Eagle Wings (2021) - full transcript

Eagle Wings is a poignant action war drama about an Airforce Fighter Pilot who is caught in the harrowing world of insurgency. The film explores the often tragic, yet thrilling business of fighting for life, peace, and the freedom to love in the face of great violence. An uplifting journey through a terror-filled landscape and the power of newly found love, faith, duty and sacrifice.


Better come out, or else...

I will kill each soul
that you swore to protect.

I'm going out there.

They know I'm here,

and they'll find us
sooner than later.

I don't want anyone else
killed for my sake.



It's finally here.

What is?

Taking that bold
step of Aquarius.

Someone with a higher rank
and a new commander in -

never thought of it that way.

Well, that was always
to be expected.

And I'm ready.

My chicken days are over, boys.

Rooster now.

Well, I'm a rooster, all right.

But my fear is beyond that.

That I always have this fear

of not always being around,
you know?

Well, I...

I would just like for you both
to make me a promise.

Daddy, you'll hold my hand
if I am ever down.

Hey. Hey, hey.

We don't need this energy.

It's a wedding day. All right?

That's not
what I was talking about.

That's not what I meant.

I'm serious.

I don't want to hear this.

We are all going to stand

with each other to the very end.


We fall and rise together.

No, we rise, we rise together.

Doing bad things to bad people.

We rise and we rise together.

- Yeah.
- Yo.

- Now we'll escort you.
- Let's go, let's go.


I can't see everybody
in my shorts.

Say cheese.



Okay. That' all right.

I have to...

Okay, let's see that.

Prepare to draw sword!

Draw swords!

For the bride and groom,

cross swords.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.

So on behalf
of the Nigerian Air Force

Officers Wives' Association,

I want to welcome you
officially to the association.

Thank you, Ma.

Here, we stand by our men

and our children when they come,

while our men stand
for our country.

So on behalf of...

of the association,

I want to give you this
as a token of our love.

Thank you very much.

Thank you, Ma.
Thank you very much.

The insurgent
have struck in the markets

in a multiple bomb blasts,
killing over 90 people,

including women and children

and another city of Maiduguri,
burned state.

The president
and some other service chiefs

will order security...

What is happening?

This morning?

Just now,
all your guys have been

summoned to the villa.

This does not smell good.

What does that mean?

Come on, it's nothing.

Don't worry,
I don't mean to scare you.

Oh, okay.

- Don't worry, okay?
- My son is dead.


This enemy is not fighting
a conventional war.

Your Excellency, sir,
with all due respect,

the army is holding forth.

It is time the air force
roll outs

and take this enemy out.

Sir, be mindful that

these people have held
our people hostage.

Do we use them as you mentioned?

What do you suggest we do now?

They are taking over

and that is not acceptable.

Your Excellency, sir,
we will deploy more troops

and embark on intelligence

Mr. President, sir,

our intelligence, surveillance
and reconnaissance platform

will point the army
to the location.

Meanwhile, we will carry out
sort of strikes

to pave the way
for the ground troops

to come in and recover those

Whatever information
from our end will be shared

with you all for a more
coordinated operation.

Well, in that case,
what are we waiting for?

You have my approval.

Let's go and get them.



You're welcome.

Your commander knows
you just got married, right?

Sweetheart, can we,

can we not just go
into this now?

We had this conversation
years before marriage.

I signed up for this
and you agreed to it.

everything will be fine, okay?

I'm trained for moments
like this.


Nothing's going
to happen to me, okay?

Cheer up.


I'll come back as always.


Gentlemen, the Chief.

Gentlemen, please be seated.

Good morning.

Good morning, sir.

You all know what is at hand.

Our mandate is crystal.

So we're going to do everything

we can to support the army fight

this common enemy.

Our nation needs us.

Our people are depending on us
destroying them.

This call is an answer
to the mandates to be -

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, sir.


The ground troops
are counting on us

to soften their ground.

As the chief always say,

in the race to add value
to our society

and secure our communities,

there's no finishing line, sir.

So I assure you

that we do everything
humanly possible

to deliver on this mission, sir.

The service is counting on you.

Yes, sir.

That will be all for now.

Do have a safe flight
on your way back.

Thank you, sir.

Everyone, the commander.

Good morning, gentleman.

Good morning, sir.

The commander -
officers, officers.

Standby for timeout.


Five, four, three, two, one.

Your time now 07:00 UTC.

Shall we all rise
for the national prayer?

Let us pray.

Oh God of creation,
direct our noble cause.

Guide our leaders right,

help our youths
the truth to know.

In love and honesty to grow
and living just and true.

Great lofty heights attain.

To build a nation

where peace and justice
shall reign.


Gentlemen, our mission is clear.

Although we have to wait
on the ISR

to give us information
on human activities

around the target,
let us make our country proud.

Yes, sir. Let's go.

Shadow for -

Copy from Shadow.

Aggressor lead
is descending level 100.

Aggressor 2
will maintain level 120.

Shadow, maintain level 160
and provide -

After attack,

proceed to sector alpha
for retrain.

Aggressor 2 have to cut out
you on attack.

Get after I retrain
forward movement, please.

All across to acknowledge.


Two is maintaining level 120.


Shadow is climbing level 160.

Aggressor, good job.

Target is taken out.

Enemy has been neutralized.

Good job, guys.

Return to base immediately.

The ground troops
will take it from there.




Excuse me.

Hello, baby.

So, how was work today?



So I have an announcement
to make.

Baby, are you pregnant?

I guess that's the only thing
on your mind.

Of course, I know
what I did before I left.

Well, it's not fun anymore.

So, are you pregnant?

Yes, Mr. Dibia.


Babe, when did you find out?


But I didn't want you to have

any distraction
going on the mission.

I love you, baby.
This is good news.

I love you, too.

If it's a boy,
you will name him after me.

That's my first son.

Why should I name him after you?

Because I'm your friend.

What you need to do
is get married, huh?

It doesn't kill.

We're not doing this again.

I'm not ready.

Don't you stop me.

I'm naming my first son
after you.

The army has repelled
an attack on Bama Village.

Reports indicates
that 40 insurgents

were killed in their
field attacks

while one soldier sustained
some injuries.

The President commends
the efforts of the armed forces,

the coordinated strikes

by the Air Force,

which has led to the recovery
of territories.

He further assures
the nation of his commitment

to the total elimination
of threat to lives

and properties of the citizens
in the Northeast and the nation.

In other news,
food and medical supplies

to the IDP camp

by the Nigerian Air Force
has continued.

Yes, we are glad
that our efforts

at winning the hearts

and the minds of the communities

ravaged by the insurgents
yielded some results.

As you are aware,

we have conducted
several surgeries

on the IDPs.

There was the case of this woman
who was completely blind.

She has had her own eyes
completely restored now.

So we'll keep fighting

to restore peace in
the communities.

And as we do that,

we will try as much as possible

to improve
the daily living conditions

now that they are IDPs.

These guys will be back, though.

We won't either.

That's okay.

What up, P?

No, no.

Easy with it.

I did.

Mission accomplished.


We've managed to clear the area,

although we're still keeping
an eye on it.

You know, the way
these guys think baffles me.

Who exactly are they fighting?

Everyone who is not in support
of their business

or ideology is an enemy.

Guys, you need to go
and see the women and children

suffering the brunt of this.

You know, you need
to get on the ground and see

what's going on.

It's a mess. It's tragic.

Big mess.

Morning, officer.

Hey, stop here.
Wait, wait, wait.

You don't know this guy.

That guy were doctors
from headquarters -

My mom, is she okay?


What happened to her?

General, hold on, last card.

Big two, jack up.


Oh, sorry.


How's my angle
doing with my seed?

Very well, sweet.

Honey, I couldn't get a pass.

We're still here on standby.

Oh, no, no.

Come on, honey, don't start.

Well, you know
I have seniors here

who are married, too.

Well, I just stopped at market
to buy ingredients

for your favorite soup,
because you promised to come.

Oh, sweetie, sweetie, sweetie.

You know how the job is.

You know what?

I'll be back before
you know it, okay?

Make sure you keep that soup.

Make sure you keep my soup, huh?

Nothing in the world is going
to stop me from eating it.

I promise.

You promise again, every time.

I love you.

I love you more.


Good morning, gentlemen.
Sit down.

The enemy is still out there.

And you wonder
why we're always calling you

for this kind of mission.

You're a tag team.

He's your ultimate.

This compliment
is from the Chief

of the Air Staff himself.

Thank you very much, sir.

Gentlemen, the jets are being
prepared for the mission.

Go out there and make us proud.

Will do, sir.

Our families and the nation
is counting on us.

And I am counting on you guys.

We'll make you proud, sir.

That'll be all for now.

I wish you safe landing
when you return.

- Thank you very much, sir.
- Thank you, sir.

Permission to carry on, sir.

Carry on.

A gracious formation
of two fighter jets,

two souls on board
with registration 341, 344.

Not this time for lineup,
for departure.

Ops area level 150.

This is tower control.

You're cleared to land -

Copier filled info clear
to line up runaway

05 aggressive formation.

Mayday, mayday.

Aggressor, tower emergency.

Mayday, mayday.

Aggressor, tower emergency.

this is tower control.

State your emergency.

I am losing altitude.

I am losing speed.

My aircraft seems
to departing to a close line.

Aggressor lead, this is two.

How are you inside?

What is your in tension?

Aggressor lead, this is Shadow.

Negative -

negative -


Aggressor lead, aggressor lead,

aggressor lead.

Welcome back.

Thank you, sir.

I saw his jets go down,
but I didn't spot him eject.

The rescue team is already
on their way to find him

and recover him.

Don't worry. We'll find him.

We'll get him back.

Be strong.

Yes, sir.

the medic will check you.

It's a standard routine.
You know that.

- Yes, sir.
- Be strong.

Well, now, gentlemen,

we've now positively identified
the crash site of the pilot.

Wreckage team, move forward.

Hello, Zero Alpha,

this is 31 Charlie,
message over.

31 Charlie, go ahead.

Be informed we are currently

at the site
of the ejection seat.

What is the situation?

Pilot not in site.

I say again.

Pilot not in site. Out.

Copy that. Out.

Hello, Zero Alpha.

This is 31 Charlie,
message over.

31 Charlie,
go ahead.

Be informed,
I have a positive identification

of pilot parachute.

Pilot still not in sight.


Pilot parachute
is on grid reference 374-412.

I repeat 374-412.

Get me the map.

Hello, Zero Alpha.

This is 31 Charlie.

Standby for causality
evacuation report.

Location of home forces.

Grid reference, 8549-3987.

Location of possible
enemy forces.

Grid reference, 8724-4926.

Number of casualty,
one by casualty.

Lance Corporal Joseph.

A gunshot wound to the neck

and gunshot wound
to the left leg.

Special equipment required,
ventilator and hoist.

Helicopter landing site marking.

Helicopter landing site
as we marked with blue smoke.

Approach with caution.

Likely enemy vicinity.

Roger out.

Commander, commander.

A preliminary report
from the search

and rescue team
on the down pilot

indicates that
he successfully ejected

from the aircraft,

although there is no trace
of his whereabouts.

the Chief of the Air Staff

has assured Nigerians

that he will do
whatever it takes

to recover the down pilot.

During the operation,

the rescue team came under fire

from the insurgents.

Scores of the insurgents
were killed

and one soldier
sustained gunshot wounds.

Calm down.


Calm down.

Yes, come in.

No, no, no.

Oh, my God, no.

Oh, my God, no.

No, no, no.

No, no, no.

Mama, no.


No, no, no, no.

No, Mama.


Mama, no.

Mama, no.


We're here on behalf
of the Chief of the Air Staff

and all the personnel
of Air Task Force,

to commiserate with you

on the loss
of your beloved husband,

the son and the father.

My gallant brother warrior,

who paid a supreme price
in service to our fatherland.

Joseph's sacrifice
will not be in vain.

We shall defeat the enemy
and restore peace

to all the troubled areas.

The entire Air Force family

stands with you
in this painful moment.

We must assure
that the Air Force

will take care
of your daughter's education.

In the meantime,

please accept this token
for immediate expenses.

Thank you, sir.

As we prepare to honor
our fallen hero.


Listen, I'm not going
to harm you, okay?

I'm gonna take my hand of you.

Look, I'm a pilot, okay?

I fly flights, flights.

Fighter pilot.

I fly jets, okay?

I know exactly who a pilot is.

And I also know exactly
what a fighter pilot does.


You kill people.

Hey, hey.

I'm a Nigerian
Air Force officer, a pilot.

Look, we are fighting for you.

Please, can I,
can I get some water to drink?

Just wait here.


He's asking how you got here.

I just lost my jet.

A long day
and I missed front line.

you can actually understand

what he's saying.

Just a bit.

Around here.

I'm right here.

So the moment
I got back on my feet,

I have to run
in the opposite direction,

and that's how I find myself
in this settlement.


that's why the government
is trying to help you.

I just lost my jet.
My jet just crashed.

I put my life
on the line for you.

I have a pregnant wife at home,

probably worried sick about...

about my whereabouts now.

I can bet you that the Air Force
is doing everything in its power

to rescue me
from this situation.

And the government
is doing everything

to restore peace
to your communities.

So please no, my brother.

No, I do not agree with you.

How is the morale?

High, sir.


This is not a drill.

This is a mission to search,

find and recover
Wing Commodore Nura Yusuf.

That one soul
is the blood of the nation.

His survival
is key to our struggle.

You'll be deployed in that area

and you're expected
to do everything possible

to get the desired result.

The Chief of the Air Staff
is counting on you.

Our families
are counting on you.

The mission is counting on you.

Gentleman, how is the morale?

High, sir!

Your commander
will take it from here.

I request your permission
to carry on, sir.

Carry on.


It's nothing new.

We've done it before.
We can do it again.

I know you're the best.

You know you're we're the best.

They know we're the best.


So, let's move out
and fight like...

Stand by.

I believe Nura is alive.


My instinct tells me
he has gone far away

from the aircraft
as a survival tactic,

because the area
is a visible target.

because he actually crashed

in enemy's territory.


You know, maybe that's
why we couldn't find him

in the first instance.

Because he must be running away
from the enemy.


I suggest you search
in the opposite direction.

The ISR unit guys
need this information also.

I need to call his home.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Hello, madam.

I'm... I'm calling to reassure
you of our commitment

to bring our friend
and classmate back home.

Yissa, if he's dead,
just tell me.

I know him to be a survivor.


I don't want you to lose hope.

Paul Dike is leading
a special operation force,

and I'll be in the air.

Yeah. Hold the line.

He wants to talk to you.

Hello, madam.
How are you doing?

Good afternoon.

Listen, you know he has
every reason to stay alive.

All right.

Just keep him in your prayers
and stay positive.

Okay, I will.

Listen, Nigerian Air Force
is mobilizing everything.

And I started an operation
for recovery.

Yissa and I are here,

and we're committed
to bringing our colleague home.

Thank you, Paul.

She's complaining.

Why are you complaining?



The food is getting cold.


But we can't just stand here
and wait for them

to come and attack us.

At least, we have to find a way

to defend ourselves
if they come.

We're assured the good
or the bad will come any time.

Before reinforcements comes
and this will be sure

that we can defend ourselves.

That means
we're together with you.


All right, guys.

Check equipment.

Check ammo.

Ammo, check.

Check medics.


Check communications.

All right. This is it.

Gentlemen, we're going
to hang out here for the night.

And then tomorrow morning,
we set out at 0500.

We're going to search
and find out.

Save your energy.

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.


Better come out.

Or else

I will kill each soldier
you swore to protect.


It's me they want.

I have to go out there
or they'll kill her.

But, shh,
let none of you come out

until you hear the sound
of the aircraft, okay?

Shadow, coming from Panther.

Shadow, this is Panther.

Do you read me?

Panther, Panther,

coming in from Shadow.

We just had gunshots
north of our advance position.

I repeat, we just heard gunshots

north of our advance positions.

Do you copy?

Copy. Bravo out.

I'm going out there. Look.

They know I'm here,

and they'll find us
sooner than later.

I don't want anyone else
killed for my sake.


Go back, go back.




Gentlemen, prepare
for evacuation immediately.

Roger. Over.

Morning, sir.


Any news?

Yes, sir.

I'm happy to report

that we have found the pilot,

Uh, uh,
and what's the situation?

The asset is alive
and well, sir.

Oh, great.

The... the... the chief will be
so happy to hear this.

I'm sure he will, sir.

They should recover
to base immediately, okay?

Will do, sir.

No, no, no, no!

The mission is to recover you.

They're gonna deny.

Let me speak to the commander.

Listen, your pregnant
wife is waiting and worried.

All right, let's go now.

We took an oath
to protect this nation

and our people with our lives.

These are the people.

Don't forget your training.

The commander ordered
an evacuation

and that's it, all right?

Listen, I made a promise

that we're going
to bring you home.

I want to see my wife,
all right.

But first, I have more to serve.

You serve with my life.

That's why we stand here,
that's why we stand together.

Let me speak to the commander.

Wing Commander,
are you floating my orders?

No, sir.

We respect you.

Make me understand.
That is 60 seconds.

I came in contact
with a young man, fully armed.


Sir, I think he's trying
to send a message

and also a young lady
from the community

was abducted
by these insurgents, sir.

That singular gesture shows
that he's an ally.

He and Amina must be rescued

from the jaws of those

And that's an order setup.

Copied, sir.

And our special forces,

our trained forces
kind of mission.

Also, make the best use of them.

All right, gentlemen,
the mission has changed.

Secure the village and wait
for your next instruction.

So how does it feel like
to eat some dust for a change?

Just an elite pilot.

I feel that could've been worse.


We'll do something
for these eyes, man.

Panther, coming from Shadow.

This is Panther.

You are loud, send.

Again, Panther, Panther,

coming from Shadow.

This is Panther, you're loud.


It's almost a flush.

I want to look to see
where it was.

Roger, standing by.

Panther, Panther,

from Shadow, check back.

Shadow, you're loud.

This is Panther, send.

Panther, Panther, from Shadow.

This is Panther,
you're loud, send.

I have the location

of the insurgents.

I say again, I have the location
of the insurgents,

is at grid reference, 243-546.

I say again,

is at grid reference, 243-546.


Roger that.

Woody, bring them map.

There we are.

There we are.

It's been five days
since the Nigerian Air Force

has continued to search
for the missing pilot.

Amidst all other operations
still ongoing in the Northeast,

the medical outreach
has continued.

The Chief of the Air Staff
was in hand to see the progress

and has this to say.

Yes, so in the course
of our operations,

a lot of people become displaced
from their homes.

So as we fight to protect them,

we also try as much as possible

to make their living conditions
as comfortable as possible

by catering to their daily needs
and the medical care.

We call this winning the hearts
and the minds of the locals,

beyond bombs and bullets.

When asked about
the fate of the pilot...

I don't...

My boys are on top of that.

We'll find him
and bring him home.

All I hear
is they'll bring him back.


No, I'll come with you.

No, no, no.
You've already done enough.

All right, sir.

You're not a fighter.

I'm a soldier.

Give the man a weapon.

Yes, sir.

Let's go.
Go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

He sees you.
He went back inside.

The young man
I told you that seen me

and the girls and the community

is the one that released
these girls.

I asked him to come with me,

but he said
you're going to shoot him.

No, no, sir.

Baku went back inside,

he said
he has unfinished business

with his commander.

There are a lot of people
in there, sir.

Send your guys in.


I'm not afraid to die
and you know it.

I'm not afraid to die
and you know it.

Let him go.

We're both the same right now.

We're both murderers.

Give me a free passage

and I will let this boy
go alive.

Let him go first
and I'll let you go.

You must take me for a fool.

Don't he know the meaning
of safe passage, huh?

Look, I don't care.

I could kill both of you.

But it's a better option
if you let him go first

and then I'll let you go.

I need to get to this.

I know that.

I know you want him desperately.

Is that how you want to play it?

Is that how you want it?

Please, sir.

Please don't kill him.



I can see someone is in love.


Amina, go back.

You betrayed me.

Search him, search him.

Let's go, let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go, let's
go, let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

Paul Dike led the team.


Well done.

Thank you, sir.

Welcome back.

Yes, sir.

Welcome back.

Thank you, sir.

Where's the young man
that spared your life?

Bring Baku.

Here, sir.

Young man, I want to assure you

that government is doing

all it can to restore peace
to our communities.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much
for your change of heart.

No, sir.

I should thank you
for saving my mother

and giving her a chance
to see again, sir.

The medical team in Dalori,

my sister and my mother
are there, sir.

See, together,
we will defeat the enemy, hmm?

Yes, sir.

In other news,

the Northeast
has been relatively calm

from the activities
of the insurgents.

Now, commendations
have been pouring

in from the international

on the successes
of the armed forces of Nigeria.

The Nigerian president
has acknowledged

the efforts
of the Nigerian Air Force

in the restoration of peace
in the region

and synergy between the forces

was vital in the restoration
of the peace.

If not for the time
they showed up,

it was so timely,

what was about
to unfold in that village

would have been...

it would have
been a different story today,

I swear.

- What'd I get?
- Is that why I'm here?

My friend, I'm a married man.

Go and marry.
I'm responsible.

Go to the mess.

Um, I'm okay.

That is ready.

I think you should come serve

Aha, madam.

I promised
I will bring your husband

back home, and I did.

Hear you say that nonsense,

Hey, you both,
you both rescued me.

Hey, look, I appreciate
you both equally.

We what?

We fall and we rise together,

- Right.
- Yeah, we rise.

Even better, we rise and rise.

Yeah. Keep rising, yes.

No, thank you both
for saving him.

Oh, you don't have to mention.

And in all of this appreciation
and thanks,

there's one person

of whom without
I wouldn't be standing here

with my beautiful wife,

probably would have had a bullet
in my head long ago.

Who is that?

You're so quick to forget
the boy from the village, Baku.


Oh, yeah.

Baku, Baku, yeah.

Well, I still hope he shows up.

Oh, you invited him?

Oh, guess who is here.

Speak about the devil.




Look at you, looking
all different and clean.

You cut your hair.

Good afternoon.

Hi, sir.


I tell you.

Officers, meet my mother.

Oh, it was you
with the sight problem.

Oh, good to meet you, Ma.

Welcome to our home.


Very nice to meet you.

Nice meeting you.

And one more special person
who is no stranger to you.

Well, to some of you,
you may have heard about her.





Yes, sir.

Whoa, you remember her?

Oh, my God.


You remember her?

She looks different in the city.

Wow. Good.

Amina, the lady that's given me
so much reason to live.

I can see that.

Now that peace has been restored
to our community,

we are going back to rebuild
our homes and raise a family.

Raise, what?

- Both of you.
- Yes.

You see your lives.

Look at you.

Look at you.
Look at this little boy.

Look. Look.


Congratulations, Baku.

Good. Good.



You guys are all welcome
to visit anytime.

Of course, anytime.

At least, this time

we'll not be dropping
from the sky.