Drunken Master (1978) - full transcript

The father of Wong Fei-hong, who has been attempting to teach his son kung-fu, but has found him too disobedient to teach and decides to send him off to his uncle, a cruel and torturous master of the 8-Drunken Genii kung-fu. After much suffering the son comes back to rescue the father from an assassin.

$500.00 for the death of Chen Guo-Wei.

Hey, my friend!

Stop practicing! Save your strength!

You must be the Four Door
Fist Champion - Chen Guo-Wei?

I'm Chen Guo-Wei.
And who might you be?

I am Yen Tie Xin.

So you're THE Yen Tie Xin..

Known for his famous devil's kick?

You are quite right

At this time..

I've been given money - to kill you!

There is no feud between us two!
Regarding the one that hired you..

I can pay you double to kill him!

You could, only my honor comes first.

I've accepted the money, the contract is sealed.

So I will have to kill you.

Don't you look down on me!
My famous Four Door Fists

have yet to be defeated!
Don't be too sure you will win!

I don't care whether your
fists are strong or weak!

Either way I will break them!


Kai Hsien!

What's the matter, master?

I'm going out, keep an eye on them.

Don't worry, you just go.


Let's practice the Five Animal Styles
which I taught you a few days ago.

Pretending to be the Master again.

- Miserable!
- Pointless!

Start now.

Dragon Sees Tiger

Tiger rear. Snake's Tongue Darts Out.

Panther Sees Fire White
Crane Spreads Wings.

Hold it, hold it.

Look at you! Not even a sign of strength.
How can you learn Kung Fu?

Damn stupid fool! How dare you?!

Playing tricks on your Senior?!

Die! Die you! Playing tricks! Die!

It wasn't me!

If it wasn't you, then who was it?

It was naughty Hung.

Hey, naughty Hung!

Even though Master Wong is your father

you don't have a right
to cause trouble here.

You think Kung Fu
is just a performance.

You're telling me my Kung Fu is lousy?

Not lousy, just a little bad.

Oh, bad in what way may I ask?

Right, look at your Panther Sees Fire.

Well what's wrong?

You've exposed your body.
It's easy to attack you.

And that Horse Stance is
bow-legged. Just a kick.

And you're down there.

What are you laughing at?

So you want to test my Kung Fu?

I wouldn't say testing, rather comparing.

I'd rather eat shit and drink piss
than taking your crap!

Right! Let's start comparing our styles!

Still using this style? Already told you it's exposing!

- Luckily my leg stance is solid
- My hat!

Your hat!

What are you laughing at, Fatty?

Your right leg!
But it's rather the left leg!


You are great, naughty Hung!

Making old crow-face dance like that

He's so full of bullshit, he embarrasses himself!

You really showed him!

How great!

Eat more then, if it's great.

No, I'm talking about that girl.

Wow! That perfect frame
she's got. Yeah, sexy.

- How much?
- 30 cents?

Not bad

Imagine being kissed by that chick

Kissing is for children.
I could get her to hug me.

I don't believe you.

You want to bet on it?

I'll bet you a whole dinner.

But beware that she call you a molester.
You will get in big trouble!

Yeah right!

Watch and learn.

He's looking for trouble.

- Excuse me!
- My eye hurts.

Something got into my eye. Blow it out.

Please, help me.


He did it!



Don't be afraid. I'll kill it don't be afraid

That's great. I must
try that on your sister.

My sister?

Thought you could take advantage
of my daughter, did you?

Me touch her! She embraced me, damn bitch.


You wanted to lay your
filthy hands on her.

On her? She's that pretty?
Nobody would want her.

Looks like you are asking to be beaten up?
Let me teach you a lesson, pervert.

Damn bitch, I see you got
some soft strength. Try this.

The damn bitch is tough.

Attack! Attack!

Some friends they make.

OK, you're nothing but a skinny
old woman, so I let you win!

Are you blind? You dare to bump
into my Young Master!

Antique jade!

Mister, please buy a piece of jade.

- You sure it's real?
- Of course. It's a family inheritance.

- How much?
- 10 dollars.

How can it be worth that?

It's worth it

Just ten cents.

Mister, I can't sell it that cheap.

Please give it back to me.
It's worth more than ten cents.

- Then, you will not even get ten cents.
- My jade.

- You broke my jade! Pay me back!
- Pay? No way.


You must pay me.

What happened?

He's broken my jade
but refused to pay me

Shithead, piss off!

Who's the shithead talking to?

The shithead's talking to you!

You better pay the man for the jade.

Pay? Not before I put you in the ground.

It's too bad you feel that way,
because I'm in a bad mood.

Let me teach you how to pay.

Let me help you get up!

Wanna kill me?

Wow, this is dangerous!

My knuckles were barely missed!

This money is for you! Get going!

I'm doomed, I'm dead!

Don't be afraid, it's just the blunt end

I will be nice to you.

Don't move!

Please don't!

Haven't got you yet.

Now I got you!

Fainted that easy?

Sometimes my attacks aren't
very accurate. Watch out!

I chop, chop, chop... the meat!

I slice, slice, slice... like a cucumber!

I Beat, Beat, Beat... you like garlic!

I'm glad I came across you. You
sure have brightened my day!

It's been ages, brother.
You still look great.

Your brother is old now.

What a beautiful niece I've got.

She's still a kid.

- Where's Fei-Hung?
- He went out.

This naughty boy always goes out
to play. He's a young man now.

I think you may not recognize him now.

This time, stay longer.

Fei-Hung, don't go away.

Come to greet your auntie and cousin.

Come here, now.

Coming... Shit

Greet your auntie.

Auntie, cousin.

- Cousin.
- Fei-Hung.

What happened to your neck?

I... I slept with my neck in the wrong angle.

Let auntie help you.

- No thanks, auntie.
- Come on, relax



Feel better now?


Brother, Fei-Hung really looks smart.

He's quite tactful and clever.

Brother, you're really a good father.

Yes, I'm very strict to him.

No wonder I heard people praising
him as soon as I came here.

Really? What did they say?

The son of Wong Kei-Ying is very smart.

He's also a man of justice.

I'm very proud of him.
Come here, my son.

Come here.

Sit down.

But there are many sex
maniacs in this village.

A bad guy harassed your niece

on the street just now.
He attacked me too

Who dares do this to my
relatives? Can you recognize him?

Sure I can, even if he turns to ashes!

I'll teach him a real good
lesson. Fei-Hung, come with me.

- Why?
- That guy is here.


He's your son, Wong Fei-Hung.


Kneel down!


This time you have gone too far!

Wong Kei-Ying!

Another round?!

Mr. Li, is someone looking for a cure?

I'm looking for your son.


Your son beat my son
without any reason.

He really beat him up. He's
wrapped up like a dumpling!

Wong Kei-Ying! Give me your son!

- You beast, I must kill you.
- No, Dad... no...

- Brother, you going to kill your own son?
- I must kill him. He's a disgrace

Mr. Li might think you would be
punishing your son too light.

Mr. Li didn't come to witness
how you punish your son.

If he must be punished, I suggest
that Mr. Li here is quite capable.

What are you doing? Don't move!

I'm responsible for what I've done.
I will let him hit me back then.

Grab it!

Not my fault that you are not fighting back.

How dare you say something like that

Wong Kei-Ying, are you still
standing up for your son's act?

I will disown him!

Do whatever you like with him!

Mr. Li, I have a proposition.

Let Fei-Hung take 10 strikes
without any resistance

After 10 strikes, whether he's still alive or dead,
we are even. OK?

I don't need 10 strikes to
kill him, 3 strikes are enough.

Young Master, listen, I'm going to avenge you.

Be sure you leave him
looking just like me now.

Master Chiu, that Divine Eight Palm style
of yours is really something.

Ha! Of course it is!

How many strikes is it now?!

You want to cut off my posterity?


10 strikes have been used up now.

And someone said he
could kill me with 3 strikes.

Snake and Crane together.

Strike the vital points.

I will fight back if you keep going.

I told you I would fight back.

Making my jacket dirty. Take it!

How arrogant, bringing reinforcement, huh?!

It's me!

You're hitting your own guy!

My son, are you alright?

Young Master, now I am
in the same condition as you.

Wong Kei-Ying, you win with your smart tricks.

I'll get you one day!
Just watch your back!

Be careful with him.
Come on, let's get out of here.

- You watch out!
- Come back some other day,

He came in with one
cripple and left with two.

Your fighting style was really good,
but I'll still kill you!


It's useless to beat him anymore. Let's
punish him by practicing kung-fu.

You're really making your father angry.

Right from now on you stay in the house.

Your punishment will be 3 hours of Horse Stance!

Now don't move.

Be careful, or the boiling water will burn you.

Are you comfortable?

Now your lower body is shaking.

Your upper body is shaking,
and I am shaking from happiness.

Pretty boy, let me provide some itchiness.

That's enough! Don't push it!

I'm just carrying out
your father's orders.

He says for every bowl you break, you have
to stand another incense.

Master, you're back.

Yes, his stance appears
to be pretty steady.

- Did he slack off?
- No, I've been watching him.

Really? Finally some progress.

Yes, I'm very tired

Are you really tired?

But you got a chair. Yes?

What? A chair, let me
see. Damn it, a chair.

You dare cheat me
when I'm punishing you.

I really can't do anything about you.

I'll ask your uncle to come
tomorrow and fix you.

Who's he?

Beggar So.

Help me!


- How pretty, practicing a new style?
- You drop dead!

I brought you some buns.

I'll go get you some water.

My neck!

Get me down, quickly.

You came down so quickly.

Hurry up and untie my hands.

Hurry up!

Eat it!

I heard Master asked Beggar So to fix you?

- Yes.
- Poor you

- Why?
- You don't know?

I heard he's very cruel.

All his students have become cripples.


It's true.

Nui was his student and you
know what happened to him?


He lost all his teeth and hair.
His nose was twisted...

Even his own father
couldn't recognize him.

That old fart takes pleasure
out of torturing people.

What should I do then?

You think about it yourself.

You've got to help me, I
don't know what to do.

Escape, that's the only way!

Look at you!

So clumsy!

- Just go.
- I'll leave now.


- Leaving so soon, my friend?
- Dumplings, dumplings!

Please take a seat over there.

Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?

No sit down.

Ah, you are of Teochew origin?
I am Teochew guy as well.

The food here is very good.
Everything looks and tastes great.

Real good smell, really fantastic.

Sir? What can...?

Why here so early today?
Where's Mr. Cheung?

No you eat first, eat.

What would you like to eat?

A bowl of shark's fin as appetizer.

Sorry, we have no shark's fin.

A chicken and a steamed grouper.

Sorry, we have no grouper

Then any fish will do.

Also a stewed abalone and
shrimp noodles. Hurry!

And half a catty of
Shaoshing wine, hurry!

You have a great appetite.

It is necessary to eat
well to become strong!

Here's your order.

- Your wine.
- Drink, please.



We're friends... feel free to eat...

Wow, a hungry ghost just got reincarnated?

All satisfied!

I mean the food is really good.

I'll pay the bill, don't
refuse me. I'll pay it now.

Tomorrow you treat me. I'm leaving now.
I'll pay the bill on my way out.

Don't argue with me about the bill.
You just keep eating.

Take it easy, goodbye. Excuse me.

That will be exactly $1. 99.

Someone else will pay the bill.

Really? Who?

The old man over there.

You know him?

He's my father.

Your father? How many
fathers do you have?

He's the boss of this inn and I'm his son.
When did I get a bastard brother?

So you expected to eat for free then?

Look over there.


What free meals?!
I just forgot to bring the money.

I'll come back tomorrow
and pay you then.


Gorilla, beat him

Tiger's Claw.

Stop it, let's talk

Go ahead, beat him.

I'll get back what you've eaten.

Roasted goose's leg.

The left one.

Screw you.

Also half a catty of Shaoshing wine.

I have nothing more to vomit.

Hey, that's enough, or do
you want to commit murder?

No, it's not enough. He's to
do the toilet cleaning for us.

Let me give you something!


Damn old devil!
You dare to interfere with our affairs?

Just look how strong I am.
Watch me jump!

Grab this.

Now he's jumping all right!

Learn to behave yourself!

Damn you!

Stop eating!

We're friends, remember?

A man with powerful limbs,
but with a simple brain.

Damn kid, still not leaving?!

For a man of your age,
you are quite something.

Of course,

I got to have a way to survive.

Or else I would be like you,
being beaten senseless.

Everyone can have a bad day.

If I hadn't fallen into the
trap. I'd have beaten them.

Sounds like an excuse.

I forgot to ask why you
couldn't pay for your meal.

That's a long story.
May I know your name?

My surname is So.

Hey, there's a fellow with the
same name screwing up my life!

It's all his fault

Who are you talking about?

He's this creep, named Beggar So,
that my father asked to train me.

So you're afraid of him?

Afraid? Of course not

I have heard rumors.

He's very cunning, violent and mean. An old fart!

One day I will show him.

You'll get a chance.

What do you do for a living?

The sky is my roof, and
I sleep whenever I may.

- So you're a beggar?
- Everyone calls me Beggar So.

So you are a beggar!

Beggar So?

That's me.

Lucky I'm fast on my feet

That was close.

Not fast enough, You
can't escape from me!

Your father paid me well to
train you. You can't escape.

How long will this take?

- A day?
- One year exactly.

I'll never make it

You already have your cash.
If I don't study, then you can relax.

But I insist on teaching you.

You damn old fool!

Release me if you dare!

Damn beggar!

The tiger doesn't show his strength,
and you assume he's a sick cat.

I'll show you what a tiger's about.

I see your tiger's got a bad paw, huh?

It's still there

All that kung fu looks like dancing.

The Crane attacks!

Crane's Beak. Angry Crane.

Crane eats the Shrimp!

- The Crane flies.
- How's your head?

Your fingers are stronger than my teeth?

I'm coming to get you!

You scared me.

Climbing trees to get away now?


I'm just using Monkey kung fu.

Ready to learn?

- Answer answer!
- My head!

OK, OK.. not that hard please!

I'll study your style then,
but what a way to recruit.

I don't want to die like this.

Are you trying to kill me?

I thought you were
supposed to teach Kung Fu.

But you are trying to kill me.

All my students must learn to fall first.
This is my way of teaching.

Trying to escape?

I just wanna take a piss.

Then piss over there!

From the right jar to the left jar.

The back jar to the right jar.

The left jar to the right jar.

Right jar to the front jar.

Left to right jar, right to left jar.
I'll never finish!


This is torture.

Fei-Hung! Fei-Hung!

Have a good wash, you damn old fool!

Hey boy, move away!

Did you hear what I said? Are you deaf?

Are you blind? Can't you see I'm busy?!

Damn kid, how arrogant you are!

Arrogant? Is this your place?
Suppose I don't move?

What a big mouth! Damn kid!

You really haven't met
a wicked person before.

How's it feel?

Burning my ass!? You sure are wicked!
I will show you!

Such lousy Kung Fu, and you want to show off?
Who taught you that?

My father taught me!

Such lousy stuff! Seems your father's
Kung Fu style is limited.

I wouldn't ask him to clean my shoes.

I think you'd better call me father.

Screw your mother!

Sit down!

Get up! Sit down again!

Indeed you are a
too obedient son.

- Helping me with my shoes, pretty boy?
- Obviously!

With my hands tied
I can still beat you to death.

You better use them, I'm not scared.

Scared yet?

I'll fight to the end!

Watch your hands, your stomach,
your feet, your head!

Don't come here!

So, you're hiding in your turtle shell now.

I'm mocking you. You could study
for the rest of your life and not beat me.

Killing you with one kick would
mean I'm harassing a junior.

Killing you with two kicks would ruin
my reputation. Crawl between my legs.

Then go home and help
your mommy clean pig shit!



Aren't these your pants?

Such lousy stuff! Seems your father's
Kung Fu style is limited.

I wouldn't ask him to clean my shoes.

I'm mocking you. You could study
for the rest of your life and not beat me.

Killing you with one kick would
mean I'm harassing a junior.

Killing you with two kicks
would ruin my reputation.

Crawl between my legs. Then go home
and help your mommy clean pig shit!

You idiot, this wine is very expensive.

The wine smells good huh?

You drink your wine.
I'll dry your clothes.

Hey why so sexy?

It's on fire!

You burnt my best cloak!

My backbone!

- My wrists!
- Your wrists are not strong enough.

Such little food

and the tea's cold.

Cold huh?!

And now I'm having a headache.


Your hands are trembling
from all the training?

Master, I'm finished.

Finished it all?

Now, use these smaller
cups to empty it again.

Go on.

I wish I'd know about this part first.

This is killing me.


Crack this walnut for me.

No, you break it like this

Now you try.

Master, if you keep up with this,
even a monkey will be finished.

Master, why don't we go for a walk?

All right.

I told you, I'm very good at this.

It's true, Master.

Place your bets.

You have won enough.
You should leave now.


How can I buy good wine
with so little money.

I've still got more money to win.

Hurry up!

Turn it over!

Quit shouting!

Turn it over.

You're amazing, Master. You did it again.

Put down your bets. We're getting rich.

You're good.

Let's play a game.
One large bet.

Right, this time it will be difficult to get broke.

- Go ahead, choose.
- No problem.

Turn it over.

I'm sorry.

You think you're quick, huh?
Well, my eyes are quicker.

So, you're trying to cheat, huh?

Police! Police! Run!

You're quite outrageous.
Give me back my money!

You'll never get your money back.
So you know who I am?

Who cares what
kind of rat you are!

Well said, I'm actually Iron-Head Rat.

I'll show you with this brick

Very hard indeed.


Stop there!

If you don't give me back my money, I will
beat you up even if you are a tiger.

In this district only I am beating people.
Nobody dares to beat me!

You must be tired of living.
I'll let you try my iron head!

Master, he bumped my lungs!

Don't give up!

Now you see I am good!

This is fun!

Good, very good.

Bet you never guess, you'd
end up in someone's pants!

An iron hammer for an iron head?

Can you take it?

That's enough, please!

Master, I can't take it anymore.

- Lazy
- No.

My hands are gonna break!

No more exercises. Go
fetch me some wine.



Coming. What do you want?

- Some wine
- Shall I fill it up?

No, 3 cups will be enough.

Is that all?

Hurry up, don't just stand here.

Damn it! Where's that
stupid boy with my wine?


That's him!

Old man, who are you?

Who are you then?

Ever heard of Xu Qing Tian,
the King of Sticks?

Yes, I do. Have you ever
heard of Beggar So then?

Beggar So?

In person!

Let's go!

Don't go yet, Big Brother.
He doesn't look like Beggar So.

He's trembling, he isn't
the real Beggar So.

Faking Beggar So?
I'm not fooled so easy.

But I'm not lying, I am Beggar So!

Give me the wine!

It's water!

Damn you kid. Now see what you've done.


Die you!

They are lucky this time.

Next time I see them,
I will break their bones! Go!

What's up?
Lost your appetite from being beaten up?

Master, it's all my fault you were beaten.

You're quite right about that indeed.

I've seen a lot of things, but till today,

I've never been beaten like this.

He wasn't better, but you've
no strength without your wine.

You sure can talk.

True, but if I was taught better,
I could've beaten that jerk.

You mean to say I'm
not teaching you right?

You're just pushing me around.
You're teaching me how to beaten.

Your father is without question
an excellent master of Hung Kuen style.

His methods are among the best.

So why would he ask me
to teach his son?

He wants you to torture me.

He asked me because he
knows I've got a secret style.

What secret style?

The 8 Drunken Gods!

That's nothing valuable,
fighting in a drunken state!

That shows your damned ignorance.

Many people have asked me to teach
them but I turned them all down!

Don't be fooled by my staggering,
there's power inside to kill,

It looks real enough, yet it
isn't, the pretense lets you win.

Clever, isn't it?

So why haven't you taught me it yet?

Didn't your father tell you that

foundation is very important.

I do this because I want you
to have a good foundation.

I think you're ready.


To study Drunken Fist, you'll find it
easier if you have a drink first.

Drink up.

Have another cup.

Hung, have you ever been to school?

Yes, for a few years.

Drink up the wine.

May our cups never rest.

For I'll sing you a song.

I'll put your ears to the test.

Power and wealth are no avail to us.

When only are drinking prevails.

Enough, enough.

Sober men and sages are
lost through the ages.

All our brave drinkers shall never die.

All our brave drinkers shall never die.

Shing Fung produces the finest of wines.

The best solders of Shien
Yang are always young.

Even the King couldn't stop my drinking.

Let's drink a toast to
our ship that's sinking.

With uplifted cup I say to the full moon.

Why does my shadow appear to swoon?

Wine in a radiant cup you see.

Put down that cup the
horses are awaiting thee

Fallen on the battlefield, the
soldier says who will remember me?

Who will remember me?

Who will remember me?

Lu Dong-Bin, the drunkard
with inner strength.

Tie-Guai Li, the drunken cripple
with the powerful right leg.

Han Zhong-Li, the drunkard
holding a pot in his arms.

LAN Cai-He, the drunkard with
the sudden deadly waist attack

Zhang Guo-Lao, the drunkard
with the swift double-kicks.

Cao Guo-Jiu, the drunkard
with the powerful throat lock

Han Xiang-Zi, the drunken flute
player with powerful wrists.

He Xian-GU, the drunken
woman flaunting her body.

What are you 'dinging' about?

Studying without seriousness!

Why is this style so feminine?

He Xian-GU is a woman, yes.
Watch me.

Pay attention.

Continue practicing by yourself!

Okay, I will.

Practice hard.

Female style, I wouldn't learn it even for free.

Why do you stop the villagers from
selling me the Bull Head Hill?

You supported your son's act of
beating up my son.

And now you are sticking
your nose into my business.

Mr. Li, why do you want to buy the hill?

That old graveyard up there is cursed,
it has been haunting us for centuries.

It's disturbing family spirits.

I have to buy it

They'll get more than $10 per lot
It's good money for that land.

You should keep out of this.

You sure it's only because of the spirits?

You don't believe me? I've got
three mistresses without children.

And my daughter-in-law
who has been with us a few years.

She can't even produce
a chicken egg or a fart!

Maybe you've just become impotent.

You can't hide anything from me.

What do you mean?

Li Wan-hao, I think you just
want what's hidden on the hill.

What is that?


You secretly deal with
the Coal Company.

To make profit from
the selling of the coal.

You can hide your guilt before
the villagers but not me.

Since you know it, I won't deny.

If you don't interfere with my business,
I will give you 20% of the profit.

20%? How respectful of you!
Listen, the hill belongs to the village.

No one can take it away, get out of here!

Wong Kei-Ying, you're
trying to go against me.

You are going to pay for this!

$1,000 for the death of
Wong Kei-Ying of Fushan.

Wong Kei-Ying?


- Master
- Is the food for tonight ready?

Yes, Master.

Hurry up there'll be many guests tonight.

Hey, Master Xu!

Arranging a funeral?

You low-life scum! Didn't you suffer
enough last time? Got a new itch for pain?

My body doesn't have an itch,
but my hands kind of have the itch.

Alright. I'll make you
an extra dish tonight!

Master, what's it?

- Bamboo shoot and pork, give me a rod
- Yes.

Barbeque pork?

I'll have a piece first.

Tastes good.



Come on!

Wow, your teeth are sharp!
They bit right through the bowl.

Now what?

Be careful now, toothy.

Poor you.. with a capital P.

Sit still.

A fart for the King of Sticks.

'Hungry Dog fighting for a shit meal'

Not quite!

You like it?

He's drunk!

Master will have wine to drink this time.

Master, the King of Sticks gave
us wine. It's free of charge.

Fei-Hung. We've been
together for a whole year.

It's time for us to go our own paths.

I've taught you all the techniques.

Practice well and remember,

The 8 Drunken Gods is
the ultimate Kung Fu.

My home is the world, try not to miss
me. Go home, son.

If you ever need me,
I'll come. Regards Beggar So.


Master Wong.

What is it?

Li and his men are digging
up on Bull Head Hill.


Tell my sister I'm going there. Grab this.

This way.

Wong Kei-Ying, your skill in Hung Kuen style
is renowned, I compliment you.

Who are you? I don't know you.
Why do you want to kill me?

I, Yen Tie Xin, kill for money.
And never have I failed my missions.

Today I have a worthy opponent,
I'd like to pay you my respects.

So you are the famous cold-blooded
assassin Yen Tie Xin.

Well said.

But it won't be easy to kill me!

Then I suppose you'll
wish me luck, Master Wong.

Hands are for door knobs
and legs break down doors.

30% attack with hands, 70% with legs.

Wong Kei-Ying, this is the day you will die!

Father, are you alright?

You naughty boy,
so you're finally back?

It's alright. Don't be afraid.

Whoever dares to attack my father,
I'll give him a good lesson.

Guess I should be afraid.

Oh, so it's you, the loser. Coming home
to attend your father's funeral.

Master Wong, you must be quite proud
of giving birth to such a son.

And you might give birth
to a son without an ass!

Damn kid, go home and pick pig shit
or I'll have to kill you too.

I won't pick pig shit.
I'd rather pick on you!

OK, I guess I'll kill two
for the price of one.

Hey, hold it, hold it, wait for me!

Master, why are you here?

How can I miss such a great fight.

Beggar So, this is none
of your business. Get lost!

You are mistaken.

This is very much my business.

But don't worry, I'm
not going to fight you.

He is good enough to take care of you.

Have a little drink!

Master, it's very strong. What is it?

- San Pien Wine
- Good wine!

Lu Dong-Bin, the drunk
with inner strength.

The cripple Tie-Guai Li!

The drunk with a strong right leg.

LAN Cai-He

A sudden attack to
the waist. Han Zhong-Li!

Holding a pot in his
arms, Han's gone mad!

Well done, The 8 Drunken Gods.

Patience, you've not seen it all yet

Han Xiang-Zi.

He's the flute player
with the powerful wrists.


Your flute is bent.

- Cao Guo-Jiu, drunkard with the powerful..
- Throat Lock

I'll beat you till you fall
on your knees begging!

The Devil's Shadowless Hands.

Yes, you're very smart.

Zhang Guo-Lao!

I don't think you want to reach old age!

Where's the drunken He Xian-GU then?



- Master, there's a problem.
- What?

I didn't bother to learn this!

- Can you teach me now?
- Isn't it a bit too late?

She'll appear without a shadow,
just perform the actions.

Combine the other 7 styles,
and make your own He Xian-GU.

OK, I'll make up my own He Xian-GU.

This is called Widow Seeing Lover off.

Woman sitting on a toilet seat.

You missed!

Putting on Make-up.

Pretty girl looks in the mirror.

These are the famous
8 Drunken Gods?

You think you're the
only master here.

Well, my Drunken Gods
don't mess around!

Xian-GU wants another drink!