Drunken Master Su Qier (2021) - full transcript

Hurry up.

Take him out.

Let's go.


Are you still smoking?

Sir, everything is cleared.

Destroy them all.


In the past six months,

the progress of the opium ban
in Guangzhou city is still acceptable.


you've worked hard.

Our Qing Dynasty was abused

and trampled by foreigners for decades.

His Majesty

ordered you, as the governor,

to imitate Lin Zexu in destroying opium,

which can be said to work miracles.

Opium does great harm to people.

It causes nothing but damage.

We are duty-bound to destroy opium

for the people.

It's just, a visible spear
is easily withstood,

but an unseen arrow is
hard to guard against.

I'm afraid those backstabbers

won't sit still anymore.


You must be extra careful.

As a member of the Su family,

I am not the one who
clings to life and fears death.

I can

give my life for this matter,

without regrets.

Come on.

Thank you for the rescue, vigorous man.

Admiral Su, no need to mention it.

May I have your name, vigorous man?

I am Liu Jiang.

As a matter of fact,

your son is my drinking buddy.

Pardon me?

You mean my rebel son, Su Can?

Long time no see.

Hong, hurry and take good care of him.

Have a good time.

Drink, drink, ladies,
make sure they have a great time.





Fantastic, indeed.

Lady Ruyu.

You are endowed with
both beauty and talent.

Your beauty would overthrow a kingdom.

It's a little token of my feelings.

May it delight you.

Oh my.

Your Highness, it's so generous of you.

It's just,

it's just Lady Ruyu,

she has always

made a living by talent and skill,
not her body.

Nobody dares to refuse me

on what I want.

Well, well, well.

Great barkers are no biters.

Oh my, Young Master Su.

You have come, finally.

I, Su Can, am a man of my words.

I made a promise to Lady Ruyu,

so here I am.

You brat.

Do you know who this man is?

You bit me.

Do I have to check with your master

before kicking your ass?

This is His Royal Highness the Prince.

Show good sense and get
the hell out of here.

His Royal Highness.

You are truly in a leisurely
and carefree mood

to come to this Zuihua House

and enjoy with the people.

How dare you!


Let's go.


Come back soon, all right?

You are still reckless as always.

He is a Prince.

So what?

Is there anyone I dare not provoke?

If you say I am reckless,

I will show you how reckless I am.

You are annoying.


This is from my mother.

She wanted to give it
to her future daughter-in-law.

Take it or not,

it is up to you.

Our clan, the Su family,

has always been simple,
honest, and dutiful by nature.

Now how come we have a
black sheep like you?

I know I have embarrassed the Su family.

I neither could gain scholarly honor

nor bring glory to my ancestors.

But it is my life, isn't it?

As your father, I don't force you
to be wealthy in knowledge.

All I ask is that you take
the martial arts examination.

In the future, if you have
the honor to serve our country,

you can bring some glory to the Su family.

Back then, you were a First-Degree Scholar,

but you couldn't protect my mother and my
maternal grandfather's family, could you?

You are now the Admiral.

Why is my mother's memorial tablet
still in the cemetery?


Do you have no idea

who you have offended?

He is just a Prince.

Why do I have to be afraid of him?

Shuo Tuo and his party

are colluding with foreign enemies

to dump opium

and to do harm to our people.

To him, I am such a thorn in his side.

And now

you are conflicted with him.

I am really worried about you.

Don't you always tell me that

a country has its laws
and a family has its rules?


is there no law that can rule him?


what's the use of me
taking the imperial exam?

I have been careful enough

to have plenty of evidence

of their crimes.

When I can go to the capital,

I will clarify this matter to His Majesty.

And they, of course,

will be hoisted by their own petard.

You've failed?

Please forgive me, Your Highness.

Su Gui.

Su Can.

I will definitely make you both

lose all standing and reputation.

Your Highness, please calm down.

Don't let them

spoil your good mood.


Over here, Your Highness.


You do have some amazing illusions,


It made me feel like I'm on cloud nine.

Sir, this is...

Let's come straight to the point.

I am


Su Can is my one and only son.

I do not wish him
a successful career in government,

I just want him to be down-to-earth,

be good at something to make a living,

and don't waste his time

in places of depravity.

Admiral, I understand your concern.


Su Can and I

have known each other for many years.

We are soul mates,

we've never crossed the line.


you are trying to buy me
off with such a valuable gift.

You gave it to the wrong
person, I'm afraid.


Please leave.


do you think I don't want to study hard

to make a name for myself

and honor

the ancestors of the Su family?

But every time I pick a book up,

I think of you and my grandfather's family.


I miss you.

Master! Master!

Master, you...

Why can't you be tender toward me

just for a little?

You know about pain now?


I just got beat up by my
father and now you too?

Serve you right, you brat.

Your father almost got killed.

And look at you, drinking all day long.

Did you save my father?

What do you think?

Use your head.

This liquor is not bad.


Sorry for

making you suffer today.

No harm done, Mister Kozaki.

I just think that Shuo Tuo is

arrogant, domineering, greedy, and lustful.

If he goes on like this,

I'm afraid new problems
will crop up unexpectedly.

Greedy and lustful.

I chose him because of that.

Now Shuo Tuo

has become addicted to
making money through opium.

You must know that we still need
Shuo Tuo to deal with those ministers

who are in charge of
destroying opium, like Su Gui.

It's just that things
will be hard on you these days.

As long as we can achieve our goals,

everything will be worth it.

Take a look,

does it fit?

As long as you make it,

it fits.

What's wrong?


you are so good at martial arts.

Have you ever thought about

taking martial arts examinations?

Why are you telling me that, too?

You are a good man by nature.

If you keep sulking with your father,

you'll ruin your bright future.

If you truly want to marry me,

why don't you make a bet

with your father?

By the time you pass the examination,

as a matter of course,

you will get married and settle down.


nobody knows me

but you.

When I pass the examination,

it will be the day when I marry you
with a palanquin with eight carriers.

Did Can really say he was going to
take the martial arts exams?

Yes, Master.


If you have something to say, go ahead.

Young Master said

Lady Ruyu made up his mind.

When he passes the exam,

he will marry Lady Ruyu.


Young Master also said

if you disapprove of this matter,

let's just forget about it.


I need you to make up for what I lost today

as soon as possible.

Your Highness.

If it goes on like this,

our losses

are getting bigger and bigger.

This Su Gui...

Your Highness.

I bring news.


I heard that boy Su Can is going to
take a martial arts examination.


It's true.

Your Highness.

I have just the right thing for it.



I had this specially made.

It can make one feel

refreshed a hundredfold.

If this good thing is given to Su Can,

his material arts examination

must be ever successful.


I brought your favorite osmanthus cake.

Take a bite, please.

Does it still taste like it used to?


I've decided to take the examination.

Father promised me that

once I won the title,

I could marry Ruyu.


It would be nice

if only you could see all this.



Why are you here?

I heard you were here

so I came to find you.

Young Master.

Oh my, Young Master.

Young Master.

Young Master.

My God, Young Master.

How did you fall asleep in here?

Hurry and get up.

We must hurry home, you have to
take the examination tomorrow.

This Su Can is incredible, many matches
have passed and he's invincible.

The last match.

Su Can versus Huang Xiong.

Nice, nice.



Great, great.


Su Can brings credit
to his father this time, finally.

Yes, yes.

What happened to Su Can?

Is it a craving hits?

Candidate Su Can,

you took opium for fame

by hook or by crook.

Take him.

Master, Master, it's no good.


Something had happened to Young Master.

Young Master...

He took opium!

He is now in the state prison

on the orders of

Surveillance Commissioner.


I didn't know the Admiral was here,

my apology

for not waiting for you at the door.

There's no harm.

I heard that my son, Su Can,

was detained on the order of
the Surveillance Commissioner.

Is that true?

Your son truly

disgraced you this time, Admiral.

He did by all means for fame.

He even took those bad things like opium.

The fact that he harmed others
without benefiting himself

is a shame for the Su family of yours.

There must be a misunderstanding.

How can my son be addicted to opium

when he is perfectly fine?

Admiral, I understand

your desire to protect your son,

but with all the eyes around,
I had no choice but to detain him.

The ins and outs of this matter

are still unclear.

According to judicial procedures,

you should have released my son

and re-investigated it.

Well, well,

a country has its laws
and a family has its rules.

You are the Admiral,

how could you seek
personal gains with your power?

It will be bad if someone

with a wicked mind goes to report it

to His Majesty.

Your Highness.

My son, Su Can, is innocent.

Admiral Su,

you're hopeless.

You've tried so hard on destroying opium,

yet your son

broke that law deliberately.

You can't even teach your son properly,

you should find a private place
to reflect yourself.

There must be a misunderstanding.

Please look into this, Your Highness.

Admiral Su,

have you ever

heard this phrase?

"Clean water contains no fish."

We are just

short of a right-hand
man like you, Admiral Su.

Why don't you

go easy on us?

And I

will ask Surveillance Commissioner

to release your son immediately.

I, Su Gui,

will never form a clique for evil purposes.

Su Gui.

Do you want to save your son or not?

You disregarding His Majesty's wish

and selling opium

for your gain,

leaving the people in the mire.

I will tell His Majesty everything

when going to the capital
at the end of the year,

and all of you will be executed.

How can His Majesty

trust your words alone?

I've already got a lot of
evidence of your evil intentions.

If you'd excuse me.



How did Can get involved with opium?

There must be

some kind of misunderstanding.

But Judgment Hall said
the evidence was solid.

I heard that Admiral Su

put aside his pride pleading
the Prince and Surveillance Commissioner.

They refused to release him.

His Royal Highness also gave orders that

he would be beheaded

at noon tomorrow.

Your Highness.

Nothing was found

at Su Gui's house.



Please cease from anger, Your Highness.

I am such a fool.

Su Gui won't make an
empty show of strength.

The evidence he has in his hands

must be a real deal.

Keep looking.

Dig every inch of ground to find it.

Yes, Your Highness.

Your Highness.

Lady Ruyu of Zuihua House
is asking to see you.

Lady Ruyu.

Greetings, Your Highness.

Come on, have a seat.

I wonder what brings you

to my humble house.

Ruyu is here

because of Su Can's matter.

May I ask Your Highness

whether Su Can be spared?

Su Can broke the law,

he was detained by
Surveillance Commissioner because of that.

I am just a mere Prince,

I can do nothing even if
I want to cover him up.

Whether Su Can

has committed a crime or not,

or why he was arrested,

Your Highness

must know better than anyone.

Is that what

you came here to tell me?

I still have important work to do.

Excuse me for not keeping you company.

Your Highness.

What do you want in return to release him?

If Ruyu can do it, I will definitely...

Definitely what?

I'll do whatever you say.


said that yourself.

I did not

compel you to do anything.


I think there is something off
about Su Can's case,

tell Surveillance Commissioner
to figure it out,

don't blacken a good man's name.





Do you know who gave
the order to have me killed?

Shuo Tuo and his party.

To him, I am such a thorn in his side.

How he wish he could
finish me off for good.

Shuo Tuo!

Shuo Tuo!

Come out!

Who is here

disturbing my good dream?

I want you to be buried with

thirty people in my family.

Young Master Su,

why do you utter such things?

Last night,

I spent all night long with Lady Ruyu.


if it wasn't for me,

you'd still be in prison now.

Young Master Su,

is this the way you treat your savior?

Ah, right.

Was opium good?


Young Master Su, you certainly
have got good taste.

Last night,

Ruyu and I had such an enjoyable night.

I did find

a softer, more affectionate side of her.



Stop, I'm begging you.

Please stop.

I beg you, stop, I beg you.



Are you awake?


You brat.

You know I am your master,

which means you're fine.

I know you are upset.

There, there,

it's all over.

What matters most now is

to get well, for the time being.

There, there.

Your Highness.

Now those troublemakers have gone for good.

The demand

for our goods exceeds
the supply once again.


Kozaki, you've worked hard.

It's my pleasure to serve Your Highness.

Your Highness.

I heard that Su Can

was tortured to the point he'd rather die.

I heard that, too.

And it's all thanks to your excellent plan.

The way Su Can is right now

is much more interesting
than if he was dead.

Oh, dear.

Aren't you the beauty queen
of the Zuihua House,

Miss Shen Ruyu?

I wonder why you condescended

to show up here

with my beggars' sect.

I heard Su Can is here.

I wonder if you, vigorous man,

will take me to him.

Miss Shen.

Su Can is

a bane of others' existence.

His whole family died because of him,

then he got hooked on opium.

He's a loser for life.

Miss Shen had better...


Stop talking nonsense.

You're getting undisciplined.

Get out.

Sorry for my bad teaching.


Look who is here.


You have got the wrong person.

I am not Can.

You brat.


I know,

I let you down.

I'm so relieved

to see you're fine.

This is from my mother.

She wanted to give it
to her future daughter-in-law.

Take it or not,

it is up to you.

I'll get going.

Lady Ruyu.


You brat.

Do you look down upon
yourself just like that?

Open up your eyes.

Standing in front of you now

is the girl you said you would marry.

Do you think Lady Ruyu

is the kind of girl who would
boil the hound once it caught the rabbit?

She had no choice

but to be with Shuo Tuo
because she had to save you.

No matter what happens,

you owe her.

Look at you now.

If it were anyone else, they would
make themselves scarce by now.

Why is Lady Ruyu still here?

Work it out for yourself.

Just saying "I am not Can" and it's done?

You're running away and
are passing the buck.


Please stop.

Please help me to take care of
Su Can from now on.

I'll get going.




Stay away from me.

You, stay away from me.


Hang in there a few more days.

Master said

you just had to make it through

the next half month to quit smoking.

Can, let's hang on a few more days, okay?




Master, I can't take it anymore.

Master, I can't take it anymore.

Master, I can't take it anymore.


You will forget everything
when you're drunk.


You brat.

How is it?



Today, I'll teach you the material arts

that go with wine.

Watch and learn.


You've made a lot of progress lately.

It's all thanks to Master's kindness.

After this incident,

you have become less arrogant

and calmer.

If it weren't for Master and Ruyu,

I would have been tortured to death

by opium addiction.

It's all thanks to your self-control.

I bear the blood feud of
thirty members of the Su family.

My father figured out that
Shuo Tuo was running a clique

and selling opium,

then Shuo Tuo set me up to get addicted.

He couldn't make a deal with my father

so he killed my father for his content.

Blood will have blood, I'm sure of it.


Curbing violence with violence

is not the only way to
chase away your inner pain.

So I'm supposed to let
him get away with it?


What matters most now is

collecting evidence
against Shuo Tuo and his party.

I heard that the new minister
of opium control

is on his way to Guangzhou.

He enforces laws impartially

with upright and outspoken,
just like Admiral Su.

Let's meet him and tell him everything,

we won't let Shuo Tuo
and his party keep doing harm.


Your Highness.

Yesterday, Su Can went back to Su Manor

and took out a bag.


I saw him with my own eyes.

It's absolutely true.



Your Highness.

Have you heard?

The newly appointed minister
of opium control,

Imperial Censor Gu Ying,
will be here shortly.

His chariot has entered
Guangzhou City at this moment.

I heard this man was
perfectly impartial and upright.

I'm worried he'll ruin our business here.

Your Highness.

You are...

Imperial Censor Gu has just arrived.

I have a little token

of my care.

Your Highness.

Gu Ying is Imperial Censor.

Your Highness is giving me a hard time now.


You are overthinking now.

You have been fatigued by a long journey,

this is just a small
token of my appreciation.

That's all.

How can I

deserve such a gift
from you, Your Highness?

You are too serious.


I've already given them to you.

There is no reason for
me to take them back.


Don't turn me down, Imperial Censor Gu.


I will accept your presents deferentially.

From now on,

if I can be of any use,

please let me know.

You're exactly the kind of man
I like to work with.

I've heard a lot about how generous
you are for a long time, Your Highness.

Now that I met you,

as expected, you're full of high spirit.

I have an unbounded admiration for you.

It is only fitting that you and I,

serving as officials of the court,
should look after each other.

As long as you know what to do,

you can have

all the prosperity and wealth you want.

I will follow your lead, Your Highness.

So from now on,

we are on the same side.

Thank you for your kindness.

I will be at your service.



Take them to leave first.


This is for siding with the outsiders
instead of your own people.


Master, let's go.



There is nothing else that I can do.

Ruyu's love for you

is as deep as the sea.

Those bastards came out of nowhere,
I couldn't bring her out.

You have to save her.

Master, rest assured.

I will definitely bring Ruyu back.

And that traitor, Qingli,

along with Shuo Tuo and his party,

I must stir this gang up.


We beggars

have always been

fighting the strong and
getting rid of evil,

putting chivalry as our priority.


I will leave Dog Hitting Waddy

to you.


You will be

their acting Master.









Your Highness,

please spare my life.

Su Can is extremely cunning.

He must have hidden it.


Now we've woken a sleeping wolf,

those beggars must have hidden it already.

Now, where am I supposed to find it?

Your Highness, please spare my life.

Your Highness.

Su Can and his friends had a narrow escape,

but we

brought Shen Ruyu back.

You mean...

Young Master Su!

Young Master Su!

Young Master Su!


Why are you...

They let me go to tell
you about the exchange

in the woods in the western suburbs
at the hour of Rat.

If you don't show up,

my lady's dead body will be
left for you to collect.

They also said that

you know what to bring to make an exchange.



Where is it?

You do have boldness, Young Master Su.

Cut the crap, hurry and let her go!

Don't be such a pusher, Young Master Su.

Since you're here,

and I can tell you two
are each other's sunshine,

you should stay as well, Young Master Su.


I didn't expect that old Su Gui

to collect that many
pieces of evidence behind my back.

He really worked hard.

Your Highness.

No one

will ever dare to stand against us again.

Your Highness.

I must say these new
arrivals are really good.

Of course, all the best things

are offered to you, Your Highness.

It is said that

more and more people
are hooked on opium in Guangzhou.

I know, right?

This stuff is way more
addictive than the stuff I smoke.

If one can't control the amount of intake,

it will cost his life.

Too much of this could kill people, and
once you try it, you would become insane.

Long ago, there was Lin Zexu
who destroyed opium at Humen.

Now even His Majesty
can hardly be able to save himself.

Besides, a vigorous anti-smoking campaign

would not only cost money and people

but also hurt relations
with foreign countries.

What for?

You're right.


isn't that what you wanted?

Blinded the people with opium first,

and then made the Emperor
a puppet step by step.

Last but not least...


At that time, you all will get favors.

I am grateful to you, Your Highness.

I am grateful to you, Your Highness.

Mister Kozaki.

Now the whole of Guangzhou
is under our control.

Not easy at all, I must say.

There is an old Chinese

saying that

the turbulent wind precedes
the mountain storm.

Why don't we take the opportunity
to pick up the pace?

No need to rush.

Now it is not the point of
storming the enemy's den.

When the opportunity is ripe,

let them see

who is the real master of the Qing Dynasty.

Never expect that

Shuo Tuo does have his means.

After drawing Gu Ying over to our side,

our plan has speeded up considerably.

At this rate,

we shall soon

be crowned with success.

Mister Kozaki.

At a time like this,

we have to succeed with assurance.

Don't worry, I have
everything under control.


Your Highness.

How's it going?

We are counting numbers.

They can be shipped to all
opium dens tomorrow.

When the money comes in,

it's all yours, Your Highness.


Gu Ying is a smart man,

unlike that Su Gui,

putting his finger in the fire.

With his help,

it's going much smoother
than it used to be.

Congratulations, Your Highness.

Shuo Tuo, you brigand.

Imperial Censor Gu.

This is...

I'm a little confused.

Are you son of Admiral Su, Su Can?

Yes, I am.

You insisted on seeing me.

What is that?

Although I have not passed the examination,

like my father,
I am determined to destroy opium.

My father died before
his wishes were fulfilled.

As the only one left of the Su family,

I am bound by my father's will.


Now the Qing dynasty is suffering
from internal and external troubles.

How many foreign powers
are eyeing to carve up our kingdom?

The Shuo Tuo party even quenched
their thirst by drinking poison

and even used the opium trade
to achieve their own interests.

This truly is utterly detestable.

Please help me to achieve my aim.

There is still a long way to go

to destroy opium.

The way your father banned
opium was too radical.

When I find out

the opium source and
hidden warehouse of the Shuo Tuo party,

I will need your local strength
and the troops I bring

to destroy the Shuo Tuo party in one fall.

Heaven above and earth below,

you dared to sell opium, seek power
and wealth by betraying your country,

deceive the people with opium,

and murder the officials of the court.

Surrender yourselves!

A mere Imperial Censor

dared to trick me?

Do you have a death wish?

This is a golden token from the Emperor.

Seeing this golden token

is equal to seeing His Majesty.

Disarm and surrender quickly!

I'm afraid you've

forgotten where you are.


and this rabble you brought with you,

don't you dare to coerce me with that.

As an official of the imperial court,
you know the law but break it,

collude with foreign enemies, sell opium, and
bring disaster to the country and people.

Anybody has the right to punish you!


You all die,

who would know?

So you are the one who set me up with opium

after stupefied me in the cemetery?

You've come to your mind.

You stink beggar,

you think you can do anything to me

if you work with Gu Ying?

You flattered yourself.

You have a death wish,
just like your father.

How about

I help you out and
send you to your father right now?


It's God's will and the
Emperor's command that

Su Can, the son of
Guangzhou Admiral Su Gui,

is courageous and resolute, pays attention
to the interests of the whole.

He was instrumental in eradicating

the Shoo Tuo party.

I am very pleased.

The investigation proved that

the cheating case in
the examination of Su Can

was purely planted by Shuo Tuo.

Su Can is a man of extraordinary talent and has
outstanding achievements in material arts.

After giving full consideration,
I hereby appoint him

as the Scholar of Martial Arts.

He has to go to the capital
to assume his position on a certain day.

That's all.

I, as a mere subject,
humbly receive the Imperial Edict.

Scholar Su, His Majesty appointed you
as the Scholar of Martial Arts.

You should say "I, as an office of the
court, humbly receive the Imperial Edict."

I, as an office of the court,
humbly receive the Imperial Edict.

Long live the King!

Scholar Su.

Please stand up.



- Imperial Censor Gu.
- Scholar Su.

This month, more than
10,000 boxes of opium were seized,

with a total of more
than 1.2 million-catty,

all of which have been
destroyed as of today.


You all have worked hard.

Thank His Majesty's graciousness.

At last, we have fulfilled our mission.


it's not the end

of the road of opium destruction.

There is still a long way to go.

We will have to go on this
road for a good while.

I believe that

people of the same mind
can cut through gold.

Sooner or later,

these poisons

will disappear completely.

The western powers

wanted to divide our
Qing Dynasty with opium.

It's just a pipe dream.

Hope so.

It must be so.