Dum (2003) - full transcript

Uday dreams of becoming a police officer and serving his country. His dream is accompanied by a fierce determination and drive to make his dream come true. Even as he courageously treads on his chosen path, he is confronted by the face of evil in the form of a crooked police officer, Shankar. But Uday soon meets with a television employee named Kaveri and once again finds his life upside down.

Knock it off! Please, Uday.
Enough! Stop it.

Ranju! What's today's timing?

It's excellent, Brother!
You're 45 seconds faster than yesterday.

-This is what you call guts.
-Forget it, don't talk about guts!

You're lucky I ran 45 seconds faster
than the last time.

-Okay, so you are better than me?
-Of course, I am.

My friend, tomorrow, you'll be the cop
and I the thief.

Let's see if you can beat me.


-You guys...

be ready by 6 in the morning.

Pappu, we're going to have
a tough time tomorrow morning.

What's up with both of you?

Whenever I keep papadum to dry,
you both barge in and crush them.

Shut up!

Aunt, it's just a matter of a few days.

We'll soon become police officers
with your blessings.

We'll eat your papadums
and crush all the criminals.

A piece of advice.

Instead of joining the police force,
why don't both of you find a good job?

There's nothing except abuses and curses

from the poor in the life of a cop.


A few dishonest cops have given
the police force a bad name.

Corrupt and dishonest cops
are a dime a dozen.

It takes guts to be honest
while staying amidst them.

And we have the guts to do it.

I can't find a single shirt here.



-Where are my shirts?

You only have three shirts
and I've put them out for a wash.

I've told you so many times
to buy a new shirt for yourself.

What should I wear now?

What are you doing?

This is Uday's shirt.

I know. After all, I'm his father.

Time to wear some stylish clothes.

My office might approve my provident fund.

Saraswati, tell me something.

-How am I looking today?
-Like Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan!

I'm sure he doesn't have to make rounds
of the provident fund office.


Well, where is Uday?

Hi, Armstrong!

Please fill my pot.

Lay off me!
I got better things to do. Go away.

Your arms...

they're meant for filling my pots.

Can I be any help?
I am a writer now.

He makes 5000 rupees per episode.

-Please come.
-Hey, what are you doing?

Let go of my hand.

Let go. I'll come with you.
After you.


Your pot is full.

Not yet...

Ten more to go.

Are you crazy?

It's enough.
He'll help you with the rest.

-I am leaving.
-Uday, your father is coming this way.

My father?

-Did you prepare well for your exam?

If you have any problem,
you can seek Katkar's help.

Tell him, I've asked you to meet him.
What happened?

Nothing, Dad.

-I want some money.
-I just gave you.

-What's the matter?

What are...

What's this?

That's brother's...

He doesn't smoke...

Don't smoke more than
two cigarettes a day.

Your physicals are around the corner.

Stop defending your brother.

Only two cigarettes!


He's our selection officer.

-Come on, call the candidates.
-Yes, sir!

-Mahesh Godse!
-Hello, sir!

I hail from your native place, Satara.

-Yes, sir!

The commissioner of Satara is
a very good friend of my father.

He has sent you a letter.

-How is Mr. Sinha?
-He's fine.

-Please stand in that line.
-Okay, thank you, sir!

Hail India!

-Any references?
-No, sir!

Go and stand there.

I've been trying real hard
for this for the past three years.

But because of no references,
I've been rejected each time.

And yet you decided to appear
for the fourth time?

-Go and stand there.

Go and stand there. Quick!


Sir, the minister is on the line.

Hello! Good day, sir!

Yes, sir! Who? Who, sir?

Rajeev Mane?

Yes, sir. Your recommendation is enough.

Consider it done, sir.
Okay, sir! Hail India!

-Who is Rajeev Mane?
-Yes, sir!

Move aside. This side.

-Hello, sir!
-The minister mentioned you.

Yes, sir! He's my relative.

-All right, go and stand there!
-Thank you, sir!

Why are you still standing here?
Go and stand in the line.


What's this?

My NCC and college certificates, sir.

-Any references?
-No, sir!

What makes you think you'd be selected?

-I have the guts, sir.
-Hmm. Go and stand there.

Go and stand there. Hurry up.

We have all the required qualifications
to become police officers.

Except glowing recommendations
from powerful people.

-We won't get through.

-Yes, tell me.
-Here are their files.

Throw them in the trash
and drive them out.

-What about them, sir?
-Bring them to the ground.



-We are grateful, sir.
-Hang on a second.

Do you want to become police officers?

Then get one thing straight.

Never use this word again.

Had I been grateful to someone,
you wouldn't have been here.

Being grateful makes you obliged
to someone.

A police officer shouldn't bow
before anyone except the law, right?

-What's your name?
-Uday, sir.

Right! Uday...

-The thing you said about guts...
-Yes, sir!

I was very impressed.

Well, you just passed the physicals.

You have to pass more tests.

Why are you silent?

Why is your head down?

Why are you silent?

Why is your head down?

Be gutsy and keep walking

Take a step with me

Tears or pain
Don't stop

Victory will be ours

With a flame burning in our chests

We follow our hearts

Victory will be ours
If we have the guts


Guts and glory


Guts and glory


We never give up hope

Fire in the chest

Fire in the chest


We will reach the summit

Fire in the chest

Fire in the chest

Life is a battle

Everyone's hurt in the battle of life

The one who gets up after
Getting knocked down

Wins the battle


Guts and glory


Guts and glory


Winds blow hard, storms brewing
We keep the flame burning

Fire in the chest

Fire in the chest


We are not afraid of darkness

Fire in the chest

Fire in the chest

Everyone's scared

Of the person who does not
Run from fear

We take crime head on

We eradicate the crime


Guts and glory


Guts and glory


Guts and glory


Guts and glory


I knew him since he was a little boy.

He would say, "Anna, give me 50 paisa."

"Anna, give me a rupee, please."

He was an ordinary waiter.

Look at him now.
He is having a drink with me.

He's getting too big for his britches.

Anna, please stop.
Let's talk business.

You wanna talk business with me?
With me?

Stay in your limits.

Go and get me a drink.

What are you looking at?

You wanna hit me?
Come on, hit me!

Go get my bloody drink!

Who are you looking at?
Get up!

Go get me a drink!

Anna, can we talk business?

Deshmukh! Knock some sense into him,

he shouldn't step over the line
or else...

Don't forget, I still have the power
to change fortunes.

Scoundrel beat up my men on my turf!

-Don't "Anna" me.

What? Why are you saying my name?

I'll make sure all the votes to
go to Lokhande, understood!

How dare he beat up my men!

Actually, the thing is...

He is hotheaded.

I'll shove his...

If I wanted, right now...

You'll get me killed?


Guts and glory

You will go against us?

Against us?

You'll get me killed?

You'll get me killed?

Anna! You'll get me killed?

You'll go against us?
Speak up!

-Speak up!
-Shankar, he's dead.

Throw him in the Vasai creek.

Anna is dead.
What about Lokhande?

That will cost you extra.

Somewhere in a distant land

When the day ends

The evening bride

Takes me away

She takes me away



I think...

it's all over for me.

Please don't say that, sir!


I'm having a tough time writing
the first four episodes.

-How will I write 996 more?
-By killing yourself!

Listen, stop irritating me!
I'm already tense.

Why should you be worried?

We are worried

we have to endure another soap opera
with screaming women...

What can you do
apart from passing comments?

What do you know about women's feelings?

You're a man!

Are you not a man?

Thank you, my friend.

You just confirmed
what I've been suspecting so far.

Come on!

Guts and glory

Well done, my friend.

Give me a chance too to do social service.

Keep your eyes and ears open
and you'll get it.

How long will it take?

Jeetu, my daughter is getting married.


What should I do?

-Tell me!
-I've already given you 10,000 rupees.

Please release my provident fund.

How many times will you make
the same appeal?

I told you so many times.

Before I could get my hands on the file,

I blew all your money.

And you are not the only one here
for your provident fund.

There are countless others too.

You get it?

You're a teacher.

Do I have to teach you
how things work here?

It feels awkward, you know.

Listen to me.

Once you collect 15,000 rupees,

come to my place in the morning.

I'll release your provident fund
within two days.

Now, please...

Don't come back here to bother me.

-All right?

In a minute.

I hope you got my point.

-How are you?
-Everything's great.

-Are you all right?

You shouldn't have bothered.
I was about to do your work.

I was passing by...

Since you're here already, have some tea.

What did he say?

He wants 15,000 more.

So what do you think?

I'll give it to him.

Hello! Is Mr. Jeetu at home?

Yes, he is. Who are you?

Tell him Dayaram's son is here.

Did you bring the money?

I said, did you bring the money?

Dad told me that he already
gave you 10,000 rupees.

Mister, why are you wasting my time?

Don't you understand this simple logic?


I can't clear the file
till you give me 15,000 rupees.

-Have some tea.
-Forget it!

You're a government clerk
and it's your job.

The government gives you a salary
for this.


If I was dependent on the government,
I wouldn't be living here.

I would probably be in a dingy apartment
with no money to shave.

Pal, it's quite clear.

-Everything has a price.
-Oh, yes!

We can see that.

Then you know what I'm talking about.

I have to take care of my wife and kids.

What about other people's wives and kids?

What about them?

They are not my responsibility.

No! You should come over
when you have the money.

Where are you guys going?
The door is that way.

-Nice TV.

-What's the price?
-It's worth 30 grand.

What the hell did you just do?

-How much is it worth now?
-It was...

-What have you done to my dining table?
-You swine!

What's wrong with you?

-You want to take bribes, huh?
-Why are you beating me up?

You want to take bribes to do your job?
Answer me.

-But why are you hitting me?
-You want to take bribes?

Bloody corrupt! You want extra money
to do your job!

What's happening?
Please call the police.


Uday, we've made a big mistake here.

We should've called the cops.

They know how to interrogate people.
Talk to them.

Threaten someone else with the police.

Be thankful I haven't brought
the anti-corruption squad with me.

You're lucky.

I'm here only to reason with you.
Do you understand?

If you still don't understand...

Here's your provident fund.
Please count it.

But, Jeetu, the government pays
by check or draft!

Don't worry about that.
You just put your signature.

Over here.

No worries, I have a pen.

-Thank you!
-Your pen...

No! Let it be. It's your pen.

-I'll take your leave.

Mr. Dayaram, if you need anything,
let me know.

It's always good to help people.



-Are you leaving?

Please, have something. Give us a chance
to take good care of you.

-No, no, it's fine.
-Have something.

No, I've had enough.

-What are you thinking, Dad?
-How come...

a corrupt man like Jeetu...

had a change of heart so soon?

Can't say anything, Dad.


someone taught him
to do his job honestly.

You can't suppress my voice
by scaring and threatening me.

Because it's not my voice
but the voice of the people.

They're against Deshmukh!

A few dishonest police officers
are politicians can't rule us anymore,

nor can they influence our decision.

Are you confident?

Let's see.

Do you know what police means?

I'll tell you.

-Sir, he peed.

Should I pull the trigger?

Just once? All right?


Put some sense into him.


He is good at heart.

He won't do anything to you.
Tell me something:

Why are you so eager to die
for the public?

Listen to me, go to your village
with your wife and kids...

and spend the rest of your life

-in peace.
-Mr. Deshmukh.

-Shankar here.

He's such a poor guy.

-I scared him a bit...

-and he peed.

-How will he be a politician?
-It's funny.

What if he flips?

-Just make sure he understands.
-Yes, don't worry.

-He should not stand against me.


What are you thinking?

When we were kids...

I used to trouble you a lot,
make you cry a lot.

But when you move in
with your hubby...

you'll make me cry so much...

you'll have your revenge at one stroke.

If this wasn't enough,
I have one more reason to be sad.

I think, your suitor looks
like a crow.

-Ranju, are you ready?
-Mom, see how he's teasing me.

-He's calling my suitor a crow.
-Mom, see!

She has not even seen him

and yet she can't tolerate anyone
making fun of him.

Mrs. Shinde, they're here!

-Oh, they're here!
-Let's go!

-Welcome. Hello, Son.

Any problem finding this address?

-Look at the crow.

Hey, where are you going?

Well, there were a few issues
with the car, so...

-My sister.

She's the girl from the bus stop.

-Come on in, dear.


One should drink tea carefully.

It's very hot.

Just wait for your turn.

I think we should leave them alone
for a while.

-Isn't it?
-Yes, you're right!

-Come on!
-Let's go, guys.

I'm sorry. What's this?

Are you already scared of my sister?

What will happen after marriage?

It's nothing like that.

I'm not scared of your sister.

It's just that I want to involve my sister
in my decision.

Even I've made all my decisions
after consulting my brother.

And so...

The car broke down on the way

and in this city,
nobody helps you for free.

No, Brother!

Some people do help you
without asking for anything in return.

Well, it won't hurt too much
if such people could only get...

to hear thank you in return.

Do you cook?

Brother, the suitor is supposed
to ask me this question.

Oh! Yes!

It's exactly what I meant.

Ranjo is a fantastic cook.

Sir, what's happening?

It's straight out of that scene
from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Looking London
Talking Tokyo

It was a hit scene!

Pappu, note this down.

-Mohan, what do you think?
-I think...

after Ranju gets married, very soon...

we'll have to dance
in Uday's wedding too.

You must have found out
a bit about each other by now.


Son, what have you decided?


I like your daughter.

What do you think about him?


-I mean, Siddhant and Ranju are perfect.

-You're going to be in the city, right?
-I'm going out for about four days.


I'll go to Bangalore.

-We'll meet again.

Tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. on TV.


Greetings! We welcome all our viewers
to our show.

-Where is she?
-It's said you can...

-...win a man's heart through tasty food.

-Isn't it, Ms. Manju?

And that's why, today, we're going
to learn to make delicious kulfi.

What ingredients...

Brother, is she talking about
winning her husband's heart...

or is she expressing her feelings?

I think, both.

And what's the recipe?

-Should we start, Ms. Manju?

First, we'll need two liters of milk.

-Now, in a vessel...
-Mohan, two liters of milk.

-...over medium heat.

but we have just one liter.

Just one liter?

Make sure you don't spill the milk.

Chiranji, one liter milk?

Add two pounds of sugar...

Stir it. Like this.

Once the milk boils,
begin with the curdling process.

Okay, so how long will it take?

He's lost again.

Your delicious kulfi is ready.

-No. Actually, I was...

she was narrating the recipe for kulfi.

But you seem more frozen.


Hey, Miss Kulfi!

What is it? Is this the way
you call out to a girl?

Don't you know my name?

When I saw you, I forgot my own name.

Kaveri. Uday.

Tell me, what is it?


Yes! We all saw your show.

-You stopped me to tell this?

No! I mean...

Actually, in your show you told,

how a girl can win a boy's heart
by making kulfi for him.

Can you tell me
how a boy can win a girl's heart?

Why? Do you want to win a girl's heart?

You know, her heart's desire reflects
in her eyes.

Can you look into her eyes?

Hey, Kulfi.


I have seen your eyes.

Something is happening

Yes, something is happening

Your heart has started to wander

Yes, it has started to wander

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

Something is happening

Yes, something is happening

Your heart has started to wander

Yes, it has started to wander

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

When I saw you, I felt

As if there was nothing else left to see

When I loved you, I felt

As if there was nothing else to love

I have given and received love

This moment has come alive with your love

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

Something is happening

Yes, something is happening

Your heart has started to wander

Yes, it has started to wander

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

I want to live

I want to live

I want to live

Just for you

What are you looking at?

I'm looking for words
to express my feelings.


We're going for a walk.


So, did you find any?


to express your feelings?

Yes, but...

you'll have to be able
to read it in my eyes.

Sir, anything else?


-Get two dozen kulfis for madam!
-Two dozen kulfis?

Mr. Deshmukh. Hello!

Nothing, as always,
it's just me and my loneliness.


I often talk to myself, what if...

What if I had this girl!

What if I had another girl!

What if I had both of them!


Get lost!

Sir! Spare him, he's just a kid.

So, what do you expect?
Should I treat him like a newborn?

Is he your child?

-Get back to your work.

What happened?

Nothing. Shall we go for a walk too?

Okay, I'll just pay and come.

-You good-for-nothing!

-Get lost!
-I'm leaving, sir!

Mr. Deshmukh... Nothing...

One minute.


Mr. Deshmukh, I'll call you back
after taking a whiz.


Hey, why are you shouting?

Did you call me shameless?
Why are you bothered?

Listen, talk properly.

Every night you look for a customer...


How dare you hit me?

What happened, Kaveri?

This man is drunk and talking rubbish.

-So he's your customer today.

One more word...

I'll make sure you are jailed
for drinking and misbehaving in public.


You'll have me jailed?
What did you say?

Look, don't push.

-You'll put me behind bars?
-Do not push.

You'll put me behind bars?

If I hit you, you'll die!

Are you crazy?

Are you mad?

Uday, let's leave.

Hit him harder!


Hit him! Hit him harder!
Enough of his orders!

-Hit him harder!

Stop it, Uday!




-Uday, please!
-Uday, stop!

-Uday, wait!
-Uday, stop!

Uday, no!



Uday, please.

-No, Uday.
-Uday, leave him.

-Uday, please.

Uday, leave him.

I told you!

Now remember:

If I hit you, you'll die!

-What happened here?
-Nothing, sir!

A guy hit the hell out
of Encounter Shankar.

I think, from now on,
he'll stop torturing everyone.

He was thrashed!


I cannot see you in pain.

Sir, if you can't take the pain,
we can give you painkillers.


With... every stitch...

I can see his face...

flashing before my eyes.

Wow, sir.

But, sir,

how will we catch him?
We didn't see his face.

I have...

I have seen him.


roundup all the hawkers
present at the scene that night.

Okay, sir.

Someone might...

remember his face.

Enough, Uday.

The girl...

The girl was screaming a name.

What are you doing, sir?

It's done.

Doctor, will this mark...

ever heal?

I'm sorry, inspector.

Tell that boy's name and address,

or else none of you will return alive,
got it?


-Bloody dogs!
-I wasn't there, sir.

-What's his name?
-I don't know!

-Tell me his name?
-Sir, I don't remember.

-Don't remember? Tell me!
-Sir, I don't remember anything.

Scoundrel! What's his name?
Tell me!

What's his name?
You don't remember, huh?

Tell me!

Swine! Scoundrel!

-You don't remember too, huh?
-Don't hit me, sir.


You were there, right?

You were the one selling peanuts.

-You were there, right? What?

That guy was hitting me
in front of a girl,

and you were laughing, right?
Laugh now!

Come on! Laugh! Laugh, you bloody idiot!

The girl was shouting,
"Enough, Uday!"

And you were saying, "Hit him harder!"

You were encouraging him.

The girl was telling him,
"Enough, Uday!"

And you were saying,
"Hit him harder!"

The girl took his name...




Arrest every Uday
in the neighboring areas!

He beat the shit out of you.

You knew about that boy, right?

-Then why didn't you tell him?

this was nothing compared
to what he received.

That boy whacked him like a dog!

The guy has guts!

Had Ranju not stopped me,
he would have been dead by now.

Forget it, man.

I think you're taking it too seriously.

Anyway, the next time
he will look at his face...

he'll remember two things:

You and his scar.

-Come on, add 20 pounds more.
-Have you gone mad, Uday?

It will be 160 pounds!

Hail Lord Hanuman,
the ocean of knowledge.

Hail Lord of Apes,
You save the three worlds!

Messenger of Lord Rama
with immense powers.

Son of Anjani and Wind God.

Grant me strength!

Who is Uday Shinde?

The Chief wants to see you.


-Lunch is ready.

Come! We'll go inside and talk.

Uday, last night, did you have
a fight with someone?

People call him Encounter Shankar.

He is among those police officers...

who abuse their powers.

Long live Mr. Datta!
Long live Lok Shakti!

I've known him for a long time.

Long live Mr. Datta!

Long live Lok Shakti!

-Please be silent!
-Hail Mr. Datta!

There's no point in shouting slogans.

You'll be mired in poverty forever.

We'll have to fight for our rights.

Bloody rascal has become the messiah
of the poor!

He used to represent my party.
Now, he's standing against me.

He wants to serve the poor. He is
obsessed with eradicating corruption.

Bloody idiot...


For social work there are other
organizations, why enter politics?

What's the use, huh?

Till he is alive...

neither will I win the election...

nor will I get back my deposit.

What should I do?

I'm confused.

Why don't you get him killed?

So be it.

Do it for me.

Mr. Deshmukh...

do you also want me dead
along with Datta?

It's not a job for the police...

it's for a butcher...

Babu the Butcher.

-Mister, please don't put the fat.
-There will be some.

Make it smaller. A little more.

-What are you doing?

-How much, madam?
-No! Don't worry, let it be.


I've bought vegetables from you.
It's your right to demand money.






Move it!

You think you're a gangster, huh?

You think you'll walk free
after killing Datta and his men!


Enough, Inspector!

In ten minutes, you'll release me
with due respect.

-Keep your finger down!


duty calls!

It's your superior.

Pick it up.

Come on. Salute!

Say, "Yes, sir. No, sir! Sorry, sir!"
Go ahead.


you will...

with due respect,
drop me home in your car.

Come on, pick up the phone.

No matter what happens,
I won't release you at any cost.


Come on.
No one will pick up the phone!

-But, sir...
-I said, no one will pick up the phone!

Sir, maybe you don't know,

but he is no ordinary criminal.
He's Babu. Babu the Butcher!

In a few minutes, there will be a line
of politicians ready to release him.

Besides, we don't have
any proof against him.

We do have proof.

My wife!

You'll regret this, Inspector.

Mr. Deshmukh, Shankar here.

It's impossible to save Babu.

-Mr. Sharma's wife has seen everything.
-I don't want to hear anything.

Destroy all evidence and get rid
of her! Understood?

Hello, Ma'am!

-Is Mr. Sharma at home?
-No, he's not.

Actually, he had called me over
to discuss some important work.

If you don't mind,
can I wait for him inside?


I am thirsty.
Can I have a glass of water?

Kindly wait in the hall.
I'll get it for you.

No, don't bother,
I'll take it myself.

You can carry on.

Ma'am, what did you do?
Look, you're bleeding.

Why can't you wait in the hall?

Why did you agree to give a statement
against Babu?

-No, no!

-Please hurry...


Hello, Laxmi?


Laxmi, what happened?

-Laxmi, what happened?

-You are a police officer...
-Oh, yes!

I forgot, I'm a police officer.

A police officer should not leave
any evidence behind.

Especially when an officer is murdering
his senior's wife.

-Come closer, ma'am, come!

Ma'am was working in the kitchen.

-The stove was on.

The phone rang and she went to pick it up.

When she came back,
she had forgotten about the stove.

And by mistake, she...

she lit the matchstick and...





Your daughter.



Seeing her daughter's charred body...

Laxmi became as good as dead.

Deshmukh stood for the elections and won.

While I was sent
to the Police Selection Department...

Shankar was promoted to inspector rank.

There was no witness against Babu
and so we had to release him.

Sir, such people should not be allowed
to get away with their crimes.

They should be shot in broad daylight.

I wanted the same too.

But then...

I'd have become just like him.

For my wife's condition,

and for my daughter's death,
I too seek revenge.

Provided they are within the boundaries
of the law.

They are taking advantage of the law
and committing crimes.

We'll use the strength of the same law

and drag them before everyone
to the gallows.

And for that, I want honest guys like you
in the police department.


I have a piece of advice for you.

Until you become a police officer...

-stay away from Shankar.

the day you become
a police inspector...

kill him with his own weapon.

But within the boundaries of the law.

Until then be careful.

His name is Uday.

He's about 25 years old, I think.

He has a fair complexion
and he's about six feet tall.

Hey, wait!

Our cruiser broke down.

You'll have to give a lift to the Chief.




-Sir, I got him.
-Who? Uday?

No, the one who will take you
to the station.

-Come on!
-Okay, sir!

Our cruiser broke down.
I'll be there soon.

Smart-ass, you wore the helmet
after seeing a cop.

Wear it! It will save you one day.

Anyway, your safety is not our headache.
Let's go.

What? No man! It's Uday!

Idiots cannot find a guy named Uday?

I don't need any explanation.
I don't want to hear anything.

I want him found by evening at any cost.

-Move it...
-Keep moving.

What's with the checking?

Are you also after Uday?

No, sir, a criminal has escaped
from the court.

The checking is to nab him.

By the way, sir,
do you know this man?

Me? No! This man gave me a lift.

Hey, remove your helmet.

Come on, hurry up!

Hey, what are you doing?

It's government property.
Be careful.



-Sir, we found Uday.
-What? You found Uday!

-Yes, sir.
-They found Uday!

Did you hear that? They've found him.
I'm going to rip him apart.

Bring that rascal to me.

Dayaram! How long will you take?

Just two more minutes!


It's been two hours already.

We are late and we have to keep things
in the car!

Hey, come here!

-What is it, Aunt?
-Are you asking me?

You're roaming like a loafer
since morning.

-Why aren't you working?
-I'm working!

-I've been working since morning.
-So are you doing me a favor?

It's Ranjo's wedding.
Of course, you have to work!

Come one, pick up the luggage.

Can I say something?

You glow when you get angry.

Really? Are you flirting with me?

Wait, I'll get you married
to my niece Sunanda

and make you do all the household chores.

All things are scattered here
and no one's here too. Uday!


-What happened to your ear?

Mohan, take these things
to the wedding hall.

Has the florist come?

Yes, Pappu and Shriram have
taken him to decorate the hall.

You're working since morning and Uday...

-Where is he?
-He has gone to Kaveri's place.

They will reach the hall
with the rest of the things.


I think along with Ranju and Siddhant,
both of them should get married too.

It's not a bad idea!

I think, I'll have to buy
another one soon.

Hey, it's bad manners.

You should not eye
someone else's valuables.

And what about mine?

Hey! What happened? Got a shock?

-What happened to your car?
-I don't know.

I'll check.

Open the bonnet.

A car is nothing
but a nuisance on wheels.

My bike was way better.

Kaveri, start it.

Try again.

It's past its prime.

Your friend should sell it
and get a bullock cart instead.

At least, it will move.

Uday, stop taunting and tell me
what we should do now?

We'll commute
like any other Mumbai resident.

Auto rickshaw!

Auto rickshaw!


Back up!

He's running away!



Sir, did you find them?




The priest has asked for the mangalsutra.

Okay. I'll get it.


It's Ranju's wedding procession

Why are you silent?

Give the mangalsutra,
we've to decorate the plate.

It isn't here.

-What happened?
-I think, I forgot it in the car.

What, the mangalsutra...

What happened?

Nothing. The mangalsutra is amazing.
It's beautiful!

-Where are you both going?
-Kaveri didn't like the snacks here,

so we thought of having something better
in that restaurant.


Man, can't you see?
She doesn't have earrings.

We are going to get her
a pair of earrings.

She's going to be your wife.
She should look beautiful!

-Shall we?
-Oh yes! Go!

Come on.

We better hurry up!

Hey, come quickly!

Get the mangalsutra.
I'll be back from the gas station.




in the morning, you were sprinting
like Jesse Jones!

-Run again. Huh?

-Where is your partner?
-I don't know.

Love is a bitch!

The whole world is in love

Let's see...

how long you can save him?

-Yes, sir?

-Put her in the cruiser.

Move it.

Listen, I don't like to insult
respectable women.

Give me the address...

or I'll put your photograph
along with these hookers on the board.

Give me Uday's address.

I don't know.

Cooperate or...


What took you so long?
Where is Kaveri?

Where is the mangalsutra?

Uday, Inspector Shankar took Kaveri
with him.


I'm sorry, Uday, we lied to you.

The mangalsutra was in the car,
we went to take it

and he came out of nowhere.

-I'm going.

-To bring Kaveri back.

Make sure no one knows about it.


So, do you now remember anything?

This thing called love.

You can continue.

Speak up! Speak up
or I'll disfigure your face.

Speak up! Come on, speak up!
Answer him!

Where does he live?

Sir, we found this in her bag.

A mangalsutra!

So we can charge her with prostitution.

-Hey, leave her!

We are so fortunate God has graced us
with His presence.

Welcome God, please come in!

Hey, leave her.

The police is notorious as it is...

for troubling innocent people.


Don't tell anyone I'm here
until the wedding is over.

-Uday, he will...
-Nothing will happen to me.



Kaveri, where is Uday?

He's looking after the guests.

Now the groom can

put the mangalsutra
around the bride's neck.

It's his sister's most important day...

and he's not bothered at all.

Where is Uday?

Kill me.

Kill me or you'll regret it later.

The stitches were awfully painful.

You will die for sure.


it will be one horrible death!

Hail Lord Hanuman!

Hail Lord Hanuman!

Hail Lord Hanuman!

Hail Lord Hanuman,
the ocean of knowledge.

Hail Lord Hanuman,
the ocean of knowledge.

Hail Lord of Apes,
You protect the three worlds!

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge

Hail Lord of Apes!
You protect the three worlds!

Messenger of Lord Rama
With immense powers!

Son of Anjani and Wind God!

Great and brave warrior

Grant me strength!

Yes, sir, I've done it.

Welcome, sir. I thought
you had forgotten about me.

-Ajay, get one... No, three drinks.
-Yes, sir.

Wait, there's no need.

-Where is Uday Shinde?
-Who is he, sir?

The one who is in your custody.

In our custody?
Ajay, do we have any...

-Uday Shinde?

Yes, do we have any Uday Shinde?

No, sir. No.

-Sir, he's not here.
-Sir, he's lying!

Uday surrendered himself to him
in my presence.

-They must have done something to him.

think before you speak.

It is the duty of a policeman
to protect people, not to...

kill them.

Sir, if you don't believe me,

you can check this report.

Sir, don't trust him.
Kaveri is not lying.

Hey you, if you point the finger
at me again,

I'll put you behind bars.

-You won't act like a macho man anymore.
-Shankar, I know you very well.


if you know me well,

then why are you wasting your time?

-Sir, please come out.

Sir, look.
This one is from Uday's shirt.


-What happened?


You'll die for sure.

But it will be one horrible death!

Uday! Be careful, dear!

Be careful.

It's just a matter of few days, Son.
You'll start walking again.

I will not spare him.

I won't spare him.


God has given you a second chance at life.

Besides, that cop

is notorious for his rowdy behavior.

We are ordinary people.

It's better for us to stay away
from goons like him.

At this hour...

instead of seeking revenge,
you must focus on healing yourself.

Get well soon.

You have to get ready
for the final test as well.

Yes, Uday!

You went through so much
to get us married.

-It won't go waste.
-Yes, dear!

You promised me,

after becoming a police officer
you'll crush all the criminals,

not my papadums! You remember?

She's right.

Crushing her papadums
would be no fun without you.

Hey, Uday.

Calm down for a few days.

-Yes, Uday! We are with you.
-Hey! Yes.

And if you want company,
I'm ready to sleep here with you.

I mean, stay here with you.

I will tell you my stories
based on women's emotions.

I'll take care of you day and night.

-Yes, sir?

-Give me the file.
-Yes, sir!

-Hey, there's no need!

Uday is fine with his parents and Kaveri.

-Both of you leave.

-If you stay here, you'll drive him mad.
-See you.

-Now leave. Leave!
-Do I have no self-respect?

That's amazing.

Come with me!


Come on, move.

-Let's sit outside.

Okay, dear.



How is Uday?

He's sleeping.

What did the doctors say?

His legs are badly hurt.

We don't know...

how long it will take him to recover.

Well, this is Uday's final physical test
call letter.

-But the doctors said...
-I know.

But to join the police force,

it's very important
to pass the physical test.

Right now, Uday can't even stand
on his feet.

I remember when I met Uday
for the first time, he said...

he'd join the police force
because he's able he is gutsy.

I liked his spirit.

It's said, one can achieve anything
in this world,

if one has the craze to achieve it.

If one has self-confidence.

Now, it's a test of Uday's craze
and self-confidence.

When Uday gets up, tell him this:

God helps those who help themselves.





Hail Lord Hanuman!

Hail Lord Hanuman!

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

-Wait, Saraswati!

If he wants to become a police officer...

he needs to be self-reliant.

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

Hail Lord of Apes
You protect three worlds!

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

Hail Lord of Apes
You protect three worlds!

Messenger of Lord Rama
With immense powers!

Son of Anjani and Wind God!

Lord Hanuman
You're the bravest of them all!

Remover of ill wishes
And bringer of auspiciousness!

Do you have it?

Bless me...

for my final test.

Keep listening

Oh brave soul, keep listening

Keep listening to your heart
Oh brave soul

Keep singing

Oh brave soul, keep singing

Keep singing the verses of your heart
Oh brave soul

Don't try to hide nor try to smile

Just tell us what's in your heart

You've shared your happiness with us

Now make us a part of your sorrows too

Keep listening to your heart
Oh brave soul

We are aware your path is full of thorns

But a man with guts crosses over
The path of thorns

We are aware that you're walking
On a path of fire

But a man with guts crosses over
The path of fire

Burn in flames
Walk on thorns

Let your destiny change the world

You've shared your happiness with us

Now make us a part of your sorrows too

Keep listening to your heart
Oh brave soul

Your eyes don't have tears anymore

But how can I stop from crying?

You easily endure every sorrow

The heart yearns and aches
But I will stop at nothing

You're my only happiness

You're the reason of my smile

You are my strength

You've shared your happiness with us

Now make us a part of your sorrows too

Keep listening to your heart
Oh brave soul

Keep singing the verses of your heart
Oh brave soul

Don't try to hide nor try to smile

Just tell us what's in your heart

You've shared your happiness with us

Now make us a part of your sorrows too

Keep listening, Oh brave soul

Oh brave soul
Keep listening to your heart

Keep singing

Keep singing the verses of your heart
Oh brave soul

Uday Shinde!

-Do you know what a cop's motto is?
-Yes, sir!

To protect the society
at the risk of your life.

So you do realize

that you may lose your life
while performing your duty.

-It will be my good fortune.
-So, Mr. Uday Shinde...

are you ready for the interview?

Yes, sir.

Well done, Mr. Uday.



Guts and glory


Sir, there's a letter for you.

It's from the police commissioner.

This is to inform you
that Uday Shinde,

son of Dayaram Shinde,

resident of tenement 24,
room number eight,

Vithal House,
Veera Desai Road, Mumbai,

which falls under your jurisdiction.

has been chosen for the post
of sub-inspector.

Kindly submit his character certificate
at the earliest

in the Police Enrolment Section.

What happened, sir?

Bloody swine! How did he survive?

Who, sir?

Sir, now what?

Congratulations, Brother!

Listen, I won't have cake.

-You see, I want kulfi.

Here you go.

That's good.

Uday, in this world,

there's nothing like
seeing your wife happy.

True. My happiness is also in the eyes
of my beloved.


Uday, I hope you'll give my sister Kaveri
the same happiness

-as I have given to your sister Ranju.
-I'll try.

I'm soon going to get my joining orders.


Have you told Uday
about your company's new branch?


Uday, our company is opening
a new branch in Bangalore

and for that we need some good
and hardworking boys.

Really? That's great.

Some of my friends could be interested.

He didn't mean your friends.

He can help you get a good job.


Uday, if you think practically,

there's nothing attractive
about being a cop.

Except a few medals.

Your risk to life
is way more than your salary.

What are you saying?

We have always wanted him to become a cop.

Yes, Ranju, but I'm talking
about their well-being.

All I want is both of you to be happy
after marriage.

Should she worry about your safety
all her life?

Did you invite him to tell this?

Please, Uday. Don't feel bad
about what he said?

He has no clue what he's saying.

He's right, Ranju.

He has every right to be worried
about his sister.


my name is Uday Shinde.

I'm going to be a police officer
whose salary will be 4000 rupees only.

Maybe Kaveri won't have the luxuries
that my sister has.

But being a police officer
is not just a job for me.

It's my identity.

It's not a dream.

It's my reality.

And yes,

anything might happen to me on duty.

I can't guarantee I'll always be safe.

If I have to lose my life
in the line of duty...

I'll have no second thoughts.


Being a police officer's wife,

you can either bow down with fear

or walk with your head held high.

And I don't want you...

to spend the rest of your life in fear.




Come on!

Hey, what do you want?

I just want you, Chiranji.

Then it doesn't matter
if we have a baby boy or a baby girl.

Hey, Ranju, I want a sweet nephew.

I think we'll have a niece.

Just like her. Right, Ranju?

And when she grows up,
she too will be influenced by others.

Uday, forget it!

It's getting late.
Let's get on with the rituals.

-Where are the bangles?

I thought if I forgot today,
it would lead to a bigger problem.

-And so...
-You did good, dear.

Hold on a minute, Mrs. Shinde!

Uday is not only an angry young boy
but also a lover boy.

So let him do it.
Why are you taking the trouble?

Go on, Mr. Uday.
Go on.

Come on.
Why are you fussy?

Come on. Go!

I hate it when you're upset with me

Please listen

Be careful...

or it will break.

You are worried about the bangles.

Have you ever thought of the pain
before breaking someone's heart?

You know me well
I won't be able to express myself

If you look at me and smile
I'll smile back

I'm neither angry nor disloyal

Let bygones be bygones

When you were angry with me

My happiness deserted me

The weather was mocking me

The world made fun of me

The clothes got drenched in the rain

While the heart was still barren

Every moment was painful
Oh so excruciating!

When you were angry with me

My happiness deserted me

When you were angry
My happiness deserted me

Let the past be in the past

Let bygones be bygones

I hate it when you're upset with me

I surrender before your anger

Please forgive me for my mistake

Don't torture me anymore
Please, forget it now

You know me well enough
I won't be able to express myself

If you look at me and smile
I'll smile back

I'm neither angry nor disloyal

Let bygones be bygones

-Let bygones
-Let bygones

Let bygones be bygones

Search every corner of the house!

What's the matter, sir?

You'll know soon.

Sir, I got this from inside.

Opium, heroin.

So this is your son's business?

-It's all lies!
-I know.

But I've to make
his character certificate?

I'll charge ten more cases like this
against him.

Murder, rape, extortion,

-robbery, kidnap...
-Please for God's sake, don't do this.

You will ruin his life.

He has dreamt of becoming
a cop all his life.

Ma'am, I'm afraid it will
remain a dream.

He ruined his life
the day he gave me this scar.

That bloody dog dreams of becoming a cop?

He'll live to regret...

that he didn't die that day.

I'll make sure he lives a terrible life.


His certificates.

One who can get these certificates
from the police commissioner's office...

he can do anything.


You don't believe me?

No, please.

Please don't do this.

-Don't do this! It's my son's...
-No, don't do this!

-Inspector, please!

Give. Please give it to me! Don't do this!

-Don't burn them!
-When your son returns, tell him...

to surrender to me...

or else...

you've seen a sample.

Be careful! Watch your step.

Be careful.

-Yes, Uday.

You're taking this lightly!
You've to follow the doctor's advice.

Be careful. Careful!

-I'm okay.
-I'll get you a glass of water.

Mom, can you get a glass of...

Mom, what happened?

Did Dad say something?

Dad, why is Mom...

What's this, Dad?


-What happened?

Inspector Shankar was here.

He burned your certificates...

We tried a lot to stop him...


he hit your dad.



Son, he's a very dangerous man.

Drop your dream
of becoming a police officer.

-Stop this fight now.

Because we are ordinary people?

He takes undue advantage
of his position.

He disrespects us and you expect me
to do nothing about it?


-Dad, we are not the filth of the road.


My mother hasn't given birth to a coward!


He has thrown down the gauntlet!

This duel has come to its climax.

Don't stop me. Bless me so that I may win.

There will be a new dawn tomorrow.

Where is Shankar?

He is at Wadala.

There is a meeting of dalits.
He's there to provide security.

Who are you?

His wrath!

Dalit Conference

It's hot. Right, sir? They have a meeting.

...we've arranged earlier.

What's the reason?
Do we have to look down upon people?

Are we trying to prove
to other countries...

-What is it?

-...that greatest democracy...

in the world...

oppresses its own population...

He thinks it's his private property!
Bloody corrupt!



We only want...

what should...


It's wrong.

Are our demands illegal?



What did you think?

You'll become a cop?

You'll compete with me?

You shouldn't have hit my parents.

Thank me, I did not leave you an orphan.

What will you do?

I will shoot you in the head!

What are you staring at?

What are you staring at?

Bloody rascal!


-Put him in the cruiser.
-Yes, sir!

One minute!

This bloody cop is abusing our caste
and leader.

I tried to stop him,

but he called me a filthy worm
and threatened to put me behind bars.

He's threatening a guy from our caste!
Come on!

You wanted to know what I can do.

Now, watch!

Let's teach him a lesson, folks,

so that he never ever abuses his power
as a cop!

Hit the bastard!

Hit him!

This is the right time
to have my revenge!


Everyone, please go outside.
I want to talk to him.

You too.

What was the need?

What was the need to abuse their leader
and their caste?

I sent you there to provide security
and you ended up fighting with them!

Do you know...

their party is supporting me
in the election?

Why are you silent? Speak up!

Listen, Shankar.

Whatever it is with you and Uday...

sort it out after the election.


Or next time I won't be able to save you
from getting suspended.




Stitch him without anesthesia.

Yes, sir.

He should remember the pain
before making such mistakes again.


-I'll take your leave now.
-Stay blessed.

Bye, my dear sister-in-law.

-I'll see you soon.
-Be happy, dear.

Uday, take care of your parents.
I'll drop Kaveri.

-Come on, Kaveri.

Are you mad?

-Dad, I'll just...
-Yes, sure.

Let's go.

You're out of the race.

Now only one of us
will become a police officer.



-Babu, Shankar here.

-Shankar who?
-Encounter Shankar!

Oh sir, it's you! Tell me.

I drove my car!


Hey, stop this buffoonery.

These toys are for my nephew,
not for you!

-Uncle, but we want to play!

It's late. Uday's not back yet.

There's only one way to keep Uday at home.

-What is it?
-Bring Kaveri home, forever!

-Mom, I don't think it's a bad idea.

No, Ranju.

What if he takes her along
to the police station every day?

I guess, it's Uday. Now ask him yourself.

Hurry! Get out through the back door.

-Ranju, come on, fast!
-Let's go!

Run! I'll handle them!

Move! Get out of here!

Hold them!

Leave! Leave him! Ranju!

-Did I ask him?

-Ranju, run!

Come on, Ranju!













Chase them! Catch them!

Go away from here! Go!

Look at you!


Why are your sacrificing your life
for others?

You won't understand
what's friendship and family.

You can cut me to pieces...

but until my last breath...

I won't let anything happen
to this family.


I am Babu the Butcher.

If you're still alive by the time
Uday is here, tell him this:

One who plays with fire burns in it too.

Nothing affects the fire.



Calm down.


I did not let anything happen
to Ranju, Mom or Dad.

I protected them.

Who did this?

Everything's ruined now.

Now, only you'll become a police officer.


Quiet! Nothing will happen to you.

-Promise me, Uday.

Promise me!

Who is Uday Shinde?
There's a call for you.

India's population is growing
by leaps and bounds.

So I thought Babu might put a check on it.

Today your friend died.

Tomorrow, your father.

The day after, your mother...
It's a never-ending process.

It's better if one dies instead of ten.


Listen, you still have time.

Surrender yourself to me

and forget about being a cop.

You hit me?

You try to act smart
in front of people?

You think you can challenge me?

Saw how I got your friend killed
like a dog?

Come on, shoot.

Do you have the guts?

I'm not scared of death.

I'll rather die,
but I won't leave you alive.

Aren't you gutsy?

You value your life, don't you?

Today, I'll make you taste death!

Come and face your death.


Are you scared to face your death?

Now think,

when this bullet will make a hole
in your head,

how much pain will it cause?

Feel it.

My friend Mohan died a painful death.

Hey sissy!

Open your eyes and face your death!

Watch me!

Look here!

Look here!


Mister, walk slowly!

You're in the shadow of lightening

Sparks fly from my eyes!

I'm a fair lass
Full of fireworks!

Mister, walk slowly!

You're in the shadow of lightening

Sparks fly from my eyes!

I'm a fair lass
Full of fireworks!

And the lightening struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

Mister, walk slowly!

You're in the shadow of lightening

Sparks fly from my eyes!

I'm a fair lass
Full of fireworks!

My eyes crave with lust
I search for love with my tender lips

I carry thunder and fire
And a bad reputation

Her eyes crave with lust
She searches for love with her tender lips

She carries thunder and fire
And a bad reputation

Thunder and fire

Touch me and you'll burn

Don't think I'm a withering flower!

Touch me and you'll burn

Don't think I'm a withering flower!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

Mister, take a walk!

You're in the shadow of lightening

Sparks fly from my eyes!

I'm a fair lass
Full of fireworks!

Fun and funk!

Fun and funk!

Mister, take a walk!

You're in the shadow of lightening

You're in the shadow of lightening

Mister, walk slowly!

You're in the shadow of lightening

You're in the shadow of lightening

Sparks fly from my eyes!

I'm a fair lass
Full of fireworks!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

Mister, walk slowly!

You're in the shadow of lightening

Walk slowly!

Walk slowly!

My beauty is akin to the sun
And it will set you afire!

I'm like burning water
I leave destruction in my wake!

Burning water

Fun and funk!

You're in the shadow of lightening

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

Your beauty is akin to the sun

Sparks fly from my eyes!

I'm a fair lass
Full of fireworks!

And the lightning struck!

And the lightning struck!

It struck him and everywhere!

And the lightning struck!

-Yes, who is it?

-Shankar here.

You had to ruin my night!
Tell me.


I want to talk to you regarding
Uday's friend's murder.

Meet me at the container yard
in half an hour.

-Tell me now.
-No, not over the phone.

Meet me at the container yard
in half an hour.

Uday, it's a dangerous ploy. Uday...


Go, check over there.


Who's there?

Uday, wait!


What do you think you're doing?

This is exactly what Shankar wants.

He wants you to make a mistake
so that he can trap you!

Don't I feel like killing such bastards?

Listen, I've told you before.

This country, this society,
needs young people like you.

If you still feel what you're
doing is right,


once I wipe out criminals like him
from the society...

then many young men like me...

will join the police force.

Sir, I remember everything you told me.

I also remember that you've taken
an oath to get them hanged.

I'm doing the same, sir.

The only difference is...

I don't have a uniform.

Can we see your revolver?

My revolver? Why, sir?

So this is your revolver?

Loaded with water colors, huh?

This is your service revolver.
We wanted to confirm.

Please listen to me, sir...

Whatever you want to say in your defense,
say it before the Enquiry Commission.

-Yes, sir, but...

Didn't I warn you?

I told you to wait
until the election was over.

But you couldn't hold your horses!

That lad killed Babu.

And he has put you in deep water.

If I didn't like you,
I would have left you to die!

Don't stare at me! I'm speaking the truth.

The thing is...

you should not always let anger
get the better of you.

-Yes, sir.

Babu, who used to take orders
from you to kill people...

is now allegedly killed by you.

How are you feeling, Shankar?

You know you did not kill Babu.

But there's a small problem.

Your revolver was recovered
from the crime scene.

Take a good look at your uniform, Shankar.

You're going to kiss it goodbye soon.

You are trapped, Shankar.

But don't worry, I'll set you free
from this trap of life!

Get used to endure pain...

because from now on, Encounter Shankar
will only encounter pain!

Shankar, just know, you're done for!


Shankar, wake up!

Now think what you will say
in your defense tomorrow.

Sir, with all due respect,
who is this Babu?

Is he a saint, a great man, or a patriot?

No, sir.

He's the leader of a dangerous gang.

He has been charged with murder,
extortion and robbery.

You can have a look at this file
for your reference.

And as for the fake revolver,

I always keep it with me, because...

there is a possibility of
the service revolver getting jammed.

If you wish, you can confirm it
from sub-inspector Shinde.

If this is the case,

then how come we recovered your revolver
from the crime scene?

Also, why couldn't we find Babu's body
along with his companions?

It's because when I got the information
of Babu and his gang,

I was on my way back home.
I was alone, sir.

I had only ten bullets.

I fired six bullets which killed
two of Babu's men,

and Babu was badly hurt.

I was reloading my revolver

when one of Babu's men came
from behind and attacked me.

I dropped my service revolver
while I was trying to overcome him.

Taking advantage of this situation,
Babu and one of his men got away.

Sir, at that time,

I thought it was more important to chase
them than search my service revolver.

But unfortunately, they both got away
in the dark.

If I did not have my fake revolver then...

I guess, you would have found
my dead body there.

Sir, I made one mistake.

I didn't inform my seniors
of this matter immediately.

I was on my way
to inform them this morning

when the officers from the CBI caught me.

I didn't get a chance to explain myself.

They didn't even ask me
why I kept a fake revolver.


if you still want to punish me,
please do.

But I feel I've done my duty
by risking my life.

Sir, I feel the important question
here is:

Who is really trying to mislead us?

We've to find the people
who are trying to save Babu.

However, they've failed, sir.

Because, Babu is badly injured.

And by now,

I think, he might be dead.

Now, all we have to do
is find his dead body.

Okay, Inspector Shankar.

Find his dead body,

declare him, "Killed in shootout,"
and close the file.

You should've been a salesman.
You're a good storyteller.

In this profession,
one should be smart.

What happened, happened for the best!

As a matter of fact,
Babu was getting greedy.

"Hey, Mr. Deshmukh, I want 100 grand!"

"Hello, sir, how about 500!"

Bloody rascal!

He thought he could take advantage of us.

All right.

Good he's no more.

Problem solved.

Until we find his dead body,
the problem is not solved.

That lad must have killed him
and thrown him somewhere.

Go and search. You'll find the dead body.

So, are you enjoying the game?


By the way, I wanted to thank you.

The job that I and Mr. Deshmukh
wanted to do, you did it for us.

Babu was a headache.

Good you killed Babu!

Very good!

-Hey, Shankar!

You bloody dog!

You've shown your true colors.

I killed so many people,
for you and you...

want to kill me!

Babu, listen to me.
Don't listen to that...

Hello, Babu! It's me, Deshmukh.

Listen, Deshmukh!

Drill this into your head:


If anything happens to me...

I'll reveal all your illegal activities
before the judge.

Nothing will happen to you.

Give the phone to Uday.

Okay, Mr. Deshmukh, let's talk business.

That asshole is threatening
to go to the court.

Hey, Shankar!

If he opens his mouth, we will go
to prison in handcuffs!

Curse my luck!

Why do all troubles land upon me
during the election season?

Shankar, think something.

Think something, man.

My mind is not working.
Cudgel your brains.



Sorry, Mr. Deshmukh.

I had no other option.

I cannot accept defeat.

Can you see my scar?

He has to pay for what he has done.

That swine wants to become
a police officer!

Thank you...

for helping me so far.

Babu and his henchman Uday
killed the minister.

Yesterday, he had called both of them
to his farmhouse.

But taking advantage of the situation,
they killed him.

But didn't you kill Babu in an encounter?


but we were wrong.

Unfortunately, Babu survived.

Uday saved him.

But what was the minister doing
with these criminals?

He believed that every criminal
should get a chance to reform himself.

He wanted them to surrender

and give them a chance
to become good citizens.

He didn't believe in tit for tat.

But unfortunately...

he was proved wrong.

I believe there's only one way
to talk to a criminal.

Pull out your gun and start shooting.

There's no point in arguing, sir!

Please excuse me.

You can set me up for any inquiry,
but do it later.

If the public comes to know
about the nexus between Babu and Deshmukh,

there will be an uproar in the city.

Sir, please give me shoot on sight orders
for Uday and Babu.

-All right but...
-Sir, please don't worry!

Have faith in me.

How is the government going
to nab those criminals?

We have our men on every checkpoint.

They cannot escape.

It is my firm belief that no criminal,

or for that matter, no big shot...

-Run sir!
-...cannot be above the law.

They cannot use fear to rule over us.

They are fools to think
they can get away with

killing a public servant
like Mr. Deshmukh.

That won't happen!

Don't test my patience further.

You'll die. That's a given.

But you will also get them killed.

Remember anything?

Sir! Wait, I'll ask him.

One minute, sir.

Pappu... listen to me.

Tell us where they are hiding?

The chief will let you go.
It's a promise.

Tell us.

Speak up, come on.

Sir, if I tell you everything...

will you leave us all?

Yes! I will. Now, speak up.

Sir... get down at Dadar station
and walk straight.

On the left, you will find
Cadell Road, sir.

On Cadell Road...

On Cadell Road,
there's Dadar Catering College.

-Do you know it, sir?
-Yes, I know. Keep talking.

Sir, from Dadar Catering College,
walk straight again.

On the left,

you'll find Prabhadevi Road, sir.


From Prabhadevi Road...

go right... No, left... No, right.
Yes, go left, sir.

-You'll find Siddhivinayak Temple.

-Sir, you know it right?
-Yes, we know. Keep talking.

Sir, I swear upon Lord Siddhivinayak...

I don't know anything.



You are an asshole!

You really are!

Hey, Babu! Address?

This is what I love about technology.

You can easily convey your message
to someone who is far away!

-Isn't it?

Hey, Uday! Hello!

-I wanted to talk to you.
-You've said a lot. Now listen.

You must have heard this, but anyway...

A spark...

is enough to cause a wildfire.

And I am fire!

You can use all your power, Shankar.

But you can't stop me
from taking Babu to the court.

Everything will be revealed by tomorrow.


We will have a new dawn tomorrow.

We've to ensure Babu reaches the court.

Hey, did you see anyone?

He is holding a gun to my head.

What are you waiting for?
Break open the door! Go!

Uday, take Babu with you and leave!

-What about you, sir?
-Don't worry about me. Leave!

Uday, give me the pistol and leave!

Go, Uday!


Babu, are you fine?

Go up! He's upstairs!
Go upstairs!


Come on, run!

Let's move. Move it!

Babu, wait!

This way!

No, don't go there. This way!

Run fast!




Guts guts and glory

Guts and glory

Camera! Kaveri!

Record my statement!


I, Babu the Butcher,

have killed many people
on Deshmukh's and Shankar's orders.

Today... as I breathe my last,
I want to tell the truth.

Uday is innocent.

Shankar held a grudge against Uday.
He wanted to frame Uday and so...

he killed Deshmukh

and put the blame on Uday and me.

-A dying man never lies.


Do you want this?


Hail Lord Hanuman

Hail Lord Hanuman

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

Hail Lord Hanuman
The ocean of knowledge!

Hail Lord of Apes
You protect three worlds!

Son of Anjani and Wind God!

Son of Anjani

I may not be alive tomorrow...

but the world
will have a new dawn for sure.

Grant me strength!



The police investigation
and sub-inspector Shinde's statement

proves that

Inspector Shankar was responsible
for Mohan's and Babu's murders.

Inspector Shankar wanted to settle
a score with Uday,

and so he tortured him and his family.

Uday Shinde had to take the law
into his own hands

because of Inspector Shinde.

Hence this court,

considering Uday Shinde's character,
his previous record

and his future,

acquits him.

Sir, you went through a lot
to become a cop.

What do you have to say about this?

It takes guts to stand firm
amidst challenges.

No guts... no glory!

Why are you silent?

Why is your head down?

Why are you silent?

Why is your head down?

Be gutsy and keep walking

Take a step with me

Tears or pain
Don't stop

Victory will be ours

With a flame burning in our chest

We follow our hearts

Victory will be ours
If we have the guts

Guts and glory

Guts and glory