used
to buy weed from this guy and

the customer who bought weed
from you has started a society.

What is he saying madam?

Do you know why people laugh in that way?
- If they listen to a joke.

Tell me what the joke
is and I will laugh too.

What is it, if not a joke sir?
You're saying that Sunny is a founder.

Who is sunny?

He stayed in this van five years ago.

He lost his mind due to drug overuse.
We lost him permanently after that.

He started writing
all this after he lost his mind.

He kept saying that the world
is in trouble and that we should save it.

Is that the joke?
- What else sir? Isn't this a joke?

See, that was a joke.
We took it seriously.

What you want is inside the van. Take it.

Thank you, sir.
- Bye.

Was there so much weed inside
the workstation?


The weed you rolled yesterday, is it from there?
- Yes.

Then why did I never find it?
- You only seek what you need.

Did you dispose the body?

Ravi can't be found even
if you dig up the whole place.

- Sorry boss. It's my first day, right?

This is Ravi's bag.

Show this to the party and tell
them that the work is done.

If they delay the payment, tell them
that I will make sure they reach Ravi.

OK boss.
- Go.

Is that beer?
- Don't you drink?

I do, but what is the occasion?
- Come!

It's my dad's birthday.
- Oh, is he going to join us?

No, he passed away in an accident two years back.
- I'm very sorry.

It's OK.

Since childhood, he was my best friend.

Actually, we both wanted
to start this coffee shop together.

That's why,
it's very important to me.

I understood your seriousness
when you left Santhosh for this business.

But I didn't expect such a strong reason.

I thought Santhosh would be supportive.

But in the name of protection,
he distanced me from myself.

Our loved ones must give us freedom.

In the name of protection,
they should not make us helpless.

After my dad, I was able to get
that freedom only from you David.

I'm lucky to have you as my friend.

David, what happened?

It was purely your determination
that saved this coffee shop.

It also pulled me here from a completely
different world. I did absolutely nothing.

Even after being extremely helpful,

how can you stay so calm
and say that you did nothing?

Who are you?

What do you do? What did you do earlier?
I want to know about you.

My past isn't worth talking about.

It is filled with the tears of many
innocent people like you.

Can you listen to it?

It has a crime that was committed
due to hunger.

Can you understand that?

It has a demon who kills people
to satisfy his needs.

Can you see him?

Hey, where are you going?
- The three days I asked for are over.

I don't mind if you stay here.
- This not my destination.

Do you have a destination?

Knowing that is itself my destination.
- Why did you come here?

What do you want?
You have completely confused me.

True, your confusion is clear
but clarity is confusing.

I strongly believe that,
changing this world is my life goal.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


He crossed the bridge and killed the demon
not for the mankind, but for his wife.

Fight the war for your
completeness, not for the world.

Don't you want your book?

I was attached to it only when I
wrote in it. I don't need it anymore.

You didn't tell me anything about
yourself. I don't even know your name.

My name doesn't define me.


Who's that?

You should realize that yourself.

Are you here on some work?

I'm here as I have no work.

Only the people whose work
has finished come here anyway!

I don't understand
why you are here without work.

OK, I am here and so are you.


But why is this idol here?


He has terminated me from my job.

So, I have terminated him from his job
and his temple.


You have terminated the God from his job?

Why not? He has retired me
as I am 60 years old.

He's been around for millions of years,
what should I do to Him?

How much were you paid when you were serving God?
- They paid me well.

In return, what did you give me...
I mean, to God?

Why does God need salary?
Are we not offering food to Him timely?

Does God really eat that food every day?

If God really exists in this idol,

don't you think he may also have some
wants and desires?

I'm not understanding
a word of what you're saying.

What do you mean to ask?

I have a thought..

He could have gotten
bored sitting inside the temple

for so long and wanted to come out.
Maybe, that's why He had you terminated.

You mean..
- Just think..

So, that means, for Him to come out,
I had to be kicked out?

If not, who else would
have brought Him outside?

You're saying you lost your job.
But maybe your job just changed.

Because your God Himself has changed.

The God who had vermilion inside
the temple, is now covered in ashes.

He had flower garlands there,
now He has a garland of skulls.

Your Kesava has turned into Siva here.

Don't you think He gave up His grandeur,
so you could realize your destiny?



Why did you kill my father?


Who are you? Who is your father?

My dad's name is Ravi,
you killed my father, right?

Aren't you scared?

Come with me.

Uncle, I will not ask you anything
about my father,

but he bought a gift for my birthday.

If you find it,
can you please give it to me?

Tell me where mother is.
I'll drop you there.

I have no mother.

I cannot see fear in your eyes.
At this age, I was exactly like you.

Leave this cowardly world and
come with me. I'll raise you like a lion.

If you want me to come with you,
leave this dark world and start

living bravely like a human.
Only then, I shall come with you.

Uncle, since you started reading
this book anyway,

can you complete it for me?

Boss, we got the payment.

Boss, what happened?

I can't find Prahlad.
- Who is Prahlad?

Ravi's son, he has come all the way
to meet me. He was here till now.

There's no one in the car boss.
You might have dreamt of it.

Stories of Hiranyakasyapa. [CHUCKLES]

When Hiranyakasyapas like us
read such stories,

we can only expect to see Prahlad.

Boss, I'm hungry. Shall we leave?

Boss, the place where we killed Ravi has a very big history it seems.
- Is it?

A maniac lived there in a van,
claiming that the world is about to end.

After his death, another maniac entered
that place saying that

she will save the world.

Apart from them, there is another maniac,

who visits occasionally saying that
he has three gurus over there.

On top of all this, now you say
you have seen Prahlad in the car.

Anyway, what did Prahlad say to you, boss?

This place has taught me many things.

Irrespective of its existence,
Nirvana society has given my life a hope.

I found my purpose because of
that hope, which is "Eakam".

As I understood my purpose,
I have decided to move on.

So, I'm winding up everything.
This is my last message.

Signing off, Nirvana.


This is the last chapter in this book.

If you're reading this right now,

that means that the Hiranyakasyapa in you,

who kills your inner self every day,
has been destroyed.

The war has ended.

In that way, the demon
was destructed in that world.

The war had ended
and the sun has shined.

You have cheated the
darkness and vanished it.

To ensure your God's victory, you entered
a world in which you don't belong.

In the cosmic world inside me,
every inch is mine, I am every atom.

It may be God, human or demon.
I'm the one who punishes and also pardons.


Oh God, the leader of this
whole galaxy, please forgive me!

Due to our ignorance, we fought that
Vishnu and Siva are different.

Due to our ego, we spent years
fighting over their supremacy.

You have taught us the eternal
truth that they're both the same

and are only existing as
two different forms of the same.

Losing my job was only your way of
opening my eyes to this beautiful truth.


"I'll leave my duties and objectives"

"I'll leave my traditions and culture."

OK, finally, what happened
to your jobless God?

After a while, the one who brought God
here was buried in the same place.

In that way,
the world witnessed light in darkness

and God in a demon.

The stories had
found their destiny.

The jobless God remained as
a witness to all of these stories

and transformed as the world Himself.

Even I want to witness your world. But
if I close my eyes, it is all darkness.

This journey has started from darkness

and the destination is light.

Try to give a job to the jobless god...

Who are you?

What's your name?

Won't you go to school?

Don't you have any home-works
or something like that?

Are you a Orphan?

Will you be happy, like this forever?

Hey, how many times I've to
warn you. Don't to talk with strangers!

Even I want to be happy like you,
I'll be like you when I grow up.

"To Where's your destination head on,
Almighty Shiva."

"How your appearance,
will look alike, Mighty Shiva."

"Mighty Shiva."

"Almighty Shiva."

"Ferocious Shiva."

"Saviour Shiva."

"Are trident, and third-eye
are belongings of you!"

"Is dance and rhythm
are the blood of you."

"Come as fiery-breeze."

"Come as windy-breeze."

"Come as breath-winds."

"Come to destroy the doubtfulness."

"Come as floating-land."

"Come as floating-water."

"Come as heavy-air."

"Come to remove the sorrows of world."

"A dream in me.."

"Kasi Shiva."

"How to be, like you, Lord Shiva."

"Kasi Shiva."

"Lord Shiva."

"Rising Shiva."

"Mighty Shiva."

"Are birth and deaths,
are your calls?"