Drop (2009) - full transcript

After dropping out of private school, Hiroshi enrolls at a public school and falls in with a pack of unruly thugs. He loves the reckless partying, smoking and boozing - but can he hang when a rivalry with a biker gang leads to countless bloody brawls?

Go to hell!

When did he transfer here?


He's funny. Bring him along.

Sorry, please wait.

Why break up all of a sudden?

I'm going to transfer to the public school and become a yob

Why do you want to become a yob?

You don't have to transfer, you can still stay in this school.

People will look down on private school.

The field for yobs is public school.

Go away!

Shinanogawa-san from the private school, right?

Why you transfer here at a time like this?

Because of yob I guess.

Who is that transfer student?

Come and play with me for a while.

Komakita Middle School Year 3, Morigi Takashi.


where do you want to go?

Stop talking, hurry up!

Komakita Middle School Year 3, Wankou.

So, you're the transfer student?

It must be tough for you since the first day.

Tatsuya, he is here.

Komakita Middle School Year 3, Lupine

Hold on.

Komakita Middle School Year 3, Iguchi Tatsuya.

May I know why did you ask me to come here?

Just for fun.

But it doesn't seem funny.

Hey, next time don't speak like that to me again!

I didn't say anything.

What are you saying?

I don't know whether it's true or not.

But I really didn't say a thing.


Bastard! If you still try to escape again,

I will really beat you up!

Would it be weird if he is able to hit him while he escape?

Hey, don't kill him!

Human won't die easily.


He's still alive.

I've told you, he won't just die like that.

Come on!

Stop fighting starting from now on.

Fighting? With who?

Me and you.

Hold on, why we'll fight all of a sudden?

Do we need a reason to start a fight?


I want to transfer to the public school and become a yob.

If you don't know how to fight,

don't style your hair like that.

That's unfair!

I was beaten without any reason just because I was from the private school.

I'll be beaten because of my hairstyle like this.

I don't want to let anyone look down on me!

I'm so sick of you.

I said I am so sick of you!

What did you say?

I am a yob!

Come on.

You're so funny!

Come on.

Come on!


Stand up. -Don't touch me!

Let go of me, bastard!

What a jerk, I'm gonna kill you!


So fast you call to stop?

He's like that.

I'm hungry.

Let's go to eat ramen.

You don't have money, right?

Do you have any money, Lupine?

Me again? -Since you stole it from someone.

Hey, what is your name?

What is your name?!



Let's go eat ramen together.

You don't want to come along?

I'm going.

I'm going...I'm going.

Are you alright?

It's painful...

Like that, Hiroshi has become a yob gratifyingly.

Ouch... -Are you okay?

Forget about that.

There are only four persons in our school?

Public school is just like this?

There are still many in another schools.

Because of the chaos created by Tatsuya,

everyone is our enemy now.


Welcome, you guys are really here.

Hey guys! -Yo, Miyuki!

He is Hiroshi, the transfer student. She is Miyuki from second year.

How are you?

What has happened to your face?

We had a fight just now.

You fought with people again? -Nonsense!

He looks so pitiful.

I'm okay.

Okay. -Thanks.

You're not a yob.

I'm not a yob, just a normal person.

Before that,

Miyuki is Tatsuya's girlfriend.

Don't crap!

I see.

What is that look?

Are you disappointed?

I am not! -I know...

There is an actress who resembles Miyuki a lot in a porn.

I'll borrow you that.

Really? -Aren't you happy? -Wait, don't be like that.

Stupid, of course not. About what he said just didn't mean Miyuki,

I mean I'm happy you borrow me a porn.

I have some porns too,

but the actress doesn't look like Miyuki. She's only an aunty.

Really? Then you must be every disappointed.

Not really.

I was disappointed because of that aunty.

What? Aunty?

Don't you feel disappointed.

Just borrow me, I'm fine with aunty.

Can you bear with that?

So painful!

WanKou! You frighten me!

You look so cool.

Where's Hideshi? Up there.

Oh, Hiroshi. -Come down and eat.

Give me a minute.

So painful...

Don't be like that. -Stop smoking.

Why sister is here?

She is Hideshi's girlfriend.

Hideshi should say something.

You look swell.

You lost in that fight?

I didn't lose -You've just transferred into another school and you only know how to fight! -You're so noisy.

What's the problem? A fool like that

has gained his experience for the first time.

That's why.

You lost, right? -I didn't lose.

Don't eat the sushi while smoking.


You used to like exercising, didn't you?

That time will come.

That time when I'll have to put in 10 times more effort than others.

That's why you need to be powerful.

I am powerful.

And you must show your best that time.

That's all.

Hideshi, you've been treating Hiroshi so kind.

What did you say?

You have lost, right? -Stop bothering me.

I have lost!

What a loser still shouting while you've lost.

Let's work!

Yes. Alright, get back to work.

I'm so sleepy.

If it's like that, I should have done better that time.

You weren't determined.

All the best. Take care.

You're so stinky, stinky! It's okay.

Smell it! Smell it! Smell it!

How's everyone?


Are you happy? -I'm very happy.

I see. Have you met any friend?

Yes, I do.

There's a guy called Lupine, he's good at fighting.

Why you say that?

What is so great about that ? -It's hard to say.

Except he doesn't fight.

Besides stealing, I didn't do anything wrong.

That's it.

Some more, WanKou.

He is very strong.

He will bite people when fighting. -Bite people?

He won't let go once he bites.

And also, Morigi.

He is a very devious fellow.

That's enough. -And the nasty teacher of our school.

Good morning.

Morning! Don't style your hair like that!

You breach the rule.

You tell me lack of how many inches from the knee?

Tell me now! Take a look! And tell me!

That teacher will do sumo during his class.

It's a violation to pop your ass out.

The person who has beaten him up till his entire

ass was shown has become the hero of our school.

Moreover, there's a guy calles Tatsuya.

He is good too.

Previously, there was a guy named Teru.

He looks like a black gorilla.

That's all.

Lately, Tatsuy always win as well.

It's like a war.

It seems tough. -But it's fun.

I'm sorry.

My friends are here, I have to go.

Take care.

Hey, what to do now?

Go to my place. Where's the helmet?

What the hell is this? Pink color. -it's nothing to do with color.

Get out now!


Don't be like that.

Do you all know what time is it now?

Mind your own business!

Or I'll kill you!

That is the person I saw that day when I just transferred, right?

Yes. He's Sumida.

What a jerk!

Calling my dad again.

Let's go.

Go where? He's holding a katana.

That's just a fake knife. Fake knife?

It is not real. Can't cut a thing. Though it can't cut a thing,

but is still a knife, can kill people.

Don't worry. -This one is too short.

It's not the matter of whether short or long, but is the force.

Not the force. Is the length. -Is the force. Force!

And defeat the rival with all his strength.

If you think you will be killed by the katana,

then fight back with a slash.

Come have a drink at my house.

I want to fight today.

What are you so sissy? At least you need a knife.

It's so choosy. -No, this is not choosy.

Please wait for a while, I want to make a phone call.

It's troublesome. -Why are you saying everything's troublesome everytime?

Alright, let's go. -Wait

You're so troublesome. Take this.

This is pink. -it's nothing to do with color.

Is it written LOVE AND PIECE?

You're so troublesome, take this and smash down up from the head, that's it.

Helmet is for protection, not to harm people.

You have no guts.

I am not.

Come over here. Now!

You all are giving me a headache! -Gangsters.

Dad? -He's your dad?


You all are making noise here while I'm sleeping.

What a jerk! -I'm sorry.

What are you all doing with that katana?

Bastard, you're leaving like that?

Go away!

Hiroshi! -Bastard!

So painful!

Move now, Hiroshi!


Get out now! Get out now!

Get your ass out of there now!


What a jerk!

What a jerk!

What a jerk!

Go to another place if you want to fight, rascal! Not my fault they came here on their own.

Don't you be too mean.

I'll kill you, bastard!

Dare you come over here, coward!

Come over here now, fool!

Are they really father and son?

You bastard you're the bastard!

Oh my god!

Run, quick! Bastard!

Let's run away now. Don't you run!

They are fighting.

I'm so sick of you! I'm so sick of you! I'm so sick of you!

Wait, not me. You stupid!

Don't be like that.

He is the one who starts the fight. Don't resist!

Really not me, bastard!

Don't resist! -I've said that it wasn't me. You fool!

I've said that it wasn't me. You fool!

Fool, I've said that it wasn't me!

What are you doing?

Who are you? Bastard! -I'm a cop.

Who is a cop?

You don't look like a cop at all.

You're so irritating. -What are you doing?

You bastard!

What are you saying? Who the hell are you, bastard?! Bastard!

What the hell are you doing now, bastard?!

Don't be like that, bastard!

Why you wanna fight?

It doesn't need a reason to fight.

Not again.

Is your dad alright?

I think he'll be released by tomorrow.

Your dad is a gangster, Tatsuya?

Used to be.

I see. What is he doing now?

He's just a taxi driver. -Why is he no longer a gangster?

Stop talking about my dad, just eat.

Then why come to a family restaurant?

Does this need a reason?

You're not cool.

Not at all.

It's just the same.

I've borrowed 10.000 yen from mom.

I'll treat you.

Have you take your order?

Why your body shapes like a dragon?

I'm sure they'll like you.

Who are you all talking about?

You pay for the bill.

Didn't you say you have money?

I was just lying.

Why are you lying? I don't know

about your intention. -Because it is fun.

What do you mean then?

I have only 500 yen.

I have 20 yen only.

How dare you come out without any money?!

Why are you laughing?

Tatsuya, how much do you have? -Not even 1 yen.

How can you stay that calm still?

Let me tell you,

you all have eaten, and you all are the accomplice too.

I don't know.

This is not funny!

Stop laughing and do something!

Just call Lupine and that's all.

You're right.

Oh no! He has gone to his grandma's place.

Why this feeling?

Then just call Miyuki to send the money over.

Why are you so nervous?

I am not nervous. This is normal. You're nervous.

Impossible that I'll fall in love with Tatsuya's girlfriend. I'm fine with that.

Just go after her.

I want to break up with her. Why?

I wanna make a phone call.

He has a new girlfriend.


You're irritating.

All thanks to you then.


That's great, Hiroshi!

I'm okay.

When will Miyuki come?

I'm not sure. After bathing she'll come.

Hiroshi, she's bathing now.


Are the boobs of your new girlfriend huge, Tatsuya?

What is her bra's size? Is G cup.

So big!


Is G!


What are you guys doing?


So are you all the one?

What do you want to do with that?

Don't move!

You're irritating.

Get out now!

Stand right there!

Go to hell!

Stand right there!

Hey, are you still alive?


What?! No big deal!

You're swell!

Who are you all?


I am the red warrior.

I am the white warrior.

No. That's not it.

What the hell are red warrior, white...white warrior?

You all are merely puppets.

Who is your leader?

You all,

remember this well.

Not long after,

I'm gonna kill you all!

You're welcome anytime.

Don't ever underestimate us.

Remember this!

What has happened?


Tatsuya, are you alright?

Are you alright?

Is that you?

Are you alright?

You lost again?

He was fainted dan taken away by the ambulance.

Don't act recklessly. -I know.

You always lose.

Get out now!

Don't go any where today, stay home.

Yes. I know. -We'll go to Disneyland today.

Why are you wearing suit?

Normally people go to Disneyland in suit.

You just have to wear casual.

Let's go.

It's too irritating.

You've frightened me.

Stop talking nonsense, hurry.

That's disgusting.

Here he comes.


Is You-kun here?

Miyuki, huh?

What's going on?

Can I go visit you now?

Come to my place?


No, it isn't. -Then I'll go now.


That's great.

I'm coming.

I'm here for your delivery.

What? Luggage?!


Sign here.


How many more still?

It's so hot.

I can't stand it anymore.


I'm sorry. Thanks.


Who is he?

I'm hungry already.

What else do you want?


What has happened to you?

Are you okay?

Come in.

Have a drink.

You must be thirsty.

Drink all you want.

My house still has a lot of tea.

There's no juice.


I have a friend called Ono.

I have...

dumped by Tatsuya.

I see.

He said that.

I'm ugly.

You're not ugly.

You're a good man.

I'm just an ordinary man.

Why are you crying? -Because you're crying.

I cry so you cry as well?

It'll feel better if we cry together.

Am I right?

What do you mean?

Thank you.

Why thank me?


I see.

The phone is ringing.

I'll answer it.


You're so slow, pick up now. -Tatsuya...

What's going on? -Come to my house now.

Why all of a sudden?


From Tatsuya?


He askmed me to go.

I must go now.


Get rid of them now. -Get rid?

Rely on the force, just depend on the force. -My body can't move.

I'm relying on the force now, but...

Sumida is another story.

Are they famous?

They are very popular.

Most of the students are gangsters.

Most of them after leaving school,

will join the gangsters, Akagi and Katou were part of it

since year 2.

Now is the time to nominate the leader for the gang.

Enough, I don't want to do this anymore.

No worries! -No worries!

We can go.

But do you know where are they?

I don't know. -You don't know?

Then where you plan to go?

Just anywhere. -Impossible you can find them that easy.

No Bastards stay home sometimes too.

Don't you afraid. -I'm not afraid.

You don't be afraid.

You're irritating.

I'm talking about you.

Tatsuya, you seems like have just been beaten up by Akagi and Katou

What are you saying, Teri? Bastard!

Don't go there with a deformed body like that.

I am bored of fighting you.

What did you say just now? Wait.

Why are you here?

If you want to fight with Akagi and Katou,

I should tell you one thing.

My fellows have been beaten by Akagi and Katou too.

I'm finding them now.

Where are there? -I'm going too.

I'll bring you guys along too.

We'll bring you there.

Show us where.

How to go?

Hiroshi, help me take the car's key of my dad.

I don't think your dad will allow and borrow his car to his middle-school's son.

If you spoil it, I'll kill you.

He borrows me his car.

Alright, let's go.

Give it to me. Let's get into the car.

Why you're the one to drive? -You'll be the navigator.

Do you know how to drive?

Start the car now.

Your driving skill is just too lousy.

Then stop driving like that. -You're irrirating

Come over here.


Move faster.


Come over here now, faster!

You wanna join too?

I want.

Except stealing, you won't commit any other misdoing?

Avenge for friend is not a misdoing.

The way you talk is so cool.

Here there comes.

That's him.

Get into the car now.

Start the car immediately. What's going on?

I don't care. Bang him now!

No way Teru can do that with his skill!

Just leave it to me. -What has lifted your spirit?

Let's go.

Why are you driving so fast?

Drive faster. -Teru, don't! Teru!

Crash them now! -Stop the car, Teru!


That's great.

Nobody dies. -Human won't die that easy.

You all get over here now!


Open it now!

Why do they scatter?

You better stop!

So, you all did that?

We came as promised.

Stop it, bastard!

I'll kill you!

You better stop now! -Go to hell, you bastard!

You go to hell!

Stop joking, bastard!

Let go of me, crap! I'm gonna kill you

What are you saying?

Hiroshi, let's go! -Tatsuya, behind you!

That's him.

What are you doing?

C'mon, let's go. -None of your business.

Start the car quickly.


They are just too much.


Merry Christmas...

I'm for sure...

this one was stolen. -Yes.

You're gonna steal the jewelries soon.

No. I can't do that.

Have you tried before?

I'm sure you'll be detained someday.


Yes, Akagi must have been released.


Why are you here with us?

Is that a problem?

Has he been caught?

You didn't know? Just right after the fight.

The cops had taken him away in the patrol car. -Serious?

It'll happen again.

Just on time...

Just on time. No it's not just on time.

Don't you afraid. -They are gangster.

A team of around 200 persons.

Hold on.

Is the sound of the motorcycle.

It's approaching near.

It's getting nearer and nearer. Could it be them?

No way. It can't be that coincident.

It is just so coincidentally. Why are you all here?

Of course.

Only three or you?

Why you limit your amount of people?


You didn't bring those who have disappeared?

You should clean up your own shit.

It has nothing to do with my gang.

You didn't wear your emissary uniform?

About that...

It's just a coincident. -What is a coincident?

You're irritating... -So it has nothing to do with your gang.

I said no relation.

Really? -You're irritating.


You're really irritating.

We don't have to fight with his gang.

Whether is a gang or not,

just bring it on. -What did you say?

We had put our life to fight.

Now you have caught us,

impossible we're able to walk on the street again.

Who's that noob?

Just leave here to me.

You become alive

once you know his gang won't be coming.

You all stupid fella,

What are you saying?!

are those who are well-trained,

only can talk like that.

don't ever tell that you've put your life in. Stupid!

Then what are you?

We are very free everyday.

Only play and fight.

You're right.


We are very free as well.

Bring it on.

Tatsuya is more free than me.

Are you looking down on me? Wait.

What are you saying?!

You came here with three persons.

We also send out three as representatives.

One on one, and end it.


That's cool.

Iguchi, I'll fight you.

I can fight with whoever.

The decision is final.

You and me. -I refuse to fight with you.

Stop joking, you fool! -Wait.

No one wanna fight me.

I'll fight you.

That's great! Cheerio!

I respect you.

I'll fight you sooner later.

If I don't beat him today I'll be sorry for myself.

I have no choice.

Hold on.

You don't be mad.

Won't you feel bad?

Need not to fight with him.

He seems strong.

I'll wait for you all down at the temple.

Don't be afraid.

You're the one who's afraid.

It's been decided...

I'll fight with Akagi.

Is that so?


You might die.

You and me.


You didn't run. -We are here. No way we're gonna run.

You're not cute.

Who start the fight first?

Let's bet to decide. Alright, let's bet.


It's not suitable to bet for fighting.


What's going on? I'm the last one.

Bring it on now!

Bring it on!

Who did you mean?

You're just a yob. Needn't to warm up your body.

You're irrirating.

Doesn't he feel cold?

He's cold.


Alright. -Let go of me.


It's not over yet.

Stop fighting.

You'll be finished if you still fight.

Are you okay?


Beat him with all your might.

Teru, clean it up fast.

Piece of cake.

Stand up!

It's not over yet.

Alright, done.

Of course it just took a few seconds.

If it's like that, I don't have to fight anymore, right?

We've won!

Did you hear that? -Katou will be fighting too today.

He can't do it now.

What's more important now,

I'm really very angry with you.


You can't lose.

I know! You're just so irritating!

Why must everyone fight?

Should be partying at home.

Maybe you can't even celebrate Christmas.

Who is zombie?

Don't you be like that again next time.

Bring it on!

You're truly strong!

What's wrong with you?

Get up!

Morigi, please stop him! -You still can fight.

Come over here now!

Stop him! -Come here now!


Go to hell, you!

It's enough.


Katou will get rid of you.

You stop him, but it's too late.

I see.

A white Christmas.

And we too. Be careful.

Just in time.

What are you all doing?

Let's fight.


Come over here now!

Let's fight.

Let's fight. -Just in time.


How long more you wanna fight?

It's New Year eve.

It's already passed.

We didn't count down for the new year.

Now is already a brand new month.

You always come here after Christmas.

Come here to fight.

You all came to fight us too.

I don't wanna lose to you.

What are you talking about?


If you drop by everyday.

have some oat noodles, drink some beers, honey,

and watch movie till late night,

and drink again. As long as we're together,

isn't it happy?

Seriously, I'm hungry now.

Yesterday there was a year-end comedy broadcast on tv.

If Tatsuya is a murderer,

you all are his accomplice.

Don't just always fight,

you must build a strong team.

It means that,

we're the enemies since the beginning.

When we're under attack,

Follow Tatsuya.

Come to my house. -I'm hungry.

Let's go.

What to do?

Let's go then.

How about Tatsuya?

Up to you, let's go.

I'm hungry.

But, is it okay to

disturb you at time like this?

The night is asking you whether it'll bring you trouble?

The night is still, it seems as it is.

Nothing will happen.

Actually, you're a good man.

You're irritating.

Happy New Year...

I am really hungry already.

How hungry are you?

This just too tasty.


Where have you been, Hiroshi?

Happy New Year! -The oat noodles are very delicious.

My friends are here.

Any more soba for them?

You're irrirating. It'll be fine.

Hiroshi, don't talk to mom like that.

Ask them in.

Happy New Year!

Tatsuya-kun, what's wrong with your face?

I fought with them.

Good night.

It's already late. I'm sorry. Nice to meet you. I'm Akagi.

Happy New Year. -You are very polite.

These are your friends, Hiroshi?

We just knew each other today.


We fought before, but we're friends now.

Why you all always fight?

You're irritating, mom!

This is just like a co-curriculum

I am the one who stops them from fighting.

Well done.

No big deal.

I know.

I'll cook you all oat noodles.

And before that, everyone take a shower first.

You can't eat in a dirty status.

Let's have a seat, everyone.

It looks yummy.

It's so tasty.

Pardon me. -What is it?

I need to use your toilet a while.

You're very honest. -And polite.

This is good, isn't it? -You're a good boy.

He fights with people is still a good boy?!

Here is the toilet.

Sorry, can we have the oat noodles now?

Are you that hungry?

Nice ass!

Take a look, Hiroshi!


today is your convocation, right?

Go back to your school for convocation.

We won't be going since you all are not going.

You don't wanna be the gangster anymore?

I wanna quit and attend the high school.

You can't just make that decision out of a sudden.

I don't want since I don't have a bike.

I don't wanna wear a helmet like you. So don't worry.

I thought you wore helmet before.

Wasn't that cool? You little asshole.

That team they know boxing also.

I don't want to be beaten by people while I'm only 16.

Have no fear. -I'm not scared.

This is the problem of my hairstyle.

We won't join the team.

Beside Akagi, Katou and us,

there's a new gang.

Hold on, wouldn't that is bad.

Akagi and Katou won't leave his team easily.

That's not my problem.

Let's move, Hiroshi.

I'm so bored while you're not around. -Are you trying to please me?

Because I rely on you.

I feel so bad.

Since when it has become like this?

Stop talking like that.


Are you really that fragile?

I'm not crying. -Yes, you are.

It's just dust gets into my eyes.

You're still pretending.


What are you all doing here?


Hiroshi has left home but he didn't attend for the convocation.

Your sister contacted me.

Mind your own business.

You should go to school for the convocation.

That's irritating. I'm very irritating.

Though that's irritating,

but please at least listen to me once.

I might still see you guys.


someone may not see you again after today.

Don't disturb me.


Let's go, Tatsuya.

Get up.

Year Four.

You all seem high spirit.

And he...

...can no longer meet we all.

You're just so troublesome.

Let's go! -Tatsuya!

Let's go.


Come on!

You all must go there.

We'll be going then. -I'm going to work.

You must graduate. -Okay.

Good bye. -Thank you.


Why are you here in our school?

I don't see it as a different school.

We always be together that's why he's mistaken.

Come and attend our convocation.

Wouldn't that be funny?

Takayama Youchi.

Tsukamoto Akihiro.

You fool, don't be like that.

Nakaniwa Touru.

What's that noise over there?

What to do?

I'm sorry.

I'm late, please give me my certificate.

Silence please!

We'll award you the certificates soon.

Please be patience and wait.

You've come here.


thoroughly have broken up with Miyuki?


I'm... -It's up to you.

You have nothing to do with my school, right?

No matter where it is,

every convocation is still the same.

What a fool you are!

Are you Hiroshi? -Uncle. What are you doing? -I have somethin' to do.

Excuse me! -Isn't that Miyuki?

You have broken up with Tatsuya?

No, not really.

Date with me then. Why should I?

I wanna touch your breasts. What did you say?! Let's go now.

Just a formal way to say good bye.

Never mind. What a huge boobs. Come on, for just one day.

Please don't disturb her. Good bye.

Come on.

We're here.

Take a look at this.


It's so beautiful.

I'm staying nearby but I don't even know about this.

Teru told me about that. Teru-kun?

He often brought me here.

For someone like us, this is not romantic at all.

Further, we come here with a bike.

Look, it's full moon.


Ain't this gorgeous?

I wonder how many full moons I'll be seeing before I die.

Watch the moon with my beloved ones,

is very precious for me.

In the future I'm sure we'll be very busy with work,

That's why,

for this moment, we watch the moon together

is special.

What's wrong with you?

Your speech is very romantic.

This is just ordinary.

No, it is not,


I love you.

I'm sorry saying that suddenly.

What I want to tell you is,

I find that

I've been thinking about you all the time.

While I'm eating, bathing,

and sleeping.

I'm thinking about you all the time.

Isn't that awful?

I see you in school.

I see you in the road too.

And even the Doraemon looks like you.

Not Shizuka?

You look more like Doraemon.

You're annoying.

You've just broken up with Tatsuya,

and you are still feeling hurt.

I know this isn't the right time to tell you these.

But I really like you.

I love you.

Do you mind?


Please date with me... -I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry... No. it's okay.

I'm grateful

for your honesty. You're very gentle.

I really like you.


I only take you as my friend.

I think I can't

date with you now.

If it's like that,

I can wait until you have forgotten Tatsuya... -I'm sorry.



you might dislike me saying all these.

Thank you for telling me.

Alright... -I'm sorry. I didn't say anything.

I'm sorry.

My house,

is just over there.

Miyuki's house...

is over there.

it's so close to my place.


Sorry. -I didn't say anything yet.

Starting today, I'm a high school student.

But, Tatsuya, Morigi and WanKou are not here.

Is that okay? -Fool, if they are here, our high school's life would be crap.

We are no longer yobs after entering high school.


No worries, you have me still.

Sumida?! -We're in the same school now.

That's bad! You just watch.

What are you looking at?


Go away!

What's going on?

Do you all know Akagi and Katou?

They are my followers.

Do you still want to fight? -He said their names immediately.

So nasty. -So what?

What are you? -He's really stupid.

You have no brain.

Not like you said! -Do you want to slim yourself down?

I'll kill you all.

This is an orientation.

Stop fighting.

You're the one who starts the fight.


Hey, what's going on all of a sudden?

You rascal!

You're weako!


You all have been expelled. -So fast?

Good bye.

Impossible. -Nothing is impossible.

So unlucky.

You're really a stupid.

It's the other mind their own business.

What are you going to do?

What can I do still?

You can't just wandering around like that.

Come and work with me.

Start working while I'm just 16?

What's wrong with that?

I started working since I was 16.

That was you. You did what you like.

I haven't found what I like to do yet.

You'll find out soon.

But you have to earn some money now.

You'll become more handsome when you have money.

I know.

But I still wanna fool around now.

You should save up 200 thousands first.

You could save up 500 thousands in a year.

2 years, would be 1 million.

1 million?

Hideshi, I know what I should do now.

So fast you change your mind.


I'll borrow your wallet first.

What? You didn't bring your wallet?

There's no money even if I brought it along.


I'll gift you a wallet then.

Really? That's cool!

What are you doing?

They won't be threatened by you.

What did you say?!

You all...

Let go of him. -Yes.

What do you plan to do?

I want you to lure them out.

It has nothing related with them.

They will come to save you.

We'll capture them altogether that time.

Stop day-dreaming!

I know.

I'll go.

Hold on!

Wait for me.

Don't go!

It's very noisy.


What's...wrong with you?

Help me please.

Hiroshi, you're going to work starting today, right?

Hideshi told me that he's coming to pick you up.

Let me know when he's here.


I'm sorry.

What are you saying?

Isn't this meaningful?

I'll call them then.

Is he coming now?

Your call. -From who?



Come to my house now.

What are you saying? I have to work today.

Our friend has been abducted.


If we don't save him now I don't know what will happen then.

Where are you going... -I'm going out for a while.

What? You need to work today.

Let's go. -I'm sorry, Hideshi.

I can delay my work for one day?

What did you say?

If you come to work today you can earn 10 thousands.

I'm sorry.

Let go of me! -Hiroshi!

You better stop right now.


What are you doing?

Don't be harsh over woman!

There's someone waiting for us to save!

Saving someone?

Why are you so late, Hiroshi? -I'm sorry.

Let's go.

How many persons are they? -50 persons.

50 vs 7?

Include him would be 8 persons now.

I know.

But do you think we can win?


What makes you brave this time?

I'm coward.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry, I've waste your time to have you come here to pick him up.

He's a brat!

He's still young.

But you've tried you best to plead the boss.

Then, go tomorrow again.

Compare to you, Hiroshi is so childish.

I'm just a fool.

How could you ever understand a fool?

Your brother is really a problematic juvenile.


He always do something which is out of expectation.

I'm sorry.

Yuuka, are you alright?


Let's get married.


Propose to you in such dressing isn't it a little too dirty?

After work,

I want to propose you properly.



We are here to save you now. I'm sorry.

Stand up, You!

We've come to save you.

You bastard!

I'm gonna kill you all next time!

Let's go home.

It's so painful.

What's going on?


What happened to Hideshi?

He at the worksite...

What has happened at the worksite?

He fell down...

Yuuka! You!

Mom, where's Hideshi?

He hasn't awaken yet. Still in coma.

How come?

Because he fell down from upwards and damaged his brain.

Usually, he would've died.

The possibility to recover isn't high.

That's why we should pay more attention.

Why...? -We'll try our best.

Doctor, please save him. -Please tell us the truth.

I know.

When he was on the ambulance,

he's already in a servere coma condition.

Though we have done an emergency rescue on the spot,

but he suffered a severe damage.

His condition now isn't proper to run a surgery.

We can't assure now,

his condition now cannot do any surgery.

That means nothing we could do but just to watch over him?

We'll try our greatest.

What we can do now if up to the fate.

How could...? -It's all depend on his life force now.

You all can't do anything at all?

We'll try our best.

Hideshi. Can I see my beloved Hideshi?

You can't see him now.

Damn you!



You lost again?

You're annoying. -Go and have a check at the hospital.

I'm fine.

You must find a proper job,

when Hideshi has recovered.


Moreover, he's going to marry your sister.

Hideshi told me that.

Hideshi hopes that you will stay well with your sister.

You should apologize to her.

Don't be like that please.

He'll be fine, he's a strong guy.

He's good at fighting too.

He's not the same with you... -Shut up.

No use for crying now.

It has nothing to do with you.

You're really a nut.

When I was in primary school,

every midnight of summer

I'll dive into the swimming pool of his school with Hideshi.

You both pee in the swimming pool as well?

Hideshi pees the most.

Look at him, big brain lots of urine.

The urine in that swimming pool is just like a painting.

Please go over and check it out.

What's wrong? -His condition has a drastic change.

His heart has stopped beating.



Stand aside.

No respond. -300 volts.

Hideshi! Hideshi!

Don't leave me, Hideshi.

I beg you! -Ready.

Stand aside.

No respond.


Stand aside.

No respond.

360 volts. -Yes.



Pity Hideshi please.

Hideshi is really pitiful.

Can you please save him?

About that...

Just leave him to God.

Death time is




You don't want to get into change?

I'm tired.

I see.

What's going on?

Nothing really has happened.

Sorry that

I've beaten your sister previously.

Why you say that suddenly?


Teru hopes that me and my sister together with Hideshi can live happily ever after.

Hideshi also said that.

I see.

That's the personality of Hideshi.

That's why.

I would like to apologize to you.

It's okay. I was the one who started it.

Actually, Hideshi has been

urging me to forgive you.

That's really the style of Hideshi.


I can't apologize to Hideshi anymore.

This is something which Hideshi used to place in his room.

What is that?

He even told that I was the one who bought you this.

I won't have heart to buy something like this.


I've been treating you unkind, while you're still...

We must start a brand new life from now on.


Just take it as nothing has ever happened?

This is just an ordinary norm.



You must eat well.

Thank you.

About that...

He told me that he'd like to marry me.


I wish to see him.

I wish to see Hideshi.

I wish to see him.

It's so sad.

I want to leave the gang.

Why are you saying that suddenly?

Because I've promised Hideshi to find a proper job.

That's why you wanna work?

I wanna start a new leaf again. -Ain't it good to start it all over from here?

Why are you keep holding me back in here?

I can't bear to let go of you.

Please don't cry.

I'm happy you have such thinking.

But I, I can't be the same person I used to be.

I want to go to somewhere no one knows me.

Somewhere where I could really enhance myself.

Turn over a new leaf.

Since you have made up your mind. We wish you all the best.

Okay. We should have quited long time ago.

Have you changed your mind now?


You'll have to go no matter how?

I've made up my mind.

I understand. You cannot lose again anymore.


You are our representative.

What?! What a shame!

Alright, let's have some beers.

I'll steal you guys some beers.


Don't bullshit.


Don't be like that, Tatsuya.

If you all wanna leave you can just leave

Why must you fight with others?

Please stop, Tatsuya.

Stop it, Morigi.

You think that the reason I leave is because I'm scared, right?

What are you talking about?

Never mind.

I don't care how you're gonna judge me.

You wanna die?

Human won't die that easily?

Let's challenge each other.

Morigi, don't you ever help me.


It's full moon today!

That's great!

The full moon today is very special.




Miss, do you need a free ride?

You'll only have to let me see your boobs.

What a stunning boobs!

You can't stop your car here.

Stupid, didn't I've already stopped.

What are you doing here? -Not your business.

Asshole, did you see me doing that now?

Bastard, get out from the car! -Why should I get out?

I'm not stupid. -Alright, come out now.

I won't listen to what you say. Fool!

Then I wish you have a safe journey. -Bastard, how can I ever involve in accident?

Fool, reading this I'm sure you'll meet an accident.

I read only when I'm resting.

Fool, what are you talking? I'm for sure it'll happen.

Don't touch me, damn you!

Not bad... Do you want me to give you a ride?

Take it away.

Want me to drink your leftover?

This is beer.

You stole it, don't you? Bastard!

It's mine. -Really? Then I'll make it.

Hiroshi... -I'm dying.


Hey, let me tell you what, I stay not far away from here.

You lost again?

Why are you wearing a suit?

We must wear formal on such a occasion.

Good luck.



You've come.

Thany you.



with Tatsuya again.

I'm sorry.

Good to hear that.

Thank you.

Where's Tatsuya?

I see.


Starring: Hiroki Narimiya

Starring: Mizushima Hiro

Hiroshi, should have on his way now.

Director: Shinagawa Hiroshi

That's enough.

Morigi, it's still early to stop me now.