Drowning Echo (2018) - full transcript

During a visit to friends, Sara begins having visions and is attacked by an unearthly creature.

New York, three months later.

Slightly cloudy and scurvy,
but it seems to be blown away now.


- I check the record.
- Okay.

That's me.

Yeah ... I just got it.

No ...
somewhere in the living room.

Did you find out something?

We'll see you in three days.

Don't forget to call the AC.
It's too hot in the apartment.

- I will fix it.
- Thanks.

I think the AC works now.

It's you ... that's for hot.

- Are you trying to seduce me?
- No. Perhaps.

- Does it work?
- Maybe you should make more effort.

- Hey, turtle doves.
- Hey, Kate.

How's it going?

- I have to knit, honey.
- Yes.

- Nice trip, Linz.
- Thanks. We are seen in a couple of days.

Bye honey.


Let me guess ... You got lost

Almost there

- Come here. How nice to see you.
- Same thing.

- How was the run?
- Long.

- New York, what is it? 18 hours?
- 20.

Well, if you didn't go
we had met more often.

- What we do for love.
- Yes, it is usually called so.

- So where is she?
- A few days in Greece.

I didn't say you were coming.
She will be very happy.

Let me show you our place.

Yes I did.
I'll fix it all at once.

Okay. Bye.

I have to send an email to a
colleague, but feel at home

- And when you finish you will come
up to apartment 12 opposite the pool.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- Hey hottie.
- I forgot to tell you ...

- ... how much I love you.
- I love you too, Linz.

- Are you at the airport?
- Yes, the traffic was good for once.

- You bleed, the gold. Are you okay?
- I think so.

The last time I
blew was in five.

It must be the heat. How to preferably
I have to go before I get late.

- Call me when you arrive. Bye.
- Bye.

- Hello. Welcome. What do you think?
- Your collection has grown.

Yes it has.
And check out my favorite supplement.

El Santo. Okay, son,
but I'll tell you one thing.

He definitely follows in his dad's
footsteps. You should see his hope.

When did you start reading?

That's Lindsays.
Old books is apparently her new thing.

I was going to have a barbecue a little
later. I introduce you to some friends.

- Will.
- Sarah, just listen to me.

I know it was two years since yours
parents died. It has been tough

- But you have to move on. That's why I wanted
to get you here and think about something else.

Let go of thinking about work and relax.
A small holiday.

- What are you saying?
- I'll try, okay?

I'll try.

No, I only eat vegas.

These burgers will ...

- Do you think they are ready?
- No, it doesn't look like that.

- They are not vegetarian.
- You've never eaten better, trust me.

Sarah, come here. This is Sarah.
Sarah, this is Zac.

- Kate, the world's best nurse.
- Stop.

- It's been the first time in Florida?
- Yes it is true.

- She drove right here, do you?
- For real?

- I like it. Poetry than flying.
- Sure she's foam?

- Alex, greet Sarah.
- Hello.

- Is that all?
- You basically met everyone here now.

- It's only you four.
- Zac exaggerates. We live here all year round.

I've been living here for over a year.
But they other tenants come and go.

- Okay, it sounds a little depressing.
- No, that's right shit actually.

We get the pool for ourselves
and we can have awesome parties.

Next is tomorrow.

- You're invited.
- Thanks.

- Okay, who wants a burger?
- I'm hungry.

Do you want cheese on it.
What do you want?

- Here.
- You're not sure here. Go at once.

Sarah, don't you?

- Alex! Where are you going?
- I have a lot to do. Thanks for the beer.

- He's having trouble.
- Let him be. He's just foam.

Sarah, more to drink?

I don't know what you think,
but the burger made me really hot.

As if you need an apology
to take off your t-shirt.

- I took off the mask and everyone got scared.
- Was it Linz's idea?

- They said they were going to the cinema, so ...
- I remember you being terrified.

- It sounds like Lindsay.
- Yes. How did you meet?

Her parents moved in next to
mine in Texas when we were seven.

I happened to kick in a ball on
her farm and she was so shy ...

... but gave it back, so ...

I could only speak Spanish, so it was
difficult to understand each other.

A little like now.

- We still managed to make friends.
- Like siblings.

And then we took the student and
moved to New York to go to college.

Schyst. Didn't you have
night shift tonight?

Yes, in an hour.
Zinder Cooperation need my expertise ...

... to keep hackers away. Have that fun
now, so we are seen at lunch tomorrow.

- Sure.
- Adios miss amigos.

I'll go too. You got my number if
you want to go to the beach tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Bye.

- So ... what do you do besides sunbathing?
- People are shooting me.

- For magazines and stuff.
- Interesting.

- I see you're training.
- Do you think?

- Sarcastic?
- Not at all.

- I just want to know what you think about me.
- Imagine if I don't want to tell you.

I think you just did it.

What a great start.

- Sarah, are you okay?
- I was in the living room.

- And it felt like I was in water.
- Have you been drinking too much?

I drank a little.

But, no ... I swear I ...
I do not understand.

Sarah, I think you're just exhausted.
A long journey in combination with alcohol.

- Maybe you should just sleep.
- Yes, you're probably right.

- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yes thank you.

- Okay good night.
- Good night.

We have no pulse.

Look at me.

Sarah? Sarah.

- It's me, Alex. Quiet.
- What is happening?

Calm down.

Follow me.

Here, you're wet.

Something pulled me
down in the pool.

But there was nothing there.

A few months ago, a girl disappeared
who was here on vacation.

Her name was Jennifer. The police were looking
for her, but they never find her again.

What do you mean?

I saw what happened to her.
She disappeared into the pool.

So I'm not crazy then.
We have to call the police.

Do you think they believe in something like
that? In addition, I would be suspected.

- I have to tell Will.
- Patience the companion of wisdom.

Get to a safe place first
and then you can call Will.

This is Will. I'm not here,
but will return as soon as I can.

Will, something has happened.

I am at Motel Sunrise.
Call or come here when you hear this.

- Liza.
- Hello.

- Are you going out?
- Yes, Mr. Brook.

- You look nice.
- Thanks.

- Have fun, but be careful out there.
- Yes, have a nice evening.

- What do you want?
- Something strange is happening in the residential area.

- And why should I bother?
- I want someone to witness it.

Do you have no friends? Wait.

Jim, you don't understand.
We can serve lots of money on this.

But we have to do something
before anyone else does.

- What is that?
- Come see for yourself.

Let me tell you one thing, your little
shit. If I go down there for nothing ...

- ... then you pay for my time.
- You won't be disappointed, I promise.

I've heard that before.
See you right away.

- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.

Sarah, sorry if I'm upright ...

... but I have to ask.
Is it safe to you do not take any drugs?

I know we do not know each other,
but I'm not taking drugs, okay?

Okay. I just have a hard time Believe
in everything you told on the phone.

I don't understand it either, but I promise
that something was trying to kill me tonight.

And you claim that Alex saw
the girl disappear in the pool?

After what happened to me
There is no need to doubt.

I guess that's why He looks
at the water all day long.

Why didn't Will mention that
a girl disappeared there?

Did he not? I thought so.
He might just try to protect you.

- Have you never felt anything strange?
- No.

- But when you swam in the pool then?
- We bathe everywhere.

I don't know what to say.

- You have to think I'm crazy.
- No, I do not.

I'm just trying
to understand it.

I just know I'm scared.

You do not need to be that.
Would it feel better if I stayed?

- Yes, I would appreciate that, thank you.
- Okay.

I had forgotten how ugly it was here.
It suits you well.

- Hey, Jim.
- So ... what did you want to show me?

- That's right there.
- In the pool?

I do not see anything.

Damn it too!

- I'll shoot you the skull.
- Mom made the mistake ...

... to marry you. She was naive and
didn't realize you just wanted the money.

- Then you killed her.
- What are you talking about? It was cancer.

She got sick because of you!

- You beat her ...
- Alex, what's this?

... and humiliated her.

- And took home other women.
- What's this, Alex?

She was too scared
to ask for help.

And when she died
I became your prey.

You came here when you realized she created
an account in my name you cannot touch.

Alex! Alex, forgive me.
You have to quit.

It is too late.

- It wants you.
- Alex.

Please stop.

What happens?

- It was like the water enveloped me.
- What water?

It's completely dry here.
It was just a nightmare.

It felt so genuine.

- I'm sorry I woke you up.
- No, you're upset, I get it.

It feels like I'm getting
crazy or something.

You know ... When I and my little sister
were children we used to share bed-

And when she had
nightmares I said:

"Take my place and my dreams, -

- I'll take your nightmares
and throw away remove them ".

Did it work?

Well ...

She at least slept like a baby.


It must be Will.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

I got your message when I arrived Home.
What happens?

You know the guards standing outside
Buckingham Palace in England?

They could hire you.
You have everything they are looking for.

Immobility ...
and absolutely no emotions.

See. You are perfect.

I didn't want to scare you. It was dumb,
but the police thought she was kidnapped.

She met someone at the party
and probably followed ...

Will? Are you okay?

- Will? What is it?
- My stomach.

God, you bleed.

- I'm okay.
- Here, lean your head back.

Abdominal pain and blood ...
That was how it started.

- Lindsay blew nosebleeds yesterday.
- Could it be any symptom?

It's not true.
That woman was right.

She has met a prophecy.

Ever since her mother died she has
tried to get in touch with her.

I never took it seriously,
but a few days before the girl disappeared

- she told Lindsay that death
surrounds the residential area.

Okay, I could meet her,

- Then she can tell if
the building is plagued.

- No, you have to go back to New York.
- Will is right, you should.

- At least until it gets normal again.
- I need answers.

In addition, we are all affected by something
here. Lindsay can also be in danger.

- Will?
- Okay.

- I can accompany you.
- Okay.

I go home, do some research and
see if I can find something, okay?


- Yeah?
- Are you the Samara prophecy?

The best you will meet. And my
services are expensive, little girl.

- I can pay.
- Cash.

Of course.

Sure, but whatever we see
or do not see today ...

- ... you won't get any money back.
- Sure. Yes.

Follow me.

Sit down.

Why did you come here today?

I think there is something in the
residential area where I live.

Do not say anything.
The spirits do it.

Give me your hands. Relax.


Breathe and relax.

Nothing. They do not want
to communicate today.

You may come back
somebody else walk.

Please, can't you try again?

What? Do you see anything?

- Did you hear?
- No.

- You heard.
- No, I didn't hear anything.


There is nothing here.
There is no water.

Oh no...

What is happening?


Please stop!

You scare me.

If it's a joke, it's not fun.

You have to go from here now!
I can not help you.

Come back someplace else.
You have to go now.

- Okay sure. But please tell me.
- Unfortunately, I can't help you.

- And honestly you are in great danger.
- But ...

- What should I do?
- Go away!

Please tell me.

- What happened?
- I do not know.

I think she saw something that scared her.
She said I was in danger.

- What did she see?
- She didn't tell. She threw me out.

She tricked you into money.
Come now.

- You probably don't believe this, right?
- Sorry, Sarah. I have no doubt about you.

But I know that sometimes even the senses
play one a poop and one sees vision errors.

If so, how could Alex watch
the girl disappear in the pool?

Why didn't he save her in that case?
Did you ask him?

- No I do not know.
- I have to be at work in an hour.

If you want you can come with me to
the hospital. We can take some samples.

- Maybe it's just a cold.
- Just drive me to the motel.

- I'm waiting for Will to call.
- Sure.

- Hi, the gold.
- Hey, how was the flight?

- Long.
- Sarah is here.

- Why? What is she doing there?
- She wanted to visit this weekend ...

- ... and we were going to surprise you.
- It's not a good idea, why didn't you say anything?

Why, Lindsay?

- Because you saw the girl disappear in the pool?
- Have you read my diary?

- Someone was about to ...
- Wait.


What was that?

- Lindsay?
- Sorry, it was just Vasillis.

- Hi. The taxi is here, Lindsay.
- Something is happening in the residential area.

- I think we are all in danger.
- The pool.

- What? Vasillis ... Who is Vasillis?
- I know it sounds snappy ...

... but there's a essence in the water.
I lied to you, Will.

I'm not here at work.
I tried to save the girl in the pool

- But when I got there ... she
disappeared I've done research since then.

- And it brought me to Greece.
- Why did you tell me nothing?

- Did you believe me?
- Probably not.

It is okay.
Listen, There is a way to end it.

- We really have to go now.
- Yes. I'll call you later. Do not worry.

Lindsay, I need to know ...

- Will?
- Yes.

- I just met the prophecy.
- Okay, and?

It was pretty scary.

She said I was in danger. Mentioned
water a few times, but nothing concrete.

Sarah, that's what Lindsay said.

And she's not in Greece at work,
but to find answers to what is happening.

- She thinks something lives in the pool.
- Wait what?

That's all she said. But just like Alex
saw the Lindsay girl disappear in the pool.

- That she didn't tell you that.
- I know, but that's probably my fault.

A week ago came an old book

- in Greek hit she
started translated.

I was looking in the house, but found nothing.
She took the papers with her safely.

She must have found something important
there. I'll start translating it online.

- No, you have to call back.
- She is not responding.

- Okay, I'll come and help you.
- Sarah, you're not coming here.

Okay. Send some pictures and
call if you find something.

Ok I will do that. Bye.

Do you believe it now?

I just wanted to tell you that you are
not Welcome to the pool party tonight.

- I don't want to scare away my guests.
- You think you're better than me ...

... just because you're posing in front
of one camera and ends up in newspapers.

But you are a narcissist, so people think most
of it and does not see the average measure.

Look, he's talking. Come on. Out with it.
You will feel much better.

- Not?
- What do the women see in you?

- You're empty.
- Seduction is an art you do not understand.

You mean what you did with
the two girls missing?

Yes, the police came a few months ago and
asked questions. I was the only one here.

I recognized them immediately when they
showed up me the pictures. Brandy McDowell-

- from Palm Beach. You had sex with
here in the store. And the other...

Sandra Kirby. You started in the
pool and finished it somewhere else.

You have certain eyes everywhere.
I knew all of this.

And as you can see,
nothing has caught me.

- Zac.
- What happens?

- You have to set up the party.
- Why?

I spoke to Sarah and Lyndsay And
there is something going on here.

There is something in the pool.

- And you believe in that idiot?
- Maybe not him, but Sarah is ...

Will, how often do we bathe there?
It's absurd. Don't be so paranoid.

- I'm not going to party. - If anything
happens, you bear the responsibility.

Old Greek creatures.

What are you doing here?

- Something seems to be stuck in the filter.
- So what did you say to Sarah?

She is in a motel right now and
everyone is terrified of you.

- Maybe you should be, Kate.
- Why?

What do you know?

Alex, what's going on?

If you really want to know you
come to my apartment tonight.

- Something new?
- No, I keep you updated.

- Darling.
- Will, we're going to Meteora on a hilltop.

I do not know if there is coverage
there, but broken it promises ...

- ... trying to call back. - Where does
he take you? Tell me everything you know.

Vasillis takes me ...


Hell is empty and all
the devils are here

Imagine he still has a party.

Alex, I'm not like him at all.
I know he is crazy about you.

But you need someone
to talk to ...

Thanks, but I already have.

I saw what happened
with your step paper.

How he treated you when he was here.
I'm really sorry.

You must have had a tough childhood,
But you have to try to open yourself up.

You should have said something
about what you saw in the pool.

First, you know nothing about me.
And secondly, the day is

- when I come and talk to you,
the day you no longer doubt me.

Alex, that's not what I mean.

- Hold it for me.
- I'm starting to worry, where are you?

- Varlaam monastery.
- What are you doing at a monastery?

- We have to find the well.
- What well are you talking about?

This was where it started. 800 years ago the
monks managed to catch the creature here

- from the Dorian Lake. They didn't
lock it in the well with a spell.

But the spell was broken
and it got back its forces.

Those who came into contact
with it can add the spell again

- by touching the water and well,
and send it back in the dark.

I keep it away from humanity.
No one knew where the well was.

Only one book mentions
it and Vasillis found it.

I see you,
but the connection is bad.

- What was that?
- I do not know.

- Oh my God...
- Come now.

- Just continue.
- I don't like this.


Come now.

- Here it is.
- Yes.

Here it is. We have arrived.

Lindsay. I remember a
script where it stood ...

... that creature turned the monks
here to slaves to guard the well.

Okay, so you mean there
may be monks there now?

- Hopefully not.
- Linz, can you ... get out of there?

The characters.


- Did you hear?
- I don't like this.

Turn off the flashlight.

- Fast, hurry!
- Run, Lindsay! Get out of there!

Follow me.

- What the hell was that?
- The monks.

No, baby.

Lindsay, baby. Talk to me.

Come on, this way.

Baby, listen to me.
I do not like this at all. Get up.

Stick, go back home, and we will solve
everything from here. Please, get out of there.

Okay, hurry up.

Get down.

Get down.

Your flashlight.

Wait, I think I saw something.


Here, take this. Wait here.

Okay, be careful.

The well is dry.
There is no water in it.

- It's not true.
- No, what are you doing? Lindsay?

Lindsay, come on.

Shit too!
It was our only chance.

- We will all die ...
- Lindsay, listen. No one should die.

Take the first flight
home, and we will solve it!

Came back.
We have to knit, come.


Baby, are you okay? Are you hurt?
Tell me what happened.

- Tell me what happened.
- I think I killed him.

Get out of there now, okay?
You fix it, you're going home.

I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry...

- I should have told you.
- Please ...

... get up and listen to my
voice, Then you can run at once.

- What's happening with me?
- You will...

Get out of there. You'll be fine.
You're going home, so we ...

- Will?
- Baby, it's okay. Trust me.

Get out of there now. Come on, Lindsay.
You can do it. Get out of there!

There is water everywhere ...

No ... Lindsay?

No ... Lindsay ...


- What is it?
- Lindsay.

What? What about Lindsay?

She was in the cloister ...

- Sarah, she was in the monastery.
- The Varlaam monastery?

- It's about it in the documents.
- She's dead!

- Lindsay's dead, Sarah.
- No...

She went to the monastery when she
thought that she could save us all.

- That thing killed my life's love!
- I'm sorry, Will.

It doesn't matter ...

That thing can kill
us wherever we are.

but we have to fight back.

I'm not just going to
sit and let it take us.

There must be a way and stand
in it The documents we find out.

I don't know if I can, Sarah.
I really do not know.

Trust me, Will.
I know exactly how you feel.

But had Lindsay been here, she had
wanted us to fight and you know that.

The phenomenon was first reported
by a Greek traveler who examined

- a disappearance.

Many had disappeared under
similar conditions circumstances.

In Spain, Italy and France.

They didn't know if it was a
creature or an evil spirit.

You can find it only in fresh water
and it can get past lakes and wells.

It moves through water and anyone
who comes into contact with it

- can face a terrible death ...

... according to its will.

Oh no...

- Bowl.
- Cheers, everybody!

Will, I think I found something important.
Call me. And stay away from water.


Are you at home?
Have you talked to someone?

No, I just got home.
Will does not answer by phone.

He's in despair.
Something happened to Linz in Greece.

- What? Lindsay?
- Yes, a trap. She didn't survive.

God, Lindsay.

Check out Will.
I have to talk to him.

Yes of course. Wait.

Will? It's Kate, are you there?


Will? It's Kate.

Sarah, he doesn't open the
door, but I hear the shower.

- Kate, listen to me. Don't rely on Zac.
- What does Zac have to do with this?

The documents state that the
creature is linked to a human being.

To survive, the creature must
eat of the victims it chooses.

- Zac is the one who takes people to the pool.
- Oh, my God, that's not true.

- Kate, you have to go now.
- Yes, I get there.


We will miss you, Linz.

Will, what are you doing?

Will ...

- What are you doing here, idiot?
- I have to meet Sarah.

I don't think it goes.
We are a little busy if you do.

Of all the idiotic things I
heard from you then it must ...

- ... be the best.
- Are you saying that?

Such a girl would never be
interested of an idiot like you.

- Say it one more time.
- What? Idiot? Should I spell it?

You chose the wrong person.
You have no idea.

I could kill you now
without anyone missing you.

Too easy.

You and I have to talk.


Was he the one who rescued me?
the pool?

What are you doing here?
I asked you to go.

I was in a motel.
That thing was trying to kill me again.

- Lindsay's dead.
- Crap too.

Follow me.
I know one who can help us.

Drive me to the motel
first, I need some clothes.

What happened to your face?

- Where are you driving me?
- To my step paper.

- Two at night?
- He knows what to do.

It's right here.

He probably went out.
He's coming soon.

- Can I borrow the toilet?
- It is right there.

Shit too.

Is everything okay?

- Not directly.
- Would you like something to drink?

No, I just want to put an end to this.
Will he come soon?

He is not coming.
He's actually dead.


- What are we doing here, Alex?
- To understand.

- Open the damned door.
- You're the only one who hasn't succeeded.


If you don't let me
go I scream for help.

Alex, drop me. Please, drop me.

- You are crazy.
- There are two ways to do this.

The hard or simple
way you choose.

- Please, drop me, okay?
- Shut up. With you.

- With you!
- Okay sure.


So you interact with it?

- Why?
- Do you know the saying:

"You are afraid that you do not
know enough? "Don't be afraid.

- You'll soon find out.
- Don't do it, Alex.

It will kill me. Please!

Please, it will kill me.

It'll kill me, Alex.

No no...

Can someone help me?

Shit too.

Look what I found.

What does not kill one
makes one stronger.

- Please stop.
- We learn nothing without pain.

- Do you want more proverbs?
- I wanted to be sure ...

- ... that the creature couldn't take you.
- Did you put my life in danger for it?

I know how to kill it.

I know how to kill it ...

- Don't dare lie to me again.
- Whoever is connected to the being ...

... have a mark on the body.
A small scar. I'm sure it's Zac.

If one kills him,
he also dies väsenet.

How can you know that?

I never saw Jennifer
drown, but I knew her.

The same day she arrived I
felt an instant attraction.

As if we were together in a past life.
It was so genuine.

I had never been so happy
late before mom died.

But two weeks later she was gone.
I called the police.

I was absolutely sure something had happened.
She couldn't just have ... left me that way.

A few days later I heard
Lindsay talk on the phone.

She described what she had seen.

That Jennifer disappeared in the pool.
Then she started talking about other cases

- and an evil force. I tried Talk to
her, but she didn't say anything.

So I stole her translations
the day she went.

If that's true,
why didn't you kill Zac?

The scriptures mention the well,
though also a legend that a dead host

-Also, a dead being, -

- but only if it is done by
someone like that can not drown.

It's you, Sarah.

I'm sorry, but I had to be sure.

- And how do I know you're not the host?
- It can't be me.

- Why not?
- Because I'm afraid of water.

To drown.
I was doing it as a child.

I don't even know how to swim.


- Do it, otherwise I'll hit you in the head.
- Okay ... I'll do it.

Turn around.

Take them off as well.

Take off the boxer
shorts, I said.

Can I dress again?


Here, you will need it.


How did you get
rid of the shower?

Use ... better tape next time.

Wait, I have to tell
Will what we know.

Will? It's me, open the door.
He must be in there.

He's not here.

- What?
- It's wet.

It gets through water ...
and anyone who comes into contact with

- can face a terrible death
according to its will.

Zac knows we know.
He has certainly killed Kate.

And even if I
wasn't in the pool-

-I certainly say next to luck.

Will ...

- When will this end?
- Sarah, you can't give up now.

This may be your only chance.
We must stop it from harming others.

Where is Kate's
apartment located?

The bastard!

Make sure you cut
straight into the heart.

Hi. Where have you been?

I have been waiting for you.

Do not be shy.
I know you want this, too.

- So you like tough things?
- You killed him, you bastard.

He was my only family.

Your bitch.

- Help!
- Shut up!

The brand ... The brand ...

Where is it?








- Alex.
- What has happened?

- There was no badge. It wasn't him.
- It is impossible.

Go and see for yourself.
I killed him.

Wait. Wait.

Where is he?

- Sarah? Zac is not there.
- What?

- You did it. You got rid of him.
- Do you really think it's over?

Yes, we are safe now.


We thought you were dead.

You're so naive, Sarah.

So you are that thing?

I'm not a thing. I'm Althaia.

Nereus has been hosting
the last 800 years.

And I still don't understand
why it didn't kill you yet.

But I will solve that.

No Please...

No Please...

Please ... No ...

Come here. Come on, Sarah.
Everything has gone so well all year round.

Zac brought people here all the time
and he was so easy to manipulate.

Even up there in the room with you.
What a loss.

When I understood your friends' intentions
was it easy to take care of them ...

- ...but you...
- It can't kill me, right?

Let the water take
you, my child.

Look at me, Alex.

I'm so disappointed with you.

I thought you understood.


Come here.

Where is she?

It's over. We are safe.

You bleed.

It's from the fight.
It is quiet.

I'm sorry.

- We have to go.
- Yes.


You are alive. What a surprise.

So you knew?

Nereus? Yes,
but I couldn't do that something.

It is incomprehensible.

In the scripture it says that if I
kill the host, the creature dies.

But it didn't work.

To kill such an old
creature is not easy.

There is a reason that
you are still alive.

But, I don't understand ...
I saw Kate die.

It has chosen you.
You are the host now.


I don't want this.
I haven't asked for this.

- Take it away.
- It offers you eternal life.

All you have to do is to
sacrifice human souls to it.

But there is a way to kill it.

Make sure to chop it
straight into the heart.