E ke (1972) - full transcript

Duel Of Fist was another hit from the "iron triangle" of director Chang Cheh and stars David Chiang and Ti Lung. And, as with all the director's classics, one good hit deserves another, so this sequel was called for. When last we left our heroes, they had triumphed against evil in Thailand. But a vengeful Japanese gangster has their mother killed and one of their girlfriends kidnapped.

Go inside.


Hey, you...

Mr. Xu, we've been waiting for a few days,

and no results.

I've sent someone to meet my boss today,

he would escape if he finds a chance.

Signal him.

An inmate has escaped, hurry...

Jin Long Martial Arts Club

Come on.

Ready, go!

Wen Lieh, there's a long distance call
from Thailand.

Sure, continue.


I think Wen Lieh will go back to Thailand,

we can't afford to lose him now.

What now? If he leaves,

everyone will be down.

Must he leave?

Why is he going to Thailand?

To bring his mother here.

Does he need to go himself?

He could just send anyone.

He can't leave for minutes,

let alone days.

Right, there‘re more than ten new
students here today.

If he isn't around, everyone will
be disappointed.

Don't worry, I'm staying,

but I need someone to go to Bangkok
on my behalf.

Chen Jian, why don't you go on behalf
of my brother?

Yulan will pick you up at the airport,

come back as soon as possible.

Yes...but I don‘t want to leave either.

No one wants to.

You're good, Wen Lieh.

If no one will go, then I'll have to go

Come on, Chen Jian.

Brother Wen Lieh,

after I'm back, you must show me
some moves.

Right here.

Mrs. Fan.

Why the lights are off?

Qiangren Giant


Mrs. Fan.



Mr. Okada, I could rebuild my reputation.

Mr. Qiangren, your record is ruined.

The boss in Tokyo is very unhappy
with you.

But the boss needs

a man to take care of his business
in Thailand.

Of course. Not only in Thailand, the boss

has two people in mind in Hong Kong.


We've got Wen Lieh's girlfriend,

he will listen to us.

Forget it,

you two are no match for Wen Lieh
and Fan K0.

As for Wen Lieh's girlfriend,

I've talked to the Tokyo office.

After you‘ve told me about her
in the afternoon,

the boss wants her to go to Tokyo.


The boss wants to meet the brothers
through her.

Want them to replace me?

Mr. Qiangren, you better hide for now,

you're a wanted fugitive here.

Sure, I'll let the boss know,

that I'm not replaceable.

You can do whatever you want,

but don't interfere with the boss' plan.

My men will escort Miss Yulan to Tokyo.

Are you clear?

I am going to find Wen Lieh, I want to...

It won't do you any good.

It's difficult to dodge bullets
in the dark.

Make the necessary arrangements,
1 must leave here.


Fan K0.

The guy you dealt with in Thailand,

is his name Qiangren?


He's escaped jail, read this.

Notorious Thai Gangster Escaped Prison

Really powerful. Hey, you're back.

Brother Fan K0 and Brother Wen Lieh,

who's better in martial arts?

They have their own merits, but when
the two combine,

they're matchless.


Chen Jian's been away for a few days,
there's no news.

Qiangren has escaped prison,

I fear that there might be changes.

If mom and Yulan...

Hey, kids.


A |imp...with a steel walking stick.


What happened? Kids...

Uncle Chen, no news?

Sure, call us

if you have any news.

Brother, your mother...

and Chen Jian are dead, Yulan's missing.

The Thai police thinks that Qiangren is
the suspect.

I must go back.



Hurry, Xiaoluo's been hit.



Qiangren, you aren't going anywhere.

Excuse me, I pressed the bell,
but no answer,

I walked in on my own.

Mr. Qiangren, reality bites;
and you've lost!

Miss, you are...

Watch him, I'm going to call the police.

I wish to put in a plea.

Mr. Wen Lieh, I have news about a lady,

her name is Hu Yulan.


Where's she?

I have a letter from her.

Recognise this?

You wanna fight?

Don‘t stop just because I'm a woman.

I'm glad to fight.

Where's Yulan?

In Tokyo.

And she's not the only one

who wants to see you two in Tokyo,

my boss Mr. Yamaguchi too.

Who's he?

You'll find out when you see him.

This is my address.

Someone will be there to receive you
at Tokyo airport.

Fan K0, I like you because you're smart.

You know there's no point to fight me.

Lady, your Judo...


Come with me, Mr. Qiangren.

No, he‘s a murderer.

If Mr. Wen Lieh stands in the way,

I'm afraid that will cause inconvenience
to Miss Yulan.

We're all civilized people,

there's no need to fight.


They've got Yulan, let them go.

We must go to save Yulan.

Of course, what you saw just now,

Qiangren is really scared of that
Japanese woman.

Let's go meet her boss,

and see what business he does.

Akiko Ebayama, Tokyo City,
Sleepless Town Club


Mr. Katsu.


Mr. Katsu.


So, will the Fan Brothers come here?

I think they will.

I want to see what they‘re made of.

Qiangren is useless,

he got beaten up badly by them.

Mr. Katsu.

You are here.

I heard from Bangkok that you
disobeyed the orders.


Ijust wanted to get even.

Mr. Okada said he would like to see
Wen Lieh's girl,

and I handed her over.

And...I didn't leak any news

about my link with Tokyo.

What's that in your hand?

Steel walking stick.

Bring it over.

It's good that you didn't say anything
about Tokyo,

or else...

I didn't see you for few days & you've
become prettier.

We all have work to do here.

Then we should be even closer.

There are plenty of women

here at night, you can find them.

There're prettier women waiting for me
in the night.

Please come in.

Please come in.

Is the Chinese woman inside?


Please come in.

Smile, smile when you're serving me.


Let her go, Katsu!

Let her go? Stay here and watch,

it's better than the movies.

Don‘t let her come in, Qiangren.

Go! If you ruin our plan,

I could kill you.

Out of the way.

Don't cry, I've seen Wen Lieh.

Wen Lieh...

You've picked well,

he'll come here for you.

As long as he agrees to work for our boss,

then everything's fine.

He won't give in.

I don't want a man like that.

That's what a real man is.

I know him, I know them.

You're luckier than me,

a real man loves you so much.

Please get into the car, Mr. Fan.

Where's Yulan?

Miss Akiko is here, you can talk to her.

Please get in.

We're here,

and we want to know about Yulan.

Sure, I brought a tape,

let me show you.

You could never guess what
we talked about.

I envy her.

She's loved by a real man.

She said other than Wen Lieh, there‘s...

Is that all?

Don‘t worry, after you‘ve met the boss,

you could meet her.

Boss Yamaguchi is quite easygoing.


Please sit down.

Where's the person who wants to see us?

The boss is always on time, he's here.

Sorry, I'm dealing with a small matter.

I run a large organization,

we have rewards and punishments.

Today, one of the staff has made
a mistake,

you know what to do?


That's punishment.

My staff are willing to accept punishment,

that's because I give out large rewards.

Please accept this.

What's this?

I've opened up two accounts

in the Swiss bank for you.

Your account passwords are in there.

There's 1,000,000 Swiss francs
in each account.

Mr. Yamaguchi, you've locked up
Miss Yulan illegally.

We don't care what you're trying to do,

please order to release her right away.

Don‘t worry.

You know what you'll get if you cooperate?

I need people like you to work for me,

young and able, with a career
in architecture.

I could support you

to set up the biggest construction

And my building materials could

be transported to SE Asia through you.

And you go back to Bangkok, take up
Qiangren's work.

Fan K0, think it over.

Between the two of you,

you will earn $10,000,000 profit per year.

Move away.

Stop it, everyone.

Where's Yulan?

Mr. Yamaguchi, if you won't let Yulan go,

I'm afraid it won't do any good for you.


If you agree to work for me,

I'll make sure that you strike gold.

Yeah, in your dreams.

Stop it, Katsu.


You can't threaten me even now.

I'll give you twenty four hours.

Give it some thought, Akiko,

have you booked a hotel for them?

Yes, please take a rest at the hotel,

there's no use to be violent.

We have a saying, "catch the king
of the thieves first"

You think I'll let him go that easily?

Fan K0, you think

the boss is under your control
that easily?

I already have.

Bravo...y0u Chinese say that

new born calves aren't afraid of
the tiger.

I need people like you,

Akiko, Show them to their hotel.

So that they can think this over.

So you saw,

there's no use to resist.

Even you two can walk out,

what about Miss Yulan?

Both me and my boss admire you,

and hope we can work together.

If you still want to do something
stupid, then...

Fine, let's go.

Remember, you have twenty four hours,

don't miss this chance.

Move away.

Mr. Yamaguchi is doing big business.

He runs an extensive smuggling network,

throughout Southeast Asia.

He's trying to solicit your help.

I hope your answer

won't disappoint Miss Yulan.

On the contrary Yulan will be disappointed

if we agree to work for you.

That‘s true, she told me that

you won't give in.

Of course not.

Hop in.

It's a shame to give up such a
large benefit.

You might want to call the police,

but you'll find no proof.

Besides, you'll put Miss Yulan in danger.

After you.

Wen Lieh, you remember Katsu.

He's an expert in karate and Aikido.

He wanted to assault your fiancee,

and I put him to stop.

For Yulan‘s safety,

I hope you'll consider this carefully.

In other words, you've saved Yulan.

You could say that.


If something happens to her,

you will refuse to join us.

I did it for the organization.

Bring us to Yulan. After we've seen her,

then we can consider it.

Mr. Yamaguchi didn't ask me to.

And you're scared because he didn't
say so?

Too bad. I always thought

that you have a mind of your own.

Don‘t even try.

It's good to your organization if you
bring us to her.

If we don‘t see her,

we‘ll never consider whether we're
joining you.

And if such an outstanding person

like you will only take orders,

why should we join an organization
like this?

You're really convincing!

The first time I saw you, I felt...

Alright, I'll take you to her.

But don‘t even think about playing
any tricks.

With the three bouncers,

and you have a hostage,

what could we do?

Also, after you've seen Yulan,

we'll move her to another place,

got it?

You've got it all figured out.

Let's go.

Tokyo is a nice city, right?

It shouldn‘t home people like Yamaguchi,
Katsu & you.

You don't deserve such a pretty city.

I didn't expect such a tranquil place

You'll find out soon,

that your fiancee hasn't been mistreated.

Fresh air.

Call the police.


Wen Lieh.

Let's get out of here!


Let's go.

No rush, the police is here.

Akiko and her gang have fled!

Well done, brother.

You know, he crashed a car,

and he knew that people would call
the police.

I was thinking whether you‘ll
show up or not,

and here you are.

Am I dreaming?

Please come to the police station.

We'll be right there, sure.

Let's go.

We managed to get out in time.

The police won't find any proof.

That's bad enough.

Something like this has never happened
to us.


We're willing to be punished.

Go find the Fan Brothers in Hong Kong.

Kill them if they refuse to work with us.

And don‘t bother coming back if you fail.

Katsu, you're in charge.

Pick a team, don't fail.

Yes, boss.

Bring Qiangren along, he hates them most.


Pick your crew now.

Remember, make it look like an accident.

First thing when you reach Hong Kong
is to kill Akiko

You guys get ready for Hong Kong!

Yes, boss.

We charged in,

and they fled when they heard the siren.

Then we saved Yulan.

They must be humiliated.

The Japanese Police told us that

they've always suspected Yamaguchi‘s

but they've got no proof.

Even if we testify,

it won't do much help.

Lucky for him!

What do you think of Katsu?

He's much stronger than Qiangren.

Yamaguchi is in charge

of such a large syndicate,

and we know of his secrets.

I think we will

have guests within a few days.

What guests?

Angry guests.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

This is a honeymoon suite,
we've just married.

Come in.

It's only a cover, forget it.

You've made such a large mistake.

If you want me to plead for you,

come here now.

The boss said he's not going to
hold me responsible.

What are you laughing about?

Read it yourself.

So, my bride?

Why are you doing this?

You're smart.

I'll worry if you're not my woman.

Call an ambulance.


Get off here.

Please follow me, this is it.

Jin Long Martial Arts Club

Can I help you?

What is it?

They are tourists from Japan.

They practise Japanese martial arts,

and would like to take a look at
your training.

Only hearing about your fame did I
bring them here

please show us around.



Wait here, I‘ll go ask.


Please come in.


Jin Long Fists was created by Master Fan,

it's quite well—known.

Please take a look, they

are really experienced.

What are you laughing at?

Let's go.

You call this martial arts?

Our primary school students are better.

So you're saying

that our martial arts is crap?


What about yours? Show us.

Fancy styles are just for shows,

we're more focused on the practicality.

Fine! What about a duel?

Calm down, we've got somewhere to go.


But I don‘t want to hurt you.

How do you know that we'll get hurt?

You're hurt now, aren't you?

That's vicious.

One on one.

What do you think?


That was quick.


Stop it, they are tourists.


I know some of them.

We're tourists, it's only a



Wait, isn't Katsu here?


I don't know him.

Whether you know him or not,

go back and tell him that

not to come for trouble. Now get out!


How could you treat your guests like this?


I can't believe they picked a fight here.

I recognised some of them.

They were shooting at the
construction site.

Our weak point now...

is that we‘re in the light and they're
in the dark.

They want to make it look like
an accident.

If it won't work,

they'd try something worse.

Come out here, don't be shy.


I aimed at the steel wire, but Fan Ko

We pretended we were tourists,
and visited their club,

but we failed.

Fan K0 came back suddenly, we...

Say no more, it‘s too humiliating.

Tomorrow we‘ll pretend as
construction workers,

and charge to the construction site.

We'll kill Fan Ko first, then move on
to Wen Lieh.

I'd like to have Jin Long
martial arts club's number.

What did she say?

She said that

they will pretend as construction workers.

Try to get rid of me first,

then he‘ll come to you.

Why should we listen to her?

If it's true, it would be dangerous

because we didn‘t prepare for it.

What she said...

I believe her.

I trust her, I know her better than
you two.

Akiko is different,

she's helped me once.

Fine. Tomorrow I'll transfer the
workers elsewhere,

and I‘ll move our guys over.

Say, even if Akiko is lying,

we've got nothing to lose.

Come up here.

I want to transfer my workers for a day.

How could that be? I suggest you
call the police.

You think I enjoy violence?

They won't show up when the police
is here.

If we miss this chance,

we wouldn't know where to find them.

Chief architect,

I know this is an unreasonable request,

but please say yes.

Fan Ko, if all the other architects are
like you,

then we don't need to be an
architect firm.

We would be the observatory.


Checking out the winds nothing to do.

But luckily,

I'm the only one like this here.


Who's in charge?

Why are you so late?

We're new.



I've been expecting you, Katsu.

Inspector in charge

Alright, the police knows that it was
self defense,

but you should call us beforehand.

Yulan, it's all settled.

You can go see Akiko now.

We've talked to the Japanese police.

We'll transfer her back to Japan,
she'll help in

investigation about Yamaguchi's

I believe that she will receive
a light sentence.


I should thank you,

because you believed what I said.

Hope to see you again.

I sure hope so.