Drunken Master III (1994) - full transcript

Set around the turn of the century in China, the White Lotus Society plots to put the next Emperor on the throne. To do this they want their protege to marry the Princess Sun Yu who possesses an important jade ring. They dispatch Yueng Kwan to fetch her. However, Yueng Kwan is a patriot, working for the revolutionary forces of Sun Yat Sen. He abducts Sun Yu and finds refuge with the father of the future hero Wong Fei Hung.

Charlie Chaplin's The Kid
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Translated by our own Uncle Charlie

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Quick! Quick!

We're here?

Our powerful God.

You give meaning to our lives.

You give us warmth.

You give us wisdom.

God wants us to get close
to the brothers and sisters

who have lost their way.

God wants them
to return to our family.

God bless you all.

How are you?

- You've become more beautiful.
- Please.

This church is a little bit small,
but it's not bad.

There will be two confessionals.

I'm considering
putting a statue there.

Will the redecoration cost a lot?

It doesn't matter. You earn money
So you can spend it.

Yuan Shi Kai, you're already
preparing for your reign.

Why are you here?


I haven't been feeling well recently.

I don't know what's wrong.

Did I forget to carry out
any of your instructions?

Why are your hands behind your back?

I've said it before.

Like this.


I have practiced this gesture.

Where is the jade ring I gave you?

I've sent it to the third princess,
Sum Yu of the Fourth Prince.

What? Why did you give it to her?

You instructed me to do that.

You said Sum Yu is a princess.
She has royal blood.

She's the best one to be my queen.

When I become king, she will
make me and my kingdom rich.

Do you know the ring's significance?

You could lend yours to me.

My ring represents my status
as the master of the sect.

Your ring symbolizes that
you're the master of the kingdom.

If you lose it, you'll lose
your kingdom within 100 days.

Is it that serious?

I better go and look for Sum Yu
and get the jade ring back.

Ask Yeung Kwan to go.

Hey, don't drink.

What the hell is this place?

Are you still drinking?

Haven't you had enough?

I've finished.

What is this place?

Your destination.

Are you drunk? This isn't the palace.

No. But King Yuan Shi Kai
is coming here to pick you up.

What? He's coming to pick me up?

Where is it?

I'm so dirty.

Hey! Why are you standing here?

Get me some clean water
so I can wash.

You're not very smart.


I'll tell His Majesty
to castrate you

and make you guard
the palace's gates.

What is it?

There are lots of men behind you.

You, too.

Don't panic,
they're all revolutionaries.

-And you...
- I'm with them.

- We're Dr Sun Yat San's followers.
- How dare you!!

Aren't you afraid of being killed?

There won't be
any more emperors in China.

OK, then I won't bother you any more.

I'm leaving.

What do you want?

We have a good place for you.

You want to kidnap me.

Can't |17?

If Yuan can't get you,
he can't get the jade ring.

And he won't feel at ease being king.

Then our new government
will come true.

Do you understand?

Look, I'm not scared of you-

Shut up.

You're in my hands.
They won't do anything.

Yeung Kwan.

I can't believe you'd bring
so many people to welcome me.

His Majesty was clever enough
to know you would betray him.

I'm not a betrayer,
I'm only doing something righteous.

The end of imperialism
means a new government.

- Sod off!
- Don't be rude!

What is it to you?

If you hand Sum Yu back to
Yuan Shi Kai, we can still be allies.

If you still take me for your ally,

go and persuade Yuan Shi Kai

to follow
Sun Yat San in the revolution.

So you want to fight?

Fight? That was my plan.

Get ready!

Come on!

Don't shoot! I'm here.

Get down!

- Help!
- Sit tight!


Come on!


- Governor.
- Shit! Chase that bastard!

Hey! Hey!


Master Wong, we're here.

You may go.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Let's go in.

It would be good
if we just had one patient a day.

What did you say?

Nothing, I wish I could have a ride.


The smell of the alcohol
is better than our medicine.

That's petrol.


How can petrol be put inside a car?

- You're crazy.
- Start the car!


You ran someone over!

Get out of the way or I'll kill you.

Stay calm.

I'm a doctor.

How is she?

Her ribs are hurt, but she'll be OK.

- Great.
- Do you want me to stay?

Go away.

My master saved you, you know.

Mind your own business.

Thank you. We have to go.

She might bleed internally.

I have to take her away.

Wong Kei Ying! Wong Kei Ying!

- What is it?
- Come out!

- Wong Kei Ying!
- Master!

The governor is here.

Put your gun away.

So many guns!

- Why aren't you afraid?
- You always point them.

- Can't you be afraid for once?
-I am.

Are you?

What's wrong, Governor?

I was heroically
getting Yuan Shi Kai's woman back.

I twisted my ankle.

- Then what?
- I came to get treated.

Hey! Can you be more gentle?

Who is it?

It's my wife.

Your wife?

Yes, she's sick.

Why didn't say so earlier?
I get back luck around women.

- Let's go downstairs.
- You want me to walk downstairs?

I'll just sit over there.

- Your Excellency.
- Careful.

Gently, please.

If I catch him, I'll kill him.

Damn it!

Be careful.


Hold on.

What are you doing?

I just want to see
if you have a fever.

Be quick.

It's no big deal.

- Damn it!
- You'll be alright in two days.

Alright. Try and stand up.

- How do you feel?
- It's a lot better.

Thanks, I'm leaving.

- Take care.
- I'll leave you in peace.

It's a lot better.

Thank you.

She really can't move.

I'm not taking her away.

When did he marry again?



He didn't invite me to his wedding.

Master Wong.

Please send her to the Marco Polo
Restaurant on the 16th of this month.

I'll wait for you there.

Be careful,
the fate of China is with you.

Do you think that's a big burden?

I understand. I mustn't let
Yuan Shi Kai's reign begin.

Wong Kei Ying!
Wong Kei Ying!

Over there.

Wong Kei Ying!

The governor is here again.

I'm back.

Damn it! I forgot to pay.

- Quick, pay.
- Forget it.

I must. You're a great doctor.

- Thank you.
- I trust you the most.

You're the best.

- I have to go.
- I won't see you out.


- Hello.
- You're awake.

Don't move, your ribs are hurt.

- Has Governor Li gone?
- He's catching the revolutionaries.

But he said he will send you back
to His Majesty when you're better.

You're a doctor?

Yes, I'm called Wong Kei Ying.

I'll ask His Majesty to reward you.

Thank you.

You can't disclose your identity.
The revolutionaries are everywhere.

We're in danger.

Is this place safe?

Po Chi Lum is safe.

I've got an idea
of how I can hide my identity.

- How?
- I want to be your wife.

No, I promised my late wife
I wouldn't remarry.

Not for real, I just
want to pretend to be your wife.

You're right.

I've got to lie to my son, too.

You have a son?

Yes, his name is Wong Fei Hung.

- Be careful.
- You brat!

Move, please.

- Young Master.
- I'm on holiday!

Did you steal anything to eat?

A bit. Did you deceive people
with your Drunken Fist?

Of course.

Young Master,
your dad has a surprise for you.

Really? Where is it?

In the bedroom.

Alright, let me see what it is.

Daddy. Daddy.

A present? Not a chance!




Daddy, do you have a surprise for me?

- Who are you?
- Who are you?

I'm me. Who are you?

- Why are you sitting so close?
- Why not?

This is my dad's blanket.

- Give it back to me.
- Give it back to me!!

- You've broken my bed.
- This is my dad's bed.

No, this is my husband's bed.

Who is Wong Kei Ying to you?

- Husband.
- Dad.

My God, Wong Kei Ying
has a son like you.

My God,
where did Dad get such a bitch?

How dare you!

You're injured.

Shut up!

I think you must be a missing girl.

Where did my dad pick you up?

Have you finished? Shut up!

I'll shut up. I'm scared that you'll
infect me. I'm going to tell my mum.

Wong Fei Hung,
come back and tidy up!

I want to tell Mum what happened.

Mum, Dad didn't keep his promise.

He said
he would only marry with my consent.

He's got someone in his bedroom.

Mum, she's quite pretty.

She's more suited to be my wife.

Where did Dad kidnap her from?

I think she's a lost girl.

Dad is so foolish and flirtatious.


Don't move.

- No tricks.
- You've dyed your hair.

- Has the colour come out?
- No, it's still black.

How else could you have
courted such a young girl?

Of course, and she's pretty too.

You promised
we would choose your wife together.

Let's choose together next time.
I had no choice this time.

You got her pregnant, is that right?

- Of course not.
- I know.

She's so skinny,
how can she reproduce?

- Don't say that.
- Hey!

Who said I was pregnant?

No one is getting your inheritance.

You talk nonsense.

What? You won't have a baby
until your next life.

What did you say?

- Cut the crap.
- Am I wrong?

She's in poor health.
She can't have a baby.

You're ridiculous.

Hit him.

- You meant that!
- He's still answering back.

- Shut up!
- Master.

I'll break your leg.

- We haven't played for a long time.
- Shut up.

Drunken Fist?

- I bet you've been cheating people.
- I haven't.

Daddy, that's Drunken Fist too.

It was an accident. Come here.

Listen, I've got something
I want to tell you.

Can we start cooking?

We can start. Start cooking.

Don't just play around.

Daddy, you're a hero. You're great.

- Understand?
- Yes.


Daddy, don't hit me.

Come on, you sod.

You've punished him?

I'm telling you... Aren't you hurt?

I have hard bones,
so I don't feel pain.

I don't believe it!

If you feel pain, just say so.

It hurts, Mum.

Alright, ask them
to get dinner ready.


I always change before dinner.

- What is she up to?
- I don't know.

- Forget it.
- She's putting on a front.

I've got to stay in Po Chi Lum,
in case Governor Li comes again.

I can't leave.

Yeung Kwan and I will meet you
at the Marco Polo Restaurant

in the French territory.

Be careful.

I can't believe it.
We've been waiting hours for the bus.

We got here early. The bus is coming.

I'm so anxious.

Do you need to pee?

Be quick,
there's only one bus a day.

What? I only said I was anxious.

Who cares?

Hey! Do you think I look like a man?

Yes, you do.

Don't push!

You took my seat! Get up!

- Stop shouting.
- Why?

These foreigners are invaders.

When I become the queen,
I'll chop them to death.

Mind what you say.
There may be revolutionaries around.

Do you want to take advantage of me?

You call that
taking advantage of you?

Stop it.

Other people
will take advantage of you later.

I'm warning you,
your dad asked you to protect me.

If I get hurt, it'll be your fault.

Shut up! You sound like a woman.

How dare you talk to me in this way!

I'm the queen!


Queen's Mountain. Three dollars.

We don't want a ride.

I'm not taking advantage!

Get off!

- Where is that woman?
- What woman?

Governor, how is your leg?

Damn it! My leg is alright.

How about your wife?

She's fine.

- Ask her to come out.
- She's gone to her mother's.

What? Damn it! What a coincidence.


Search everywhere!

- What are you doing?
- Shut up!

Don't let anyone escape!

There's no one here, sir.

- There's no one here.
- There's no one in the garden.

I wouldn't lie to you, Governor.

If I offended you...

When my wife comes back, I will
bring her to visit you at once.

Check the spirit tablet.


Don't touch the tablets!

Wong, do you want me to shoot you?

You can't touch my wife.

Damn it! What are you saying?
Whose spirit tablet is it?

My wife's.

Who was that woman?

- My wife too.
- Liar! Don't you know who she is?

She's Yuan Shi Kai's woman,
the queen-to-be.

Hand her over to me
within three days.

The car's here.

Stop! Stop!

Come on. Hurry.

Let's go.

That's ridiculous.

It's our turn.

What? We've got money, too.

How come we can't get on?

How can you be so unreasonable?
We've got money.

What are you saying?

Here. Don't drop the money!

I'll give you a reward.

Come on!

Excuse me.

They have no manners.


Stop it!
You'll disclose your identity.

We'll be exhausted
if we stay standing.

Sit with the foreigners.


Hey... Where's my friend?

- Who are you looking for?
- My friend.

Over there.

Your friend's weak,
but you're strong.

I practice kung fu all the time.

I really like people
who practice kung fu.

Great, he loves playing Drunken Fist.

You like playing Drunken Fist?

Don't touch me!

- How about you?
- Don't touch him!

Is Drunken Fist like this?

Is this jade ring yours?

- It's mine.
- Where's Yeung Kwan?

I don't know.

Follow me.

You're so sexy!

If you fight like this,
I'll get drunk.

You smell nice!


What aftershave do you use?

I've started the bus!
I'm leaving. Bye-bye!

Wait for me!

You're getting on?

Don't touch him!

We're crashing!

Move! Move!

Move! Move!





Move! Move!

I can't stop!

Get out of the way
if you want to live!

Move! Move!

Hold the babies for me.

What are you doing? Hey!

Who drove the bus here?

I'll catch you with the net.

I'll give you a kiss.

I'm going to castrate you!

What are you doing?

Get down from there!

Come closer!

What are you doing?

You're men! You can't do that!

That smells!

You get better with age.

- Who was the driver?
- I was.

No, it was the guy below us.

- Sum Yu.
- Don't go.

- Move! Move!
- Young man!

- I can't stop.
- Were you driving?

- Hey!
- I can't stop.

How come you're like that?

What are you doing?

I didn't do anything.

- That's a woman down there.
- Men can give birth too.

I don't care what you are.
Pay me for destroying my shop.

Pay for what? You're a pervert!

You're a pervert!

You're quite something.

You got so many women pregnant!

Mind what you say,
I just let them stay with me.

I can't believe you're not a pervert.

It's true, he lets us stay with him.

This is a home for unmarried mothers?

What are you doing?

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Don't let her go!

Don't go!

- Repay him!
- Repay what?

I'm a queen.
Who do you think you are?

- Don't move.

Don't move? Your bus broke
my rear door and ruined my wine.

How do we settle this?
Pay up before you leave.


You don't want to pay?

I'm pregnant.


You don't seem to be.

I'm only two months gone,
so it's not noticeable.

You're right.

Where is your husband?

Up there.

Wow! Both of them are your husbands?

No, the one in shorts is.

And the other one?


He wants
to take my husband away from me.

But he's a man.

He's gay.

- Gay?
- Yes.

That's gross.

Who is your husband?

That one. On the left.

-No, no...
- That one?

He's on the right now.

That one.

The one who's turning now.
The one doing the Drunken Fist.

You won't get away.
Get Sum Yu and come with me.

Don't be so difficult.

- Honey, are you OK? Are you hurt?
- This is your husband?

- Yes.
- And the other one?

He's the gay one.

- Have you had enough?
- That's him.

I'll help you. Use Goddess Ho's
stance to compete with him.

- I can't.
- You can, go up.

Am I sexy enough?

A fellow sister.

Your skin is so soft.

That's so nice.

That's better than drinking.

That's nice.


Hit him! Hit him! Harder!

Come on.

You stink!

I'm going to beat you up.

What? What did you teach him?

He's seriously hurt.

My students have never lost.

But look at him!

He's not very good.

- Get up. You're so stupid.
- I just can't match him.

- Come on.
- Step aside.

The Lotus Finger.
I'll make you dizzy.

I'll hit you.

I'll hit you.

You can still fight.

Of course. I'm still have my muscles.

I can't handle it.

- I'll ride you. ..
- That's no fun.

You're great! You're great!

Master, you're wonderful.

Of course.

- You must learn from me!!
- He's coming!

I hate people attacking me
from behind!

Hey! You want to escape?

There's nothing left.

You deserve it.

Let me have a look.

How is he?

That's it.

Give me that bag.

That's gross!

He's become a woman! He has!

- Are you crazy? You're like a hen.
- You are.

- Stop watching. Get to work.
- Hero, thank you for your help.

See you later.

- See you.
- See you.

Don't go yet.

- You have to settle the bill first.
- What bill?

- You damaged my shop!
-He did it too.

- Right.
- He's crazy.

Do you want to be like him?

If you don't pay up,
you have to work here.

But I'm pregnant.

Since when?

- Don't ask.
- Cut the crap.

So what? You have to work, too.

You'll have special treatment.

You can still be a queen after this.

Come here.

Put it here.

- There's more?
- Don't look at me.

You're so slow. There's plenty more!

There are two more basins.

You're not finished
until you've wash them all.

Poor me!!

Is it ready yet?

- Almost.
- Hurry up!

- What do you call that?
- I'll do it again.

- Wash these.
- What?

How much longer?

Four hours.

Fei Hung.

Don't move.

Rest for your baby.

This isn't resting,

it's more like torture.

It's a traditional method. Serves you
right for saying you're pregnant.

You're so heartless. If I didn't say
that, you wouldn't have escaped.

- You mean I couldn't defeat him?
- Everyone knows that.


- So what?
- Don't move.

Shut up or I'll hit your stomachs.

Honey, why are you so angry?

Get lost! Who said I was your wife?

You admitted it before.

Cut the crap. Let's go.

It's late. We don't have a car
nor a ship. Where can we go?

OK, you don't want to go?

I'm leaving. Bye-bye.

Up to you.

Hey! Beware of the perverts outside!

He's right. It is dark outside.

If any perverts see me...

If anything happens,

I couldn't face His Majesty.

It's not worth the risk.

Think about it.

What are you doing?


What about me?

Let's sleep together.

You wish!

That's great!
You practice kung fu like that?

Be quiet.

- You can't talk while practicing?
- I'm not practicing.

I'm making wine.

It has its own life.
If you shout, it'll turn sour.

I haven't heard that before.

You know nothing.

- Uncle Yan.
- What is it?

- I want to talk to you.
- Let's discuss it tomorrow.


- What are you doing?
- Uncle Yan.

If I don't tell you,
I won't be able to sleep.

Hurry up then.

Sum Yu isn't my wife.

I know.

- She's not pregnant.
- I know.

She's Yuan Shi Kai's wife.

- So what?
- She's the queen.

What? Queen?

Be quiet or the wine will turn sour.


Come up and tell me.

When will you teach me
the Drunken Fist?

I will, tell me first.

Listen carefully.

The story is as exciting as a movie.

Really? Tell me!


Dinner time.

Sit here.

Sit here. Be good.

Give it to me.

It's so heavy.

Do some lighter work.

Come and have some dinner.

Thank you.

Damn you, you old git.

Don't think I'll wash your clothes.

Rickshaw puller!

Don't bump into me!

Rickshaw puller! Rickshaw puller!

I'll get His Majesty to kill you.

Down with Yuan Shi Kai!

Down with Yuan Shi Kai!

We support Dr Sun
to be the president.

We support Dr Sun
to be the president.

No more imperialism!

No more imperialism!

- End the Manchu government!
- End the Manchu government!

We support Dr Sun
to be the president.

We support Dr Sun
to be the president.

I'm over here!

Wait for us.

We want to join you.

- Uncle Yan. Uncle Yan.
- What's the matter?

- Sum Yu's disappeared!
- She left early this morning.

Oh God!

You still want to hurt me?

You almost broke my chair.

My grandad left me that chair.

- But my dad is going to kill me.
- Really?

I did something against our country.

- You're patriotic.
- She'll become queen.

- She'll have a miscarriage.
- She's not pregnant.

She can't be the queen.
Maybe she's on her way back.

You're right.

You're so clever.

That's so moving. So touching.

Uncle Yan,

you are the kindest man
that I have ever met.

You are such a great benefactor.


How could I leave?

I've decided to stay.


Clap your hands.

- It's so touching!
- I'm touched too.

Get up and give Auntie a kiss.
Get up.

I want to kiss Auntie!

Good girl.


Good morning.

Uncle Yan,
what are you doing up there?

I'm sunbathing
to get rid of the alcohol smell.

You're practicing kung fu.


You're practicing Drunken Fist.

I want to do it too.

Hey, don't break the tiles!

Wait for me.

Come on!

- You're so clumsy.
- The roof is too steep.

Drunken Fist is the same
whether it's steep or flat.

You're right. Why don't you teach me?

Take your hands away.

Do you want to learn?

- Yes.
- Follow me.

Stop. Come back.

You're so clumsy.

While doing the Drunken Fist,

you have to keep your balance.

Like this.

Come over. Be careful.

Don't be in such a hurry.

Get up. Get up.

Try again.

Remember, you need strength
in your lower back.

Keep your feet light.

Don't panic. Do it again.

Uncle Yan, you have visitors.

- Who are they?
- They've come to buy your wine.

- Let's go back down first.
- Alright.

Stroke upwards.



Stroke upwards.

Do you understand?
This is good for your baby.

Then, you have to...

Wait a minute.

And you've got to practice
the delivery. Look.

I made all the wine.

Please take a look.

This is the oldest wine.

Smell it. It's good stuff!

I'll let you try some.

- Great!
- Try some.

- Doesn't it smell good?
- Uncle Yan, it's great!

Beware of my ladder.

That's the imperial robe
for my coronation!

Be careful!


Auntie, isn't that pretty?

Auntie, it's fun.

Auntie, why are you crying?

Give it to me.

Good girl. Go back down.

You're not unlucky
Just because the ring is broken.

The political situation
isn't stable at the moment.

Maybe you'll be the queen
at a later time.

Don't comfort me.

Yuan Shi Kai gave me this ring.

He promised my dad

that if he becomes king,

he will make me his queen.

Now, the jade ring is broken.

I have no hope left.

Don't be so superstitious.

I'm not greedy. I don't want
to be the queen for life.

I just want to try a queen's life.

Even if it's just for one day.

Then I will have fulfilled
my dad's wishes.

Don't cry.

One, two, three.

Your Majesty.


Good health to Your Majesty.

Good health to Your Majesty.

Put the crown on.

You're so pretty, Your Majesty.

Don't cry.

See how well they treat you.

- Rise.
- Thank you.

- Let's return to the palace.
- Here comes the queen.

Move away. Step aside.

It's the White Lotus Sect.

Listen to me.

- Protect Her Majesty.
- Be serious. Go upstairs.

Don't let them go.

Don't be scared, I'm here.

It's too dangerous. You go first.

Take care.

Be careful.


Don't panic,
Governor Li is on our side.

Where is Sum Yu?

There's no Sum Yu here.

I'm Sum Yu.

You're Sum Yu?

No way!


See, this crown proves I'm the queen.


Queen? Do you look like the queen?

Look, this is the imperial robe.

Are you an actress
playing the queen? Kill her.

How dare you!

- Kill him!
- Yes!

Kill them all!

Can you fly faster than my bullet?

Aren't you cold down there?

Your Excellency...

I know.

I won't lose.

I won't lose either.


Be wise, hand Sum Yu over to me.

Sum Yu can choose for herself.

It has nothing to do with me.

If you don't hand her over,

I'll destroy your wine shop.

Then I'll cut your dick off.

- You wouldn't dare!
- One, two, three.

I'm not as nasty as you.

Are you scared?

Ask your men to drop their guns.

Drop your guns.

And yours?

OK, I'll do it.

Drop it.


Drop it.

Don't be scared.

Drop it.

Don't be scared.

You're heartless.

Damn it!

Throw them all!

- You bastard!
- Why don't you kill us as well?

I have no time
to play with you. Go!

Against the wall!

Stop throwing!

Throw all the pregnant women
and children down here.

Throw them.



Why don't you welcome the queen?

Damn it! Move!

If you make a fool out of me,
I'll shoot you dead.

Baldy, don't you recognise this?

The jade ring.

Do you think the jade ring is fake?

Of course not.

I've worked for Yuan for ages.

This ring is going to be used
in Yuan's coronation.

I wouldn't make a mistake.

So you know
the importance of this ring.

I know,
so I've got to take it back to him.

Yuan Shi Kai gave me this ring.

I should give it back myself.


Ask them to prepare my departure.

The queen is leaving!

The queen is leaving!




Auntie... Auntie...

Sum Yu is so selfless.

I know.

She's gone to be the queen.

I know.

But the ring is broken.

I know.

Yuan Shi Kai will kill her.

I know.

You need to think of something!

I know, but I don't know what to do.

Don't shout.

White Lotus Sect appears again.

Our God is showing his power again.

White Lotus Sect appears again.

Our God is showing his power again.

White Lotus Sect appears again.

Our God is showing his power again.

White Lotus Sect appears again.

Our God is showing his power again.

You're totally useless.

- You can't do anything.
- Dad, I didn't want that to happen.

- You're irresponsible.
- Sum Yu sacrificed herself.

Even so...

I can't believe she would do that.

But she's important to Yeung Kwan.

I know she's important,
but I can't help it.

She was really righteous.

But that leaves me with a problem.

How can I face Yeung Kwan?

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

Sorry, I'm late.

Who are you?

You stupid...

Stop acting. I heard everything.

Have a seat.

- Excuse me.
- What is it?

Move, this is Brother Yeung.

- Brother Yeung, I'm sorry.
- Thank you.

This is my son.

Dr Sun asked me to let the girl go.


Have some tea.

He said Yuan will still be
the king even without the girl.

But the ring is broken.

- Really?
- Yes.

That's terrible.

She's going to die.

She's righteous, you should save her.

So are you, why don't you save her?

There's only two of us.

Yeung Kwan.

- You can ask the revolutionaries.
- Get a team together.

What are you talking about?
The revolutionaries won't do that.

They're here to save the country.

I don't know what you're thinking of.
I did want to help you. I'm going.

Dad, he's right.

White Lotus Sect appears again.

White Lotus Sect appears again.

I know he's right,
but you said he was righteous.

It's true.

I don't think he's righteous.

Don't gossip behind people's backs.

She may be there.

White Lotus Sect?

You're lucky to have such a husband.

You might not be
as lucky in your next life!



Cheers! Cheers!

You should have come earlier,
I don't know how to talk to them.

- Speak Mandarin.
- Really?

- Yes.
- Cheers!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Here comes the queen.

How are you, Your Majesty?


Great! great!


Doesn't she look like a queen?

I designed this. Isn't it beautiful?

Let the women see.

This is what a queen looks like.
Learn from her!

Where is the ring?

The ring.

- It's here.
- Take it out.

It's wonderful,
the best in the world!


Is that right?

You're finished.
You broke the jade ring.

It was you who broke it!

I'll shoot you dead.

You saw him break the ring.

Why do you say it was me?

It was definitely you.

I'll shoot-

- The Master can fix it.
- Really?

You can mend it.


- I didn't say that.
- What did you say?

If you hand her soul to God,
you'll be free to be king.


Sit down.

Yuan Shi Kai.

Master, can you fix it? If so, hurry.

Don't be so anxious.

The door to hell
will be opened at Halloween.

We'll sacrifice her to our God,
then you'll be free to be king.

And I won't feel safe
until Yeung Kwan has been killed.

Don't worry, he'll definitely show up
on the day of the sacrifice.

Then we will have one more man
to devote to our God.

Kill... Kill... Kill...


You don't think
they'll recognise you? Light this.

Follow me.

I'm hungry.

Don't be scared.

- You were scared!
- I wasn't!

Where is your dad?

My dad is a hero.
He will show up without notice.

Burn her!

Burn her!

- Burn her!
- Help!


Let me go! Let me go!



Someone has offended our God.

She sinned when she broke
His Majesty's holy jade ring.

Tonight, we'll burn you to death.

Your soul will go to God.

Prepare the ceremony.

God, grant us power.
Let's revive the White Lotus Sect.

Wait. Search them.

- I'll wait for you over there.
- Uncle Yan, don't go.

Governor, there's trouble outside.

God will arrive soon.

We will receive his blessing.

We will obey our Master
and receive his blessing...

We will obey our Master
and receive his blessing...

We will obey our Master
and receive his blessing...

We will obey our Master
and receive his blessing...

Please give me unlimited power.

Yeung Kwan, I accept your confession.

You again.

I have to fight you.

God is showing his power.

White Lotus Sect,
show your power again.

White Lotus God.

This is harming our relationship.

Damn it! I'm not done with you!


I'm warning you, don't talk nonsense.

You're good.

I'm telling you,
don't help Yuan Shi Kai.

I'm here to save her. Let her go
or I'll burn this place down.

Really? You're wrong.

This is my territory.

I can melt you down.

Let's wait and see.

Don't worry, it's me.

Behind you.

Why are you fighting
amongst yourselves?

- Great!
- Behind you!

Don't hit me.

- It's me.
-Who is he?

- Fei Hung's dad.
- Watch out!

- Dad, are you alright?
- Move!

- Are you crazy?
- It's you!

Get him!

Go up and block his way.

Take Sum Yu away.

Let me go!

Fei Hung, look.

Where is she?

Where's Sum Yu?

She's through there. Go.

Come on...

It still works.

- Fei Hung, save me.
- Shut up!

What else can you do?

Kill me.

Sum Yu.

Fei Hung, help me.

Damn foreigners.

How dare you make fake wine
to cheat the Chinese?

Come on.

Fei Hung...

Such a big pay off
for so little work!

You want more?

Han's flute stance and fan stance.

Cheung's stance.

Take her away.

Fei Hung... Fei Hung...

Just give up.

Let me go!

Let me go!


Will you let me go?

Yeung Kwan. You're righteous,
you didn't attack him from behind.

I don't gossip behind people's backs

and I don't attack people
from behind.

You let him go?

You've had
Yuan's wife's company for a while.

You should let him go back
to Yuan and keep him company.

- You're right.
- Go!

Damn it, you are righteous.

- Don't go! Hey!
- I'm the queen...

Don't go!

- Don't go!
- Stay still!

- Who is she?
- She's Sum Yu.

Queen. I'm the queen!

Sir. Can I read your newspaper?

- Yuan Shi Kai's passed away.
- Sum Yu?