Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015) - full transcript

It is the 1990s, the tape-cassette is dying, CDs will soon be the rage and a regular arranged marriage will turn out to be a perfect mismatch. Prem (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a shy music buff who runs a tape recording shop in Haridwar. Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) likes to dance to the band tunes at her own wedding. He has nightmares about drawing a blank at his English exam. She is about to carve a niche for herself as a teacher. But now, they are married and they are supposed to spend a lifetime together - and he is still trying to find balance on their scooter ride together. From overcoming his fear of the English language to dealing with an overbearing father, he discovers that his oversized wife, who he thought was a spanner in his spool, will actually lead him to something quite cool.


Three things in this world...

...bring tears to my eyes

Papa's shoe

English exams

And singer Kumar Sanu's voice

All painful


You are the answer to
my every question

You are the heart
of all my stories

Didn't I tell you?

Don't record with headphones.
You'll burst your ear-drums

- What did you say?
- What did I say?

The Rishikesh priest asked us
to see the girl

He wants us to come to
the temple tomorrow

Finish the recording today

What is this mess?
Throw this out

Yes, Papa

Here's 20 rupees

Yes, Papa

Don't let the cows get into
the shop

Yes, Papa

Jaya! Did you bring the lemon pickle?

Have you got money
for the temple?

Prem, get in the back.
There's no time

Hurry up!

Ma, my saree is untying

I told you to tie it with a pin

Hold it

Let your father pass

Hold your breath in

Tuck your saree in

Cover your head. We're going to
a temple, not to your college

I can't find the saree end

- What are you doing?
- Why didn't you oil your hair?

Tell him...

...to sit with confidence

No need to misbehave

You're our only son, our pride

Don't chomp on your food.
Don't spit when you talk

You talk as though I'd
never seen a girl before

You want some water?

How far is the temple?

Someone's getting restless
to see the girl

Let's introduce ourselves

The girl's father, Madan Pal

The boy's father,
Chandra Prakash Tiwari

His wife, Subhadra Rani

Boy's mother, Shashi Tiwari

Boy's sisters, Jaya and Hema
and their husbands

She's my younger sister.
Prem's aunt, Naintara

I think the boy and girl should
introduce themselves




Prem, introduce yourself

You've done it, Papa

One person missing, Samar.
Sandhya's younger brother

He has exams,
so he isn't here

- ls Sandhya educated?
- A degree in teaching

She's wanted to teach
since childhood

She even taught her dolls maths

Ask him yourself

She asks if Prem is educated

Prem has a degree in Commerce

He's always been keen
on accounting

He's more interested in
bank notes than books

Think it over and tell me

I already have

What do you say?

The girl is lovely. Did you
notice her good nature?

She didn't speak.
You talk of her nature

Being silent in front of her elders
is a sign of a good nature

So you prefer the girls who
waste time in your shop...

...recording songs?

You listen! She's a nice girl.
That's it

A nice girl! And her appearance?

What's wrong?

Is she blind, deaf, mute, crippled?

Saw her size? Huge

You're no movie star,
you high school dropout

It's the food these days

Your sister put on pounds
after she got married

Her husband still loves her

They chose each other.
What choice do I have?

To hell with your choice

Your choice will turn your parents
into paupers

Papa, talk to him gently,
he'll understand

so, you try

Listen, son

If she was attractive, we'd have
to buy her cosmetics

She'll earn money. She's going to
be a teacher

- It'll help us
- I will not marry her

- That's it
- How dare you!

Do it, Prem. For the family's sake

I'll look for a lovely special girl

Not temporary, someone permanent

I'll look for a big earner,
sober and sweet

Not temporary, someone permanent

Eyes like a golden fairy

A magic wand in her hand

I'll look for the perfect bride

He'll have a bike and a car,
good manners too

I'll consider him,
that's if he's faithful

She'll go with me to visit Shimla,
Kullu Manali

But not forget to buy veggies on
her way home from work

That's the one for me

I'll look for a graduate, a lively,
cheeky type

Not a fellow who looks old and grumpy

He's a man who masters
household chores

No, no ordinary type, you see

A deluxe model will suit me

Are you ok?

My head is about to explode

Take a pill. You'll feel better

You want to die at your
own wedding?

I told you - don't drink milk
after Chow mien

Papa, it's his allopathic meds.
He's throwing them up

No one stops him

Give him some soda,
he'll be ok

I really like the scent of marigolds


See how beautiful the room looks

Prem's aunt hand-picked the flowers

- Prem loves them
- She sneezed

You have a cold?

I'm allergic to flowers

We'll get rid of them
in the morning

The room is decorated
with a lot of love

Remove all the flowers

Where is it?

Don't rush things in bed

Let her get ajob first.
Babies can come later

On paid maternity leave

You feeling ok?

The bathroom?

Change here


Wait. I'll go out

You can come in


- A call for you
- Coming, Mummyji

Hope I didn't wake you

- How did you get this number?
- So, how was last night?

He behaved like a child...

abandoned somewhere

He slept in one corner of the bed,
me on the other

Listen, I'll call you later. Bye

Wake the Prince of Celibacy
out of his slumber

Don't talk so loud

She can hear you

You worry about being overheard.
But not about your son

Don't blame him. She could've
made the first move

She's arrogant

Just because she's educated

She didn't even greet me
at the wedding

Giggled away with her family

Sure! We aren't in her league

Why blame the poor girl?

Think of how she must feel

Our son is work-shy.
He's so arrogant

A boy like him should be
taught a lesson

Good morning, Mr. Groom

- Where to?
- The Youth Club

The Youth Club will ruin you

You want to become a freedom
fighter. Can't kill afly

- We'll talk later
- Wait a minute

Yes, we'll talk later.
Look at me

Look at me. Well?

You can hit me if you want.
I'll do as I please

One whack will son you.
Where's my shoe?

Don't hit him

How sweet! She's made us tea

Prem is at the Youth Club. He loves
working out, since childhood

Is your family into fitness?

Only Papa. I do yoga at home

It shows

We salute those great men

The great men who have given us
the wisdom of life

We bow a hundred times to
those great men

Remember the martyr Bhagat Singh

The leader Subhas Chandra Bose

Shivaji Maharaj and Vajpayeeji

Do you think any of these great men
lacked focus?


So, let's promise ourselves

To let their lives inspire us

To follow in their footsteps

Of course!

- I have news. Prem is married
- Congratulations!

- That calls for a party
- Yes

Papa is against inviting riff-raff

I agree with him. I'm against
parties too

So be it!

Study hard, ok?

Give it to Jaya

- Take care of our Prem
- Sure

Give us a missed call.
Ring once, and you ring twice

Go safely

I don't know what's
happening to me

So run away

Who is stopping you?

I couldn't make high school

The computer course was in English.
I'm zero at it

Papa pushed me into marrying

And you're saying I must run away?

Mom, it's the first day.
Things take time

I woke up late today

The alarm didn't ring

No action and you wake up late

If this goes on, your in-laws
will send you home

Mridula can't keep anything
to herself

God has been kind to you.
You married a video tape guy

Ask him to show you an erotic film

It'll give you ideas


Rebel until you find a way out

I can't rebel. But in the bedroom
I can

It's my battlefield

If he is a little shy,
make the first move

Pleasing your husband is
your responsibility too

Walk slowly, please

I've finished engineering.
Have some sweets


Straight and first right. You'll see
Vijay's shop. I have work

Aren't you coming?

Just take one piece - not
the whole box

You know Vijay. What will I do
in a ladies' store?

- See you later
- Listen!

Namaste, sister-in-law

- Will you have some tea?
- No, thanks

Where's Prem?

He's busy

I need some stuff

- These bangles are lovely
- Not bangles

Something like that

See this

No. Next to that

- This one?
- The one above

Sister, show them to her.
I have work

Can I help?

A nightgown?

- Sure. Any undergarments?
- Only the nightgown

It will really suit you

That's fine

And this is the inner...

All right. I'll take it

Tell me when you're done
inspecting them

I was looking at their handbags

Sure you were

Hey Prem, is that your wife?


- You brought your wife shopping?
- I'm Sandhya

That's Pervin

Very pretty. Visit me some day

I live nearby. Drop by sometime

- Hurry!
- Just shut up and wait

Tehmina, get my purse

- Let me talk
- Why do you want to talk to her?

Have some sweets. I've just
finished my engineering degree

Easy. I have to give some
to the others

What was the big hurry?
You didn't let me talk

Why are you getting angry?
What have I done?

I am talking to you

Take me to the government library

Ok, I'll walk home

- I'm telling you straight
- This is a library

I don't like talking to people

Who asked you to talk?
I was talking

What's your problem?

I don't like chatting with
all those shopkeepers

I don't like being interrupted either

Does it bother you if
I talk to someone?

You don't know these people

When I am alone, they will
get after me

Where's the celebration?

My father was right

People here like keeping
their money locked up

Sandhya wants to see a film. Papa
is setting up the VCR

She should've got her own TV.
Why must we miss the soap?

Nothing happens in those soaps.
You won't miss anything

I'm hanging up. Ask Hema to call

Can I please close the window?

Sure. Lock it


Please close the window

The window

Can you set up the VCR?

Are you ready?

"Ma,-tyrs' DaY"

Aren't you watching?

Not in the mood

Send the TV back

- I'll tell Papa...
- Why tell Papa?

We'll watch it together

Put the light off


Wate r?

Our child just became a man

Bless us, Lord

Where are you going?

I want to share the good news
with my daughters

Tell them tomorrow

Did you see the whole film?

I don't get tired halfway like you

I saw it till the end

Who heats the water at your place?

We have a geyser

- Did you have breakfast?
- No

How did your exams go?

Maths was tough as usual

Make sure you pass

No one in our family has failed.
I want top marks

You talk like your family inherited
the world's brains

She is Prem's aunt

You leaving?

She's going

- Let your brother eat
- I've eaten

They don't eat much.
But every grain shows

It's called metabolism

My respects

Where's Prem?

What are you doing?
Help her with the luggage

Give my regards to your father

Travel safe

I left a list of songs on the table

- Record them for me
- If I have the time

Come on the 4th

- Why?
- Why do you think?

Let's go, Samar

I couldn't say no to Papa
about marrying

I couldn't stop myself last night

Domestic life is going to
drag me into quicksand

What can I teach a person
who has no will power?

I feel suffocated. What will
power do you mean?

Don't live in denial.
Just accept the reality

How can I accept someone
I am not attracted to?

How do I look?

Do whatever, you will always
look a witch

Want a slap?

This is my life now

A gravitational pull is sucking me

Accept defeat then

It's not gravity

The pleasure in bed
is pulling you

Don't be ashamed of pleasure

It is not pleasure.
It's compulsion

So enjoy your compulsions.
Why else are you on earth?

All objects in this universe
are drawn to one another

The law of gravity

So why do some objects
not meet...

...and stay fixed in their place?


...they want to reach out to
one another, they cannot


- From here?
- Press

Listen to the sound

Son, is this a CD?

A CD - a compact disc.
This is the future

Give up the old stuff

Listen to the sound

Really good

I'll get you a good deal. About 150K.
Plus a CD player

How much for this lot?

There are no buyers for this

Cassettes are only sold as scrap

No one cares for them

We'll have to start the business
from scratch

Why can't we get a loan?

I haven't repaid the loan I took
for my daughter's wedding

I told you

No borrowing money

Suggest something then

I suggest you put the radio
under your pillow

Listen to Kumar Sanu's love songs

We'll manage somehow

- When do you get Sandhya?
- On the 4th

That's today

She's waiting for him
and he's busy hogging

Give him more food

Why don't you call him?

He could call me

Are you keeping score?

Anyway I'm better than he is

Papa, please eat

Samar, come and eat

Don't give me too much.
Leave something for Prem

There's no need

I'll go check

Prem, welcome

We were expecting you

- God bless you, son
- Get him some snacks

Hello, brother-in-law

- Give him a plate
- No, thanks

- I have an early start
- Eat something

No thanks

Shall we go?

Prem, keep this money

No, please no

Take it. It's for good luck

Keep it. Buy something for me

Hold on to your bag

- What's wrong?
- I'm hungry

But you said you ate

Sit here. I'll sit over there

Give me some kachori
with onions

You eat onions?

- Yes. But my family don't
- My family eats onions

Must you go on about your family?

We eat onions. We don't sleep
before 12

What can I do if you all lie?

At least I know something
about you now

You smoke?

And drink. No one drinks
in yourfamily?


Don't tell anyone

Will your father hit you?

I am not scared of anyone

You're the fearless
warrior of the family

Eat up

- Want some?
- No, thank you

The threads of endearment...

...are entangled in your fingers

I cannot find a way...

...to untie the knot

My life is like that star...

...that passes through the clouds

You must be a little crazy

To have chosen me

How did you hear...

...my unspoken words?

What's wrong?

I want some water

I'll get it

The girls today know every1hing

What's good or bad for them

Good or bad... they also
enjoy their youth more

But what does Prem know?

Weren't you excited when
you were young? Wasn't I?

It's their time to have fun

Need something?

He was feeling hot

You're shameless! Hush


Did you record my songs?


The spices are on the top shelf

- Sugar and tea down below
- Where's my medicine bottle?

I threw it out. The meds had expired

You threw it out?
I bought it two months ago

Expired pills are not good
for the health

Don't show off your education.
I know what expiry means

I was trying to help

Why do you keep taunting me?

I asked about my medicine bottle

If you must, here it is

Answering back, eh?

We'll talk later

The way you talk. Making
a mountain out of a molehill

You should be grateful

Without me...

Prem wouldn't have married
a fat girl like you

As if Prem was some movie star

If you made him marry me...

...you should've taught him
how to treat me

Listen to her!

I was married too

I ran a house, but I never
answered back

Don't talk to your elders like that

No one cares about me. They only
think of themselves

- What is it?
- Ask your dear aunt

Where are you going?

Just ask me to unpack

Why did you marry me?

Get my clothes. I'm late

Here. I'm late


- Raghubir, what brings you here?
- For you

- What is it?
- Sweets

And an invite

A wedding invite?

Nirmal's wedding?

Listen, everybody. Prem

They met at college? So that's
what they teach nowadays

She's a dentist

Prem got left behind because
of English. Otherwise...

Stop it! Call Sandhya

She is busy. Why call her?

I called out for you

But Prem took you away

You must come to my party


Saying okay won't do

Sandhya, he won't listen to me,

...grab him by his ears
and bring him there

Have your tea. It's getting cold

I told my father-in-law...

...to hire a community centre.
We'll have 500 guests or more

A 21-gun salute for my family

They agreed. Their gift.
Made in Japan

Amazing sound

What song do you want hear?

- Any song
- Which song?

I am a cut from the
old matrimonial school

Prem is the new generation

I fancy matrimony, but my
girl's father doesn't fancy me

Our Youth Club leader said
we must avoid domesticity

Why think now? You're halfway there

Marrying Deepti is not wrong

Show her photograph to Prem

That's Deepti. Fresh as a rose

Anyway, tell me how's married life?

Can't you tell?

- If Sandhya sees you drinking...
- She can go to hell

Prem, you're drunk.
Give me your glass

Sir, I respect you...

I listen to your advice. Don't
say anything now

Leave me alone

My father ruined my life.
I stood no chance

None of you help me one bit

Control yourself, Prem

Nirmal, my friend.
You got it right

You worked hard. You're
a gentleman. I'm illiterate

And your Deepti - she's perfect

- She'll make you happy
- I know

No one asked if I wanted a life
like this

Papa hitched me up. We're like
oxen under a plough

Wait, Prem

Sandhya is a good girl.
Looks aren't every1hing

Then why show me
Deepti's photograph?

Why do you love Suman?

You're like my brother

Drop in

She's so fat. I don't feel
like touching her

Sleep with Sandhya one night...

...you'll know what hell is

Stop him!

I'll kill him

You hit me

I hit my sister, thanks to you

Stop him

Where to?

Let's sit down
and sort things out

Papa has hit him enough

Prem's father knows what's best
for him

- Take my shoe and beat him
- Never mind, Papa

It's not his fault. It's yours

You should've helped him study,
instead of getting him married

Don't go

What are you doing?

Tell me, will you?

You gave my room to Samar

No phone. No letter.
How come you're back?

I've left Prem. No more questions

Left him? Are you crazy?

Did he hit you? I'll son him out

Look! She tore up my school files

How will I get an A+?

Don't eye my room! I'll fix you too

Why are you waiting?
Call her in-laws

- Ask her what happened
- Don't dare call them

Over my dead body

As if you were sparkling with life.
Why are you here?

He does not need me.
I do not need him

He wanted a wife

He has no manners

He insulted me in front of
the whole neighborhood

He called me a fat cow,
and other things, mother

But you are a fat cow

Men are men. They talk nonsense
when they're angry

Why argue with him?

Even if he was rude, you're smart.
You should've kept mum

Kept mum?
I gave him atight slap

He won't talk to a woman like that
for the rest of his life

This is what too much education
does to a girl

No need for your tears, mother

Nothing happened. I am intact

Have some shame

Be modest in front of your father

Explain to her

Listen, women have to...

That's enough

Please listen

The warhorse Chetak galloped,
setting the earth on fire

When Chetak rode into the battlefield,
the enemy was destroyed

Now it is time for you to run.
Fly with the wind


Time is short and the task is hard

We have to win


Being sure will not make you win



Use your brawn and brains
to win this race

H ow?

Hop on, son

That's it

This is how you'll win

Son, get off now

Stan exercising

Why, sir?

Are they avoiding me?

Nothing of the sort. We're busy
preparing for the contest

Am I not invited?

We wanted to invite you but after
what happened

Yes, sure

You hypocrite. Lecturing me
and licking Nirmal's boots

Mind your language

Just because my wife left me,
everyone is ignoring me

Calm down. Let's talk

I know you people

They're enjoying my predicament

Stop talking nonsense

Let go. I'll slap you

You'll hit me?


- Showing me your pretty wife's photo
- Don't drag her into this

I'll drown you

What's all this?


He's upset. I'll talk to him

I've had my eye on him

No unruly boys here

- He'll be ok
- Take him away

Throw cold water on him

He's too hot-headed

Aunty, you don't worry at all

These days the law is with women

You should believe in yourself
and the power of women

You know there are many amendments
favouring women these days

Sandhya's case is super strong

- Will they stay together?
- She's talking about divorce

- Then why is she smiling?
- Must she cry?



Did you change your surname
on your passport, or...?


Did you give any dowry?

Any TV, VCR, sofa scooter,

- Who is giving us a TV?
- She asks if we gave anything

Let me talk

We spent about 20,000

Jewelry, clothes, etc

Madam, we spent very little cash

- Herjewelry is still with her mother
- In the bank locker

What about my humiliation?
Who pays for that?

Sandhya, that's not how you speak to
your parents

They also want your good
Say sorry

Stop stirring up my daughter.
We educated her

She wants sister to apologise

- To whom?
- To you, for being rude

Sandhya, don't lose heart, ok?

Just concentrate on your exams

Aunty, don't take tension

Divorce is very cool these days

It's the means to a happy life

I did not study law

But I know we had a happy marriage

lam sure

Come with me

Are you drunk?

Don't be stupid.
Go, get your wife back

Like hell. I won't

I'm won't be a loser anymore. I'll
make something of my life

Good movie lines, that's how
film heroes talk

People like us must live
connected to reality

I'll re-sit my high school exam

I will not live with my gloomy family

Are you nuts? You're a married man

Your wife will soon be a teacher and
you want to carry a school bag?

Look at me

Don't I dream of becoming an actor?
Look at the ham actors today

My father forced me to live here.
I'm wasting my life

My only hope is that Suman's father
accepts me

Then life is set

You love Suman, right?

If her father marries her to someone
else, would you do nothing?

There's a big difference between
reality and the movies

Do you know the truth of my life?


"Sister, 36D. The elastic is strong
and long-lasting"

Dog! Siding with my enemies.
I'm better off alone

Do as you please

- Saraswati Coaching Centre?
- Yes

I want to re-sit the high school

Show me your certificates

She's made bland food

Don't interrupt.
Let me see the recipe

She'll make us sick, dieting

I won't stop you. Eat what you like.
This is for me

This is the last straw.
First she left her husband

Now she's dividing the kitchen

- What are you cooking?
- Poison. Want some?

No. You go ahead


- A new CD shop is opening
- Whose shop is it?

It's here

- Isn't this Nirmal's shop?
- Let's see

How can one market have two
recording shops?

Is this Nirmal's shop?

Yes, it is

When does it open?

The opening ceremony is over

We're in trouble

What will happen to our business
if you open a music store, Nirmal?

You have every1hing

A decent wife, too

He misbehaved at the Youth Club.
I came because of my father

Be polite, Nirmal

Don't act pious, Nirmal. It took you
no time to ruin us

Have pity. His wife dumped him

Not surprising

You got him married to that hippo
against his will

I'll break your head

See how he behaves!

- Think before you talk, sister
- What did I say?

The shop is our bread and butter

We are not here to do charity either

You must be happy. Bankrupting others

You're just jealous.
Jealous of our success

Success? My foot!

We know your father paid a bribe
to get you into college

Who is stopping you from using
your brain cells?

The only thing that's free is whining.
That's all you do

Stop taunting me

Have some cake first

It's her birthday. Some respect

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

I'll give you a chance to save
your shop

Take part in the wife-carrying

Win and the shop is yours

Nirmal, don't talk rubbish

This is too much

I'm serious

You'll never learn.
Go, open your shop!

We have 15 years of experience
recording tapes

If I was married...

- ...I'd take part in the contest
- Naina, keep quiet

That's enough from them

Take part in the
wife-carrying contest

I will not. Let my father carry you

You will carry your wife and run

It's your birthday, but don't talk rot

I have told him. He'll run

- I won't
- Yes, you will

Has she gone senile?

Haven't we been humiliated enough?

What's wrong?

Why is she lying down?

- She tripped
- How come?

Are you ok?

What's wrong?

The divorce notice

The bet is off


Yes, we get it

Hurry! Thejudge is leaving

Hope I don't leave this world
before him

What is it?

I'll sit in front

- What shall I do?
- Take my hand

Push me

Going to bring the girl back?

You must wish us bad luck,

Drive carefully

Sinister man. He curses everyone

Your sister's husband went to
the mountains looking for God

Pervin's husband is in jail

The bra seller can't convince his girl

And Prem has a divorce notice

Chant in the name of your mother,
not God

She keeps talking nonsense

What did I say wrong?

There'll be lots of crying

Stay calm

So cry once and for all

I'm very proud of you, Sandhya

ls everyone here getting divorced?

- Is that right, Prem?
- It's a divorce court

Stop talking

Is there anything I should know?

- What's that?

No need to beg Sandhya.
Papa will carry you and run

No way

Why is God punishing us?

A disaster

Don't cry. We're the guilty ones

Who wants a "divorced" sign
outside their house?

Look what happened to me

Sandhya Varma, Prem Prakash
Tiwari. Divorce Petition

Tiwari is accused of insulting
Sandhya Varma in public

Hurting her physically
and emotionally

She asks the court to grant
her divorce

The Tiwaris must pay a divorce
settlement of 50,000 rupees

But she filed for divorce.
Is it mutual consent?


Was it a love marriage?

Just a marriage, no love

Then why did you marry him?

I liked him

And you?

Financial pressure. Sandhya
would teach and earn

Papa wanted a bride
who earned a salary

So I agreed

Anyihing happened -
kisses, intercourse, etc?

- I won't discuss private matters
- He loves humiliating me in public

- Hitting me made you proud?
- I am ashamed of that

- You humiliated me
- As though you didn't do the same

And what's this ridiculous
settlement demand?

- Don't you know our situation?
- What about me?

Did you think before slapping me?

Quiet, please!

Do the family members
want to say anyihing?

Your Honour, what can I say?

You're wise. Misunderstandings
are commonplace

That doesn't mean separating.
Just come home

Prem's father and I fought too

Once I added extra salt
in his mother's food

He hit me hard with his shoe.
But I didn't leave home

Am I talking Greek? I'm asking her
to come back

Do only men have the right to talk?
Must we just cook and clean?

This is your chance. File a case
of domestic violence

Discuss your emotional
matters outside the court

As per the Marriage Act, the court
asks you to live together for 6 months

If matters are not resolved by then...

...the court will approve the
divorce papers

Sandhya, come back.
We're pleading with you

I'll get my room back

Forget the law. Just come back

- Ask him to say sorry
- Prem, come here

The one who slapped first,
apologises first

Who insulted me in public?

All right


She's your new mother.
You'll look after her now

Hold this

Please come

I'm already feeling better

The time has come to carry
your personal load

Right here in the heart of Rishikesh

All husbands! Flex your muscles

All wives, lose some weight

The winner gets 10,000 rupees

"Heave-ho, carry that load"
The wife carrying contest

Can I say something?

It's not "of" Monday.
It's "on" Monday

And we say "in" August.
Not "on" August

The preposition is used differently

Why did you touch my book?


But why? Don't show off
your education

Ok. I know you're very smart.
I know nothing

I'm a fool and uneducated

But stop putting me down

Listen, bear with me

Better we accept the farce

I'll go in six months

"In" and not "on"

Leave this in room 12

I am a student...
Roll Number 317

- Take a seat
- Thank you

Dear Teacher...

I am 25 years old

This is my third attempt at
the English exam

My father was right. I'm a loser

My struggle to make something
of my life ends here

If you feel any pity...

...or this letter moves you,
or your eyes moisten...

...or if you're unmoved and want
to throw away my letter

Or give me a zero

Remember you are zeroing
the fate of a family

Today I accept...

...that I have failed my family,
my wife...

...and myself

Prem Prakash

Stan serving

Give Prem some of this tasty
steamed food

Why the long face? Sandhya has
made a delicious meal

We'll eat together

- I am not hungry
- We've been waiting for you

Papa closed the shop early today

Have you already eaten?

You're drunk?

Freshen up. He is coming

I must say boiled vegetables
taste delicious

Spices cause acidity

Sandhya has made great food

Lentil broth

- It's really tasty
- I forgot to add carom seeds

It'll taste even better tomorrow

- It's fine
- Have more then

Let Sandhya have the cottage cheese

No, Papa. Let him have it

Eat up

I was thinking - Prem and
Sandhya should partake...

...in the wife-carrying championship

Great idea

No, Papa

It's embarrassing. It's too strange

What's strange about it?

Prem's father carried me
and ran four times

That's another thing we didn't win

Prem is very keen to participate
in the contest. Right?

Sure. Why do you think that
I brought her back?

He's always had a sense
of humour

See that?

Couldn't you have played along
and had your meal?

I can't pretend

You all know the tricks

You must know me by now

I know nothing of the world

You must think I am blighted

- Come here
- What are you doing?

My family's affections are a sham.

They are eating what they prefer

We were hungry

It's my fault. I tricked her
into coming back

She'd run the race, save our shop,
get ajob too

It's all my fault

Let me end my life

- What are you doing?
- I'll kill myself

You've been sweet-talking Sandhya,
she doesn't care about us

Where are the matches?

Sandhya, diet or exercise...
makes no difference

Someone will love you
as you are

It's all a sham

The whole neighborhood
can watch me burn

Where are the matches?

Prem Prakash Tiwari -
Roll No. 317

What happened?

Well, he wrote his English exam
in Hindi

He had planned to commit suicide

This is all family matters. It's ok

Suicide? He couldn't even kill
a mosquito

Did you really want to kill yourself?

Did you really love me?

You never gave me the chance

To express myself or to feel

I am unworthy of being loved

You know...

I was very keen on marriage

But no one told me what
marriage really is

As if anyone told me. I was misled too

Be smarter the next time

Will you invite me to your wedding
if you found someone?

Who will marry me?

I'll find you someone...

...who loves and respects you,
cares for you

That's what I thought you'd do


It's all right

I'll find you someone you are not
ashamed of

Who doesn't brag about her education

Where's a girl like that?

As if there were dozens of suitors
for me

Papa, let's sell the shop

Your call. You wanted a music shop

I'm off, aunt

- Bless you
- Wait

I'm coming

See that?

They wanted you back
for their selfish reasons

A team spirit is needed

True. We aren't a team
nor are we as one

Never mind


Best of luck

Go straight


Sandhya Varma?

Documents, please

My file? I had it with me

You came for an interview
and forgot your papers?

I can't understand. I had the file

Can I come back tomorrow?

The interview is for today,
not tomorrow


You forgot your file

Your file

Who is he?

My husband

Your husband?

MY Papers

Quite impressive

Have you gone through them?

We have no vacancy here

But there's ajob in Meerut

If your family allows you,
you could work there

I'll persuade them. Don't worry

- Is it possible?
- Yes

12 feet

Business is bad

I've been saying that for a while

I know. Put the shop on sale
at once

Inform us soon

"Wife-carrying contest"

I've made your song tape

I've left the tape here


Did you hear about the interview?


I'm sure you'll get the job

How do you know?

Ijust know

May I say something?

You can leave whenever
you feel like

No one will stop you

My family is jinxed

There is no point suffering
on our account

Think about your future


It'll turn out fine

I have the job

In Meerut

So you've decided?

There's no one here to stay for

There are very few buses
to Meerut from here

If someone wants to see me,
they'll find a way

Have you lived alone?


Never had a broken marriage

I am Siddhesh, your husband's

Yes? How come you thought
of me after so many years?

Sister-in-law? Sorry, I didn't
recognise your voice. Bad news

Your husband has died

He went to the Himalayas on
a pilgrimage. He died in a landslide

He died the day he left me,
15 years ago

Can you come for his last rites?

What connection do I have
with your family anymore?

Did he ever call or write to ask
if I was dead or alive

I thought I should at least inform you

Who was it?


What did he say?

I am a widow

I've been a widow for years anyway


Greetings, uncle

Where's Prem?

Are you ready for the race?

As long as you race when you
carry my funeral pyre

What's wrong?

That's enough


Can I come in?

The door's unlocked

Vijay came to take you for the race

Your Papa told him to go

Look, I never got a chance...

...to be a wife

To have a family.
I've just lived as a widow

This is your time. You both
should make the most of it

No one is running in that race

What's the use?

Thinking of what's useful has done
nothing for us

Doesn't matter if you win or lose.
Do it for yourselves

Forcing never achieved anything

He doesn't want to

As if you do

Why ask if you don't want to race?

Haven't we lost enough face
in the town?

We've lost every1hing

Nothing left to mock

If there's nothing to lose...

...then why not run for yourselves?

Can't you carry me?

Of course I can

I didn't go to the Youth Club
for nothing

Shall I ask your mother
to phone your sisters?

Why not?

"Heave-ho, carry that load!"

I'll be back

You're here!

I've signed you on

Our honour is in your hands

God bless

Make sure you win

Don't pressure us. It's enough
that we're running

Why are you negative?

Look who is here

Can you carry her, Prem? Or do you
need your Papa's help?

Well, sir?

- What are you doing here?
- To hell with...

...my father and her father too

We got married this morning

Well done!

Brothers and sisters

The time has come to shoulder the
responsibilities of marriage

Let's see who makes it to the end

You'll face many obstacles

Who will win 10,000 rupees?

To inaugurate this race
we have with us the voice...

...that has captured
the heart of millions

I request Kumar Sanu to ring
the bell and start the race


Run, Prem Prakash Tiwari!

Open your eyes, tie your shoelaces

Fire your breath like a bullet

Be careful

Both feet in one tyre, then the next

It's not easy

If you were in my place you'd know

Hold tight

I knew the Youth Club leader
was a fraud

The flying horse was no help

Prem Tiwari and Sandhya Varma...

...are advancing slowly

You look good together

- You too
- Can you talk later?

You never learn

Run like a true man,
kick up a dust storm

Will you make it?

Aren't I doing ok?

- Don't let go
- I won't. Look ahead

Scale all walls, cross all rivers

- What's wrong?
- It tickles


Are you ok?


- Here
- I'm hurt

You crazy?

- Hurry
- What the hell?

What happened?

- What's so funny?
- Just look at you face

As if you looked lovely

If people are jealous, so what?
No need of modesty

If anyone tries to sneak away,
show him up

The thing that knows no end,
soak forever in that madness

The ground trembles
wherever your foot treads

I don't want to leave.
Keep me with you

There! The winners
of this year's contest...

...Prem and Sandhya

Looks like they're not done yet

My heart was never as carefree
as now

Like a letter...

...that found a new address

We walk on empty roads

With our eyes closed

Ending up in a faraway place.

The threads of endearment...

...are entangled in your fingers

I cannot find a way...

...to untie the knot

I don't care about my tears

But there is someone whose
tears I cannot see


Now you will see a song
composed by Anu Malik

Lyrics by Varun Grover

Sung by Sadhana Sargam and
Kumar Sanu