Drown (2020) - full transcript

After leaking of a video of her class in a women only swimming pool, Parvaneh is brutally murdered by her husband, Hashem, who seeks a way to redeem his reputation and dignity as the godfather in the neighborhood. Hashem's brother, Hojat, embarks a journey into the labyrinths of underground in Tehran to find out who is responsible for this dirty game. Once wrongfully accused for smuggling drugs, he returns to the world of crime to trace his brother's rivals.

Mom don't cry what is it?

Talk to me
Tell me the rest

Put the phone down

Are you kidding?

You said you could do it
without the paint

I said it wouldn't look the same

I said I wouldn't promise

I tried to do a good job
- You're not good enough

I'm sorry
- Good


Watch the video that's leaked?
- I don't know

Hashem has gone mental

I don't understand

Take a seat

Who took the phone inside the pool?

I don't know
I swear

Drink this

So many women
Why did they video you?

I swear I don't know

Drink it

Let's get Hashem out of there

He's sick
He will cause trouble

Stay here I will get him

You're treating me like the rest

I'm not blaming you

He's angry
- I'm his wife

Not his enemy
Why would I run?

Not now

Innocent people don't run

If it was your wife

Videoed in the women's pool

And your wife ran away
What would you think?

Why don't they move?

Pull over we will walk






Look at me

You're scaring my son

Aren't you the owner?

Who leaked the video?
- Look at me

Who leaked the video?

Mobile phones aren't allowed

So was it your mom?

Get out

For uncle

Parvaneh is outside


What have you done?

What have you done?

What have I done wrong?

I taught kids how to swim

You ruined my reputation

Hashem stop


When you say it
I think I have no one on my side

That's what people did

You left the area

You're very lucky

We will leave this area

Yes mom

Stop calling me

They're both here

I don't know anything

They’re with me I said

What would I say to him?

Hi dad

Dad. No one is hurt


What have you done?

Give it to me

Ms Rezaei

Fill out the form
Send the body for post mortem

The car is towed
You should stay in touch

Should I get water?

You meant well

You didn't know what
Hashem was going to do

Don't blame yourself for everything

He had calmed down

He had calmed down

I swear

I was clumsy

So stupid

Get up

Let's get inside
Calm your mom down

I can't help her

How could I?

It was my mistake

I took Parvaneh there

She insisted why did I accept?
I did this to her

Go inside

I will come

Did you see Manijeh?

Your brother kept insulting me
And I didn't get him back

The world got him back

It's a shame for Parvaneh

Do you understand the situation?



Where is Parvaneh


Someone help me

Hashem’s reputation

You won't let me go over to Parvaneh’s

One of you take me to see Hashem

Don't make me say it

Are you going to say well done to him?

Or congratulate her dad?

I begged Parvaneh

Not to stay here

Get away from Hashem

She hadn't done anything wrong to runaway

I said

Don't work in the pool
She didn't listen

Why did they have to video her?

Parvaneh it wasn't some miserable soul

We did this to her
When she married that piece of sh**

Everyone knows Hashem loved Parvaneh

He lost it

Don't tell me this

Tell your brother

Who turned him into an alcoholic

Made a thug out of him

Shut your mouth

Whenever you're stuck
You just whinge

I couldn't handle him

They’re living their lives

What about Hashem?
- Take a seat

He loved it when people
were scared of him

We need a lawyer

We can without a baby

I will get the money
- How?

My surgery is in a month

What should I do?

Forget about my brother
So I can have a baby?

They will give him a lawyer

They won't be as good

You could have told me
when taking the money

I have now

Hashem has his own money

Why would you say that?

How could I ask him?

With everything he did for us
I was in prison for five years

He saved us
Now it's time to do the same

Hashem being free

Brings Parvaneh back?


Look at me


It's good thanks

Mr Faramarzi

You said Hashem’s medical records
would prove his insanity

The report from the coroners
The crime scene investigation

Says he was angry

He was mentally stable

I don't know what to do

I got the evidence for
his exemption from the service

And witnesses

I don't know why it didn't effect the order
- What now?

We just have to wait

You have to persuade the family

I just have to fill out the form
Stay here

What use are you?

Have some water

- A little

It's bad



Leave me alone

Stop it

Forgive him
- Let me speak


Please stay for Parvaneh

I swear I couldn't control myself

Parvaneh wasn't my wife
She was everything to me

Ahmad you know me

Everyone was afraid of me

And I answered to Parvaneh

I served her
Never mistreated her

They knew she was my weakness

I don't know who

I swear I will kill him

I had never lost it like this

Let me tell you something

I don't want to persuade you

Don't do it

Even if you hang me

I will be free

I want you to forgive me


I couldn't handle people seeing my wife naked

I couldn't

I called the power company
It will be back in half an hour

Come for dinner

Don’t be so sad



Come here dad

You said you liked qorma

Don't cry mum

Not everyone is hanged

Don't be sad

I will help him

Ahmad will forgive him

Come here


I swear to god if you don't open the door

I won't leave

I swear I've had enough of Hashem

If it wasn't for his mom

I wouldn't be here

We have known each other for 40 years

I'm not here to convince you


Why are you here then?

Make me feel worse

I'm here to say sorry

I didn't take care of her well

No you didn't

None of you did

Parvaneh love you so much

You didn't give anything back
Or we wouldn't be here

I swear we do

Or you wouldn't be here for his murderer

Hashem wasn't feeling like himself

Neither am I

I will hang him
- Ahmad

That won't fix anything

What about my daughter dying?

Did our reputation come back

Did we find the perpetrator?

You said she is like your daughter
Your sister

If this had happened for your sister

Wouldn't you look for who had done it?

You didn't
Because you didn't care

Forget it

Our brother is in prison

Parvaneh is dead

We will keep it quiet

So it doesn't get worse

It's not true Ahmad

Why didn't you go after him?

Shouldn't you have found who it was?

How could we look for one person?

I'm telling you for that one and only time

You won't come back here

Unless you have found the b**

I won't forgive Hashem

I swear on Parvaneh’s soul

Where from? How?

I got a name at least

You know who did it?

I don't know
The police has said

It was from my phone owned by Reza Zare

He was homeless

He runaway from Shafagh rehab centre

Yeah there are more details

I will give it to you



I will find him

When he said we kept quiet

I wish I was dead

Why would he think we didn't care?

Don't cry

I have lost everything

I'm not happy with Hashem

You're all I've got

I'm happy with you so is god

Stop it

God bless you

Thank you

Mash Bahram don't do this

I will find him

Hashem will come out

He will change
And you will be happy with him


Take your brother out


God bless you



Jamshid are you drunk or high?

They took him from your place

To compulsory rehab, Shafagh

No one has heard from him in a year

He probably got back to your end

- His name is Reza Zare

I don't know his nickname

He has a scar on his stomach

A burn scar

Don't do anything we will search the place

Are the dealers there?

I will call to arrange it



He listens to me

Don't worry
I had to call before we go

I will do what it takes to find the b**

Why are so sad?
Sing something happier

God bless Mosayeb Gholami

God bless Hashem
To his freedom


How are you Jamshid?
- Good thanks Mosayeb

Love you man

Tell him to watch things
- We're on top of it

If you're going down there

Look out so you're not injected

Sorted. Get down

Anyone there?

20-30 people

Search over there

- Come with me

Reza Zare

Is it you?
- No

I have to see your stomach

Pull it up

Pull it up
- You know me Jamshid

Get up

Do you know Reza Zare?

Pull it up
- What for?

Pull it up

Is he here?

Don't answer back

Reza Zare

Who is he?

What's this?
- Surgery

What for?
- Intestines

He has a burn scar on his stomach

No I swear I don't

Do you know Reza Zare?

No never seen him

Are you Reza Zare?

- Get up. Pull up your shirt

Do it quick

Get out

What's this?
- I stabbed myself

Stop him I'm coming

Hojat. They got someone

His name is Jaber

He spent a few years with Reza Zare

He had a burn scar


Come out

What is it?
- Do it

It's him
- You got more people

Where is he?
- I told them

We were together for two years

He has been dead
- Nonsense

He is dead

Don't lie to me I will kill you

Why would I?

Answer him

Tell him are you mute?

I did
- Do you know him?

We left compulsory rehab together
He died 2 months later

- He was terrorised on the plane

He had no drugs
- Don't be so cheeky

Why would you ask that question?

How do the homeless die?

They don't get enough
Inject the wrong way


I didn't do the autopsy

He slept next to me
and never woke up

Jamshid tell them

Get rid of them
- Watch it

Who am I asking for help?

Why did I tell you?

Don't chat sh**

If anyone lies I will kill them right here

Is he from up north?

I never said that
He was from Arak

Maybe it's not the right one

Let's go


I will beat him up
- He is right. I lied

I knew he was from Arak

It was in the details

He could have lied

Let's get going

Don't do this to yourself

How is finding him helpful to Parvaneh?

Parvaneh wanted this

Well done

I swear I don't know who did this to me

I've never heard this name

I'm desperate

I'm trying to say who did this to me

Maybe he had a relative

Do you have any enemies?

If I have fights they're not like this

The case is closed there and then

People like you stand up for themselves

You have to look for someone
who isn't as strong

I'm sick of myself

Parvaneh paid for my mistakes

Let me die

This wild animal is called Hashem

He eats humans

Where did those days go?

I'm not dead

Think of whoever you're a little suspicious of

I know Ahmad
Very well

He is a man of his words

He will forgive if he's found
But I don't want you to do this

I'm standing by you

We will find him

Mosayeb is around

Not him he's out on bail
because of the swimming pool

He's an airhead like me

They will hide away from him

You have to go on your own

If you get stuck
I can get him to help

Do it on your own

Okay whatever you say

Tell me where to start


How are you?

Hi Salma
- How’s Hashem?

Thank you
Is Ashkan here?


You have quite a business here

It's because of the prayers

It's all what god wants

Hojat hi

Where have you been?

I've come to say hi

I hope it gets back

Or else you couldn't have all of this

He will get out no doubt
- How are you so sure?

I feel it

He is coming out

Really? When?
- Is that bad?

Why would it be?

Did they consent?

They will

Is there something wrong?

This is all a cover
Where is the real job?

This is all there is

There's more
- No

Hashem said you bring
the bottles from Baneh

I get a few bottles and sell it for more

He said to take me to Baneh

You really thought I would believe
your mom is selling pickles

And you're minding the jars?

No one knows I have my own production

They think I bring bottles from Baneh

Hashem found out in prison

Where is Baneh?

Marivan then Saghez and Baneh

Thank you
This way

Thank you Sarvar



Is this the real thing?

Get to work

Alcohol and water
Paint and pills

Hashem said it would be cheap alcohol

You would make 200 on each

It wasn't enough for you

So mixed it with water

Made in Ashkan Khoroos


This was Hashem’s idea

Said who to get the bottles from

He found you there buyers from uptown


It isn't

Or you would be one of his people

Not to use women as your cover

And have this business
at this age. Right?

Hashem is the king

We will all work for him
when he gets out

You're nothing

Who are you?

You're a loser

A nobody

You could make enough for one

With cheap material

I'm old enough

Hashem has always been nice to the neighbours

He told me how to do it
Otherwise I'd be making meth

You were greedy

You tried to ruin his life

You sent people to video his wife

So you can work for yourself right?

No. I would never do that to him

Why would I do something like that?

Hashem was supporting the work

He knew it inside out

He'd the first investment

Why would I try to do this to him?

Then get into an accident
to claim insurance for money

Look at my leg

Hojat, if I had done something like this

I would move out of this area at least

Why didn't you?

Because it wasn't me

I swear

What's wrong?

Get out

Get lost


Hashem didn't do anything to me

For me to want to get him back like this

If he said he’s suspicious of me

You're here to ask me

Tell him I said thanks

You’re killing me

I only mix alcohol and water

I don't sell it to neighbours here

Pray to god you're right

I'm nothing

Hashem won't let you breathe

You know him

I would never do something like that
Same with you Hojat

He's like a brother to me

2 million

You will lose Hojat


Hojat is playing too?

What brought you here?

Bad luck

Gholam what did you do for your arm?
Were you compensated?

I wasn't expecting it

You seem to be winning today

Not bad thank god


Could you thank god for gambling?

Why not? Everyone makes a living

So you should be quite religious
to make so much

Come here



Why do you want him to lose?

I put in 2 million

Why? He’s playing a good game

You made so much with Hashem
What's the problem?

Shapoor did them 2 pay?

They did

I swear since he was arrested
I've lost money

What's wrong with you?
- I'm playing on his name

I don't make as much anymore

Only losers come to play

For little money

It's not like the olden days

- I don't know

They're worried about losing

Don't be fooled by how calm they are now

There's trouble

So when Hashem was around it was brill
- Of course

So many people came for him

Not like now

You didn't pay him the last four months

Just get to the point

Say I'm here from my brother’s money

I am

I swear I told him I don't have it

You were hurt when
he destroyed the place


But he was drunk

So I didn't think much of it

Do you have women around?

Do I look like I own a brothel?

You think I sent someone for his wife?

I swear I understand this sort of thing

I made myself look like this for safety

I thought you were
the same as your husband

Watch it

Your uncle was the worst
Parviz Kafar

Not dead my husband

Why do you ask me questions?

I've done nothing wrong to be afraid

Your brother was always good to me



I swear I don't know who did it

But don't let them live

That's what I'll do

Are you staying the night?


They keep calling

Why do you look like that?

- That's not true

You didn't go to work


You have to pay rent for the store

The doctor said
I shouldn't miss my appointment

You won’t

Get out you sell out

You're on the same side
to get him out

If someone stands around

I will ruin your life

Stop shouting

You know what situation my mom is in

He sold us out
- Hojat and Hashem aren't the type

Who else would do that?

Have some respect

He doesn't know what it is
The police rounded everybody up

Hojat get out

Mosayeb where the hell are you?

Where's the key dad?

I can't stand here

What would you do?

It's a scene
We can't stand around

Mosayeb said not to go alone

Why did you do this if
you can't stand up to them?

What have you done
where did you go?

This is how I find out
- I swear I didn't

Go away

You're just like Hashem

I had no idea

I don't know them
why would I sell them out?

Why don't you let him talk to them?

They have a problem with him

You talk to them
- Me?

They will kill me

I can't stand here

Get back

You're getting on my nerves
- Are you deaf?

They’re ruining our reputation

There's nothing you can do


Do you want to ruin our lives again?

Afsaneh don't get on my nerves

Sit down

Calm down she's gone

What should we do?
- I'm not going to kill him

He does

He's not here to talk

Why do you ruin her life?

Why did you ask him to get involved?


What has he done wrong?
It's them

Thanks to Hashem
we've seen enough of this

It's not new

Ignore them and they will leave



Mohamad come


I got them

Take it


Thank you
- Sure

It's okay

Do you need anything?

They ruined Parvaneh and Hashem’s life

Now it's us

Hojat can we go?

Shut the door take a seat

Let's smoke together
- You left me in there on my own

I don't get it do you?

Who has a problem with you
To frame you

I have to find him

So you're going to forget about Hashem?

I won't forget anything

I'm too deep in


Why would they pick on me
when I go after them?

You're just linking everything now

Give me one

That's what these people are like

They take a side

You were my friend before
you got married to our sister

We're still friends

Do talk to your old friends?

Yes why?

Does the security know you?

He never said no

I will find him

There's no end to this

What are you going to do?

Forget it
Did you not see Afsaneh?

I will find him


I'm coming
I saw you dive

I said it's not allowed

Get it sorted
- Yes

I will pay whoever stays the longest

We don't have to hang around

Give us a price


Go play

They will get a cold
- I do. Not them

Let's get to the car

No one would believe
a paedophile owns a swimming pool

That's not nice

What's the model?
- 94

There was an accident

Hojat knows best

You know the prices better

It doesn't look too bad

Hojat says the back drags

Let's see

It's true

What are you doing?

Take him
- Get down you animal

The keys

Don't move
Where is your phone?

I called the doctor

He said he won't come in five days

I like you Jalil

Is this the one?
- Another 4


Call your wife and tell
her you won't go home

Call her

Say yes

Please I need some

You can quit
- Hojat everyone knows

I put everything aside two years ago

Give me a cuff

Shut up

I always spoke highly of you

I said you were different

I was

Not anymore

Unless I find out who sold them
out to frame me

You will stay here

Don't put me under pressure

I either have to tell
Or you will assume it's me


The one next to you or behind you

All the chatterboxes are here

We weren't born this way

There was a first time

What if the person was new?

People wouldn't follow a new guy

So it has to be someone with experience

Don't give a speech

It's not the first time

You can't kidnap people
- Shut up before I make you

I will show you

I didn't want to be like Hashem or my uncle

But I can be worse than them

So you will stay here until you talk

Afsaneh why do you ask so many questions?

I'm with a friend

Take care

Let them go
The police will be onto you

I say it for you

Gol agha and I are going to Europe

You can have the rest

Will you get married there?

A blonde one with blue eyes

What if they like
a naked photo of your wife?

They all walk like that on the street

What about Kabul?

What do you mean?
- If it happens in Kabul

You always get high and talk nonsense

No one will sleep here

He won't talk is smart


I will kill him

Or the rest of them

Or the ones he sold out

What if they don't say a word?

I have to know who videoed her

I won't believe anyone

I think it's linked to the video

You're losing it Hojat

You've become someone else

We have to talk to people
in their own language

You will get him

I worked all summer as a kid

Bought a bike

It was everything to me

It was stolen

I couldn't find it

Someone planted drugs in my car

I got in for five years

I lost my baby

I never found out who it was

Parvaneh came to me for help

I couldn't save her

If I can't handle this

Parvaneh won’t forgive me

I won't forgive myself

I'm coming


Is Mohamad here?
- Upstairs

Why did you mix with them?

Where didn't you stop them?

What are you doing here?
- Shame on you

Do you know what the sentence is?

You want to ruin our life for your brother?

I swear on my dad’s life

If you don't let them go
I will leave forever

I've had enough


If it wasn't for your wife

I would file a case

I only forgive you for Hashem


Get in

Let's go
- I will join

I will stay

Go Manijeh

You're done here


I will get you back


Take them to the house

It's sorted

You made a mess

Your sister said I didn't help you
I said we were here

You told
- Why did you say I messed up?

I didn't know she would bring Afsaneh
- Is it sorted now?

Yeah. I will make it up to you



Are you sure it won't kill?
- It just puts them out

I got him

Get him

B** stop

Don't hit me


Get up

I won't stop. I will kill you

Who sold them out?

I'm sorry


I know who did it

Step back

It was my brother in law

I'm sorry

Forgive me I didn't say because of my wife


God damn him

We're here for his mistake

I'm sorry

I can tell you the place

Get up


Stay in touch

If he's right

You can let them go
You will all forgive me

Thank you

Hojat I lied

I have no brother in law


Your wife paid me

I got money off your wife

To follow you and tell the police

My wife paid you?

Your second wife


I swear to god

She came to the kiosk

Said she was your temporary wife

She's pregnant

He won't come to get his ID

I stalked her so she gives me
my money

I know where she is with her friend

Go there
If I have lied

You can bury me there

What are you doing?
Are you blind?


I couldn't handle the brakes

Sorry if I scared you

Don't call the police
- Why not? You made a mess

I don't have my documents on me

They will tow my car

Stop it there's an accident

I will pay the costs

How do I know how much it is?
Give me an ID

I have a workshop

Come with me
I will fix it in an hour

I'm sorry
Sorry I scared you

It's okay

It's very close
I will sort it out in an hour

Ok let's go
- Sorry

Follow me

Why did you not pay attention?

The money you had to pay Akbar Kent

I lost it

Who is Akbar Kent

Why did you shut the door?

How many Akbars are there
who sell people out?

I don't know him
Open the door

Why did you pay him to follow me?

And sell me out

I don't know you

You have my kid and
you don't know me

Get the door

What are you doing?
Take what you want

Don't act stupid

I will set you and your car on fire

Answer my questions

I don't know who he is
- Move

Akbar she says she doesn't know you

She doesn't?

How f** dare she

I don't understand you?

I'm a nobody
- You came to my kiosk

And got me into this mess

Please my daughter
- Are you worried about her?

You can come out

-Let her go

Step back

You know what you've done

Answer my questions

He told me to
Get my daughter back

He said to stop you

He sent me to Akbar

To pay him


I was scared for my reputation

I was at his house
He videoed me

He threatened if I don't video the woman

He would leak mine to my family

You videoed Parvaneh?

You videoed Parvaneh?

I swear on my daughter’s life
he made me

I trusted him
He cared for us

I didn't know what an animal I was
I fell for it


Give me a name


Give me a name

- What?


Which one?


You took down Hashem
now it's his friend’s turn

Me? I wish I could

I swear on my daughter’s life
I didn't know what he wanted it for

If I did I wouldn't do it

I swear

I swear on my mum’s grave

When I found out he leaked it

I felt so guilty

I couldn't live with myself

Have some water

Drink it

Dial him

He will kill me
- Do it

What should I say?

Something that’s not suspicious

Put him on speaker

The number you have dialed is busy now

Call him back


How are you?

Get to the point I'm out

I can call back later

No go on

You didn't call back I got worried

Is it sorted?


That's how I do things

Ok thanks

Anything else?


If it wasn't for my daughter

I would tell you to do
whatever you want to me

But please for her

I'm so sorry

He has blackmailed me for
three years because of the video

I won't let him anymore

Please I beg you

For my daughter

Forgive me

Give it to me


You give him a hint

You will never forget it

I would love for him to be gone



Can I go?

I won't tell anyone it was you

You do the same


You're a man

Thank you. I'm sorry
- Don't do whatever for money



Is it a bad time?

Are you drunk?


Hashem called

Said anything thanks for the inside

He said to go with you

You know how to send them in

Let's go shopping together


Right now if it's ok

No I will pick you up

I will be there in two hours

Thanks. I will come to the bazar


I'm here through the back door

Sorry you're not ok

Okay I'll be waiting

Tell Hashem

Mosayeb did this to you

If you would dare he’d tell you why

You have to tell me

You're going to be tortured

He can do a better job

Why? He's not done something like you?

How do you think is the number
one all these years?

He has done whatever he could for it

You've done all of this to replace him?

What's so good about it?

To ruin other people’s lives


I'm going to pull out each tooth

I used to care about all of this


I have fought the same as him
and spent more money

Don't have as much power

That was back then

If you didn't care
Why did you do that to your friend?

Because he did worse to me

Is there something worse?

Yes there is
What he did to me

I would do worse to him if I could

If that's true he would
be suspicious of you

Not to trust you like your brother

He did because he didn't know I knew

That wasn't the answer to it

Your brother thought he was everything

But he had one weakness

His wife

Shut up
Parvaneh was everything to him

I got him good

Shut up

What would you do if you were me?

Your friend who's like a brother

Just so you wouldn't get ahead

Would send people

To do things to you in a garden

You'd find out after three years

The same friend who saved you
when you're naked and abandoned

Said this is a secret between us

He did all of this

To prove if you don't work for him

He would do this too again

You're telling lies

To get away
You were like his brother

Why would he do that?

He is worse than you think

He was terrible to you and
you were his real brother

You wanna know something?

You think he gave you the lorry
Because he loved you?

The drugs you never found the owner for

You served five years

It was Hashem and I

10 packs of opium taped with a yellow tape

Inside a red sofa

Under everything else

You're a smart person to have found me

I'm giving you exact details

Is that it?

How do you told anyone
about the colour of the sofa?

It had a broken leg

Hashem said that's why you lost your baby

And your wife can't have kids

Shut up

You don't want to believe
what a b** of a brother you have

You got lucky it was only opium

To be alive

You delivered meth four times

It would be dead in that case

Shut up

You were our man

Now you're risking your life

For someone who knew
you'd be hanged with meth

He said Hojat doesn't know
so he doesn't look scared

The police would let dumb people go


You lost your baby because of our stash

He will pretend he is mental
Yes he is

For being the number one

He didn't kill his wife because he lost it

He didn't want to lose his reputation for her

If you had heard what he said in the pool

You would know now


You dumb a**

You're brave in Germany

I'm the elder in my area

You're nothing

We're all in it together

Mosayeb is my brother

He has my back
And I have his

You're nothing

I would rip you apart if you were here

Send it to him

Please do it for uncle

Search everywhere

I'm in here otherwise
I would have no mercy

I would look in every hole

To see which b** pulled me down

I can't tell from people’s appearances

Find the person

Who seems to be normal

Don't worry

I'm looking for justice

I will get to the bottom of it

You're a man


How many kilos of meth to be hanged?

What for?
- Answer me

Hojat don't go into it
We will all get into trouble

What should I do?

You tell me

I have to buy them over

Don't do it

You will be hanged

It's time to go

Don't shout chick

I'm doing whatever I can to get you out

Don't you have connections?

I will get it

Don't get it off strangers

They will sell you out

Do you have connections?

I will connect you

Don't go above 3 kilos

Or you'll be hanged

I'm not scared

If you are it will be over

They will take you

Hojat don't think you're taking drugs

Pretend you're stupid

Policemen don't mind dumb people

Go ahead
- Alright

I promise I will start from zero
when I get back

Let's see what you do

Give me some water I beg you

How much would you pay for your freedom?

Tell anyone what you've done

However much you want

Get my cheque book. I will sign

Give me water


Give me water

Date it for today

Abas said

To say hi to Hashem

This is the cheque dated for today

Is it this?

Is it right?

3 kilos and 1/2 as promised

Thank you

Okay I'm coming

Get in

You don't have any meat

Get some chicken


When Hashem was around

He would make sure his
friends didn't go into drugs

Poor Mosayeb

What a world

It's someones wedding here

And someone else is going down

Lucky for his dad who died

It's all up to god

You know we don't have any connections

Do whatever you think is best


What's wrong Hojat?

Why don't you eat?
- I will

Why are you quiet?
- I will eat

Do you know anything?

We went to Ahmad’s house yesterday

He said he will be hanged
if you don't find him


Do you know anything?


Not finding him

I haven't found him

Mohamad knows

I did what I could

I couldn't find him

I didn't mean to upset you

I'm sorry. Eat

Have your dinner


Go on dad

People make their own decisions

Have your dinner, mum