Drop Zone (1994) - full transcript

A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Busey specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents' files and sell them to drug lords. Federal Marshal Snipes lost a brother to this crew and learns skydiving with the help of tough-but-lovable instructor Butler so he can track them down. DIE HARD meets PASSENGER 57 meets CLIFFHANGER.

All right! Let's do it!


- Hey, what's going on, man?
- I got that stuff, man.

Here, kitty, kitty. Hey, you guys.

Hey, Buford. Hey, Milady.
Come on. Come on.

I've got breakfast for you. Come over here.
Come on, come on. Come on.

Come on. Here, kitty, kitty.

Agnes! Agnes, come on.



Hey, Buford. Buford, look, look.
Look what I've got you for breakfast.


LEEDY: Help! Help me!

Get over here.


Nothing personal, buddy.


TERRY: You've got to be sick of those
tired, two-month relationships.

Problem is, you're not meeting
the right kind of woman.

A woman who'll run with the wolves,

somebody who'll at least
keep you interested.

- Run with the wolves?
- Yeah.

Man, I've told you about watching
too much of that Oprah shit.


TERRY: Come on, Pete.
A little excitement is not gonna kill you.

Terry, I like the women nice, quiet and dull.

You know what I'm saying?
Not like that Mongolian feminist

that you set me up with.

Okay, wait a minute. All right, who is it?

- Who is who?
- Who is she?

- What?
- Come on, come on, you know.

Every time we start talking about
my sex life,

it comes down to your wife trying
to set me up with somebody.

- So, who is she?
- Hold on, hold on, hold on...

- This is your brother talking, G.
- Who is she, man?

What? She, like, cook breakfast
with her toes or something?

- What? I got to wheel her around or...
- All right, all right, all right.

- Her name is Shanandra.
- Gesundheit.

No, no, come on, dude.
Her name is Shanandra, G.

PETE: What the hell is a Shanandra?

TERRY: I don't know,
but she's bad, I'll tell you that.

PETE: I am too old to be dating
a Shanandra. Something like...

Something that comes out your nose
or something.

TERRY: Trust me on this one, G.


GUARD: Keep it up.

Got a job to do here.

Hey, Terry and Pete Nessip,
United States Marshals.

May I have your ID, please?

Okay, sir. Sign right here, please.


Shanandra, sounds like a nightclub.

Gordon Maples,
United States Attorney's Office.

- Pete Nessip. This is my brother Terry.
- Pete, Terry.

Remember when the DEA started
electronically confiscating drug money

- from all the banks?
- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Dealers started to wake up in the morning
to find all their money gone.

So, this guy Leedy was the big
computer wonk for the Chang Triad.

He figured out how to hide their money
so we couldn't find it.

TERRY: You mean that guy in there,
coughing up furballs, is a genius?

He breaks codes that can't be broken.
It's like he lived inside the computers.

- How did he get caught?
- His ego. He felt unappreciated,

so I cut him a deal to testify and kept him
out of sight for the last year and a half.

Now, two weeks from trial, they found him.

I need you guys to move Mr. Leedy
up to the pen in Atlanta

so I can keep him alive
long enough to testify.

What about the cats?
We don't have to take the cats, too, do we?


to Pac-Atlantic flight 611 to Atlanta

with continuing service to Seattle.

Please make sure that all carry-on baggage
is securely stowed...


It's okay.
That's what I'm here for, cat protection.

Cat protection. Oh, smooth, real smooth.

Okay, tight enough.
Are you sure you've fed the cats enough?

Agnes, she's got a little bit of a problem
with low blood sugar.

Leedy, the cats will be better fed
than we will on this plane.

You're not just saying that
to make me feel better, are you?

- Now, why would I do that?
- What about the... How can we make sure

they can maintain the temperature
in the baggage compartment?

What if they freeze?
I gotta get down and see the cats. I want...

- Chill, man.
- What if they freeze?

Hey, excuse me.

- Would you like an aisle seat?
- That would be great.

LEEDY: Why are we not in first class?
We should be in first class.

The pleasure's all mine.

MAN: 43 A and B. This is going to be great.

LEEDY: I'm warning you. If anything
happens to those cats, I'm gonna sue you.

TERRY: You owe me, G.

You've ever heard of punitive damages,
Mr. US Marshal?

We should be in first class, anyway.

- Miss, excuse me.
- Yes, sir.

I'm afraid to fly. I need some water
to take a sedative.

- Okay, no problem. I'll be right with you.
- Doctor... Okay, thanks.



PILOT ON PA: We're getting
some heavy weather, folks.

So I've got permission to climb to 38,000,
see if we can get above it.

Bob, I think you'd better listen to this.

Pac-Air 611 Bravo, this is Miami Approach.

We just received a code-red transmission.

Would you care for some wine?

Thanks, but I only drink wine
by candlelight.

Well, I might be able to help you with that.
Would you like to follow me?


Give me a break.

The captain needs to see you
on the flight deck, right away.


- Gentlemen
- We just received this.

MAN ON RADIO: Flight 611, you are about
to be taken over by Posse Comitus.

- Stay on your flight plan.
- Oh, brother.

MAN ON RADIO: No one will be hurt.

You'll receive further instructions
in five minutes. Over.

Hands up!

Okay! Turn around, keep your head down.

I said keep your heads down!


Sit down.

Nobody move, God damn it. If you do,
I'll blow this plane to hell. You understand?


Get off the phone.


You, too, God damn it.

Get down!

Get your heads down. Feet on the floor.
Hands out of pockets.

You're not listening.

Both of you!

- Leedy, come with me.
- No, no, no! No, don't do this. No, please!

Please don't.

- How much time?
- Ten seconds.

MONCRIEF: Wait for now.

No, leave my hand. No, that's my finger!



Be good now. Be good boys and girls.
If you're not, I'll blow the plane up.

- What happened?
- Number 1 is down!

Talk to me! Talk to me, Number 1.

I'm bulletproof. What are you? Hey!

Help! Now!

- What the hell?
- Shit! We're losing cabin pressure.


Mayday! Mayday! This is Flight 611.
611 Heavy. Declaring an emergency.

- We have emergency decompression.
- ... two and four.

We're over Ocala, in Florida. We're...



Go! Go!


I've got you. Hang on. Okay, hold on to me.
Hold on. Okay.


Okay, hold on. I've got you.

Grab her. Hold her.

MRS. WILLINS: Lena, hold on.
Hold on! I've got her.

Okay. Okay.


Terry, hang on. Hold on!

Help me!

Hang on, Terry.

- Help!
- Hold on.

MRS. WILLINS: I've got you. Hold on.

Terry, you've gotta hold on!

I'm slipping!

- Terry!
- I won't let go of you!

- Hang on to me!
- No! Don't...

Terry! No!

Terry! No!

No, Terry! No.

- Glenn Blackstone, agent in charge, FBl.
- Bob Covington.

Tom McCracken, US Marshal's Office.
Listen, I'm looking for my guy, Pete Nessip.

- Supposed to...
- Pete's over there.

Pete. Pete, did you see anything?

Two, three, maybe more.

You didn't hear anything?
Their names or anything?

The little girl, I reached for her
and I grabbed her.


They shot Terry. Motherfuckers.

He was bad. He was real bad.
The blood was everywhere and I...

He was falling. I grabbed him and I had him.

- I couldn't hold him.
- Oh, my God.

I couldn't hold him.

BLACKSTONE: Bring up the passenger list
and seating assignment.

Okay, break down the ticket purchase
into cash and credit card.

Cross-check that with advance purchase
and same-day purchase.


- What are you doing?
- WOMAN: Nothing.

- It's some kind of virus or worm, sir.
- Well, get it back.

I'm trying,
but the whole system's going down.

- It's Leedy...

- It was a setup.
- A what?

- A setup.
- What are you saying, Nessip?

- A prison break at 30,000 feet?
- Yeah, why not?

So, what did they do? Come down
and pick him up in a goddamn spaceship?

Look, I tackled one of the guys.
He had some sort of pack on his back.

- Maybe it was a parachute.
- BLACKSTONE: What about Leedy, now?

He jumps out, opens up an umbrella
and floats down like Mary Poppins?

- Nobody saw a parachute.
- Nobody could see anything.

Their heads were down
and the plane was filled with smoke.

What 32 people did see was they saw your
brother fire at a man wrapped in explosives.

That's a lie! Wait a minute, what is this?
The FBl get brownie points for speed?

We're talking about my brother here, man.

Look, isn't that worth the investigation?

- You want an investigation?
- Yes!

Two hours after the explosion,
an airline maintenance man

was gunned down at Miami airport
running away from MPD detention.

And in his apartment they found
Posse Comitus literature

and homemade C-4 explosives.

The maintenance man
put the explosives on board?

That's right. Detective Fox, Miami PD,
recognized the man

from the pre-flight inspection.

I'm telling you...

Look, we all feel bad
about what happened to your brother,

and don't nobody want to paint him
the fall guy. But the fact of the matter is

your brother opened fire on that plane
and panicked, and 14 people are dead.

My brother didn't panic.

Sir, Forensics just got a positive ID
on one of the remains found on the plane.

Your prisoner, Leedy.


Through the coordinated investigation
of federal, state

and local law enforcement officials,

the FBl believes that it has answered
most of the questions

concerning the attempted hijack
of Pac-Atlantic Air Flight 611.

REPORTER: It was the Marshal on board
who set off the explosion. Is that true?

That question has been raised
and is under investigation...

Hey, guys!

Guys, check it out!

- They're buying it top to bottom.
- Of course they're buying it.

Baby doll, you talk about a rush, man.

We went out that fucking door, that
wind hit you like a goddamn freight train.

I'm dragging away from the jet,

I come face to face with this woman, and
I swear, she was still holding a magazine.

Has Leedy finished throwing up?

- Yes.
- Good.


No, no, no, don't touch my hand, lady!
Don't! No! Don't touch my hand!

- Watch out! Don't touch my hand!
- Earl, come here!

Don't touch my hand!

Shut up and say thank you.

- Thank you?
- Yes!

You threw me out of an airplane
and you bit off my finger.

- You have nine good ones.
- Well, how am I supposed to do my work?

You crashed the entire airline computer
system with one hand, didn't you?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

REPORTER: The information we have is
sketchy right now,

but what we're hearing is that the MarshaI
allegedly fired at a hijacker,

and according to passengers,
set off the explosion

which killed 14 people,
including the hijackers.


Yes! Unload the boat. Unload the boat.

...and a federaI prisoner
by the name of Earl Leedy.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, they think I'm dead.
Does that mean I'm free?

You're not free. Your ass belongs to me.
And I'm gonna make it worth your while.

But wait, he mentioned only two Marshals.

What about the other Marshal
that was on the plane?

He's dead. He's dead. I shot him.

I don't think so. He was in the bathroom.

Listen to me! All he saw was smoke.

We got out clean, except for that bitch
that grabbed you, Jagger.

Next time, you just get her
and throw her out the door.

I'll buy you breakfast.
Come on, let's go. Breakfast.

- What you got, Deuce?
- I got homemade grits and eggs.


How are you doing, Pete?
I need to talk to you. It's important.

PETE: So is this.

Wait till you see what I found.

I got it nailed down
to a two-square-mile radius

where the hijackers could've landed.

We've got our bodies, Pete.

Yeah, but the only bodies we've got
that are burned beyond recognition

are those of the terrorists
and that prick Leedy.

Does that make any sense?

Pete, nobody jumps from a 747
at that altitude and speed and lives.

- Period. You understand that?
- No, no, no, that's where you're wrong.

Look, a SEAL team did it.
Jumped out of a 727 three years ago.

I'm telling you, it's a setup.

Now all I have to do is figure out
how Leedy fits into all this.


The Board of Review is looking at this
in two weeks...

The Board of Review!

...to determine yours and Terry's
responsibility for the accident.

- What responsibility?
- Pete, listen to me.

The FAA and the airline's in the middle
of a goddamn firestorm with the media,

the insurance companies,
relatives of dead passengers...

Nobody wants to hear about skydiving.
Skydiving from 747s!

They're looking to point fingers
at somebody,

and you and Terry are it.
Don't you understand that?

You know the SOP on this. I have
to ask you for your badge and your gun.

- What? You're suspending me?
- Pete, please, you know the rules.

Give me your badge and your gun, please.

I don't care. I'm not quitting on this.

MAN: I took a team out in a commercial jet.

Delta Squad deployment,
hostage-drill scenario.

- So it can be done?
- We did it. But it was a 727 at 20,000 feet.

And it was a drill, no explosions.

A 747 at 38,000 feet, I doubt it.

Plus, you got another problem.

- Petty Officer.
- Yes, sir.

You see this? You see this D-ring?
High-density metal.

Now, your terrorists may have had

somebody stash a few guns behind a seat,

but not five parachute rigs.

Five rigs going through X-ray
and metal detectors

would raise holy hell with airport security.

- Carry on.
- Thank you, sir.

So, with the right equipment, it is possible.

Mister, to even think about jumping
from a 747

you've either got to be very skilled
or dick-brained.

- Now, which one do you wanna talk to?
- What do you mean?

Well, skilled is a guy named Don Jagger.
World-champion skydiver.

Dick-brained is his old partner,
Jess Crossman.

Where can I find them?

I don't think they jump together anymore,
but Crossman lives real close to here.

- Jess Crossman?
- Not today, man.

- Do you know where I can find him?
- Oh, you must be with the class.

Check upstairs.

- Thanks a lot.
- No problem, dude.

JESSIE: Be right out.





- What was that?
- Can you believe that?

Now you listen here to me.

I hope you're good at fixing toilets,

because you're never, ever gonna fix
another plane of mine.

I got my new chute in.
You want to take me up later?

I'll take your face off
if you don't come and fix this plane right.

Where did you learn how to fix planes?
Mr. Goodwrench?


This isn't a waiting room,
and the next load is booked.

Damn. And I really wanted
to get on that plane.

DEA, FBl or local?

Jess Crossman.

If you want to talk to me,
you're either a skydiver or a cop.

And, well, you definitely don't look
like any skydiver I have ever seen.

You know, cops, I don't like them.

Every time you've met one
has been right after you've broken the law.


Did I go out of state
without calling my parole officer?

Yes, I admit it. But it was an emergency.


You're not here about a parole violation?

Have you heard about a hijacking of a 747?

Yeah. Hear about it, how could I miss it?
What a major screwup!

What if it wasn't a screwup?

What if someone just wanted
to make it look that way?

- Why?
- To grab a prisoner I was escorting.

A jump.

A jailbreak from a 747? That's a cool idea.

No offense.

- Could you do it?
- What, am I a suspect?

Why do you ask?

Well, because people probably told you

that Jessie Crossman was the only person
skilled enough to jump from a 747.

Well, the actual phrase used
was "dick-brained. "

And I checked.
You were with your parole officer.

Look, some yahoo pulled
a John Wayne on that flight

and got a lot of people killed, all right?

That's not what happened, Ms. Crossman.
And that yahoo was my brother.

Well, God. I'm sorry about that.

But if I'm not a suspect,
then I don't have to talk to you, do I?

You still haven't answered the question
about the jump.

See, the longer I stand here,
the broker I get. So...

You want to talk to me about jumping,

you can pay like everyone else,
right, Mr. Cop?

We'll see.

What do I need this getup for
if I don't have a chute?

It's my drop zone, it's my rules.

Wait a minute, now.
You're not scared, are you?


Hey, wait! Hold on! Wait for me!


JESSIE: All right, give me a controlled
exit and a good arch.

Ready, set, go!


I don't get the attraction.

You know, haven't you ever watched
a bird gliding on the wind

- and wished you could do it?
- Yeah, for about 20 seconds.

You know, you just don't get it, do you?

What could be so difficult
about jumping out of an airplane?

You count to 20,
you pull the damn string and that's it.

Let the air sculpt your body position,
all right?

Ready, set, go!


- JESSIE: Yes!
- Jesus...

Can you see the way the wind forces the...

Come here. Can you see the way
the wind forces their bodies open?

We're only at 80 knots.

A 747 at 500 knots would
rip a jumper clean apart.

And that, my friend,
is where the skill comes in.

No big deal.

You are way out of your league
up here, cowboy. Way out.

I hear you talking all this stuff about skill.

If you're so good, how come you're still
working in this shithole?


What, you need to be hooked on phonics?
Shit hole. Shithole.




He paid for one jump,
I might as well give him one.

For Christ's sake,
just go get him, okay?

All right.




PETE: Get off of me! Get off of me.
You kicked me.

Wait! Come back! Come back! Come back!

- Help me!
- I've got you.

You're crazy!




- Hold still.
- Get me out of this.

I thought you did okay.

Welcome to the sky!
You fell, you lived, good start.

Now you fell, you lived, I'm gone.

You're out of your damn mind.

There are things in here.



Hey, I didn't know she was going
to do that, okay?

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah?
I bet it was a whole lot safer

than landing with you
in that damn plane of yours.

Where can I find Don Jagger?

There's a big jump this weekend
at Ocean Reef.

All the hot ones will be there.
That's your best bet, man.

Thank you.

Skydivers are a real tight group.

You're gonna have a tough time
breaking in by yourself.

Well, I'll take my chances,
thank you very much.

Hey, you know,
Jess didn't mean anything by that.

Ever since Jagger went south on her
she's been a little touchy.

What happened to Jagger?

He says he got conned
into making some drug jumps.

He did a little time. She did a little time, too.

- They never patched things up.
- Why would she want to?

She's loyal. I'd give her that much.
What do you think?

I think it's time for you to zip it.

And let's go on and get that rammerjammy
fixed on the tail, all right?

- Nice jump, man.
- Yeah, right!




I'll kill you.

LEEDY: Please, don't push me.

Don't let me... Wait. No, wait. No!


- Oh, nice landing.
- Good. Good.


Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Come on, come on, come on...

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

- I can't. I can't.
- Hit it, brother. Hit it, brother. Hit it.

- I can't, I'm sorry...
- Leedy, do your job.

I need a minute to steady myself.

When we break in, we don't have minutes,
we have seconds.

- It's the jump. Don't... It's the jump.
- Now, do it.

- I can't think.
- Jump him until he can.

Maybe he's had enough
for one day, all right?

I haven't had enough for one day.
Jump him till he can, come on.

- Please. I can't think.
- Come on. Up and at 'em.

- Go! Come on! Let's go.
- Let's go. Up and at 'em.

Come on, let's go.

LEEDY: I don't want to jump anymore!
JAGGER: Come on, go!

This is going to be a snap.

God, this is easy.

They're not going to know what hit them.



- Hi, Joy Willins.
- I'm Pete.

- Pete. Yeah.
- It's a pleasure.

Miami Police. They've been really great.
Come on, Lena's around back.

Look what I've got for you.

Thank you.

PETE: That's to replace the one
that you lost on the plane.

Maybe it'll make you feel a little better.

Lena, do you remember me?

Remember that your tiger bumped me
upside the head

when we were on the plane?

Do you remember anything
about your plane trip?

Maybe that there was something
strange happening,

there was noise, yelling?

No, I fell asleep and when I woke up
we were already landed.

I'm going to show you some pictures and
I want you to look at them very carefully.

This is the plane that we were on.

Remember? Remember the plane?

And then something went wrong.
Something happened.

There was a loud noise.
There was a lot of smoke.

- (STAMMERING) A big noise?
- A big noise.

There was a lot of wind and
people were yelling and screaming.

Do you remember if you saw anyone?

Help me!

Help me!

- (STAMMERING) What are you doing?
- Do you remember anything about

what he may have been wearing or... What?

He wore glasses?


The scar. He had a scar?

Lena, was this the man
that you saw on the plane?

You can tell me, nobody's gonna hurt you.

Look, see, he has a scar.


PETE: Is this the man?

All right, okay. Look, look.
That's enough, okay?

- That's enough. Could you please go now?
- PETE: See, he has a scar.

- Was this the man you saw?
- Let's end it. I'm gonna get the detectives.

- You can answer, it's okay.
- Detective Wallace!

- That's all right. Thank you. Thank you.
- Please.

- Thank you, Lena. I'm sorry.
- Come on, it's all right. That's all right.


Detective Fox, Miami Metro.

Concerning that plane accident
you're investigating.

The other US Marshal on the plane
has acquired some information.

- The other Marshal?
- FOX: That's correct.

The young lady on the plane, she gave him
a partiaI ID of one of the hijackers.

A scar under his right eye.

MONCRIEF: Oh, I'm impressed.
FOX: Thank you.

Not with you, with the other Marshal.


Hang on, I wanna come with you.



- Hey, Don.
- JAGGER: Hey.

(LAUGHING) You're mine now.
Where I go, you go.

KARA: Let me go or lose me forever.

I'm serious.

JAGGER: Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Hey. Ty, what are you doing?

Hey, hey, let me go.

What are you doing? Let me go!

Hey! Hey! Damn it!

Hey, God damn it! Let me go! Let me go!

You son of a bitch!

It's all over. Bye-bye.




Cool move, papa.

You see that?
9-1-1 is not gonna work for him.

What you just saw there
can happen to any one of you.

Our skydiving team is now four strong.
No problems with that.


Did you ever jump those round chutes?

You can't steer the damn things

and you never know
where they're gonna come down.

I got enough branches up my ass
to start a pulpwood mill.

Hi. I'd like... I don't know, maybe...

A minute to wait for you to come back.

- Look at this guy.
- MAN: What's he doing at our table?

I don't think he gets it.
Let's explain it to him.


Oh, here it goes.

This is going to get messy.

Hey, guys, oh, I'm sitting in your seats?
Oh, I'm sorry.

- Can I offer you a beer?
- Sure.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

PETE: Hey, hey, come on, man.

If you wanted me to move,
you just should have asked.


Whoa! Jesus! Take it.

Get these guys a beer. Get him a pillow.

- Nessip.
- Bob.

Nice to meet you, Bob. See you up there.


Well, I see you've met some skydivers.

You're not much of a cop,
but you sure do make friends easy.

If you blow my cover, I'm gonna bust
your ass right back to prison.

Do you understand me?

Looks like you're doing a good job
of blowing your own cover.

- Why don't you have a seat?
- Last time I did that, I got into a fight.

Look, buddy, at the moment
we're the only cover you've got.

Have a seat.

Look, all I want to do
is talk to your friend Jagger.

Okay, then here's what I want.

There's a big exhibition jump
in DC next weekend.

I want to go,
but my parole officer won't let me.

- Keep talking.
- Well, see, you got a big problem here.

The only way you're gonna learn
anything is if you hang out with the best.

And right now, you're kind of sticking out
like a Cub Scout in a whorehouse.


Bad news, man,
you're not gonna believe what happened.

I reach your parole officer
and you work me in with these guys, right?

Oh, and another thing...


Burn in. Drinks up!

Blue skies!

- Black death!
- Black death!

What the hell is that?

It means some skydiver somewhere
burned in today.

- What does that mean?
- As in, crash landed. Dead.

They're gonna ring that bell and
raise a toast every hour till midnight.

- Great tradition.
- Who hammered in?



The cops found him with a fat sack
of cocaine on him.

He was stuck up in some power lines.

Power lines?

What, he just floated
into the power lines, Sel?

It's just what I heard. I'm sorry.

- No, that's not possible.
- Jessie, I'm sorry. Where are you going?

If you want my help,
you pay for me and the airplane.

- Okay, how much?
- $15,000.

- $15,000?
- That's what it costs.

What do you care, anyway?
It's the government's money.

I don't work for the government anymore.

I'll talk to you later.

What's up, man?



- Good news. Good news, Mr. Moncrief.
- What's that?

Our client has found your offer
quite interesting.

We're all just a little concerned
about the fact

that you used to be an agent for the DEA.

Used to be. Used to be is why
I'm worth something to you.

Right, right, well your past
leaves a bad taste in our client's mouth.

You have to do better than that.

If the taste was bad, gentlemen,
you wouldn't be here.


What I'm offering you,
no one else in the world can provide.

No one else.

I'm willing to prove it
by doing it one time for free.

Then when we meet again,
you tell your boss to bring his wallet.

Payment in full.

Simple as that.

Then we have a deal.
Thanks for lunch. Let's go.

Go! You're up.

I'm not ready. I'm not ready.
I'm not ready. I'm not ready!



Torski, these are computers.

- Silent movies for 400, please.
- ALEX TREBEK: Answer there...


Who is Jackie Cooper?

Coogan. Jackie Coogan, stupid...



- We gotta go.
- Damn it. Give me some space!

Hey, how are you doing?
I've got a surprise for you here.


My God. Look at this.
Too bad we're not in the drug business.

- Come on, Leedy.
- I've almost got it.

- There.
- Where are you...

Can I help with anything?

You're making me nervous.
Would you just get away?

You got two minutes, Earl.

- What can I do to help you?
- Shh! I've got access.

Good. Good.

LEEDY: I'm into the system.

- Wanna run this up to the evidence locker?
- You got it, babe.

MAN: Hey, Judy, Judy, wait up.

Baby, don't come down here.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.




- The elevator's coming up.
- Roger that.

- Earl, we have to close that now.
- Okay! Okay! All right, okay.


LEEDY: Here they come.

Look at him.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

- We've got to go. Close it down.
- Don't rush me. They'll know we were here.

You did good. Move it.

Stay. Go! Go!

- MONCRIEF: We're moving, Torski.
- Got you.


Oh, yeah.




TORSKl: God damn it!
Fucking Leedy threw up all over me.


The daring late-night theft netted criminals

over $50,000 worth of drugs
stolen from this protective enclosure.

The thieves hid out
in the building's maintenance area

untiI everyone had gone home.

An intensive Internal Affairs review
is underway,

since access to these areas is strictly
limited to station personneI.

Reporting from Miami headquarters,
I'm Diana Morales. Back to you.

I have to admit it, you're good, but so am I.

LEEDY: Here come
your Miami undercover agents.


(LAUGHING) These narcs are walking
around somewhere thinking they're alive.

Excellent. Thank you, carry on.


So, is that it?

- Am I done?
- No, a little while longer.

Is this the Marshal, the other Marshal?
The one on the plane?

- LEEDY: You told me you took care of him.
- Don't worry about him.

What do you mean, don't worry about it?
The guy you killed is his brother.

Leedy! I said don't worry about him.
I'll take care of my end of it, okay?

MAN 1: Radical.
MAN 2: All right, man, right behind you.

Yeah, I'm ready, man.

- Where's your car?
- Don't ask.

- Well, very, very cool bike.
- Air time.


Where's my team?

All right, all right, they're upstairs.

- All right.
- Come on.

BOBBY: Looking good, guys.
Good formation. That's great.

- Hey, Bobby.
- Hey, Jess.

- How you doing?
- How you doing, baby?

I'm getting together a team for the DC jump.
What about it?

- Hell, yes. Are you kidding me?
- Cool. Have you seen Swoop around?

No, not for a while. I heard that crazy
bastard was living on the street, though.

(LAUGHING) Yeah, right. What else is new?
I think I know where he's at.

We'll find him and Hockridge
and we've got ourselves a team.

- I'm in. Good to see you.
- All right. Good to see you.

Jess, come here.
Hockridge is out, he busted his ankle.

- What?
- It wasn't even on a jump.

He slipped getting out of the bathtub.

But, you see, I figure I could take his place,
no problem.

What have you logged, sweet pea,
a whole 20 jumps?

Come on, Jess, when was the last time
you actually saw me jump?

No, he is looking a lot better, Jess.
I've been giving him some extra air time.

- He's good.
- You give me half the chance,

- I'll slice the sky to pieces.
- Look, Selly, I don't need an Indiana Jones.

I need somebody who's good
and who takes orders, period.

Well, I like the kid's attitude.
He's got a lot of enthusiasm.

I think he does, too, but enthusiasm can
get you killed up there. Thank you, Pete.

- I can get Burt, he'll be here next week.
- No, I can't deal with Burt.

Can I have your attention, please?

All right, Selly, you're in.
But here's the drill.

First of all, you're our mechanic,
so please keep the plane flying.

Second of all,
if you hotdog on me, you're gone.

And third, Winona,
keep a watch on the extra air time.

Come on, let's go.

I'm taking Pete, we're gonna go find Swoop.

- Swoop? He's a nutcase.
- Swoop is cool. Swoop! Swoop!

Swoop you.

- PETE: I'm jumping, right?
- Jumping out of a plane?

No, I need you alive
to deal with my probation officer.

- Come on, Jess, I'm serious.
- So am I. I'm a good teacher,

but nobody's good enough
to get you up to exhibition level in a week.

Jess, here's the deal.

Something tells me I'm not going to find
who I'm looking for down here, right?

So, I gotta go up there.

If I don't jump, we've got no deal.

All right, you're an alternate, you train,
but you don't jump the exhibition.

Way to go, kid.

JESSIE: Swoop.
PETE: Why are we up here, again?

JESSIE: Swoop!


PETE: What the hell would he be doing
over there?


SWOOP: Over here.

- Hey, Swoop.
- Hey!

- What are you doing?
- PETE: Jeez.

How about this, huh?
The fine folks of this building

asked if I'd just come out here
and do a few windows, this and that.


- I need you for a team, Swoop.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? How much does it pay?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

All your jumps are paid for.

So, how about those jumps, there, Jess,
are they paid for?

- Yeah, they are.
- Didn't I just say that to him?

Yeah, but if he hasn't jumped with you,
he won't talk to you. He won't.

Well, I am going to have to require
a free T-shirt, Jess.

- What? Can we get him a free T-shirt?
- Yes. Tell him he can have a T-shirt.

- Okay. Free T, Swoop. Whatever you want.
- Yeah!

- Swoop. Yeah.
- My lucky day.

Here, give me a hand.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!


SWOOP: All right! It opened.


That ain't funny. That ain't funny, man.
Did you know about this?


PETE: Find what you're looking for?

- How long have you been following me?
- Ever since you decided to be my friend.

What's this all about?

When a skydiver burns in, the cops bring
the rig to a safety officer for inspection.

- And this is Jagger's.
- And... What?

There's nothing wrong with this rig.

Which means
he would have had to screw up big time

in order to float into those power lines.

And there's no way that happened.
He had help.

PETE: Aren't these supposed to be metal?
JESSIE: Yeah, it's a smuggler's rig.

- A what?
- It's a smuggler's rig.

Drug runners custom-make them
out of high-density fabric to escape radar.

- There's no metal in them.
- Would these pass through airport security?

- JESSIE: Yeah, probably.
- Damn!

What? Pete!

Put this back right where you found it,
all right?

You listen to me, these people are killers.
You leave the cop stuff to me.

All right.


- Milton.
- PETE: Mike. Wake up, Mike. This is Nessip.

Pete. What?

I got an envelope that I'm delivering to you
with a piece of nylon in it.

I want you to examine it for explosives,
all right?

Explosives? Nylons? Are you dating
that Mongolian feminist again?


Look, I need your help on this, Mike.

I thought you were on suspension...

PETE: Suspension. You can say it.

Yeah, I am.
That's why I need you to do this for me.

Just examine it for explosives, alloys,
powder, whatever you can find. Anything.

This is the Justice Department.
We don't have time for that.

Mike, just do it, okay?

All right. And don't tell them it's for me,
or else they'll fire your ass.

Why can't you just be calling
to borrow money like usual, Pete?


- Let's go.
- Go in.



MAN: Come on! Get in there.


Yeah, watch this.


- He isn't balancing at all.
- Yeah.








- BOBBY: Watch it coming down.
- I love it. Oh, yeah!

Crash and burn.


Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

I love it! I love it! What a ride! What a ride!

Need for speed.


That was great! That was great!
It was incredible!

How did I do?

Come on, what's with him?
I jumped with him. What's the deal?

I don't think he counts
what you just did as a jump.

He's kind of funny that way.

Well, what kind of other jump is there?

There's only one kind ofjump
and I did a sweet one, if I must say.

MILTON: My buddy, Luxem,
ran the lab on your nylon.

This is serious guacamole.

Look at this. He found C-4 explosive,
flash-bang residue, high-grade alloys.

I mean, you ain't dealing
with a cat burglar, Pete.

Yeah, but it means I'm in the right place.
Tell your friend I owe him one.

No need, I promised him
you'd paint his house this summer.

The chopper's aboard.

Good to see you.

Hey, how you doing?
Good to see you again.

- How are you?
- Good to see you.

- Welcome. Welcome aboard.
- Thank you.

- Follow me, please.
- We've tested your free sample

and decided we want more.

There's only one way
you're gonna get more.

Your price is rather large.

So are the results.

Good evening, everyone. Welcome aboard.

I'm only interested
in long-term investments.

What happens when the DEA
replaces their dead agents? And they will.

You're buying a very sophisticated
data service.

Once we're in the DEA computer, we're in,
and we'll update you whenever they do.

And the charge for this update?

$2 million a month

for the operations and names
of every undercover DEA agent in the world.

What can I say?

When do we see the list?

The day after Thomas Jefferson died,
July 5th. God bless America.

ANNOUNCER: All right, settle down,
everybody, settle down.

And welcome to DC.

ALL: Yeah!


The jump tomorrow is one you're gonna
tell your grandchildren about.

We're jumping
into the city's fireworks display

and coming right down in Potomac Park.


That's right.

Everybody settle down.

That's right, a 34-way carousel dive.

Got Jack in the center
surrounded by a nine-way star,

outside of that, a 24-way star.

The judges today determine who gets
to jump tomorrow, and who doesn't.

You wanna be in a big fireworks show,
you'd better fly your butts off.

You need 10 points or better to qualify.

That's all I've got to say.
Let's load them up and skydive!

SWOOP: Four hundred,
450. Something like that.


- What kind of competition is that?
- SWOOP: A vicious competition, man.

Ten points I gotta get?

Hey, Swoop,
how did you fix in with this group, man?

- It's a little embarrassing, isn't it?
- It's all right. It's all right.

What are you, a comedian?
Why don't you fuck off?


Nice landing, man!

- You are bad!
- That's my man.

My chute!

- All right. All right. Okay.
- All right.


Okay, that's 10 points for Moncrief's team.

- That's 10 points for Crossman's team.
- Both teams qualify.


Hey, Torski, watch your butt!

Hey! Hey!

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Hey, get the hell out of my face, man.

- Hey! Hey, you, you son of a bitch.
- Merry Christmas, asshole.

- Holy shit. What's that guy doing?
- ANNOUNCER: It looks like a gift wrap.

Rock and roll!


TORSKl: God damn it!

TORSKl: Get away from me.
Get away from me.


Son of a bitch!

Get away. No, get the hell away from me!

Bunch of assholes!

High five.

ALL: (CHANTING) Swoop! Swoop!
Swoop! Swoop!

Swoop! Swoop! Swoop! Swoop!


Thank you.

- Who's the guy with Torski?
- JESSIE: Ty Moncrief.

He's military or something.
He shows up now and then for big jumps.

I got to go strangle the weasel.

You do that, Pete.

- That guy was right.
- We'll mess things up.

- Look who's here, Deucie.
- Knock yourself out, man.

- Mr. Comedian.
- We're just jumpers, here.

- What do you think you're doing, sport?
- Can't we all just...

You think it's funny?
You wanna play with me?

You son of a bitch.


How are you doing now, sport?

You wanna do this?
You want to play with me, son?

How do you like that?


- Yeah, the toilet's stopped up, man.
- Yeah?

- Why don't you go use a tree?
- A tree?

- Yeah, right there, see?
- Okay.

That's okay. I'm sorry.
I'm environmentally conscious.

Why don't you try this on for a while?

Hey, man, none of this is
any of your business,

unless you want me to make it such,
so why don't you get out of here?

You fuck with my team, you fuck with me.

Hey, fuck you and fuck your team.

I look out for everyone.

Come on. Come on.

Swoop. Swoop. Watch your head. Come on.



PETE: So, what about this Ty Moncrief?

Jagger did a couple of drug carries for them
three years ago. Thanks.

Is he good enough to be
one of the people I'm looking for?

If I find out that he killed Jagger,
it won't matter how good he is.

Well, why would he risk showing his face
around here?

I mean, what's so special
about this DC jump?

Well, the 4th-of-July exhibition, Pete,
it's the biggest thing in the world.

I mean, Washington, DC is a drop zone.

Any other day,
it's the most restricted air space.

That's why every skydiver worth his ass
wants in on this load.

- Where exactly are they putting down?
- Sel, pass me that map.

Please. Thank you.

It's right there,
right by the Washington Monument.

PETE: You mean a jumper could put down
anyplace he wanted to?

I myself am going to make a landing
right in Abe Lincoln's lap.

Jess, you tell the new guy, "Thanks. "


Yeah, tell him, "Anytime. "
I enjoyed it.

- Can I keep this?
- Sure.

All right, see you, guys.

That's him. That's what
I've been trying to tell you all along.

- I know. I know.
- And I'm telling you,

we'd better take this son of a bitch out

- before he shuts us down.
- Shut up. Shut up.

This is real simple.
Cops can smell dead cops 100 miles away.

We keep their team on the ground,
they'll never touch us.

- I see. So how do you plan on doing that?
- By taking out their leader.


This is Jessie's trailer.

Not much longer, man, we've gotta move.

Have a nice trip.

Patrick, get this off to Chicago
and wait for the fax. It's number six.

PETE: Tom.

- Holy shit. What the hell happened to you?
- I've got to talk to you.

Come on in here.
Patrick, let me know when that comes in.

Working undercover while on suspension
violates your sworn oath.

Not to mention 20 different laws.

- Me accessing his file makes it 21.
- I'm in the middle of them.

As a matter of fact,
I found one of the chutes from the 747.

- Did you know that?
- Yeah. Yeah.

If you've got evidence,
make your case to the FBl.

You're going to have to do better than this
Ty Moncrief fellow. He's DEA. See that?

- Moncrief is DEA?
- Honorably discharged eight months ago.

I'll bring his service record up
so you can see it.

What the hell's going on
with this computer?


Peter. Pete!

ANNOUNCER: Okay, folks, check it out.
Demo jumpers,

we've got about a 12-minute call
to dress rehearsal. Twelve-minute call.

Let's naiI this one, puppies.
We've gotta naiI this one.

- Guys, has anyone seen Nessip?
- Who? No.

Pete. No.

What's your problem, ace?

What's the matter, sweet pea?

Nothing, I mean, I'm not the pro here,

I don't want to be the one
to screw things up.

Sel, you're not going to screw anything up.

Listen to me. This rig, it logged two world
titles for Jagger and one for me, all right?

You wanna wear this?

This mean I don't have to wear
that stupid helmet?

Sel, no, you don't gotta wear
the stupid helmet. How's that, all right?


- Yeah! Let's jump!
- The star!


- I'm ready.
- Hold on, hotdog.

- Time to go.
- SWOOP: Come on, let's go.

BOBBY: Let's get out there.
JESSIE: Do it!


Shit. Somebody didn't open.

Selkirk, cut away. Damn it.

Cut away.

I can't get it.

Cut away.

4,000 feet.

Swoop, get him. God damn.

- Two grand. Pull it!
- Pull it!

- Pull it.
- Pull it.

Come on, pull. Come on.


Paramedics to the water area now!


We need a medic over here.

- God, what happened to him?
- It's not good.

Sel, can you hear us? Please.
God damn it, get this off him.

- Stay with us, Selly.
- JESSIE: Oh, Bobby, he's not breathing.

He's not breathing.

SWOOP: He tried to pull it,
it just wouldn't work.

JESSIE: God. Get up!
SWOOP: Here we go.

BOBBY: Get us a medic, God damn it.
Stay with us, Selly.

- I hear it. I hear it.
SWOOP: Yeah! Yeah!

Selkirk, buddy.

- He's breathing. He's breathing.
- There you go.

- He's breathing.
- PARAMEDIC: Look out, let me in here.

- Look out. You all right?
- He's breathing.

SWOOP: Okay. Good job. Good job.



- PARAMEDIC: You're going to be okay.
- You're gonna be okay, buddy.

- PARAMEDIC: Can you hear me?
- It's okay.

- Sel.
- Take it easy.

- We're right here, buddy.
- Sorry, guys, but you can't stay in here.

We're going to stay right here with you,
buddy, all right?

You can meet us at the hospital,
but nobody rides in the van.

- Bullshit, we're family.
- Nobody.

Hey, guys, don't worry about it, right?
You guys have gotta jump anyway.

Get the hell out of here.
Just tell Jess her rig's broken.

All right, man, we'll see you at the hospital.

Where the hell is Jessie?

Winona, let's get this plane in the air.
We're going after Ty's plane.

- Who's this?
- I'm a US Marshal.

Now, you can read about it later.

No way, later. We're going.
Come on. Crank it up.

- MAN: I want to jump!
- Okay, let's go.

- Let's go.
- Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go!


Let's go. Chutes on. Let's go.

Here we go.



We're so close to pulling this off.
All you have to do...

Hey, surprise!

Only one of you really has to die.
So tell me, who killed Jagger?

How about me? You wanna try me?

You come here, I'll shoot you
right in between the fucking eyes!

Jesus, Jessie, bad idea...

You look like a little boy
without a chute, Jessie.


- I knew it was you, Ty.
- Stay there.

You don't know what you're doing.

You don't know what the fuck you're doing.

Let me tell you about Jagger.
He betrayed you.

He left you in prison to rot like jailbait.
This is his girlfriend.

You meant nothing to him. He's dead.
You're on the wrong...

Sit down.

Get off of me.

- Get off.
- Throw her out.

Throw her out.

MONCRIEF: Jump. Jump, Jessie, I dare you.

- Oh, shit.
- Jess.


- She's got a lot ofjuice.
- Yeah, but she ain't got no wings, man.

MONCRIEF: Let's go, get our chutes on.

We've lost them.

They sure as hell weren't tracking
for the fireworks.

I know where Ty's headed.

He's going to the DEA building.
Right near the drop zone.

- Should I radio for backup?
- Yeah, right.

First they'll laugh at you,
then they'll throw your ass in jail.

Jesus, Mary, priest!


BOBBY: She's hanging on the footrail.
What the hell is she doing?

I know exactly what she's doing.
It's the only trick I know.

- BOBBY: Swoop, what are you doing?
- I'm not going to miss this.



SPOCK ON TV:... reveals nothing.

I suggest his mind has been so conditioned
as part of a preconceived plan.

GUARD: God damn, look at this dweeb.

You think by the 23rd century
they'd have better toupees than that.

- They all wear wigs on that show.
- Not Spock.

- He got the ears.
- What the hell are you talking about?

All clear up here.
I'm going to the 19th floor.


GUARD: Little power hit.

Probably burning down the kitchen again.

Joanne, are you cooking again?

We've had a couple power spikes.

No, you guys want to order a pizza?
I'm starving.

All right, we're in.

MONCRIEF: Radio check.

LENA: Three.


SPOCK ON TV: Not now.

There is no logic in Thelev's attack
upon the Captain. There is no logic...



- Is it going to work?
- It's going to work.

Come on, come on, come on.


Go, go, go, go, go.

- Leedy. Earl. Earl!
- Leedy, quickly.

Where are you? Come on.


- We're all clear.
- Good.

Okay, we're into the game.

Come on.

How smart can one man be?

Jimmy Sansome, Jesus Christ,
that guy used to hit on me.

This guy's a Fed?

- Deuce, run code blue. Are you ready?
- Yeah, copy, Ty. I'm ready to rock and roll.


It's cool up here. The chutes are ready.

- What the...
- Look out!


What's the matter, you can't fly?

Swoop, get away from the door. Follow me.

Come on, get him up.

You're dead, dead.

Oh, thank God!

MONCRIEF: Listen up.
Stage 1 is completed.

Stay focused, we're right on schedule.

Yeah. Well, the schedule's gonna change.

- Come on. Are you okay?
- There you go.

- Swoop, stay here. Don't rob him, okay?
- Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay.

- I'm going for help.
- Okay, easy, take it easy. Easy.

She's going for help.

GUARD: What the hell?

Joanne, come back to me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I got you.

GUARD: Joanne, we've got a circuit trip,
says a washer trolley is moving.

Check it out, will you?

(WITH SCOTTISH ACCENT) Hi, we might be
under attack from Klingons.

Maybe they got food. Okay, I'm on my way.

I'll be back.

Ty, the elevator's moving.

Stop it on this floor.
I'm coming to meet you.

Stay with Leedy.


(WHISPERING) Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Give him the gun, give him the gun.

It's okay, don't panic. Why don't you
radio down and tell them everything's fine,

you're okay? Tell them you're fine.

Nothing going on up here.

We're still getting
a washer-trolley signal, though.

- Probably just a short.
- Roger. Yeah, thank you.

You're dismissed.

You take care of her. I'm letting them know.

Oh, my God!

- Oh, fuck!
- MONCRIEF: What? Whoa!

God damn it! You go up on the roof.

Kara, check the floor. I'm coming
with Leedy. I'm with the magician.

You're on the roof. I need you.
Come on, come on, let's go.

- All right, Leedy, I'm right outside.
- What? Where are you going? Hey!



I'm calling for backup.

Call the fire department, too.
We got smoke on the 20th floor.


Close it out. Close it out. Now!



- Ty...
- You little... God damn it.


- Are you proud of yourself?
- Ty, get off me.

Come on. Come on, go, go.

I'll be right back, okay?
Okay, I'll be right nearby.

- Right nearby, okay?
- All right. All right.


Jessie, what do you want me to do?


- Leedy, don't you move.
- What?

Wait, wait. No, wait, wait.

- Don't move.
- You got them. You got them.

You've got them on hijacking, murder,
smuggling, kidnapping, cruelty to animals.

Look what they did to me.
They took my finger...


Thought you'd get away from me, huh?

Earl. Earl, you disappoint me.
They're going to put you away if you go in.

Who's your friend?

Look, I was just trying to stall them for you.

You're the reason your little brother's dead,
you idiot.

Families shouldn't fly together.

That's all right, you'll meet him again.
I guarantee that.

And when you do,
he's gonna bust your ass.

You try and stop me, or bring me
somewhere, you're fucked!

He's bluffing, Jessie.
He needs this little bastard.

Don't you think about it!

LEEDY: Shoot him, shoot him dead!

Freeze! Drop your weapons.

I said drop them!


Leedy? Leedy!


Oh, shit!




I'm going for it.



Oh, Jesus. Look, guys,
is this really necessary? I'm not that hurt.

You know, I've been through worse
than this before.

LEEDY: I will personally write the President

and recommend that you receive
commendation for your actions.

Now, if you'll just maintain your stations
here, and secure this location,

I'll be checking the rest of the area.

- Jerry.
- Dupont, Ted.

- Yes, very good work.
- With a "J."

Leedy. Leedy.
Leedy, you come back here. Leedy.

Leedy. Stop that guy. Stop.
The one with the bozo hairdo.

Leedy. Jesus, listen to me. Listen to me.

He's wearing a DEA jacket. Stop...

Leedy, you come... Leedy!
Leedy! Stop that guy.

(LAUGHING) No way.

Don't make me roll after you.
You better not make me roll after you.

Yeah, that guy right there.
He's one of the bad guys.



Fucking awesome, man.


Way to go, Swoop!

Hey, man, it's the other leg, man.

JESSIE: All right, I'll see you in a bit.
BOBBY: All right.

Pete! Hi, Pete, are you all right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Well, you jumped, you lived.
That's a good start.

Yeah. Maybe in another 40 or 50 years
I'll try it again.

Pete! Pete, Pete, Pete.

- Swoop!
- Hey, Pete, Pete.

- Listen, talk to these guys, okay?
- We want to help you.

Okay? Tell them that my leg is broke, okay?

Anything you want, Swoop.
Anything you want, brother.