Dune Drifter (2020) - full transcript

After a devastating orbital space battle, the survivor of a crashed star-fighter must navigate the harsh environment of a desolate planet to save herself before her life support expires.

drive nominal, standing by.

We okay back there?

Roger that, I'm fine.

We're fine, everything's fine.

Hang on, something's up.

Oof, yeah,
I can see that.

Aw, Jesus.

The plasma injector again.

You said
you'd fixed it.

I did fix it.

seem very fixed.

Hang on.

Mandatory fix. You
having problems over there?

Negative, Gray leader.

Just a few bumps,
nothing to worry about.

If you could just flutter
the injector a bit.

The plasma core
connection's a little fuzzy.

Aw yeah, that works.

Did you hit it?

I definitely didn't.

This is commander
Gemini squadron.

Comms check, report in.

Starting with you, Sol.

Yeah, I know, lead gunner
with you as always.

Gray two checking in.

Gray two gunner, standing by.

Gray three checking in.

Gray three gunner standing by.

Gray four standing.

Gray four, good enough, ready.

Gray five ready.

Gray five gunner, standing by

Gray six, standing by.

Gray six gunner, standing by.

Gray seven standing by.

Gray seven gunner checking in.

Admiral Marshall's
leading the strike

from the Valiant and
has forwarded a briefing

with our tactical data.

Access codes are

zero, alpha,
November, beta, four.

Beta four.

Transmitting the
Admiral's briefing

June squadron, Colonel
Danforth, XO on the Valiant

and acting as liaison

We're proud to have your
Gemini unit with us here today.

Coming from our reserves,

this situation may seem
a little nerve wracking,

- but we stand at...
- No, no.

A turning point.

A chance to finally gain
some much needed ground

and bring this terrible,
terrible war to an end.

By now, your blood is pumping
and you're ready for a fight,

but, afraid I must disappoint.

Upon arrival you
will hold position

in the vicinity of
the Arabus system.

Once we have gained
superiority over the sector,

our stellar comness
will begin to judge

the atmosphere on Arabus,

providing us with
the opportunity

to push this wretched war a
good distance from Terra prime.

We anticipate the assault
to be moderately brief.

We're looking at
a donkey's gallop.

Short and sweet.

Should be coming to a conclusion
by the time you arrive,

but precautions in place
in case there is a delay,

primarily, as I'm sure you've
noticed, the life support in

your flight suits has been
increased to 80 hours.

The downside of this of course,

is that you will be required
to assess the stellar

colonists for quite some time

after we are
finished resting up.


I thank you.

And I look forward to
meeting you in person

once this little skirmish
has been concluded.

holding coordinates.

Let me know if
you don't get 'em.

Does that mean we
won't be fighting?

I want those comms
clear, gray five.

- Yeah, but just...
- Stop talking.

Of course that means
we're not fighting.

- What am I...
- Shut up everyone.

Okay guys, we're a
few minutes away,

a little conversation
calms the nerves.

Gray Leader, thank you
for undermining me.

- Oh!
- Seriously?

- Never even crossed my mind.
- No gravitas, gravitas.

- I always liked you.
- Thank you.

All fighters, assume
attack coordinates

for VL drop.

We'll hit the initial point
at approximately six minutes.

Six minutes from home to hell.

80 hours, hope you took
your anti piss pills, buddy.

I'm getting old,
I had to take two.

Um, I've got a problem here.

Yeah, I can see it.

Plasma core connection's
a little fuzzy.

It should hold if you flip
to the injector a bit.

I'll look at it again
when we get back.

Copy that.

Oh, no, no, don't
get me started, okay?

We've been robbed of a major
tactical advantage here

and it's bullshit.

Ballistic weaponry
was, no, is the best.

Okay, it's consistently more
effective than plasma bursts.

Hey, hey, hey, you're talking
out your league here, boy.

He's got a point, I
prefer ballistics.

Who cares?

We're not gonna be
doing any fighting.

, you want me
to get too close or anything,

watch your trigger finger, mate.

You really knocked
down about missing out

on the opportunity
to get these things

back for Europe,
New York, Istanbul.


You want me to shut that off?

I wanna rain
down fire on 'em.


I wanna 'kill 'em as
slowly as they killed us.

I wanna see if their skin
melts as slowly as ours does.

I remember this one picture
of a dog from Quebec.

It fused with the family
that were huddled over it

and they'd all become this
rotten, stinking...


with this silent
scream expression.

It was horrible.


It's all right, he
doesn't know I was there.

Nobody does.

Comms are still functioning.

Let's just show these
guys off for now.

Approaching target.

I'm not receiving any info
from the relay network.

What do you think?

Maybe one
of them's down.

Plasma injectors fired
up and ready to roll.

Approach vector green.

Arriving at initial
point, standby.

Cutting the L drive
in five...


three, two, one.



- They're all behind you!
- I can't take them!

No, no!

We are taking a beating.

Gemini squadron, standing...

Gemini unit, hold position!

Stand by for combat

I see them on me,
they're right up on me

they're coming in fast.

All three,.

Help me clear up those channels.

What's that?

It's one of them.

Is it dead?

Yeah, it's dead.

Mercy now. Hello big fella.

Pardon my French.

I've never seen
one of them up close

but that thing...


They still look human.

They ripped
the teeth out of prisoners.

As trophies.

You okay?


Systems check.

Gunners at levels to 2.4.

Looks like you're
finally gonna get

that action you wanted.

I changed my mind.

Can you stop
breathing like that?


We got this, all right.

Found something, patch me in.

Gemini group, change comms
frequency to delta 08701.

Keep formation tight and focused

on the work in front of you.

Gemini units, do you copy?

- Yes, Colonel.
- Move to holding sector,

echo gamma 4-7 and
engage enemy cruisers.

They're using a new
shield frequency.

It absorbs plasma
more efficiently

than previously encountered.

Get somebody on the
ventral batteries!

I can see a red light,
ventral batteries!

If you have
ballistics, use them.

We are not equipped
with ballistics.

If you can provide any
support then we can...

Negative, we're tied up
with our own sectors.

You can punch through
their defenses

but it takes a number
of precise hits

to the dorsal shield generator.

It can be done but you have
to commit to your target.

Commit to your targets.

We're counting on you.

Do what you can
and if you're hit,

make the most of it.

Yes, sir.

units are stormed,

enemy cruisers are...

have been transmitted.

Gray seven, gray
five, you're with me.

I'm with you Gray Leader.

Let's move, flight.

Targets acquired.

I can't see them.

Six cruisers, dead ahead.

Just crossing into
sector four seven.

There they are.

How many turrets do
those things carry?

Just three, they're
heavy duty cruisers.

So, lots of fire power.
If it gets through it's gonna

head straight for
Mustel's command ship.

Coming up, you two.

Okay, flight, pair up.

We'll take the leader.

Gray three and gray six,

you can take the rear cruiser.

Gray two and gray four,

you can have your pick
from any of the ones

in the middle

Copy, gray leader.

Dealer's choice.

You point us, I'll shoot.

Weapons three, let's do this.

10-5, come in?

Gray six, are you in position?

I'm right with you, gray three.

- Gray five!
- Stay in formation!

- What are you doing?
- Stay in formation.

It's hot!

Gray five,
get back in formation!


Help me!

Help me!

Get it off of me!

Get it off!

Help me!

Don't let them slip you

from your coordinates,
pick your targets.

Watch each other's
backs, calm and careful.

We ready?

Ready, boss.

flight, bring 'em up!

It's hot.

Regroup and
start your attack runs.

Target acquired,
tone and lock, weapons free.

Target lock confirmed.

Gray six, fire on my mark.


Come, come on.

This isn't working.

This isn't working!

Left one strafing,
we'll stamp out!

You sure?

You heard me!

Setting to rapid fire.


Do not alter your
weapons settings.

Let's go!

Keep targeting their
starboard power cell.

I'm coming 'round
for another pass.

Target locked.

Oh, come on!

One, two...

Oh, oh!

Good work, Hawthorn!

It's tough going,

but keep at it.

Dead force instructions
were on point.

Gray four, pull in.

I'm right with you,
gray two, coming in.

Watch it, gray two, they're
throwing everything

at you guys.

Morris, we're hit!

Oh, f...

I'm making a run once we
have some breathing room.

- What about Sousie...
- Don't think about it.

I'm bringing us around again.

I'm all used up, I can't...

What is it?

I see it!

I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!

This is a lost cause, guys.

I dunno, I dunno, Yaren,
what do you think?


Yaren, gray six!

Gray six, can you
hear me, Yaren?


I'm going in.


I know, I know, shut up.

Starboard power source targeted.

I'm losing her, no...

It's too hot, we're
gonna get killed, Yaren!

This is suicide!

Come on, get us the fuck out!

We tried!

We're pulling out.


Shake it, buddy!

Shake it!

Shake it!

It's fighting me.

, we're going down.

Suit breach,
catastrophic failure.

External atmosphere

insufficient for survival.

Danger, danger, suit
integrity compromised.

External atmosphere
insufficient for survival.

Oh god!

Hazel, Hazel, Hazel!

Hazel, it's okay,
Hazel, hey, it's okay.

It's okay, it's okay, okay.

Okay, I'm gonna have
to pop the canopy.

I'm gonna have to
pop the canopy, okay.

external atmosphere

insufficient for survival.

Catastrophic failure.

integrity compromised.

Catastrophic failure.

Distress signal activated.

Generated hard light
holographic life raft.

Retain distance of 10 meters

once life raft forms.

condition critical.

completely corrosive.

Respiratory functions critical

Corrosion of esophagus and mind.

I need to wait for a minute
for the atmosphere to clear.

I'll be right back,
okay, I'll be right back.

I'll be right back.

What's this?

Hazel, I need the
start up codes.

Come on, come on.

Come on, damn.

I need the start up
codes, what are they?

I'm sorry, I know you
probably want to be out.

I'm gonna have to hit
you with some adrenaline.

- I need your help.
- Adrenaline shot.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, okay.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, okay.

I can help, I can help.

I can help, but I
need to get the CQT

out in case the fleet
bugs out, right?

Yeah. Okay?

Come on, you're with me, yeah?

Yeah. Okay.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

atmosphere nominal.

Okay, listen, listen.

I need you to help with
the setup codes, okay?

The ship, the ship's asking
for your startup codes.

Yeah, yeah, we will.

We will, But I've gonna start
the ship up first, yeah?

The codes, the codes, you give
me them, I'll punch them in.

Alright, okay, okay,
I'll be right back.

I will be right back, I
promise, I'll be right back.

Oh yeah. Okay.

Okay, Hazel.

I need the codes, please.

The digits, come on.

Hazel, come on!



- Six.
- Six.

Come on, Hazel.





Five, what's five, Hazel?



Three, zero, five.


Okay, I think we
did it, we did it.

This is gray six,
requesting emergency combat

search and rescue.

Out of range.

Hazel, hey, hey!


Managed the fix, I mean...

I think we're out of
transmission range.

It just won't reach anyone,
I can't speak to anyone.

I can't get...


It's all right, it's all
right, it's all right.

Is that better, does
that help, yeah?

Okay, okay.

How is that, is that better?

We just wait now, just wait.


Can I give you one of these?

Another one to put you under.

It's the same.

This gray six to the air craft.

CQD, I'm on the surface
of Arabus, somebody...

28 clicks.

Come on, guys, pick up a beacon.

There's some sort
of animal out there.

Haze, there's something.

Get this on, keep
it on, hey, don't!

- Stop it!
- Ow!

Stuff in range.

Easy, easy.

There's something out there.

There is something out there.

Easy, easy.

- If I take us...
- We need to get home.

Yes, we're getting home.

Here, here.

You have it.


There's a ship.

It's in one piece.

But it's right off.

I managed to get
the power back up

but the engine's shot.

The plasma coil's
damaged, of course.


Think so, you...?

I think so.

And we need another
plasma injector.

You, you.


There's no need to fix it now.

The security's still out there,

they're still fighting up there

and when they're done,
someone's gonna come and get us.


Nobody's coming.

No reach.

They'll find us.


It's sunup in a few
hours, I'll go and...

I'll go and look at the
ship and see what, but I...

I can, I can plug the
breach in your section.

Even if I fix it, can you fly?

You have to fly.

I haven't flown in
that sort of thing.

I could.

I can't.

I can't.

You have to.

Don't leave me alone.

Just hang in there.

I've still got last of this
sedative, so

we may as well wait a while.


The engines are fine.

Plasma core is bent
but I managed to...

I need a transducer
and a modulator

for the busted plasma coil

and there isn't
anything I can use

so we're stuck here.

There's a ship that came
down came down last night.

Isn't one of ours.

I think this was by
design on the comms.

It's a direct cruiser.

They will lend us their plasma
injector and we can go home.

Can't you stay a
bit longer, please?

I'm sorry I couldn't help.

activate life support.

Manually activate life support.

Manually activate life support.

Manually activate life support.

Manually activate life support.

Hair in my face.

Come in, calling to
all units to fall back

to the rally point,
repeat, fall back

to the rally point.

This is gray six, Gemini unit,

to Terran command.

Is there anyone, do you copy?

This is gray six,
does anyone copy?

I'm on the planet's surface

requesting immediate extraction.

Withdraw all units,
prepare to withdraw.


Arabus is lost.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no you can't leave!

- All units...
- No, you can't leave me!

This is gray six, dune
squadron, Gemini unit.

- You can't leave!
- Prepare to engage

- bail drive.
- This is gray six!

G-squadron, Gemini unit.

G-squadron, Gemini unit.

You have to hear me.

My transponder's been damaged

and my life raft, I'm
on the planet's surface.

I'm on the planet's surface.

I've crashed.



Don't go. Please don't go.


Mission report,
via , gray six,

G-squadron, reserve Gemini
unit site to Arabus.

An enemy craft
impacted 27.8 clicks

from our crash site.

I'm going to attempt a
salvage op to replace

our damaged plasma injector.

My life support has
approximately 13 hours left.

If you found my body,
I want my mom...

I want you to know that I tried.

Have to keep... going.

gravity flux.

gravity flux.

Come on.

Warning, suit
integrity compromised.

Warning, warning, suit
integrity compromised.

External atmosphere
insufficient for survival.

Warning, warning suit
integrity compromised.

Shut up.

Just keep moving.

Okay, got it.


Unidentified beacon.

Four point two eight


beacon, three kilometers.

Direction, north.

Adrenaline shot.

reserve depleted.

Plasma coil. Plasma

Come and get me!

Out of range.

Let's keep it that way.

gravity flux.

What, what, what?

What do you want?

You want to go home?

You want my ship,
you want my ship?

You want my ship?


Danger, danger...

No, no!

External atmosphere
insufficient for survival.

External atmosphere
extremely corrosive.

irreparably damaged.

irreparably damaged.

Visor irreparably
damaged. Compensating.


I can't breathe!


Warning, remaining
life support 4.7 hours.


Mission report,
, gray six.

G-squadron, reserve Gemini unit

assigned to the Arubus system.

My pilot, Hazel Yaren, is dead.

I tried to salvage Drekk
parts to fix my ship but...

I've lost the plasma
injector needed

for the backlight
drive to function.

Drekk weapons can penetrate
their own shield frequencies.

I had one single shot,
took out a cruiser.

integrity compromised.

Visor irreparably damaged.

Direction calculating,
cannot confirm damage.


Do not
disengage life support.

External atmosphere
extremely corrosive.

Catastrophic failure,
catastrophic failure.

Warning, remaining
life support 1.3 hours.

You again.

If I get back, I'm
shaving my head.

You want my ship.

Come and get it.

This is stupid,
really, really stupid.

Thank you.