E-jang-gwa-goon-soo (2007) - full transcript

Born and raised in a rural town, Choon-sam lives a relatively normal life. When the village chief dies in an accident, the villagers unanimously decide that young Choon-sam is the perfect replacement for the job. Choon-sam soon has to deal with adversity when his old friend and school rival Dae-gyu becomes the county magistrate.

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Produced by Lim Choon-lyul
Yoon Sang ho, Kim Mi-hee, Cha Seung-jae

Oh father!

Father! how did this happen?

- That's the second daughter.
- She looks like the third to me.

No, it's the second one.
The one living in Suwon.

So, who will be the village's
next chief?

Who will be what?

Village chief, man!

Oh, that. We've got elections
approaching too.

If you're so worried,
why don't you give it a try?

I'm busy.
You said you wanted the job.


The old man was sitting
on the job for a long time,

It sure is time for a change,

we'll go by the book
and settle by vote.

Vote? With this bunch?

That's democracy, man.

Shut up, you!

It's time for a young man
to be village chief!

Aw, father,
let us deal with the problem!

I don't want to see any of you guys
become the next village chief!

So then who's left?

What are you doing?

30 minutes for a game of cards,
dammit. Sleeping?

Shucks, Let's play draw now.

This is too complicated!

What is there to be complicated?
Just put down any card.

What did I tip you about earlier?
Play the low cards first.

Just put it down.

That's a wrong pair, old man.

You can't take ‘em.

Shucks, you'll pay for this!

- What!
- What the...

I knew that guy would do that.

Can't believe he's making
the same mistake!

Men are such evil things.

Why is he always
the vulgar character?

Oh, look at him.
He's pitiful.

Now, watch.
Watch carefully.

Watch, so that you won't start
grumbling again.

All right!

One card each, come on!

Would he say yes?

I doubt it.
He wouldn't even listen to us.

You tickle him and
he'll start waggling his tail.

Village chief? Nope.

Hey, what's wrong
with village chief?

I saw someone who started off as
a village chief become a minister!

So we'll have a minister
from our village?

No way, I'm not doing it.

- You guys really suck at acting.
- What an atmosphere...

You're the worst, Chun.
hat is this?

Come on, we're not that bad!

From today,
Choonsam's our chief!

JO Choonsam! JO Choonsam!

Aw, guys!
I don't want to be village chief.



Excuse me!

Hi! I was looking for you.


So tiring.

You're younger than
what I've heard.

- And who're you?
- Oh, I'm from the town office.

I'm here because I can never
reach you on phone.

So what brings you here?

A lot of things, obviously!

Aren't you the newly
appointed town chief?

Appointed? Shucks,
I'm no president, you know.

- You're JO Choongsam?
- Yeah, that's me.

You are the new town chief, then!


Oh, look at these healthy peppers!

A bowl of rice with
these would be perfect.

Sir, could I pick
a few of these?

Just a couple.

- Uh, yeah...
- Thank you!

These are big!

All righty.


- Are you married?
- No, not yet.

What, a fine looking man like
you still not married?

The looks are fine but...

Hey, hey, you're not
picking the right ones.

This one tastes bad.

These here are the crunchy ones.

Come look, these down here.

The people's confidence
will be rewarded!

Vote for candidate number two!

Remember candidate number four!

The region's truebred,
candidate number one.

Candidate number two!

I wanna love


Dunno about anything else, but
we need a good county magistrate.

So who's the likely winner?
Hey chief, who should we vote for?

They're all the same,
take your pick.

Candidate no. 4, NOH Daegyu.

What is it?

Give me a chance, huh?


Class president!

Are you crazy?

I'm moving to a bigger town soon.


Class president can bolster
my career prospects.

That'll help me.

Let me think...

You can run for president
after I'm gone.

I guess you've had enough with
being vice-president.

So you'll drop candidacy?

Yeah, the job's all yours.

You promise?

I'm fed up with being
president anyway.

Aw, look at this guy.

Vice chief should fit you better.

That ain't straight, is it?

Naw, it's perfectly straight.

Look at that guy talk!

This guy looks just like a dandy.

What's this madman up to again?

Candidate no. 4, NOH Daegyu.
Thirty seven years old?

You're 37 too,
aren't you Choonsam?

Is he a schoolmate of yours?
Yes he is.

Is that right?

He used to live in our town,

don't you remember
Deukki's neighbor?

Oh, the folks from Nonsan!

- Yeah, that tiny little woman.
- Aha!

- He's the son, remember?
- You're right.

But isn't 37 too young
to be a magistrate?

Hey he just might become
the next magistrate, you know?

So we'll have someone from
our town become a magistrate?

That's the last thing he'll become,
I tell you.

- Why?
- He just ain't up to it.

Even if all of us vote on him?


Even if our whole town
vote on him?

No way.


What do you mean, why?
Just take a look at this face.

This is a monster's face!

What's wrong with
the way he looks?

Looks are what counts, pops.

There's a saying that looks
determine a person's life.

If this guy becomes magistrate,

I'll buy all of you guys drinks
at the pub downtown.

With girls!

Oh man, that's a deal!

What has the world come to.

Open your eyes, dammit!

Hello. This must be crude salt.

When you're sweating and all,

you should consume this
by the handful.

This looks just like ice flakes.
Let's see...

That's too salty, young man!

That's what I call crunchy.

The town is in need of
a young laborer.

Candidate number 4!

Where to? Where?
Over here?

It's time for action.
Right now.

Vote for number two!

- Two!
- Vote for number two!

- Hello!
- Vote for number two!

This mackerel looks very fresh.
Thank you for your confidence!

Thank you for your support.

Vote for number 4!

All this will come
to nothing, young man.

I wouldn't say so. Nope.

You should take a break,
you know.

Take a break? Ha!

Who will take care of these people
if I take a break?

Well, you did have a hard time
caring for he people's welfare.

But I haven't heard good things

about you from the folks here.

Look at their expressions.

I really think that

I should bring back
the smiles in their faces.

Good job you did during
you term, though.

You sure know
how to make jokes.

Let's go.

Yeah, take care, sir.

Vote for candidate number two!

Hello there!

Choice of 2006

this is the 9 o'clock news.

We now begin the ballot counting
of the 2006 regional elections.

Looks like a big hand to me.

What Kind of rule is this?
Stupid old rules...

This would have been
a big hand originally.

Here's something you can take.

What good will that do? Useless.

Well then, deal your cards.

Are you teasing me, pops?

This ain't fun at all.

Next time,
we're going by my rules.

I've lost a fortune all ready.

What are you saying?

This is how it's played, son!

- You said that right.
- Look here.

Aha! Just what I needed!

What a nice...

60 bucks each!

Why 60?

That pair's worth 40!

- I'm not playing anymore.
- Choonsam, come over here, quick!

What is it?

NOH Daegyu's about
to get elected!

Come on! Hurry!

- This game's out of play, folks!
- Where do you think you're going?


Now we have the news that
ballot counting is done...

- What did I tell you?
- Shut up! Let me see the news.

For the first time in the history
of regional elections,

one vote has been the difference
for a magistrate to be elected.

- All right!
- He's magistrate for real now!

I can't believe it, one vote?

He's a classmate of
our village chief!

That's great news for our town!

- Just one vote depends on...
- So you're buying drinks, right?

making difference between
elected person and dropout.

He looks fine to be a magistrate,

don't you think?

Where are my shoes?

- Hmm?
- My shoes.

- 1 don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?

It's your first day,
wear the new pair.

Come on!
What's wrong with the old ones?

I'm running late,
gimme my old pair.

I really don't know
where they are.

I can't believe you're
doing this to me.

Maybe your mother did
something with it.


This car's here to take
my magistrate son to the office.

They say the mayor of Seoul
has the same car.

You konw? The same!

You, over there!

Take your dirty hands
off the car!


- Damn birds!
- Yeojin, daddy's going to the office.

- How dare them pooping on his car!
- Bye bye, honey.

You shouldn't all be out
here greeting me.

Thank you very much!

Congratulations, sir.

Thank you people for
your support.

- Let's go inside.
- OK.


Kangduk County magistrate,
NOH Daegyu.

You call this paperwork?

A meeting?
I'll be there in a while.

I stand proudly in front of
the national flag,

with a pledge to the nation,

to be loyal to the nation
and the people.

I'm honored to be able to
work here,

where I've been born and bred.

You should know my name?

Kangduk County magistrate,
NOH Daegyu.

Not ‘No thank you'.
It's NOH Daegyu.

You can count on me, people.

Ah, hold on.

Come in.

Ah, yes. A visitor?

This is Mr. KIM,
a noted realtor in our town...

Please come on in.

Over here.

He just dropped by,
to meet the new magistrate.

I invited him to come over.


I was hoping to meet you at
the inaugural ceremony,

but I heard you cancelled
the ceremony.

So I said to myself,

why not come over
to the office?


Mr. KIM, please sit over here.

Frankly, I think ceremonies
are a waste of money.

Imagine how much
it would cost.

CEO Baek Man-geun
I agree with you on that.

I can feel that this man will
leave his name in the history books.

Of course.

So shall we take a seat?
Over here.

I'm sorry but I've got
a meeting right now.

Hope to see you again soon.


And could you make an appointment
before visiting me?

What's wrong with him?

I guess he can't spare
5 minutes...

Are you Kidding me?

Is this a joke or what?

Hey, I'm sorry.

What's your excuse?

I just don't feel like it,
that's all.

You think a village chief's
something you do

when you feel like it?
Like a kiss?

That's not really it.

So what are you going to do with
the wages that has been paid,

and the loan from the bank?

I'll pay back due time...

- With what? Selling pepper?
- That's a little too rough, lady.

Those are first class pepper,
my real pride, you know.

- Pride whatever.
- Huh?

I vouched for the loan,

You want me to be unemployee?

My career depends on you now.

Uh... well...

Don't say a word,
just do your job. Okay?

Really pisses me off!

What are you doing tonight?

Sleep, what else?

I can't believe you can sleep
with this mess on you!

So what do I do?

Have a drink with me.

You know, about Choonsam...

Isn't he a little
too inexperienced for this job?

I'm in doubt too.

He's a fine young man, you Know...

And what's happening to road
pavement project?

He's just loafing around
doing nothing!

Let's replace him.

We shouldn't have mentioned it
in the first place.

That was your father's call.

Because of your father!

Choonsam was class president
all along in primary school.

- Right.
- We should give him a chance, right?

Cut the crap
and let's replace him.

The man didn't want the job!

He didn't say so.

Who said I didn't want the job?

Talking behind me all the time.

Can't even do my chores
because of this new job.

What is this?

I had a meeting with someone
from the town office.

- You've taken too much booze.
- Choonsam, come over here.

Picked it up on my way here.

I'm just trying to
work hard, okay?

What happened to the road
pavement project?

What do they say?

- They're doing the job.
- When?

When they have time.
Relax, okay?

The rainy season's coming soon.
We can't wait!

They're saying that there's
no budget for this project

what can I do?

Do you want to negotiate?

You can't pull this off, we're
putting someone else on this job!

What is this for anyway?

I'll get the job done, okay?

You're doing fine, son.

Have a drink.


Sir, there's someone on line two.

All right.

Hello, this is the magistrate.

Magistrate NOH Daegyu?

Yeah, that's me.

Hey, it's me!


It's me, Choonsam.


Sanchon elementary,
Chungpoong middle school,

Kangduk High.
Don't you remember?

I was class president,
you were vice president.

- Oh!
- Yeah, yeah. You remember now?

JO Choonsam.

Now you remember?

- You're getting transferred?
- Yeah.

All right then.
You go for president.

Can't always take the
lesser role.

So you're dropping candidacy?

- Yeah.
- You swear?

Friends don't lie to each other.
Trust me!

If I become class president,

I will use the full extent of
my experience

to make our class the best
in this school!

Once a president,
always a president!

Long time no see, huh?

- Sure is.
- First time after graduation makes it...

What, 20 years?

Perennial vice president has now
become the magistrate.

Is this a surprise or what?

- Take a seat.
- Yeah.

You still have
that weird hairdo, huh?

Very nerdy, my friend.

And what about that jumper
you're wearing?

You should at least
wear a suit, like me.

I can see you're busy, really.

- Choonsam.
- Yeah?

What's all this useless
talk about?

I'm just glad to meet
an old friend, pal.

- Is that it?
- Of course!

Okay then.
What do you want to order?

- Let me see...
- Waiter!

So, road pavement?


Why are you asking for this?

I'm the village chief, you know.

You're the chief?

What's wrong with being chief?

It's not being the chief,

it's just that the job
doesn't really suit you.

Mostly the elders go
for the job...

Hey, hey!

The magistrate doesn't
suit you either.

Look yourself on the mirror.
You look like a flounder.

Don't take it so hard, man.

So are you going to
help me or not?

You can't ignore
a close friend's request.

Mother, one request will
lead to another.

You lack humanity, my boy.

He does.

It won't hurt to help out,
right honey?

Why are you two scolding me for?

I shouldn't have mentioned it
in the first place.

It never hurts to lend a hand, son.

So how's his father doing?

- Hello.
- Village chief JO Choonsam?

- That's me.
- It's me.


The magistrate.

I know wise-ass.
Why did you call?

That project in your town.

I'll try to squeeze it
in on our schedule.

Where's that process you
were talking about?

I'll take care of it, okay?


Yeah, whatever.

It's the village chief speaking.

My announcement today is...
that our long-cherished project has

finally been realized,
thanks to me.

I know you're all surprised.

Today at 2 in the afternoon,
I personally went to meet

my close friend, the magistrate.

He was aware of our problem.

So I said, official and private
affairs should not be mixed.

These rocks on the road,
we clear them all the time.

but this one here,

this is where our old chief's
bicycle went astray.

He wasn't even going that fast.

Yeah, we all try to fall over
to this side.

So this here's the problem.

Hold on. I'll be right up.

I'll be right up. Then we talk.

I'll be right up. Then we talk.


Okay, so let's not try
to exaggerate here.

So I've brought the magistrate here.

don't you people think?

- As I've been saying, magistrate.
- Yes, yes.

We will also need bathing facilities
at the town hall.

All right, over there.

Where's Mr. YANG?

How can anyone live with
a road so steep?

We need to get it paved.

He's a very close friend of mine,

since elementary school.

Namok, isn't it really
hot out here?

All right.
Settle down everyone.

So it's paved up to here, right?

Yes. Till all the way down there.

Let's take a picture.

OK, ok, ok.

Gather around.
Back here, back here.

- Stay still. Say cheese!
- All right!

One, two, three, ok!

Everyone in town voted
for you, sir!

That's only natural, you know.

Thank you for your support.

So there's no more problem
over that side?

- No, none at all.
- Right around the back, over there.

- Oh, at the far end...
- Right back there.

The back alley's the problem now.

Sir, do you want dinner with us?

What's the big problem here?

It's all
the village chief's fault.

Who's the village chief?

Who's the chief here?


Hello, sir. I'm village chief,
NOH Daegyu.

You are?

You look my age.
And you're only village chief?


Let's build a new town hall
an eight floor hotel.

- Yes, sir.
- And also a four lane,

paved road over here.

I'll report to the government

Special case, just for our town.

- Let's go!
- Thank you!

- Yes, sir.
- There's nothing I can't do.

You're the greatest, magistrate.


So what's our village chief
up to now?

At least he's not laying off.
Do your best, pal.

Why do you look so tired?

It's from the fall I took
just a while ago.

This is against the rules,

but I'm doing this especially
for you. You understand?

I know. Thanks.

I'm saying that
you should work harder.

There's a good village chief
behind every peaceful town.

So good luck.

Aren't you going?


Sir, don't you remember me?

I used to live next to Deukki.

Don't you remember?

He can't remember,
you're wasting your time.

You used to like chicken.

I brought you fried chicken.
Have some.

- Chicken on a hot day like this?
- I'll drop by soon, sir.

You should have brought
some fruits.

Hey. Take care of your pops,

I'm leaving now.

Stretch your legs, pops.



Daekyu. Vice president.


Our town's lagging behind.

Low return of taxes,

and no much revenue
from outside the town.

Limited budget has the residents

feeling aggrieved.

So it's all about money,
isn't it?

Money's always the problem.

- In order to develop the region,
- Building a casino or a golf course...

Asia's largest night club...

We should utilize schools that
have been closed down...

There's no Disneyland in Korea...

If we can only attract
a horse racecourse,

even the stray dogs would be
rich and content.

- How about you sir?
- Ah, me?

I was thinking of
a beauty pageant.

A beauty pageant?
What sort of pageant?

We could just make anything up.

Like what?

Regional beauty pageants
have the girls wear

traditional dresses...

We'll be a little creative,
and go for "Miss Minnow".

Have them wear bikinis,

and catch minnows at the brooks.

The girl with
the most minnows caught

will be the winner of
the pageant.

- Then...
- Sir.


Couldn't you be
a little more earnest?

A more realistic, approachable,

plans that can unfold right now.
Is that so hard to think of?

It's about time civil workers
should change.


It's me, Choonsam.



What brings you here, son?

- Ma'am.
- Welcome!

- Have you been well?
- Yes, of course.

You've grown so tall.
I couldn't have recognized you.

You haven't changed a bit.

- Ma'am. Here's a bow for you.
- Yes.

Oh, don't say such things...

- Here.
- Oh, thank you.

- Here, take a sit.
- All right.

That's it.

Let's all eat.

Yeojin, eat up.

Chew before you swallow.

That's my girl!

Why aren't you eating? Eat.

Yes, ma'am.

Yeah, eat.

Here you go.

That's okay, ma‘am.
I can eat from here.

Why move the garnish
that's in front of me?

You don't eat leek.

Right, daddy doesn't eat leek.

I'll say.

You still don't eat leek?

Unbalanced diet at your age?

What are you saying?

I love leek. Can't seem
to have enough of it.

Very crunchy.

You can have some more.

Here's your coffee.


It's good to see you again.

I'm glad I dropped by.

I miss hometown.

It was fun going school
together, right?


You still aren't married?

Missed the chance, I guess.

Does Daegyu treat you well?

He's okay.

I'm content with having a child
and living with her mother.

Watcha doing?


The alumni meeting of
Sanchon elementary.

Hey, look over here you guys.

Today is the alumni meeting of
Sanchon elementary.

Let's drink and have some fun!

Sangmi's become a real beauty.

Hyunbae, what are you doing?

Long time no see, Choonsam.
Give me a drink.

- Here, here.
- Hey Choonsam.

- Yeah
- You used to be a real dancer.

Dance for us.

I'm not sure I can dance
like I used to.

I'm not sure I can dance
like I used to.

Hey guys.

Hey, it's Daegyu.

The magistrate's here?

Long time no see.

- Yes, it's benn a long time!
- Finish!

You gained weight,
didn't you?

We need fresh blood here,
if we at least want to do something.

Only a few of us are natives here.
There's Daejeon, Suwon...

And you're from Seoul.

The town doesn't necessarily
have to keep the natives.

I'm getting
a little too political again.

That's okay, my friend.

I can't drink a lot,

so let's drink together
this one last shot.

- To our magistrate. Cheers!
- Cheers!

This time already?

I've got to go.

Hey, I've got to go.
I've got errands to do.


I said I'm going, Yoonpil.

Yeah, I'm going.

This girl's fast at everything.

Hey Choonsam,

you're not saying
bye to the magistrate?

That wise ass.

Okay, okay.
I'll get going, magistrate.

I want food. I'm hungry.

But I prepared lunch for you
before I left.

I said food.

Hey, it's me.

I was talking on the phone with
brother, I can't stand with dad...

Think about that if you were me...

You're not so talkative today.
What's wrong?


It's pouring like hell outside.

How can you talk like that?
That is so macho. Chief.

Funny, isn't it?


What I'm saying...

Is that you seem like you
don't care for others,

but you have that certain
leadership quality

with a strong opinion and all.

You've got the looks,
you're really tall,

you shouldn't be in
a small town like this.

Yeah, I've been keeping this
to myself but...

I really...

Naw, forget it.
What's the point?

It's fine.
I know what you're thinking.

I'm just a village chief
at nowhere.

Why the defeatism?

I'm just crazy about men
that go about

and diligently do their work.

When I first met you,

Your chest soaked with sweat
had me go nuts.

It's really hot in here...

Oh, the buttons!

It's fine, really.

Leave it.

No, ho, no.
I'll find it.

Leave it.

You're saying we can
all become rich?

What is it?

You folks should all know that,

the current budget makes
development a hard deal.

That would mean the same thing
with our own town.

So we need to see
on a whole new viewpoint.

There is a solution to
develop our town.

This business plan would require
the consent of you residents,

so that I can submit it
to the town office.

So I'll need your cooperation.
Now, there might be opposing opinions,

but then, Let's do this.
- Yes.

there's no other way.

So my plan is...


to submit for the construction of
a nuclear waste center.

300 million dollars as preliminary
financial support.

With the completion of the center,
20 million dollars every month.

There's no future
for our county

if we don't attract such facilities.

I was a little harsh
on the last meeting,

and took time to be reflective.

I've gone through
a lot of research,

and came up with the decision.

What do you think?

There are more negatives
than positives.

Of course.
It's just obvious.

Why bother on something
so complicated?

- Yeah, what's the point?
- He doesn't know the reality.

- We're civil servants.
- We're civil servants.

Let's take the safe path.

That's not going to work.

I'll pass with not receiving
the trifle presents.

This isn't it.

Is he crazy?

Don't try to think to hard.

Speak freely.

We're all for your plan sir.

Good idea.


That sounds fantastic.


And you, sir?

We should have pulled this
off much earlier.


All right, then.

We'll need a task force
for this.

Good job, everyone.

Sir, I will have to ask you
to organize a task force

for this project.


CHOI should have been

What would a rookie know?


He also got rid of
the official vehicle.

And moves on his own car.
He also removed the pressroom.

Now he's talking nonsense
about bringing

in a nuclear waste center.

We're going crazy
because of him.

That's not going to
change anything.

Politics isn't
as easy as he thinks.

We've got a scoundrel
from nowhere as magistrate.

He's going to have
a hard time soon.

Ma'am, take a break.

I need your fingerprint here.
Right here.

I'll have to know
what this is about.

Just do it right here.

It's all about making
our town a better place.

Road pavement will make here
a better place.

If this is done, road pavement
will be a piece of cake.

We'll have an expressway over here.
Eight lanes.

We don't need
any expressways here.

Okay. No benefits for you, then.

Okay, okay, give me the papers.

Here you go.

An ecology town?

There's no better place
to experience nature

undisturbed by humans.

Isn't it awesome?

That sounds great.

I'll file the request to
the county office.


But what?

- They're a little busy right now.
- Why?

There's been special orders
from the county office.

We're all tied up on
that project.

I doubt that this
will be realized.

In that case, I'll call
the magistrate myself.

This is just paperwork,

I was trying to follow
the process.

I didn't want to burden an old friend,
with something like this.

I'll call him myself.

The major papers are
in favor of our project.

But the regional papers...

They don't even know the details.

How can they give an opinion
like this?


shouldn't we call a meeting
with all the village chiefs,

I already told you to have
them meet separately?

But it's best if you took stage.

All right. Call the meeting,

and let me talk to the reporter.

Yes, sir.

Hello, this is NOH Daegyu.

It's me.

What is it?

I've come up with a great plan
for our town.

Hey, your town isn't the only place
I've got to take care of.

If it's not something important,
let's talk later.

Hey, hey, hey!

It's not something that hard.

I've submitted a proposal...

- Sorry, I'm busy right now.
- Hello?

You see?
I told you it wouldn't work.

He said he'll call me back.

I'll get going then.

This is a very elaborate plan.


You'll obviously know that...

Hey, magistrate NOH.
NOH Daegyu.

What did I tell you?

You can't hang up on me
like that...

- Let's talk somewhere else.
- You hear me?

- Let's talk later, okay?
- Yes, sir.

Hey, come over here.

He's busy right now.
Come visit him later.

What the...

Hold on.

Hey, asshole!

You sure
he's a friend of yours?

You know the folks that

take x-rays at the hospital?
You know them, right?

The gloves and clothing
that they wear,

those are disposed of on a can
and sealed tightly

to be stored underground.

Nothing dangerous involved.

Then, well...

How much compensation do
we get then?

It would be best to get you
as much as possible,

but these things
aren't that simple.

I can't deal with this alone.

That's why I'm here today to ask

- for your cooperation...
- Cooperation, bull shit.

What cooperation
do you need, anyway?

Before you ask for any of that,
you'll have to make yourself clear,

and tell us what level of cooperation
would be needed,

or whether it would harm anyone.

Don't try to cheat on
these innocent people.

That's just natural, isn't it?

You'll have to persuade these...

naive people how much
will be compensated,

per household and per person.
Isn't that right?

Yeah, that's right.

Looks like you've been drinking.

Who are you anyway?


Playing boss, is it?

- I'm a village chief too, asshole.
- Who do you think you are?

-Let go.
- Why are you doing this?

- Nuclear waste center?
- I'l have to ask you to leave.

A small leak
and everyone's dead.

Three generations will
have to suffer!

Do you people realize?
Let go!

Let go.


You think it'll be easy,
to work things out without

the approval of the people?

Are you that embarrassed of
having a chief as a friend?

You've become a hardnosed
bastard, you know?

Sick bastard.

We'll see! Fuck you.

I heard the meeting
was a mess today.

One of the chiefs played
to bully.

He messed up.

When's the counterplan committee
going to be set up?

The day after tomorrow,
on Saturday.

Appoint him the chairman.


The idiot that messed up
the meeting.

I heard they were friends.
Do you think he'll say yes?

You think he won't?
Listen, who am I?

I'm the man that turned a nobody
into a member of the Assembly.

But he's only a village chief.

Don't give me that.
Just do it.

It'll be exciting to watch.

No to nuclear waste center!

Step down, dictator magistrate!

Step down!

Step down NOH Daekyu!

Step down!

Magistrate, bull shit.
He's not even worth a village chief!

He's not!

Step down NOH Daegyu!

Step down!

The radiation level...

there's the multi-layer
disposal method.

30 million of our compatriots.
We stay awake...

Do you hear me!

A tough financial situation...

Young bastards!

They were swinging their clubs,

just take a look at
what they've done to me!

NOH Daekyu step down!

Hey, bastards, you didn't
expect this to happen, huh?

Let's be frank.
You're scared, huh?

Is this some kind of a show?

- You're right about that.
- You really don't have to do this.

I've been in riots countless
times in college.

- Getting a little too dull.
- That's child's play, boy.

- Isn't there something new?
- It's not the same.

I'm risking my life right here.

- Food delivery? I'll have noodles.
- Now you're talking to yourself?

- No noodles today?
- You're nuts.

- No noodles, guys.
- Let him talk!

Don't paly game.
I'll beat you!

You son of a...

A fast 1st day

No nuclear waste center

I feel sorry that we only eat.

It's tough meat.

A fast 2nd day.

Hey Choonsam.

Hunger strike two days in a row?

What is this?

Your father's on a fast too,
he's looking for you.

Hey, wait.

A fast 3rd day

That's three days without eating.
Will he be okay?

Hey, there's someone who has gone
40 days drinking only water.

- Yeah, I've heard about that.
- Stop talking and work.

Pork ribs and soju
would be great.

What are you saying?
Look at that man.

He's fighting for us!

Let's go.

Who's buying?

- You've mentioned it. You buy.
- Okay, let's go.


Don't eat so fast.
You'll have an upset stomach.

Guys! Lest's sing
toghter loudly!

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

Let's go together.

You want to go by yourself?

JO Choonsam! JO Choonsam!

JO Choonsam! JO Choonsam!

Hey, my bowels can't
hold any longer...

JO Choonsam! JO Choonsam!

JO Choonsam! JO Choonsam!

NOH Daegyu, step down!

Step down, step down!

The restroom.

I can do it.

Just a few more steps...

How did you get in?

I, uh... just came to freshen up.

- Why freshen up here?
- Wait...

Go home and freshen up.

What're you doing here?

Daegyu, it'll only take
a few seconds.

Hey, you.

- Few seconds, bull shit.
- Daegyu!

- Who do you think you are?
- What are you doing?

It's coming out... it's...

Out of my way!

Oh, you're sick, man.

You stink like hell! And I thought
you were on a hunger strike.

Get in there and wash.

So sick!

Wiseass staring at me
as if he's going to kill me,

All that to show me
how he can shit?

That's scary...


Don't get any closer.

Step aside!

You come any closer,
I'll set myself on fire.

Don't get any closer!

NOH Daegyu,
come out right now!

I'm warning you!
I'll burn myself!

What are you doing now?

Can't you see?

I'm seeking justice.

Oh, you pathetic thing.

How can you say that?

Are you retarded or what?

You think I'm joking, huh?

You don't withdraw,
You'll see me burn myself.

Don't try stopping me!

Burn yourself.

Go on.

Sir, what are you doing?

In a situation like this
you must be careful.

Yes, that's right.

I happen to know that guy...

He can't burn his own
house down.

Go on.

I knew you didn't have the guts.

Set an appointment with
the provincial governor.

Please reconfirm.

Okay, I'll proceed as scheduled.

Can't believe I have to go
through this.

Where's justice
when we need it?


Let's go to hell together.

Wait, wait, wait!


This is actually water...

Huh? What?


It's not!

We can't win this battle
without drastic measures.

You, hey!


Oh, it's hot, it's hot!

It's so hot!

So hot!

What is this, water?


The magistrate?

What are you
so surprised about?

Run for magistrate
on the next election.

How can I possibly do that?

I'm looking to back
someone with potential.

That could be you.

Village chief won't help you
in that sense.

Think on a bigger scale.

You understand?

I'm not qualified for that.

What do you mean
you're not qualified?

You're the town's
most dutiful son.

You're looking after
your sick father, right?

There isn't anyone better.


A young person like you shouldn't
just settle down.

Aim higher.

Take care of your father.

A great man will appear
from this place.

- Run, run, run!
- Step down, step down!

NOH Daegyu! Don't hide in there.
Come on out!


This won't resolve anything.

- Besides, this is a school.
- Don't listen to him!

- Children are stuying here.
- Don't listen to him!

- Youm, hey, hey!
- I will try to set up a meeting soon...

Don't pretend to be innocent
and come over here.

Delaying your plans won't
change anything!

Hey, you came all the way here
and not say hi to the teacher?

Don't talk to me about manners,

Come here and talk!

If you have something to say,
please come on in.

- Make way.
- Right,

I wish to hear them talk.

Move it, you bastards!

- The magistrate has invited us in.
- It's okay.

So I'm standing right here.
What do you have to say?

Who's manipulating you?

Did he promise you
a hot seat or what?

Don't give me that bull shit!

Let the people know
what your intentions are.

Go or stop?

Life's so simple for you, right?

You should've studied
when you could.

I've done fine at school,
thank you.

Now, answer me!

I've answered, you!

I have nothing to say
to you, so move!

- What answer, dumbass?
- What did you call me?

What answer?

Kangduk county magistrate
NOH Daegyu

has been assaulted by
nearby residents,

at an elementary school
sport meeting today.

Apparently he hasn't been
seriously injured,

but a few of the police, residents
and students were injured.

Here's LEE Junghoon
with the report.

What stubbornness?
Tell me about it.

What's the role of
a village chief?

He has to take care of
this place.

But you're doing
nothing right now.

I'm fed up with being village
chief and I'm quitting.

Now get out of here!
I have nothing to talk about.

Get out.

- Why, this son of a...
- Hey, you can't do this.

Let's go, everyone.

Get out, get out.


Why didn't you send me
to college?

I did get an acceptance letter,

and I was a good student.

You sent my sister
and brother to Seoul,

why wasn't I allowed to go?

Why do I have to work in a lousy
place like this?

Look at me.

Who am I?

Is this how I've got to live
for the rest of my life?

I prepare meals for
you till you die?

What then?

After you die, then?

I'm a nobody after you die!

I don't know what to do.

This really pisses me off.

What is it about him that makes
him better than me?

What is it, huh?


Don't just sit there,
say something.


I'm hungry.



I was worried you weren't at home.

What brings you here?

I thought I should drop by.

Didn't your mother pass away
around this time of the year?

That's today.
How did you know?

I was correct.

I came here to help you out
every year before I moved away,

how could I forget?

- Oh, Right.

I see you've been preparing
by yourself.

Your son-in-law
looks very smart.

I'm hungry. Hurry up!

Wait, father.

Wait. You can eat
when the rite is over.

I want chicken.

Yes, it's all yours.

When did he become like this?

Long time ago.

I pity his misfortune.

He raised you three Kids
after your mom died

and now he's suffering
from this illness?

His children were all
he thought about.

Treat him well.

Yes, ma'am.

And about Daegyu...

He might have done
something wrong,

but please understand
and help him out.

I consider you and Daegyu
as both of my sons.

And you two are friends, right?

Both of you should succeed.

You fight and resolve
all the time,

even when you were little kids.

Think of the old times,

help each other.

That's what real friends are for.



Fucking magistrate

Missing call - Village chief

You here?


This is the person
I wanted you to meet.

So go ahead and talk,
you two... Good luck.


Let's talk about
what's best here.

This would be a good time...

for you to give up...

Sorry to interrupt, but...

I don't work that way.

- Uh, what I meant was...
- I'm sorry.

I mean...

Uh! Daegyu!

Hey, how did it go?
He's a good man, you know.

Shut up, you!

I was wondering why you wanted
to meet me here.


What's wrong with you?

You can't bend it,

you'll have to break it.

Oh my.

I still can't understand
why he has to return

the official vehicle,

just look at this mess!

So dirty, so dirty...

Should we begin?
One, two, three!


So the first phase processes here,

and the second phase,
over there.

What are you folks doing?

What is this?

Stop the search!

Take a picture of this
and take it to the car.

So, what percentage of the sewage
gets processed here?

Sir, sir!

- Sir, take a look at this.
- What?

Kangduk county magistrate NOH Daekyu
is suspected of bribery charges.

- What is this?
- What's wrong?

Is this today's issue?

Yes, sir.

Oh no...

I brought it in thinking
it was a present...

you could've opened it.

I didn't have the faintest idea.
I should die for this, really...

I should die.

And what were you doing?

Son of a...

Excuse me, sir.

What is it?

What happened?

What do you mean what happened?
Everything's going as planned.

He didn't want the money.

Is that what you're here for?

It shouldn't be like this,
I mean...

Relax. Do your job.

I'm busy right now.
Talk to you later.


Step down, bribed magistrate!

Step down!

Step down, NOH Daegyu!

Step down!

Say no to nuclear waste center!


Oh, it's so noisy out there.

It's okay.

I'm gonna make you sleep.

You're being indicted
without detention,

because of unreliable evidence.

We will ask for
your cooperation.


Your wife called.
Your mother...

Nobody in there,
that's one lonely apartment

Hey, CHOI.

You're the best.

It's always good to
hear you sing.

Come here. Let's drink.

So with the final rally tomorrow,
we'll have the media mobbing us.

Let's give it one final push.

We don't really need to do that.
Now that it's all over.

Can't give him another chance.

Squeeze him till the last drop.
Hey, how's the county hall?

They're all in mourning.

He'll resign for sure.

He should have done it earlier,

he wouldn't have to see
his mother fall ill like that.

You're right about that.

Dumb asshole.

So can I call you
magistrate, sir?

A little earlier for that,
don't you think?

Sir, I really respect you.

Here's a shot for you.

Magistrate CHOI.

God dammit!

Who's magistrate here, huh?

Is this what you call politics?

Filthy bastards.

She's become stabilized.
We'll keep a close look on her.

I'll be happy with
whatever you do, son.

Aren't you getting too much
stress from this?

An ordinary desk job
would be much easier, dear.

Don't be rude to people.

Just be kind and generous.

I saw your sucess,
so I'm happy to die.

I've done a terrible thing.

Good to know that
you've finally realized.

It's over now.

What's over?

Magistrate, development,

I'm sorry. Really.

Forget it.

It's not because of you,
nor anyone else.

I just don't want to be
in this position.

I knew it was going to be bad,
but not this bad.

Hey, you were showing off like that,
and know you're backing off?


Hey, don't talk to me like that!

Why does my mother have
to suffer like that?

She's been living all her life,
looking up at me, you know?

Right. I get it.

I'm the asshole.

So I want to set things right.

For you, and you mother.

That's what I feel right now.

Don't bother.

It's unfair!

It sucks to be outwitted
from people like that!

You're nothing different,

what have you got to say?

Don't talk to me like that.

You're done like this,

but what about me, huh?

I've accomplished nothing
in my life.

So you want me
to be responsible?

What have you done for me,



What are you hitting me for?

- Son of bitch!
- You bastard!

Get some of this!

Don't tell me
what I haven't done.

My father and I voted for you,

You got elected,
So stop saying I didn't help you.

I'm sorry.

That's what friends are for,

That's the bell.
Aren't you going in?

Man... I was wondering
where you got this.

You said you wanted it.

So you steal to become president?

Give it back.
I'll tell that I've stolen.

That'll be great, to have
a thief as a transferee.

Let me deal with that.
That's what friends are for.

Let's go.

You fine with this?

I'm the president, what will
he do, beat me?

You steal things, and consider
yourself the president?

Can't believe you did this.

What will you become, huh?

Kangduk county magistrate
NOH Daegyu

Choonsam, what're you doing?

You should go prepare the meal
for your father.

Say no to nuclear waste center!

What did you write?


You're crazy.
Go wipe the president's ass.

It's for real.
I'm going to become the president.

What for? Travel abroad?

I'm going to make our country
the best in the world.

Man, our country sure is
in trouble...


Thank you for your time.

I hope this will be

the last
press conference for me.

What are you doing?

Hurry, check this out.

Why the flurry?

Kangduk county magistrate NOH will decide
about nuclear waste center depends on vote.

Are you satisfied now?

This little bastard.

Why did you call?

You called it quits.

Hello? Hey, friend.

I was a little too intense, huh?
I'm sorry.

You immature bastard.

Let's sing all together.

Let's sing all together.

One, two, three, four,

When 3 thousand stood
together to fight

We all stood together.


I risked my life till yesterday,
to stop them from building

a nuclear waste center.

I'm JO Choonsam,
village chief of Sanchon.

The reason I stand before you,

Kangduk county, criticized for its
arbitrary decision

to build a nuclear waste center,

has finally announced today that
it will settled by vote.

LEE Junghoon reports.

Magistrate NOH's bribe case is
clearly a conspiracy.

We wouldn't have to deal with this
if we had gotten rid of him.

I hope that the magistrate doesn't
torment himself for that...

Get rid of him?
What are we, crooks?

I told you that
we shouldn't trust him.

Now look what's happening?

We didn't squeeze him
hard enough.

When the bluff's weak, someone will
still call with a one pair.

We need to raise the stake.

Do you realize how much
we put in already?

- Hey!
- Yes, sir.

- You!
- Yes, sir.

Ask for another loan tomorrow.

How much?

As much as possible.

Now they're bringing
the barmaids into play.

Bribing like crazy.

Sick bastards.

There are things
that we can't overcome, you know.

Yeah, but I recently saw
aresearch survey...

Don't use that expression
when you're with others.

You sound dumb.

What do you mean?

What's a survey?
You do it for research.

It's unnecessary repetition of words
with similar meanings.

Hey, everyone knows what I mean
when I say research survey,

it's like that
Gallop poll thing...

It's like saying,
‘completely eliminate'.

Yeah, yeah. And you're so smart.

‘small in size'.

Okay, okay. So I was saying...

‘dash quickly".

Okay, dammit!

Why're you shouting at me for?
I was only trying to help you.

You're still the mighty stubborn ass
that you were a long time ago.

Only trying to be resourceful...

Let's just do our best, okay?

Sorry, sir. We've been
talking to ourselves.

Oh, you shouldn't call me sir...

He's the same age, man.

College alumni.

What alumni?
He looks old enough...

- Come on, he's a friend.
- Yeah, that's right.

Must've taken the wrong medicine
when you were young.

- Okay, here's to our victory.
- Victory!

We will now start counting
the ballots.

You may unseal the boxes.

Why did you call?

What's the rush?
Let's have a drink.

- Right.
- Come sit over here.

- It's because I know.
- Know what?

That yellow can
with the skull mark.

They're in for a surprise.

Oh, you've got
the intelligence of an ant.

What? You're dumb, man.

Shut your mouth.

Chairman for the riot?
Go attend your village.

I came because I was worried.

Stupid me.
Shouldn't have come at all.

I said shut up.

Try to expand the way you look.

Approval vote 6508
Dissenting vote 9128

Did I say something
that I shoudn't have?

This guy is mean today.

Why are you doing this?

What did I do?

You really don't know?


You know, I trusted you.

I'm really disappointed at you.



Approval vote 14334
Dissenting vote 14463

The final results will be

Those for the construction.
17,839 votes.

Those against the construction.
21,936 votes.

Much ado about nothing, huh?

- Perky bastard.
- Hey!

What are the harsh words for?
Take him home.

Magistrate, let's shake hands.

Welcome to the real world.

I shouldn't say this but...
You should go back to your mama.

Oh, she's not
in good health, was she?

I tell you,
she's one heck of a lady...

Trying to risk everything
for her Kids.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Let go of me.

Take it easy, man.

Oh, is the magistrate getting
a little rough?

Those are harsh words
on a man like that.

Stupid bastard.

Sir, excuse me.

Excuse what?

I'll show you how stupid I am.
Like this!

The road's well paved.

Good village chief
has his job done.

Oh, man...

You've done this much and you're
saying your life's a bore?

I didn't pave the road.
You did.

Mother's getting better.

Once she leaves the hospital,
I'm going to move back here.

Yeah, it's best to come back
to where you've grown.


When I come back here,
let me have a go at village chief.

Asshole. Village chief's not
for a guy like you.

Hey, I used to be
the magistrate.

Magistrate or president,
I don't care.

- Really?
- Nope.

All right, man.

Should've known
this was coming.

This should be what you want.

Here you go...

What is it?

- Here, here.
- Huh? Take this.


Stop right there, man!

Oh, that's cold.

- I think I broke my leg.
- Oh, really?

I'm not falling for that.

- NOH Daegyu!
- I surrender!

What did you write down?


You're crazy!
Go wipe the president's ass.

Hey, that's a realistic goal!

What do you want to do, travel?

I'm going to make our country
the best in the world.

Oh no. We're in deep shit now.

- Hey!
- What?

What about you?

Village chief.

Village chief? What for?

What do you mean, what for?
Village chief's the best.

All right, you become village chief.
I'll be the president.

You're vice-president of class,
how can you become president?

Hey chief? What problems
do you have in town?


You can't talk to
a president like that.

Call me sir.

I'll beat you up.


Aw, man!