Drug (1988) - full transcript

Looking for the money for a drink, an alcoholic gets a Newfoundland dog as a present from a stranger at a bird fair. He'll soon find out that the animal is not only able to speak, but to get him to give up drinking as well. Now he's determined to get rid of the dog, but that won't be an easy task.


"Does it matter to you,
who to talk about? Everyone

is worth our time
...everyone alive" Ivan Bunin.

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Newfoundland Yutgai

in the film


On the carpet of yellow leaves
in a simple dress

Of the silk that
wind presented on occasion

Autumn danced beneath the trees
a simple tender dance.

Directed by

Day was losing its ground
In warmth of saxophone sound.

And from all around the city
people came to us,

And enchanting sounds of music
filled the twilight,

To a golden dancer,
birds would clap their wings...

It was the day which has passed
It was the best of our past.

I fall asleep and I see
In that repeating night dream,

The dance of autumn colors
on the street.

The trees are losing their leaves
And gramophone spins its disk

Hold on my dream don't go away,
Stay longer please.

I fall asleep and I see
In that repeating night dream,


Katyusha, this one is better.
But I pity that one.

Excuse me interrupting
but I think, the girl is right.

That one is cuter.

I am afraid,
They're too expensive...

We're selecting one for half hour.

Trust your daughter's taste
especially as she does have it.

I am here, by the way
for the same exact reason.

You see my daughter got sick.

Same age as yours.

And now being all difficult:
wants a hamster, period...

Are you buying it or not?

Oh my! I got only change!
I forgot my money in the other suit.

she will get upset...

How short are you?
Oh, just a Ruble!

The hamsters are imported
Are you taking them or not?

So what's next?


Well, I will owe then.

I will return it! I promise!

I do not see
any cute ones left here.

I am gonna go look some place else.
Good bye!

How so?
All the cute ones are here.

I recommend.

I am here by the way
for the same exact reason.

You see my son got sick...

same age as yours...

and so of course being difficult...

wants a puppy. Period.

Interested in dogs?

I am just looking around...

- Walk with me.
- Why? What is the matter?

Why are you touching me?!

Scraping for booz?


You got the wrong address, mister!

In my position...



I was short a Ruble for medicine!

I will give you 10 Rubles.

What do I have to do?

Take it with you
It will live with you.

Who her?!

It is he... Male.

20 Rubles.

I am off the wagon for a year.

25 Rubles.

Is it stolen?

A stolen one would be for sale
I am giving you money for him!

40 Rubles!

- Are you nuts!
- Friend! Speak!

- 150 Rubles!
- For him?!

200 Rubles!

My backseat is black in the car
he is black as well, that's unique!

That is it! Not for sale!

Give me the 40 Rubles...

Well... here..

Add a bonus...

For hard liquor or just liquor?

Hey, do you think
he is worth 200?

200, no. But 150, right on!

Now turn around!

Good bye Friend!
Thank you.



Hey Mister! Yield!
to the bikers please.

The owner of 25-17!
Change to the right lane!

Stop please, yield!
Yield to the bikers!

Yield to bikers!

Do not block the X-cross!

Dry cleaning,
Lenin's Boulevard, 31

Kolyun! God damn it!
Where the hell were you?

The machines are on
for nothing for an hour!

What now,
I cannot go get a newspaper?

Oh! Mister "intelligent"...

Why did you take your jacket?

Had a diplomatic meeting.


It is all good!
You won't believe... run.

Mitka! Where are you going?
We're running out of mortar!

Almost got beat up...

Hold on...
here, 16 more Kopecks...

What's this?

Why are you procrastinating?
Hold on, a bit...

Filin is wondering around....

Stand by the door...

- Why?
- What about Filin?

One... two... three...

four... five...


To Baron!

Kolyun!.. We're buds!..

See you!

Ah, there you are slackers!..

Having milk?


Would you like some?

What's with him?

He loves you
Elleonora Frantsevna.

Hm, how dare you joke?..

Just wait, you're gonna regret it!..

I am gonna make you
sing a different song!

You think I am stupid!

Well, where is that stupid?

Looking for competitors
Elleonora Frantsevna!

That is not good...
jealousy is a bad trait.

I meant where is the bottle?

What bottle?

we're at work!?

What are you talking about
Elleonora Frantsevna?

The whole country is working!

Stop snoring!

Why are the glOsses here?

You mean: glAsses!

Doesn't matter!

I see what for....
for the milk...

- Okay, let me try!
- No!

You were offering some?

- Who was offering?
- You regret it?

I do.

What the... it's bitter...

That's it....
You're in trouble Nikitin.

And you'll get kicked out
"without a choice"!

I'll make a written complaint
about you!

And to the LTP...

Won't happen.
Why is that?

You don't have any witnesses.

- Nina, Zoya!
- What Now?

Did you call us?

Come over here ladies.

Do you know him?

- Kolyun? Ha!..
- Nikitin.


I took this from him
during working hours.

Take the glOsses!

- GlAsses!
- Doesn't matter.

And try it!

Go ahead try it!..
They mixed it with milk!

- Tastes like milk...
- Well yeah!?!

Yup, expired milk!

How dare you Kolyun!


Bastard, who swapped it!

- Calm down, Nikitin!
- Filin?

I am not Filin!

You did it, didn't you!?

I am waiting for
it since last night!

Have you lost you mind?
Nikitin, calm down! Help!

- Kolyun it was not her!
- Wasn't her Kolyun!

It was not us either!

Oh! He fooled me!!!

I'll kill that bastard!!!

Ah, screw you all!

Have we met before?

How could I forget!
For 50 Tselkovii!

So stupid!
Hang on a sec my doggy!

What's your name?
I completely forgot.

Kashtanka! Moo-Moo!..

May be,
you got hungry?

Otherwise you'll freeze
and I'll lose so much money!

You're my "checkbook".

Mitka, crook!
How he cheated!

I will get back at him same way
on February 23rd...

I will never forgive him!..

Everybody lies though! Everybody!

Everyone cheats
Screw you all!

I can do without you

Who cares...
"without any choice".

They will come back.
They all need Kolyun!

I feel sick... Cold...

It is okay, we'll get warmed up...

Watch out!

Watch out guys! Hey!

So many!

Why are you standing here?
It is not healthy!

Don't pity yourself.
Think of your kids!

Where should I put the boxes?

Put them there.

Why are you giving me bottles?
We do not accept them!

- Please take them...
- I cannot.

- What do you want?
- Five please...

- How are things going?
- Going well.

Mr Magician, they'll kick your butt
one day for your tricks...

Not there.....


Stop please,
yield to bikers please!

Attention please!
Yield to bikers!

- I beg your pardon!
- Such a cow! Watch your step!

Go find a husband!

Hello, Andreich!

Open up!

For business...

What are you afraid of?

Think I am gonna
to lend money again?

On the contrary.
Here is your 3 Rubles!

Why? I even forgot about it.

You forgot, I couldn't.

Without trust, no credit.

Speaking of the credit,
I think it was much more!

You're right. Take this for now,
the rest later... My word on it!

For now, here...

What for?
Take it!

From my soul...

It works miracles !
Like TU-104!


Masha, Mashenka!
Go home!

Slackers! Dug up everything!
Won't leave me alone!

There he is!

With a woman?

What would he need a woman for?
With a dog...

What a life! Dogs has begun
to hit the bottle too.

Hello ladies!

On the carpet of yellow leaves
in a simple dress...

Of the silk that wind presented
on occasion...

Ah, shit!

Here we go again...
Gonna get wasted...

As if brought back to life!

Of the silk that wind presented
on occasion

Autumn danced beneath the trees
a simple tender dance

Get out!!

What is it!

I am going to get you!

Let me go!
The store will close soon!

Gotta buy the notes!

Polonez Oginskii for my daughter!

Stop! Comrades, pedestrians!

Watch where you are going!

- Hurry up! Hey! Watch out!..
- Wait!

Can't you see...
I see... very smart.

You'll get it later!..

Because of people like you, I can't even
get champagne for my birthday.

Sorry man!
This is the last time..

Excuse-me. Hold, please.
Gotta tie my shoes.

Here you go!

Get in the line!

- Who is cutting the line?!
- I was here already!.

OK, go ahead.

- I warned you.
- It's alright, no big deal.

My dear!
- What a character!

When will you turn the hot water on?

I can't take a bath because of you!


Made it right on time!
Tonight is going to be a "concert"!

What did the dog do?

You are not a dog.

I said, you are not a dog!

Wish I could hold it...



Are asking for someone?

Did you ask something?

Yeah, I was asking:
do you already have a dog?




I didn't drink!..

I didn't...

You're still here?

As you can see...


May be it's enough?
Been half hour now!

You're still here!?

I am still here!
Don't worry..

- Oh, mama!
- You look sick...

Haven't had one since morning.

I am sober.

Yes, I can confirm.

So then who am I talking to?

- With whom?
- You are talking to me.

Who are you?

I am sick.

You think I am a dream?

Should I go get some?

Better go to bed.


Have a good night!

I fall asleep and I see...

Hold on my dream don't go away,
Stay longer please...

The trees are loosing their leaves,

And gramophone spins its disk
Hold on my dream don't go away

that repeating night dream...

Hold on my dream don't go away,
Stay longer please...

Stay longer please...

Mitka! Is that you?

Good morning!


Going somewhere?

Me? Just wanted to go for groceries.

May be you should wash
your face first.

And shave too.

Got it...

So fast?

Now I can go
for groceries.

- Don't you have breakfast?
- Sometimes, if I have leftovers.

- Not today.
- How so?

Where did you come from?

So then, I dreamed about you
In reality?

I am not your dream.
I exist.

We'll get to the bottom of this...

I am gonna get sober and we'll see.

Hey! The lock is broken!


Not that one!

My head is killing me!
I see talking dogs!

Andreich, leave her!
Take the bottle!

Put your shades on!

But be quiet!

Use both hands!

Hey, let me try!

Let me!

Careful, take your time.
Be quiet...



Not my fault...

- Good bye!
- Excuse me?

- I said get lost!
- Got it, got it.

Excuse me please.

Have a seat, we need to talk!

If only anyone could hear,
who I am about to talk to... a nut house!

And I am sober! Completely!

Two days in a row!

Tell me! Why is it when you talk
your... "thing" is not moving?

- And your tongue hanging on the side?
- Because otherwise I'd bark. I'm a dog.

Gotcha...You - ain't a dog!..

You are the Devil!


Look at that...
So you exist?

- A man of our time.
- Yeah, but dogs don't talk!

They can't!

- Well you can hear me!?
- That's bad!


- I lost my mind!
- What?

Someone sent you to me?
I chose you myself!

- Why? What for?
- To save you.

From what?

Hungry? And I am "thirsty".


Let's make a deal! I am gonna
give you this, and you leave me alone.

And I give you everything.

- Deal?
- I don't "sell" friends!

- Reminder, I am a male-dog!..
- You are not a male dog.


- Calm down! We'll see at home.
- Right, at home!

Oh, your demanding! Right?

Who are you to do so?

Get out of here!

Are you crazy?

- What's with him?
- He went crazy.

Used to work.
And now just sitting at home..

Hey you! What's your name?

- Friend.
- Are there any other talking dogs?

I don't know.

We don't ask each other.
It's not polite.

It's between the dog and its owner.

Is that why
people love you so much.

Used to be normal,
but now...

I see everywhere your muzzle!

- And birds, hamsters, fish?
- They can talk too?

Cant they talk, can they talk.
people - that's the thing.

- We have the same mother!
- Huh?!

Say that again,
you, son of a bitch!

- I said, we have the same mother-nature.
- Right! So then you're my bro.

Is that why I am sitting here
on this ward-robe?

Well then, you can accept my rules
and get down.

How about no! I will not deal
with some breedless dog!

I am not breedless.

So then what are you?

Mukhtar, Julbars?

I'm Friend.

Even if dying I won't call you that.

I need to...

get down.

What for?
I just need to!

Alright. Truce for half hour.

How dare he call me breedless...

That was my last pair of sneakers!

You go left, I go right.

Something happened?

The moon...

- The moon, yeah.
- Haven't seen it in ages.

- Shouldn't have drunk so much then.
- Screw you.

Look at those clouds.

All so different.

That one looks like a bone.

A bone? Looks like a bottle to me.

15-20... That's it!

Look you see that Star?
The brightest one!

You know its name?

Damn, I forget...

Used to know.

- The truce is over, let's go home!
- Hold on! Let me enjoy the view!

Don't worry, you'll have plenty
of time to walk me everyday!

What a dog-character.

Go ahead.

I gotta fix the lock.

About time.

And need to insert a glass
into the door... it's cold.

- Should I get on the ward-robe again?
- It's up to you.

You know my conditions.


Alright! I had enough!
What am I supposed to do?

Promise me,
your gonna quit drinking.

That's it? And because of this
you held me hostage for so long?

Had you told me before,
I'd have given you 100 promises!

Only to break them...
I know your "type".

No, you must swear
on the most precious thing you have.

What is that?

You must know...
what do you treasure the most?

I am waiting.

I got nothing to swear on.

You've gone too far.

I tried to break through a locked door,

I was laughing and crying...

I was yelling at walls
"Now what!?"

There's a storm outside,

And an owner will not
let his dog die!

Around me the buildings grew,

Covering half of the sky.

I lost my mind completely

I broke my guitar,

I woke up, it was too late...

Cold, cold...

I am afraid to freeze, open up...

Open please, open...

Hide me away from the cold...

And my youth, give it back,
don't destroy it...

I am cold, so cold...

I stretched my fingers...

And put my head down.

and then raised it back
and fell asleep...

All because I saw
a spring coming...

I wanted to lean over the Cross
cover myself with soil...

Cold, I am so cold...

I am afraid to freeze, open up...

Open please, open up

Hide me away from the cold...

And my youth, give it back,
don't destroy it...

Cold, I am so cold...

And when finally, someone heard

And opened the door after deliberation,

And only the family gathered around,

And the most loyal friend,

And in his embrace

I realized... I am dead...

All drivers, Yield!
yield to bikers!

Attention! drivers!
Yield please!

Yield to pedestrians!

I am exhausted.
It's enough, I can't continue!

It's okay.
Keep going.

Your sobering up from alcohol.

That's it! Can't go on...
You want me to die!

It's okay... I am tired too.

Enough. We'll gradually,
increase the workload...


Starting from tomorrow,
we'll start water-procedures.

- By the way, did you buy everything?
- I did, I did buy it.

Made of liver, don't worry.

I paid 40 Kopecks for it,
almost a beer!

- I am not talking about food
- About what then?

I am talking about soul-food.
You thinking of buying a newspaper?

Thank you.
It's so strange.

What is?
People, write what they think.

Interesting, where was it printed?

- Did you read the name of it?
- Yeah.

Newspaper "The Truth"

And you're surprised by the "Truth"?

By the way, is there anything
about you there?

What should there be about me?

I don't know, the news from a Rehab.
You don't deserve anything else.

Oh, you breedless piece.

Here we go again... "breedless".

You know what they wrote about me!?


I was only kidding.

I am gonna prove you!

You're gonna find out
who I was!

You think I am nobody.



Enough! That's it...

I can't take this anymore...

Am I entitled for a walk or not?

- Will you pay for the service.
- Come with me to dinner.

What a life.

Look! Ah!?

Ivan! Burgundy!

Wow, look at that!

Good film, deep...

- You wanted to walk!
- Walk?!

That's a walk!

And I am forgotten...

- A cat!
- Where?

Wait! No...
He'll find me by the smell.

- Mom, Where is the dog running to?
- Its own business...


- Where are you going?
- Restroom!

Got me, scum!

Mitka, I need your help!
I am being tortured.

Get the money, I don't care how
and go to the "Skinners".

I need a trap or a net. I'd call you but
this "thing" understands everything.

- Are you coming?
- Yes, I am...

Won't let me sleep.

May be it is not a dog...

a robot. Made after the Government
and sent after alcoholics.

You can do it! Come one!

Who is this? Who?
Go ahead or else!

- You're in a good mood today!
- I am sobering up from alcohol!

You told me. Look there,
see that mail box?

Alright, let's race!
Let's go a bag of bones!

This time I outsmarted you,
my Friend.

It's a good thing we're buying bowls!
Good when things are straightening out.

Although, without a woman's touch
it's gonna be hard.

Screw women!
There are other things to talk about!

- A home without a woman, is just a house.
- Not my expertise.

Why? As a result of alcohol?
You are a man!

Leave me alone! So annoying!

What do you want with me?


Look a candidate, the owner of the poodle.
She is pretty, the owner I mean.

What am I gonna do to?
What am I to say?

You never met any women
in your life?

You bet! Why?

Attention! Pull yourself together.

- May I?
- Huh?

- Ah, yeah...
- Go for a walk Jerry...

You have such a nice dog.


And yours?

The opposite.

So a bitch?

I mean...

Sorry, slipped out...

Oh, no... you're absolutely right.
It is me...

We like to mystify things in life.
And they're real children of nature.

They're genuine.
What could be better?


go to school?

Whe... where?

Why, you don't go to school?

And never went?

Well, no I did...
Long time ago, very.

We still do...

reluctantly. We're too demanding.

And you.... how...

How old are you?

We're a year and a half.

We're very young.

Ah!... Gotcha...

Light? please...

One moment...

Your matches are wet...

Are you in a hurry? Could I have
a few minutes of your time?

I'll be frank with you
I noticed you...

couple days ago.
You were coming out form a store.

You impressed me.

Sorry but you're a miracle.

You're ideal.

I was enjoyed watching you.

Your like a re-born legend.

Do you remember the myth about
a Golden Age where everything lived as one?

How do you find that
understanding with the dog?

Would you mind sitting down?
I have so many questions for you.

I think she likes you.



- Hm, some champ....
- Again?

Not for me.
Out of question.

Yeah change your shoes.

Have guests looking like that
is not ethical.


Miss... May I ask you?

Miss! Had I invited for dinner wearing
these shoes, would you come?

Mister, where are you going?

The cashier on the right.

To get another opinion,
from a friend.

Miss, do you have anything else,
For the same price?

Certainly... Wait...

Go to the counter, please.

- True animal trainer!
- The famous Kuklachev?

Fool... Kuklachev trains cats,
this one trains dogs.

He is helping him choose.

- Are they too tight?
- Kidding me? Adidas!

Only Adidas, looks much better
with a bottle.

- Here you start again?
- A woman will come over.

- Is she coming to drink?
- Just something for the table.

How about tea?

Oh yeah! And then try and explain
my dog is a psycho!

At least a cocktail?
Even kids can have it.


- For 0.50 Ruble? Just carbonated!
- Alright, take it...

Hey, may be we should buy
you something too?

A ball.
A ball?

Yeah, though I am not young
I still wanna play sometimes.

Let's go? Come on...
We have a hard day tomorrow.

I am so grateful to you,
I see things differently now...

I found out so much,
about things I never knew...

To be honest, Neither did I.

Before we met each other...

I asked my dog about their life.
You see?

So I would know what to talk about,
with you. Not about this right?

You're incredible!

That is so by nature!
To ask your dog! So true!

We should listen to
the nature this way.

Like any other nature lover,
you are timid of your feelings.

Oh, please!

I like you, my dear man!

Would you like to have a cocktail?

An evening cocktail.
I don't live far from here.

Oh, yeah.
Of course.

What for?

For the cocktail.

At evening you said.


This is a tip for consultation.

Thank you very much.

But I am in a hurry, so...

Good bye.

Jerry, sit!

We'll see each other.


Don't rush... Let it cool down.

Can you explain to me,
what happened?


I don't exist for her...

Don't exist as a man.

Got it?

Just like that.

I don't understand...
what do you mean?

Here you are!

You won't understand.

You think you can speak to humans
and now you know everything about them?

Of course. Isn't that true?

You're a little silly.

Wet behind your ears!

Close your eyes.

Go ahead close them!

Now open them.

A ball!

And for your birthday today

I will bring you bouquet of roses,

As white as the veil,

Which you put on
for our wedding day... And me.

And was the world so kind,

In which the two of us where spinning
In bliss..

And for your birthday today

I will bring you bouquet of roses,

As white as the veil,

Which you put on
for our wedding day... And me.

And was the world so kind,

In which the two of us where spinning...
spinning... in bliss...

Who are you?

Oh, it's you...

A nightmare...

everybody disappeared...

and I was all alone...


only by dogs

that could speak.

Listen, can I...
pet you?

Life sucks...

What exactly?


What do you think...

does it take long to send
a letter from Moscow to Moscow?

It depends...
I think about 3 days.

Are you, expecting some news?


Who knows...

May be not really.

Let's go for a walk.

- So, right or left?
- Straight.

Over there.

People are getting ready for work.
It's just us, slackers...

- By the way, do we have any money left?
- Money? Not a penny.

It means, time to think of a job.

What's your occupation?

I worked at Mosconcert, actually...

I sang at a theater...

I played the accordion in summer
in a Pioneer Camp.

I played so well!
The French listened to me!


Yeah... They said
they didn't have such players.

- Do you still have the instrument?
- I pawned it.

- Long ago.
- Hm..

This poison is merciless.

- How did you get so low?
- What am I the only one?

Others don't drink?

Go and ask them why.

See what they say,
if they don't lie.

I just discovered life.

We'll buy you a new accordion,
I promise...

We'll get a job as a Security Guard
at night...

Earn just enough to get by,
and buy a new accordion.

I am still a dog...
A human needs another.

- Do you know what I mean?
- You're still at it!

Quiet! People are sleeping.

Listen, may be we should
start going to theaters...

or subscribe to philharmonic.

They say, you might
meet your destiny there.

I don't need anyone...
and no one needs me.

Even my wife left me.

- You had a wife?
- Why are you screaming?

You think I was like since childhood?
Damn lock!

I had a wife.
And a daughter, Lena.

She is now, may be six...


or seven...

Go to hell, with your talking!

Is she your daughter?

Hide somewhere...

She'll get scared.

Take off the bag!


Is this for me?

Chocolate for you.

Thank you.

Have we met somewhere
before already?

Oh! You're a new plumber right?

I am...

your dad.

Your dad.

Dad!.. Dad is here!

- Mom!
- Where? Don't be afraid, I'm here!

Don't touch her!

- Where is he?
- Over there.



Stop torturing her!

Someone please!
Please help!

- What is this! What is this?
- Mama, let's go home.

Mom, mom, let's go...

Let's go, mom...

Let's go...

It's killing me.

My heart is bursting.

Let me have a drink.

I am repulsed to live.

My dear friend.
Be strong, just a little more.

Pull yourself up.
It's gonna be fine.

Already human.

No! No!
I can't do it.

I can't live.

I don't wanna.

Understand. I don't wanna..

I'll get rid of you anyway!

In the snow descending from the sky

Deep white snow

Lies my sadness

I am running to you,

In a great hurry.

While the soil
falling asleep by dawn

Covering itself by the snow

Trying to warm someone up

Only I am running away
from sadness

Praying to be taken by the storm

If you want you can stop listening
to this song.

If I slam the door,
it won't ease my pain

Only don't shake the feelings again.

Just don't hurt me again.

And again the stars are falling
from the sky

I hope I'll be able
to make my wish in time

It's not too late to live
I think.

I just won't be able
to live a simple life

Don't open!
It's the "skinners"!

I beg of you, don't open!

I beg you!

Do not open please!
It's Mitka...

No, they came after me!

I can smell them.

Why do you betray me like this?
I haven't done anything bad!

It's Mitka!

- I didn't want to.
- It's alright! Quiet!

He came to visit!


Hello Kolyun!
We got the letter!

Came to help you.

- And who are these two?
- Clients... Just deposited fur.

Pros, nothing to worry about...

Calm down Kolyun!

Guys just careful okay?
No pain, no harm.

Take out of town and let go.

Don't worry sir, it's gonna be fine!

- Here is some money.
- What for?

Commission. Now run to the store.

I will kill you!

Stay away!

Someone draw me a painting
of a perfect house!

So perfect right to a "T"...

Show me where I can lay down

And fall asleep without the noise
of the streets.

Draw me a picture of a house
that would be alive

Where none disturbs my peace.

Where I can recuperate
the strength to go on,

And where no one ever
would spite me

I wish I could do it myself but
I am afraid I can't

I can't pick the right colours

I am riding my horse
in the same dark woods

And wake up in cold sweat
every other day from nightmares

Draw my picture
even with a bad shade

On a brick wall as long
as it is toughing

So that even my fist would show,

And from cold eye-brows it would blow
and show my warm house

I wish I could but I don't have
the colors

I know only two
and I hold them both

One is white, the other is black
two lines of my life

I wish I could color them
But I don't have the right colors

Draw a picture of me
and right to a 'T'

So that even my mother
wouldn't be afraid for her son

Draw me as a crane
for an instant

I want to look at people
I want to look at people

I want to see people from the altitude
of a crane's beak

I wish I could,
But my brush is broken

Only a finger-board can suffer
the revolt of fingers

And the leaves are flying up
in the sky

In the clouds

Of these notes, bitter notes
flying off the broken strings

On the carpet of yellow leaves
in a simple dress

Of the silk that wind presented
on occasion

Autumn danced beneath the trees
a simple tender dance

Day was losing its ground
In warmth of saxophone sound

And from all around the city
people came to us

And enchanting sounds of music
filled the twilight

To a golden dancer,
birds would clap their wings

It was the day which has passed
It was the best of our past

I fall asleep and I see
In that repeating night dream

The dance of autumn colors
on the street

The trees are losing their leaves
And gramophone spins its disk:

"Hold on my dream don't go away,
Stay longer please..."

I fall asleep and I see
In that repeating night dream

Hold on my dream don't go away,
Stay longer please...

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