E.M.P. 333 Days (2018) - full transcript

After an E.M.P. (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon is deployed, North America is forced to live in pre industrial conditions. Anything electrical is useless, sending the country into anarchy. ...

What about this?


Well, you need to do something!

I'm fine.

Sitting inside all the time is not fine.

You'd just be bored anyway.

You know your Grandma's real happy...

...that you're staying with her.

You guys can take selfies...

...and text emoji's to each other.

- Are you hungry, dear?
- Yep!

Okay, I'll start dinner then.

No fish though grandma!

I hate fish.


I see you found my journals.

Why do you write in them?

Well, it's where I keep...

...my thoughts,
and my ideas and my feelings.

You can figure things out
when you write them down.

This one's for you.

Oh, fun.

Tensions are rising
as the prime minister...

...of Canada,
president of the United States,...

...and Mexico are
in their 3rd day of talks...

...with North Korea.

The talks are centered around
an on going nuclear test...

...being carried out
by the North Korean military.

Kim Jong-un has stated
that North Korea...

...desires to be a nuclear power...

...only to level the playing field
and promote peace.

It is hoped that a resolution
will be found...

...by the end of the week.

Tonight's weather will be clear with...

I just got a text from Dad.

Those cell phones really amaze me.

We'd be lost without them, wouldn't we?

Did you text when you were younger?

We didn't even have cell phones my dear.

Okay, grandma.

We didn't.

Oh, my!

What the heck.

Oh, darn it.

Oh, I got nothing here.
Come on.

Just had it fixed.

How much further
to your apartment, Grandma?


I don't know, dear.

Few hours I suppose.

Oh, good.



I went down to the store
to pick up a few things.

Joe at the grocery store...

...let me in the back.

Showed him some cash and in I went.

The whole town is locked up.

No phones, no street lights, no cars.

Doesn't make any sense.

Would you like some eggs
for breakfast, dear?


Are you okay?

Just the old pacemaker acting up.

I'll be fine.

How's dad supposed to get home?

By car or plane I suppose.

Well, I'm sure
everything's working where he is.

What if it's not?

He's really far away.

Your dad will find a way, Niamh.

He's really good that way.

How are your eggs?

They're fine.

Grandma, that's not enough.

Well, it'll do until help comes.


Your dad dropped this off a while back.

Go check that I locked the door!

The door's locked.

That's good, dear.

Let's make some tea.

- Would you fill the kettle?
- Yeah.





* Breathe, breathe, breathe *

November 3rd.

Grandma died.

I'm alone.

It's been 10 days since the EMP.

That means Electro Magnetic Pulse.

Nothing works
except for some old flashlights.

Dad told me it could happen one day.

I don't know where he is.

Things are crazy outside.

I'm hungry!

I'm looking for donations!


December 15th.

I'm so thirsty.

I don't see anyone around town anymore.

A bunch of people
left a few nights ago...

...because of the crazy man.

He's taking everyone's food.

Well, what's left of it.

I have three weeks of food left,
and no water.

Dad showed me the emergency stash
that's buried...

...in a field near the house.

He knew this would happen.

He's supposed to be here with me.

I hope he's okay.

* Hallelujah *

* Hallelujah *

* Hallelujah *

* Hallelujah *

* Hallelujah *

* Halle... *

Merry Christmas, Niamh.

For me?

Yeah, it's for you.

Oh, I didn't get you anything.

That's okay, that's okay.

Are you sure?

Go ahead, go ahead.


Wow, I love it, thanks so much.

I think it's in here somewhere.

This is a great little tool
for survival.

You should take this.






December 28th.

It was an exciting day today.

I left the apartment and
I was chased by the crazy men.

I ate frozen worms and
I'm staying in an old boathouse.

I need to get to
Dad's emergency supplies.

I just don't know
how to get there exactly.

Is anyone home?

Hey, that's far enough!

I don't have food for ya!

I have just enough
for my family and that's it.

You need to turn around and leave now.




Who's there?

I'm down in the basement.

I'm trapped.
Please come help me.

Please, please.


Please help me, I'm trapped in here.

There's something blocking the door,
I don't know what. It won't open.

Please just pull it away whatever it is.

Oh, thank God.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, my God,
I've been trapped here for days.

I can't see a thing.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Okay, it's just, here.

Are you alone?

When do you think
the power will come back on?

It won't.

Everything is fried.

There's no help?

Well then, we're a team.

Sure, a team.

Remember what I told you,...

...when the food runs out
people will get desperate.

They'll wanna take
your clothes, your food.

You have to be careful
who you can trust.

How can I tell?

You'll be able to tell,...

...just look in their eyes.

You can feel it.

Your mum was real good at that.

I saved someone today.

A boy.

His name is William.

I looked into his eyes,
I trusted my gut.

We have one or two months
of food left I think.

It's so cold.

I hate winter!

How much?

50, 60 days worth.

I thought there was more.

Are we close?

Not Really.

We're here,...

...supplies we need are here.

Is there a place called LANG?


No, why what's there?

My dad says there's a group
of people who are ready,...

...for what happened.

What do you mean ready?

They can grow food,
cook, stay warm,...

...live, without electricity.

And you think they'll take us?

I think so.


Go fish.

Any sixes?

Where are your parents?

My dad is in a conference in Texas,...

...and my mom, she passed away
a couple of years ago.


We got separated,
I don't know where they are.




I'm tired, gonna get some sleep.


This is what animals must feel like.

We're bored and cold.

All we do is think about food and water.

How to save it.

Where to find it.

Who will steal it.

Hey, Will, come look at this.

What's this?

My hat.

Look at these, clothes.

Oh, here's like a hunting one.

This is awesome.

This is like a murderers hat.

Park Ranger.

Oh, look at this.

My sister and I used to do this.

I miss my video games.

- I miss restaurants.
- And TV.

- And my phone.
- Playing hockey.

My bed.

How far?

Not sure.

I thought you could read it!

I can!

We're somewhere between
here and here, okay?

I'm sorry, I'm just really hungry.

This was a horrible idea.

Maybe we should go back.

We need that food.

Where are you going?

We need more wood.





Were those coyotes or wolves?

Does it matter?

Why not just leave it at home?

Because they can find it.

And if you have to leave
the house in a hurry,...

...you've got a plan B.

Hey, check this out.

I love these old cars.

Come on.

Hop in!

How do you even open this thing?

Check this out.



Come on.


It's not gonna work.

It's not gonna work.

It's not supposed to work!

- You can't even drive.
- Watch me.


* Well, I get home from working *

* Just in time to have a fight *

* After dinner I go to bed *

* But you keep me up all night *

* Darling you won't let me be *

* And I'm getting out tonight *

* Oh, I'm gonna find a woman
that will treat me right *

* Well, you can have the house babe *

* But you don't gonna take the car *

This is awesome.

* Because you won't get very far *

* Darling you won't let me be *

* And I'm getting out tonight *

* Oh, I'm gonna find another woman
that'll treat me right *


* Well, if there's one thing
I could say *

* Don't you ever
treat another man this way *

- That was awesome.
- Yeah.

Your turn!


What, come on,
there are no rules anymore.


Come on, look, it's so easy.

Gas, brake, and this is steering.

Come on.

Why not.

Doing great.


How far 'til we get there?

Well, it's gonna be
a lot faster on wheels.

How much gas do we have?

Not enough.

Where does the gas even go?



I think you should drive.

Yeah, we need to get there
sometime this year.

Ha, ha, hilarious.

- All good.
- Okay.

This isn't it.


This road is flat, it should have hills.

This is the 9th line right?

Yeah, the 9th line of Douro.

Well, is there another 9th line?

There's a 9th line of Smith?

Could that be it?

It's all the way back.

- The other way.
- Yep.

All right.

Rolled up crepes with lemon juice
and piles of sugar.

Those are the best.

Lasagna, hot melted cheese
with tomato sauce!

Pizza, lots of cheese, pepperoni,...

...and those
little spicy meatball things.

So hungry.



- Hey, find anything?
- Hey, nope.

The houses are cleaned out.

This may help for food.


Better than nothing.

Ha, dinner.

All right, give me your knife.

All set.

I thought you hated fish.

I'm making an exception today.

Right here?


Wait, stop.
It's here, we're here.

Well, wait for me.



Over here, I found it.

- Is that it?
- Yep.

- What do we eat?
- I don't know.

You pick.

Where's the gun?

- Whoaah.
- Yeah.

Food options,
canned beans or granola bar.

I know what I'm having.


Oh yeah, found this in the pack.

If separated, go here and wait for me!


We'll go in the morning.

Do you think he'll be there?

Yeah, he will.

We'll find your family too, Will.


We won't.

They're not missing.

They were coming to pick me up and...

...it was a bad car accident.

The doctors were working on them...

...and then the power went out.

Emergency power too.

It's just me.

I'm sorry, Will.

- Hey.
- Will.


Yeah, she's awake.

Whole world's gone to shit.

We need survivors like you.

I got a plan.

A plan to rebuild.


How did you find me?

I followed the car lights.

Where are you going?

I'll get the food, you go.

Forget the food, lets go!

No, I'll be right behind you.
I swear.

Oh, fine.

Jesus Christ, sit down, stay put.



Oh, right.

So, why are we doing this again?

I just want you to be familiar with it.

Just in case, things go bad one day.

It probably won't, but it's possible.


The head?

No. The heart, the lungs!

The head is all bone.

The bullet will just ricochet off.

That'll leave it bleeding and in pain.

Well, I don't think I'm gonna be
shooting anything anytime soon.

All right probably not.

But I'm just trying to tell you
how it's done.

- Mom.
- Niamh, I'm here.

- Mom?
- Niamh.

Don't go.

- Niamh.
- Mom.


Saved your ass again.


I haven't written in awhile.

Will and I almost didn't make it.

The car died on us.

We ended up walking
the rest of the way to LANG.

Sleeping in abandon houses.

And of course, no food anywhere.

A lot of people died.

They just didn't know what to do.

Or where to go to survive.

But we made it.

The people here knew who Dad was.

They gave Will and I
a place to stay.

It's like a mini community here.

They have clean water,...

...live stock, gardens,
a place to sleep,...

...clothing and all the things
you need for survival.

Everyone has a job.

I look after the ducks and
chickens in the morning.

I volunteer to keep watch too.

People try to raid the place
for food sometimes.

I haven't seen Will much.

He keeps to himself.

Maybe he needs time after what happened.

I wonder if you're still out there, Dad.