Dry Martina (2018) - full transcript

Martina was a famous singer in Argentina during the late 90s, who's become completely frigid and disenchanted with love. The arrival of a so-called sister, alongside her attractive boyfriend, compel Martina to go to Chile with one objective in mind: getting back her libido.


♪ You're leaving ♪

♪ I shut the door, I don't care anymore ♪

♪ You're leaving ♪

♪ You walk away in the shadows
And now you wither ♪

♪ You pray, you beg ♪

♪ For another chance ♪

♪ When you come back to me
A wall you will face ♪

♪ And you're kidding yourself ♪

♪ To think that you'll cross the border ♪

♪ My curse will find you
There's no turning back ♪

♪ Since you were gone, there's no ♪

♪ Nothing that you can change ♪

♪ I'm immortal unlike you
Because you die ♪

♪ You think you hurt ♪

♪ But you're hitting your own face ♪

♪ You leave, empty ♪

♪ Without your eyes ♪

♪ Nor the memory of mine ♪

♪ I keep everything to myself ♪

♪ You're leaving ♪

♪ I shut the door, I don't care anymore ♪

♪ You're leaving ♪

♪ You walk away in the shadows
And you wither ♪

♪ You pray, you beg ♪

-♪ For another chance ♪
- Fran. What? What's going on?

Open the door! Please! Open up!

- Martina, you can't just leave like this!
- Plaza Italia, please.

- Please, go back inside, Martina!
- Please, please!

- God damn it, Martina!
- Please! I came here from Chile!

What was that all about?


Do you need anything?

- Back off, Juan, back off.
- Come on.

No, stop.

Come on, make an effort.

You're doing it wrong.

So it's my fault now?



- Hi.
- What's going on?

She rubs herself on everything
all the time. She's horny all day long.

The other day, she humped my pillow
until she came, get me?

She left it all wet. Everything's wet now.

How about you? How are you doing?

What's up?

Last night, I sang again.

Some of Mom's cover songs.

Actually, just one.

Half of one, really.

He made me sing again, and Mom's covers.

I'll have to kill Juan.

To make it worse,
we tried to fuck and couldn't.

That's getting worse.

I've tried with really hot guys,

There's nothing to do.

Nothing to do.

I'm not getting wet.

Your granddaughter
is getting sterilized today.

I couldn't take it anymore.
Either sterilize her or put her to sleep.

She'll be ready within three hours.

So today, you'll keep me company.

Is it done?

We had a problem.

If the cat is dead,
I will burn this place down.

What if she escaped?

Juan. Drama.

Arenita is missing.

I need a poster, something
that will draw attention in the street.

Make it colorful.

But pitiful, okay?
Flamboyant but not so much.

I'll send you some pictures soon,
and please hurry up.

Send them back to me ASAP.

Well, thank you for saying yes.

- Hey! How are you?
- What do you want?

- We have to talk.
- Go away, or I'll call the police.

I have your cat!

Hi. I'm Francisca.

Where is my cat?

Look, we were taking a nap in the park,

and we woke up to your cat
being aroused by my pololo.

- What a shitty word.
- Which one?

- Well, actually, he's my ex-boyfriend.

- So, where is it?
- At a bar.

The cat, honey. Where is the cat?

At a bar with my boyfriend.

- Why isn't it here?
- Because we need to talk.

- What do we have to talk about?
- About us.

But I'll tell you upstairs.

- In my place?
- Yes.

- No.
- It's important.

Do you like Chilean wine?


I drink whisky. I don't drink wine.

You like San Juan and Chilean wine.


Well, if I can't come up, forget the cat.


At least it's good.

In Chile, wine and Coke
is called jote. It's gross.

I said just one glass.
Go ahead, start talking.

Okay, but sit up straight.

Sit properly. It's important.

All right.

The thing is...

you and me are sisters.

- Where is my cat?
- Look.

My dad lived in Buenos Aires in the '80s
and had a bastard daughter.

One day, he started bragging about
having had an affair with your mom,

and I didn't believe him because
my dad is ugly, and Juliana is like...

- What?
- Wow!

No, she's a regular woman.

There's a picture of them both,
very cuddly, and you're actually in it.

But since I'm so stupid,
I left it in Chile.

But we do look very much alike.

When we were kids, we looked the same.

And I wanted to ask you to come to Chile
and clear this up.

Although I'm sure we are sisters.


Here's everything. My dad wrote this.

Our dad, actually.

Where is my cat?

Look, your mom and my dad had a thing,
and you were born.

And my dad never knew.

Why don't you shove that book
up your ass and get out?

- Okay, but chill.
- I want you to leave.

Okay? Leave.

Can you put this in your mouth, please?

- What's that?
- It's for a DNA test.

What DNA?

Go away.

I have to call my boyfriend
so he can bring the cat.

Okay, call him. Go on.

How's this thing? Fifty-four...

Give me that. Give me the number.

Come on. Please?

Come on.

Give her the fucking cat back!
We're going back to Chile!

What about the game?

What game? God damn it!

She's been horny all day.


Hey, you were amazing the other night.

In fact, I made up a verse.

Tell me.

But it's kinda corny.

Say it.

"Who needs you if we have your voice?"

- Corny.
- I'm a corny guy.

A corny guy who walks away is an asshole.

What the fuck?

You should go back with me,
not to a fucking soccer game.

I came to Argentina
to watch the game. Fran, what the fuck?

Can it be earlier?

Tomorrow, I'll call the FIFA to arrange it
so you can go back to Chile earlier.

You idiot!

- Fran, what the fuck?
- Moron!

Hello, you corny son of a bitch.

Oh, no. No, no, no. I'm sorry.
A guy called me yesterday.

A Chilean guy, from this number,
and I wanted to...

But do you know where he is?
Do you have a...?

So you lent your phone
to a guy you don't know?

Okay. No. Bye.

I trust my vagina's natural reactions.

I've always been loyal to her.

All that medication, all those tests.

I needed just one look.

He's gorgeous, Dad.

You can't imagine how turned on I was.

I'm thinking about going to Chile
just like that.

What do you say about that?

I don't understand.
What does this mean? What is it?

Rodriguez, replacement in room six.

- What are you doing?
- It's expensive to keep him like this.

Well, it's my money.

Besides, you can't just stand there
listening to all I'm saying.

I'm sorry.
The door was open and I came in.

He can't listen to you. Look at him.

Stay out of my life. My dad is mine.


- Good morning.
- Hello.

I would like to see the registry
of every Chilean

who has entered the country
in the past week.

But this is a cultural center, miss.
The embassy is around the corner.

- Oh. Would they have that?
- I doubt it.

I believe you have to go
to Argentinean Migration.

- Of course. I'm so stupid.
- Nobody said that.

Besides, if I may,

I'd say that every Chilean
who's entered the country this week

must be at the stadium right now.


Okay, sounds like a plan.
But first, some beer around the corner?

Hey! Chile!


Guys, you go ahead. I'll catch you later.

- How are you?
- Hi.

- Were you at the stadium?
- Yeah.

I didn't know you liked soccer.

Well, you know nothing about me.

I know you like to look pretty
at the stadium.

That's corny.

Wanna hear something good?

Well, I'll say it
and you tell me if it's good.

Tell me and I'll tell you.

We are no longer related.

- What happened?
- You smiled. Then it's good.

She was a bit crazy, that girl.

A little hard to understand.

But all girls are hard
to figure out, right?

Not all of us are difficult.

You don't seem too difficult,
for instance.

To understand, I suppose.

It's nothing bad.
I am very easy on the eye.

I've never met someone
so easy to look at in my life.

- What are you doing now?
- Huh?

- What are you doing now?
- The fastest boy alive. Good, I like it.

I have a party with some friends now.

I'm easier if you take me out for a drink.
Or dinner.

We could have pizza.

- I don't like pizza.
- Well, I don't know. Some sushi?

- What?
- Some sushi. Do you like sushi?

- Dude!
- What?

You can't pronounce "sh."

My name's César.

César, cute.

Thanks. I get that a lot.

- César is stupid, actually.
- Very stupid.

You flirted with me the other day,
and I didn't do anything.

Oh, no, but the other day, César was cute.

I mean, he's cute when quiet.
I'd do that one.

This one, I don't know.

I don't know
if it's an "I'll do you" look.

No? Didn't you think,
"This girl wants to fuck me"?

The word "fuck" is culiar.
And "girl" is hueona without the "b."

But I don't know. Maybe you could say,
"This manjarcito," for example.


Chilean dulce de leche.

Didn't you think,
"This manjarcito wants to fuck me"?

No, you know? I'm really modest, you know?

You are very stupid.

Who do you think you are,
calling me stupid?

But it was a positive thing.

Where are we going?

To get some sushi.

- Sorry, sorry.
- It's fine.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I don't wanna come across as pushy,
but how long are you staying?

- I've got a ticket for this evening.
- You'll miss the flight.

What do you mean I'll miss it?

I'll buy you a new ticket
and fuck your brains out.

I have one week.

Two? Don't you have two?

I can't. I have to work.

- So you work?
- Yes.

I'm doing my internship.
I'm a sports journalist.

How boring. Well, I'm buying the ticket.

Hi, Juan.

- Can I come in?
- It's fine here.

I posted them around the neighborhood.

But I already found her. Well, thank you.

- And how are you doing?
- Fine.

- Good.
- I'm worried about you.

You don't answer my messages,
you don't call me, nothing.

You're right.

If you want to cancel it,
I have the papers to sign.

- You got them here?
- Yes.

We're going to lose
a lot of money with this.

Well, I'll think about it this week,
and I'll let you know.

What happens this week?

Beautiful things happen this week.

Hi. Where are you going?

I'm going to get my luggage.

Oh, that's fine.
I already bought the ticket.

- Nice. What's the closest subway station?
- Plaza Italia.

César, this is Juan.

- Nice to meet you.
- What's up? How's it going?

I live at Plaza Italia in Chile.
Someday, you can stay with me.

No. Nobody is going to Chile.

- Give me your number, just in case.
- Here it is.

- This is all her info.
- What?

Nice. Okay. I'll text you, okay?


- Bye.
- Shit. I was stealing your picture.

You look like Fran. A little.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- What was that?
- The week I was telling you about.

- The 15-year-old week, that is.
- Shut your mouth.

And smile. Your artist is happy.

Go, open the door for him.
And remove the posters, okay?

Yes, do it. Come on, please.

You are the best. Love you.

- Yeah, right.
- You are my favorite. Thank you.

Hi. How are you?

Hey, something happened.

I have to catch today's flight.

Sorry, I couldn't get online
until I got to the airport.

It's very cool you have Wi-Fi here.

I had an amazing time last night.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Are you lost?

- No. Why?
- You look lost.

By any chance,
do you know a guy called César?

Twenty-something, very nice lips.

- Brown hair.
- Santiago is not that small.

Call him up.

- I want to surprise him.
- Go to his place.

I don't have his address.

I suppose you didn't just arrive
from Argentina?

I came from Buenos Aires
unannounced, anxious.

That's not good.


- What?
- What you just said.

- What did I say?
- Do you wanna release some anxiety?

Did I say that?

Oh, shit.

You're dry.

And you're a bad fuck.

No. In Chile, to be dry
means to be "awesome."

- Tell me something "dry" that's awesome.
- Let's see.

Buenos Aires has a moist climate.
Horrible, right?

Santiago is dry. Awesome.

I don't know.

My hair hates this climate.
Don't you have another one?

Hello, good afternoon.

We're from the post office.
We have a package for you.

Yes. We need to confirm your address.

From Argentina.

No, I don't know what's inside.

Perfect. Can you give me your address?

Very good.

Perfect. Yes, I know the area.
Are you going to be there?

Okay. We'll be there in a couple of hours.

Thank you very much. Good afternoon.
Best wishes from the post office.

Yes. No problem. Okay.

You're close.

Down the stairs, two blocks that way,
and one heading uptown.


- Good morning. I'm going...
- Come in, miss, come in.

Okay, thank you.


What's going on?

You abandoned me, I'm invading you.
That's what's going on.

Kinda "psycho," isn't it?

No, not psycho. Romantic.

How did you know where I live?

The post office.



Well, to be called "intense"
the second time we meet is pretty shitty,

but when you've forced the second meeting,
then it's really crap.

But, anyway, hi.

Wait, I'm busy cooking.

I came to Chile for two things.

To have sex with you and to eat seafood.
What a coincidence.

Are you staying here?

Of course.

- Uh-huh.
- Mm.

All right. You can stay,
but you have to come back later.


Because Fran is coming over.


Are you two back together?

No. She's my ex, but we're cool.

Right, "cool."

Okay, it's fine.
I'll be away for a couple of hours.

- For a while. I'm not that crazy.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

But I'm going to set some conditions.

Really? Let's see.

I'm coming!

- Don't fuck her.
- Okay.

Hide in the bedroom. I'll go grab
some food with her, and I'll be back.

Who do you think I am, you little brat?

- Please, please.
- Okay, it's fine.



What's up?

Nothing. I just wanted to know
how you're doing.

Sad and gray.

Is it because of us?

No, César.

What did you cook for me?

Nothing. I was thinking
to go out for lunch.

In fact, I made reservations.

What's with the reservation?
How old are you?

Come on.

You convinced her?


Do you wanna go right now?

- Where to?
- To meet my dad.

Mm. Mm.

- This is so good.
- Yes, he's a very good cook.

Want some?

No, I better not. Thanks.


- Girl, slow down.
- What do you mean? I'm going really slow.

I mean, slow down emotionally.
And put the phone down.

He always does this to me.
He won't answer his WhatsApp.

- He leaves blue double-check marks.
- He "blue-ticked" you.

You Argentineans really know how to speak.
You have a word for everything.

That's the name of that nameless thing.
He "blue-ticked" me. Yes.

Did César blue-tick you?

No, not César. César wouldn't blue-tick me
even if he was fucking another girl.

Then who?

Some other guy.


And what about César, are you still...

- Together?
- Hmm.

More separated than together,
but not separated at all.

How would that be?

He won't accept that we broke up.

I feel sorry for him.
He cooks well. He's confusing everything.

But let's talk about something nice.
We are going to be sisters.

Don't you find César nice?


Let's talk about something
with self-esteem.

Okay, your dad. Tell me about your father.

No, he won't qualify for "self-esteem."

- Tell me something about you.
- I'm suicidal.

Don't laugh. It's true.

- Tell me something else.
- I've been your fan since I was 13.

From that record, "Guys, Don't Go Crazy
'Cause I Like You Different."

- Such a good name.
- I made it up.

I know. You are a goddamn genius.

This is my favorite song.

- I hate it.
- I love it.

I hate it.

I love it.

- I hate it.
- I love it, and it's my car.

- It's my song.
- I bought it.

♪ All day in bed ♪

♪ Answer me ♪

♪ Answer my calls ♪

♪ Until the sun comes up ♪

♪ I want to hear your voice ♪

♪ Since yesterday
I can't take it anymore ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ I can't take it anymore ♪

Fran, come here immediately!

Wait here.
Eventually, you are going to love him.

- Fran!
- I'm coming!

Give me the car keys.

How many copies do you have?
This is the fifth one I've taken from you.

It's the same one.
You leave it at the entrance.

It's not the same,
I don't leave it at the entrance.

- Do you think I'm stupid?
- This is the last one I've got left.

- I asked you if you think I'm stupid.
- Shut up, Dad.

So I'm stupid, and on top of that,
you make me shut up.

- I'm embarrassed.
- Oh, so I also embarrass you.

I want to introduce you to someone.

I've told you many times,
I hate it when you pretend to be a Yankee.

Hello. I'm Ignacio Pavez, novelist.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Come on in.

Do you know who she is?


- I don't think so.
- Yes, you do, 'cause she's a singer.

- What else?
- I'm not in the mood, Francisca.

Come on, Dad. Who is she?

- Hm. I don't know who she is.
- Is she in a band or is she a solo artist?


Good. Who is she?

- I don't know, Fran.
- Come on, Dad. Try.

I don't know who the fuck this is, Fran!

This is Juliana's daughter,
your abandoned child.

- She's obsessed with you.
- I'm obsessed about finding my sister.

Go to her room and you'll see.

That has nothing to do with this.

I decide to be Woody Allen's sister,
so I become Woody Allen's sister.

Life is not like that, Fran.

The difference is that your dad
didn't fuck Woody Allen's mom.

- So you've met my mom.
- He totally boned her, "boluda."

I was a friend of your dad's in the '80s.

- You met Dad, too?
- Yes. How is Leonardo?


- Oh, good.
- But he's in a coma.

Darn. Since when?

A year or so.

Dad, you can't cheat
and talk about her other dad.

She'll forget that you're actually
her real dad.

Go to your room, or I'll call Rosenberg.

- At least admit it.
- I'm calling him.

The only good thing about his writing
is that it's autobiographical.

I'm a novelist!

And you shut your mouth, please.

Right, because in the book he made up,
he was Argentinean, and now it's fiction.

I can't conceive that I have
such an ignorant daughter.

Well, the DNA will speak for itself.

What DNA? Don't be pathetic.

What DNA? Don't be pathetic.

I already have the samples.

- You're kidding me.
- No, this is very easy.

My dad drools in his sleep,
so I took a small sample.

And I have your spoon.

Can you leave us alone for a moment?

Of course. Happy that you've both met.

Twice I've had women
I haven't met calling me up

and insulting me
because I'd stood them up.

What does that have to do with my mother?

Fran made me a Tinder account.

She thought my nonexistent sex life
was pathetic,

and she pretended to be me.

She humiliated me so much that one day,

I took a photo of me
and Juliana, your mother,

and I told her I had had an affair
with her.


So I became her idol.

She told me I could spend
the rest of my life without having sex

after I won over a woman like that.

But since you were on the picture,

she became obsessed with the idea
that you were my daughter.

That you were her sister.

But I'm telling you, that was all.

- Who's Rosenberg?
- Rosenberg, her psychiatrist.

She attempted to commit suicide
for the third time this year.

And it's March. On average, once a month.


How was it?

Gourmet style.
She put her head inside the oven.

She took some pills, put in a pillow

and fell asleep with her head inside.

- Did she open up the gas tap?
- Yes.

Sorry, but what happened?

The faucet was closed.
I'm a little obsessive.


- Does she know that?
- She says she doesn't.

Let's remove your hand from my leg,
is that okay?

Oh, so naughty.
I don't know how it got there.

- Where is the bathroom?
- In my bedroom, down the hall.

You can sleep here if you want, in my bed.

I wouldn't stay, not even drunk.

- Do you want me to call you a taxi?
- No, no, I'll get a Cabify.

- I can give you a ride later.
- But you can't go out, sweetie.

You are my sister, not my mother.

But you can't.

What the fuck, Dad?
Why did you touch her leg?

She's your daughter, man.
Of course she'll get mad.

You're beautiful.


- I thought you were going straight there.
- Where?

To the bar, with Fran.

- Did you talk to her?
- No. But she told me she'd be there.

- She's not going out.
- She always runs away.

Whatever. Let's go to bed.

I have to talk to her.
Maybe she'll be there.

You can't prefer a "maybe"
over me being here.

But she's not well.

But she's not going out, she's not.
That's not even a "maybe."

Let's go upstairs. Come on.

- Don't you wanna go?
- No. Come on, please.

Look, I left the keys with the doorman.
I'll come sleep with you later.



Hey, you! Yeah. Come here, yeah.

Come here.

Marti! It's me, boluda.

- Hi.
- Where do I drive you?

I was going out shopping.


Who is this?

The one who blue-ticked me.
Sam is his name.

- Toy boy.
- My only toy boy.

- Your chongo.
- What's a "chongo"?

- The one you have just for fucking.
- Can I fall in love with my "chongo"?

Oh, If you fall in love
with your "chongo,"

it's the best situation in life.

Best situation ever, girl.

We met three weeks ago,

and without considering Buenos Aires,
we've fucked every day.

I love culiar.

That word is like curvy.

"Culiar." Nice.

Coger is far better.

"Coger." Nice, too.

I love it, Sam. Very good.

But he's not just a "chongo."

He's studied Literature and he's a rapper.

He's got an amazing body,

and the way he does it...
he's got me so crazy,

he won't let me call him,
and when he calls me,

I try not to answer so he won't think
he can play around with me.

Then when we meet,
I blame myself for answering him.

He says he never called,
and I don't remember calling him.

And he swears I did call,
and I check and I did.

And then I deleted that crap
because it's too pathetic for a...

winner like me.

Toy girl.

Don't tell anyone about this.
My dad says he's liberal, but he's racist.

Are we gonna have a threesome?

- You stupid. She's my sister.
- Oh.

You are the most important person
in her life.

Yeah, Martina. I told you a hundred times.

She only talks about you.

Yay, we're here.

But there's no shopping mall here.

He's touring around South America
and leaves today. I'm sad.


Why don't you go with him?

Because you're here.

Backpackers have a girl in every country.
That's why they travel, I think.

Well, I'll seduce him again.

Besides, my dad put a restraining order.
I can't leave the country.

Grab a bus, cross the border,

it's a piece of cake.

- Fifty-one?
- What?


He could stay. That'd be nice.

- Did you ask him?
- Are you insane? I'm gonna ask him? No.

Not my style, boluda. Asking? No.

I came to leave these samples.

If you pay 120,000,
they'll be ready in four days.

If you pay 40,000 extra,
you can have them in 48 hours.

Forty-eight hours.

You have to fill out this form.

At the bottom, you state if you want
to receive the results by mail.

If you do,
please write your e-mail address.

I don't think he'll stay
while César is still your boyfriend.

Or second boyfriend.
Substitute. I don't know.

No, he doesn't care.

He's very open-minded.

He even wanted to have
a threesome with us.

And he knew we were sisters.
He couldn't care less.

There you go.

Okay, I got it.
I'll break up with César for good.

But first, we're going shopping.
Dad's treat.

- Is that Fran?
- No.

Juan, it's not even
been two days. Cut the crap.

And remember to pay the bills, please.

Are they having sex?

I think she's totally breaking up
with him.

Forty minutes?

Are you jealous?



Okay, yeah.

Why don't you stay this week
and then you go with her?

She haven't asked.

I think she's doing that right now.

I think they're fucking.

You're fucking jealous.

Marijuana makes me paranoid.

Marijuana makes me do stupid things.

- I really fucked him up.
- "Fucked"?

I know that word.

Go get your things.
We're going home.

Hey, yo,
what the fuck happened?

- What the fuck are you yelling at me for?
- I wanna know if you fucked him.

- No, I did not.
- Okay, I will stay.

Really? How many days?

All that you want.
But then you have to go with me.

- I love the idea.
- I love you, baby.

I love you, too.

You know what? Let's fuck.

Let's do it.

May I?

I'm gonna tell you one thing about love
that will change your life forever.

You know, when I look at you very closely

and you smile, I feel like a flash.

It's true. I don't know what it is, but...

-but it's very beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.

Go on, go on.

I mean, it's something
that you have, but...

it happened to me in Buenos Aires, too.

You are so fucking corny,
that's what's happening.

Don't you like being with me?

I took an international flight
just to be with you. Of course I do.

Am I or am I not a machine?

I could tell you that you're a machine.

Then tell me I'm a machine.

But you're so much more than a machine.

The best sex of my life, I'd say. Hm.

Of how many?

Do you want to know
how many I've slept with?

No. I wanna know how many I've beat.

- Why is that important?
- It's a number. It's not important.

It's more complex than that.

It's a number.

When I was young, I only felt free in bed.

So I was always in bed, fucking.

You know?


And I ended up sleeping
with all my classmates.

- Was this before graduating?
- Way before.

How many were they?


- Twelve apostles?
- My apostles.

And I warned them, if they talked,
I wouldn't sleep with them again.

So that way,
I managed to save my reputation a little.

But at the same time, I finished school
without realizing that...

I mean, I would go on a bus,
the subway, a taxi.

I'd go to the corner store. I don't know.

If I went to the movies,
or, obviously, if I went out dancing,

wherever I went, I always ended up
doing the same, you know?

I just couldn't stop.

I couldn't.

I wanted to have something nice,
a relationship with someone.

I tried, but...

ten minutes later, I saw a guy
and ruined everything.

One time, back from therapy,
I found a little kitten in the street.

She was very small, so cute.
I took her home.

And then I realized she wasn't so small,
because she went into heat.

And started to make a fuzz, rubbing
herself on all the furniture, yelling.

I couldn't take it anymore.
I wanted to throw her out the window.

The cat was driving me crazy.

I didn't know what to do.

And since she had a little tag,
with a telephone number, I dialed it.

And a gorgeous man came to pick her up,

with the most beautiful dick
I've ever seen.

We locked ourselves in
and spent five days having sex.

Non-stop. He wanted to go out,
see a movie or have dinner.

And all I wanted
was to keep on fucking this guy.

We lived together for two years.

I was flawless.

Faithful, creative.

Madly in love.

And he worked at a travel agency.

And had a co-worker,

45 years old, an older lady.

He ran off with her.

He married her.

And when I wanted
to have sex again, I couldn't.

I was so in love with that dick...

that it left me dry for any other.

Until you came along.

With those amazing eyes.

Filled with moisture.

So much more than a machine, you see?

Much more.

You know...

I'm exhausted.

- Mm-hmm.
- I didn't sleep last night, and...

it seems I wanna get some sleep.

Weren't we going to a bar?

Let's go to a bar for a little while.

I'd rather rest.

A short nap?

Until tomorrow.

If you're going out,
can you make sure the door is locked?




Well, you beat a lot, see?

There she is.

- Hiya. How are you?
- Like shit.

I have the solution to all your problems.


- Have you tried piscola?
- No.

- This is the moment.
- Sam.

- Hi, Sam.
- Hey.

The piscola... Hm.

Sam, say,
"Francisca, you're the love of my life."

"Francisca eres el mejor de mi vida."

Don't drink pisco straight,
or you'll end up like that.

It's been a while
since I last listened to this.


Mental health, I guess.

They tore this record apart.

I really like it.
It's the most personal one.


- Look what I've got.
- Don't tell me, the limited edition.

I'm telling you, I'm your fan.

We sold less than 200.

You sold 115.

He loves this part.

♪ I'm so alone ♪

♪ I'm a sweetheart ♪

♪ Give me shelter ♪

"Is it the girl's birthday today?"

"It's been exactly 21 years
and nine months since we last met."

"Why did you never look for me?"

"Because I didn't want
to have your child."

"So, why did you keep her?"

-"Juan talked me into it."
-"Does he think she's his baby?"

"No. But he loves her as his own."

"Maybe I'll move to Santiago.
The financial crisis ruined me."

"I moved to live by the beach."

"I'll never forget the ten days we spent
in Mar del Plata."

"We made a beautiful girl.

Although sometimes I think she hates me."

-"I want to meet her."
-"Don't insist."

"I want to run away with you
for a few days, like old times."

"I never enjoyed myself that way again."

"I'm a champ, I know."

"You're still a jerk."

"I'd imagine you're still pretty.
Send me pictures."

"No pictures, just real life."

"When can you get away?"

"Juan hardly asks about anything
these days.

I just have to decide it,
and I'll visit you."

"When's the last time
someone fucked you in the ass?"

Oh, my dad.

That's having a small dick,
the ass obsession. Typical.

Oh, that's so sad.

"I haven't made love in a while."

"I imagine myself kissing your whole neck."

Going down your cleavage,
until I meet your hard nipples.

While I caress your waist
and hold onto your body.

Your hands go into my shirt.
They are cold like your butt cheeks.

"You grab my head and kiss me."

"It sounds nice."

-"Are you horny?"
-"I'm ironing."

"Oh, from champ to loser.
I'm hard as a rock."

"I can't get turned on by chatting."

"End of chapter."

See? This is the 2001 financial crisis.

And you were born in 1980.
Meaning, you were 21, like the character.

- When did he write this?
- In 2007.

The year Juliana died.

That's so cool, being Juliana's daughter.

Juliana ruined my life.

Why would she hook up with Daddy Nacho?

- Yeah.
- Why would she hook up with Daddy Nacho?

Yeah, my Argentinean dad
is more "fachero."

Was. Now he's screwed up.
But he was more fachero.

- Is he a fascist?
- No, "fachero" means handsome. Beautiful.

A beautiful man.


Also facho. He was very fascist with me.

Sometimes I think I can't disconnect him,

because I have the tiny hope
he'll suddenly wake up,

so I can kill him with my own hands.


Martina and her Electra complex.

My issue is my vagina.

Your dad's vagina.

If the results are positive,
are you going to feel like we are sisters?

I don't know.

- Would you move to Chile?
- No. No way.

But people here know you. You'd rock.

They play your music at parties.

- Bullshit.
- It's true.

Nobody has recognized me in the street.

Well, tomorrow, you'll see.

- What happens tomorrow?
- Surprise.

- Do you like Martini?
- Do you have some?

- No.
- Then why are you offering?

Who offered?

♪ Jealous ♪

♪ And gray ♪

♪ I walk to the rhythm of the blues ♪

♪ My alley of light ♪

♪ Darkness myth ♪

♪ They say the one who got in ♪

♪ I ate ♪

-♪ With his blood ♪
-♪ I bathed in ♪

♪ Their cats say that afterwards ♪

♪ They won't love them again ♪

♪ Nobody comes to me ♪

♪ There's no more heat ♪

♪ I'm so alone, so sad and gray ♪

♪ You know it, I'm a sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm a sweetheart ♪

♪ Give me shelter ♪

Fran, I wanna tell you something that...

Fran, I've been thinking all night
about something I need to tell you.


Weren't you sleeping?

I was spying on you through my lashes.

We have to move on, toy girl.

One minute, toy boy.

Is it something good?

Will you promise me
you won't kill yourself, suicide girl?

We have to go to the jungle
as soon as possible.

Can I get mad?

This is the ugliest city
in the world.

Okay, Sam.

We are talking important stuff here.
Please, shut up.

Shut up.

You can't get mad.

You have to listen to all of it,
assimilate it, and keep on loving me,

otherwise, we're screwed.

What if I get mad?

Act like you didn't.

All right.

I fell in love with César.

And I came to Chile for him, not for you.

And now this family thing came along,
and I'm starting to dig it.


- Did you fuck him?
- Yes.

- Was it good?
- Oh, yes.

Did you fuck him today?

Yes. Yes.

Look, look.
Look there, look there.

What the fuck is that fucking tower there?

Where is it?
Nobody wanna see the fucking mall.

- You wanna leave today, Sam?
- Fuck, yeah.

Let's go.

Let's go, the two of us. Get in.

- What about Martina?
- Yes, what about me?

Get out.

- Get out.
- Calm down.

Get out, you bitch!

Get out!

Get out! Get lost!

- May I?
- What? Did something happen?

No, nothing.

- Do you need anything?
- To sleep.

It's turned off.

What about César? Is he answering?

He's never around when you need him.

He hasn't been online for 15 hours.

Where is her new boyfriend from?

- He's French.
- Maybe she'll learn about literature.

He studied Literature, in fact.

Does she look like she's in love?

- Yes. He's a nice guy.
- Good for you, Francisca.

That other moron has a football
instead of a brain.

That fucking ball. She's online.

Hello, my dear.
You're online, I can see you.

Don't ignore me.
It's your father speaking.

Let me know when you hear this.

I love you very much, honey. Kisses.


"Look, you fucking brat.
I don't care where you are."

But when the test results are ready,
you'll bring them to me.

And if you leave me,
I have another daughter here.

Beautiful, talented, interesting,

"and much more sensitive than you are."

Isn't that too much?

Be scary. Don't be such a pussy.

Well, here it goes.

Come on, Nacho. Be a warrior. Recording.

Look, you irresponsible brat!
I don't care where you are!

But as soon as you have the results,
you bring them to me! Got it?

If you don't bring them immediately,

I'll cancel your credit card!

You traded me for a credit card, Nacho.

- It's César.
- What's he saying?

Hi, Uncle. Do you have any news?
She answered and told me to fuck off.

I think she could be at the gig
in the photo I'm sending.

Is César your nephew?

No, he's not. It's this country
with its stupid traditions.

♪ Until the sun comes up ♪

♪ I want to hear your voice ♪

♪ Since yesterday
I can't take it anymore ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ Redial ♪


I don't see her.
She's not here.

I told you he was an asshole.

- César.
- It's a classic!

I don't know this.

These are covers of my songs!
It's my music!

♪ Where is his muddy city? ♪

♪ Those things that only come from you ♪

♪ Talk to me, tell me ♪

♪ I won't forget you ♪

♪ Answer me, I can't take it ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ Redial ♪

♪ Redial ♪

Thank you!
We are Las Martinis!

- You sounded amazing. I really liked it.
- Thanks.

- I loved it. I really did.
- Thanks.

You guys sounded amazing!

- Look at the glass like it's half full.
- Yeah, that's what I'm doing.

Now it's empty.

No seafood or frigging ceviches.

The Chilean national dish is the sandwich.

Italian churrasco,
chacarero, hot dog... It's genius.

And speaking of genius,
did you read my book?

It has a thousand pages, Nacho.

I glanced through it,
it seemed very autobiographical.

Biographical, yes. Auto, no.

I don't get it.

She's Chilean, he's Argentinean.

I don't understand.

The novel is really about
the online reencounter

between my ex-wife

and Francisca's father.

Which is you.


What do you mean "no"?

The thing is, back in '89,

me and my wife were living
in Buenos Aires.

And she got pregnant.

And when we got democracy
established back here in Chile,

she convinced me to come back.

And once we were here,

she told me she wanted
to have an abortion.

Because I wasn't the father.

I told her not to.

And that we'd embrace it as ours.

And we did.


- Really.
- And...

why don't you explain to Francisca

that the sister she's looking for
is herself?

Because I'm afraid
that she won't love me anymore.

Why wouldn't she love you anymore?
You took care of her. You're great.

She's complicated.

So you don't have any children?

At least not by blood.

- I could be your first daughter.
- Biologically.


We're checking out the results.


Dad, we're waiting for you!

I'm coming!

- Come on, Marti, move over.
- Tsk.

Move over.

Are you mad at me?

But I was the one who slept with your ex.

But I left you alone up at the hill.

Fucking your ex is way worse.

I was a much more cold-hearted bitch.

Fran, fucking your ex is unforgivable.

Bullshit. I already forgave you.

I forgive you, too.

Well, you missed the surprise
for being a bad sister.

What, Las Martinis? I saw them.

- Really?
- Yes.

Really? Okay, nice.
I felt bad for not letting you know.

Did you like them?

They didn't even recognize me.

But, yeah, they were good. It was good.

See? I told you.
People listen to you here.

What are we waiting for,
toy girl?

For my father and his two-hour shit!

- Hi, Sam.
- Hi, Martina.

I didn't see you.

I'm the shadow that brings the truth.


Are you nervous?

- A bit, yes.
- I'm going insane here.


- We two need to talk later.
- Shut up, Dad. Let's focus.

Sam, please.

- Here we go.
- Is Sam your boyfriend?

Yes, Dad. I'll introduce you guys later.

But, Martina, you told me he was French.
Why is he speaking English?

- Where did you get he's French from?
- Well, love has no language, Nacho.

That is so corny. "Love has no language."

Why corny? Where is the corniness?

Who cares about that crap now? Please!

Sam, let's do it.

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

- Yes.
- Oui.


- What's that?
- To be "excluding"?

- Yes, but what does it mean?
- Dad?

- Come on, Dad, fuck.
- No, Francisca.

I'm not her father.

- Francisca, honey.
- Leave me alone, Dad!

- Honey.
- Leave me alone!

Don't be like that, dear. Fran.

Juan, if you call me again,
I'll throw the phone out the window.

Love me a little.

Just a little.

Love me.

Love me a little.

What are you doing here?

I don't want to.

- One more time and I'll be gone for good.
- I can't.


I'll do everything.
You don't have to do anything.

I left your things by the door.


That's right, but I didn't have
to travel yesterday.

And now, I need a flight
as soon as possible.

There's nothing left for today?

First thing tomorrow?

Okay, well... Hello?

Do you hear me?

Okay, that one. Yes, that's fine.






Thank you.

Me? Over there?


- How much?
- Nine thousand five hundred.

- Do you accept credit cards?
- No, miss. No credit cards here.

- Well, this is fine.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Hey, what the fuck? What's wrong with you?

You're crazy.

Hey, hottie!


So pretty and so sad, honey!

Beautiful. I'd do anything
to put a smile on that face.

Like what, for instance?

Give me five minutes,
and I'll do whatever you want.

- Whatever I want?
- I'm telling you.

I'd prefer you doing
whatever you want to me.

Oh, I like you. I like you.

Come here.

- What for?
- To do all you want to me.

But I was thinking
something more intimate.

Like, private.

- Okay.
- What's going on?

Should I hop in?

Open the door.

Open the door, come on.

Open the door!

Open the fucking door!
Open the door! Come on!

- Buy me a drink first.
- Bitch!


♪ Anxious now ♪

♪ Feeling the moisture ♪

- ♪ That as you walk away ♪

♪ Scratches my corner ♪

♪ I look into your eyes and ♪

♪ You're not there ♪

♪ Many look and leave ♪

♪ From an alley of light ♪

♪ The myth beats me ♪

♪ Nobody comes near me ♪

♪ No more warmth ♪

Do you need anything else?

A pija.

That's a pen.

What's a "pija," then?

A goodbye hug.

I'll give you a pija, then. Come here.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- I'm going to the airport.
- Get in.

Look, the ATM swallowed my card,
and I just have 5,000 left.

What do you want me to do?

- I don't know.
- There's nothing I can do.

- Can I pay you with something else?
- How?

I don't know. Some other way.



Hey, excuse me.

- You are Martina, right?
- Yes.

Awesome. The Argentinean singer?

Juliana's daughter, yes.

Who's Juliana?

Can I take a picture with you?

- Of course.
- Cool.

- Are you going to post it?
- If you let me, yes.

Actually, I'm gonna post it either way.

Let's see.


- It's good.
- Yeah?

Hey, you look very pretty.

I'm going to tag you
so you can follow me back.

Otherwise, what's the point?

- Can I ask you a favor?
- Whatever you want.

Can you search Francisca Pavez?

- This one?
- That one.


She's pretty.

Can you text her? Tell her I'm here.

I ran out of money.
Can she pick me up urgently?

- Yes.
- To take me to the airport.

- Because I'm about to lose my...
- Hi, Francisca.

- Urgent.

- She knows.

- Yes?

"Come here."

- No money.
- Okay. Done. Yes.

- Thank you.
- No, thank you. I'm quick.

How many likes have we got?

None. But the night is young.

Isn't it? I believe so.

Here comes my bus,
but I think I'll wait for the next one.

No, go. It's not necessary.

♪ Juan ♪

♪ Send me a taxi ♪

♪ Juan ♪

♪ Send me a taxi ♪

♪ It has to be now ♪

♪ Send me a taxi ♪

♪ I want to fly ♪

- ♪ Send me a taxi ♪
- Marti! Marti!


- Hi, what time does your flight leave?
- At 8:00.

Shit. Hurry up, we're running late.

Francisca, Martina, we're here.

Marti, we're here.

We're here.

- I was dreaming.
- Hurry up, you're gonna miss the flight.

Hey, you can come and visit
whenever you like, okay?

Our house is your house.

You are the best.

Hold on, family.
We need a picture.

- What are you doing here?
- I came to be with you.

What for?

I sent you a thousand messages.
Your dad passed.

Oh, what a son of a bitch.

- Who, me?
- No, him.

The day I make the decision,
he gets ahead of me.

Do you want to see him?

- Did you see him?
- Yes.

How is he?

Then no.

- Are you all right, then?
- No.

Severe depression?

I don't know.

- Take me home.
- Okay.

How was Chile?