Eagle's Wing (1979) - full transcript

A white trapper steals a white mustang called "Eagle Wing" from a Kiowa Indian, who pursues him to get his horse back.

Long before the myths began,

it was primitive, unforgiving.

But in that vast, limitless space,

man had one ally.

The horse.

What's wrong?



Answer me, are you spooked or somethin'?

I've been spooked ever since
I left my mother's tit.

That's what keeps me from dying.

Well, if there's nothing
there but your spooks,

what say we move on?

Whoa, ho, whoa!

If I were you, I'd make
this my first and last job.

Head back east and get myself
behind a store counter.

If I were you, I'd turn
around and head upstream,

and save the advice.

No wonder you got kicked out of the army.

I didn't get kicked out
of the army, I walked out.

And I scattered a few
teeth along the way, too.

Any sign of him?

Not a fart in the wind.

Why are you doin' that?


That's why.

Wolves of one kind or another.

Just lookin' for the trail
of someone on their own.

God damn Indian.

We could hunt and trap for six months,

and not get the pelts he
could trade in one day.

What difference does it make,
we're in no hurry, are we?

I am.

I'll feel a lot safer the
sooner I get back to the post.

I thought you traded
regular with the comanche?

Yeah, I walk through
rattlesnake country, too.

I'm just careful how I do it.

Where did you learn to handle hide?

You'd be surprised at
the things I know, Henry.

I've been a shoemaker, a cook,

worked for a slave trader once.

I even played in a
minstrel show a few times.

All that before you kicked out of the army?

Maybe your heathen friend
got sick or somethin'.

That wouldn't stop him riding.

Killed, then.

He's got a god damn horse
like an eagle's wing.

No ordinary man is gonna stop him.

Well, as long as we're
not having any guest,

what say we have a drink on our own?

This territory's littered with the bones

of the likes of you.

Oh, you mean young and handsome?

I mean people who began
drinking early in the morning

back east because they couldn't take it.

Then they came out here because
they thought it'd be easier.

I don't know what you're
talking about, Hank.

That's enough, that's
for trading, put it down.

I'll tell you something about me, friend.

I don't like anybody telling me what to do.

Your recklessness and
bragging could get me killed.

You signed on to do a job, now you do it!

You gonna have me flogged?

Cheers, friend.

Now, listen to me.

I'm not interested in winning a fight here.

I'm not interested in winning a fight.

I'd like to win a friend,
a man I can work with.

A man that I can trust.

What the hell are you
always so damn nervous about?


You really are scared, aren't ya?


Your life out here won't depend on how many

teeth you knocked out in the army,

but on how fast you can use your brains.

I'm here to get a job done
and drinking won't help.

We can work together, if
you're just here to fight,

then you might as well have
stayed in the calvary.

Are you interested?

I'm offering you my hand, not my fist.

No one ever shook my hand before.

After a fight, I mean.

Just what the hell are you
running from, pike, huh?


I just wanna be my own man my own way.

You can't be your own man
when you're always polishing

someone else's boots.

So you wanna live out here,

and huntin' pelts, tradin'
with the Indians?

Why not?

I'll try anything once.

How long have you been with the company?

About four years now.

What are you runnin' from?

I'm not runnin' from anything.

I came out here to make money.

There was a big demand for furs
back east, there still is,

there always will be.


Sounds like coyote.

Well, I said it sounds like coyote.

I was never in the calvary.

I was just a regular foot soldier.

I stole the segment.

See you in the mornin', pike.

Got it!

There we go.

God damn it!

J alas, we have dried beans again j

j we got red beans, black beans,
Lima beans, human beings j

j beans, beans, beans


What? - Indians!


Where are they, Henry?

Get across the river!

Wait for me!

Stand and fight, bastards!

Thieving, cowardly bastards!


Far away, the night is falling.

And the twilight home light's calling.

And from open door and window,

they will greet me as I come.

All the years have turned to hours.

All the tears to wayside flowers.

I'm one of those who wander down
the village street at home.

Au revoir, Henry.

My god.

Just take it easy, please.

I'm not gonna hurt anybody.

I'm just as scared as you
are, I promise you.

And, uh, I'm really sorry to interfere.

I got nothing against your
religion, but I'm sure

that old fella's spirit can
travel just as well without

this fine horse, I'm gonna
take him off your hands, okay?

I'm not gonna steal him, mind you...


Tim? - Ah, yes, lunch.

We must feed the body,

even though the heart
is full to overflowing.

They want their lunch, Judith.

He didn't have to snap his fingers at me.

I'm not a dog.

Then prove it by learning a
few simple words of Spanish.


I know more Spanish than they do english.

Which is not the point, dear sister.

Remember, I owe much to my generous patron.

And you owe much to me.

Oh, god.

Why did I ever leave Ireland?

So you could eat.

So you could be your brother's housekeeper.

Serving him who serves god.

What's he saying now?

He was welcoming her to his home.

And if you don't mind your tone,

your own welcome will be short-lived.

Do you expect me to act like her?

She is his brother's widow, it is,

after all, a little awkward for her.

Oh, don't judge, Judith.

Only god knows what is in her heart.

When we were at that hacienda last night,

I think I saw what was in her heart.

How many more hours of this today?

We won't be there till nightfall.



Tell him from me, father,

that if he's ever in Dublin,
I'll buy him a jar.

Hey, oop!

Hey, oop!


Don't anger him, Judith, he's a child.




Don't let him take me.


Good boy.

Easy, boy.

Easy, easy, easy.

It's okay.

Good boy.

That's a boy.

That's right.

There you are.

Steady, that's it.

That's it.

Open up.

Come on, babe, open up, one time.

Good boy, hey!

That a boy.

Good boy, good boy!

Good boy!

Good boy!

Well, old friend, your
workin' days are over.

You can eat your way to
Kansas, if you want to.

So long.

I'm an eagle now!

Oh, holy Mary, mother of god.

Please help me.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Haven't I got enough problems here?

Aw, to hell with...

Whoa ho!

Whoa ho!


The bell, ring the bell!

Bell, the bell?

Wake up!

We were attacked by...

J do ye Ken John peel at the break of day j

j do ye Ken John peel in his coat so gay j

j do ye Ken John peel
when he's far, far away j

j with his hounds and his
horns in the morning

j twas the sounds of his horns
brought me from my bed j

j and the cry of his hounds
which he oft times led

j for peel's view holloa
would awaken the dead j

j or a fox from his lair in the morning j

you don't like my singing?

Well, you'll have to get used to it, I did.

Where should it be, my friend?

Mexico, Canada?

No, Canada's too cold.

Hell, we could stay right here.

Eat the buffalo and the sweet
grass, drink the cool water.

What say you, my friend, do you care?

I sure as hell don't, I'm my own man now.

I hope it breaks your teeth!

You bastard!

I wonder where your breed is from.

Spain, more than likely, eh?

Well, one thing is certain,
my friend, there's not a man

in this territory who wouldn't
give his vitals to own you.

How does that make you feel?

Oh my god.

I'll be damned.

He's wearing my coat.

He's one of the heathens that killed Henry.

Shoot your little sticks,
my heathen friend!

Shoot "em all, if you want to.

Just keep coming.

Whoa ho!

I'll lead your merry chase, my friend,

right down the barrel of my gun.

If you wanna catch me,
you'll have to sprout wings.

Like some kind of bird, eh?

Gobble gobble, gobble gobble.

Whoa, oh shit.

Well, nothin' can creep up on us here.

Except the wind.

God damn it!

Easy, boy.

One man took him, and by god,
one man will take him back.

Just leaving a trail like you don't care.

Squall, maybe.

I hope so.

That ought to slow him down some.

God damn heathen.

We're gettin' close, boy.

We've got a chance.

More than a chance.

The bastard.


We've got us an Indian with a squall,

and we've got us a boozy Indian.

What the hell kinda heathen is this?

Well, if he's got a piano with him,

I'll teach him a few minstrel tunes.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women,

and blessed be the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of god.

Pray for us sinners now and
at the hour of our death.


Oh, Christ.

I'll be a son of a...

You slowed me down some.

But you're never gonna stop me,
you heathen son of a bitch.



I can catch up by sundown.

If I don't bleed to death by then.

You stole more than a horse, heathen.

And you've been a long way from home.

A long, long way.

I'll follow you to Canada if I have to!

You're gonna have to kill
me to keep that horse!

If I don't kill myself
trying to get it back.



Help me.

Help me.

Please, help me.