Dsp (2022) - full transcript

To seek revenge for his disappearance and to beat muttai ravi, the hero comes back strongly as police. Could the hero handle the even stronger muttai ravi? How did the hero get rid of muttai ravi? is the remaining story.


Wanted for murder and robbery cases,
accused Kasimedu Jaga is absconding.

The police have failed to nab him
despite setting up a special task force.

So far, Jaga has been accused
of six murders and a rape.

The police have assured the public
that they will nab Jaga soon.

My foot!

I have been here for ten days,
but they haven't been able to trace me.

And he thinks he can nab me?!

No human being in their right mind
would dare to come near me!

One must be a superhero to do that!

What was that?

Hey, what's that noise?

Jaga, someone's hitting our men outside.

Why are you staring at my face?
Get me his pants! Go, thrash him!


Look here, cop!

Remove your pants and hand them over.
Do that, and we'll spare your life.

Or only your buck-naked corpse
will go back to the police station.

What have you decided?
Give us your pants now!

Can't you see? I am working out.

So, why don't you come and get it?



You risked your life to nab Jaga
and get a posting in Dindigul, right?

All the best.


Excuse me! What is this?

My leg. Sorry, bro.

-No, thanks.

-I don't want it.

What a lovely smell!

How much for a half-plate
chicken biryani?

-The half plate is 150 rupees.

The full plate is 300 rupees.
With leg piece--

How did he find out that
I'm a biryani master?

-How did you know I sell biryani, sir?
-I just took a shot…

and you spilled the beans.

-You're brilliant, sir.
-Thank you. What's with the suit?

-I'm getting married.

-Of course.

-You're a bit late to get married.
-I'm very late. It's finally happening.

-You're blushing. Congratulations.
-Thank you.


Are you a cop?

-Do I look like one?
-Of course, you look like a cop.

Then, I'm a cop.

-Why did you become a cop?
-Why did you become a biryani master?

Sir, biryani has been
my favorite food since childhood.

So, I became a biryani chef.

Food on time and booze at night!

Life is happening.
What else do I need, sir?

Well, I told you my story.
Now, tell me yours.


I hail from Dindigul.

Like every place has its landmark,
we too have one.

Dindigul Malai Kottai.

A place with no dearth
of happiness and food.

That's my father Murugapandi.
He runs a flower business.

Before the flowers hit the market,
they go to the Kottai Mariamma temple.

A business that started with 150 employees
has 1000 employees now.

It became successful…

because my father became the head
of the Flower Business Association.

Well, that's what people say.

This is our palace.

This is not just our home
but also a mini flower market.

Naming ceremonies, weddings,
baby showers, festivals…

for all such functions,
and at any hour of the day…

people come to our house to buy flowers.
It always smells like flowers in there.

-Like our house full of flowers,

-this person full of love is my mother.
-Did you see Poovali?

He's there,
but I don't know what he's up to.

What is he doing there?

That's Poovali. My cousin.

A crazy fellow.

An attention-seeker.

-Why are you upside down?
-I took a vow. What is it, Aunt?

-The groom's family is here. Call him.
-I will. Just go.

-You puff head!
-Don't you insult my head!

This gem is my sister.

A pure soul like my father
and as beautiful as my mom.

The only function that takes place
every month in our house…

is a marriage alliance
to select a groom for my sister.


-what's wrong with you?
-I'm feeling shy on your behalf.

Hey, Vascoda--

-Come here!

-It's okay.
-Now that you're here, come on.

Who is this boy?

He's my friend's son and my son's friend.

-They live nearby.
-I see.

Hey, I bet 1000 rupees
that the groom won't like me.

Two thousand.

Three thousand.

-What are they up to?
-Four thousand.

Bro, you've been losing this bet
for a long time now.

So, think twice. Five thousand.

-They've started the auction.
-What's this? Two thousand,

three thousand, hasta la vista, baby?

Chase away all grooms like this.

Chandru, you're welcome to eat snacks
and enjoy the entertainment,

but don't give us advice.

Do you also want to bet?
How about 1000 rupees?

No, thank you.
Keep betting with your brother.

-Okay, we'll take your leave.

-We'll decide and call you.

-but call us before the evening.
-Okay, sure.

-Okay, then. See you.
-Okay, see you.

See you.

Hey, as usual, they won't call back.
Give me the money.

Keep an account.
I'll settle it all at once.

-Give me one of those bags.
-Just hop on, Mr. Bodybuilder.

-Vasco! Murugapandi!
-Greetings, Uncle.

Where are you father and son off to?

-Nearby, to the USA.
-All right.

-See you.

-Dear, watch out for the side stand!
-That's my uncle. Our neighbor.

He has a word in all our decisions
about studies and fun.

He's a very loving person.


He's the main person. My villain.

Muttai Ravi!

A long time ago, he migrated
to our native to make a living.

You oldie, how dare you migrate here
and compete with me in the egg business?!

You'd better pack up and leave Dindigul
along with your grandsons!

Or else, I'll burn down your shop,
and I'll burn all three of you alive!

So, all set to leave the place?
Where's your old man?

He went to the guy who threatened
his grandpa to shut down his egg shop

and killed him by throwing
acidic eggs in his face.

Since then, he got the name "Muttai Ravi."

Anyone who opposes him today
cannot live or survive in Dindigul.

Ravi, along with interest and principal,
he owes me more than 12 lakhs.

His shop will only fetch ten lakhs.
Ask him to write his shop in my name.

That's unfair.
I borrowed only five lakhs from you.

There was no business
during the COVID pandemic.

I'm restarting the business
now after six months,

and you're asking me
to repay 10-12 lakhs?!

That's so unfair!

Pandi, this won't work.

Write your shop in his name.

And then, what should I do?


You heard me! Sign the documents!

Vascodagama, let's go.

I said, let's go.

Mr. Vascodagama, you don't
have to revolt against injustice.

I was just going to get
entertained like others.

I'm your father. I know you very well.

This is a market.
Thousands of people throng here.

You will see many unfair incidents,
but don't get provoked by them.

We must be patient. Now, leave.

-I'll help you.
-No, thank you!

Leave. That's the best help.

You want me to be idle?!

-Be a responsible father!
-Being idle is a blessing.

I, your dad, will earn, and you stay idle.

If you're bored,
then play cricket, kabaddi, or gilli,

or play PUBG on your phone.

But if you ever want to do a job,
make sure it's a government job!

Whether I like my dad's wish or not…

I have always obeyed him.

Why are they waiting here?
Didn't you start playing?

Banglamedu guys took over the ground.
They're not giving it up.

And you guys are gawking here?!

Let me take the ball!

They are playing with a hard ball.

Guys, who gave you permission
to play on this ground?

This ain't your father's land!
It is for all!

We toiled hard and cleared this
ground that was full of wild plants,

and you are clearing us off?!

As per law,
even if this is your father's land…

you must not step in here
without our permission.

You are going overboard!
I'll give you all two minutes!

-You'd better run!
-I'm scared. Let's go.


You're giving us two minutes?
I'll give you all a minute and a half!

-You'd better run!
-Or else what?

-I'll run you over with a bus!
-I want to see you try that!

Back off!


Hey, stop it!

Two wickets!

-Look, they are fighting!
-These guys have made it a habit.

Let go of me!

Stop it, guys! Who's that?

Guys, stop it! Can't you hear me?
Stop it!

-Stop it!
-Guys, wait!

Is there any issue in the village?
Why are you elders here? Wait!

Look boomer uncles are here. Quiet.

-Yes, boomer uncles?

Aren't you too old to play cricket?
Tell me!

Your friends have settled in America
and yours in Singapore.

Your friends own cars, and they've
even started building their own houses.

And here you are
roaming around with cricket kits!

They want to play cricket instead of
finding a job and settling down!

Can't you help your father
in his flower business,

and you in the lock and key business?

-Why don't you work in a supermarket?
-Why don't you go to hell?

He's such a reputed man,
and you're asking him to go to hell?!

You too should go with him
to give him company.

Look at those kids over there!

-Hey, quiet!

They are waiting to find a place to play.

Actually, it's their age to play.

-But Dhoni also plays cricket.
-That's his profession!

We'll play with those kids.
You guys mind your business and leave.

How dare you talk
to an elder person like that!

Mr. Elder Person, come here. Oh, no.

-What? Did he step on your feet?
-It stinks! What did you drink?


-Of course.
-Of course.

Military stuff?

When the whole village is problem-free…

you guys create problems, make money
out of them, and buy drinks with it!

Of course, that's our duty.

You all take money in the name of solving
disputes, then drink, and roam around!

First, we must thrash you! Hit them, guys!
To hell with them and their whites!


They always lecture us like, "He got
a job here, and he got a job there."

-"He went to America and he to Africa!

He wooed a girl. He got married.
He bought a house. He bought a car."

-"He had a boy. He had a girl."

-"He's successful. He's a failure."

If anyone dares to lecture us again,

-I'll break their head with this bat!

Bloody filthy rascals!

-Hold me, guys.

Oh boss, enough of your advice

Oh boss, please stop advising us

Oh boss, enough of your advice

Oh boss, please stop advising us

We both are not the same

Why go on an advising spree?
Stop advising even for silly things

It's making my head spin
So, leave me alone

If you can't stop advising us
At least keep it short

It's making my head spin
So, leave me alone

We will succeed, just be patient
And let us take our time

Oh boss, enough of your advice

Oh boss, please stop advising us

Oh boss, enough of your advice

Oh boss, please stop advising us

We booze to forget our sorrow
But there you come and advise us

When we use a mobile phone at odd hours
Parents start advising us

Early to bed, early to rise
Who needs this advice?

Education done? Then, go find a job!
A cliché advice given by everyone

They wait for us to ask them a favor

So that they can advise us and piss us off

Go to the temple to pray
And for some peace

They show up there with advice
That we must not ogle at beautiful girls

It's making my head spin
So, leave me alone

If you can't stop advising us
At least keep it short

It's making my head spin
So, leave me alone

We will succeed, just be patient
And let us take our time

I am what I am
Because I don't take your advice

You are what you are
Because you only give advice

Why go on an advising spree?
Stop advising us around the clock!

It's making my head spin
So, leave me alone

If you can't stop advising us
At least keep it short

It's making my head spin
So, leave me alone

We will succeed, just be patient
And let us take our time

Next is the volleyball tournament

conducted by
Dindigul Mariamma Temple Committee.

We welcome each and everyone
who is here to witness it.

We have also organized
a kabaddi competition in our district…

Oh, no!

See how they all are drooling!

-Uncle, greetings.
-Greetings. Hope you're doing well.

-Greetings, Uncle.
-There's another one.

-Welcome, Maternal Uncle.

He's my brother Muniyandi's son!

-He's doing too much.

I am your paternal uncle,
not maternal, you fool!

It's okay, Maternal Uncle.

Again maternal uncle?!

Shanmugam, why is every guy here
treating you with great care?

I've been the principal for years,
but I don't get such treatment.

-How many kids do you have?
-Two brave lion-like sons.

What's the use?
I have three deer-like daughters.

Kannapoorni, Vannapoorni…

and the one playing
on the field is Annapoorni!

Come on!



-DRS, sir.

Do you think this is cricket?

-My hand did not touch the net.
-It did.

What's going on, match-fixing?
Call the third umpire.

That's not required.
I've recorded everything.

Watch carefully. See?
Your hands touched the net.

Watch again.

Excuse me!
Who are you to show all this? Out!

-You get out first!

Did you just ask me to get out?

I'll take the Group 1 exam,

become the local DSP,
and thrash frauds like you one day!

Remember my name, I am Annapoorni!

-There's mud on your knees. Clean it.
-Get lost, you doofus!

Tear this page.
This question will definitely be there.

So, you woke up at 3:00 a.m. to do this?!

Focus on the work at hand.
It's getting late for the exam.


-Dad, it's already 8:30.

-I'm getting late for the exam. Hurry up.

This two-wheeler is called TVS 50,
not TVS 80! Keep quiet!

Don't argue. This isn't a debate.

I'm going as fast as I can!

It's 8:30 already!
I'm getting late for the exam! Let's go!

Don't rush me! Hey!

Do you go blind when
your girlfriend is sitting behind you?

Hey! That's my daughter,
not my girlfriend!

Don't lock horns with strangers, Dad!
Now, let's go!

Write well.
Don't copy from your neighbor.

-See you.
-Wait, where are you headed?

Group 1 exam.

The exam is at 10:30. It's just 8:30.

-Go away.
-At 10:30?!

You can forget time while
studying for exams,

but how could you forget exam timings?

Wonderful! I'm ashamed
to call you my eldest daughter!

I can't imagine you becoming the DSP.
Criminals will have a ball if you do.

-God bless!
-Bye, Dad.

She didn't even let me
have my morning coffee!

You may go in.

Excuse me. Your hall ticket?

-Your hall ticket.

Oh, no! Sir, I forgot it at home!

Excuse me for today.
I'll get it tomorrow.

-Please, sir!
-No! The hall ticket is a must!

Sir, I remember my number. It's 23547.

My name is Annapoorni.
My name is on the list.

Sir, please, sir.

I'll give you ten minutes.
Go and get the hall ticket.

Okay, sir.

I'm getting late.

Brother, please stop! Jerk!

Get lost, you fool!


Thank God, you saved me.

Oh, God!

Gotcha! Let me ask him for a lift!

Boss, I'm not hurt.
I'm perfectly alright.

I need to go home at once.
Please understand. Help me, boss.

First, get down.

Sir, I'm a sports girl. I am not hurt.

Look at me. I am perfectly fine.
Please, I must go home right now.

-Hold this.
-Okay, boss.

-Hop on.
-Thank you, boss.

-Hold me tightly if you want to live.
-Don't worry, sir. I got it.

Straight! Go straight!

Hey! Is she headed to college,
or is she eloping?

The guy looks very smart.
I must find out who he is.

You can't escape this Shanmugam.
Here I come.

-It's my dad.

Oldie, are you blind?

You're the one
blindly fleeing with my daughter!

-Act your age!
-Wait, I'm coming!

There! That's my house!

Thank God!

-Yes, let's go, sir.
-Hey, stop!

-Where are you off to?
-I'm eloping with him!



It's getting so late.


You have the paper upside down.
Do you think you'll pass?

-Time's up. Give me the paper.
-Sir, five minutes. I started late.

Time's up!

-Sir, in a minute.
-Make it fast!

-Sir, just a minute.
-Just give it to me!

Sir, will I pass the exam?

That's what even I'm wondering.
Will you?

I'll see you once I become the DSP!

Hey, who's that Mr. White?

Well, he did me
a small favor this morning.

So, in return for thanks,
His Highness is here to woo me.

Bindu, take out the phone
and start recording.

I'm in a good mood today.

Record the video of me
giving him an earful…

and we'll make it viral on Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram. Follow me.

There she is.

I wonder what scene
she's going to create!

Hello, boss!

Who do you think you are?

You think you're a big shot?!

I agree you helped me go home
and get my hall ticket. So what?

You'll stalk me?!

What? You want my number?

You want to date me?
I'll give you a punch!

Do you know who I am?
Do you know who my father is?

Hey, soon, I'm going to become the DSP.

Do you at least know where I come from?

I'm from Dindigul!

-One punch with the famous Dindigul lock…

and your head will break open!

Get lost! Go find somebody else to woo!

You'll find some goofball chick!

I already have a boyfriend.

Excuse me. Wait, I'm coming.

You doofus!

You retard!

You lunatic! You dimwit!

You forgot to return my file.

I couldn't go
to the employment office because of you.

You think I am stalking you? I have a job,
and that job is to look for a job!

Will your father marry you off to
a jobless person? Or will you marry one?

Go to a nearby browsing center, and
you can take a print of your hall ticket.

You didn't even know this! You doofus!

And you want to become a DSP?! If you
do, it'll be a celebration for robbers!

Instead of having you…

your father would have been better off
reading tarot cards with parrots!

Feeling insulted?
Your whole family must be used to it.

Where did you say you're from? Dindigul?

You're a fool stating the obvious
because we are in Dindigul!

I'll break your head!

-Sorry, sir.
-Wipe that grin off your face! Shut up!

If you're from Dindigul,
then where are they from? China? Japan?


Darlings, end your friendship with her,
or you too will be tagged as mad girls!

Now, go home and get on with your lives!

-What are you doing?
-I've recorded everything.

He insulted me in, out, left, and right.

If this leaks,
I'll die out of embarrassment.

Delete it!

What? What is it?


I should have left after I ran you over.


-What's your name?

-Not yours, that fool's name!
-I told you her name, not mine!

-Listen, Annapoorni!

Even if I don't find love in this world,

and if you were my last and only option
to marry, still, I won't marry you!

Instead, I'll marry some old lady
and lead a family with her.

-Keep this between us. Let's go.

Here comes the officer.

-Please help me find a job.
-First, cut your hair.

Everyone's eyeing my hairstyle!

Why are you so late?

I took a juice break, Dad.

Why aren't you in formals?

That's my wedding dhoti.

-Mom told me something.

You wore this on your wedding day,
and it proved lucky to you.

She said if I wear it,
I'll also be lucky and successful.

-She told you that?

-So, before marriage, was I a pauper?
-Come on, it's out of our love for you.

Hey! Enough of your love torture!
Poovali, wait! Leave the vehicle here!

-Deliver this to Chellandi.
-Okay, Uncle.

-Come, dear.
-Go, dear.

Bro, once you get a job,
throw a party for us tonight.

It's a government job. Easy-peasy.
It'll be done in half an hour.

Then, I'll hand this over,
and we'll start the party!


It'll be ages before he becomes a human.


-Isn't this Muttai Ravi's place?

-Whom are we meeting here?
-Muttai Ravi.

He's a goon.
How can he get me a government job?

That was 10-15 years ago.

Now, he has good political connections.
Didn't you see his posters all around?



he demands a fee of eight lakhs.

Three lakhs advance, and the rest
after we get the appointment letter.

You take the exam, I'll pay him the money.
We'll get you a government job.


Okay, Dad.

Now, imagine that I got
that government job. Just imagine.

What if the government sells that
department to a private concern?

Hey, why do you jinx things?
Can't you just obey me?

What kind of a father are you?
You believe your son jinxes everything?!

-How could you say that?
-Sorry, dear. Just come.


-Dip it in glue and dry it in the sun.
-Okay, boss.

-Where is this parcel going?
-Cuddapah in Andhra.

-Use that state's language newspaper.
-Okay, boss.

Careful! If it blows up…

the shrapnel and pins will pierce
through even faster than a bullet!

Everyone's faces will splutter all over.
Be careful.

Okay, boss.

Come here.

Boss, they are here to meet you.

Who are you?

I am Murugapandi,
Head of the Flower Business Association.

I am here to meet you regarding
a government job for my son.

Doesn't your son know
to respect a reputed man?

He did greet and show respect.
You just didn't notice.

It's not so easy to secure
a government job now.

It'll take a lot of time.

No one in my family has
ever got a government job.

I heard you can make it happen.
That's why I came here.

-Do you know the formalities?
-Yes, of course.

-Meet my brother before you leave.

-Raja, take care of it.

They have got money. Collect it.

-Come to my office.


-What are you doing here? Hello, Uncle!

We came here to inquire about a government
job for me. They've asked for an advance.

-Did you pay them yet?
-No, not yet.

Don't pay them, Uncle.

I paid them one lakh to get me a job.
Now, I'm running behind them.

They are neither returning
the money nor did I get a job.

I'm here to ask for my money!

They are making me run behind them!

Why are you confusing us
at the very last moment?

Murugapandian, come and pay the advance!


We are running a little short of money.
We'll go home and get it.

Okay. See you, buddy.

-Take care.

I'll call you.

-Come on, dear!
-I'll pass the test and get a job!

Don't worry. Your son will get
a government job. Trust me.

-We came all the way for this.
-Enough. Don't treat me like a kid.

First, hand this money to your mom.

A guy is coming to see
your sister in the evening.

Buy snacks and sweets, and go home.
I'll go to our shop.


-Who will give me the money? Your father?
-Don't drag my father into this!

I can't drag my father.
It'll become a prestige issue for me.

-Leave if you've taken the money.
-Go safely.

I just can't change this fellow!


-Thank you.
-No problem.

Oh, no! The parrot!

This fellow?


Vannapoorni, what are you doing here?
Go and clean the mixture box.

Don't you dare raise your voice!
Trying to show off in front of him?

-What do you want, boss?
-A guy is coming to see my sister.

So, pack snacks and sweets
for that occasion.

I don't need a detailed explanation. Pay
us, and we'll give you anything you want.


I meant sweets and snacks.

Even I meant the same!
What did you think?

Yeah, right! I think of you,
and the snacks go damp!

A little more won't make
people think less of you.

Boss, I have packed the right amount,
not less, right?

Do you have any idea how
expensive the raw material is?

If the customers find that out,
then how will you run the business?

-Pack some thattai.
-He's talking too much.

I've got the snacks, Mom.
I'll come home soon.

Stop giving excuses
like a fool and come soon.


-Fine, I'll hang up.

-You just put--

-Done shopping, right? Leave.
-Listen, you put--

-So, please.

-Love won't happen without…
-Excuse me!

-That's not nice.

-Talking to me?
-Yes, of course.

It tastes good. Try it once.

Don't tell me about my shop's savories!

You said your shop's
savories are not nice!

Look, my daughters work here.

Look, I meant don't come here frequently,
and don't roam around with her!

-You're mistaken--
-I know everything.

-Sir, what's your problem?
-I know everything.

-Sir, listen to me!

Why are you talking to strangers?
Come in.


-Sir, bye.

Okay. Not just you
but your whole family is brilliant.

We are indeed brilliant.
Top-notch brilliant.

-We don't have to prove it to you.
-You already proved it, you dimwit!

You put back the money I paid you
in the package you gave me!

-Now, stand there in shock.

Damn it!


-Please have it. One more?
-She's getting ready, Uncle.

-Have it, dear. I'll get more.

His mustache tells me that
he might go bullfighting every year.

-I don't think so.
-Okay, Dad.

I bet 7000 rupees that he won't like me.

Eight thousand.

-Ten thousand.
-Twelve thousand.

Bro, you're crossing the limits.

I trust him, bro.

This groom won't like me.
Wait and watch.

The groom likes the girl.

-Who's the groom?
-It's me.


-Then, who are you?
-The best man.

Yes, I've been the best man
to many grooms for 15 years.

-Rajendra, what's happening?
-I don't know. I was unaware.

To hell with you!

-Okay, see you, then.
-Okay. See you.

To heck with their greetings!

-Poovali, get him.
-Yes, brother.

-Brother, just a minute.
-What is it?

Why did you stop him?

By the time you get in the car,
he'll be there.

-Carry on.
-Okay, send him immediately.


-Son, let's go.
-Mom, go ahead. I'll come with the bride.

-Okay, darling. Come soon.
-You heard that, Mr. Braveheart?!

-You will go with the bride?! Sure!

-How many brides have you seen so far?
-Seventeen. This is the 18th bride.

Who do you think you are?
Ghazni Mahmud?

Trying to win after 17 losses!

Did you reject all those brides,
or did they reject you?

They rejected me.

Then what made you think
you will get our girl?

-I heard many grooms had come here.

So, I thought I'd give it a shot as well.

You think my sister is a bird
to take a shot at her?!

Look how beautiful she is,
and look at you!

You snaky fellow!

Bro, you carry on. Hey, you too.

I'll dispose of this garbage.
Is this wet waste or dry waste?

I'll get rid of him anyway!

-Go and arrange everything.
-Okay, buddy.

Bro, where are you taking
the leftover snacks?

-To feed the birds on the roof.
-You mean your friends?

-Of course.
-Vasco, when did you become a VIP?

Somebody is looking for you
to inaugurate the water tank.

Tell them I'm on my way.

-Listen, he's on his way.
-My goddess mother!


Someday, you'll get caught.

I went to an astrologer
the day before yesterday.

-I see.
-I asked him if it can be stopped.

He said, "I tried my best
but couldn't stop it."

Stop what?

My age! So, let me enjoy whenever I can!


-May I leave?

Bye, darling.

Dude, ignore those two CCTV cameras.


What's in the bag?

Just a laptop. Chandru wanted
to update something with it.

Okay, carry on.

-Yes, Uncle?

-What's in the bag?

there are snacks.

-Yes, Auntie.

-Let me see.
-See. Annapoorni Sweets and Savories.

It's a famous brand in Dindigul.
It's too good.

-Did anyone else go in with a bag?
-Yes, with a laptop.

The snacks are to go with that laptop.

-Oh, really?
-Come to the rooftop if you're free.

-We'll have snacks and discuss the future.

-I'll be waiting.
-I'll be there.

You're not welcome, Aunt.

If you know they are going to drink,
can't you confront them?

I will!

I'm so furious. Do one thing.

Get me five omelets and five
sunny-side-up eggs with lots of pepper!

-Seriously, water tank inauguration?!
-That was me!

-Here, take it.
-Come and sit.

-So, what's the occasion?
-Won't you drink if we don't tell you?

I didn't say that.

-We can't tell you. Get lost.
-I was kidding.

-He's not. Get lost.
-I'm serious. Get lost.

-We need a reason to drink.

He drank spirit during the lockdown
because no booze was available.

And now, he wants a reason?!

Don't you have any shame,
integrity, dignity, or self-respect?

-You won't drink anymore, will you?

-Guys, after all, who are you?
-Who are we?

You're my friends. Even if you spit
in my drink, I'll still drink it.

-Here, spit in my drink.
-Keep it down.

It makes me nauseated
even before drinking!

Sorry, dude.


-Save our intestines, Lord Kumaresa!
-Save our intestines, Lord Kumaresa!

Oh, Lord.

Chandru, what happened
to that job you had applied for?

-Turn right. Look who's here.

-Guys, stop your overacting.

My dear son, show me your face.

Take this. Give me that plate.

So, what are you all drinking today?

Rum, on your advice.

Back then, it was winter,
that's why I recommended rum.

This is how my friend drank
any and every liquor…

-and ended up becoming impotent.
-Uncle, we got your point.

Okay, dear. Do you need anything else?

No. If we need any side dishes,
we'll call you.

-Okay, thank you. See you.
-See you. Thank you.

So, we'll become impotent?!

Don't include me, you moron!

Don't be furious. Anyway, there are a lot
of country medicines to cure that.

I'll take them to get cured.

If I knew that earlier,
I'd have drunk around the clock!

To hell with all your opinions! He just
meant to say, "Don't drink." That's all.


Dad, sorry.

Dear, make some scrambled eggs.

Shall I throw this hot water on your face?

Don't get upset unnecessarily.

Whether you get it or not,
they are sensible.

Instead of drinking in bars, having
fist fights, and creating issues,

if they drink on our rooftop,

later, they will sleep
and go home in the morning.

-Their lives are very precious.
-You won't pay heed to me.

-Shall I go and confront them?
-Please, go and do it right away.

They will still buy chilled beer
and party tomorrow!

Hope it's chilled. One, two…

-Watch out! Where did you try to ram me?

Did you buy side dishes?

I know when and where to buy them.

Stop talking like that.

-Drive straight.
-He's a goner!

I heard that!

Chilled beer just warms my heart.

-Yes, boss, what do you want?
-Call the elders.

-You kiddo, go inside.

Look at him!

I said, go inside.

You come here.

-Call Annapoorni.
-You think she is an elder?

two clients are waiting for you!

-Not two, only one. I'm here for you.

Oh! Here she is!

What do you want, boss?

Tell her.

Two use-and-throw glasses,

two packets of pickles,

two fried chicken and two
sunny-side-up eggs with lots of pepper.

-Get it before the beer becomes warm.
-Excuse me.

Remove your glasses and see.
You'll know you're at the wrong place.

Oh, no! We came to the wrong place!

Hey! This is a sweets shop!

-Wait, let us laugh at that joke.

-Sweets shop!
-You can't drink here! Out!

Take these away as well!

-Now, the game's over!
-Oh, God!

My bro's money is wasted.

-It's okay, relax.
-You rarely get this brand!

Even if it's available, it's rare
to get it so chilled in this hot weather.

-Oh, God! What's all this?
-Don't cry. The loss is ours.

It stinks.

Mom, it's beer.

Beer? Oh my God!

Please don't lament here!
Clean this and leave!

My husband hates this.
He can't stand its smell.

What's this noise?
Can't you control the customers?

Oh, no. Your dad is here.

So much froth?

You sinners! Who spilled this strong beer?

Oh my God!

Oh, no!

You found out it was a strong
beer just by looking at its froth.

Who is this great man?
How did you do it?

If the froth is thick,
then that means the beer is strong.

If the froth is thin,
then that means the beer is light.

-What swag!

-What a great man!
-how are you so well-versed with liquors?

-So, you drink?!
-Crazy woman!

I've studied about drunkards.

Does that make me a drunkard?

-I'm sure he doesn't drink, madam.

Drinking tones down your cheeks.

Look at his face.
His cheeks are as shiny as doughnuts.

I speak from experience.

My life is ruined! I've been cheated!

-I got married to a drunkard!

it's too late. You have three daughters.
Solve it at home.

-Pay me 1500 rupees.
-Give him the money from the collection.

Today's collection so far is zero, Dad.

Don't give me that look. Money, please.

-Dear, what's going on?

I very well know why you're
doing all this and following me.

I already have a boyfriend.
If I tell him, he'll rip you apart.

Won't you change at all?

-Create a ruckus!
-Guys, come in!

Dude, calm down.

You want money, right? There's an ATM
nearby. I'll withdraw some money.

Follow me.

Sir, I'm innocent.
Annapoorni asked me to follow her.

She just asked you to follow her, right?
Do it!


-Wait and watch what I'll do to you!
-What will you do?



This one.

Hands off me.


Annapoorni, please love me

Annapoorni, please love me

I'm not following you
But my Twitter handle is

I don't like you
But my Facebook profile does

I didn't share anything with you
But my WhatsApp account did

I didn't post anything about you
But my Insta handle did

Why are you so shocked to know this?

That's enough, roll your eyes back down

Truth be told
I'm the one who did all this

I don't have an admin to blame

Annapoorni, please love me

Annapoorni, please love me

He's the prince charming
A godlike king

He preys like the brave lion

A brave warrior with a great valor

He's the one for you

Search about him on Google

It will sing praises about him

I was a macho man
Who was happily minding my business

The moment I laid my eyes on you
I fell in your trap

Every time you walk across me
I fly high in love

I have fallen in love with you

You stole my heart, I am all yours

I can feel the adrenaline rush in me

When I see your blinking eyes

There's a festival inside my heart

When you walk like that

I can feel all the symptoms
Of being attacked by love

Annapoorni, please love me

Annapoorni, please love me

I'm not following you
But my Twitter handle is

I don't like you
But my Facebook profile does

I didn't share anything with you
But my WhatsApp account did

I didn't post anything about you
But my Insta handle did

Why are you so shocked to know this?

That's enough, roll your eyes back down

Truth be told
I'm the one who did all this

I don't have an admin to blame

Annapoorni, please love me


Here. Over here. Look upstairs.

-Where are you going?
-Nearby, Uncle.

-Yeah, but where?
-Nearby for small work.

-What work?
-Some work, Uncle!

Tell me, what is it?

Only if I knew it!
Where do you want to go?

Wait, I'm coming.

This man, I tell you! Come!

Dear, drop me off at my field.

-Hop on.

Why didn't you say that before?

-I thought I'd come down and tell you.

He left without even having food!

Your dad told me that you guys haven't
found a suitable groom for Sumathi.

-Yes, Uncle.
-I know a groom, dear.

-Is he a nice guy?
-Yes, dear.

He's a gem of a guy!

-Really? His qualification?
-He's a mechanical engineer.

-Mechanical engineer?
-Yes, dear.

He must be finding it
hard to get a job, then.

True, but he'll soon find a job.

But he'll take very good care
of your sister.

Uncle, come to the point, will you?

-Yes, Uncle?

We wish Sumathi to be
our daughter-in-law.

I'm hesitant to ask your dad.

Uncle, my family must be blessed
to have Chandru as our groom.

I'll talk to my parents and Sumathi,
and then I'll let you know.

-I'm so happy to hear this!
-Me too. See you, Uncle.

Dear, the petrol tank can be
replaced but the brains can't be!

-Wear a helmet. Safety first.
-Okay, Uncle.

-Yes, Uncle?

You're great. You don't realize it yet.

We must be thankful to have
an alliance with his family.

Let's go.

Damn. Everything has dried up.
Nobody watered the fields.

00:49:16,333 --> 00:49:19,208
Even the motor has broken.
What are the workers doing here?

Thangiah, when will you get here?
Make it fast!

Who are you?

-Is it your field?

The radiator dried up, and my car stopped.

-Is that so?
-I need some water.

The motor isn't working.
Take it from there.


Now, who are you?

The radiator dried up, and my car stopped.

Then, who was he?

Come on, guys!


Catch him!

-Did you kill him?

he escaped.

Fool! Earlier, you showed off
saying you'd get it done!

Fool! If you had let him escape,
we'd have been in the soup!

Hand me the machete!


-Where is he?

Oh, my dear!

Vasco, the last time I saw him,
he went somewhere with you.

Now, I'm seeing his corpse.
Where did you take him?

What actually happened?

Sir, before his death,
he was last seen with him.

I suspect him. If we question him,
we might crack the case.


Come here!

Any leads on who did it?

Even the police know it was Muttai Ravi…

-yet they aren't doing anything.
-You! I said, come here!

Hey, don't make any hasty moves.
They are police.

So what?

-Earlier, you took him somewhere, right?

Where did you take him?
Why and what did you do to him?

Tell me!

Stop staring at me like that.
I suspect him.

-Arrest him!
-Let go of me!

You're doubting me?!
Don't you know who did this?

-Stop your drama!
-Lower your voice!

Raise your voice,
and I'll break your bones!

Did you see the killer? Who was it?

Tell me!

It was Muttai Ravi, sir.

Did you see him kill your uncle, you jerk?

Did you see me kill him, you jerk?

How dare you call a police officer a jerk!

That hurt your ego!
Then, won't it hurt my ego?

-Put him in the jeep!
-Hands off him!

Find the murderer instead of raising
your hands on our family member!

Go and find the murderer, sir.

Take action, or we'll take the corpse
on the road and protest!

-Come, dear.

First, go and do your duty
of nabbing the murderer. Let's go.

Sir, you're older than me.
I shouldn't have called you a jerk.

Forgive me.


dosa is ready. Serve it to your husband.

Don't rush me, Ravi.
Can't you see I'm busy?

-Yes, boss?

-Here, give this medicine to our leader.
-Okay, boss.

Muttai Ravi killed him?!

I cannot believe it.

He usually informs me
if he's doing something like that.


Where's Ravi?

He went to Bangalore for work.

-You sent him regarding some factory work.

I'll ask him once he's back.
You may go.

Once he is back, ask him
to come to the police station.

I told you I'd ask him.
Then, why must he come there?

You'd call Muttai Ravi the murderer
even if a dog dies in Dindigul!

What's your problem?
You want to close the case, right?

Hey, come here.

Blame it on them and close the case.

-Hey, go with the officer.
-Okay, sir.

-I'll leave, sir.

-Get in the jeep.
-No need.

-You guys leave. You get in.
-Guys, leave.

-Sir, eat it while it's hot.
-Sure. You also join me.

Okay, sir.

Serve him some.


what's the issue?

-Why was the inspector here for you?
-Well, sir…

that leather factory
belongs to a trust committee.

Twelve members of the trust committee
signed the documents,

but he refused to sign them
and threw the documents in my face.

That's why I killed him.

His death certificate will be ready in
a week. Then, that factory will be ours.


-Tell me, Mom.
-Where are you?

-I'm nearby. What is it?
-Come home immediately!

They are here to ask your
sister's hand in marriage.

We were planning to come in Thai…

but what if you fix her wedding by then?

That's why we came now.

Dad always wanted this to happen, buddy.

He was worried that you
all might mistake him.

That's why he was hesitant.

I won't even drink for fun. I promise.

I will take good care of Sumathi.

I'm doing an internship at Madurai TVS.

My job will be confirmed
within two months.

I've even got the appointment letter.

The wedding season is here
And the groom is here

With all the gifts for the bride

The wedding season is here
And the groom is here

With all the gifts for the bride

The wedding season is here

It's time to celebrate
With the whole family

Procession on a double bullock cart
Will take more time

Procession on any other cart
Will also take time

But the procession
On a single bullock cart is the best

Light up the fireworks
And let the music begin

Light up the fireworks
And let the music begin

Look at this.
I bought this with the money I owe you.

There, I'm settling that amount.

Take it and go away. Don't come back.
Here, take it.


Where are you going?

Come here.


-My sister's wedding invitation.
-Okay, boss.

-Do come.
-Definitely. I'll bring my family as well.

-Do bring your boyfriend.

Someone fell for you.
I want to meet that doofus.

Do tell her folks.

Buddy, finally, here we are
at Dindigul Bus Stop.

I asked you to throw a party,
and you've come here empty-handed?!

How will I handle everything alone?

-We're here, buddy.
-I'll send you the location. Come down.

-Dude, find an auto-rickshaw.

-You fool!
-What's your problem?

Don't you have brains?
Can't you keep your eyes on the road?

Can't you drive safely?

-I can, that's why you're alive.
-What if you had rammed into us?!

Then, I'd have run you over,

and you'd all be lying dead,

and an ambulance
would've carried you away!

You broke the rules! That's
a one-way road! Stop talking nonsense!

Hey! Our native, our rules!

-Enough talking! Slap them!
-I dare you to!

-I'll spit on your face!

I dare you to!

-How dare you!

How dare you raise your hands at him!

-Move. Buddy, leave it.

One whistle, and the whole
of Dindigul will be here!

Not just you, I too have connections here!

-Wait, I'll call my friend.
-I'll also make a call.

-Go ahead and do it!
-It's already ringing!

-Get lost!
-Go somewhere else!

You, go inside.

-Boss, I'm calling from the bus stop.

What happened?

I don't know who these guys are,
but they damaged our truck!

I'll send our men.

Are you here? Come in.

-There is a problem.
-What happened?

-A truck driver is creating trouble.
-Who is it?

-Ravi, where are you?
-Tell me.

Some guys damaged our truck
at Dindigul Bus Stop.

-Is that so?
-Send our men…

and look into it, Ravi.




What is it, Ravi?

-Grandpa, where are our men?
-They went to court for the hearing.

Okay. I'll go and check.


-Oh, Lord!

Who are you?

It was your men who started it.

Are you some kind of beast?

Sir, stop! Please, sir!

Please don't hit them.


Buddy! Hey, are you okay?

Please stop, sir.

Please. No--

Hey, stop! Stop! Put the hammer down!

Come with us!


-Let us go!
-Keep walking!

-He hit us. Why are you arresting us?
-Go inside!

Put him also in jail!

-He was the one who hit us! Sir!
-Go inside!

Lock them up.

Sir, if you have guts,
why didn't you arrest Muttai Ravi?

-We both fought with each other.
-I'll break your teeth!

The other day, you were teaching me
law, weren't you?

Who are you guys?

Don't act as if you don't know, sir.

-Muttai Ravi sent us here.
-Don't you dare! Leave!

Why else would we come here?
We just want to see that guy.

-Don't you hear me?
-Wait, sir.


how dare you lay hands on my boss!

The audacity!

You'll come out someday, right?

You'll be chopped into pieces.
He's our guy.

Boss said there is no need
to press charges.

We have already filed the case.
We know our duty. Get out.

-You filed the case?
-I said, get out!

-So, you really filed the case?!

Okay, sir.


he's such a strict officer.
Where is he from?

-He's from Kottaitheru.
-I see.

Didn't he ask you not to press charges?

-Let us out.
-Do you know why they want you out?

Not to serve you a feast
but to finish you off!

If I file a case and take you to court,
they'll attack you midway and kill you.

You'll die, and I'll lose my job.

If possible, take my advice
and make peace with Muttai Ravi.

Or else, right here,
give me a statement in writing…

and abscond tonight.

I haven't pressed charges against you.
Guess why?

I wanted to thrash Muttai Ravi,
but I couldn't.

You thrashed him that's why
I'm doing this small favor.

Uncle, he's the sixth ward councilor.

-He's close with Muttai Ravi.

-He'll talk to him.
-He told me everything.

It's better to fall at the enemy's feet
than the witness' feet.

If you want to make peace
with Muttai Ravi…

then your only hope is Muttai Ravi.

-The wedding's in the morning. Let's go.
-Fine, let's go and meet him.

-Hey, where are you going?

-I'm coming to meet him.
-Is there anything left to do?

Go and hide somewhere.
Don't return until I tell you.

Brother! Please open the door!

-Who is it?
-It's me, Mani. Sixth ward councilor.

-What is the matter?
-We need to discuss something with Ravi.


-What is it?
-The sixth ward councilor Mani is here.

Who else is there with him?


what are you all doing here?

Who is his father among you? Tell me!

That'd be me--

-Hey, Ravi! No!
-Please, let's talk it out.

Don't hit an elderly person!

-Come on!
-Let go of me!

He's here to apologize, and you hit him?!

I let him go with a slap
because you came with him.

Or else I'd have finished him off!

-Don't you have any respect for me?
-I do!

Why do you accompany
such people for such issues?

Sir, come here.

Come here.

What do you do in Dindigul?

You run a flower business, right?

Do you know what I do?

I do rowdyism, robberies, and murders.

Chopping, kidnapping,
and all such activities!

People's fear for me
is what matters in my business.

How would I show my face
at that bus stop again?

Nobody will respect me. Give me that.

Ravi, tomorrow is his daughter's wedding.
We came to discuss that.

I never lay my hands on women.

Go ahead with your daughter's wedding.

I won't ruin that.


I will kill your son!

I will chop his head and hang it
at Dindigul Bus Stop.


I said, leave!

-Yes, dear?
-Where's brother?

He'll come soon. I'd given him some work.

Don't worry. He'll be here.

-Nobody's welcoming us.
-You said we'd get royal treatment.

Not a single soul
is here to welcome us.

Let's go! We purchased
a 500-rupee gift for this wedding!

Where is your son?
I didn't see him at the wedding.

-He's gone nearby. He'll be on his way.
-Okay, see you.

We may travel the world, but we always
yearn to come back to our native.

But look at my plight.

I'm hiding in my own native.
So embarrassing.

So sorry, buddy.

I shouldn't have called you.

We came here to attend your sister's
wedding, but none of us could attend it.

Bro, we must chase him out
of here like he did to you!

Hey, stop riling him up. Let's not
invite trouble. Forget it, buddy.

We face thousands of issues in our life.

If we keep trying to fight all of them,
then we'll also become goons like him.


The way he got a chance
to chase me away and abscond…

I'll also get my chance.

He'll face the fear that day!
He will!

You risked your life to nab Jaga
and get a posting in Dindigul, right?

All the best.

Sir, your story
is a crowd-pulling entertainer.

Very interesting.

What swag!

You became a DSP to get back at someone!

-You're praising me too much.
-Let's have tea.

I need to take a leak.

The restroom is this way, sir.

It's crowded and dirty.
I'll go over there.

-Let's go together, then.

By together,
I meant separately at the same place.

Ravi sir,
the DSP won't return home alive.

Only his corpse will return home.


please have some biscuits. It's 50-50.

Sir, are you a Malayali or a Tamilian?

To where in Kerala, sir?

Sir, you look like a cop. Are you one?

I'm sure, you're a cop. I'm pretty sure.

Sir, can you tell me how you became a cop?

Please tell me, sir.

Sir! Sir,
please don't switch off the light!

Sir, I haven't had dinner yet. I'm hungry.

Cops make the rules here, don't they?

That day when we were on the bus, this
is exactly how a guy asked me my story.

The way he screwed me
after hearing my story…

it was one hell of a bludgeoning!


I got seven stitches on my back
and eight on my head.

I was in the ICU for 25 days,
and it took me 35 days to recover.

Where's the transfer order copy?

I thought you'd ask me
about your attacker,

-but you're asking me for the order copy.
-I know who attacked me…

and I also know who sent him.

-I hope nobody at home knows.
-Nobody knows.

In fact, even Sumathi doesn't know.

Like how my dad doesn't want me to know
that Muttai Ravi slapped him…

I don't want my dad to know
that I was attacked.

Okay, buddy.


-Hi, Saravanan.

How long am I supposed to wait?

-I thought of doing business here, but--
-Who's stopping you?

I'm unable to get EB connection
approved for seven months.

My assistant engineer asks
me to consult the MLA.

The MLA is my good friend.
Come, let's go and meet him.

-Who's that MLA?


Muttai Ravi.

Once upon a time,
he was Politician Aalamarathan's servant.

Aalamarathan died of a heart attack.

He didn't inform anyone about
Aalamarathan's death immediately.

He checked his diary to find out how
much money his contacts owed him.

Only after ensuring all the money was
collected did he announce his death.

Put up the posters now.


Usually, anyone in his place would
flick the money and escape…

but Ravi didn't do that.

He took the money and met the CM.

-Greetings, sir.
-Welcome. Greetings.

I was working under Mr. Aalamarathan.

He had set aside some money for the party,

-but unfortunately, he suddenly died.

So, I thought I'd meet you
and hand over this money.

-How much is it?

-Ten lakhs?
-No, sir. Ten crores.

Give me that.

He cooked up a believable story to give
him the money and got a seat in return.

That's how Ravi became the MLA.

That's the story of MR,
and this is where he lives.

I see.

-Come on.

We can deal with it
only when we know who it is.

My boss rules all over Dindigul.

Nobody can cross our line here.

He wants to meet the MLA
regarding an EB connection.

You can't meet him right now.
He's in a meeting.

-Would you like to meet his brother?


He is a friend. He is from Coimbatore.

He's starting a textile shop
near Dindigul Bus Stop.

He needs the EB connection set up.
Please help us get the approval.

I'm aware of that.

That three-story building
facing west, right?

Yes, sir.

It seems you've taken up
an extra 1000 sqft. It's a violation.

There are a lot of legal issues,
and it's complicated.

Pay us five lakhs, and we'll resolve it.

-Five lakhs?
-Don't think too much. Just say yes.

Have a seat.

Sir, when will the EB connection
get approved?

I'm in a meeting. Call me later.

-The EB connection is approved!
-I'd told you, sir!

Thanks a lot. We'll get going.

What is it? You seem quiet.

So do you.

What's with the smile?

I know how hard
you have worked these two years.

Have patience while handling
any and every issue.


All of you, move!

-How's my gift?
-Is it a surprise?

It's superb!

You were chased away
by some people from here.

Now, those people must run in fear
when they hear your bike coming.

Lord Vadi Karuppan is with you.
Nothing will happen to you.

-Yes, Uncle?

-Light up the crackers.
-Watch me now!

Boss, he crossed the Karur Bridge.

Muthu, did you hear that?

Yes, boss. We are ready.

Selvam, where are you?

Boss, we are waiting in the truck.

Hey, he must not escape this time.

-Run him over!
-Let's go!


Whom are you talking to?

-I was talking to our boys.
-Regarding what?

-To run over…
-Run over?

I told the boys to run
that DSP over with a truck--

Ask them to stop!

Hey, listen!

Did they run him over?

Ask them to get down and run away.

Check what happened to my bike.

-Sir, have some water.
-No, thank you.

Are you hurt, sir?

-Bring me chilled sugarcane juice

-with some lime juice squeezed in it.
-In a minute, sir.

You escaped by a whisker!

Hey! To hell with their rash driving!

Don't they realize this is a school zone?
So negligent!

Look at their atrocity, sir.
They hit you with their truck.

The arrogance that
nobody can confront them!

Thank God you escaped unscathed.
They must not be spared, sir.

Here's the change.

-Instead of the change…

Raja, those who addressed
me as "Muttai Ravi" until yesterday…

are addressing me as
"Leader" and "MLA" today.

They invite me to every
function in their house,

erect my banners, put up my posters,
and celebrate me.


-how did people use to address you before?
-They called me an egg vendor.

-They address me as "Boss."

How did that happen?

Because I became an MLA.

Because of my position!

I must cling to this and become
the MP, minister, and so on.

We tried finishing him off,
but he escaped.

He's lucky, I guess.

if we decide to finish someone off…

we must ensure it is done legally.

This is a feud between him and me.

If anyone of you comes in between…


Hey, cop, how dare you enter
as if this is your property!

Let your fireworks begin
Show them the power of a cop

Hit them until the baton breaks
Put an end to the enemy

Hey, foe, you'd better run
Here comes the braveheart

He's here because it's payback time

Don't play hide and seek with him

Ripping you all apart
Is this officer's favorite game

Damn you…

Where are you?

On my way, sir.

I know you're at the MLA's house.
Be here at the office by three o'clock.

We have an important matter to discuss.

DSP, you came in ferociously,
and now you're leaving?

Muttai, if I were a goon…

I'd have chopped you into
two halves right here.

Or I'd have shot you with an illegal gun.

You're lucky that I am a cop.

Right back at you.

If I was the old Muttai Ravi…

you wouldn't have set foot in Dindigul.

Your headless body would be
hanging at Dindigul Kottai.

You're lucky that I became an MLA.

You're just an MLA, right?

I dare you to commit a crime!

Well, fine. I'll oblige.

I'll commit a crime within ten days.

If possible, arrest me or shoot me down.

Well, do it first.

I will do it.

Do it!



Let's not lock horns.

In the future, when we come
across each other in public…

you have to salute me.

Sorry, what?

I must also greet you with a smile.

-So, please leave, sir.


My best wishes for your future endeavors.

Thank you. Now, leave.

-Yes, sir.

-Vandalur Training Center?
-Yes, sir.

Batch no. 1583?

Yes, sir.

It was me who selected you.

I was the selection
committee chairman then.


Unique name for a policeman!

Thank you, sir.

I thought you'd come and meet me
first, but you went to the MLA's house?

First, clear off all
the pending cases at the station.

Sir, if we finish off Muttai Ravi alone…

half of the pending cases will be closed.

-Do you smoke?
-I don't, sir.

But I do.

Zone One.

Pickpockets, chain snatchers,
alcoholic violence offenders,

first-time prisoners,

and small-time criminals
come under Zone One.

If we don't reform them,
they will go to Zone Two.

Rowdies, dispute-solving goons, rapists,

political workers, etc. The list goes on.

You can't shoot down
the criminals in Zone One…

but you can shoot down
the criminals in Zone Two.

But if we miss doing that…

they will enter Zone Three.

Muttai Ravi belongs to this zone.

We will need strong evidence
to arrest him.

He cannot be arrested without a warrant.

Followed by a hell lot of formalities!

There is a story I remember
every day when I see this crane.

"As heron stands with folded wing,
so wait in waiting hour.

As heron snaps its prey, when fortune
smiles, put forth your power."

Do you know what it means?

I do, sir.

A crane stands on one leg
for hours waiting for its prey…

and when it sees the prey,
without any jerk, and in a jiffy,

it hunts it down without fail!

So, I must wait and hunt him down
in the same manner when the time is right.

-Will you pass the exam this year?

-You've been saying it for years.
-Shut up!

-What happened?

-Hey, what was that?
-Stop the bike.

Sorry, the drone went out
of control and fell on you.

Went out of control?! What if it had
landed on my neck instead of my head?

It was an honest mistake.
Just return the drone.

-Hey! No way!

-It was an honest mistake. Return it.
-No way, get lost!

Stop pleading.
Slap her, and she'll return it.

-You'll slap me?!
-How dare you slap him!

Hit him. How dare you try to slap
the future local DSP?

-Stop! Hey!
-Guys, run!


What's the issue? Come here.

Sir, our drone fell on her head.
She refuses to return it.

Did you get permission
to shoot with the drone?

No, sir.

It's just a short film, sir. So…

Who said you don't need
permission to make short films?

Give it to me.

Give a statement at the police
station and collect it. Now, go.

Come to the police station.
I need to inquire you.

Come in. Please come.

Hey, drone boys,
do you need a special invitation?

Pay the rickshaw guy and come in.

Where's everybody?

Who the heck switched on
the lights at this hour--

-Vascodagama. Your DSP.

I'm Uppiliappan. A Samantha fan.

I'm the head constable, sir.

-What's going on?
-We're on duty 24-7.

We're just relaxing, sir.

Samantha's song was on.

So, we all gathered up.

-Turn it off.
-Sir, there's a small issue with that.

-It won't turn off if we switch it off.
-I said, turn it off!

Pull the plug out.

Does anybody else work here
apart from you guys?


-Your name?

Her number is 21/11, her father's name is
Ponn, and her mother's name is Gomathi.

She lives with her elder sister.

She's still single, sir.

How about starting a matrimony
site for our police department?

We must, sir. Even I am single.

-We're meeting for the first time.
-Yes, sir.

-This is the worst first impression!

Please say something.

Sorry, sir.

From tomorrow, do all this at home.
Got it?

-Okay, sir.
-What's with the hiccups?

There's so much going on here,
and you're eating?!

Yes, sir. It's a veg meal.

That wasn't a question, sir!

Sir, I've got low sugar levels.

If I don't have lunch by noon,
my hands start trembling.

-I even faint at times.
-Sorry, sir. Sit down.

Here, drink water.

Do you have chocolate handy?

Yes, sir.

-Keep it safe.
-Okay, sir.

Hey, move that pot!

Sorry, sir.

I was informed at the last minute
about you taking charge.

I went to buy you a garland…

but the shopkeeper took
his own sweet time to make it.

-Did you go to Murugapandi's shop?
-Yes, sir.

-Did you tell him it was for the new DSP?
-Yes, sir.

He's my father.

But they took money for this!

-How much did they charge you?
-Eight hundred rupees, sir.

-Eight hundred rupees for this?!
-Yes, sir.

It's not even worth 500.

Fine, do the honors.

Thank you. Now, take it.

Send someone to return it
and get back the money.

-Do it.

-Yes, sir?

Stop smiling!

-Aren't you an inspector?
-Yes, sir.

-How long have you been working here?
-For seven years.

-Criminals should fear you, right?
-Yes, sir!

Then, stop smiling
and make a serious face!

Okay, sir.

Those boys have a drone camera.

Get their statement on it,
and take it into custody.

Also, a girl named
Annapoorni is waiting there.

-Ask her to come inside.
-Okay, sir.

-Excuse me.
-Who is it?

Stop showing off and come in.

You keep saying you have a boyfriend.
Who is he?

That's none of your business.
Ask me what you want. I'm getting late.

Hey, this is not your sweets shop
but the police station.

This is an investigation, so shut up
and answer my questions!

Or I'll put you in jail. Should I?

So, who is he?

I said that in order to
keep you from disturbing me.

But once you left Dindigul…

I got very disturbed.

I didn't realize it until you were here.

I desperately looked for you everywhere.

I waited for almost two years.

I succumbed to my parents' pressure
and gave my consent.

In two weeks, I'm getting married.

-Fine, come with me.

Come here.

What is it?

-So, you really have a boyfriend?

-Okay. His name?
-Mapillai Vinayagam.

I see.

So, what the heck does
Mapillai Vinayagam do?

In the whole of Asia…

You have a stage to address people
You have a place to rest in the sky

You are the one with the eagle's eye

There is a whole new world under you
That looks up to you

You are looked upon as a God

The whole earth is your ground
So, turn the barren lands green

Need my signature?
Wait. Ink pad, please.

You're the association head,
then why the thumb impression?

Hold your horses.
I'll address that on the mic.

Ladies and gentlemen, greetings to all!

This sir asked me,
"Why the thumb impression?"

A thumb impression is a must
to get the Aadhar ID, am I right?

Not just that…

even smartphones nowadays are
unlocked using our thumb impressions.

I always tell this short story
everywhere I go.

My class teacher
in the third grade, Mr. Muttiah,

told me that I was good enough
only to graze cattle.

On that very day, I bought two cows.

Then, two became 20, 20 became 200,
and today, I own 300 cows.

I make 1.5 million rupees
profit every month.

So, hone your skills and prosper.
Thank you, all.

Boss, looks like your fiancée
is at the station.

Which station? Railway station,
TV station, or radio station?

Dindigul South Police Station!

Please go easy on him, boss.

-Here comes Mapillai Vinayagam.
-We've dealt with many policemen.

DSP sir. Hi, darling. Come on.

Sit. My inquiry is not over. Sit down.

-Do you know who I am?
-Meet my boss Mapillai Vinayagam!

The head
of Nilakottai Dairy Farming Association!

Also, the bullfighting champion
in Palamedu Bullfighting Contest.

-He's won many awards.
-Enough. Guys, take him away.

-Meet my boss Mapillai Vinayagam!
-Sir, what's going on?

Rules say that a lady constable
should inquire ladies.

Then, why are you questioning
my queen in your kingdom?

I'm the ideal king to this queen.

What happened, darling?

Feeling shy?

Come on, dear.


Oh, God!

-What is it now, sir?
-Mapillai Vinayagam…

Yeah, it's me.

You look smart and dashing.

-By birth.

-Let's vibe!

-Funny police.
-Oh my God!

I saw it first, madam.

Sir, the face is unclear.
It's an unidentified body.

-We are collecting the details.

-Send me the autopsy report on WhatsApp.
-Sure, sir.

Hi, sir.

What happened?

Sir, the forensic department
is collecting the details.

As soon as the autopsy report comes--

-Do you want to do an encounter?

The guy who handled the egg distribution
in six districts in the south…

Kalakkad Ramesh!

Look, Dindigul, Madurai, Paramakudi,
Trichy, Namakkal, and Dharapuram…

Ravi's brother Raja will supply
eggs to these districts hereafter.

We did it all these years!
Do we look like fools to you?

Don't you test my patience!


So what if you are the MLA?
I'll stab you!

Once Muttai Ravi became the MLA,

he snatched that egg supply
order from Ramesh.

He framed Kalakkad Ramesh
and got him arrested.

Get lost!

After getting released,
he absconded to Kerala.

He's been missing for six months now.

We've got information that he's
headed to Dindigul via Theni.

It seems Kalakkad Ramesh is
coming back tomorrow from Kerala.

Everyone says that I'm his first target.

If both groups indulge in a gang war,
we'll be in the soup.

So, we must finish off Kalakkad Ramesh.

Yes, sir!

Plan well and give special training
to your team.

-My team, sir?
-Any doubt?

No, sir.

-Keep me informed.
-Yes, sir.

Move! Fast! Action!

Load! Target! Fire!

The very intention
of not missing the target…

is what makes us miss the target.

Now, if you give a toy gun
to a kid to play,

the kid will shoot with full
excitement and confidence.

You must shoot with that confidence.

Looks like she's an expert
at hitting the target.

But this time, you must run and shoot.

-Next round!
-Sir, I have a doubt.

I can't even stand and shoot
the running target,

then how can we run and shoot?

The criminal runs when we
stand and shoot, right?

Imagine the criminal is staying put.
Now, we must run and shoot.

Well, that's confusing, sir.
Anyway, I'll do it. Where's the target?

-Turn around.
-Behind me?

-The target is painted black.
-Watch me shoot it, sir!

-Come out, you…
-It's a new method of training, sir.

-It's not working.
-Mr. Subbiah, what are you doing?

Sir, I think my finger
is blocking the trigger.

Is that so?

-Did you clean the gun?

-I did.
-Which parts?

From this end to this end.
I clean it every day with coconut oil.

The trigger part?

God. It's risky.
Touching the trigger might fire the gun.

-Uppiliappan sir told me.
-Uppiliappan told you that?!

-Turn around and shoot him.

Sir, it wasn't me.

Excuse me, sir.
I'll be retiring in two to three days.

-Please leave me out of this.
-Mr. Subbiah, hold the position!

Have a strong grip. Is it loaded?

-Yes, sir.
-Hit the target!


Did you fire the gun?

-I did, sir.
-Where did the bullet hit?

It hit the target
of the person next to me, sir.

-Then do one thing.

-Always aim at the target next to yours.
-Okay, sir.

-Then you'll hit your target.

-Thank you.
-Welcome, sir.

Excuse me.

I'm now confident, Mr. Subbiah.

-Thank you, sir.
-Our team will get an award for sure!

Hello, sir?

Kalakkad Ramesh has left from here.

He'll reach there in ten minutes.

He'll cross the checkpoint
in ten minutes, right?

-Yes, sir.
-Did you hear that, my dear team?

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Sir, I'm in position.

Okay, stay safe.


Uppili, are we going to do an encounter
or to cut sugarcane?

I became a cop so that I didn't
have to do sugarcane farming.

Someone will see us if we go by road.

That's why he's taking us
through this sugarcane farm.

So, you'd better tighten your belt.
Look here.

I've been used to sugarcane
fields since my childhood.

I've done everything here.

Once I enter the sugarcane field…

then nobody in this world can catch me!

-Uppili sir, sir is calling you.

Sir, please don't mistake me,

but why do we have to encounter him?

-He shall rot in hell for his sins.
-Says who?

It's written in Garudapuranam.
I saw it in Anniyan, sir.

Hey, I watched Avengers,
yet I am not complaining!

So, stop giving reasons!

Avengers is the modern version
of Anniyan! That's all!

Stop it with your movie stories.
Keep walking.

-Keep quiet and walk.
-Oh, no.

-Subbiah sir, what happened?
-What happened?

-Come on, lift him!
-Mr. Subbiah?

-Lift him.
-Make him sit.


Mr. Subbiah! Splash some
water on his face! Come on!

Are you alright now?

What happened? Did you eat?

No, sir.

I might have to run during the encounter
operation that's why I didn't eat.

Come on now.
Don't you have that chocolate?

Is it in your pocket? Where is it?

Who ate it?

Now, go and get some sugarcane.

Hold him.


Open your mouth.

-Feeling better?
-Yes, sir.

-You rest here. We'll go.

it's not advisable to leave
him alone in this condition.

If something happens to him, then our
department will be responsible, right?


-I'll stay here and look after him.

Cheeky woman! She's planning to escape!

-Okay, you look after him. Shall we leave?

-Torch, please. Be safe, Pandiamma.
-Okay, sir.

-Others, follow me.
-I got this, sir.

God has sent you to save me!

Had I gone with them, I'd have got shot.

Anyway, do you have any snacks in
your bag? Let's eat and chitchat.

Jasmine flowers!
Madurai Jasmine flowers!

Excuse me. Would you like some?

Sir, TN 57 CJ 4575. Reached, sir.

Sir, Ramesh crossed the checkpoint.

-Turn right!
-Don't stop! Turn right!

Take a diversion to the right.

Block the road.

Come on, hurry up!

Why is a truck blocking the way?

I don't get it. Fine, take this right.

-Turn left and leave.
-Okay, boss.

I think we're trapped.

Turn around.

Run them over.

Ready! Alert!

If anyone steps out, shoot them at once!

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!

None of them should escape!

-Step back!

They're getting away!

Mr. Subbiah!


We must only shoot the targeted
criminal during an encounter

and not some random people.

Whom did you shoot now?

I have no idea. DSP ordered me
to shoot him, so I shot him.

Sir, look what you have done!


this guy came here running,
and that's when you told me to fire.

This is none other
than our target Kalakkad Ramesh.

Congrats! Congratulations, Mr. Subbiah!

The encounter was a success, sir.

Greetings to all. I'm retiring today.

I am lost for words.

Until the day before yesterday,
I was a useless cop.

I even told sir to leave me
alone as I was retiring soon.

But he did not give up on me
and took me for the encounter operation.

Pandiamma, Marikozhundhu,
Johnson, Uppilliappan…

-I thank them all for accompanying me.
-Neither you nor we did anything.

Well, keep blabbing now that
you got a mic and stage.

The most important person because of whom
I got this applause and appreciation

is our DSP Vasco sir.
My heartfelt thanks to him.

-Thanks, sir.

Give me that.

Congratulations, sir.

I wished for a goon-free Dindigul.

You made my wish come true.
Thanks a lot, sir.



-Sir, two minutes.

How are you, DSP sir?

You're such an important person.
How can I forget you?

Give me that bouquet.

Please accept it.

Raja, didn't I tell you I have set up
someone to finish off Kalakkad Ramesh?

I'll finish him off
before he finishes me off.

Hey, I've already set up someone
else to do that. Go inside.

It was this officer.

You just killed an innocent person, sir!

DSP sir, didn't I tell you I'd commit
a crime within ten days?

My target was Kalakkad Ramesh!

I used my power to add his
name to the encounter list

knowing that the police
will do it for me.

Do you get it now?

Cops are nothing but
politicians' henchmen.

In short…

you are my brave slave.

The only difference is that
your salary is a little less.


Wait for another ten days.
Another incident awaits you.

You will get it done for me again.

All the best for your future endeavors.

Dude, get your jerk brother away from me!

Sir, Kalakkad Ramesh was a criminal,
but he didn't deserve this.

Muttai Ravi made us do it.
What's going on?

His plan or ours,
how does it make a difference?

In the end, a goon is dead.

It's a successful encounter operation.
What else do you need?

A cigarette please, sir.

Wait for ten more days.
Another incident awaits you.

You will get it done for me again.


Come here.

-Yes, sir?
-I need your permission

-to make a mistake in your station.
-Okay, sir.

-Coming, sir! Here I come!

Sorry, sir.

-I'm upset.
-I see.

Buy me a pint of hard liquor.

-A pint?
-Is it not enough?

-Then get a full bottle.

-this is a police station.
-I see!

And we are cops, sir.

-Who said we are cops?
-I did, sir.

We are henchmen!

We are henchmen appointed
by honorable MLA Muttai Ravi!

We must fire and cease fire on his orders.

Are you all proud that we successfully
completed an encounter operation?

No, we've committed a murder!

We murdered a person on his orders.

Shouldn't we celebrate that?
That's why I'm throwing this party.

Brother, what crime are you
going to commit within ten days?

I was kidding.

So, hear this…

by now, his head would be
bursting thinking about that.

He must be going crazy.

I have nobody to console me

I ain't no saint to preach philosophies

Where do I go to find a solution?

I don't have the power
To escape to a different realm

I have never cried like this before

A dear one gifted me this day
Who do I vent out to?

You can say it to--

Suffering is all I have
I can't take it anymore, oh Lord

Who is that?

-Oh, God!

-Hide it!
-It's okay. I saw it.

When a common man has so many problems,
it's obvious cops will have way more.

I came to share
the happy news with you all.

Turn off the song.

Before that, I'd like to let
our cops know something.

-It's okay. You can tell them later.
-No, I must tell them now.

"If the froth is thick,
then that means the beer is strong.

If the froth is thin,
then that means the beer is light."

He's the legend who said that!
You're a legend!

I am not a fan of praise.
My daughter's marriage has been fixed.

It's the same girl
I questioned the other day.

-It is--
-Really? Sir, you have a kind heart!

He's the best groom you can get!
Well done, sir!

-No! You're mistaken!
-Sir, you didn't even tell me!


I'm not the groom!
Sir, tell them the groom's name!

-The groom's name is Mapillai Vinayagam.
-Bro, so, it's not you?!

-Did you bring the invitation? Give me.
-Yes, here.

-Thank you.
-You all must come and bless them.

-We'll come. Are you sure?
-Definitely. Please do.

-We all will be there.
-Please be on time.

-Yeah, all right.
-They will be there for sure.

Don't shake it, sir.

What is he looking for?

It's the wedding invitation
of the girl I love!

Of course.

-And they are inviting me?!
-How dare they!

We'll attend this wedding and…

Get sloshed and confront her?

You must!

-Let's do it, sir!
-Come on!

Let's bless her by singing a song.

Welcome to this auspicious event!

Taking place on a Monday
The 20th day of the Tamil month Avani

The groom and the bride

Are to be married

And to everyone
Who is attending the function

Please bless the couple
Yours sincerely, Vascodagama

God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a happy married life, dear

God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a luxurious life, dear

It's okay that you left me stranded
It's okay that you left me all alone

It's okay that you dumped me
It's okay that you let go of me

It's okay if you left me for a friend
It's okay if you left me for your bestie

It's okay if you move abroad
It's okay if you fly to space

Still, may God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a happy married life, dear

God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a luxurious life, dear

We must finish him off!

God, he'll finish me off!

I waited for you
But you gave me a red signal

He just entered your life
And you already gave him a green signal

I wanted to mingle with you
But you ditched me and I'm now single

I wanted to tie the knot
But you made me tie the noose

Dear Devadas
Let your Parvathy stay in your heart

Move on and live with her memories

Don't feel bad
That your ex is getting married

Just have some more booze
And your heart will cool down

God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a happy married life, dear

It's okay that she left you stranded
It's okay that she left you all alone

It's okay that she dumped you
You will never know what we girls feel

It's okay if she left you for a friend
It's okay if she left you for her bestie

It's okay if she moves abroad
Nobody forgets their first love

God! That is why we say…

Still, may God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a happy married life, dear

Happy married…

-It's incomplete. End it with "life."

Oh, God! Sir, get up!
Let's go to our police station!

Everyone's here to sign
the witness column.

-I want the wedding to go fine.
-Let that be.

So, be it,
but why call them unnecessarily?

The pain of love failure
is better than a hangover.

-Sir, here. Have this.
-Greetings, DSP.

You sang "God bless you,"
and the wedding didn't take place.

It's a silly problem, sir.
My dad is a Hindu.

My mom's a Christian.

-My mom wants the wedding--
-Wait! You tell me!

When I married him,

his mom was adamant that the wedding
should happen as per the Hindu tradition.

I agreed to it, didn't I?

-No! This must be a Hindu wedding!
-No! A Christian wedding!

-I can't obey you!
-Okay, fine. Now, go inside.

Did you see that, sir?

In order to avoid this issue…

I brought everyone here.
We'll do court marriage.

I don't want
any legal issues in the future.

That's why I invited you, the DSP officer,
to sign the witness column.

Hope you have no objection.

Any objection?

Please come.

-Who's Annapoorni?
-Come, dear.

Wait, I know you are the groom.
I'll call you.


Quick, sign here.

Make it fast, dear. Sign it before
the auspicious hour gets over.

-Who's Vascodagama?
-Sir, it's me.

Wait, I know you are the groom.
I'll call you. You come here.

-Oh! Come on, sir!
-Sign here.

Give me the pen.

I know. Make it fast.
Even I have to sign.

-You may go.
-Who's Uppiliappan?

Wait, I know you are the groom.
I'll call you.

-I wonder when he'd call me!
-Sign here, Uppiliappan.

How's that?

-Mapillai Vinayagam, come.

Go ahead, sign it.

-I sign with my thumb impression.
-Even in this modern era?

Well, I earn 1.5 million rupees per month!

Sir, stamp the seal and declare
the marriage is complete.

That's it.


Why is my thumb impression at the bottom?

Obviously, that's where
the witnesses sign!

Sir, I am the groom.

But I thought your name is Mapillai.

-That's my name, and I am the groom!
-Oh, no!

Once stamped,
this marriage is registered!

Tear it and marry
Mapillai Vinayagam to Annapoorni, sir!

No way! My signature is as good
as the High Court judge's signature!

-Now, it's time for my break.

-Sir, please help me!

how could they do this to you?

This is why education is very important.

In the end, they used your thumb
impression to end your game.

Dude, I am a kindhearted man.

After I found out they were in love,

the registrar and I
planned this whole drama.

-Really, boss?

Congratulations, DSP!

-I misunderstood you. You are supercool.

Let's vibe!

You are the DSP wife, okay?

The man who gave up his love…

You have a stage to address people
You have a place to rest in the sky

You are the one with the eagle's eye

-What's this case?
-He was out wearing a lungi at night.

In that case,
even I must be arrested at night.

Sir, he was drunk and created a ruckus.

Is that so?

Advise him to drink less, go home,
and sleep. Now, let him go.


-Greetings, officer.
-Please come.

-How are you?
-I'm fine.

-How's your married life?
-Very good.

-Why did you come here all the way?

Well, my sister's kids were making
a short film and got into trouble.

-Guys, come in.
-Come in, guys.

Looks like you confiscated
their camera and laptop.

You didn't have to come
all the way for this.

-That's fine.
-You guys could've told me.

-Sir, I'll return it. You may leave.
-Thank you, sir.

-Thank you. Would you like some coffee?
-No, thank you.

-Okay. See you.
-I just had it. See you.

-I'll leave, then.
-Guys, have a seat.

What's the short film's title?

-Sir, as of now, it's untitled.

What's the genre?

-Pandiamma, get their stuff.

A horror thriller, sir.

-A horror thriller?
-Yes, sir.

-Audiences prefer that genre.


Well, I had no idea about it.

There's nothing in it.

Open it. Let's see what you have shot.


Sir, it's unedited and has no music.

Your short film is the reason I met
my wife after a couple of years.

That's why I'm so eager to watch it.
Show me.

Stop blinking and play it!



Sir, that's all.

That's all? I saw another clip!
There, this one.

Sir, while recording that,
it hit a tree and fell.

That's when it fell on my wife's head?!
Then I must watch it.

When it fell-- What is it?

When it fell, she must have gotten scared.
I want to see that. Play it.

Why didn't you tell me about this?
Pandiamma, get the baton.

-Sir, I've got nothing to do with it!

The murder footage was recorded when we
were operating under the bridge.

Why didn't you show me this earlier?

Sir, we wanted to post it on our YouTube
channel for likes and comments.

Would you post this if the victim
were your family member?

-Would you?
-No, sir. We won't.

-Pandiamma, give them your treatment.

-To hell with your short film! Go!
-Ma'am, please!


-How was that, sir?


it's the chamber brick location
where we found the corpse.

If we trace him,
we might get some evidence.

He's a friend. We can nab him easily.

Do the loading before it rains.

Boys, he'll be alerted when he sees us.

You also be alert.

Here comes the God in a police uniform

He's going to bash up
Every goon in whites

What is it, sir?

Do you want to buy some leather?

-No, Pandi.

I watched a short film in which you acted.
It was brilliant.

Especially, the scene where you set
a person ablaze in the brick chamber.

Awesome! Your acting was mind-blowing!

So, I thought I'd meet you, get your
autograph, and take a selfie with you.

Shall we do it here
or at the police station?



Our sir punches like a lion!
1.5 tonnes punch power--

Yes, sir. After all, we are police.

He's running even after knowing
that he can't escape, fool!

That's why I didn't run after him.

-Yes, sir.

Fine, arrest this fellow.

Guys, run!

Catch them!


Oh, God!

Hey, get them!


Oh, no!


Oh, no!

If my boss finds out…

he'll hang you upside down
and thrash you!

Please let go of me!

My dear police…

we have caught seven criminals.

We are going to play a game.

-Ready, sir!

-What's the game, sir?
-What's the rush?

-Young blood? Raring to go?
-Yeah, sir.

Thank you, sir!

-Weapons ready, sir.

What are they up to?

Here are the rules. I'll play music.

You must hit them until the music stops.

-What's so funny, sir?
-I love the game, sir.

-I want you to play with full dedication!
-Okay, sir.

When the music stops,
you must stop hitting them.

-Sir, please no!
-Shut up!

I'm telling the rules that favor you!

-Ready, sir!
-Take position!

Even if our bodies rip apart
and their sticks break into pieces…

none of you must utter a word!

Think of our boss and stay loyal to him!

-Take it!

-You're out!

-Step away!

why only me? Why not they?

This is your last warning!

Make a mistake again,
and you'll be out of the game! Got it?

-Okay, sir.

please have mercy on us.

What do you want, sir?

I'll give you a chance to talk.
Have patience.

Okay, next round!

Why are you thrashing us?
Please at least give us a reason!

I can't bear it anymore!
I want to take a leak, please untie me!

Are you drowsy or confused?

It's all a big confusion

-Does it exist or not?
-Pandi, this song is for you.

This is the cause of my stress

I have already been stunned

Sir, I'm about to bleed from my eyes.

-When will it be my turn, sir?

It's your turn now.
Ready to confess everything?

We murdered the new
pollution control officer.

Our boss Ravi's younger
brother Raja called us.

-He paid us ten lakhs to do the job.
-Damn it!

-What happened, Ravi?
-Grandpa, call my brother.


-Tell me.
-Where are you?

Why do you want to know?

That DSP has the warrant to arrest you.
You'd better go to court and surrender.

I've informed our lawyers.
They'll take care of the rest.

Yeah? I should go to court and do what?

Do you want the press and media
to publish about me and insult me?

-No way. I know where to go.
-Wherever you go, he'll nab you!

Even you don't know where I'm going.
How will he know?

-I know to take care of myself. Hang up.

-Throw the phone out.
-But why?

Just do it!


Give me all your SIM cards!

Let me see how he nabs me now!

On duty in Dindigul City

Buddy, stop your atrocity

On duty in Dindigul City

Buddy, stop your atrocity

Muttai sir,
did you check the video I sent you?

You started it all.
I'm chasing your brother right now.

Should I shoot him or let him go?

Tell me. Tell me, boss.

Should I shoot him or let him go?
Let him go? Shoot him?

-Shoot him!
-I didn't hear that.

I said, shoot him!

He's been a pain in the neck
since the beginning.

I can't take it anymore.
I was planning to finish him off anyway.

But my love for my brother stopped me.

I couldn't do it.
He knows all my old secrets.

He must die.

-Shoot him.
-Order confirmed?

-I said, shoot him! Do it!
-I'll call you back in some time.

Ravi, why did you ask him
to shoot your brother?

Tell him to stop!

Muttai Ravi wants me
to shoot his brother.

What are your thoughts?

Sir, if he's saying that,
then I suspect he has some plan.

If I tell him not to shoot him…

he will definitely shoot him.

Now that I told him to shoot him…

it must have got him thinking.

I don't think Muttai Ravi has
any plan, but let's not shoot him.

Sir, what's your plan?

Well, my plan depends
on what his brother does next.



-Marikozhundhu, can you bear the pain?
-It's okay, sir.

-Dinesh, she'll take care of herself.
-You please carry on.


Sir! What happened to you? Sir!

Muttai, you thought
if you ask me to shoot him,

I won't do it?

I will shoot him no matter what you say!

Stay on the call.

Sir! What happened to you?
Please, sir, get up!

-There is an emergency, sir!
-Please open your eyes!

Sir, please listen to me.
Let's go to the hospital.


Diwali is over!

Oh my God!


How did this happen?

-Where is Ravi?
-He refuses to come.

To heck with this!

Hey, tie it up fast! What are you doing?


it's time for your brother's funeral.
It's time, come on.

Take him away and bury him!

That fool!

I pleaded with him to go to court!

He didn't pay me heed!

Then, why should I see his face
for the last time?

Just leave, Grandpa.

I said, leave!

Brother, he has killed your family member,
so we must do the same to him!

His parents and wife must die!

Kill them, boss!

I never raise my hands on women.

We must do what they expect we won't do!

Transfer order.

Sir, I just finished off
Muttai Ravi's brother.

Give me a few days.
I'll finish him off as well.

Then you can personally
hand me the transfer order.

The transfer order is not for you but me.

They figured out that I'm supporting you.

I have no idea why they spared you.

Try to spend more time with your family.

I'm off to Tiruvannamalai.

Anything urgent, or any help,
just give me a call.

-Yes, sir.
-Take care.

-Sir, one minute.

Your transfer order.

Doing the honors of giving
me the transfer order?


I have no idea why they spared you.

Try to spend more time with your family.

-Where is he taking us?
-No idea.


Wear a seat belt. Don't show
the arrogance of being a cop's wife.

Wear it.

Dad, look she's pinching
my thighs in front of you!

Where are you taking us? Just say it!

I've been asking the same thing.
He just won't tell.

Where are we headed? Tell us, dear.

Is he sending us off
to our second honeymoon?

-Oh, stop it!
-Dad, you're getting naughtier day by day.

-Call Sumathi.
-You could've told me this earlier.

-Yes, Dad?

your brother wants to talk to you.


-Put it on speakerphone.

-He didn't take money for the garland.
-Sumathi, where are you?

What a surprise!
You're calling after a long time!

Where are you?

Here. Yeah, go ahead.
I'm at the market to buy vegetables.

Buy enough to prepare meals for extra
four people. We are coming there.

Is it a surprise visit?
Why didn't you inform me?

I missed you,
so I made this sudden plan.

That's what I want to know.
Why are you missing me all of a sudden?

I've already appointed someone to take
care of you. Isn't Chandru doing it?

He's taking good care of me,

and that's why you
aren't visiting me often.

If I had married someone else,
you'd have visited me often.

Would you have agreed to it?

-Of course not.
-Stop blushing!

Is your husband next to you?

-He is here.
-Buy vegetables and go home soon.

-Put him on the call.
-Dear, my brother wants to talk to you.

Vishnu, where were you?

Long time no see. How have you been?


Angamali. 7:30 Guruvayur Express.

Information confirmed, sir.



-All okay?

-Be careful.


What's this, boss?

Here's the money and documents
you asked for.

-No, thank you, boss.
-It's okay. Keep it.


Hey, take it and keep it inside.

Who's that? I asked, who's that?

-Do you want to buy a machete?
-No, I want the guy making the machete!

Welcome, DSP sir!

Guys, look, this is a spat
between these two!

Let us not get involved in this.
Come, let's go out.

That's an anaconda! Be careful!

The bomb blast in Batlagundu Market
has created hype.

Dindigul Muttai Ravi aka MLA Ravi was
found preparing bombs illegally at home.

Using them in the market
has created fear among the people.

Two people were killed in the blast.

As a result, Ravi has been fired
from his MLA position.

Police announced that Ravi is
absconding, and they are on the hunt.

I started working at an iron workshop
at the age of eight.

Then, I worked in Grandpa's
poultry business.

That's where I killed a guy with acidic
eggs for threatening my grandpa.

Then, I started lending
money for interest.

Then, I became a goon, and then an MLA!

I was looking forward to becoming
a minister and leading a luxurious life…

but you chased me and pushed me back
to the same old iron workshop.

I cannot hide anymore.

I will finish you right here…

and get even with you.


DSP, I'll give you five chances.

Try to finish me off.

If you fail, then on the sixth attempt,
I'll finish you off!

Come on!

Not today, son!

First attempt.

Second attempt.

Bring it on!

I have seen many like you.

Get up, baby.

Third attempt.

Wow! Awesome!

Fourth attempt.

That was the fifth attempt.

Game over!

Now that you are done, watch my game.


Who is it?

I was asked to bring tea.

Shall we have some tea?

Enjoy the tea, dear!

This is your last drink.



Are you okay, baby?


Once stamped,
this marriage is registered!

Once stamped,
this marriage is registered!

The marriage was destined to happen,
or else His Highness would've escaped.

I don't have an answer to that,
but I was sure you'd be my wife.

God has already decided
who will marry whom.

-Why, sir? Don't you like me?
-I like you.

In fact, I like you very much.

-Welcome, Dad.

You usually tell us everything,
then why didn't you tell us about this?

Dad, nobody told me either.

-Stop lying--
-The newly-married couple is waiting.

Just bless them wholeheartedly!

-Bless them.
-God bless you!

God bless you both.

God bless you, dear.
May God bless you abundantly, dear.

He's my dad. Watch this now.

Sing it, Dad.

God bless you, dear
May God bless you abundantly, dear

Have a luxurious life, dear