Duniyadari the Film (2017) - full transcript

College buddies play cupid for a couple whose love story is destined to end in tears - yet, when they reunite years later, the college pals find their memories to be mostly sweet.



How do I look?

Hmm....beautiful....as always

Lets go,everybody must be reaching Ahmedabad... and Meet will be waiting

Lets go

One more year has passed and today Meets birthday is here again

Hmmm...time flies

Ya...Time flies

I have been feeling that time flies for the past 40 years.

Today again we are going back to Gujarat college to meet Meet.

A place he never wanted to go to was sent to.

What nonsense!

You have passed with such low scores....

The would be MD of the Mehta group

completes his graduation with just 49% marks.


One minute... dont you have anything to say to your darling son?

I have decided Mr.Mehta

that Meet will do his masters degree from Guajrat college in Ahmedabad.

Without even asking me you are repeatedly thinking about...

Mr.Mehta, this is not just a thought, its a decision.

I know that you are doing this deliberately.

Meet you have to go to Ahmedabad today itself.

All your arrangements to stay there have been done

so pack your bags.

Dear student

I welcome you to Gujarat college

today i don't want to say anything about the history of this college

because from the time you all took admission in this college

you have become a part of it.

now with how much pride and enthusiasm you are going...

..to take this reputation forward depends on you

Sorry im a bit late

Are you and I married to each other?

Er....as in?

Then why are you saying to me what you Should be saying to your wife.

so if you have come late,should we wear short clothes and dance.

There he is......

that not just from gujarat but from entire Ahmedabad,...

..eminent personalities like Vikram Sarabhai, Umashanker Joshi,Kasturbhai Laalbhai...

Aeeee Patel..

What is this nonsense Mr.Patel? Get down from the podium.

Mr.Patel get down from here.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

I'll throw you out of this campus.

Dear goddess

you have never given me your blessings, but please bless these students.

Am I right sir?

Ram Singh...

Yes sir...yes sir....yes sir.....

throw this man out of here right now

DSP sir, please come, I request you

Hey... He is not some son in law of yours....

Catch him by the collar and throw him out of the campus

Hey...do you have a matchbox

Ram Singh...

Are you crazy.. this is a temple of knowledge...

right sir?

Hear that.... You've realised this after so many years?

Mr.Patel I will not tolerate your nonsense here.

Students...you should study really well

Look....look at me.

its been seven years and yet i'm studying in this college with this professor

am I right sir?

Did you'll understand or should I make youll understand


stay another 3 to 4 years more and will make your statue here.

Thank you sir..


lets go..

Was he talking to me?

Stupid.....not you...he was talking to me.


You know me.....

Errr yes


Hey...How do you know me

Now you will know who I am

Dharmesh Shanker Patel


understand.... or should I make you understand

get out...


Come on....give me a cigarette


Hey Rasik.....get tea, come on,come on... hurry up

Come to me...o come....to me

Come to me....my dear Sit by my side

Take a test of my love by all means Ssshhhhh.....


Come on....he is calling you


S-O-R-E, sorry

let me explain

he was supposed to hit Meet Mehta but he hit Meet Rathod..


Sorry, sorry, sorry....

He was supposed to hit Meet Rathod but he hit Meet Mehta


And Mehta....if you dont want to get hit again then change the name....of your faher


Okay let me explain. Meet Rathod was troubling Shilpa

Shilpa as in...

Sister in law to all of us, and tomorrow onwards you will also call her that,..


Isnt it brother....am I right?

Of course...thats correct


Any object that we dont use correctly in the long run...

..we dont get satisfaction from it

Hey Who is Meet here.

Tell me quickly

One minute

whats going on here? My lecture Is not over yet.

Lecture over sir

I am not the enemy

but sweetheart from the time I have met you

I have learnt friendship

Dhamma hit my poor little boy a lot isnt it?

No problem

anyone who is Dhammas enemy is my friend

and anyone who is my friend....

No,no...i dont want to continue this fight further, and he has already apologies.

In a hospital nearbuy...

I have booked a bed....in advance.

Now either you will go there or Dhamma will.

Now you decide. Rishi Pakoor...

listen to what im saying carefully.

You just have to bring him here....

Run, run, run (I better run away)




say, what happened?

You know Dushyant

He has sent you.....

now you will kill me?

Look listen...this is between Dushyant and me. You dont get involved.

I will take care of it.

I know everything...go now..


I told you right....i know everything

But please listen to me, the plan is that,,,

that you dont want to kill me... you have come to warn me.

Then kill me....

why are you standing like a statue... come on hit me, hit me

Since you are here you might as well hit me.

Hey...this is a knife not a parker pen

Come on hit me

Come...hit me

Hit me,come on

Oh no..Meet...your gangster is here

Look sir...forgive me,i dont believe in fighting, i am a peace loving man..

okay...see you

Oh I see,you have come prepared

come on...Should I fight youll one at a time or fight all of you at one time?

Sir...sir....sir...you dont understand, its not like your thinking.

You have come running here

your deathyour death ..... has brought you here.

Hey...Amitabh Bacchan

I could have fought you on the campus itself....

but it will be great fun to fight you here

I told you...

this is what I was trying to explain to you

but you didnt listen.

It was below your dignity to listen to me

This is Dushyant, he has used me to trap you and get you here

Hey Rishi Pakoorrrrr

I made this plan for you and you

you changed your mind.

Huh....never mind....never mind

I liked it when you ran you know.. But who did you run for...

this good for nothing fellow

Now you will... have to run again Rishi Pakoor..

for yourself...to save your life Run....run......Run Rishi Pakoor run

Dhamma.....Dhamma.....come on..... Dhamma....goi

Come on go!!

Take this....wipe it...

Want some tea


Hey...get me a 101 and 302

Dhamma... this is a police canteen...

Police canteen....

Yes so... this is the way to order tea here, understand

Your running away from the police and you have come to the police canteen

The enemy always forgets to look in his own house

You will get us into trouble...

Hey this is DSP's style

have a smoke

Till today i have always had my own smoke.

I have never shared a cigarette with anyone

But you...have a puff..

you will feel good

is this the first time your smoking?


Give it back

this is my first cigarette

and you my fist friend in this college

Look, look, look, look.... Jyotsna looks as lovely as the full moon

She is beautiful really

Wow...Pakya...wow... your choice is improving

I was always like this

Lets get a cigarette

You don't have any? Lets go get one

You go, go and come....

marlboro for me

Hy Pakya....Pakya look

Such a good looking broken down car

You know such beautiful girls should come into our lives

The goodlooking girl doesn't always choose a good for nothing fellow


The good for nothing fellow always gets a good looking girl

In our destiny we only have that Jyotsna who is not worth looking at.

Useless people and useless talks Keep talking all your nonsense...

and stay out of my path


Why should you always get a chance... That's wrong .....We protest..

Whats the point..?

Lets decide right away Yes...lets decide

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

I'm going and you watchs

80, 90 .. Hey .. You should have gone

Excuse me.. Miss...

Excuse you??

Excuse you for what ?

What do you think you are I know you type very well Mister..

A Girl with a broken down can be an open invitation for you, isn't it??

No. I..

Listen, Just get lost right now otherwise I'll call the police.

hey.. sister....

If your not on your way right away

your misunderstanding me... Actually I'm looking for sethna hospital

There is no such hospital in this area..

Please listen to me sister..

Excuse me sir.

Brother.. I was just asking for an address, but sister misunderstood.

Well Sethna Hospital

Sethna Hospital ?

Yes..That's quite lose by Did you hear that.

I'll tell you what. Go straight and think to your left

you will come to a popular juice centre.

I know, I've been there before..

Its right next to that.

Thanks big brother..

My mother is admitted there. I have only one mother there water in her lungs.

Alright,. You should be on your way now

Go.. Go. Go.

Excuse Me.. Miss whatever.

Hey.. last ticket.. Last ticket

Come brother lets stand in the line for a ticket..

Hey.. boy. Don't be afraid People who are afraid cant manage anythin..Okay..

Ticket, ticket.. ticket.. Big film.. big stars ( Amitabh bacchan )

Hey, I have only a rupee

I want to see this film I want to see that dance.

Are you from Kathiawad

Whats your name

Suresh Ganpat Baria

Baria, look here, here here.. Here.. Heres the ticket

Give me nine rupees

Come on, Come on, hurry up


But you must whistle when you see the dance okay.

Ticket. Last tickets

Hey hero.. (Amitabh bachhan) Whats going on

Oh.. how are you Sir?

What are you doing here..

I've come here to set you right.. Your black Marketing tickets. Come on,

Sir. listen to me

One minute

You're a black Marketeer. Sir he is a black Marketeer ?

He is a good friend of mine Deepak Champaklal Shukla

He cant be a black Marketeer He's not like that He is a...

he is very. Brilliant Student..

actually Sir

My Mother is unwell ...TB .. She is in the hospital.

Useless till you were selling books You were fine. Should you be doing all this?

Sir. He is not at fault, I'm at fault.. No my Mother's illness is at fault

You should catch my

Hey.. how can I do that.

That's not what I'm saying sir

What I'm saying is that ..

Just look at his face ..

He is such an innocent boy. You wont believe Sir.

Tomorrow He has to appear for his exams Exams.. of what .??

The police force

Police exams

It was his fathers dream that he should for the police force

If you arrest him he wont be able to make his fathers dream Sir.

Don't cry.. don't cry.

Brother why are you doing this ?

Go go and fulfill your fathers dreams


Take care of your mother okay ?

Yes Sir.. Yes

People have so many problems in life, so sad..

Come on lets go lets go.... lets go

One minute

Yesterday yours Mother was in Sethna hospital and today your Mother has TB...

strange isn't it?

Hi! I'am Kavita Jhaveri I'am Parag Daabi

Meet Mehta

Jignesh Patel

I'm Manoj Thakur

Sauri Sheth.... Sorry Sorry Suryakant Sheth

Shilpa Patel

our sister- in law

Isn't it Brother ? Am I right ?

Dharmesh Shanker Patel - DSP.

So Nice to Meet you all. I didn't expect to Meet you all, but I'm glad I did.

Do you understand what Shes saying

Thats enough..... You dont think I understand ......

I understand everything She says.. Isn't it Shilpa

We have seen so Many films together isnt it ?

You never let me watch the film....

Come on lets go.... lets go before the film ends Come on

Whats wrong with you Shilpa ? In front of everyone........

But what happened....?

Come on............. nothing.

Haven't you come to watch the film ?

I have come to watch the film but acually I'm waiting for the person...

well whom I've come to watch the film.

Oh..... here he is

One Minute

You made me wait for so long

Sorry dear

Come...I'll introduce you to my New friends. Sure...... Lets go.

Boys..... One minute

Its getting late

This is, Saury, Parag, Jignesh, Manoj, Shilpa DSP and this is.......


And this is my Sweetheart

Hi I'm Krunal......... Krunal Jhaveri......

Jhaveri ? as in ?

My elder Brother

Ohh ! We thought he's your....

Come on lets go.... the film is about to start.

Whats your family background

Have you heard of Jayantilal Jhaveri ?

he's your father ?

So you are from Baroda?

Yes, We've Shefted hear just to Study.

Kavita is in Medical College and I'm Studying M.A.

Hey....... Why dont you'll have Something?

Want some Chips....?

I'll take it. You know What ?

I've never seen such an emotional Officer before

And you ?

Me.... ?

Why were you so lost when you saw Krunal ?

Disappointed ?

What happened Meet?

Somethings hurting in my eye?

Show Me, Show me...

which eye.... left eye

your eyes are so henest.. means?

Just now something fell in your right eye, and you lift eye is paning?

Your just a child... child...

Every parent should enroll there daughters at a typing Class

I want to be the seat of the cycle on which you go to typing class

My queen I want to be your King My heroine..... I want to be your Jitendra.

I want to put my head in your lap and stay there

Hey..... who is this idiot ?

Your to be husband

Iwill give you a tight slap Shilpa.

But what can I do, hes written that on all the 3 Papers. Your to be husband.

What...... he has written 3 letters to you and your telling me now.

Seat of the cycle.....

Dhamma listen....... thats why I didnt tell you earlier

shut up

Big brother... Sister in law is right.... why should you go there. Hey Manya.....

You go....

No. no. no........ Meet... You go....

Dhamma .... Meet will take care of everything.

Okay..... look Meet...

listen to me... this man is not our to be bride that we should explain Nicely..

..to him Go and give him a slap.

Go and give him a hard kick so that he doesn't ever look at another girl ever again.

okay..... wish him luck..its his first time.

Dont worry at all..Just take my blessings and be on your way.

Everything will be fine... you have my blessings. Pratibha....

Would you care for some coffee....hut..

Your eyes have such a sweet promise.... Your upto your mischief again

Idiot..... Shameless... But today its not just us girls here.....

My brother is also here...

He will teach you a lesson just watch it. One minute shilpa.... One Minute....

one minute I'm here to fix him

Your going to fix me.

Yes I can het you

I thought that my be I can talk to you and get some clarity..

..So that you dont feel that I didnt give you a chance.

Tell me...why are you teasing Shilpa ?

Because a few years ago I became a handsome young man and my mother....

wants to see her sons son (grandson) face quickly Shilpaaaaa ....

wont you be the mother of my children?

Hey.... the expectations that your mother has of you are quite right

Meet what are you doing one minute Shilpa... Im talking to him...

stay quite very quite

Why are you wearing goggles. Why quiet...... dont youunderstand...

you like Shilpa a lot ?

She is my life But thats true only for you ..... only for you brother

But who is Shilpas life, do you know that Who is her life ? One minute tell me...

Meet what is all this nonsense. Why don't you hit him. There is no need to hit him...

He has understood very well He is like a small child One minute Shilpa...

So as I was saying.. Oh no... Whats all this Muffler and all that you wearing

you like shilpa?? .....Are you sure ? Yes..... Of course.

But you are not Shilpas happiness

Do you know who is Shilpas happiness ? Dhamma.....DSP......

What Im saying is.. is right now you better go home quickly..

..otherwise your future will be in great danger.. Please please please..

listen to me...look Dhamma... listen to me. He has understood. Hes going home...

Hes going home ? Right ? Yes ..... Yes ..... Yes .....

Dont go there.......

Manya dont let it be Manya, let it be leave him, please. Hey dont go there...dont go

Hes waiting there for you

Say Sorry....

Stop .... take this ...... here......Meet move dont interfere.....

Take this....... take this........ and this...Stop it

Im talking them not to hit you,.... then why are you running from here to there.

Dont you understand?


Sir I was just walking past and he started troubling me

What ? Yes...and started threatening me.

What are you saying ? I didnt do anything..... I swear.

He is lieing Sir... No no no Sir..... He is acting.

He was troubling my Sister. I just stopped him from doing that Sir.

No no Sir...honesty, Im saying the truth Sir... really Look Sir has gotten up now...

This is all the work you do..... Stand outside college and trouble the girls.

Am I right Sir ?

The whole world is saying that the king of Kings is here. King Meet......

..Praises to our king Meet.

Dear friends.....and let it be known this favourite and dear friend of ours the great..

Meet has performed a great feat today.

He has had the great fortune of being slapped by a police officer...

Not any ordinary officer.....

a 3 star ranking officer... yes friends, slapped by a 3 star ranking officer.

His lordship the great Meet in you honour today.... is gracing us.....he is like

the full moon.... as bright as the moon... as bright as the moon.


To sum it all up I would like to say that our entire gang welcomes..

.. and felicitates you today.....clap...

Dhamma ... Dhamma ... Police

Cover Meet

Im going dad One minute Amita... Once you finish college,..

..come home Straight, child.

okay dad hmmm....

Father.....Hum... Sorry...

Her school... Anker school, 52:3% In tenth. Right now doing her B.A. honors...

favourite Colour pink, favourte hero Dharmendra She sees a lot of religious..

Fulus and drunksw a lot of coke Alcohol, tobacco, liqactte... She doesnt touch..

Hey James Bond... What her Name? Name? Jalpa... Miss Jalpa Desai...

Miss Jalpa Desai...

Now One... one minuets...

..you guys Asked me it get information On the inspector daughter?

I thought... I you wanted Jalpan Details... Soory, soory, sorry.

Birth place Boroda...

1st 5th grade studied In Valsad, 6th - 10 th in Surat Commerce degree

And right now studing Mcomm. Part I. Father's name Inspector...

Thats day Keeps getting Transferred. Mother passed away when she was young

Just one daughter. Hobby is dancing, favourite Colure Pink and Hero Amitabh..

Her Name is Amita Beep and People call her amy amy. Thats it!

We have it impress her Huh?

Yes ...to take recharge on Inspector..

One of us from our campus gang Will have to impress her.

Great!...I will do that Hey Manya.....

She is Inspector daughter Not some vegetable vendors.

Hey Pakya.. Brother ... let me say something Who was the..

person who was given a tight slap by inspector Beep Meet.... My friend

So then he should be the one trying to woo her Yes....yes.....right.

No No Im not interested in .......

You have to goo

Final Meet will do the job...

Not necessary to take the blessings of anyone else.....

..Just take my blessings and get on to the job

Our Plan is ready

Who is this Amita? You

Nonot me...mus be another Amita from Mcom part II...lets go

Come..come..sit fast...hey Ami

look.division c is our class right? Is there another Ami in our class?

Hmmm...Maybe...i dont know Let's see...

Sangeeta Jaani - Yes.

Kapil Meena. - Yes.

Amita Mehta. Roll no 48...Amita Mehta

Sirmy number is 48...but my name is Ameeta

But here it says Amita Meet Mehta.. who has done this mischie?

I'm asking who has done this?

Excuse me.. Yes?

Are you Meet Mehta? Yes

Just who do you think you are? Arent You ashamed of yourself..

for playing a dirty trick like this on someone.

Sorry? Ya...you should be sorry

what were you thinking that,just because I'm new in this college,..

..you can play a joke on me...right

Look, my father is a police officer..I'm going to forgive you this time but..

if you do something like this again it wont be good for you...

im warning you.

Vote for

Disturbed my sleep... Disturbed my sleep...

..all because of you my reputation in the college was maligned today.

That was our plan That was your plan?....Yes.

No no no stop...not the jar... no Meet

One minute...wasnt he supposed to woo that girl... Woo that girl?

The girl is almost impressed...he just has to commit suicide now

What do I have to do? Suicide...

Me? Yes

Suicide...I have to commit suicide... No no no...Meet no...stop

please explain to him...please Dhamma... for shilpas sake...Hey Meet...

put the jar down

All because of you these guys are sitting on your head Hey dont shout

Look Dhamma...listen... In our gang, who is as powerful as the SP?

In our gang who do all the boys listen to Dhamma

And after all this If Meet is not able to succeed in wooing that girl..

..then who will loose face?

Dhamma You heard...

And whose eyes will we see lowered if all this happens Dhammas

And so that all this doesnt happen... who will commit suicide... Dhamma...

What? Sorrry...sorrry...sorry...

Meet...my friend... you will have to commit suicide

Have you all gone mad?

Thats enough...stop it...now...sit down


She's come...shes come...come on... lie down...lie down

please eat Meet...he isnt eating at all

my friend was in a very bad state... Calm down...calm down

But Meet you should have atleast told me...

you should have atleast told me whats in your mind.

But did the doctor say. That more than medicines he needs prayers

Ive got him an apple...but where can I get him prayers from

Big brotherThe entire plan has failed... Why?


Manya...manya...Nobody look behind... dont look behind...

Hi...Kavita Hi!

Meet! Doctor Kavita... My patient...will he become alright?

Doctor...please dont worry at all... I will pay the advance money right away

Come outside... I will explain

He isnt feeling well so the doctor has asked him to rest..

..Saw he is so famous...even the trainee doctors here know him by name

Dhamma...one minute... whats this new thing now

Please listen.. this is a question of the campus gangs respect...please...

just play along a little..

No..no...I wont do any such thing...

Just a bit kavita...Because the world is just a stage and..

..we are all actors, Kavita..

Shhhh...Okay,...okay, I understood...lets go

But, Doctor what say.. Look.. thers no need to worry...

but for the girl that he has taken steps like this...tell her...

..to come and meet him once

This is the emotional gay, i don't take responsbility.

Don't cry.

Look...if you know that girl, then please ask her to come and meet him once

Yes...yes doctor....

Meet...you please rest...keep quiet... and rest...did u understand

Come on....come on....let the patient rest a little Yes...yes...yes

I will bring dinner for him Bring some porridge...Come on...lets leave

Please watch over him....take care

You will take care of him right? hmmmmm

Meet...please dont talk... Stay silent.....for my sake please

Shhh...softly...dont shout...this is a hospntal.. not your campus Sorry...sorry

And what is this Jiga..

..Meet tried to commit suicide and that too by drinking pesticide....is it?...

so then how did he get hurt on his nose?

Big brother... Here...here...here iam...

Kavita...even the person for whom we have done all this...

..has not understood... then why are you bothering

I ...understood...i understood everything

but at that time... all this felt really good..

or maybe I wanted all this to happen

See how It is... when the sun and the moon rise... they look so beautiful...

Yes but there is a world of difference Meet

And by the way..

you both look good as a couple.. We are not a couple or anything please

Okay...so why dont youll become a couple quickly Ami is crazy about you..

Kavita you know very well that all this started like a joke Yes...

..but it can end differently right?

Hey more than me you are very eager to see the end isnt it

Yes...because I love happy endings

Your upset with me right?

How can I be upset with a child like you Im not a child....im not a child

You are a child Meet...because.... you dont understand

..that the brightness of the sun and the moon can never exist together

This was really great...really great



Hey...you are alone...is it? without the protection of dhamma Rishi Pakoor

with you... i have to settle a very old score

I will come...one day I will certainly come to your campus and set you right

and that day is going to comr very soon

but not now...no...not now...because today... today my father has won...

Say, say..father is great..father is great.. f..f...father is great

fathr is great....father is great start playing...


you ran away from Dushyant Dhebar... is it? Dhamma....Dhamma...

You left a person from our gand alone there... from our campus gang

No dhamma..no...calm down Sorry control him please


why are you'll fighting...we can sit down and talk about this No way...

Oh so Dhamma....we have been brother's since we were kids...

and you are...

you are getting upset with me for this idiot who we know for just a short time

that too in front of everyone.... you...

..you have spat on our friendship my friend

Ha ha ha...you..you will teach me the meaning of friendship is it...

someone who leaves a friend alone in trouble....

Meet is not my friend or brother..

Then you are also not my friend or brother....

get out

Hey manya wait....manya....manya wait

Hey Dhamma...dhamma....Manyas gone... hey dhamma stop him...hes gone...

manyas gone... Dhamma do something.... do something

Hey...The show is over..... everyone should leave

Good for nothing

Dhamma why are you taking this so far brother

dushyant met me...he removed his frustration on me...and thats it

whats your problem..he didnt say anything to you... he said it to me...

Hey Meet..telling you is the same as telling me.

Just remember this one thing for life.

your friendhip with me is most important... nothing else matters in this world.

Did u understand or will I have to explain. Come...come with me. Come...come in

come in Why inside

I said come Why?

Gods Offerings are being distributed inside Gods offerings

This is Dushyants den...all his underhand dealings are conducted from here...

..the useless boy should be here.

you look for him inside and i'll look outside.

Are you looking for your place here? Sorry?

Love in the outside world and a place in this world..

..are both very difficult to find my friend

Come...come...I'll pour you a drink

I dont drink

You dont drink...then...why are u here

I dont come everyday...just today... i am looking for something

Whats your name? Meet...my name is Meet

Meet.....it's a very nice name

it's a very nice name...Meet...

Meet and love...love and song....

someone's looses and someone wins

The ways of the world are strange


Meet...did you find him? One minute

one minute....excuse me...yes.... who is that man? That man?

MK...whether you find anyone else here or not..

..you will definitely find him here everyday.

Hey have you come to drink free liquor.

Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you

Happy birthday Kavita...

thank you

did father wish you no..

ill just be back....

meet...i've been wanting to tell you something yes...tell me

i ...i love you

Shilpa..Please ..calm down... Shilpa...where are you...shameless girl..

Father...useless girl.... with the excuse of studying you are

.. giving yourself a bad name.. come on...

Hey Ganya...she may be your daughter but if you raise your hand on her I will.....

She is my daughter..whether I hit her, beat her or kill her...

..who are you to tell me what to do

go..go...get out... you are the one who has trapped her, I know that

What... is going here...uncle... please calm down...Jignesh...jignesh leave him

uncle...it isnt the way your thinking..

..we have just gathered here to celebrate my birthday... thats all there is to it.

I see.....thats all...

..it may be your values to celebrate your birthday in such a manner....

and if these are your values then please keep these values to yourself Come on..

lets go...come on...right now.... useless girl


calm down dhamma

Kavita... Ohhh...your back?

As in...?...i thought by now you must have reached the hostel

I wanted to... How do I look in this saree

Very nice Thank you

Errr Kavita...errr...Kavita.... i wanted to tell you something

Will you drink something? No..no...nothing

Ohhh...why...er actually...apart from uncle Ganeshs incidence the party..

..went off very well isnt it?

Kavita.....kavita....listen to me...i want to talk to you about something else...

Okay.....so then tell me Hey..one minute please

kavita....what I want to talk to you about is very important... do you get that?

Okay sorry Tell me

While dancing today.....while dancing today... Ami proposed to me


kavita...we will have to explain to her that this isnt a game

its very serious... I hope you understand.

You are laughing?

Sorry....so ultimately she was the one to mkake the first move...

..you didnt do anything.

I diont have any feelings for her so why would I do anything...

You never do anything Meet... let it be

This behaviour of yours is what troubles me Kavita

just a minute...Kavita

I want to talk about you Kavita... do you understand?

Do you like me Meet? Yes

Do you want to propose to me? Yes.

You want to marry me? Yes.

No...dont do that But why?

Because then I will say yes Meet

Meet...this is my would be husband...

Dushyant Dhebar



come on.... today I wont leave that Ganya...

..uneccesarily he came to the party and made a scene

Scene...brother..I didnt tell you anything at that time..

..otherwise I would have fixed you.

Yes...so then why did you stop...why?....

now he will harass Shilpa even more...

..its better that I go and fix him myself today

One minute....what are you saying... he is her father

What kind of a father is he....... he beats his daughter...

if he has the guts he should come and talk to me... I would fix him

You would fix him...you would fight..and beat people..this is all we know right?..

..this is the only language we understand isnt it

Shilpa is Ganu uncles daughter....

a father has the right to take care of his daughter..

..But is this way to take care of his daughter.

by coming to the party...and slapping her in front of everyone...

is this any way. - Ok...great.....Dhamma..

imagine if you had a sister...and if she were meeting a boy in this way at a party,

then what would you have done....

I would have..Fixed her..if u want u can.. hit her till she comes to her senses.

why..because you are DSP..you are Dhamma and you are capable of hitting her..and murdering her..

but the same thing was done by her father and that is bothering you Dhamma.

This is not the way Dhamma my brother... this is not the way.

Ok....tell me...what should we do now

In fact this was Dharmeshs idea uncle.. that we should sit with uncle and talk to him..

and discuss this issue so that we can clear our misunderstandings..you see

There is no misunderstanding... in this matter.....

You heard....

he was a ruffian before....a ganster.. and he is a ruffian even now...

..and thats the way he is going to be always.

What are you uncle.. what is he saying aunt... please explain to him

Dhamma is not that kind of a guy you think he is.... he is a good person...

..he has a lot of resopect...

he goes to college..and he makes money as well.... see....

Hey aunty..uncle...if Shilpa gets married.. our..our Shilps gets married to Dhamma

..then you dont have to worry at all....

parents house and in laws house... all the same Thats true....

Dhamma....you know him since a long time... dont you uncle......

I know him very well...

He gets into fights..... comes home drunk sometimes.....

..these are the things this great man does...

he has the respect that a gangster has in a village...

..even we give him that respect..

..and your saying that he goes to college and also earns money,..

..in reality he should have been the father of two children by now.

Had his parents pulled his ears, he would have been a decent man.

Please let it be

You keep quiet....but all this is in his blood... his father was also like this....

..he died while was in prison...

and I think he is following his footsteps.


Aunty...dont worry...aunty

Really I love your daughter a lot

What are you doing Dhamma?

From the time I was a little boy going to school I've been in love with your daughter..

u understand... or should I make you understand

Look..if you tell me..i will leave everything, I will stop drinking..leave smoking..

leave fighting... - Yes...yes...but please dont leave me....please

Hey Dhamma, what is this your doing? Mom dont say anything...

look my mother has come... I swear on my mother...

that I will really change myself, please believe me... let me marry your daughter.

I can join my hands and request you.....

No no...dont join your hands please, please dont

Look..you, you are my...my son right.. please pull me up, please pull me up..

..You will get me married to your daughter wont you...

Yes...yes...yes I will...yes I will get you married to my daughter

Sit...sit down uncle. Please get water for uncle, please Yes, yes

You will feel better, u will feel better uncle, Yes drink you will feel better, drink

You feel better dont you.... you feel better right. Uh yes...

Dhamma put on a cap for uncle...

Im saying make uncle wear the cap

Its,its okay...its ok

So what im saying now is that, you should give him one chance

You should give him one chance.

Yes I will give him a chance Thank you thank you.

Errr...can I meet Shilpa once but she has gone to her hometown......Shilpa...

..to her uncles house.

when did she go..... how can she go like this?

Why do you want to know Dhamma

First show us some improvement in yourself and then we will call her back.

All right?

Meet....how did uncle know that we were having a party in Kavita's house.

Someone must have given him the address... thats how he came there right?

I dont understand who could have done this. What do you feel?

Forget about it brother What do you mean forget about it

I mean let it be. Let it be...which means you know something.

Look dhamma Meet....

Meet this is my would be husband... Dushyant Dhebar

What is he doing here? Hes my friend...Meet

Brother in law... brother in law and his friend

What happened Rrishi Pakoor.

Where...where is your boss... Dhamma...

just go and tell him this much

just go and tell him this much that I have domesticated one of his friends.


What the....come on lets go Where do you want to go dhamma

Today im going to kill Manya Manya will pay for his own sins...

we dont need to get involved Thats enough Meet....sit down

One minute dhamma...what did you just promise shilpa's father

dont you want shilpa in your life. Im talking to you, look at me,

Dhamma do you want shilpa in your life or not?

Dhamma sit properly

Take deep breath

Now exhale

But Meet... SShhhh..this is a library

Oh ho ho ho.....look meet who has come

Hi... Hey why are you in our library..

oh yes yes...i know..i know..

..you have come give us an invitation card for your wedding...

Tell me one thing Kavita out of all the people in this world how come..

..you chose a good for nothing boy like Dushyant to get married to.

Sit down...this is a library

Im sure there is more this wedding than meets the eye boss!

Are you done? After that day I was expecting such questions...but from Meet

How does it make a difference to you?

It makes a difference Dhamma...it makes a lot of difference...is'nt it Meet?

I deliberately concealed some facts from youll

When I was born at that time..

..my father Mr. Jhaveri believed that my mother should have had an abortion.

But my mother was determined and she didnt let that happen

and thats when a girl was born in Mr. Jhaveris house...otherwise today....

On the one hand is my mother who loves me so much and on the other hand my father,

who doesnt even want to see my face. In order to get my fathers love,..

..I was willing to do anything, and even today im willing to.

even if is by marrying Dushyant Dhebar

Sorry dhamma...thats all I can say right now.


Meet...the other you kissed me, and I didnt even try to stop you,

I was just carried away by my feelings, I'm not sure if that was real or not,..

..or whether it was right or wrong.

I just know that I always want to see you happy thats all



Ami?...you here...where is Kavita

Hi meet!...your here so soon. Saw that Ami...

..he heard your name and he has come here so fast.

Tea... No...

Its hot...

Krunal ...look at Ami, she is feeling so shy, just look at her face

Whats all this...whats this nonsense Yes yes..go ahead...,call it nonsens

..but when you heard that Ami has a fever, you came here running like crazy.

You very well know why I have come here Kavita..

..Even I understand that whatever I'm doing is a bit dramatic,

but see, it works.

And meet...your so bad... so many days have passed..

..and you havent even given your answer to such a sweet girl. Not fair..

anyway you guys sit and talk peacefully, I have to run to college.

Krunal, please drop me.

Bye Bye

Bye meet Bye

Err...two minutes okay

What is all this..Krunal called me to say that your not feeling well, your crying..

.. thats why I came here in such a hurry for you.

Why are you doing all this Because I want that you should always be happy Meet, and

One minute..it cannot always be the way you want Kavita.

Ami...I love you...I love you Ami

you want to see me happy ....look

Im very happy....im so happy

What happened?

He is inside...u go and explain to him... you go and talk to him....

..I've never seen him like this before.

Dhamma, dhamma...what happened?

Meet... they played a big joke on me my friend

Hey.....Yes?... Come here...What's going on here?

Oh..theres a prayer ceremony in Ganesh uncles house...Hey Jayesh....comming

What happened...how did it happen...wether it happened with my consent or by force...

..there is no point in knowing all that now.

What had to happen has happened Dhamma..

i have....only one request to make to you. Forget me...

destroy my letters...destroy each and every memory of me....

and dont trouble anyone... not even yourself.

U will listen to me right?

She met me once for the last time... and made me promise so many things

forget the love you have for me, dont trouble the people of my house,..

..letters she had written..memories of her.. i must erase all of that.

Why? Because she is scared that Dhamma might destroy her new world.

Yes...Dhamma smokes, he drinks...he gets into fights, Dhamma beats people...

..Dhamma abuses, Dhamma could be a murderer

but dhamma is not a bad human being....

She said dont recognize me....

and before leaving she said... dont trouble yourself

i won't....i won't trouble myself... I will trouble others...


Hey...who are you?

Go and tell Dushyant that DSP has come

and tell him to gather as many boy's as he has right now, if he has the courage..go

hey, get me a bottle

Dhamma...dhamma...dhamma.. what is all this... why so much anger

Hey,... empty that place...come on... you also get lost,

Listen, lets sit and talk about it peacefully.

I just told you right..the person who has troubled me,..

...I will finish him off here today.

Ok...get me also a glass

Hey...Dont u understand anything, I told you this is my problem,..

..ill take care of it. You get out of here. - Excuse me...

..your problems are my problems, and remember one thing for the rest of your life..

all that is important is our friendship... nothing else matters in this world.


Dont recognise me.....don't trouble yourself... don't recognise me...

Dhamma...thats enough my friend.

If a friend hurts you...

your lover will erase the pain..

if your lover hurts you..

then who will ease the pain

Lets go please Shhhh......

Meet, today when that Dushyant comes, I will beat the rascal to pulp.

You, you stand, stand there quietly.... I will settle everything

Come Meet..

Here, have some... No...I dont want to eat anything.


You ...you want to hit Dushyant right...... yes....

I know where Dushyant is What? Really....?

Yes really...come How do you know all this

How do you know all this.... how do you know where...

Come...come this way...come this way

Meet...where is Manya...where is Manya

Should you be punished... should you pardoned...

tell me how you should be dealt with

Carefull Dhamma...Dhamma

By sitting on the campus these two bit people think they have become the king.

Today I will show him who is the real king today he is in big trouble.

One minute Dushyant.... you want to punish him isnt it... Hmmmm

Give me his punishment. Ohhh.... friendship

he will get the punishment.... catch him boys

Stop it...leave him... Dushyant come on explain to him

Dhamma...what...are you scared

Tody I will make tiny pieces of you

Make tiny bits of him later... first lets see you if you win the game

Dhamma leave me...leave me Dhamma... Dhamma leave me, i'm saying, leave me

Inspector... Yes tell me

Kavita my love,my darling... why are you so stressed out,

anything happened, anything happened? Nothing happened..

Nothing has happened, nothing at all, forget all that.

How does it look...this couple...don't we look like a divine couple, hmmm.

Inspector...nobody has the guts to arrest Dushyant Dhebar

But she...she has imprisoned me... in her love..isnt it baby...

Dushyant...Yes Take the complain back...please

They are Krunals friends, thats why.

Ohhhh, brother in law... brother in law and his friends.

I take back the complain.... But...

I take it back...take it back But...

I take it back!

I take it back...ok...now smile... smile...okay

i take I the complain back...now lets go.

One minute...inspector... Yes

What happened Dushyant? Noting happened.... but will happen

our wedding....

You must come, ok Sure...

Definitely you must come... it will be a grand feast.

And the rich will take the bride away... take the bride away

the lovers will be left watching.....

Meet, while bringing you up, I may have, I may have made a few mistakes.


please please forgive me son

I have spoken to the lawyer, the papers are all ready..

..tell Sarojini to read them carefully... I have willed everything to her.

Im sure she will be happy.

Your leaving son?

After listeneing to your father you shouldnt feel that everything is your mother's fault

So I want to talk to you a bit

I need some time of yours.

27 years ago... Sarojini Shah....

which is me... and in my life also there was a Meet...

Meet Khatri....

gujarat college.. we loved each other more than our lives.

Together we had seen colourful dreams of our beautiful future.

and then... I received a proposal from the MD of Mehta Mehta group.

Utkarsh Mehta, a young dynamic businessman...

my parents were so happy they just didnt understand how to react.

but I met Utkarsh..i told him that if he declines the alliance,

..then Meet and I could be united.

But I was just a common girl, trying to strike a deal with an extremely shrewd businessman

I was bound to lose.

We got married. I carried out all my duties as a woman and as a wife....

but my wifely duties towards Utkarsh were like a violation for me

Trying to strike a deal with Utkarsh Mehta was a trapped Sarojini Shah.

And she kept her sons name Meet, to settle scores with her husband,

but finally it was Meet who was at a loss

What had I done... what was the fault of Meet Mehta?

Meet...what is this?

Err...Nothing...it happens, only when im stressed out

Doesnt happen everyday. Since when is this happening?

Since some time.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.

happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you.

Actually...i have a question....

how come there is a girl here in a boys hostel...

I think the film is about to start... empty the theatre.

Yes, yes, empty the theatre friends


When will we get married?

The name written in the muster as a joke has become an identity for me.

Amita Meet Mehta...

Err...Meet hurry up...we have to leave. Sanjeevini hospital

Why? Kavita...

Brother....what happened? Meet...its good that you came here...

Where is Kavita?

Meet... When my mother tried to commit suicide, I was not at him

when I came home and saw Kavita's condition I... Mom...

Thanks for bringing Meet here, thank you so much Ami.


Kavita father is here.

father its good that you're here... look whats happened to mom...

She hasn't died right? She will be fine.


My mother has suffered a lot... and today...

..i don't know she suddenly came into my room.

and touched my head with affection and went into her room.

She had a bout of acidity and got admitted to the hospital...

..just gave the hospital athaurities a chance to make money.

But Mr. Jhaveri...I don't think you read the report carefully...it says that...

..I dont care what the report says..

you will write, hyper and erratic movements of the fluids in the stomach.

But Sir, please listen to me... That's what you have to write!

Ill tell you... the words can be anything.. it is the emotion that is important

right..right or not? Right Sir.


I have brought you up for 23 years but have not been able to understand you.

You are siding up a boy who you have known only for a few days and..

.. saying he is a good boy

With these hands I have slapped him for for getting into a fight on the street and..

..again and again you are telling me that he is a good boy.

I was wrong to bring up a motherless girl with so much love and pampering.

Do you know that while trying to bring you up in a way that a mother would...

..I have even forgotten that I am your father.

But not anymore...not anymore Ami.. remember one thing...

..if I ever see you again with that boy I will break your bones.


Meet... I have left my home and come.

let's get married. I know that father wont agree, but once we get married

we will make him understand.

Ami.. you scared talking like this

Do you know, whenever you talk like this, I get very worried.

You know, because you are worried about me, that's why I am not scared.

Ami...hmmm When I said that I love you at Kavitas house...

That was not meant for me...isnt it.

Talk think I don't understand Meet...I do understand

I understand everything, but...but... my mind is not ready to believe it.

I always felt that.. you are only mine..

only mine...

is it not possible that... I can wait for you...

for as long as you want...entire life....

now tell me.

You love me, I know that. I can understand your feelings,..

..but it is not possible for us to get married.

I cannot see myself in the dreams that you have for your future.. I just cannot

I don't know how to explain to you but...

look Ami, sometimes what we think

doesn't always come true.

Life is very beautiful Ami.... just like you. please don't wait for me...

you will listen to me right?

Your going back to Baroda?


because you hurt Ami, that's why, or because you have been hurt. Tell me Meet

why are you listen...why are you listening to me, why aren't you proposing to me again

why don't you ever saying anything yourself. Why...

please say something for once, please say something.

Brother in law, brother in law and his friend

Kavita darling, what are you doing here? Oh...yes

you have come to give Meet the invitation to our wedding.

But why did you come alone, had you told me then I would have come with you as well...

.. okay fine, lets get together and invite Meet.

With the grace of the gods, our son...

our good son... Dushyants...

wedding has been fixed... with the very lucky...

...Kavita Yes, Kavita...

for tomorrow in a very grand way

please do not bring along any gifts, because your presence is the most..

important gift for us...isnt it?

Don't cry, he will come, say goodbye to him baby.

This world full of palaces and thrones... this world of enemies and societies...

a world full of greed...even if you attaind this world what is the point of that.

Mk? Yes?

Meet.. do you remember?

Yes, Meet...

Yes The boy who never drinks...

have you started drinking alcohol?

Sometimes Ok?

Because of love or this world?...

look son. This world has love, infinite love,

you have to have, passion to find it. Our true love...

.. is always there waiting for us.

Have you...ever loved... anyone? If you have, then don't lose ...

.. dont lose that love easily.

I, made that mistake and, to set that right I may have to take birth again.

you don't make that same mistake

All the best!


And there was a Meet in this Sarojini She's life... Meet Khatri.

It's a very nice name

We loved each other more than our lives

This world has love, infinite love, you have to have the passion to find it.

.. Our true love..is always waiting for us

Have you ever loved....anyone?

if you have then don't lose that love easily....


Kavita... will you marry....

Now you understand, why I didn't want a daughter

Uhh....you like to get hit is it?...

.. this is not the time to take a bating... this is the time to fight back.

Here you go....

One minute Kavita.

Brother in law, brother in law and brother in laws friends.

I will have to show you where you belong. Whats all this drama Mr.Jhaveri..

all this will cost you a lot... And neither do we care for cheap things, Mr. Dhebar.

Hey, whats all this going on.... I will fix you

Hey....the only thing that matters is my friendship with Meet,..

.. nothing else matters.

These nights, this ambience, the banks of the river, and this lovely breeze...

These nights, this ambience, the banks of the river, and this lovely breeze...

Doctor, when will this stop

So you knew that I was going to die, still you got married to me...

you love me so much?

do you know what I thought off when I came to know about your illness?

What That...what is it that I can do..

and my inner voice said that I could fall in love.

Kavita...you know there is an advantage of this illness of mine... What?

Tell me Kavita what is the advantage of my illness. Meet what is this your saying?

I'll tell you. You dont know anything.... you dont know

the advantage is that I know when I am going to die in 3 months,...

.. 6 months or maximum 9 months.. or One year.

confirmed right? Stop it Meet please

I trust you doctor Kavita.. hey I know I am going to die,..

and now that I am going to die, wont you ask me what my last wish is?

doctor Kavita, ask me...ask me whats my last wish? Ask like this...

Meet whats your last wish?

Is this a joke going on?

I am your baby right? Ask me please....please.

Say meet, what's your last wish? I love you...

when I am not in this world, I dont want anyone to forget me

thats my last wish

On my birthday, no matter where you all are and no matter how busy you are,..

.. you'll have to come and meet me.

You better tell Krunal, Chatting in the campus... is something we have to do boss

Chatting on the campus, idiot... your baby.....

you have to say only good things right, only good things

You will say good things right? Promise me....

Promise me.... promise me.... promise me...

Promise. - I love you

I love you too...


Meet...you were very immature in the ways of the world,..

..and for some people you were just a baby

but what I am saying is that in your heart you were a true person.

Meet, you were my friend...you idiot, you were my true friend and brother.

You may not let anyone else touch your feet my friend,..

.. but atleast me touch your feet.

I was supposed to hit Meet Rathod, but instead I hit Meet Mehta,...

..sorry sorry sorry...

hey... this time I said it correctly, hey Meet, Meet I said it correctly this time.

Meet happy birthday, look who has come to meet you today

Meet this is Vishwas. Hello Meet..thanks

had you not made her understand that day,

..I wouldnt have got such a beautiful wife. Thanks.

I used to always say, that cheap things are not my hobby...

but your going away was not something I could deal with Meet

You vanished suddenly like the smoke of a cigarette.

leaving me all alone. Hey idiot...

tell him...tell him to call me also to wherever you are

and if he doesnt listen then tell him...

..your friendship with me is all that matters, and...

When I am not in this world... dont forget me

No matter where youll are on my birthday, no matter how busy you'll are,

you'll have to come and meet me.

Chatting in the campus is something we have to do boss... idiot, your baby....

Take care.... baby....

Come on, Lets pose for a selfie.