E (2006) - full transcript

E along with his friend Tony (Karunas) carries out small crimes to earn money. E brought up in tough conditions, grows up as a tough, fearless and emotionless guy. Meanwhile; Dr.Ramakrishnan (Ashish Vidyarthi) a quack comes to the slum and projects himself as a do-Good to people living there. Not knowing his ulterior motives, the slum dwellers keep unshakable faith on him. However, his hidden agenda is to make use of them as guinea pigs to test his new but potentially lethal medicines.E saves Dr.Ramakrishnan from Nellai Mani (Pasupathy), a terrorist, who is after the Doctor to kill him. Realizing E's boldness the Doctor enters into a pact with E to capture Mani in return for a huge sum. E captures Mani and when he takes him to handover him to the doctor. Mani tells about Ramakrishna's evil designs. The rest of the film is about how E foils the doctor's malicious actions and brings him to books.

During World War II,

deadly viruses were cultured
in research centres,

and were stored in small bottles.

These bottles were then
dropped from planes,

in the enemy's territory
and millions perished.

In the name of high yield in
agriculture using DNA research,

genetic engineered cotton seeds
were used in Andhra Pradesh.

Nearly 1500 goats fed on
these leaves died.

Anything cultivated from those
lands turned poisonous.

Medicine costing Rs. 2
is sold at Rs. 100.

Is a foreign pharmaceutical company
involved in the Bird flu rumour?

Deadly virus in Uttar Pradesh.

190 children died in just 6 months.

In Thennalankudi village near Seerkazhi,

hundreds of goats died
afflicted with Anthrax virus.

To make children beg on streets,

doctors are paid Rs. 10000
to amputate their limbs.

Agents were hired to lure patients

and operations were performed
by Aslam Baba in the open.

Action was taken against him
says Health minister Dr. Anbumani.

In Calcutta, Vinayan, furious over
sharing the family's wealth

and killed his brother Amaran injecting
him with it in the year 1932

stole Plague virus from
a research centre

The Calcutta court sentenced him to life.

Charminar in Hyderabad was built as
a memorial to eradicate plague

by the king Mohammed Quli Qutubshah
in the year 1931.

Medical research on humans
by foreign countries,

will involve 2 million Indians by 2010.

India should not join the rat race
in Biological weapons.


O Lord Muruga!

Come out. Go there.


Hey you... come out.

You go.

Sit... I say sit.

Whenever a new S.I. comes to this station,

they take our men into custody.

They beat our men black & blue.

Get up.

Sir, I'm innocent.
I'm a cart puller.

Please leave me.

I'm innocent. Please leave me.

It's your husband's cry I believe.

Oh no!

They are killing my husband.

Please don't beat him.

Hey... come here. - No sir, please.

Please don't beat my son.
Leave him.

Sir, please don't beat me.

Please don't beat my son.
Leave him.

What's it?

Tender Coconut!

I've piles.

I'll be here after you beat me.

Drinking it will reduce heat.

Give that to me.
Get him another one.

Give it.

I've mixed liquor in it.

You won't feel the pain. Drink it.

What's that noise?

I'll kill if you shout.

Next is E.

E...? Who is that?

I'm E.

He is a criminal.

He is in our records.

He stole jewels from the dead body
after Tsunami struck.

He cut a woman's nose
for the nose pin.

He'll soon become a big goon
if we spare him now.

Why are you in shorts?

I'm not wearing an underwear.

Take him.

Go. I will come.

I bought you tea yesterday.

This is thanks from me.

They must be beating E now.
Where is his grandmother?

Police are beating my grandson.

Go. Just for a while.

Please leave him. You tell him.

Chennai city was once a beautiful city.

We bathed in Coovum river
and washed our clothes in Adyar river.

We used to sail boats
in the Buckingham Canal.

That is past.

Why is he giving it to her!

What's your name? - Nellai Mani.

His name is E, my grandson.


You can go next.

I've come to meet the doctor
to get him a job.

I'm not feeling well.

Shall I go if you don't mind?
- Okay go.

Come my son.

Some coffee for you.
- No. Thank you doctor.

When are you leaving for America?

17th or 18th.

You are a god, doctor.

I don't think he will reform so easily.

He quarrels, fights, drinks & dances
on the streets. I can't control him.

Give him some job and
make him a responsible man.

Can't you see the top level crime branch
officer sitting opposite to you?

- Didn't Know.

It's you police who beat my grandson.

Keep quiet.

He has no qualification.

What job can I give him?

There is a temporary mosquito
sprayers job in the corporation.

Will you do it?

Okay doctor.

Don't kill all the mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellents will not
sell in the market.

Nellai Mani

Nellai Mani...?

Protect me from Nellai Mani.

He is out there to kill me.

In private run Engineering,
medical & arts colleges...

Tea for me. - One for me too.

2 teas.

Supreme court has ordered that reservations
can't be forced on private colleges.

Can't a supreme court's judgement changed?

Actually, supreme court passes
judgements based on the law books.

But we people can even change the law.

That's democracy.

This is the statue of a freedom fighter.

This is Singaravelan Nagar, right? - Yes.

Where is E's house?

I'll show you, come.

Put that in my account.

Get in.

Greetings. - Greetings.

Go straight.


Why do you want to go to E's house?

We are from Bombay.
And we are not going to E's house.

We have newly shifted to the
house opposite to E's house.

To Munuswamy's house? - Yes.

Who is E?

I heard he is big criminal.

And he can never be trusted.

I heard that he will steal ear rings
of small children.

Is it true? Do you know him?

Yes, people used to say that.

Hey Tony...

Bogi festival is over.
Are you going to loot them, ah?


Stop... - Stop.

That is Munuswamy's house

And that is E's house.

Help them.
They are our new neighbours.

First take small items.

Be careful.

Careful with the plastic jug? Take this.

Jyothi, bring the...

Just a minute.

Careful boys.

Inshah Allah!

Aren't you Muslim?

No. My sister-in-law & my mother
are Muslim. Not me.


You will know us once you
make friendship with us.

You are helping us. Who are you?

I'm this area's social service
secretary & he is the chairman.


Give it to me. Is there anything
for us to steal? - Let's see.

What shall we do now?

Excuse me.

I have to pay Rs. 2000 as advance
to the house owner.

Do you know any pawn broker
to mortgage it?

That's not a big deal.

I know every pawn broker in this area.

Almost all items are in the
pawn broker's shop.

Get moving, I will be back soon.

E... - Come let's go.

Just 5 minutes,
I will be back in 5 minutes.

Why is he running so fast?

He took my chain and ran away.
Who is he?

Don't you know? He is E.
- E?

If I had told you before,
he would hit me in my house.

I thought of telling you after he leaves,
but he ran away with the chain.

Give me my money.
I have to leave.

Ganesa, this is the chain.

This is the photo copy of the chain.

This is made in Bombay.
How did you get it?

Didn't I tell you? He is very clever.

He is brilliant.

What matter

Just made another copy of it.

That's all, ah?

Just like this.

I will make a better one than this.

I said just like this.

Leave this to me.

Come when my brother is not here.

He is my first enemy to come up in life.

Do this first.

And your future will be very bright.

I must put up a shop just like this
in the opposite street.

Follow our foot steps.
Start a jewellery super store here.

When should I come?

I will make it soon.
- Give that to me.

Take care of the photocopy.

Make it look just like this.
Come, let's go.

He will meet a dusty death.

You should have been careful.

Poor girl. You got cheated.

What happened?

You warned me several times.
But I didn't know that he was E.

I got cheated.

I told you several times.

He is a rogue & cheat.

Despite my warnings...

Who is that bad mouthing
my grandson E?

You were careless but now blaming E.

Who is she?

E's grandmother.
Let that be anyone.

Come with me. Let's lodge a
complaint in the police station.

He was helping us.
So I thought he is a good man.

Didn't I tell you to call me once
after coming to Chennai?

E is worse criminal than
those in Bombay.

An accused died in the lock up.

And it turned to be a big issue.

S.I. will be very upset.

Sir... - I will tell him that you had called.

What's the matter?

E took away her 5 sovereign gold chain.

Tell him. - Yes sir.

He sells even a cycle chain.

Now a gold chain?

Write a complaint.

Here it is.

Where would E be now?

If he had sold it,
he would be in the wine shop.

If not, in the pawn broker's shop.



I didn't know that you would make
money by selling the chain.

So, I stole one of the lamps.

That thought struck me too.

What would they do with a single lamp?

So, I stole that.


We were right.

What will a Muslim do with a lamp?

It must be with the broker.

Are you fine? - Yes.

This is separate. - For sales.

A girl from Bombay has shifted to our place.

She wants Rs. 4000.

Take the interest amount
and give me the money.

She will take it in 4 days.

Give me the money.

How much do you want.
- Rs. 4000.

6 sovereigns of gold.
It would cost you around 20 grand.

He charges high interest.

Sign here.
- Not a big signature.

Three lines & 2 dots.

Take this Rs. 4000. Count it.

The bill please.

This is very important.

Get up & come with me. Just hold on.

Arresting him without a warrant.


What's happening?

How many times to tell you?

The new S.I. will beat you to death.

Put him in.

Take him too.

I'm innocent.

He came to pledge it.

Why befriend a criminal? Get in.

You know me very well.

You take him in the jeep.

I will come on the scooter.

Will you come? - Yes sir.

I will buy a tender coconut
and come with him.

Come to the station. S.I. will give
you a big tender coconut.

Sir, tea.
- Sir, E.

Sit down.


They are killing me.

Give me a tea. - Take it.

Let's tell them about the lamp too.

I'm very scared.

We even don't know
why they brought us here.

What's the case?

He stole a chain from a girl & was caught
red handed while pledging it.

Where is the girl?

Come inside.

Sunita, come with me.

Tell me what had happened.

We have shifted from Bombay recently.

I asked him to mortgage
a 5 sovereign gold chain.

He took it but never came back.

Sir, yes I took chain from her.

To help her, I mortgaged it for
Rs. 4000 with a pawn broker.

I have the bill.

Head constable has the money.

And the pawn broker has the chain.

Ask him if you want to.

Lamps aren't there in the case.

Where is the pawn broker?

It's me.

Is he telling the truth?

Yes, E is telling the truth.

You beat me believing them.

First put them in jail for
lodging a false complaint.

I heard that you buy stolen products.

No sir.

If I catch you, I will rip your skin apart.

No sir.


Under IPC, 100 criminals can escape from law.

But an innocent should not get punished.

You know, don't you?

You beat us without knowing the truth.

Did he smile now?

Who knows?

You cheat! Come outside.

Get money from the head constable.

My stomach is upset.

You go. I have to go to the toilet.

E... - Why are you calling him?

You keep quiet. I have to talk to him.

Get me a cup of tea.
- I'll serve tea only if you pay.

I will make you run nude.

Sorry, I committed a grave mistake.

It is common.

Why do people talk bad about you?

Why don't you take up some job?

I've got a job in the corporation.
Spraying mosquito fumigation.

Jobs have no respect.

What are you doing?

I work as a dancer in a hotel.

This is my hotel visiting card.

Mention my name & come at anytime you like.

Is this any Udupi hotel?

No. A star hotel.

On me...

On me...


Atlast, you have a job.

You call this a job?

I've lot more to do.


E, what's all this?

Just like that.

Let's go & have some tea.

Come, let's go.

Look after this.

Buy me 2 idlis.

I don't have money. Manage it yourself.

S.I. is not a strict man.

Just trying to show off.

He wanted to be posted
to a different division.

But was posted to this area.

Bribes in this area is meager.

So, he wanted me to talk to you.

What should I do now?

Sell drugs, make spurious liquor
or even run a brothel.

Pay bribe to the station.

Get 2 cases every month.

Send your friend Tony to the court.

Why are you giving me small ideas?

Don't tell me anything where
I will be under police watch.

Tell me something where I will
have control over the police.

Hey E, come here.

Please get that ready.
I will give you a share.

E, you break sugarcane
in different styles.

Show these girls how you do it.

I'm fire spitting lava...

I'm mercury nobody can catch...

I'm flying train...

Half of my life is spent in jail...

I'll risk my life to achieve what I want...

I'm not a slave to anyone...

I stand on my own legs...

I'm not a slave to anyone...

I stand on my own legs...

I'm fire spitting lava...

I'm mercury nobody can catch...

Filling ditches we laid new roads...

Cleaned the drains...

There's no one to clean our lives...

There's no one to wash
clean our minds...

Our paths are filled with dangers...

Our lives are heart wrenching
tales of sorrow,,,

All our difficulties will vanish...

A problem will solve another problem...

We are like cattle in a abbottoir...

We live in dark homes without light...

We have become counterfeit currency...

But still don't know, why?

We don't know how to explain it.

But still don't know, why?

We don't know how to explain it.

Tomatoes... we are golden tomatoes...

Give money listening to
the young boys' song...

Tomatoes... we are your tomatoes...

We are tomatoes without
a roof of our own...

Violence is part of our life...

We took to this way to
satiate our hunger...

We lost opportunities in ignorance...

We earned the title of Wastrel...

Let's resolve to change our fates...

When a beauty is here,
let's join for a jig with her...

Everything is okay,
lose yourself in intoxication...

Every woman I see is a Venus...

Unlimited fun... Enjoy it...

A rare opportunity to the residents
of Singaravelar Nagar!

Friend of poor, Enemy of disease,

World famous Dr. Ramakrishna is
organising a free medical camp.

Good news to the poor!

Good news to the labour class!

Hydrocele! Piles! Stomach Ulcers!

Jaundice! or period problems...

Mike isn't working properly.

Skin allergies or diseases!

Get checked and treated freely.

He'll complete 5 years on December 5.

Have you given him all the
preventive injections? - Twice.

Tell me.

Anajalai, age 16... - Hey! 61.

61 years, No. 33, 2nd cross...
keep it there. Is it chocolate?

You may get dysentery.

As you wanted an eight year old girl,

and an old person above 60 years of age,

we have found two candidates
who are totally ignorant.

One is Ayesha and another
candidate is this old woman.

You know she's E's grandmother.

They are best specimens
for your research.

Nobody to inquire about them.

There's only one man known as E.

He'll also not inquire much.


My biggest order till date
from foreign country.

The new medicine I've made
from a banned formula.

That will damage your immune system,
helps the growth of virus,

It will directly attack the heart
resulting in instant death.

We can wipe out an entire nation
spreading it through mosquitoes.

This is the injection you've to inject
to Ayesha and E's grandma.

Okay Doctor.

Go there.

Nurse, take this.

Carefully... nothing, it's a powerful
injection, so it'll be painful.

Ayesha dear, don't be scared.
I'm here. Okay... okay.

Have you given them the injection shots?
- Yes doctor.

Maintain the two patients' records secretly.

Their visits to the hospital,
their health complaints,

headache, giddiness, vomiting,
record all their complaints.

Complete blood check up,
urine condition,

everything must be documented
and sent to my computer.

This is Rs. 20 billions research project.

They mustn't know it.
You must know it.

How doctor?

New types of diseases are
spreading all over the world,

there are many diseases which
haven't yet been identified,

not only to the patients, there are many
viruses unknown to doctors also.

Why we die? What for we die?

Nobody knows it.

We are using the permission granted to us
for finding new medicines like this.

If there's a new disease out break,

how to find a medicine to it?

Finding the disease and the virus,

rat, dog, cat, pigs are given
a dose of the virus,

after initial success,
it is tried on monkeys,

Who after monkeys?


Which type of humans?

People of poor nations all over the world,

more so it is tested on illiterate,
ignorant people living in slums.

Only after that medicine,
production and marketing.

Do you know medical business is
the most profitable business?

For using humans as research guinea pigs,

for the foreigners,

our country is the best place.

That's why I got this order.

Nobody knows about this?


If anyone explains it to our people,
they will stone him to death.

They will think he's narrating a tale.

They don't know even about
politics beyond this area.

They are still simians.

There's nothing wrong in using them
as guinea pigs after simians.

Good nail polish.

It's not scent, it's just water,
keep it there.

How much?
- Would you like to have a vada?

Looks very hot.

Hold it.

Pay money and take vada.
- I'll beat you.

Keep the vada there, this is first sale.

I'll beat you.

Okay, you go home,
I'll come in the evening.

Give me a packet of beedis
and a match box.

No credit.

What? Give man.

You already owe Rs. 2.

Rs. 2? Throw it.

E, don't break the bottles.
You're doing too much.

How long you have been
running this shop here?

Don't you trust me for just Rs. 2?

Two shampoo sachets
and a tea packet.

Give him whatever he asks & take
money from me. -Thank you madam.

Give her what she asks and my order too.

You trust her who's new to this area,

I sleep here only,
I'll break open your shop tonight.

You'll never trust a good man.

What? - 'Beeda' Ravi's car is here.

Sit in, boss wants to see you.

Greetings boss.

E, have you ever been to General Hospital?

Do you know the mortuary there?

Asking me if I know?
I had been there many times.

Okay, now you do one thing...
please sit.

Go there straight.

Thulakkanam will be waiting there for you.

Got me?

Have you informed him?
- I've informed him.

If you meet him, he would've
arranged everything, got me?

go to unclaimed bodies' section in
morgue and bring two male bodies.

Thulakkanam will take care of the rest.

Take Rs. 2000 now, after the job is done
he'll pay you Rs. 10000. Give him.

Is it true? You want dead bodies?
Why do you need them?

Shut up, we are rogues.

It's a job for Dr. Ramakrishna.
Do it without inquiries.

No boss, you're giving me little jobs,

if you give me more serious
jobs like cutting limbs

I'll grow, won't I?

Who is worse than me here?

If any problem arises, I don't mind
going to jail for a year or two.

I'll tell you if it comes,
you finish this first.

I'll always be in this area only.

Or else I'll be sleeping near
the Chettiar's shop.

24 hours service, will you?

lyer, give me Rs. 300.

Stay here, they will return the body
after post mortem in an hour.

Come E, I was waiting for you.
- Shall we go?

Why the body is lying here?

Bodies lie like this only here.

Famous people's bodies were lying here only.

Silk's body was lying here.

Simran's sister Monal's body
was lying there. Here only.

Be careful, very risky job,

bring the body out,
I'll manage after that. - Okay.

Look there, that's mortuary.

Where's the head? - It's here.

Two or three people have
hacked him mercilessly.

Don't close your nose,
we may get caught.

How can?

How we play with lives?

Look at the condition after death.

That's why I don't have any regrets.

Enjoy life as you wish before you die.

You'll never calm down.

This is the place for unclaimed bodies.

I'll stay out, you go in I'm scared.

Living people are very dangerous,
you can be afraid of them,

dead are like gods.

You are right.

It's our Thirunavukkarasu!

Nobody knows about his death.

He asked for two idlies before dying,
I didn't have money.

Leg is shaking.

Get down!

Leave me! - Doctor run away.

Open the door!

Beat him.

Thank you very much.

Please come with me. Come.

You saved my life,
I don't know how to thank you.

No... no need doctor.
- Please accept it.

No doctor. - Take it.

No doctor, if I wear it, police will thrash
me for robbing someone.

If you pay the value in cash,
it will be very helpful.

Okay, give it to me.

E, you've committed a mistake.

You've handed him over to police.

If you'd killed him,
I would've paid millions to you.

What are you saying Doctor?

You should've killed him.

That's our fortress.

If I hadn't saved Doctor,
he would be dead by now.

I think there's something really
fishy behind that doctor.

This is the right place.

Nellai Mani will be produced
in Court tomorrow at 11 am.

We'll kidnap him and
come straight here...

Move... just pigeons.

We can keep a watch on him
from down if we tie him here.

He can't escape from here.

He'll be within the eyesight.

If you'd killed him,
we wouldn't be facing this trouble.

We would've got millions
from the doctor.

That's where you make the mistake.

If I had killed him,

Doctor would've settled it with
few thousands of rupees...

We can kidnap him from the court
and bargain with the doctor.

We can get a better price.
- You're great.

Whatever is happening,
is happening for good.

Whose vehicle you've booked?

Our Qadir's.
He's coming with a Maruthi van.

He's very loyal,
we don't have any other choice.

Is my plan okay? - It's okay.

Anyway two constables will
accompany him to the court.

One of them is Selvam.
He's a sissy.

You take him out for a tea.
I'll manage the other guy.

Be careful, we have only one plan.

If we manage to pull it off,
we'll hit the jackpot.

Be ready, I'll come with Nellai Mani.

Qadir is ready.

Just two gates, we must take him
out from the second gate.

There are lot of police here.
Looks he's a big shot.

Accused is very dangerous man, be careful.

What's all this? Is Sankaracharya coming
to the court today?

Get the accused out.

Why are you masking my face?

Police say you're a terrorist.

Why are you killing doctors only?

Please ask one after the other.

Any enmity between you
and Dr. Ramakrishna?

Please ask questions after he comes
out of the court. - Move... move...

You beat me, right?
I may not come out.

But you'll come in, I'll see you then.

Police Quarters, Chennai.


What are you looking at?

Remove the good bulb and
replace with a fused bulb.

Crime rate has gone up,
it's robberies everywhere.

Only police quarters is safe.
Not a thief can enter this place.

You removed good bulbs and
replaced with fused ones, right?

Yes, I've changed,
keep the good bulbs separately.

Move the ladder.

Police is weak unlike the Military.

I was suggesting this for
long time to earn money.

But you were planning something else.

Did you see him in the court?
That doctor is dead.

Shut up and push the ladder.

If we had kidnapped him as we planned,

would we be doing this job now?

Just Rs.6000?

He said Rs.250 for a bulb but
gave only Rs. 150.

What can I do?

What happened to the Bombay
girl's chain matter?

After bulbs, next is Bombay girl's chain,

that's why I'm changing my dress.

I'll act like a good boy and trap that girl.


Love is an art...

Caress me...

... and let lust flood us...

Youth blooms & begins to bear...

Love is what world needs...

Love is an art...

Caress me...

... and let lust flood us...

Unsaid words carry respect...

Untouched sensuous part remains hot...

Search makes life interesting...

Victory comes to the daring only...

Once man overtakes love & lust...

he is just a living corpse...

and this he knows by experience...

Love is an art...

Caress me...

... and let lust flood us...

If I had been in the temple...

I would've been worshiped...

But I'm lost in the streets of men...

Caress me all day...

Get yourself drowned in liquor...

I'm the dress made by Cupid, adore me...

The more you eat the more hungry you are...

It'll be interesting to the last drop...

I'll bloom if you water me...

And my love never changes colours...

Come & conquer me...



Oh God!

Looks like a saloon.

Would you like to eat biriyani?

Chicken or mutton?

Just anything.

Why did you allow him into our room?

He is a fraud.

Be careful. He might steal
your fake jewels too.

Shut up.

Why talk unnecessarily?

What's the collection today?
- Today's collection is very less.

Rs. 15000 in total.

Deducting charges of room boy, orchestra
and my share, your share is Rs. 4500.

Take this Rs. 4000 and
get my gold chain back.

Such guys will be good
for a couple of times.

After that, they will cheat you.

She herself is a garbage.

And now she is complaining about me.

Who did you call as garbage?

I'll return the money tomorrow which
you gave me yesterday.

Did I ask you?

Give it tomorrow.
- Okay.

What is he saying?

He must be mesmerized by our dance.

What if he watches the special dance?

This food is not enough.

Asha, are you coming or not?

Vichu is going on shouting.
Okay bye.

Bye E.

Get lost.

Leg piece!


Asha was talking about some
special dance, right?

Is it dancing with very little clothes on?

Very very little.

- Very very little.


Don't shout. Yes, it is.

So, that's what you call special dance, ah?

Won't you perform that special dance?


I don't have to earn a living like that.


I will tell you something.
Don't mistake me please.

If you perform special dance,
the states will dance to your steps.

The other day, you saw what happened.

Good deeds are not recognized.

First I must return this chain to her.

Take it.

You will be surprised.
Match it with the original.

They look alike.


I can't differentiate the original
from the duplicate.

Give one chain to me.
- Which one?

Any one chain.
- Take it.

Who is the scapegoat?

The pawn broker or that girl?

I haven't decided yet.

So, this must be the original.

Even he can't differentiate the
original from the duplicate.

How will you find it?

I can smell the real gold standing
from a distance. - I know that.

I've decided who the scapegoat is.

Take care of the chain.
I will be back.


What is it E? - Hi Peter.

Why did you stop it?

You can't go straight.
They have dug a pit hole.

Turn left. Where are you heading to?
- To Adyar.

I'll get down on the way. Turn right.

I was coming to see you, Jyothi.

I've taken the chain back.

Take it & be careful.

Thank you very much.

Stop here.

I saw E stealing them.

I can say this in any court.

What are you doing, Jyothi?

What are you doing?

Leave my hand.

Sit. - Go fast.


What are you driving?

Who gave you the license?
- E, please leave me.

Stop it. Listen to me.

Turn left.

There will be police.
- I can handle the traffic police.

Stop it.

E is here, sir.

Catch hold of him.

What happened?

How dare you steal the government bulbs?
- Beat him.

He got into our auto without
our permission.

He beat someone. Beat him.

Are you a big shot?

Remove his shirt & tie his hands.

Where is the slate?
- Lift your hands.


Hereafter, I won't steal bulbs"
write this on the slate.

Don't write. - You shut up.

This is not fair.

I say don't write.
- Hang that on him.

This is not fair, sir.

Welcome to the central jail...

Welcome to the central jail...

With a traitor right next to me...

I've been to jail & felt bad too...

I've been to jail & felt bad too...

Welcome to the central jail...

Why are you silent?

We didn't hand him over to the police.

He stole the government property
in broad daylight.

I have doubt on your chain too.

What? - I have a doubt.

What doubt?

It might be fake.

Can't you think positively?

Can't you think negatively?

I know him very well.

I'm sure that this must be fake.

Shall we check that?

This is made of pure 24 ct. gold.

Sometimes, even original will
look like duplicate.

Don't get confused. Take it.

Hey Jyothi...

Asha, I'm going to get him out on bail.

Don't get cheated because of this incident.

Whatever it is, he is good to me.

I like him.

Infact, I love him.

How is ice cream?
- Buying me an ice cream...?

E, please accept the charges.

If you don't, the magistrate will
prolong the case.

I live in Ambattur.

I have to come all the way from there.

We will see.

You could have booked me
under some other section.

I see only my men in police station
and in the court.

Saints come here very rarely.

Only a few are caught.
Others are out there.

We'll see later.
Ask the Commissioner to wait.

How come you are here?

What's your crime?

Forget about me.

Why are you here?

Those girls were caught
under brothel case.

There is no one to get them on on bail.

I'll get them out on bail.

Select the good looking ones and
involve them in prostitution.

If I don't get girls, I come to the court.

He knows that.

Only in our state, prostitution is an offense.

But there is no law in Calcutta & Bombay.

No law under Indian Penal Code.

Even beautiful girls come to court.

But I need to be patient.

So, beautiful girls also come here.
- Yes.

What are you doing here?

I'm here to get you out on bail.

It costs lot. Got money with you?

Yes I have.

The chic looks great.

Just for one night.

We can finish the deal.

Take it.

Magistrate has come.
You come fast.

You go. I'll be there soon.

Magistrate has come.

My case will be heard first.

Okay. - I want to meet you.

You will be in the market in
the evening, right?

Yes. - I will see you there.

Bye. - Bye.


You be here.
I'll meet the advocate & come.

Hasn't my grandma come?

She is not feeling well.

I'll come for you.

But don't drag me to court often.

Hungry dog dug the garbage.

Drive properly.

Tony, let's fool the pawn broker.

So, this is the duplicate one. - Yes. come.

I need Rs. 3000.

Not for me. For her.

She came & asked me.
I didn't want to come to you for this.

Because police caught me for this chain.

Even I mistook you on that day.

Now I'm ready to give you Rs. 3000
without pawning any jewel.

Repay it later with interest.

Because I want to help the one
who wants to reform.

No. I don't want.

What do you say?
- You are right.

You're of my father's age.

Who knows you might even be my father?

To Mount Road...?

Check properly. Rub & see.

Leave it.

I treat you as my son.

Here is Rs. 3000.

Okay. Thank you very much.

You're the first man to pawn
a duplicate chain.

It's raining & it is good
for my business.


Get a strong tea for me.

Go I say. Stop staring at me.

Don't ditch me.

Listen to me.

It is for your good only.

The girl who came to the court, who is she?

Leave my hand. - It's okay.

Leave my hand.

You know that I'll do anything for money.

She is so beautiful that
VIP's will fall at her feet.

You can earn around
Rs.40000 to 50000 a day.

Calculate the earnings
for a month & a year.

You will get 20% more.

You can settle in your life.

I'm trying to be good to her
to get money when I need.

This idea might backfire on me.

Give him tea.

Why don't you ask her?

Ask her once. Don't feel shy.

Let's see what will happen.



I'm here to talk about our future plans.

Tell me what is it.

What's so hurry!

You wear this too. - Give that to me.

Let me wear this for a couple of days.

It looks good. - Asha might come.

Careful. - What are you doing?

Don't beat me.

Give it back. - Stop.

You are very beautiful.

You mesmerise me.

You sing & dance in the bar.

Hasn't any broker approached you till now?

They must have.

Many approached me.

What did you say?

I beat them with slippers.


I've just one pair of slippers.

Just listen to what I say.

You came to court to get me
out on bail, didn't you?

A broker approached me.

He said that you are very beautiful and
was ready to pay Rs. 20000 a day.

You calculate it for a month & a year. Think.

Money makes life beautiful.

Come down.

Is becoming my pimp your future plan?

Wait, I'll come.

If I was born beautiful like you,

I would've bargained for Rs. 40000.

What to do, I was born as male
and became stale.


Making money by selling your body is not life.

Living for the one you love is life.

That's true love.

I love you. Only you.

This body is for you only.

So, true love is sharing your body
and soul with the one you love.

So, this body is mine for free, right?

I will beat you.

Free...? I'll beat you.

Get lost.

Are you going to get back
the duplicate chain?

You won't get more than Rs. 300.

What do you want me to do?
- Are you mad?

Just watch the show.

Greetings! - Please sit.

Take Rs. 3000.- Here it is.

It doesn't look like mine.

What are you saying? It is yours.

Are you drunk?

If I'm drunk, I can find it without
even touching the chain.

Tony, I think he is trying to cheat me.
Check it.

Yes, it is duplicate.

Are you playing with me?

Give it to me. - Give it. Rub & see.

Check properly.

How did this happen?

Rub properly.

Didn't I warn you that he is a cheat?

This is not okay.

Tony, come out.

He is trying to cheat us.

Who was with us that day?

Yes. Qadir was with us.

Qadir come here. - Don't call him.

Leave my hand.

What's the problem?

We mortgaged the chain for
Rs. 3000, didn't we?

He is trying to cheat us by giving
a duplicate chain. - Is it?

Trying to cheat us?
- No I won't.

Talk in Tamil.
- No, I will never do that.

How dare he cheats us also?

I thought you have reformed.
So, I paid you money without checking it.

It's the receipt given by him.

It clearly states the value of the jewel.

You will get caught if I go to court.

Take 2 photocopies of it.

No E. I will give you
a couple of thousands.

Couple of thousands for a jewel
which values around Rs. 20000.

If I take the money you are offering me,

what would the public think of me.

They will think that I'm a fraud.

I thought you will be good to me.

Asking me my one year's earning.

Stop talking. Call the police. - No.

I must lodge a complaint to the police.

What did the S.I. say on that day.

He said he will rip you apart
if he gets any complaint on you.

Will you give me money only
if he rips your skin apart?

Yes he will. - You keep quiet.

Tell me here itself.

I want to talk to you in person. - For what?

How could you do this to me?

And the receipt? - Shall I give it to him?

Poor guy! Give it.

What are you looking at!

He is helping the poor by
offering low interest rates.

Sell idly. Ply auto.
Work hard & earn. Just like me.

Now do you believe in God.
- Yes I do.

Bye. You are a big cheat.

Let's commit a mistake once...

And let's commit is properly...

Let's lie once...

And lie more to cover it up...

Borrowing & cheating are the same...

When borrowed money is returned,
it is good...

Else it is called cheating...

When borrowed money is returned,
it is good...

Else it is called cheating...

Let's commit a mistake once...

And let's commit is properly...

Hear things wrongly...
Lead a life by wrong doings...

Try to come out of your wrongs...

Love is a hymn...
It imparts knowledge...

A boat can't sail without water...

For the mistakes committed...
Love came into existence...

Let's never do such mistake
and regret later...

Let's commit a mistake once...

And let's commit is properly...

Is rain also a man?

It is trying to caress you
with the rain drops...

There are drizzles but
our bodies are still hot...

Lend me a match stick
to make fire...

Else lend me your nose pin...

Long live anxiety...
Long live our desires...

Love live love which steals hearts...

Long live eyes...

Long live the dreams...
Long live the breeze...

Let's commit a mistake once...

And let's commit is properly...

Let's lie once...

And lie more to cover it up...

Borrowing & cheating are the same...

When borrowed money is returned,
it is good...

Else it is called cheating...

Once more...

When borrowed money is returned,
it is good...

Else it is called cheating...

Ayesha... - My dear...

Take her to the hospital.

Catch an auto.

Oh my God! What happened to my daughter?

Sister, see what's wrong with her.

Don't worry.


Move aside. Open the two door.

I'll take care.

Hello doctor.

Ayesha of Singaravelar Nagar under our
treatment has got admitted in our hospital.

Very good.

When? - Just 10 minutes back.

Who is near you?

Her entire family.

E brought her to the hospital.
I'll give it to E.

Hello doctor...

E, I will tell her to give the treatment.

Ask them not to worry.

How is your grandmother?
- She is fine.

Give the phone to her.

Hold on.


Don't give any medicines.

Check her pulse rate.
I will be there in an hour.

Sign here.

Here too.

Lilly, give her 10 ml injection.

Increase the dose by 3ml every 30 minutes.

First, fits will stop.
Allow them inside.

Tell them that she is ill with
some known disease.

Send all the reports to my project centre.

Okay doctor.

Will she survive, doctor?

How can she?

Very difficult.

Whatever it is my research
is a grand success.

How could you do all this as a doctor?

Did I ever claim myself as doctor?

My profession isn't Doctor,

it is International Business
making billions of profit.

What if the patient's relatives
come to know the truth?

What? This thing!

Do you know how many researches
have been conducted in India?

Even educated are ignorant.

How can these filthy illiterates know it?

without the knowledge
of my senior doctor.

I've sent healthy people to research
centres as heart patients,

You know that?

I've used good healthy people
as guinea pigs for research.

In 1994 Dr. Bhattacharya of Mumbai,

promising to find a cure to AIDS,

he was injecting virus extracted
from a dog to 9 boys and a girl.

They weren't cured of AIDS
but a boy died.

Court, Police or Law couldn't take
any action on Dr. Bhattacharya.

Because it's a research.

Is medical business so profitable?

This isn't medical business,

this is weapons business.

Earlier people died fighting
each other with swords.

In WW1 people died in
hordes for the bullets.

By WW2 atom bombs were developed,
and people died in millions.

The next war will be fought
with biological weapons.

It's a Bio war.

Who is it? Nurse?

You look like Jyothika.

Why are you giving a shot
of injection every month,

give her three shots at a time,

Shut up.
- Grandma.

Give me Rs. 50.

What is this?


All over the world this medicine,

even in developed countries,

after testing it on animals,

have warned not to test it on humans.

But still you've tested it on a child,

that too giving her a heavy dose.

Better know this first.

Doctor is a profession.

Pharmaceuticals is a business.

Doctor is unlike all other professions.

People consider them as Gods
not as businessmen.

Shouldn't you be humane?

For the billions of dollars
offered by foreign clients,

without the knowledge
of Indian Government,

without the knowledge of people,

you're doing research on poor people.

Educated and rich people
will inquire everything.

But these slum people
are blissfully ignorant.

Are they so ignorant?

When hundreds of Black African people
were used for Syphilis research,

many died in the process,

US President Bill Clinton in 1997,

openly asked an apology for the excesses
on behalf of the Government.

You know it, right?

In Britain insecticides were
made as tablets,

paid 500 dollars to every student in
Manchester University for taking it,

and used them for a research.

I too know all this.

You needn't get scared.

I'm doing all this taking necessary
approvals from the patients.

There are just guidelines,
nothing to prosecute legally.

People will come to know it.

Even after 100 years
they will not know it.

I'll also not be alive then.

If people come to know
you'll not be alive.

You're interfering often in my job.

All over the world I've money power,
muscle power,

political support,
underworld connections.

But you've only a wife, three kids,
and an old father.

That's all I've to say.

Let this be the last time.

I've lot of work.

Now give her the last shot.

Even adults can't take it anymore.
- Try it.

According to my calculations,
the child will struggle for 10 minutes.

Blood infusion start again,
and then it will stop.

Follow it correctly. What's this?

Leave my shirt. Look at her.
Leave him.

Please keep quiet.

Sorry sir... uneducated poor people.

They are emotional people,
please don't take it seriously.

No problem, atleast you know it.
- Come.

You take care of them.

You're not eating properly
since the death of Ayesha.

Hey stop... stop.

Kanniyappa, start the vehicle.

Sit here.

Sit carefully.


Take me to Ramakrishna hospital,
only he can save me from death.

Even if you die, will I arrange
your funeral cheaply?

Won't I spend money lavishly
to conduct it like a festival?

I'll dance in your funeral procession.

E, don't buy local brew for her death.

I want a full bottle of good brand.

Even if I die, take my body in
Kanniyappa's tricycle only.

Okay, you go now.
- He may die before you.

You take good care of my grandson.

E, don't drink and roam.

As if you're leaving
wealth behind for me.

I'm bothered about food
after you go to hospital.

Stop the tricycle.

Grandma, you carry on,
I'll come back in 5 minutes.

Kanniyappa, look after her.

You come.

Come... come.

Go... go to hospital,
I'll join you there.

You carry on granny,
I'll come to hospital in 5 minutes.

Greetings boss. Are you fine boss?

I'm fine.
- What's their problem?

Tell him.

We are third year students
of Medical college. - Is it?

Students? How is it?

You look like MGR is film Idhayakani.


My friend loves a girl.

Is it?

After going steady with me,
she ditched me for a rich boy.

I'm also getting angry.

This is concentrated sulphuric acid.

Skin will burn on touch.

Pride of her beauty is making
her behave like that.

Her face must turn ugly.

Nobody should see her face again.

You must throw it on her face.

Did you love her or was it him?
You're getting excited.

She's Divya, you can find all her
details behind the photo.

Divya will be in Chemistry lab
at 10 am tomorrow.

We'll be outside.

You throw it on her.

Look how powerful the
educated people's idea is.

Get the details about
rate and availability.

Bye, boss.

Rs. 8000, balance on
completion of the job.

Okay boss.
- Will you do it?

It's very easy boss.

They have given such a small bottle.

This will burn her face totally.

Didn't you go to hospital with granny?

This is acid, keep it safely.

Make a drink.

I don't know if there's stock here.
We have.

Take... take it. Keep it separately.

You need money for granny's
hospital expenses, right?

No need, E.

Don't throw acid on the girl's
face as the boy said.

Think about her life.

What will life become
with a disfigured face?

I don't care about anybody,
I need money.

You're helpless without money,
you know it.

Please listen to me.

Love is divine.

Falling in love, swearing to live
without each other,

committing suicide on failure,

I stay away from such madness.

Love is pure and true.

You'll fall only once in love.

How can you understand it?

Wastrels like you can't understand it.

You may feel great for going out
with any woman you like,

only dogs behave like that.

Oh No! Didn't I tell you not to
entertain such girls?


Whenever we are on threshold of success,
they will spoil it with advice.

An old woman is there...
she sings Tamil songs also...

K B Sundarambal too played her role.

That's Avvaiyar.


Avvaiyar is here. - Is it her?

Take it. - Acting smart.

Why are you silently watching
her for throwing money?

We are struggling to earn
this money only.

Do you know the value of money?

How can you know it?

You're a cheap woman dancing in bars
picking up the money thrown at you.

What? What did you call me?

Am I cheap woman?

You're a pimp who tried to sell me.

Bloody girl... l'll punch you.

Go away or else I'll throw the
acid on your face.

You can't dance to show
your voluptuous body.


I'll go but if you throw acid
on the girl's face,

you'll get ruined.

Go. - I'll see how you'll do it.

If you stay here I'll kill you.

I'll go but you'll come
after me like a dog.

Go... why will I after you if I've money.

Are you a beauty? A bevy of beauties will
flutter around me like butterflies.

What's this? - Make a drink.

You look like a college student.

It's the age to be in college.

But God didn't give you the opportunity.

Is this also God's work?

What else then?

Okay, be careful.

Don't open your mouth,
they will find you're from slum.

Is everything ready?

Go straight and take left.


Aren't you Divya? - Yes.

Aren't you Parthiban's lover? - Yes.

But you're going with some one else now,
are you a call girl?

Love is pure and divine.

It comes only once, street girls like
you can't understand it.

You may consider it great to go out
with anyone you like,

only bitches do like that.

What happened Divya?
Look... open your eyes.

It's just plain water,
nothing has happened to you.

Open your eyes.

He's not a student.
He's from a slum.

Catch him... catch him...

Hold me tightly brother...

Save my life brother...

Come up...

Save me at any cost.

Tell me... yes.

Keep all records ready. - Morning sir.

Get all the records about Nellai Mani.

Doctor... doctor. - Yes.

Good morning.

Why are you afraid on seeing Police?

What happened?

I think Nellai Mani has escaped
from the police encounter.

Two armed guards at the entrance.
- Okay sir.

Looks like he'll not let you off
the hook so easily.

What are you saying?

Who is it?

Excuse me... sorry madam.

Set up a road block at the entrance.

If you want extra police,
apply for armed forces. - Yes sir.

Doctor, your home looks very rich.

Didn't you kill him in the encounter?

We tried but failed.

How can a force that works for money
can catch a man driven by aim?

That means...?

What's there on that side?

Garden... entertainment hall...
bar... swimming pool.

Minister sent me here once for
his son's medical admission.

That's why...

One guard here & keep the door closed.
- Yes sir.

Issue me a license for gun,

I'll hit the bullseye defending
my life than the police.

All don't work for money, doctor.

Nellai Mani has killed seven people.

All were very famous doctors or scientists.

Who else is on his hit list?
Why is he doing it?

There should be a reason...

This looks like a diabolical plan...
I want Nellai Mani alive.

I'm telling you also,
I want Nellai Mani alive.

If a need arises,
I'll talk to the higher officials. - Okay sir.

Smile man.

Is it Nurse Lilly?

Go... go... go carefully.

Stop... stop... if there's any drain near,
push it through it.

Why friend?

Police dogs can't follow
smell beyond water.

Go quickly.

Who is it?

Head constable. - Check who is it?

Yes sir.

Police? - Yes...

Hey. - Sir.

Throw this in the dust bin.

Don't get afraid.

Who is it? You!

Why are you taking the dust bin at night?

Didn't I tell you about doctor finding
a job for me in the corporation?

That's why I'm taking it.

Don't throw it, brother.

Beer bottle will fetch Rs.2.

Who is it? - Sir it's me E.

Sir, received a message
from the control room.

About Nellai Mani... they want you
immediately in Commissioner's office.

You come man. - E, do your work.

E, you carry on with your work.

I'll see you in station tomorrow sir.

Tony... Tony... - What?

Wash your face and come to
the our fortress.

No time to sleep, come quickly.

Just hold it for few moments friend.

Nobody comes here, police too don't
know about this place.

You don't worry.
This is my place.

If it's very painful
I'll get you a rum bottle.

If you drink and sleep,
you'll not feel the pain.

I don't want.

I'll stay in this corner.

I can keep a watch on the
movements down there.

I think this place was chosen for me.

No... we hide here when
police turn heat on us.

Is it?

Come friend... sit here.

Be careful.

Lie on this.

I've lost blood in the gun shots,

You struck with a baton
it hasn't healed yet.

I don't know how long I can survive.

Will you help me? - Tell me friend.

I'll write few medicines,
can you get them? - Yes.

Go stealthily, police also shouldn't doubt you.

Wipe out the blood stains on the steps.

With these medicines, get a bottle
of O positive blood from the blood bank

I don't have money, manage and buy it.

If I live I'll settle...

What's this friend? You saved my life.

I'll give my life for you.

I'll go friend.

E... give me that pipe.

Come... come.

That day we planned and
missed in the court...

Nellai Mani?

I've kidnapped him.

How? It's impossible.

I didn't try, he came to me after getting
hurt in a police encounter.

You say no God, do you believe now?

Okay... God is there.

Take care of him.
Nobody should know it. Okay?

I don't have any money with me now.
- Why?

I must buy medicines, blood.

Looks like he's going to die.

If he dies, we can't get a penny
from that doctor.

He must be alive till then.

We must kill him only after getting
money from the doctor.

If you need money, ask Jyothi.

What for you've a lover
if not to help in crisis?


You keep vigil all night staying awake.

If you need buy tea in a flask.

Okay. - Okay?

Hide that dust bin.

Steps have blood stains.
Wipe it clean. Okay?

Madam... madam... Jyothi.

What? - Isn't Jyothi at home?

She's there.

Please forgive me madam.
- Why did you open door at night?

He always cooks up new tales everyday.

Why did you come inside? Go out.

No... poor boy.

You don't know who is he.

You replaced acid with water
and prevented it anyway.

Please forget it. - Get out.

I need urgently Rs.3000... very urgent.

Granny is not well,
I've to buy medicines. Trust me.

I swear on your mother,
I need Rs.3000 urgently.

I need to save my granny's life,
please get it from her.

Please tell her.

There's money in a box in the kitchen,
bring Rs.3000 from it.

It's in the henna box, right?

Yes, bring it quickly.

True... I need it urgently...
won't you save a life?

Bring it. - Take it.

Go... go. - Thank you madam.

Trust me I'm going to the medical shop.

It's cold out there,
please give me your shawl.

Bye madam.

I'll do that but your vest is
full of blood, change it first.

Okay, I'll change, you be careful here.

I'm not suppose to give medicines
without prescription.

Hey, I know what you do without
your boss' knowledge...

Come on, did you get all
the medicines? - Yes.

I didn't have money to buy
these medicines.

My girl friend only helped me.

First take that injection...

Not that... take that one...

Take the ampule cutter.

Take that opener...

Open it... extract that medicine...

Fill the medicine.

Like that.

Inject it...

Friend, I don't know...

Give it to me...

Take that scissor and that knife.

A bullet brushed my shoulder.

And a iron shrapnel tore my thigh

I know... I saw it...

That's not a problem.
We can put sutures...

But 2 bullets in my stomach.

Ruptured my intestines.

Oh my God!

Pain is killing me...

Hope I'll survive with your help.

Wipe that blood...

Stitch... put sutures to the open cut...

What friend? Is this a cloth to stitch?

Give it to me.

Why are you doing I without
taking anesthesia?

It's been a long time
since I lost my sleep.

Even anesthetics will not help,
I won't get sleep...

Hang the saline and
blood bottles over there.

Even police is after me...

But why such a huge police force is after you?

We both are booked under
different crime sections.

Only local police is after you.
But International police is after me!

Police will always be after someone...

It went after Gandhiji,
Nethaji, Bhagat Singh...

Now, they're after us!

Friend, how come you're so cool?

It's simple because I'm a Villager.

I'll have more resisting power than you.

Friend, are you a doctor?

I discontinued my medicine.

Why did you fire at that doctor?

Political groups are barrels of the gun.

Why did you want to shed blood for that?

Politics is a war without shedding blood.

War is politics with blood shed.

I didn't get you!

Struggle in life...
then you will understand.

I wished to become a doctor.

Take care, friend.

See you then...

This is 'E' house.
He is in Jyothi's house.

He eats and sleeps there only.

E, who are they? - Known people.

E, how are you?

Having a grand feast?

Is she the Mumbai girl?
She looks pretty.

Why don't you marry her?

Hey, give me that photo.

E, I've come with a good offer.

If you do it, not only you,
we will also get a good share.

Don't lose your power in this area.

Otherwise you end up a vegetable
seller like your grandma.

The man in this photo is Nellai Mani.

He isn't an ordinary man,
an International criminal.

Very good network is there to catch him.
But no use.

He escaped from the jail
yesterday only.

No information about his whereabouts.

You should kill him.

If you finish this job,
we all can settle in our lives.

Yes, doctor...

I'm here only...

E has accepted to do it.

Okay then...

See you then...

Give it to me...

Something is wrong with him...

Keep an eye on him.

Why do you accept to do such things?

Hey, I didn't say 'Yes'.

They came and gave this photo to me...

I stopped taking such jobs
after you advised me.

That's it...

What is this?
- It seems it's a special camera.

We will get snaps automatically.

Automatically? - Yes.

What should I press it?

Click that red button.

Don't make noise.
Take a close up shot. - Okay?

Stand here and take a snap of us.

Be careful...


Get up, my friend...

You're sleeping without having food...

Shall I get you something?

Get tea and a bun... - Okay.

That's nothing...
it's flash of an airplane...

I'll go and get it, okay?

Go... - Okay

Why did you flash a light?

You said that don't make noise...

Did you tell me to click
without a flash?

Peter and Durai gangs are searching
for Nellai Mani... E's holding... no way.

Let's go and see S.I. Lakshmipathi.

Beeda Ravi's gang has started
searching for him...

We should be alert...

Hey, be careful...

I'll take the payment from
doctor and come back.

Don't drink and sleep.

Doctor, call for you.

Doctor, are you fine?

Who is this?

Forgotten me so soon?

It's E!

Oh no! I didn't forget you...

Tell the matter... what do you want?


Nellai Mani who tried to kill you
is now in my custody.

Really? - Yes.

If you want, I can show you proof.

Come here immediately.

You know my address, don't you?
Plot No:36, ECR road, Mahabalipuram.

Protect Nellai Mani.

I know, doctor.

I'll come there immediately.

Don't worry about money.

Take good care of my grandma.

Doctor, you're responsible for
my grandma's life.

And I'm responsible for your life.

Don't inform police or goons.

Because I'm the police and
also goon to central Chennai.

Hey stop... stop man...

He will come this way only... be alert...
otherwise he will escape...

Hey, he is there... stop...

Come on...

Nice cap, man...

Sir, I've bought it for Rs.5.- Get inside...

Start the Jeep.

What did the doctor say?

He asked her to take rest.


Is it Jyothi? - Yes...

I've been admitted here.

Don't know what he is doing for his food?

Don't worry about that.

We will take care of it.

He has started eating well than before.

He hasn't come to see me...

Convey my regards to him.

Why grandma?

I gave him money for your medicines.

He should've bought medicines
for you, shouldn't he?


Atleast ask him to come
for my funeral.

Sir, this case was filed against
Nellai Mani in 2004.

Important evidence.
Please note it down.

Where is your S.I.?

Gone out. He's expected back now.

Sir, we have collected
all the information.

Full record of Nellai Mani is ready.

What records?

Last year 660 times we produced
TADA, POTA detainees in court,

but not a single accused
escaped from the custody,

that's the record of
TN Armed Police.

There is no way to escape
from police firing.

They've shot him 4 times.

Definitely he would've died.

Most probably, we will find
his body in Cooum.

Sir, let's search for his body in Cooum.

It seems he has escaped to Nepal.

Information has come
from Madhya Pradesh.

Hey, what are you here for?

What's this, sir?

I was the man who caught and
handed over Nellai Mani to police.

You should've rewarded me for that...

But you've arrested me?

Sir, leave me now...

Let police search him all over India.

And I'll also search for him.

I'll find and bring him here.

Ganesh, there is no chance of Nellai Mani
going out of this city.

I've information that he has hidden in an electrical
box all his equipment in a leather bag.

Search him every nook and
corner with a dog squad.

SP Kumanan of Prohibition Dept.,

his second wife wanted me to
buy a beer bottle, urgent I've to go...

Hey, sit there... go...

No sir...

Whether Nellai Mani is a terrorist
or a criminal isn't an issue.

There is some lurking danger
behind doctor Ramakrishnan.

It will be good if we catch
Nellai Mani alive.

Why is she calling me?

For whom you're buying tea?

For me only...

A watchman's job...

E asked me to buy a tea
to stay awake on duty.

I was waiting for you
for a long time.

Why? - Take it.

What's this?

This a foreign brand.
Good quality.

Got as a gift from bar.
I brought it for you only.

Let E come...

He will drink this and badmouth me.

Give it to me... - Okay. You're right...

Where will you go and have this?

There beside an old toilet.


We have been drinking there
for the past 10 years.

That is our bar.

Okay. You go there and
start drinking...

I've fried fishes for you.
I'll bring it for you.

Really? Are you sure?

Jyothi, come...

Good drink!

I'm getting intoxicated slowly.

You want to make it fast?

Won't you drink liquor?

I've stopped it.

E took money from me
to buying medicines.

Didn't he say that it's for his grandma?

Was it a lie?

Your money wasn't wasted.

He needs money to buy
medicines for his grandma.

He needs money to marry you.

Jyothi, the words said in Holy Geeta
and in stupor is same.

Lord Krishna only showed the path.

Lord Krishna gives life.

Lord Krishna kills.

Hey, are you giving making me
drunk to get the truth out?

That's not my job, man.
- Sorry. There is no secret with you...

E has locked a man inside our den.

He bought medicines for him only.

He has spent lakhs for his treatment.

He can bargain more, only if he is alive.

Before he dies, we have to
get our settlement.

And then we should kill him.

All these days we were
just doing small jobs.

Only now, we have moved a level up.

Started murders...
he will do it.

You leave this place...
I've to be here to protect him. Go...

Don't get scared.
It is our area!

I swear, I'm a loyal watchman!

Sir, we have found a dead body near Cooum.

We suspect it may be Nellai Mani...

Get up...

Oh no!

Are you Jyothi? - Yes.

E has told a lot about you.

I'm alive because of your shawl
and medicines.

Full credit goes to you and E.

Please escape from here...

No it's impossible.

If I escape from here,
then Police will catch me.

Only E's place is secure for me.


Staying with E is dangerous
than going out...

Don't trust him.
Okay? He isn't a good person.

Please escape from here...
Please believe me...

Okay. Can you do me a favour?

I'll do anything, if you're ready
to escape from here.

Near Perumbur Mill factory,
there is an old Beedi factory.

There, if you go to nearby street...

There you can see an electrical box.

Inside it, there is a brown bag.

I'll escape from here only after
you bring that bag. - Okay.

Be careful... police may keep
an eye on you...

Will you leave this place
as soon as I bring it? -Yes.

Shall I bring something to eat?

It's enough if you bring that bag. - Okay.

Get up... - Did S.I. come?

Come on. Sit...

Hey, tell me... what happened?

It was inside the box only...
Sir, I didn't get you...

Last night, I bought chicken biriyani
to have after drinking liquor.

By this time, it would've got spoilt.

Hey, stop it... - Okay sir...

I'll not spare you alive...

Sir, I don't know what for you're
investigating me now?!

Who is it?

Is S.I. there?
- Who are you?

Dr. Ramakrishnan speaking...
- Sir, just a minute...

MLA is out of station.

Sir, Dr. Ramakrishnan is on the line.

I just want to know about
a rowdy of your area.

Sir, what's his name?
- I don't know his name.

People calls him 'E'.
- Yes. He is here only.

What for?

He has thrown acid on a college girl.

What happened?

Nothing serious, sir...

Give the phone to him...

Give him...

What happened, E?

Doctor, don't worry.
Nothing serious...

Give the phone to S.I.

Doctor, warn him about me...

He wants to talk to you...

Hey, bring E immediately
to my house. - Okay sir.

Take it.

Did anyone notice you? - No.

I feel fine after seeing this bag.

Now, will you escape from here?

Because every minute here
is dangerous to you.

My life is full of risks only.

Don't trust E.
He will kill you...

E can never kill me.
He can't kill me so easily...

A girl can easily reform
any rowdy or criminal.

But I failed in that...

Wherever I go,
my life is in danger...

I'll be in risk if I escape from here.
If I stay here, E will kill me.

Even if they failed to kill me...
I'll die shortly...

In this situation, where can I go?

Shall I bring the doctor?
- Who?

Doctor Ramakrishnan.

He is a well known doctor in this area.

He does free service.
He helps the poor willingly.

Good person. - Really?

Will you bring him here?

I'll bring him now.
I'll come before E returns.

Bring him here. I'll wait for him.

Greetings, sir.

Greetings doctor.

You wait outside.
I'll call you later...

Brother, had your food?

Don't make noise...

Sir, I don't think you've rendered
free services for poor.

Take your seat...

Didn't you ask me to kill
Nellai Mani for lakhs?

Now let's finalise it.
How much you will pay me?

Nellai Mani is in my custody.

I'm a straight forward man.

First pay me the advance...

I'll deliver Nellai Mani's body to you.

Take this Rs.20000.

I'll settle the balance
only after seeing his body.

Well said!

How much you will give me?

2- 3 lakhs is enough for you
people to settle in life.

But I'll give you 10 lakhs.

Take this advance...

Sir, I too wish to have a big house
and police security.

I accept your deal.

Ask your S.I. to drop me...

They always treat me as criminal.

Atleast today let them drop me...
Just to show-off...

Hey Lakshmipathi... - Sir...

Drop him at his house.

Strange to see him praying.

Don't know the reason for this.


Hey, are you mad?
Don't shoot me...

E, got scared?

Won't I get scared if you fire at me?

Why did you doubt me?

If I want to shoot you.

I would've killed you when
you hit me in the hospital.

Do you know to fire? - No.

How come you become a rowdy
without knowing to pull trigger?

It's a modern world...

Why are you still depending
on sickles and knives?

Don't you want to upgrade yourself?

Only after becoming
an international criminal...

You can earn more killing VIP's.

You need more training...

Shoot this one...

Aim here...

Okay leave it... aim me... shoot me...

Hold it properly... shoot me...

Will I give you a gun with bullets?
Give me the gun...

Give me...

Help me to sit...

I'll be back now... - Go...

Where's Tony?

How did he get a gun?

It's coming... King is coming...
move away...

What man?
- Why are you beating me?

Eating my food and
sleeping in my place...

How much did you get
to reveal the secret?

You dog, are you cheating me?
- Hey, no...

He is firing at me...

Who paid you money
to reveal his place?

Tell me... - I didn't reveal anything...

Your lover Jyothi got me
drunk to information.

If she gives you liquor,
why did you reveal the secret?

Hey, stop... otherwise I'll kill you...

Hey, stop man...

Did you suspect your friend
and call me a cheat?

From now, you're going to suffer.

I'll teach you a good lesson.
- Hey, no...

I'll show you my true colour.
- Hey, stop...

Patient will get scared...
Let them be here...

Give it to me... - Thank you...


Doctor, why did you come here?
You will die...

Doctor, save me...
- What happened? Tell me...

First leave this place... tell me...
Doctor, please go...

E, tell me...
- I say leave the place...

Shit! You stupid...
I would've died by this time...


Go... hey, are you playing with me?

By this time, Nellai Mani would've
shot the doctor...

And I would've been in jail.

If doctor dies, who will pay me?

All my plans would've collapsed.

I was growing in my life.

You loved me and spoiled my life.

Hereafter if you do such things...

What will you do?
What can you do?

You're greedy for money and
not allowing Nellai Mani to get well.

Hey Jyothi, you don't know...
all are bad people.

The one who got injured
is an International fraud.

That doctor is an international criminal.

I'm 100% good,
compared to them.

Who is good? You?

The entire town talks bad about you!

Better leave Nellai Mani.
Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

Then I won't bring a doctor here...
I'll bring the police!

Hey look, I've forgiven you
many a times...

Now I won't spare you.

Hey, are you raising your hand on me?
Will you beat me?

Will you? Beat me...

Will you?

I've been watching you for a long time...

You're shouting like a street girl.

You dog, did you beat me?
You don't know about me.

I'll show you who I am.

You dog... you scoundrel...

Hey Jyothi, you don't know
how truly I love you...

I'll definitely inform to the police.
- Jyothi, this isn't a joke.

Don't go to police... wait...
stop Jyothi... hey Jyothi...

Don't come near me...
I'll stone at you.

Look Jyothi, no...
listen to me...

Can't you hear? - No, Jyothi...

Don't come near me...
- Look Jyothi, no...

Move away!

You hit me...
I'll show you my true colour.

Hey, wait... stop it.
Are you acting smart with me?

Leave me...
- Are you acting smart with me?

How dare you go to the police?

Show your pranks on
someone else...

I was giving your a long rope,

I'll inform the police that
Nellai Mani is in your custody.

I'll definitely put you in jail.

Love teaches us the value of life...

We learn many things
through our mistakes...

Love is a desert...

Moon appears even there...

It was love at first sight...

And both the hearts
are filled with joy...

Love is like a glassware...
One should handle it with care...

Love teaches us the value of life...

We learn many things
through our mistakes...

Love is a desert...

Moon appears even there...

These are unplucked wild flowers
and unaccepted love...

Flies on open wounds
are similar to improper sex...

Life is like dry leaves
flying in the air...

Don't know where it will end...

Life is short...
so live every moment...

Death teaches us the value of life...

We learn many things
through our mistakes...

Love is a desert...

Moon appears even there...

Hey, call Jyothi...

Call her...

Have it, sir...

Hey, I know when to drink liquor!

Did I beg you for drinks?

Call Jyothi...

Sir, please stop it... - Oh no!

Call Jyothi...

E, what do you want now?

Why did you come here?

Do you have money?
I want to eat...

History is full of violence...

Why the hell we encourage violence?

Most of the dead in the earth
are love failures...

Love promotes tears and pains...

Still love lasts forever...

You fight for yourself
in the battlefield...

Love is also the same...

Rs.15 lakhs reward to anyone
who catches Nellai Mani alive or dead.

Read it again.

Rs.15 lakhs reward to anyone
who catches Nellai Mani alive or dead.

E, come with me...
- What's the matter?

I want to talk to you...
Come on...

This is my last request to you...
Did you see the paper?

What do you want now?

Nellai Mani, who is in your custody,

anyone catching him alive or dead.

will be rewarded Rs.15 lakhs
by the government.

I know!

Always you used to tell
good news in sad tone.

E, I love you...

How many times will you tell me?

We are going to get Rs.25 lakhs, aren't we?

We are going to live happily...

25 lakhs alone won't make us happy.

You shouldn't kill Nellai Mani.

If you love me truly,

This is my first & last request to you.

I've already committed
to kill him for 10 lakhs.

As you said, if I surrender
him to the police...

He will definitely be
sentenced to death.

Anyhow, he is going to die...

Why should we lose that money?

If we take law into our hands
and kill him...

We will gain Rs.10 lakhs.

You're not getting the point...
I'm thinking correctly...

But you people are confusing me...

E, till now you did only small crimes.

You were choiceless.
There was no other go...

If you want, you can
reform now also.

But if you commit a murder for money,

Your future will become miserable.

What are you trying to say now?

Do you want me to lose
Rs.10 lakhs for love?

Money isn't an issue...

It doesn't matter even if you
don't have money.

But after marrying a murderer,

I can't live or even die peacefully.

Till now, I haven't murdered
or fallen in love.

Both are new to me.

After my grandma, I respect only you.

What do you want me to do now?

If you really love me...

If our love is true...
You shouldn't kill him!

That's what you want, isn't it?
Your love will win.

I won't kill him. Believe me...


I swear on you...
I swear on our love...

After seeing such an announcement
in the paper,

Everybody will start searching him,
collapsing our operation...

Do you know the value of my research?

Visit my Research Centre once...

Being an S.I., he is wasting
his time over there.

Did you consider police as rowdies?

Only here, no growth in police department
and in rowdyism.

Foreigners are afraid to invest
crores depending on you.

Doctor, you can't buy entire Police dept.

If I want, I can easily control
all the departments in the world.

But it's impossible to buy patriots like
Nellai Mani who work for people.

They always struggle for people...
And are ready to die for people!

That's why I'm asking you to kill him.

Sir, I don't think Nellai Mani is with E.

Find from his friend, Tony.
Buy him liquor.

Tell him that he will get a good share.

Hey, be careful.
Don't commit more...

He will get confused...

Commit in terms of thousands.

First finish that job...

I want Nellai Mani's body.

At the earliest!

Greetings, boss.

Greetings. - Come, Tony...

All these days, you've been
friendly with E, haven't you?

But now, he has tried to beat you.

Is he your true friend?

What can I say?
It's a world full of cheats.

Am I right?

Give this liquor to him. - No boss...

Oh no! no boss. I've stopped drinking.
I've sworn not to drink.

Yes boss...

When a girl cheated me,
getting me drunk.

I quit drinking.
- Have it man...

No, boss... what's this, boss?
- Hey, leave him... don't force him.

That day didn't I give you
a photo of Nellai Mani?

It seems he is with E.

No... I don't think so...

Till yesterday, I was with E only.

I didn't see anyone like that.

Really? - Yes.

Ask him...

Oh no! Oh my god!
- Hey, tell the truth...

Hey, tell us the truth if you
had seen him... - No...

They will beat you to death.

I swear, no one is staying with E. - Is it?

You carry on...

Oh no! - Tell us the truth...

I swear, I don't know... - Hey, leave me...

Boss, I haven't seen Nellai Mani at all...

Oh my God!

Hey, take him inside and ask him...
- Hey, leave me...

Hey Tony... what's all this, man?

It's nothing, E.

Yesterday Beeda Ravi's men beat me
severely asking about Nellai Mani...

I had severe body aches.
I took tablets and slept here...

Hey, did you inform them?

Hey, don't insult me...
how can I reveal it?

All my childhood, I lived eating
your left over food.

One more slap,
I would've definitely died.

But wouldn't have betrayed you.

You fool!

If I was in your position,
I would've betrayed.

Why should I die for others?

It's all because of Jyothi!

She is a big nuisance to me!

It seems she will put me in jail.

How will she? Doesn't she love you?

Love?! She is a big torture!

Why did you come here?

We shouldn't delay any further...

We must kill Nellai Mani tonight.

Yesterday I was looking
for a way to kill him.

I thought of stabbing with an iron rod,

but I heard the victim
dies very slowly.

I saw a grinding stone
somewhere around here...

There it is. Come.

Get the iron rod in the vehicle.

Remove the sand.

Go ahead.

Remove the sand & shake the stone.

Get the vehicle.

It'll be 50 kgs,
I must kill him with this stone.

You were right.

If you throw this on his face,
he will die instantly.


If his face gets smashed,

they will deny that it is
Nellai Mani's body

and we might end up losing the money.

We must throw it on his chest.
I know that.

I will take this stone to our den.

You come with this vehicle at 2 am.

We will kill him tonight and
put the body in this vehicle.

No one has ever finished a job
successfully in a drunken state.

Such jobs can be done
only after having a drink.

Do it and then say


Where are you coming from?

Jyothi, you don't know about E.

If you go to police,
he won't hesitate to kill you also.

E will kill Nellai Mani tonight.

And his dead body will get him money.

If you can tolerate all this stuff,
marry & live with him.


I know... you can't kill me.

I knew that you brought me here to kill,

and take money from that doctor.

Anyway, I am going to die.

You must get the money of
Rs. 15 lakhs after my death.

That's why I came with you.

There are few rich people

for whom you clean the
toilets & drain, wash clothes,

and also kill people for money.

You kill someone for someone's necessity.
Is this your profession?

What do you know?

Children sleeping on the platform,
playing in the drainage,

and eating the leftovers you will one day
become a fly just like me.

Pickpocketing, chain snatching,
cut hands & legs...

...and even kill someone.

But they will never be you.

Stop lecturing me about life.

My mother was a farm hand
toiled to educate me.

Not only our lives are like this.

99% of the world's population lives
on platform with mosquito bites.

That doesn't mean that we must
become hired assassins.

If you become a suicide bomber,

it will bring freedom to this earth.

One needs to be educated
to become like you.

Study the people.
There is nothing bigger than that.

Without food...? Get lost.

Live for the people.

And they will look after you.

They will share their food with you.

I won't trust people.

And I'm not qualified for that.

My mother came to this market without
knowing the language or the place.

She was young & beautiful.

Don't they know that she is mad?

People gave her chocolates,
ice cream and a sari too.

But I don't know who made her pregnant.

My mom ate this state's food.

And this state's blood runs in my body too.

But blood has no value in this market.

I don't know my father.

May be I was born for this market.

Somebody help me...

It's okay my mother died,

but she shouldn't have given birth to me.

I took birth on the green leaves.

Old lady selling greens brought me up.

My grandma took a photo of my mother
to show it to me when I grow.

Look how beautiful my mother
is even after death.

Friend, I don't have the right
to live with people.

I don't know my caste, creed or religion.

Even small children call me "Bastard".

Not knowing your father is
your biggest qualification.

If you did, you'll have
a caste and a religion.

You would've become a caste leader
or a religion fanatic.

If you know your mother tongue,
you will stick to that language alone.

So, being an "lllegitimate child"
itself is a biggest qualification.

He is Dr. Ramakrishnan, a criminal.


First he used to sell a Rs. 2 medicine
for Rs. 200 & minted money.

So he sold banned medicines in India
and made huge profits.

And now he gets millions
from the rich foreign countries

and test the medicines on the people
without their knowledge.

After testing the medicines on animals,
he is testing it on our people.

Now, medicine & virus are the most
powerful weapons than an atom bombs.

That's the most profitable business
around the world.

His business is to develop dangerous
viruses & kill people.

Like Sars & Anthrax.

Viruses will destroy agriculture.

Farmers will die.

A 10 gm of virus can bring destruction more
than what a 1 ton atom bomb.

It will destroy our next generation.

Since it is cheap, anyone can buy it.

Even the local rowdies can spray
the viruses on our people.

Ramakrishnan develops
those viruses in India.

In the name of research,
he lives with dead. He is mad.

I must throw handbills after killing him.

Let's kill Dr. Ramakrishnan to save the world.

Only then, people will know about him.

Will they really understand?

They won't.

They will even call us fools.

These are the people who died in
Dr. Ramakrishnan's research.

Stop scrolling.

I know her.

She is Jyothi's brother's daughter.


She died because of him.

If you hadn't stopped me from
killing Ramakrishnan,

she might have been saved.

She is my grandma.

She is admitted in his hospital.

You've done a grave mistake.

I won't mind anything.

But if you get the body, I must get my share.

Send a few policemen with me.

Let 2 of you go with him.
Others get into the car.

Police have surrounded us.

You go & search there.

Even the rowdies are here.

By now, E must have killed Nellai Mani.

We must snatch the body before
he hands it over to the police.

Kill E if he tries to stop us.

Because the body is worth Rs. 15 lakhs.

We can make money only if we
give the body to the doctor.

You go this way. I will go this way.

Come, let's go.

Give me betel leaf.

This will happen in our lives.

Don't get confused.

Rowdies will kill me for money.

Government rewards Rs.15 lakhs for my body

It's people's money.

Only you must get it.

What are you talking?
Money is not important.

I've a gun.

What will you do?

I will shoot anyone who steps in.

How many will you shoot?

As many as I can. Till I die.

Why should we both die?

One is enough.

I'm already dying.

Rowdies will hack me to death.

If the police get me, they'll torture me.

You kill me.

Sir... - If you shoot them to save me,

you will also be in their hit list.

Ramakrishnan will win in his attempts.

Do as I say.

They are coming.

I've thought about it.

Put that down & take this.


Sir, I can't.

I die laying my hopes on you.

Stop wasting time.


They will fight for my body.

But you must respect my sacrifice.

Trust people. Be true to them.

I wanted to tell you a lot.

I feel bad for leaving you all.


It's your first time with a gun.

Aim properly.

I shouldn't struggle much.

I should die instantly.

Ready... shoot.



Down with profit making.


This is a dead end.
Let's go the other way.

We must take the body before
another gang comes.

Come... fast.

The body is missing.

The body which E is carrying
is Nellai Mani's body.


Beat them & take the body.

He is a good man.
He sacrifices his life for us.

Leave the body.

Tell them to leave the body.

He is like our leader.

Take it fast.

Make it fast.

Let's go through market an
take the body to our house.

They shouldn't get the body.

How dare you take our dead body?

Come on E.

We shouldn't lose the body.

What? What?

A warrior's life has come to an end.

Though dead he will live in you...

A death that defies death...

Where were you born...

Taking rest here...

Have the bullets sang a lullaby to you?

Has your bloodshed gone waste?

Your breath will stand
against cyclones...

You're the man to change
this decaying world...

I curse myself for loving a man who
makes money from dead bodies.

I don't feel sad leaving you.

But I'm worried for leaving
a beast like you alive.



She is going away...

He is a good man.

Don't take hasty decisions.

She is going away.
Tell her that you are a good man.

Jyothi... Aunty...

Tell her that your love is true.

He is going away.

What do you want me to tell her?

Do we take birth to love, eat & die?

How can I love her after seeing
the life taking viruses?

Such viruses must be eliminated
from this world.

And people must live in peace.

This country must survive...

You go on a rampage...

Let your brain become
your weapon to destroy evil...

Work hard to shed sweat...

It's a sin to let it go waste...

Become Atlas to carry this
world on your shoulders...

Know whom you should protect...

You are a missile...

Our heart is a mountain...

Where there is a will there is a way...

Your will break the mountain into pieces...

Where there is a will there is a way...

Your will break the mountain into pieces...

Save people.

E... how come you are here?

I have also learnt to perform operations.

You sucked our blood.

I want you see yours now.

I will rip your intestines and
check your fat level.

I want to see your brain which
calculates money all the time,

And whether you've a heart or not.

No E.

I'm not E anymore.
I'm Dr. E.

Shouldn't I be honoured
with a Doctorate?

No. I will give you money.

Rs. 10 lakhs.

Rs. 50 lakhs... Rs. 1 crore.

Come here. Come closer.

Please don't kill me. Rs. 2 crores.

Grandma, he wants to buy
everything with money.

Isn't there anything which can't
be bought with money?

My grandma is worth more than you.

No. I beg you.

Now come closer.

E, please don't kill me.
- I've no other choice.

Only if you die, people will know about
this place through paper & TV.

Only then they will believe me

If you don't die,
people won't believe me.


Inventions are made to provide a better living.

To kill people, you don't need
any research or development.

No E.

When people can't afford
to buy medicines,

why do you create medicines to kill them?

When people are against war,
why develop new weapons?

When everyone is trying to
eradicate dangerous viruses,

why do you create them?

To save the world,

viruses like you should die.