Duplikado (1997) - full transcript

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You're a jerk, Tor! Why
did you have to cheat on me too?

What do you mean, Betong?

Don't pretend to be stupid.
Because you don’t look stupid.

Where did you bring my bicycle?

How would I know?
Did I borrow it from you?

No, but you got and sold it.

Who told you I got it?


Here, you carry it. It's heavy.

Okay, Mama, Papa.

Take care , okay?
- Yes.


It's always what I hear from you.
I got into trouble because of you.

You know this kid.

I know, but this kid is smarter than you.

My child's really good.

I can't ask for anything more.


it seems that his body is weak.

You punched him!

You lose! You need more skills!

Neighbors! Help us!
Tor was hit on the head!

What happened?

Gonzalo, call a doctor hurry up!
- I will!

My son?

Neighbors, please help us!

Neighbors, help us!
Tor was hit on the head!

Breathe deeply.

It's normal.

It seems you're okay, son.

What good do you get
from trouble? Body pain?!

Hey kid, the day would come
that you'd come home dead.

Mother, I'm not a trouble maker.

I'm the victim

and besides if I don’t fight back,
I would look stupid.

That's right Soledad,

your child is a male.

Do you want him to be called
a coward and with no guts?

Go on, take your son's side!
That's why his horns are growing!

Oh come on, Soledad.

Would you like Tor to
be bullied by his friends?

Well, I disagree.

Here in Tondo,

the law is bravery. If you're a coward,

you wont survive.

You're right son,

fight back when it's needed,

just as long as you didn't start it.

Defend yourself.

Oh my God! I better do the
laundry! I'm irritated with you!

What happened to you, son?
They said you suddenly fell.

I don't know why Doc,

I feel like someone hit me
on my head and stomach.

But son, nobody really hit you.

It's true,

I was right beside you and I
could've seen it if Domeng hit you.

Hey Idad,

I didn't do anything bad
with the kid okay?

And don't drag my name
in the conversation.

Domeng, Idad...

Yes sir?

Please leave the room.

Make some coffee for Dr. Sunico.

Yes, Sir.

It's your fault.

Domeng, just a small amount of sugar, okay?

- Yes, Doc.
- My, son.

Go outside for a while.
We have something to talk about.

Yes, Dad.

What type of sickness does he have doctor?

Why does he suddenly act that way?

That's what makes me wonder too, Barbara.

You know that since his childhood

I'm the one checking him.

It seems that he's just making it up.

You know,

I'm also wondering about that kid.

Sometimes he's happy, sometimes sad,

and sometimes he's temperamental.

It's a natural way of growing up.

Good morning, Soledad.

Dr. Sunico, do you need anything?

Nothing. I just want
to see how Tor is doing.

Alright, come in, Doc.

Come in, Doc.


you dropped by.

Have a seat.

Tor, what happened to your head?

I got into a fight Doc,

and I was hit on the head by my enemies.

So you were hit on the stomach too?

How did you know?

Did you see it?

Were you there doc?


You know, when there's a riot,

when you're hit on the stomach,
you'll surely be hit on the head


I thought you were there.

It's the way it is, my son,

because this is our bread and butter,

as much as I'd like to send you to
school, our income is not enough.

Always remember to instill
kindness in your heart.

I want to.

Let's go this way son.


Come here!

Your buddy Badong is there.

You already saw us drinking,

yet it seems that you're avoiding us.

It's not that. My son's
with me. I can't drink.

You don’t need to drink.

What we need

is something to fill this up,
and some appetizer!

I'm sorry guys,

I don’t have any money now.

Are you being rude?

Don't belittle me in front of my son,

Spare me a little shame.

So, you're ashamed huh?!
Son, go ahead.

I have five pesos here,

just don’t hurt my father,

I'll give it to you.

Your attitude is okay, kid,

I like that.

But I'm talking

to your father, not you!

My son!



You're animals!





Good afternoon, ma'am!

Why do you look so tired?

I don’t know mom,

I feel very tired, and my body's weak.

Do you want me to call Dr. Sunico?

Don't bother mom,
I'll just rest in my room.


Is your son sick again?

He says no, but he feels weak.

You know, I'm getting
anxious with your son,

especially with his behavior.

You know, he must be
just tired from school.

You worry too much about the child.

Come inside,

and let's have our dinner.

Badong, why did you leave me?

How can I raise your son alone?

I can't do this alone.

Why did you leave me?

I promise, whoever did this to you
, I'm going to make them pay!

I promise.

I promise.

I'll have them all arrested by the police!

That's enough mother.

You know,

I'm puzzled by your son's actions lately.

Sometimes happy,

sometimes sad,

It's because you're
always watching his actions.

You know,

He's not a baby anymore.

It's all part of his maturity.

You're a coward.

Badong, you're a coward!

I can't bear this,

I can't bear this.

What will I do with your son Badong?

You're a coward! You're a coward!

You're a coward! You're a coward!


Mother. You're drinking again?

You know its bad for your health.


I want to die.

I can't take this.

I can't bear to lose your father.

I want to die. I want to die!

Mother, how about me?
What will I do if you're gone too?

How about me, Mother?

Dude, it's Choy.

- Hit him.
- Okay, I will.

You're such a bully Betong,
you prey on the weak!

What's it to you? Is he your brother?
Or Blood related?

Yeah, right!


Why are you so enraged?

Because I'm mad at
shameless people like you!

So, what now?

You want to complain?

Why are you always picking on me?

What do you think of me?


I assure you,

you'll be borrowing faces from dogs!

Let go, let go!

- No!
- Let go!

- That will hit you.
- Is that so? Okay.


you're really good,

why didn't you leave some for me?

- Leftovers?
- Yes.

- You want leftovers?
- Yes.

Let's go and eat the
leftovers at my house.

That's just hunger.

Really? Leftovers?

Eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two and one.

Two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

Four, five, six

seven, and eight.

All together!

Are you enjoying yourselves?


Are you done?

You're just on time.

Of course I time it perfectly.

I wish I could join you,
Your friends are so pretty.

Let's go.

Your eyes are looking everywhere.

My eyes are looking everywhere?

I'll cover it. See?

What's that? It's still open.

You're too much.

Come on.
- Wait!

I may trip because you're dragging me.

Slowly, okay?

Okay, come on.

Let's go.

Aling Bening,

thirty pesos of porridge please.


I think Bumbay isn't coming.

We've been here long enough.

It's okay,

as long as we have something
to eat and drink, it's alright.

We won't stop drinking until we're drunk.

Thank you.


Speaking of the devil,

it's Bumbay.

- Obligation.
- There's no sale yet.

What a pity, no sale yet.

Next time.

That would be two weeks.


Come here.

Your drink.

I don't drink.

You know what to do.

Give us our percentage

There's no collection yet. Here's five.

There's a collection or not,

you need to give to us.

Give me your watch.

This is fake.

A fake? This one?

- A fake?
- My beard.

Just have some appetizer.


you haven't done anything
good and you bother everyone.

Why do you care?

I don't.

Why aren't you ashamed?

You're too old for this crap.

Try getting a job.

Old man!

Come here! This is
where I'll get you to work!

I just got lucky.

Thank you.

My hero!

Very good for you.

Ma, I'm here.

What took you so long?

Mommy Soledad is hungry.

Have you gone wandering again?

Wait a minute Choy,

what's your role here?

You come here and meddle?

Why, are you my father?


We're just the same age.

He's so sensitive.


here's some porridge,

and your favorite fried fish.


Get a plate.

Not a plate, a bowl. I brought a
spoon even if you didn’t ask.

- Are you angry?
- No.

But you seem angry.

No, I'm not.

What are you looking at?


I'm done.

Mother, eat some more,
we have a lot.

I don’t want anymore.
- Come on.

Why is your mouth open?

You're hungry aren't you?

It's because I haven't
eaten since yesterday.

Get me some water, hurry!

You can have mother's leftover later.




you treat me like your child.

Why, are you complaining?

None. I'm really like your child.

Feed me.


If my earnings were enough,

I could've brought you to the hospital.

Please drink first.


don’t worry,

I'll find a way,

so we can go to
the hospital tomorrow.

Don’t worry about me, my son.
I can still manage.

I feel ashamed to you.

- Mother, please don't talk anymore.
- I should help.

But you're struggling, Mother.

I'll find a way later,

so I could bring you
to the hospital tomorrow.

Thank you.

I'll be going now.

Take care, my son.

I will.


son, bring me some fruits, okay?

I will, Mother.


Help me!

Son, what's happening to you?

Leave him.

That was our son.

- Is that so?
- He's just joking.

- Okay. Thank you. We'll go ahead.
- Let's go.

Hello Papa,


I'll go and change first.

Tell him now.

Hec, son?

Why, Mama, is there anything you need?

I just want to ask you something.
- What is it, Mama?

Why did you have to do it to me?

Do I have any shortcomings with you?

Mom, what do you mean?

Hec, what your mother means to say is,

why did you have to snatch her
bag at the shopping mall?

When we give you everything you ask.

Mama, Papa, what are you talking about?

I didn't even see you earlier today.

After I fetched Irma from the Gym,

we went out. ate and watched a movie.

that's why I just got back.

Are you implying that we are lying?

We saw you earlier at the shopping mall.

Why? Do you have a doppelganger?

I don’t know Papa, Mama.

I could never do that to you,

whatever you are saying,

I don’t need to do that to you.

You always fulfill my needs.

Maybe he just looked like our son.

Maybe we are wrong.

I think, you better

eat now and take a rest.

I already did.

- Wait.
- Why?

What happened here?

Mrs. Soledad!

Choy, why?






Here are everything that you need.

and the fruits that you asked.

It's already here.




Why did you leave me?


Son, why?


Son, what's happening to you?

Call a doctor, call Dr. Sunico.
Go, hurry!

Hec, my son,

what's happening to you?




don’t be sad.

Life is truly like that.


it's just a matter of who goes first.

It really hurts to lose a parent, Choy.

I feel,

my world has turned dark.

But you know what?

I'm sure, they're happy now,

with our Creator.

I think it's best,

to lessen your misery,

come with me.


Psychological stress,

is what he's experiencing.

and because of that,

his heart has weakened.

So, Barbara,

if possible, don’t give him ill feelings.

Why doctor? What's bothering him?

And he's happy in this household.

Only Hec can answer that.

For the meantime,

Irma will stay here.

She'll take care of Hec.

Okay, go to sleep.
I'll watch over you.

What I can't understand friend,

is how and why ,

whenever Tor is hurt,

Hec is also hurt.

Science has no concrete
findings about that.

aside from the theory

that twins

share emotions.

maybe because they've simultaneously

developed in their mother's womb.

But out of a thousand cases,

there's only one case

that turned out that way.

In this type of phenomenon,

nobody has defined why it happens.

Except that it's God's will,

only then that people understand it.

I was just thinking,

Dr. Bello,

what if Tor dies?

Hec will die too?

For your question,

only God can answer it.


Yes, Sir?

Give us fried chicken
and 2 bottles of beer.

Please sign.

- Waiter.
- Sir?

After that girl's dance number

bring her here.

Yes, Sir. Will do,

Boss, your choice is really beautiful.

Body alone looks really unique.

Yeah, right Boss.

Don't worry monkeys, you'll be
able to taste her sweetness.

I'll break her in front of you,

face down!

Ma'am, someone wants
you to join their table.


Where are you going, you hooker?

- Where are you going?
- Could you please not be rude Bodgie!

I've always been rude, and lustful too!

Don't do that!

When I tell you to sit, sit down woman!

Sit there!

Don't do that!

Wait, where are you going?

I will meddle with that.


if the lady doesn't want to,

don't force her.

Hey Bonifacio! You're too brave!

Don't interfere here!

You will have a problem.

Is that so?

I'm going to add you to my problems.

Hey, behind you! You'll be stabbed!

Hec, what's happening?

I don’t know, I suddenly
felt pain on my shoulder.

It's like I was stabbed.

Why all of a sudden? There's no wound.

I don’t know Irma,

I felt pain.

Sometimes I get confused,

I don't know

why my body is like this.

You look sweet together.

You have a wound.

It seems deep.

Thanks by the way.

Come here, I'll treat your wound.

What a small world.

Imagine, of all places
we'd see each other here.

Can I join you?

I'm sorry Duds,

we're already leaving.

Maybe some other time.

- Yes, Sir?

Sorry Duds, maybe next time.

It's okay.

Here it is, Sir.

Keep the change.
- Thank you.

Let's go.

Your day will come, Hec.

I assure you.

Irma is going to be mine.

I'll be in Cebu for a week.

Our employees at
Plantation Bay are on strike.

I need to attend to it
before it gets worse.

You might attend to something else,
not on your business.

You're still not used to me.

Ever since you accepted me,

I've never loved anyone else,

except you.


Yes, I'm not lying.

Duds, let's go.


Irma, wait!

Don’t get shocked with what
I'm about to say, okay?

I saw your boyfriend with someone else,
he's lying to you.

Hec can never do that.

That's false accusation.

Irma, wait.

I'm not making up stories.

Hey, don't make a drama.

- I pity you.
- Okay, we'll go ahead.

Look at the situation,

you love him so much

but you're being fooled.

I will prove to you what I'm talking about.

Come with me tonight.

I still have a lot of work to do.

My love, how is our arrangement
with you? I'm confused.

That's not confusing.

this is what I'll do,

I'll buy one condo unit.


the left room will be yours,

and the one on the right
side will be yours, okay?


I'll be with you love.

T-TH-S, I'll be with you honey.

So, you rest on Sunday?

Of course!

Okay let's toast to that!

I didn't taste it well.

Come on, let's go.



He's over there.

Approach him, humilliate him.

He fooled me.

Take me home.
- Okay.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the star of the show


Wait, I'll be back. Bye!

Come on, she's not around.

You're so annoying,
you're giving me away.

I'm just kidding.

Get out of the way! Choy!

My God, please help Tor,

don’t leave him, I love him.

One more round! That
crazy fool might still be alive!



I'm sorry, you got into
trouble because of me.

I thought something bad happened to you.

I'm worried about you.

Tor, go and escape at the back.

Let's meet some other day.

What started this and
who fought these guys?

I don't know. They just barged in,

And then,

they shot that one. It's a good thing
the gun was taken by another guy

- So there, those guys are dead.
- Do you know

this customer that you're talking about?

He's new here, but I'll be able to
identify him the next time I see him.

Okay, don’t go far from this place okay?

You might help with the case.

Yes, Sir.

You see?

You didn't want to join us, that's why.

You're laughing, you're enjoying, right?

It's a good thing you're kind.

Of course.

If you like, after we have our snacks,

Let's watch a movie later.
- Wait, wait! - Right.

You're joining us again?

Why not?

Let Irma and I watch the movie alone?
- It's up to you.

if you don’t want us to tag along.

Don't come near me!

I don’t want to see
your face, double-faced!


What are you talking about?

It's embarrassing.

It should be.

Your plans were ruined buddy.

Just relax, I know what I'm doing,

just wait, okay?


You're an idiot!

Why are you here?

Stay with your girl at the club!

Club? My girl?

Irma, I came from Cebu, didn't I tell you?

Liar! I saw you there at the club!

Irma please?

Try to understand me,

I'm exhausted.

I told you. I need to attend
to our business in Cebu.

And now, you're accusing me of something?



Flatter me with your words,
to believe you.

You're the only girl in my life.


Hello, I'm Rufing.

Is there a guy there?

I would like to buy a live sausage,
I'll just nibble on it.

Hello Rufo! this is not a sausage
store, a lady lives here!

You're so mean!


Good morning Ma'am.


You're great! I've been waiting at the
condo and you're only here!

Just a minute Miss,

who are you?

Why did you slap me?

Don’t play innocent, you bastard!

I've been waiting for your call, and
you're here, flirting with someone else!

Sorry Miss,

but I don’t really know you.

You know, if you don’t stop,

I'll retaliate.


Go on, retaliate!

At home, when you laid me
on the bed, you told me you love me.

yet here in front of your
woman, you deny me?!

We'll share, alright?
Their portions are big.

- You are wrong Miss.
- Irma, wait.

I'll explain.

Shut up!

That's what you get!

Sailing in two river
with one boat, two timer!


I told you,

your boyfriend is an ass.

You don’t believe me.

So, I'll take you home?


So guys,
you can start, I'll just take her home.

Step aside, you're blocking the way!

You're acting like the
owner of this restaurant.

Let's go. Come on.



You pest!

Here it is.

Ma'am, one pack of cigarette please.

What brand?


If we do this job right,

we'll hit it big.

If we hit it big,

and distribute the goods,

we're not leaving anymore.
- Just right!

Give us two bottles of gin and appetizer.

Alcohol drenching my throat, yes!

Hey, the payment?


Are Danny and Ledy coming?

They will be here soon.
They're fixing the goods.

I'll have this later.

Is this okay?


Be sure when we come back,

- we'll be the king.
- Just right.

Why did you come here?

You know, If only I really don’t
love you, I'd leave you.

Come on.

Tor, what are you doing
here, didn’t you know

that the police will arrest you?

They are hunting you.


Hey, I don’t know what
you're talking about.

I have car and Tor is not my name.

Hec is my nickname,

my real name is Hector.

I came here because

I would like to know who that
Tor is and looks exactly like me!

Come on, get in.

Before you act,

start the car, before you
get caught by the police.

I would like to know who is Tor.

Are you crazy or do you have amnesia?

You are Tor and nobody else.

How many times do I have to tell you

that Hec is my name and not Tor.

You're crazy.

If you don’t want to believe
me, I won't force you,

but if I am Tor that you are talking about,

does he have a car like this?

That's so easy,

you don't have a car,

I think you just borrowed this.

Okay, okay.

If I am Tor you're talking about,

I should have done

what he's doing when you meet each other.

You know, it's simple, if you don’t
like me anymore, break up with me.

Okay? Bring me home.

I'm breaking up with you.

You have so many excuses.


Where will I take you?

You mean, you don’t really know?

Do you think I will ask If I know?

Why did you come back?

Do you think you can scare me?

If only I'm dressed, I'd leave you.

What did you say?


I just realized you aren't Tor.

Okay, I'll give you the
directions to my house.

Hey woman!

Because of you,

my girlfriend and I quarreled.

From now on,


I'm not Tor.

If I have a doppelganger,

bring him to me,

and I will hit his head.

Crazy! Arse! Idiot! Arrogant!

Get out from my sight!

Arrogant! You bigheaded fool!

Get out!


Arrogant! Get out!


Animal! Liar! Arrogant!

I dont have a key.


- Come here.

You mean, you saw him too?

Yes I saw him.

Rafa, if I werent here,
you'd really think it was me.

How come you really
look the same, your hair,

your face, your built?

Do you have a twin, Tor?

I don’t know but

I'll find out the truth.

Don’t . Search me instead.

Irma, could you please check this
at the lab? Mr. Salazar's x-ray.

I need it tomorrow for the operation.

Yes, doc.


what's up?

Dr. Sunico,

tell me,

is there a secret about my identity?

What do you mean?

Who is Hector de Silva?

Duds, why did you lock the door?


To talk to you.
I just want to be alone with you.

Irma, I love you,

it's just the two of us here,

please give in to me.

Duds, you sound different!

Don’t come near me, I'll scream!

I'll scream!

Do you know I've
waited a long time for this,

so if I cant have you in any other way,

I will take you whether you like it or not.

You're a beast Duds! You're a beast Duds!

Don’t worry, I'll marry
you after this, okay?

Why do I look like him?

We're almost the same.

Even my name.

Except my surname.

Answer me, Doctor!

Bring light

to the mystery of my bewilderment.

Tell me,

if he's my twin.

Doc, Duds.


Hec! Hec!

Hec, stay out of this.

Duds, what's wrong with you?

Dude, she's a lady.

Hec, where are you going?



He's dead.



What happened there?



You two, stay here.

Let us pass!

Oh, Irma, what's the haste?

Irma, what happened?

Because I have something
important to tell you.

Come, come in.

It's because.



Hec, I thought you
escaped. I'm your witness.

I'll defend you.

Irma, what are you talking about?

It's Duds, you killed him.


How will that happen?

I didn’t leave this house.

Irma, are you kidding?


Yes dear, you must be mistaken.

Just a minute, the two of
you should sit down

to make things clear.

You are mistaken Irma, it might not be Hec.

What? Do you mean to say,

he wasn’t the one who
protected me from Duds?

Irma, I was just here.

I haven't left the house.

Hello Rafa.

Hello Tor? Why did you call only now?

That's not important.

I'm leaving.

It's going to be long
before I see you again.

What? Why?

I'm going with you!

I'll come back for you.

I don't want that.

Why don’t we call to make sure?

Oh, Ledy,

don’t you trust the Lord?

Hey Ledy, you seem so greedy.

That’s right, in just a few minutes
we'll have money.

I'm just making it sure.

There, we don’t have problems anymore,
there's the telephone. Call me there.

Oh, it's raining! Run!


Hurry up.

I'll be using it. Hurry up!

You're devil Udong, you should
have forgotten this place.

Because of you, my future was
ruined when you killed my father!


its my turn to destroy you!



Hello? Hello?


Dr. Sunico, you're with the police.
Is there any problem?

I've been telling them

that it wasn’t Hec who killed Duds,

but they don’t believe me.

That can't be. Do you
have a warrant of arrest?

I'm sorry Mr. De Silva,

whether you like it or not

we will take your son.

Just explain in court.

I will not allow you to take my son.

He didn't leave this house the whole day
and you don’t have any right to accuse him!

According to witnesses,

your son Hec killed Duds.

Are you all deaf?

Don’t you understand?

How can I kill somebody I haven't seen yet?

because I am home the whole day?!

Calm down, son!

How can I calm down Papa?

Will I let myself be imprisoned
when I didn't commit any crime?

If we need to fire our guns, we'll do it.

just to get you.


My God!

If my son dies,

I'll have you imprisoned, I'll sue you!

Lets bring him to the hospital.

Hec, son!

Gonzalo, hurry, let's bring
our son to the hospital!


My son.


Help me Udong hurry! I'm wounded.

Hurry up!
- Hec, my son!

My son!
- Here! Take him here!

Hurry up!

Everybody clear!

Everybody clear!

Everybody clear!

Everybody clear!

Gonzalo, our son might die.

Barbara, don’t think like that,

he will live.

Be strong.

Everybody clear!

Nurse, the generator!

Nurse, flashlight.

Gonzalo, the electricity
went out on my son!


Barbara, calm down.



The lights went out, our son might die!


Call Dr. Fernando for the autopsy.




Please wait.



Tor, what happened?






What happened, Tor?




He's alive.

Hec, Hec.







Doc, what happened to my son?

I don’t know what miracle happened,

but he is safe now.

Mama, Papa, he's alive.

Thank you Dr. Sunico for visiting us.

I have something that I
need to explain with you.

Ma, Pa,

we're going out.

Take care, okay?


Dr. Sunico.

Okay, bye.

What is it Dr. Sunico?

It's very hard to explain,

what happened to Hec and Tor,

Only God knows why twins

share the same emotions,

and feels the same way.

Tor is also our son?

You mean Doctor, Hec and Tor are twins?

Your child was dead,

when Barbara gave birth.

If our child was dead when he was born...

Who is Hec?


is Tor's twin.

Forgive me when I gave you Hec.

I gave you Hec,

in replacement of your dead baby.

I can take you to court and get your
license because of what you've done.

I know and you also know,

that you can never bear
a child again Barbara.

As your friend,

I would like both of you to be happy.

If I have committed a sin,

I'll accept it.

It is over.

What's important is, Hec's alive.

And he will continue to be
Soledad's son in secrecy,

and Tor's twin.

He will acknowledge us as
his real parents forever.

I don’t know if you really are my brother,

but I can feel,

you are my other half in the
womb of our mother.

you died, I lived.

I only pray for one thing,

may God forgive you

for your sins.

Now that your doppelganger is gone,

we will have peace.