Dôtonborigawa (1982) - full transcript

A love story between a 29-year-old woman, who has once been a prostitute but is now the mistress of a wealthy jewelry merchant, and a 19-year-old college student.



Kotaro! Kotaro!

Don't run so fast.

Wait, Kotaro!

Kotaro did it? I'm sorry

I did it myself.

What a mutt!

What's with his leg?

Probably it was born like that.

It was missing a leg when it wandered
into my house.

It's stayed with me ever since.

Name's Kotaro?

Yes. I named it.
Sounds manly doesn't it?

I wonder...

I have to walk it every morning

or it dirties the shop.

It makes me sleepy

I'm so sleepy

You are good.


I like it.

You made the muddy canal look nice.

Are you an artist?

I'm still an embryo.


A big man like you?

I'll give you something nice.

No! Don't go that way!


Wait! Careful, or you'll get hit by a car.

Tearoom River.
It's you, Masao?

Why so early?

Who cares?

I haven't slept for 50 hours.

Playing pool again?
Where have you been?

In Kyoto. I won quite a bit.

Let's meet at three. Tennoji.


The master.

He's coming.

Dad? I'd better hang up.

Three o'clock. Tennoji.

Good morning.

Aren't you ready yet?

I'm always ready

Going in those clothes?

Is it wrong?

You're going to bury
your mother's ashes, so...

So you're left alone after all.

Master, thanks for everything.

Don't be so formal.

If it hadn't been for you...

I wouldn't have known what to do.

Forget it.

Odd, isn't it?

What is?

It was only a month ago that
you came to my shop for a job.

With an ash box in your hand.

I was surprised.

- Really?
- Yes.

I was surprised again
when I found out

you were Masao's classmate.

Fate linked us.

Think of me as your father
and talk to me.

Your coffee has a unique taste.

It's strong and bitter, but not heavy

It reflects my character, right?


Will this do?

I'll do the rest. Go to school.

Not today

Why not?

Actually I don't care for painting.

I'm not talented.

I'll quit school and stay here.

Stay here and do what?

If you don't want
to finish school, get out.

Are you serious?


What a shame!

I like to see young people struggling
toward a goal.

What do you have
other than painting?

Go to school. I'm like your father.

I didn't ask you to be.


I'm going.

What is it?

Actually I want you to be present.

Have some?

Present at what?

A big game.

I'm playing with Kozo Watanabe.

He's a pro. I'll have to ante a lot.

I'll be Osaka's best.

What's it to me?

Don't be indifferent.

It's your pal's game.

It's near. Come with me.

I hope it's not dangerous.

Silly! It's a gentleman's sport.

Let's go.

Excuse me.

Is Watanabe in?

Who are you?

Takeuchi. I phoned you.

How much did you bring?

Watanabe. You got a job.
Wake up.

Wake up, Watanabe!

So you're the guy?

Nine balls. Nine games.
Here's 300,000 yen.

Take me on?

Did you see that?

Who cares?

Keep it a while.


Do it!

Nine balls? Nine games?
What's it like?

You sink nine balls in numerical order.

Sink them all, you win a set.

There are nine sets.
Win five sets first, you win.

Let's go.

Your turn.

You're good.
That makes you Takeuchi's son.

Don't talk about Dad.

Why not?

He was Japan's top hustler 15 years ago.

But he was greedy

He never let them win a thing.

Don't talk while playing.

You changed the flowers again.

Stop putting flowers in here.


They drown out our beauty

Don't worry

Nobody thinks you've got a prick.

How obscene!

You always talk about that!

Have you always liked flowers?

Not when I was young.

I'm old now.

Age has nothing to do with it.

Then I've changed. A man changes.

Life is like a spinning wheel.

How you can change yourselves!

Stop that talk!

Now, we go to war.

Your work starts late. How nice!

We're monsters.
Monsters come out after midnight.

Save the nice men for us.

Do a good job.

You won.

Pretty good, huh?

It's just been practice.

What?! Got any beefs?

Any beefs?

Stop it!

Don't be mean.

I lost.

Pay him.

I see.

Come to my office.

We'll recoup his junk money

They'll pay the game charge.

I've expected this day

It came sooner than I thought.

Anyway you improved a lot.

Did your dad teach you?

He never taught me a thing.

Too bad!

If you learned his secret technique,

you'd be perfect.

We'll be going.

I can't go to your office.

Do something.

My wife works at
a joint called London.

I'll phone her. She'll pay you.


What's wrong?

She's Matsumoto,
our classmate, isn't she?

Her first name's Satomi, right?

I'll pay you the rest next week.

Sure. But I'm amazed.

You're Watanabe's wife?

Legally married?

What's it to you?

I paid. Scram!

You paid half.

Pay the rest next week.

Think I won't?! Don't act big!

You just beat a junky!

What's that?

I'll invite you to a Turkish bath.

No thanks.

Come on.
You're still a virgin, huh?

I have to work.


You want to die, man?

I'm very sorry

It wasn't intentional.

I was scared.

I'm afraid of that kind, too.

What's more, men like that are
real good at sex, too.


Why can't you understand Masao?

Why so sudden?

Did you meet Masao?

Not really but...

This morning you said...

you like young people to struggle
toward a goal.

So what?

Masao wants to be
Japan's best pool shark.

He's trying hard.

Why do you hate him?

Pool is a gambling game.

Who wants his son to be a gambler?

And... I don't hate Masao.

He just avoids me, that's all.

Let's close.

We still have 30 minutes.

Today's special.

We held a service. Let's have a drink.

We'll feel better.

Hey it's been a long time!

You timed it right.

We were really crowded.

What a noisy bunch!

You hit the post whenever I come.


To signal that the
madame's favorite guest is here.

She comes downstairs then?

Usually not.

Can she run the place like that?



You know her?

We met this morning.

He was painting a picture
at the bridge.

She gave me a lemon.

You don't have to say that.

I like lemons.

Do you know why?

I feel they clean my blood.

You're clean and beautiful enough.

Really? Thank you.

This young man is Kunihiko Yasuoka.

A future Picasso,

but he works for me now.

I brought him to encourage him.

Poor guy! His mother died recently

He's all alone now.

All alone?

The same as with me.

You're alone, too?

Yes. Like a Lone tree in a field.

You feel sort of lonely at first.

But it's nice when you're used to it.

Sorry to interrupt.

Will you concentrate on business?

He always scolds me like this.

Go ahead, please.

Let me encourage him, too.

Give me a glass.

Stop it!

Never mind.

I'll buy the first bottle.

This is real good service.

Do you drink a lot?

She drinks beer like a fish.

Up to six gallons.

Or two fifths of whiskey

Here's to you!

Gosh! I feel dizzy already

Even the fumes get her drunk.

This is very special service.

Want some more?

It'd kill me.

Here's the money

What's that?

Sorry it's all I've got.

I said 100,000 yen.

I couldn't raise that much.

Want me to be disgraced?


Do something with this. Please.

Sorry about this.

Come this evening.

I'll be home after two.

I know.

Do come.
If you don't, I'll get mad.

Don't drink too much.


That's Kaoru.

He's drunk?

Just drinking and chatting make money?
Good deal!

It looks easy

But actually Kaoru, no,

everyone who lives in Dotonbori...

a chilling wind always blows on them.

Has she got a patron?


That madame.

Her patron? His name is Tamura.

He owns a big realty firm in Yodoyabashi.

I saw him a few times at her shop.

He's a fine gentleman.

She was a geisha.

He bought her freedom and
gave her the shop.

I wonder if it's blowing on her, too.

The chilling wind.

Why not ask her yourself?




Kotaro's gone.

Since when?

I don't know.

It's collar got loose.

I saw the dog walking near the theater.


Three hours ago, when I came back
from the beauty parlor.

That long ago?

Dogs never forget kindness.

It'll be back soon.

But it's handicapped.

Won't the police look for it?

Not for a dog.

What'll I do? Can't you do something?

Please help me.

Kunihiko will be back from school soon.

Look for the clog with him.

Can we find W?

I'm not sure.

Try your best.

I'll take another look around here.

Then I'll wait at my shop.

Thank you.


She's been waiting.

Sorry to bother you.

She's here?

She loves her dog more than humans.
Forgive her.

Don't you prefer a man to a dog?

Yes. That's why I asked him to help me.

I usually tie it here while I'm working.

Let's start at the theater.

Someone may have seen it.

What's up?

I wonder what...
Kotaro's been run over!

What happened?

He hit her with a stone.

You saw it?

She was running away with her kid.

He hit her like a madman.

Let's go.

Did you ever hit anybody?


I'm glad. I don't like roughnecks.

No trace of it.

Let's go to the river and look.

What's wrong?

I've never walked so much.

I can't stand up.


I don't like that expression.

I sound like an old woman.

How old are you?

Don't ask that.

I'm as old as you.

I'm nineteen.

The same as me.

Actually I'm seven years older.

You're twenty-six?

Plus three.

It was here that we first met, wasn't it?


- Where are you?
- Here.

I can't see Kotaro anywhere.

Watch out!

Come down.

I'm not scared.

Are you all right?

Are you hurt?

I lied.

I'm fine.

I hate liars.

It was only a fib.

I know. You surprised me.

My heart is still pounding.

I envy you.


You're young. You have a future.

It doesn't make sense.

Time is passing just the same.

But you're a man.

I'm almost finished.


I'll soon develop boxy hips.

Women with boxy hips look awful.

No. Yours won't be boxy


Kotaro will never come back.


Thanks for keeping me company so long.

Thank the master for me, too.

Out of the way!

No kidding!

You said you'd pay 150,000!

I'm sorry

I've been sick since last week.

I'll pay you next week.

I need it today!

A hustler from Kobe is waiting!

I need the money!

Searching the place is no use.

Watanabe took all my money for dope.


Are you really broke?

When we were in school,
you once said to me:

"Let me have you."

You can have me now if you want.

Then leave.


Sorry to be late.

What time do you think it is?

Get ready We'll start.

Sorry but I can't play


I couldn't raise the money

What's that?

I heard Masao Takeuchi,
the new whiz was here.

I feel sorry for Osaka.

What'll we do?

We wasted our time.

Let's go.

Just a moment.

Are you Masao Takeuchi?

Know Tetsuo Takeuchi?

He's my dad.

I see.

Drop it without upsetting the bottle.

Do it, and I'll lend you the money

What's your bet?

300,000 or 500,000 yen?

Do you know where Masao is?

Sorry I don't.

You don't?

He had a big game with Watanabe.

The ass! He thinks he's a pro!

He beat Watanabe,

so he's now the best in Osaka.

In gambling, the more you improve,
the lower you sink.

As a kid, he doesn't know that.

Will you look for him and bring him here?

Your share.

Only this much?

I was the one who did it!

You don't want it?

You're smart.

You know my dad, right?

Anybody in this racket knows
Tetsuo Takeuchi.


He owns a little tearoom.

He couldn't have been a hustler.

How will you break them?

Let's see...

Four-ball to the corner pocket.

Your dad would make it the 5-ball
to the side pocket right off.

Sixteen years ago,

during the game with Tamada,

he hit the 5-ball to the side.

That's how your dad played.


Masao, the master wants you.

Tell him you couldn't find me.

I can't.

He said to bring you back no matter what.

I'm not lying.

What is it?

Sit down.


We'll close.

Turn off the sign.

I'll be upstairs.


Don't act big!

You're just a lousy gambler!

Nobody will play if I don't bet.

I like pool.

What's wrong with that?

Let me tell you something.

Your mom killed herself

because of my pool!

I never stayed home.

That's why she did it.

Gamblers destroy not only themselves,

but the people around them, too.

That's why I want you to quit.

I won't quit.

What do you think I can do besides pool?


It's the only thing I can do.

And you can't stop me.

Nobody can stop me.

I wouldn't even if mom tried to stop me.


What's that for?

Stop it!

Both of you!

Good evening.

Make me some juice.

Nice, cold juice.

We're closed.

Then, water.

Sell me water, will you?

Don't be like that. Wake up.

Never mind. Put him up.


I'll stay here too, so...

I'll lock up.

Your mom died of cancer?

Lung cancer.

Did she suffer?

She threw up blood
whenever she coughed.


I wonder which was more painful,
that or suicide.

The 5-ball won't go to the side.

What's that?

Are you siding with Dad
or with me? Which?

You heard us, didn't you?

Gambling? How stupid!

Pool demands skill!

You must read the opponent's mind!

I don't understand.

Why not?

I've never played pool.

All I know is I envy you.

You have someone to hit you.

Get along with the master, okay?

He's right.

You must get along with your dad.

Are you up?

Keep out of this!

I may be tipsy but I'm serious.

Shut up!

Leave us alone, faggot!

The insult!

No big deal!

The way you talk sickens me.

If you're a man, act like one!

I'm a woman.
What's wrong with acting like one?

But you've got a prick.

That was God's mistake.

Even God can make mistakes.

Idiot! You fags are all sick.

You're sick!

What's that you said?

Can't you do anything
but play pool?

What's that?!

Look at yourself.

You can't ever be a real woman.

Use lipstick when you're all wrinkled?

You're sick!

Sex-crazy faggot!



Poor thing! You went too far.

I'll make you some coffee.

Drink it and leave.

I'll turn on the lights.

You're very kind.

I'm just timid and no good.

What's wrong with makeup
when you're sixty?

Many women do that.

Even the pigs.

Do you want to be that beautiful?

Of course.

I think I'll beautify myself.

And put women to shame.
They're my enemies.

I wish I could kill them all.

How scary!

I know. I should go to Tokyo.

TO kyo?


I've been with a man.
He's a bad pimp.

But I couldn't get away from him.

What a pity!

But I've made up my mind.

I'll leave tomorrow morning.

Why so sudden?

Before I change my mind again.

Don't tell anyone.

It must be the master.



I'll take it.

He's coming.

Hello? Speaking.

How did you know I'm here?

What? Come on!

Don't say that.

I know that.

I know.


Do I look funny?




I'll go.


No thanks.

It's the madame, huh?

Don't look!

- I'm right, huh?
- I don't think so.

- You like her?
- I don't know.

- Kissed her?
- Shut up!

- You have?
- Don't even suggest such a thing.

Tell me.

I can keep a secret.

Enough! I'll get mad.

What happens when you get mad?


Give it back!

Sorry I'll return it to you.

I lost.

I called Kaoru a faggot a while ago.

But what are we?

I wonder what'll become of us in the future.

It was the first time

anybody ever phoned me at school.

The master tell you the number?

A phone book did.

You're young.

Nobody should see you with
a woman like me.

I don't mind.

May I take your order?

The same.

Thanks for that time.

You helped me look for my dog.

It was nothing.
I wasn't much help to you.

As a token of my thanks,

I'd like to buy you some clothes.

If you don't want me to, I won't.

You came all the way for that?

The cook is laid up with a cold.

My shop is temporarily closed.

You have to work, starting at six.

If you don't mind, we have to hurry

Wait a minute.



He okayed it.

I said I have to study until late.

It's fine to study late.

You lied again?

It's fun to tell lies.

Let's eat something.

What's your favorite food?

Machiko's your real name?

You didn't know?

I knew you were a geisha.

Who told you? The master?

You know more about me, don't you?

What do you know?

I saw your patron.

A man came in a big car.

It must've been him.

He's already 74.

Don't pretend.

Minus how many years?

I don't tell lies!



He's a nice man.

He took care of my parents, too.

He's looked after me
since I was a geisha.

Lowe him a lot.

That's why it's the first time

for me to walk with a young man like you.

It makes me feel like a young girl.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm lacking something.

So do I.


Masao, Kaoru...

They're doing what they want.

But what about me?

I don't even know what I should do.

It's the same with me.

I don't know what to do.

We have to do something.

Listen, what do you suggest?

Where shall we go?

Anyplace will do.

You decide.

I have no idea.

We both lack something, right?

We came back here after all.

She isn't in?

Ifs closed!

We're to meet a friend here.

She went out somewhere?

What a mess!
If we go, he'll get mad.

Let's wait a little longer.

He's never on time.

I don't want to wait.

You're right. Let's go.

Yeah. We'll meet him somewhere.

Who's there?

Me. Masao.

Come on up.

What brings you so early?

I hear there's a big game in Tokyo.

It's a private game.

It's not private.

It's to see who's tops in Japan.

Who's going?

Yoshinaga from Kyoto,

Morisaki from Nagoya,

Tada from Yokohama, lkushima from Tokyo.

Wow! They're all aces!

And one each from Kyushu and Kansai.

That'll be at least six.

Can I go, too?

Any requirements?

Only one:
You have to bring money

How much?

At least two million yen.

- Two million?
- It's a round-robin.

300,000 yen a game.

That's 1,800,000 per six players.

Will you lend me two million?

I'll raise 500,000.

So lend me 1,500,000.

Any security?

- This.
- Silly!

Those guys are tough to beat.

I know, but...

Be more serious about the game.

If you borrow money
you'll go into debt.

If you want to go,
raise the money yourself.

That's what grownups do.


You slept with women?

I found out

you slept with hostesses and geisha!

It was all a big lie!

I don't mind
your sleeping with my kind.

But not with women!


You hear me?

Say something.

I'm a faggot after all.

I'll do anything!


Answer it.

Hello? Speaking.

1,500,000 yen?

What are you saying? Boob!


I know.

Hello? Masao speaking.

The master's son.

I want to discuss something with you.

Kunihiko will be expelled?

It's not only his unpaid tuition.

He borrowed money for his enrollment

from a loan shark in town.

He can't repay it.

What does the master say?

He doesn't want him to know,
so I haven't told him.

That's how he is.

How big is his debt?

It's a lot.

How much?

1,500,000 yen.

It's a PW

He's talented.

Wait a minute.

Excuse me.

I hate to interfere, but...

I suggest you don't do that.

1,500,000 yen is a lot.

I'm sure you know what you're doing, but...

You have that man for your patron.

Please reconsider.

I'm doing this because I have something
in mind.

What, for example?

Don't ask me.


Wait a minute.

Young as you are,
you have lots of tricks.

The madame gave Masao 1,500,000 yen.

You used your friend to borrow money

How shrewd!


Why don't you push? I'll accept.

No dice. You're too lucky

I'm calling it quits.

Not yet.
I've got to make another 60,000.

Expenses in Tokyo.

Take it, thief!


Come with me.

Is it about that?
I know, I know.

I'll pay her back soon.

I said to come.


Her shop. Where else?

I'm playing. I can't go now.

I have to go to Tokyo.

I'll explain to later.
- Come.

Don't worry I won't disgrace you.

Don't bug me!


Cut it out! I can't go!



Don't fool with us!

Who is it?

It's me.

It's you?

What happened?

What brings you?

I'll pay you back.

- Money?
- The 150,000 Watanabe lost.

Give it to Masao.


Why not?

I broke with him.

But this is his house.

Take it to the Kohaku pool hall
and leave it.

They'll give it to him.

Okay iwill.

How nice!

Today I danced at seven dives.

I'm bushed.

What a sweet smell!

How's Watanabe?

Can I have... some whiskey?

He's gone, that guy

Gone? Where did he go?

I don't know.

He always said he'd be finished
if he couldn't play pool.

I knew it'd end up like this.

I don't regret that I loved him.

I mean it. Look.

See? No tears.

So what are you planning to do?

I'm a dancer.
All I can do is dance.

Tell me frankly

Am I pretty?


My figure still good?

Turn up the music.

What for?

Just do it!

What are you doing?

I always wanted to dance nude.
Watch me.

What'll I do?

I feel odd.


I think I'm going crazy

I'm losing my mind!

Stop it!

Satomi, stop it!

I'm sorry

I cried.

I feel better now.

Tonight is my graduation.

I have every reason to weep.


You're great.

I'd better graduate, too.

If I stay here,

I'll wear out my welcome.

I have to leave here.

Thanks for everything.

Take care.

You too.


Still asleep?

Got a hangover?

Sorry to quit abruptly Forgive me.

"Sorry to quit abruptly Forgive me."
What's this all about?

I was amazed, too.

But your story explained it.

It's Masao.


Kunihiko was brought up by his mother.

His father died young.

She kindly left money for his schooling.

The loan shark story was a lie.

He deceived the madame!

I'm sorry

I'm ashamed to have him for a son.

Call the madame.

She's out.

I'll pay it back.

Tell her I'll come again to apologize.

Very well.

Let me ask you one more time.

Will you change your mind?

I can't turn back anymore.

I'm sorry

What's wrong, ma'am?


I'm sorry for this.

Welcome. Are you alone?

I hear a kid named Masao Takeuchi hangs
out here.

He's in Tokyo.

He went to a game among pros.

Pros, huh?

He needs big money

It's a hustler's game.


What is it?

Won't you play?

Why not?


One-ball, corner pocket.

Two-ball, side pocket.

Three-ball, corner pocket.

Did you quit smoking?


You'd play with a cigarette in your mouth.

American, Viceroy

Who are you?

I'm Yuki.
Tamada's granddaughter.

I remember that.


A lot happened in those 15 years.

I once went north to Hokkaido.

But after all I came back to this.

The sound of striking balls like a lullaby to me.

I can't change myself.

What do I owe?

I'd like you to use this.

Why this one?

It was my grandpa's.

He'd be glad if you use it.

Excuse me.

Pass quickly ass!

You a student, cutie?

You've got lovely eyes!

Why don't you rest?

What time is it?


That late? Sorry about this.

That's okay
Play as long as you want.


I don't mind.

I'm grateful to you.

I owe you a great deal.

You owe me?

Don't you remember?

It was raining then, too.

Just like now.

Mr. Takeuchi...

Mr. Takeuchi...

It's you?

What's wrong?

My grandpa... He died.



A month ago.

His heart stopped while he was asleep.

I woke up and found him dead.

I was surprised.

Want more?

No thanks.

Grandpa said you were a genius.

A genius?


He said you'd be Japan's best
after he died.

He said that?

I want to take a bath.

A bath?

A bath, huh?



Not tonight. I washed myself.
I'm clean, so...

So you don't want to dirty yourself?


Look, when you're hungry
come and see me again.

Never think of selling yourself.

"You couldn't make money with that
skinny body of yours."

That's what you said to me then.

You'd square your right elbow.

My elbow?

I have a favor to ask.
Will you do it?

What favor?

Will you help me

until I get back in form?


I will.

I'd be glad to.

Masao told me you hadn't
touched a cue for over ten years.

But I believed you'd return to it sometime.

I've been waiting for the day

That's why I don't go to your shop.

I'll be glad to help you.

By the way what made you feel like
playing again?

I feel I have to.

Don't ask me more.

Let's start.

Kunihiko, a guest for you.
Come down.

How did you know I'm here?

I'm smart.

How did you find me?

Did you ask at school?

The master paid me back.
Don't worry about the money


I planned to work and repay you.

That's what the master thought you'd do.

Let's not talk about it.

Why don't you come with me
after work?

I have something to show you.

Isn't it a nice view?

This is my new castle.

Your castle?

I returned the shop and everything
to my ex-patron.

I want to live with you.

I'm in love with you.

I tried to check my feelings
but I couldn't.

I'm not so possessive as

to monopolize you for a long time.

Just until you graduate.

It's only two years. It's enough.

Will you live with me?

You refuse?

Then, I take it you accept?

Thank you.

Thank you.


What happened to the shop?

I don't know.

Wonder what's up.

I agree,
if you considered before deciding.

At least finish school.

Thanks for all you've done for me.

It seems to me you've matured, somehow.

Pm back.

Welcome back. How was the game?

I lost. I'm broke.

But those big-deal pros
were nothing special.

Everything'll be okay

I'll beat them next year.
You watch!

Kunihiko resigned from my shop.

It's your fault.

Don't worry about me.

I still can't forgive him.

What do you want me to do?

Play with me.

Not for fun. For big stakes.

If you beat me,

I'll give you my shop.

Sell it, or bet it as you like.

On the other hand, if you lose,

promise you'll never play pool again.

Have you got the guts to take me on?

Sounds good.

I accept.

Hello? Kunihiko?

Listen, the master and Masao are
going to play each other.

I can't come yet.

I want to stay and watch.

That's all right.

What did the master say about us?

Gee! I'm embarrassed.

Very well. Don't be too late.

No time to even smoke.

Shall I tell you the truth?

Your mom killed herself
not because I was a pool addict,

but because I made her sell herself.

To make good my gambling losses.

That's right.
I made her go whoring.

That's how it was.


That's a lie!

A lie!

It's the truth.

A lie!

The truth.

How could I tell such a lie?

That's the story

Play pool.

What's wrong? Play

You're mean! When we're playing...

Foul. Step aside.

You call yourself a hustler? Out of the way!

This is what gambling is.

It's mean and dirty

Gambling is hell.

I told you, didn't I?

Your turn.

What's wrong?

You quitting?


What if it is hell?

What's wrong with hell?

I'll play!

Damn right I will.


Last set.


Where have you been?

You're so dirty!

This is how gambling is.

Masao, you won.

Do as you like.

It's your life.


Stop this nonsense!

I told you a faggot like me
will do anything.

I'll kill you and I'll die, too!


He's late, isn't he?

I wonder what he's doing.

Bad boy isn't he?

We'll bawl him out when he gets back.