Dry Blood (2017) - full transcript

In a rural mountain town, an unstable drug addict must unravel a surreal murder mystery as he's terrorized by malevolent ghosts, a deranged sheriff, and the frightening hallucinations from his withdrawal.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Anna, this is Brian.

I was hoping you'd picked up.

It's been a while

I think I'm going to get sober

again and I was thinking maybe

that would be something you'd
want to help me out with

What do you say?

I'm going to go up to the cabin

Maybe you'll join me.

That would be great.

Cause fuck...

I just really need a friend
right now.

Call me back if you can. Thanks.


after the season passes,
and the snow starts to melt,

Reggie, he's walking his kid to

trying to get him to the bus


They're cutting through the

and the kids looks over and sees
this hand

sticking up out of the snow.

Was it that chick?

Yeah, it was the chick.

Did her husband do it?

Well that's what we thought.

That's what everybody thought.

It's always the husband, right?


You should have seen what we
found in his trunk.

Sorry about that.

Do you have a...

A broom?


Just leave it, dude.

We've met before.


I thought you said something.

I didn't say anything.

How much you have to drink this

No, I haven't been drinking...
I'm not drunk.

Can I just...

You know you're paying for that
fuckin' bottle, right?

Yeah, I know.

Son of a bitch.

I like a bit of
buck-shot with my venison.


I didn't say anything again.

There's seven kinds of something
wrong with you, isn't there boy?

I don't know what you mean.

What brings you up to my

I live here?

No, you don't.

I have a house here that I rent
it out.

It's my ex wife's and mine.

I'm staying there for a while.

Am I making you nervous?

Your hand is on your gun.

So it is.

What's your name?


Brian? Like Prince or Madonna?

Brian Barnes.

Where's this house of yours
Brian Barnes?

I don't have to tell you that.

Don't you?


Here I thought we could be



Hello. Hey Anna.

No, it's a great time.

You got my voicemail?

Yeah, same cabin.

I'm gonna be up here as long as
it takes.

I've got twelve hours in.

I'm committed.

What do you say?

Do you want to help out an old

and come up?

You're a sweetheart.

Okay. Thanks. Bye.


I didn't say anything.

I know. What do you want?

Just driving by. Thought I'd
check in on you.

Weren't you wearing that some
thing yesterday?

Yeah, I guess.

Odd time to be renting this

Most of you people don't show up

after the snow comes.

I'm not renting it. I own it.

I feel like we covered this.

What's your name, son?

Brian Barnes.

I'm positive we had this
conversation yesterday.

How long you gonna be on my
mountain, Brian Barnes?

I haven't done anything wrong.

Have yourself a good day.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

That was not a brilliant idea,
was it?

Anna? Hello?

Anna? Are you up there?

When did you get here?

Why didn't you wake me up?


Anna, are you in there? You

I'm coming in, alright?

What are you doing?

Hey! Where are you?

Yeah, I know where it is. I was
just there.

I'll can come get you. It's

It's like ten minutes away.

Don't worry about it. Seriously.

You're the one doing me a favor.

You're saving my life.

Alright. I'm on my way. Bye.

Ah, fuck. God damn it.

Hey buddy, how you doing?

Man, I know I wasn't speeding.

You're up early?

Is it?

I did not peg you for an early

Yeah, I'm going to the fuck'n
to the store.

Ah. The fuck'n store.


For what?

I don't know. Cursing.

That's alright buddy. We're
friends, aren't we?

At least, I'd like to think so.

Alright, well, just wanted to
say good morning.

Have a good one.


Yep. Oh.

Glad you finally changed that

That last one was getting a
little ripe.

See you around.

Anything I can
help you with ma'am? Miss?


Thank you. Look, I just want you
to know...

Plenty of time to talk later.

Do you have any real coffee at
your place?

No, just that shit.

I guess it'll have to do.

I got it.

That's $22 even.

The fancy coffee arrives with
our caviar shipment next week.

Great. Thanks. I'll be back

Jackass. I was making fun of


What the fuck
did you do this time?

People actually rent this place
from you?

Yeah, they actually do.

Come here. Sit down.

We just got here. Do we have to
do this already?

Yeah, and you just popped a
fistful of pills

after telling me you were
serious about getting

sober for the umpteenth time.

So yeah, let's do this now.

Okay. Here I am.

How long have you been using

I don't know.

Jesus, Brian. Already?

It's not that I don't know

I didn't mark my fucking
calendar, okay?

I got high again, and I told you

I know what you're asking.

I started weeks ago

or months ago.

There's a pretty big difference
between weeks and months.

I know there's a big difference
between weeks and months

but you don't know how my
fucking brain works.

I know exactly how your brain

Yeah, you know everything.

Don't be an asshole.

You want any?

I didn't have to come here, you

I know. I'm sorry.

Be honest with me. Do you have
any more shit at the house?

Anything? Pills? Dope? Speed?


You're not going to magically find
another stash from a year ago?

No. I swear to god.

Why do you want to be sober? Why

Does there have to be one

Just be straight up with me,
Brian. Why am I here?

I'm scared, okay? I'm fucking


Of doing shit that I can't take

Of shit that I can't even

What's the fucking point anyway?

It's not even fun anymore.

Isn't it supposed to be fun?

It's not.

It's just who I am.

Like I'm just a fucking dope

So, what happened?

It's the same shit over and over

No matter what choices I think
I'm making,

I'm not really making them
because I end up back here

in the same fucking hell.

You have to forgive yourself

I don't want forgiveness, okay?

I want to feel everything, and I
want it to hurt.

Do you know I lied to you.

You came up here to help me. You
came all this fucking way.

And I spit in your fucking face,
you know that?

Cause all I really want to do
right now is get fucking high.

Jesus. What the fuck, Brian?

What is that?


I'm asking you, what am I
holding in my hands right now?

A hair ribbon.

Good. So this is real.

I'm experiencing this right now.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

So, this is is gonna be you.

Do you remember the last time we
were here?

It wasn't that long ago.

It was another lifetime ago.

For you?


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to

It's good that you want to get
sober right now.

It's a good thing.

Do you know how I know there's
hope for you?


This place. After all this time.
You never sold it.

You never put it in your veins.

But it is in my veins. I mean,
Meagan loved it.

Another lifetime ago.

No, that came out the wrong way.

That's not what I meant.

You're not still calling her,
are you?

I try not to.

Brian, you either do or you

No, It's not like that.

It's not like she wants to hear
from me.

Brian, leave her alone.

It's not fair to her.

If she's the only reason you're
keeping this place,

then maybe you should sell it.

Or let her buy you out.

It's not her. I mean, it's you.

It's time we spent here.

It's the way you look standing
there in the light.

Stop it. That's never going to
happen again.

I came here to help you. To try
to be your friend.

Don't to take advantage of that.

I know. You're right.

I'm gonna get real hard to be
around, real fast.

And, I'd be lying if I said I didn't
want to get high really bad right now.

Just don't let me do it again,

I can be better. I can be
different. Okay?

What are you doing up? Couldn't



Anna, open up.

Hold on. I hear you.

What's going on?

There's someone in the house.

What are you talking about? Do
you know what time it is?

I heard you downstairs.

I wasn't downstairs.

I know. It wasn't you, cause it
was a dead woman.

You heard a dead woman

Come here.

I'm not fucking high, alright.

Calm down, okay? Just think
about it.

There isn't a dead woman
downstairs, is there?


Don't mind me. I'm just losing
my fucking mind.

I know if I think about it whe
I see things that aren't there,

I can rationalize it then.

But when it's happening when it's
right in front of my fucking eyes.

Yeah, you're going through

No shit.

Well, the hallucination is not a

It doesn't make it any less

I'm sorry.

Don't be. That's why I'm here.

Can I sleep in here with you

Nice try.

I didn't mean... like that.

Okay, maybe a little bit.

But, I don't want to go out

Just not tonight.

It's just in your mind.

Is that better or worse?

Thanks for making coffee.

Did you end up getting any sleep
last night?

I can't be sure.

It'll get easier.

Hey, I'm sorry about that

about last night.

It's okay.

It's so nice up here and quiet.

Go easy Mr. Chimney.

No thanks.

What is it?

When I got up this morning, I
couldn't even come downstairs

until the sun was up.

I was afraid to come down in the
dark, like a fucking child.

It's not an easy thing you're
going through.

You can cut yourself some slack.

Come here. I want to show you

Can you please open the drawer
for me?

Why did you...?

I don't remember tying that
ribbon on there,

let alone, fishing it out of the

You'll even out. You'll see.

It doesn't worry you that I'm
playing with knives in my sleep?

Because it fucking worries me.

What worries me more is how
disgusting this knife is.

I hope you don't actually cook
with it.

Come on, I'll make us some

Oh, this is too much.

Who is that?

Just stay here.

Hey buddy. Good morning.

This is getting fucking weird,

What's getting weird?

Can we not do this?

Can we not pretend you don't know
you're being an asshole right now?

Whoa Brian, no need to call

I'm just going to call your
supervisor and report you.

For what?

Harassment. What's your badge

My badge number?

- Yeah.
- It's, uh...


I'm just fucking with you,

We're friends aren't we?
I'd like to think so.

You know, It's a big mountain.

Not many people to play with
this time of year.

You know where a guy can score
some dope around here?


What? Oh, I didn't say anything.

You have yourself a great day

What was that about?

That's about that guy being
fucking crazy.

And somebody thought it would be a
good idea to give him a badge and gun.

Well, between you, him, and
that guy at the store,

I'd say this town is not without
it's charm.

At least I'm in good company
then, huh?

Thank you. Thank you.

Looks great.

It's so great I don't want to
cut into it.

Are you sure that you cooked this the
right way, cause I think I see a beak.

What is it?

It's nothing.


I thought I saw a deer.

You're afraid of a deer?

You know, I hit a deer once.

I'd just turned sixteen. I'd
just gotten my license.

I borrowed my dad's car for the
first and last time.

It was early morning. I was out
driving. Still dark.

And this thing ran out.

So fast I didn't even have time
to tap the brakes.

I couldn't even really see what
it was.

And, I hit it.

That sucks.


Did it die?

I think so, but it fell off into
the shoulder,

and I couldn't bring myself to
look at it - to see what I'd done.

I just got back in the car and
drove away, like a fucking coward.

Then how did you know it was a

Because I turned and I looked
next to me.

And in the passenger seat there
was a man sitting there.

Only he had the head of a deer.

And he's just staring at me. And
he's blinking with these black eyes.

Staring at me.

That was the first time I really
saw something that wasn't there.

And I wasn't even high.

So, what happened?

Then I hit a light post and the
airbag went off.

And the car was fucked.

It's so real.

I can smell the blood.

It's so strong it's on my taste

Like I have
a mouthful of pennies.

As if it were never there at

Did you ever see a doctor about
seeing things?

Come on. Let's go back.

It must be beautiful
out here in the snow.

Yeah. It is.


I found this in the closet

It looks like it might fit you,

Yeah, that's my dress.

It was in your closet?


Eww. Do you think someone else
wore it?

I don't know. It looks pretty

You don't remember me in this


I'm gonna grab a cub of coffee.

You have a problem.

You think?

I'm gonna grab a smoke, alright?


Son of a bitch.

I thought you were gonna go

Where'd you get those?

You... see these? These are
glasses, right?

Yes. Where did...?

Son of a bitch!


They were in the kitchen.


That cop, He wears glasses like these.
I mean, these are his fucking glasses.

What would he be doing in the

I don't know what he's doing in the
kitchen. But that's it. That's enough.

Who are you calling?

Connect me to the White Deer
Sheriff's office, please.

Hello? Yes, I want to make a
complaint about one of your officers.

I don't know his name, but he's
but he's a white guy.

He's got dark hair. He's got a

He's following me around. He's
harassing me.

And now he's coming into my
house when I'm not home.

Oh, hey there Brian.
How you doing buddy?

I hate to break this to you man, but
this time of year, it's just me up here.

Lone wolf. Keeping the herd in

Stay the fuck out of my house.


Your house. My house.
What's the difference?

I suspect you have a substance
abuse problem, Brian.

Would that be an accurate

I could help you out with your
little problem.

I could lock you up in a dark
dark place.

Dry out your blood real fast.

You want to get sober, don't you


What are you doing down there?

Nothing. I'm coming up. Hold

Jesus, one second.


I thought I heard a rat. It was
nothing. Alright?

That fucking cop, man. He's
freaking me out.

Just do me a favor. If you see
him. Just steer clear.

If he comes to the door, and I'm not
here, just don't answer it, okay?

Where would you be?

I'm just saying. I just have a
really bad feeling.

Like he's coming into my house
when I'm not here.

Like, maybe he's coming in all
the time,

when no one's home. When the
place is empty. I don't know.

I think you're being paranoid.

Yeah, so they say.

Come on.

I'm coming.

I brought you a towel.

Jesus, Brian. Sneak up on a
girl, why don't you?

Sorry. You alright?

Yeah, I'm fine. You just scared
me. That's all.


What is it?

Can you come here please.
Just... out of the dark.

Brian, what is it?

I want you to turn around. And
tell me what you see,

standing in the corner, behind

Brian, there's nothing there.

Shhhhh. It's okay. It's okay. It
wasn't real. None of it was real.

You're safe now. I've got you.

It will be better in the

No, just lay back. You hit your
head when you fell.

Why can't it just be like this forever?
Without all the other stuff.

It's just not the way life

What if I never get better?

What if I can't be fixed?

All the kings horses, and all
the kings men...

- Anna?
- Yes?

Can you indulge me one more
crazy thought?

Well, I guess if I've made it
this far...

What if that cop...


What if he's hurting people in
this house... when it's empty.

What if he's actually killing
people here, and I'm not crazy.

I'm just, seeing... ghosts, I

Well, that is a theory. But your logic
is flawed for two very big reasons.


One, we already know you're

And two, there are no such
things as ghosts.

Nobody wants to be crazy, Anna.

It's a horrible thing to not
have control of your own mind.

I know. I'm sorry.

Can you stay with me until I
fall asleep?

I just feel like I haven't
really slept in days.

Right now, here with you, I
finally feel safe.

Sure. Get some rest. It will be
better in the morning. I promise.

Will you marry me?

Fuck off.

Just checking.

Fucking stop it already. I don't
believe you anymore.

Jesus fucking Christ!

Anna! Anna!

Wait a minute!

This is too much, Brian!

Shhhhh. It's okay.

It's okay. It wasn't real,
whatever it was.

It's okay. I'm just here with
you, right now.

I'm sorry.

You're so good to me.



Don't misinterpret why I'm here.


Don't do that.

No, don't do that.

Don't act like you're afraid of
me. Like I'm fucking crazy.

I didn't say that.

Stop. Please stop. Leave me

Brian. You need to listen to me.

You are scaring me now.

I feel really uncomfortable.

I just want you to leave. Just
leave the room. Okay?

Let me get dressed. We can talk
after that. Downstairs.

You're my only friend Anna.

No one else stayed.

I need help. I need help.

I don't know if I can give you
the kind of help that you need.

You have to. You have to.

We can talk in a minute
downstairs, okay?

We'll turn the lights on if
you're scared.

Just remember, none of it is
real. It can't hurt you.

Okay. It's not real.

I'm going.

Hey there Brian.

No. Not her.

It's been too late
for that for a while, buddy.





Hey buddy. You having a bad day?

Brian. I need you to come out of
that closet.

I need you to step out with your
hands first.

And if I even think I see
anything in your fucking hands

I'm gonna blow a hole in you the
size of Texas.

I'm gonna count to three Brian.

One. Two.

Brian, if I have to open this door
myself you are not gonna like it.

God damn some of a bitch.

No no no.

Not that either.

Why did you do it?

She was my only friend.

Did you kill all these people in
my house?

Shut up! Shut up! You don't get
to cry!

Shut up.

Shut up.


Shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up. Shut up.

Yeah, that.


Come on.

Just doing some cleaning.

Where's your buddy?

My who?

Your cop friend that's always in

I don't know. Probably out doing
cop shit, I guess.

I just ask ‘cause I saw his car
out front.

Oh, he's probably around back
taking a shit.

Mean ole shit, more'n likely.

I forgot something.



He can't see me.

Oh my god, Anna. It's Brian.
It's Brian.

No. No. No, it's Brian.

No, you're alright. Hold on.

I'll take you to the hospital.

I'm not to drunk to drive. I do
it all the time.

It's alright.

No, don't die. It's alright.
You're alright. You're alright.

C'mon, we're going to the
hospital now.

You'll be fine. C'mon.

C'mon babe. We're going to the

You'll be alright.

You're alright. C'mon.

Oh no no.

We're gonna go. It'll be fine.
They'll fix you.

They'll sew you up, and you'll
be pretty.

After you

He's not even
supposed to be here, so


Brian, where the fuck? Where are

He's probably sleeping one off.

Are you here?

Well, he's not supposed to be
here at all.


Just a minute. I'm coming down,
don't come up here.

Okay, we're going to be in the
kitchen whenever you

want to get your shit together.

Meagan Oh,
I don't even care anymore.

I'm coming down. It's alright.
I'm fine.

There you are.

I was just... cleaning.

Yeah, I can see that.

The whole place reeks of bleach.

It does?

Look, I appreciate you wanting
to clean up after yourself

But you have to let me know when
you're going to be up here

so we can avoid this.


Who you got up there with you

No one.

Oh my god. Are you high right

It's not even noon.


Hey, look what I found.

Oh hi Brian.


Not high, huh? How much was in
that baggy?

What was it this time? Coke?
Speed? Heroin?

And who the fuck is that whore
behind you?

What the fucking fuck!

Shhh. You'll wake the baby.

The baby?

Well, she's not a baby anymore.
Alecia. Todd's daughter.

You want a snort?

I'm trying to quit.

Sure you are kid.

And don't give me that shit about
not drinking in front of you.

I'm not the one with the

Why should I be punished just
because you're a fucking drunk?

Because you're my wife.

Past tense.

I don't even know what that
means anymore.

There he is.

Come on, come one, there he is!

Why should you care? You're not
the one with the fucking problem.

You know Brian, I look at you
now, and I just think

How the fuck did I ever fall in
love with such

a pathetic limp dick cock sucker
like you?

That's okay Meagan. You're not
even here.

What the fuck are you talking

It's just me and me and me.

Todd, will you get down here!

Todd's not here either. It's
just me.



Fuck you Brian!

Don't you ever fucking put your
hands on me.

Alecia, go to your room now!


Is there anyone else left alive
in here?!

Or can I finally get some
fucking sleep?

I was just kidding. Okay. Okay.

Get off of me!


I'll be quick. It'll be over so

You'll be with your daddy soon.

It's all just a bad dream, little girl. Please
don't cry. It'll be better in the morning.

I'm gonna quit this time. I

No no no no.

I was kidding. I was just
kidding. I was kidding.

It's not real anyway. It's okay.

It's fine. It's fucking fine.

It's alright. It doesn't matter.

It's gone tomorrow. You're gone
tomorrow. It's fine.

I need a drink. I'll be back,

Anna. Hey, this is Brian. I was
hoping you'd pick up.

I think I'm going to take a trip
out to the cabin

and dry out again.

I really need it this time.

I was hoping maybe you'd want to
come out and

help me out with that.

I'd love to hear from you. It's
been a while.

I guess that's it. Just call me
back if you can, alright?

Okay, thanks. I'm sorry.

Subtitles by explosiveskull