E lang gu (1970) - full transcript

In this stirring saga of the "Martial Arts World," Lo Lieh plays a righteous swordsman trying to protect another hero's wife and daughter from a corrupt minister's murderous plans...two years before he and the director Cheng Chang-ho would become internationally famous for King Boxer.

During the midst of Ming Dynasty,
wicked Jia Shoudao

the Prime Minister, tried to
dupe the young emperor.

Using his rank and power
he oppressed the people.

Imperial Academy's senior lecturer
Song Yuan rebelled.

He tried to expose Jia's crafty plans.

The wicked Prime Minister

is furious with Song's actions.

He arrested Song,
and tortures him in prison.

He hopes to get rid of Song.


Are you alright?

I'm fine, just slightly painful...

Sit down, have a rest.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Come here...

Head of Punishments Geng Shangde
requests your audience

Why are you here?
His Majesty hasn't summoned you.

Send the prime minister here.


Geng Shangde greets Your Majesty.


Thank you, Your Majesty.

What do you have to say?

Your Majesty, Song Yuan

has been arrested this morning.

Did you order the arrest, Your Majesty?

Yes, I did.

What crime has he committed?

Song Yuan is too strict as my teacher.

Song Yuan is...

too strict as my teacher.

too strict as my teacher.

And he's offended His Majesty.

Song Yuan as the emperor's teacher.

Out of court they are
teacher and student in the study.

It's the teacher's fault
if he isn't strict.

It's the teacher's duty.

I hope Your Majesty will
pay no attention to slander.

Pardon him and free him.

I know what you're saying.

Not only that Song Yuan has offended me,

he's also been
communicating with our enemy.

Communicating with our enemy?

Is there proof for that?

The Prime Minister once went hunting
at the outskirts,

and he captured a spy of the enemy.

Under interrogation, the spy confessed

that he's here to deliver a letter
to Song Yuan.

Where's the spy then?

He died after the torture.

What about the letter?

It's being burnt.

Without witness or proof,
it's obvious that

an evil official is trying to frame
a loyal man.

I beg that Your Majesty pardon him
as a favour.

Song Yuan deserves to be locked up.

There's no need for you to
meddle in others' business.

I'm the Head of Punishments.

It's my duty to make sure
we lock up the right people.

Are you trying to disobey my order?

I dare not.

Official Geng, how did it go?

The wicked Jia Shoudao framed your father,

but I've thought up a solution.

Your father contributed to the nation
back then,

the late emperor rewarded him
an iron shield of pardon.

With it, he'd be spared
even after committing a felony.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately;

If Official Geng hadn't brought it up,

I'd already have forgotten
about the iron shield.

We should head back home right away,

get the iron shield and save my father.

I just worry that
we're running out of time.

Cousin Shikai.

I'll go with my mother
to pick up the shield,

you and Official Geng
head to the capital first.

It'd be better if we do it like this.

Very well! You must hurry.

Jia Shoudao is determined to
bring your father down.

We must be extra careful on the road.

Yes. I think

not only that we need to be in disguise,

but we must also hide

the iron shield well.


Where should we hide it then?

Prime Minister, you're very smart.

I'm really impressed.

It's just a small trick.

Last time I told you

to take care of Song Yuan's business.

When are you leaving?

I'll leave tomorrow.

This is highly confidential,
you must keep this secret.

As long as Song Yuan's dead,

then I'll have no more worries.

I admire your plan, sir.

Jia Shoudao.

Who are you?

Jin Shikai.

Nephew of Song Yuan.

He's family of the rebel, catch him!


The heavens wouldn't let you frame
a loyal man.

Till the next time we meet.

Please forgive me, I failed to catch him.

He's escaped,
I fear that he'll spread the news.

Get changed right away,

head for Song Yuan's home town,
act accordingly.

Yes, Prime Minister.


No one's here.

They can't be gone far.

We can catch up on horseback.

Turn this place upside down if you must,

find me the iron shield!

Yes. Hurry!

Officer Gao.

If the Prime Minister has caught Song,

why doesn't he just kill him?

What do you know?

Song was a trusted official
of the late emperor.

He contributed much to the nation.

the late emperor rewarded him
an iron shield of pardon.

His life can be spared
if he's committed a felony.

The Prime Minister worries that

his family might present the iron shield.

And the emperor would pardon him.

That's why he sent us here,

to locate the iron shield.


I'm sure
his wife and daughter have got it,

they must be heading to the capital now.

Instructor Ma.


Take this document and leave first,

notify the local magistrates on the way,

put the mother and daughter
on the wanted list.

Claim that they stole a national treasure.

Yes, sir.

Instructor Niu and I will try to
catch them on the way.

Yes. Let's go!


Everyone knows that
Scholar Song is a loyal official.

This sure is a set-up.

Imperial court is trying to nab
a mother and a daughter.

And here you are, a mother and a daughter.

Follow us!

Come on!

No...we're just street entertainers.

We're not...

I don't believe you...


You're street entertainers?

Very well, sing to us.

That's right. Sing.

Mulan weaves, facing the door.

One hears only her sighs
but not the weaving shuttle!

Asking Mulan about
what's on her mind and who she misses.

She says no one is on her mind.

Last night I saw draft posters
for the troops' call-in.

And my father's name
is on the recruitment list.

Father has no grown up son,
Mulan has no elder brother.

And I'll go to war in my father's place.


Not bad at all! What a pretty girl!

I trust that you're street entertainers,

but I still have to search you.


A national treasure has been
stolen from the palace.

The thieves are a mother and daughter,

that's why we must search you.

How could this be?

Well, it's the law! We must do this.

Stop! How dare you

bully women in broad daylight?

We're under orders to locate
the national treasure.

Who are you? Why are you obstructing?

Searching for
a stolen piece of national treasure?

What national treasure?

What is it?

Not only that we don't know,

not even the local magistrate knows.

If you don't know what's missing,

then how do you know
what you're looking for? Get lost!


Thank you.

Is there a better room?


Who does he think he is? Damn it!

Take a look.

Imperial guard.

Please forgive us, sir.

You're a forgiving man.

I'm very sorry.

Prepare two superior rooms for us!

Yes...this way please.

What was that?

Do you have vacant rooms?

Yes, this way please.

This way...


Do you know that girl?

Yes, I've seen them before.
Which room are they in?

That one.

I'll take this room.


This way please.

Who's he?

He's our regular customer.

A worker at Imperial Kiln in
the Valley of the Fangs.

Kiln worker?


Tell him to get lost.

What? I'm a paying customer also!

Why should I move?

Sit down...

Lamb, and some wine.


Who's she?

She's staying here.

I heard she's a street performer.

Tell her to entertain me.



Pretty gal.

What? Where's the girl?

The lady said she has a sore throat today.

Sore throat?
Should I pick her up in a sedan chair?

Alright...I'll fetch her.



Come on, sing me a song.

I'll reward you if you sing well.

Thank you.

Flowers blossom in spring...

That's not good. Sing the Nun's song.

I don't know that.

Eighteen Grind?

What about "In the bridal suite"?

An eighteen year old bride
and a 9 years old groom,

they've reached the bridal suite
after the ceremony.

Bride undresses the groom
and carries him onto the bed.

The groom's scared
and screams for his mother.


Please behave.

What? You're a street performer,

stop acting like some lady.

Miss, you need this to make a living.

You can't afford to break this,

please be careful.


Thank you for your compliments.

May I ask your name?

You Rulong.

What a pleasure.

Let me drink to you.

Thank you.


This is great, let's have another drink.

Oh no!

I think he's found out about us.

From his looks
he doesn't seem like a bad fellow.

Can't say; it's written clearly
on the wanted posters.

Big reward if we're caught

Who wouldn't want a reward?

Then, why did he

help us at the teahouse?

Could be a plan.

He's trying to follow us,

then he could arrest us
and get the shield.

And he could make his way
to the local magistracy.


He's having a good time
with the imperial guard,

they could be working together.

We better hurry and save your father.

Alas, if only
my cousin Shikai would be here!

With your skills,

why don't you find an officer's job
in the capital?

Why wander around like this?

Is it because you don't have a referee?

If you want to, there's a good chance now.

Do you know...

To be an officer?

Come on...let's have a drink.

What is it about? Chance to be an officer?

Beat it.

The court is after a mother and a daughter
surnamed Song.

The word is
they stole a piece of national treasure.

Nab them and you've a chance
to be an officer and rich.

With such a rare opportunity,

why don't you seize it yourself?

I came all the way
from the capital just for this,

except I couldn't find them.

If only I could catch them,

I'll be promoted to Deputy Commander.


I failed to recognise a great person,
so you are...

I rushed from the capital
to take care of this.

If I catch them,

I'm going to be promoted for sure.

Good luck! Come on, let me drink to you.




Cousin Shikai.

Shikai, what happened to you?

You're injured.

Where's the iron shield?

We have it.

You must leave right now,

Gao Sixian,
the Commander of Imperial Guards

is about to reach here.


You must hurry to the capital
to save uncle.

You're badly hurt, find a place to heal.

Don't worry about me.


Cousin Shikai,
you should go to Jingping Mountain

and look for your martial arts teacher
to heal you.


Commander Gao, what are you searching for?

Is there a mother and daughter
street performers here?

Street performers?
Yes, I've seen them; Upstairs.

Arrest them.

Arrest them?

They are the Song mother and daughter.


Chase them.


May I ask your name?

I'm You Rulong, what could I do for you?

They've offended you
at the teahouse yesterday,

my apologies.

Don't worry about it.

I'd like to ask the whereabouts
of two persons.

The street performers, right?

You're mistaken.

I just happened to meet them yesterday.
But no idea

where they're from or
where they're heading.

Let me speak frankly,

they're on the
Imperial Court's wanted list.

If only you could tell me
where they're headed,

the Imperial Court will reward you.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help you on this.


Great moves.

Thank you.


If you don't tell me

where they're hiding,
you won't make it out of here.

Mother, I wonder if cousin Shikai is safe.

Don't worry.

Mother, let's go and ask for lodging
in the village.


A pair.


A pair of daggers.

It's raining again, boss.

No one's here to order us to work,
what's the rush?

Come on, join us.

Even the heavens aren't on our side,

we can't work in the rain.

The deadline is almost up,

I worry that we'll be executed then.

Damn it! The emperor wants a new palace
just for fun.

And us? We're so unlucky.

We're his slaves, making bricks and tiles.

And he wants to execute us?

Forget it.

If he really wants to do so,

I'd go back to my original trade,
as a robber.

Don't be so pessimistic.

Let's enjoy the good times while we can.

Come on...

Damn! Where the hell is Hu San?

He's been gone for three days!

I want a drink!

What could he be up to?

He's trapped here for so long,

I'm sure he's having a great time outside.

Speak of the devil.

We're passing by,

could you let us to stay here

for the night please?


There's a lot of space
since we aren't working. Come in

You're street entertainers?


Running around in this kind of weather,

trying to make a living. It's not easy.

Thank you.

You're welcome. It's our pleasure.

You haven't eaten?

We've some food in the kitchen,

let me heat it up for you.

Look! You're soaked.

Get changed first, and then eat.

Ding Qi,
take them to the loft at the back.

Please follow me.

Thank you, everyone.

It's humid here,
it's better to sleep upstairs.

Come over for food when you've changed.

Thank you.

Thank you.

They seem crude,

but they're very kind.

Dad did in fact mention many a time

that ordinary folks often
have bigger hearts.

Come on!

It's raining really heavily.

You are so nice to me.

Hold on, this is for the guests.

But we're in the middle of nowhere.

Hu San, I'm serious.

There're 2 street performers
putting up for the night.

Who cares? I'm starving.

Boss, did you see
they're staying here for the night?

Who're they?

A mother and daughter, street performers.

Do they carry a pipa with them?

You know them?


Where're they now?

Getting changed in the loft.

I'll take a look.

Drink up...

Give me some.

Me too.

Hold on...

Let me tell you some good news!
We'll be rich and famous.

A reward offered to
whoever catches a pair of thieves

who stole a national treasure
and support a rebel.

If we locate them and the goods,
we'll be rich.

And who are they?

A mother and daughter.

Mother and daughter?

There could be plenty,
where can we find them?

Too easy,
they're right underneath your nose.

This is a godsend.

People have tried so hard to catch them
but to no avail

And then there are those
who haven't done a thing,

and they walked up to you.

Are you saying the street performers?

Hu San, are you sure?

They're just pretending to be
street performers.

I heard them sing in the inn,

but they sneaked out

before the officers arrived.

Come on, let's go!



Tie them up. Let's get them

to the local magistry
for a reward in the morning.

Yes, let's go.


On the 'Wanted' poster it states that
they're the

supporters of a rebel.

Who's the rebel then?

Song Yuan,
Senior Lecturer of Imperial Academy.

Song Yuan?

Trusted by the late emperor
to teach the young emperor.

How's it possible that he's a rebel?

Something's wrong. It must be

the wicked Prime Minister Jia Shoudao

Why would a rebel steal
a piece of national treasure?

It can't be right.

Who cares?

As long as we get rewarded.

Yes, to be rich and famous.


Who wants to stay here
and have a tough life!


We can't harm the family of a loyal man.

The boss is right, we must protect them.

I wouldn't do such dirty dealings.

Enough with the lecture!

We were a bunch of bandits before,

were we doing dirty dealings?

That's why I stopped and
gave in to the Imperial Court.

And became a kiln worker here.

It's all because of your stupid idea!

Gave in to the Imperial Court!

Not only that we didn't get a good job,

we're being sent here to be slaves.

I won't listen to you anymore.

Whoever wants to be rich, follow me!


I'll fight whoever tries to harm them.

Very well!
Let's settle this once and for all.

We'll go upstairs to take care of them.


Don't blame me for what I'm about to do!

This is the end of our friendship!

Come on.

Don't worry! I know about you.

We'll try to save you

no matter what! Run!

Thank you!

I'm going to kill them!


What now?

They'll turn into steamed buns
in a minute!

In your dreams.

We could only repay your kindness

in our next lives.

What are you talking about?

We can't drag you into this.

I'll surrender.

Please! I'm here.

But leave those three men
and my mother alone.

You see?

Bring the stuff down here.

Come on...

Come on.


Now that you've admitted.

Hand out the national treasure.

We don't have any.

We were being framed.

Stop making excuses.

Where're you hiding it? Speak up.

There's trick in it.

Move aside!


I'll kill you.

Spare our lives!

We wouldn't do this again.

For old times' sake.

Get up then.

Thank you, swordsman.

Don't mention it! But he's escaped.

Lucky for him.

He's a heartless person,

I doubt that he'd
show his face around here again.

If the road to the capital
wouldn't be flooded,

I wouldn't be meeting you here.

The road to the capital got flooded?

Then you should stay here
for a few more days.

It's a good idea, mother.

Let's stay here for now.

I guess Gao Sixian and the lot
won't find out.

I just worry that if we got delayed,

Jia Shoudao will harm your father.

As long as they don't get a hold

of the iron shield,

they wouldn't dare to kill Mr. Song.

I just worry about Hu San.

Commander, I was looking for you.

Thank you for saving us,

I don't know how to repay you.

It's my duty to do this for a just cause.

Swordsman You, you're an esteemed person.

Hand out the Song mother and daughter,

we'll kill anyone who's in the way.

Brother Gao.

Oh, we meet again.

What a coincidence.


Brother Gao, I'd like to say something.

Go on.

Brother Gao, you're so skilled,

why would you be hurting innocent people?

You're lecturing me? How dare you!

Catch him!

Official Zheng.

What's going on?

We're here to build tiles and bricks,

but this man looks down upon
His Majesty's orders.

He's here to make a scene,
please look into this.

Who are you?
Why are you being so arrogant?

I'm Gao Sixian,
I'm here for an investigation.

You're Commander Gao
of the Imperial Guards.

Yes, I am.

This is the site of an Imperial kiln.

Could you tell me what

investigation you're working on,
Commander Gao?

Disobeying His Majesty's orders,
sheltering rebels.

Sheltering rebels? Who are the rebels?

Official Zheng, they're no rebels.

They're the family of a loyal official.

Yes, the wife and daughter of
Senior Lecturer Song Yuan.

I've heard about this in the capital.

If that's the case,

then I must arrest the rebels.


I'll fight to the death with
whoever harms the innocent

Says who? I'm doing a job.

If you are,

why aren't you in uniform?

Commander Gao.

Yes, Official Zheng?

I'm here because
the King wants to build a new palace,

I'm here under His Majesty's orders
to supervise.

If you try to capture rebels
on this work site,

and the kiln workers
are trying to protect them;

What if there are conflicts?

Agreed, there would be casualties
on both sides

but delaying the work
would be a big problem.

Then, I wouldn't be able to explain this,

and I suppose so will you, Commander Gao.

What do you suggest, Official Zheng?

I think the kiln workers

should get to finishing the job
before the deadline.

As for the Song mother and daughter,

they should stay here.

After the work's done,

no matter whether you're
arresting the rebels,

or the kiln workers
protecting the innocent. It's okay.

Since it's your wish, Official Zheng.
I'll do it.

Let's go!

Thank you, Official Zheng.

It's Official Zheng's delaying tactic.

Gao Sixian has blocked all the exits.

How can we escape?

We still have a few days,

we'll think of something.

Commander, that Zheng fellow

is only a supervisor
in the Ministry of Works,

why would you listen to him?

What did I tell you?

If we leak out the secret
about the iron shield,

the Prime Minister will be angry at us.

And besides, You Rulong is quite skillful.

That's why...

Let's go.

Look for the iron shield.


Hurry to find the iron shield!

I'm sorry that I can't help you anymore.

How can we blame you?

If we can't find that iron shield,

I guess it's destiny.

Strange, how come?

Ding Qi.

Official Zheng.

Whom is it for?

Mrs. Song and her daughter

Thank you.

You're welcome. Eat up.

Must be Official Zheng's idea.

But Gao Sixian has blocked all the exits,

how can we leave here?

I've got a plan,

but we need Ding Qi's help.

Have you got it?

They're sleeping like pigs.

I stole them right away.

Bring them upstairs to change into.


Where are you going?

Thank you.

Let's go!

So none of the kiln workers

has seen the iron shield?

I've been asking around,

no one has seen it.

Oh no! Our men got killed!

Come on!

Chase after them!


Don't bother.

They don't have the iron shield yet.

I know.

Tell me, where is it?

If I tell you,

how would you reward me, Commander Gao?

What do you want?

How about the
Deputy Commander of the Imperial Guards?

I've always aspired for an official post.

That's easy, I'll help you.

Don't worry.

So he's meddling.

I've contributed a lot, right?

Indeed. You deserve a good reward.


We'll head back to the capital tomorrow.


Sending Official Zheng off.

Official Zheng, it's really you!

I've always admired Mr. Song's character
and wisdom.

When we were in Valley of the Fangs,

I couldn't be too specific.

Please forgive me.

Thank you, Official Zheng.

This is the capital;

Not only the Imperial Guard lackeys,

but even their head Jia Shoudao,

must respect the laws to certain extent.

That's why I asked you to meet me here.

Present this to His Majesty
and save Professor Song.

Thank you for your help.


Cousin Shikai.

Swordsman You.

Swordsman You.

Professor Song.

Must you go, Swordsman You?


Thank you for saving my life.
I was going to invite

you for dinner at my home
to express my gratitude.

You're too generous, I didn't do much.

You're a chivalrous swordsman!

I'd like to learn from you.

Miss Song,
I don't deserve such a compliment.

Although we've met by chance,

but we are good friends.

I believe we shall meet again.

Jie, since Swordsman You is
determined to leave,

we shouldn't be in his way.

I'm certain that

we'll see him again
sometime in the future.

I've no valuables with me,
and we have to part.

I do have a scroll of calligraphy,

I wrote that when I was in prison.

I wish you'd accept it.

"A benevolent person
always begets kindness"

I'll always remember your teachings,

It's just a small token
to show my appreciation.

You're too kind, sir.


Take care, Swordsman You.

You too take care of yourself.

A real swordsman asks not
in return for his favours.