Dry Summer (1963) - full transcript

A tobacco farmer tries to ruin his competitors crops by diverting water to his property.

We've got to take possession
of our water.

It mustn't get as far as the valley.

We'll only supply the neighbours
after our land's been irrigated.

Forget it,
they'll never agree to that.

There'd be too many squabbles.

What kind of a man are you?

It's in your interests.

- Don't put up a fight.
- I was just saying what'll happen.

They can't do anything.

It's our water,
and we'll do what we want with it.

Water's the earth's blood.
No one will agree with you.

It's not good to row with people.

Your girl's wiggling her hips!

You've got a good way
of communicating.

Get going. You mustn't keep
a girl waiting if she wants you.

She's filled out nicely.

Don't let her get away.

It's not like that.
Think before you speak.

Don't be so touchy,
I was just kidding!


Thank goodness
I bought you this perfume.

Well, it helped you find me.

If I'd have known,
I wouldn't have worn any.

I'd have found you
even without the perfume.

There's something in me
that's attracted to you.

It's the same for me, Hasan.

- When can we get married?
- After harvest time.

That's still a long way off,
is your mother sure?

- She's adamant.
- Can't you talk her into it?

I can't live without you.

It's not that long to wait,
and I need time to prepare my trousseau.

I don't want the trousseau,
I want you.

I'm yours, Hasan.

- Salam Ailekum, agha.
- Ailekum Salam, Osman agha.

Listen up, my friends.

Then you can't say
you know nothing about it.

Don't get upset,
and don't take it personally.

From now on, the water
won't run down into the valley.

I'll irrigate my land first,
then supply you.

Maybe you don't realise
what you're saying.

Of course I do.

It's mine. The spring's on my land,
and I'll do what I want with it.

Everyone has a right to that water,
you can't take it away.

The water's mine, my friend.

Who says it's yours?
Where's it written?

I've got the deeds to that land.

Don't kid around.

That water supply's as old as Adam,
no one can lay claim to it.

What's Adam got to do with it?

Stop being a know-it-all.

Water's the earth's blood,
you can't cut it off.

I can't do anything.
Settle it among yourselves.

Dig a well, register a complaint,
do what you want.

But get organised first.

How can we get organised
against drought?

You can't lay down the law,
keep your advice to yourself!

I'm not laying down the law,
and I'm not giving you a lecture.

Stop dragging this out,
you're not having my water!

The spring's on my land,
and I'll do what I want with it.

You've no right to do this.

Sure I have!

If the water belonged to one of you,
wouldn't you do the same?

Admit it!

Come on!

I don't know, but if you cut off
the water, there'll be trouble.

It's not my fault.

If you don't get organised,
you're not men.

I've warned you,
now do what you want.

Agha, I'm not happy about this,
we've no right to cut off the water.

Look here!
How many times must I tell you?

Our land needs water.

Why shouldn't I use my own?

Where's the spring?
On our land.

So I'll make use of it first.

You're feeling sorry for people
who play cards at the bar

while we're working the land.

We worked every day of the year,
and now we've got more land.

Now we need more water.

We won't get any peace from now on.

I don't agree with this,
but you're older than me.

I have to do what you say.

I'm forced to,
but I'm not happy about it.

If we don't do it, our land will dry out.
Wouldn't that be a shame?

Wouldn't that be a shame
after all our hard work?

Yes, it would,
but even if the water is ours,

I'd let it run down to the valley.

I see things differently to you.

That's enough talk.
Think about when you marry Bahar.

We've got more land now.
There's more work.

We need to hire labour.

Don't wait too long
to marry her.

Her mother wants us to wait
till after the harvest.

I don't like the idea of that.

We should get engaged
in the next few days.

You get engaged, you give her mother
money so you can have her,

and you have to wait for her too?
No way.

Her mother will wear her out
with work

and make us pay for her too.

There's no other way.

Yes, there is.

There's an easy solution:
you go and get her.

You can't waste any more time.

- He's going to cut off the water.
- He can't.

- I think he will.
- He was just trying to scare us.

Even if Osman does it,
Hasan is on our side.

Yes, if Osman tries to cut off the water,
Hasan won't let him.

Don't talk nonsense.
They're brothers.

I think he's going to cut off
our water supply.

I'll fix anyone who dares try.

We've got to get married.

I told you, my mother won't agree
until after harvest time.

- Well then, I'll take you away.
- What's got into you?

- I can't live without you.
- My mother will be left alone.

If not this year, it's bound
to happen sooner or later.

I'm sure she won't agree.

If she doesn't agree,
we'll do things my way.

I'll take you away,
but I won't lay a finger on you.

Taking you away will convince her,
it'll be too late for her to object.

Hasan, you know I'll go along
with anything you say.

Scoundrels, I'll show you what
taking a girl away from home means!

And you, Bahar, how dare you
listen to him instead of me!

Stop yelling! Your daughter
came here of her own free will.

Anyway, she's 19.

We haven't done anything wrong.
They're in love, what do you care?

- Get lost!
- You lout! Hand over my daughter!

You had no right to do this to me!

You were a snake in the grass!
Men like you are a real worry.

I'll show you what happens
when you run away from home!

- Move it!
- Mother, let go of me!

- Get moving!
- No, I'm staying. It's too late.

Mother, I haven't touched
your daughter.

Why are you so angry?

Don't worry, I'll organise
a wonderful wedding for her.

I expect strong,
healthy children from you!

I want one, five, ten!

Hasan, treat her well.
I want plenty of children.

We get the message.
Go away!

We'll have lots of children.

Bahar, you're one of the family now.

I want a baby boy.

We'll do what you say.
Now leave us in peace!

Come on, Hasan.
Safeguard the family honour!

You've outstayed your welcome,
go away.

Not until you promise
to give me a little nephew.

I won't go
till you give me your word.

Every day and every night,
lots of children.

I want you to have a dozen.

You understand?
I want a dozen children.

I want males,
but they must be like me!

I want children.
You promise, right?

Bahar, I want healthy children!

I want males!

There's not enough water.

There'll be even less
now it's getting hotter.

It'll dry up by mid-summer,
we've got to take action now.

Yes, all right,
but let's think it over.

There's nothing to think about.
I've already decided.

Put that hoe down,
we're going to block the canal.


Go home and get lunch ready:
a real lunch.

Prove to us
there's a woman in the house.

The water's drying up
with this heat.

We'll see what happens later.

If Osman cuts off the supply,
there'll be big trouble.

Sure, we'll roast him
under this scorching sun.

Even he must have a conscience.
He won't do it.

Osman can cut off the supply,
seeing as we're so lazy.

You'd do the same.

He reclaimed plenty of land,
he needs that water.

We've got to act like men
and protest.

We should have come up
with a solution by now.

The solution is that neighbours
have to share the water supply.

Yes, the land won't always be like this,
the population's growing.

We've got to come up
with an answer.

Don't waste the water we've got,
we'll think about the rest later.

Bahar, may God bless your hands.

You can tell there's a woman
in the house.

I haven't eaten home-baked bread
in years.

You're beautiful and talented.
Not every woman's like you.

Hasan's a lucky man.

I'd like to be in his shoes.

He was born under a lucky star,
he waited and hit the jackpot.

When I was his age,
I'd already lost my wife.


It's the earth's blood!
Land is worthless without water.

It makes the land fertile.
Brother, we've saved our land.

Now our land will be full of life,
our produce will be the best.

Agha, no good can come of this.

I couldn't care less, water's
the most valuable thing there is.

Just remember
that this water belongs to us.

Osman's gone and done it:
he's cut off our water supply.

He won't get away with it.

How could he do such a thing?

Osman, we'll show you!

I'll make him change his mind.
If we have to fight, we will.

Come on, we'll all go.
We can't let Veli go on his own.

Quick, Hasan!
They're coming!

Do you think
what you're doing is right?

- I'm using the water.
- Our water too!

The spring's on my land.

What are we supposed to do?

It's not my fault, I warned you.

- It's no concern of mine.
- You've no right.

- It's my water, I'll do what I want.
- Oh, yes?

You can have what's left.

My land gets irrigated first.

We're not here to beg,
get rid of this dam.

I'm not scared of you,
you should be scared of me.

Well, I'm not. If things
turn nasty, it'll be your fault.

Go on, do what you want.

Don't antagonise me!

What'll happen if I do?

Don't run away! Come here!

I held back so as not cause
more trouble in the village.

Leave it to me,
we'll all go to see Osman.

You let the neighbours
intimidate you.

You've got to back me up,
give me a hand.

I told you,
I don't agree with this.

I don't like
the way things are going.

How would you like
to be in their shoes?

What about our fields?

Say what you want,
but I don't agree.

I get it, you won't back me up.

But at least keep your mouth shut,
you are my brother.

You're the eldest, I'll do what you say,
but I'm not happy about it.

- Hello, Osman.
- Welcome.

I can't say it's good to see you.

What's going on?

Why are you causing trouble
in the village?

I'm not. I make use of my water first,
then supply the neighbours.

You can't lay down the law.

Who gave you permission
to put up this dam?

Who gave permission?

I did!

It's my water, isn't it?

You should've asked me first.
Get rid of it.

No. Who are you to give me orders?

When you get mad,
you go blind.

I'm the head of this village.
It's my duty to intercede.

I won't listen.
They can go ahead and report me.

Even if the spring
is on one party's land,

water is a communal resource.

Therefore, in this case

the parties instigating legal action
are in the right.


While the case goes ahead,

I ask the tribunal
to insist that the dam be removed

so as not to cause my clients
further difficulties.

Tell me your names.

Veli Sari.

"The tribunal has decided
that the water is a communal resource

"and can be used as such
until the court case is over.

"According to the law,
the ruling was read in situ."

You can dismantle the dam.

Justice has been done!

We'll go along with the decision for now,
but we'll fight back.

I'm going to see a lawyer.

What'll happen now, attorney?

We'll get the decision overruled

and then prove that the spring
is on your land.

You handle it,
I just want this mess cleared up.

What kind of a man are you?
You scared me!

I was frightened!

Women need scaring
every now and then.

Today's my lucky day.

In a week's time,
the water will irrigate our land again.

My name's Osman Kocabas.
They'll see who they're up against!

We'll get our water back!

Take no notice,
this business has driven him nuts.

If he wasn't bigger than me,
I'd have hit him.

"Our findings prove that the spring
is on Osman Kocabas' land,

"therefore he has first claim
to the water." Put the dam back.

Give me a hand.

What about the fields?

I'll give you what's left over.
You can irrigate them at night.

Hasan, don't listen to Osman.
I don't like him.

He's ruthless,
things will turn nasty.

What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy?

Our neighbours need water too,
I feel bad for them.

- Move, I'm putting the dam back.
- The water's half mine.

I'm the eldest, don't argue.

Well then, act your age.
I'm no kid either.

Don't get so worked up
about what I say.

This is in your interests too.

It doesn't pay to be too generous.

Lord, forgive me.

We can't go on like this.

We can't depend on Osman's pity.

We've got to sort this out
once and for all.

The water comes at night,
but soon it won't come at all.

It won't run like this all summer.

I can't stand it, this business
is really getting to me.

I won't let Osman have my water.


I told you,
I know what they're like.

I don't talk nonsense.

This is the work of our enemies.

Why did they take it out on the dog?

They want to scare us.

What happened to Karabas
will happen to us too.

I know what'll happen.

I told you things would turn nasty.

Forget it.
Think about what they might do next.

If we don't watch out,
they'll have us for breakfast.

You should've backed down.

You're too good-natured!
We need to keep watch at night.

With our rifles.

I wonder who killed Osman's dog.

It's not good to make enemies,
nothing good comes of anger.

- Who found the dog's body?
- Osman himself.

- Poor creature!
- He paid for Osman's sins.

It's a bad omen:

If they killed the dog,
they'll kill Osman too.

It's not good to bear grudges.

Right, it's not a good idea
to make enemies.

How's it going, Hasan?
Anything happened?

What do you think?
We're wasting our time.

- No one's going to do anything.
- It's best to be on the look-out.

Get some sleep,
I'll keep watch.

Where are you going, Hasan?
Come here!

Don't shoot, you'll regret it!

Cut it out,
they sure won't throw rocks!

- Let's go back.
- We can't do anything else.

We scared them off,
but I'll show them tomorrow.

Let's go see what they've done.

Here he is! Quick!

Friends! Let's go to Arkabasi.

Osman did this,
that's where we'll find him.

See what they did, officer?
It was an ambush.

And they're supposed to be
our neighbours.

It was to be expected,
let's hope no one was hurt.

I just fired into the air.

If you hurt anyone, you're for it.

- Thought you were out hunting?
- They fired at me too.

Because you chased them.
You should have just reported them.

I guessed something serious
had happened.

You go home,
and you come with me.

Prosecutor, the deceased
was shot with a rifle.

The bullet entered at the scapulae
and exited through the ribs.

You may bury him.

Thank you, doctor.
Hand the body over the family.

Yes, sir.

That'll be all.
Escort the suspects into town.

Now listen to me.

I'll keep my voice down
so they won't overhear.

If I go to prison, we're ruined.

But if you say you had the gun,
there'll be no problem.

I warned you
about being trigger happy.

You never listen.

You've really
got your hands dirty now.

What about Sari Veli?
You killed him for no reason.

Don't lecture me, just listen.

You're young,
you'll only get a few years.

I'll look after Bahar
while you're inside.

I'll take care of our property too.

Now you're scared of going to jail.

You should've used your head.
I told you not to shoot.

I'm not scared of going to jail.

But I'd get a heavy sentence,
you'd get off much more lightly.

How long could they
keep you banged up for?

It'll pass in the blink of an eye.

Anyway you're just a youngster.
Grown-ups think clearer.

You have to do
what your elders tell you.

You may be older than me,
but you really messed up this time.


Thought it over?
You've got to listen to me.

Say that you shot Veli,
and things won't be as bad.

You're young,
you'll only get a few years.

If I go to jail, our property
will go unguarded.

But you've got to tell Bahar
to play along at the trial.

She's the only one who knows
I had the rifle.

When she comes to see you,

tell her you had the rifle
and I had the double-barrel.

- Nice to see you, Bahar.
- You too, Osman agha.

I'll tell you one more time:
if they don't ask you anything, keep quiet.

But if they do, say that I had the rifle
and Osman had the double barrel.

Don't say anything else,
that's what we've decided.

You've got to play along with us.

Hasan Kocabas has confessed
to the death of Veli Sari

and has been found guilty.

According to Turkish penal law
article 448,

the defendant is sentenced
to 24 years imprisonment.

But since the crime was committed
following a provocation,

the sentence will be reduced
by two thirds: eight years.

The defendant Osman Kocabas
was found not guilty

and has been acquitted.

Don't worry, Bahar, if he behaves
they'll reduce his sentence more.

Eight years isn't so long!

The blink of an eye.

Don't worry,
I'll make sure he's OK in jail,

I'll never leave him penniless.

Give me more earth.

That's enough.

Come on in and help me.

Bahar, quick!

Slap me on the back,
I'm choking.

May God protect your hands.

Go and see
if there's any water.

Check that it's running.

Yes, it's running.

That man's pitiless,
he'll even drain our blood.

He's got no conscience,
he even betrayed his own brother.

Hasan didn't do anything,
but he's behind bars.

And Sari Veli is dead.

We've got to avenge his murder,
or we're criminals ourselves.

Have you gone nuts?

Trying to get messages
from the telegraph pole?

Why not get some work done?

That noise comes from the city
where Hasan is.

You've forgotten him
in just one week,

and he's rotting in jail for you.

Is this what being agha means?

You won't even help
your own brother.

I didn't want to say it,
but I couldn't help myself.

OK, you're always ready
to think badly of me.

Can't you see
how much work there is here?

Anyway, we'll go to see him
in the next few days.

I'll go check the stuff
so you two can talk.

How are you?

Not so good.
How can I be without you?

Don't worry,
the days will soon pass.

They just drag.

- How's Osman treating you?
- How do you think?

Don't forget to let the neighbours
have some water.

Don't leave them without.

If Osman starts yelling,
don't listen to him.

All right,
I'll do as you say.

Don't be offended,
but I have to talk to you.

Why should I get offended?
Go ahead.

Osman's not married,
and even if he is Hasan's brother,

you and him under the same roof
doesn't look good.

You've got to find him a wife,
then they'll stop gossiping.

She's right, marry him off.

I'd like him to get married too,
but what can I do?

We believe you, but people talk,
and it makes you look bad.

Osman agha, you must find a wife.

Even if there's nothing between us,
we're suspected.

People talk.

So what? They're just mad at me
because of the water.

That's why they gossip.

Forget it. Besides,
I don't have time to get married.

Let's get summer over with,
and I'll think about it in winter.

Damn you, woman!

May God damn you!

You think you can make decisions
about my water?

Traitor, you'll pay for this!

You're crazy. Keep away,
or I'll whack you with the axe.

We're on the same side.
What about our crops?

What about the neighbours' crops?
Half the water's Hasan's.

And I am...

his wife.

OK, that's enough talk.

But if you do it again,
there'll be trouble.

What will you do?
Do it.

Sorry, I had a row
with the neighbours in the wood,

and I'm on edge.


They attacked me all of a sudden.

They ambushed me.

And I defended myself.

You're injured.

No, it's nothing.

You should see the state they're in.

You can prepare a salve for me,
lovely Bahar.

Osman agha, you really took
a beating, you're in a bad way.

It's nothing.

May God protect your hands.

I hope it brings you luck.

- Goodbye.
- See you around.

- You're too late.
- What happened?

They transferred Hasan
to Nidge Prison.

He was waiting for you. He even wrote
to you, but you didn't come.

We didn't get any letters,
or we'd have come.

He was destined to go there.
May God reunite you.


Don't cry.

Let me think for a minute.

Don't worry.
I'll write to him, and he'll answer.

We'll go and see him
when the harvest's over.

What you're doing is terrible,
shame on you!

You've got no principles,
no pity!

You've no right to open these channels,
not for free!

This is my water,
I'm not giving you any.

You can do without,
your crops can wither!

God damn you, you villains!

We didn't open anything,
but if the water's running, we'll use it.

It's all your fault, you thief!

You're the bastard,
you even betrayed your own brother.

I'll show you!

I'm upset about Hasan,
I can't stop thinking about him.

You've abandoned him,
and he went to jail for you.

I'm not having fun.
I work all day long.

I know you work hard,

but you should keep in touch.

But he doesn't keep in touch either.
He could write to us.

It's not right to expect something
from a man in prison.

OK, shut up.

I'll go into town tomorrow.
If there's a letter, I'll bring it.

Oh God, a snake bit me!

Let me see where it bit you.

Keep still.

Don't move.

Don't move, I said.

Keep still.

"I haven't had a letter from you
in months.

"I'm very worried.
How is Bahar? And you?

"I hope she's not sick.

"I'm flat broke.
You promised to support me.

"This is a betrayal.

"Thanks to you,
I have no letters or money.

"You don't behave like a gentleman."

Was there a letter from Hasan?
Read it to me!

There were no letters.

What if he's sick?
I'd die if something happened to him.

Don't worry, I sent him a telegram.
He'll answer right away.

He'll be fine.

Stop worrying.
Take a look at what I bought you.

You can make a nice dress.

Pick the mature ones,
they'll be really tasty.

Where are they holding Hasan?


- Tell me...
- Nidge Prison. Why?

A prisoner called Hasan
was murdered there.

Give me the paper.

They don't give the surname,
but I think it's our Hasan.

My condolences.

My condolences.

May God help you.

My condolences.

Thank you. What can we do?
It's fate, but it breaks my heart.

Don't keep me on tenterhooks.

Is there news of Hasan?

No letters?

Has something happened to him?

Is he sick?

Fate has taken him from us.
Don't lose heart.

Hasan is dead.


Stop! Where are you going?

Where are you going?

You're Hasan's wife.
Why are you leaving your home?

Half the property
belongs to you now.

Half the house, the land,
water and harvest are yours.

You're her mother, and you're like
a mother to me too. Tell her.

Make her come back.

- I think she should go back too.
- Thanks mum, you're right.

Come on, let's go home.

Bahar, lovely sister-in-law...

I'm such an idiot!

See what you did?
You said "lovely sister-in-law" again.

God damn me!

I'll never do it.

Making a proposal's not easy.

I'll find a way.

Bahar, lovely Bahar...

Have pity,
can't you see I'm in love?

We can't go on like this.

Everything I have is yours:
my water, my house.

Just say you'll be mine.

You accept, don't you?

Your delicate hands
won't have to work hard.

I'll treat you like a princess.

You'll have the finest foods.

You accept, don't you?

You'll say yes, won't you?

This is a letter.

No, it's mine.
You got the wrong end of the stick.

Leave me alone.

Your Osman is really mean.
He's gone too far.

He doesn't write to you
or send you money.

He doesn't want to know,
he's forgotten me.

If I could just get word
of Bahar...

I'll get out of here sooner or later,
then we'll see.

Lovely Bahar,
don't make the bed.

There'll be a drought this year.

Obviously. We couldn't keep
depending on Osman for water.

Let's pray for rain.

First you say we mustn't contest
God's will, then you ask for rain.

If He doesn't want it to rain,
it's pointless to insist.

Osman stole the earth's blood,
and we weren't able to stop him.

We're powerless, otherwise
things would be very different.

We've never managed
to come up with an answer.

Sure. We're ignorant,
uneducated, incapable.

I've got the answer,
let's see what you think.

We'll buy Osman's water.

It's not a bad idea.

We'll have to pay for God's water.

- It's no right.
- There's no other way.

What if he won't sell it to us?

He'd sell his own father for cash.

Come on, let's go see him.

Let's consult the others first.

There's no alternative,
they've got to say yes.

Do a good job,
wash them thoroughly.

They say God created woman
from Adam's rib.

What can I do for you?

We've come to discuss the water.

- Again?
- Yes, the same old story.

Give us water, Osman.

You want water?
Here's some!

You're so greedy!

You've got it all wrong, Osman.
Listen to what we propose.

We're willing to buy your water.

Why didn't you say so right away?

Money makes all the difference.

With a reasonable rhythm
and the rules of democracy,

we can make giant leaps
in productivity

by following an adequate work plan.

This wide-ranging initiative
also calls for a general pardon.

A pardon based on certain conditions
will be Parliament's first task.

The principles and application
of the law must be coherent.

Democracy means respect
for the law and citizens' rights.


Well, are you happy?
You'll be out in a week's time.

Kamel, you should get out too.

We weren't destined
to finish our sentences together.

Don't worry about me,
I'll get out sooner or later too.

Think about yourself.

Remember what I told you to do
back in the village.

You're right to be mad at Osman,
but killing him isn't the answer.

What you've got to do
is take control of the water.

You've got to take the water
off everyone who acts like Osman.

If you're in here, it's not because
you covered for your brother,

it's because you took over
the water supply.

Otherwise you could have
got along fine with Sari Veli.

You served your own interests

until Osman deserted you,
and you finally understood.

The truth's completely different.

So you're completely in the dark.
Osman tricked Bahar too.

He told her you were dead,
and the poor girl believed him.

We all did.

She was heart-broken,

but your bastard of a brother
finally convinced her.

I don't think you can blame Bahar.


Damn you!

It's not my fault, he tricked me.

- He told me you were dead.
- Where's Osman?

Don't go looking for him,
he's armed.

- I asked you where he is!
- Arkabasi. Don't go there.

Don't go!

I'll shoot if you come any closer.

I told you to keep away!

You won't die.

- I forgave him.
- You're not to blame.

Don't ever leave me again, Hasan.

I'll never leave you.