Drool (2009) - full transcript

An abused wife's plan to escape her husband goes awry when she accidentally kills him, causing her to split on a cross-country drive with her best friend and his corpse in tow.

We have to do this.

Come on, that happen,
that happen.

Yes, go.

- Hey Tabby.
- Hey Danny.

How you doing?

Nothing I'm only waiting
for someone.

I had a dream with
you last night.

- S?
- Yes.

From what was it?

Well, we were on the school, and now y.

Vena t and invites you to drink.

Just like now.

- Sounds nice.
- There are more.

Then t good, you take me to the bushes
with me strength and low pants.

And my penis ... as you know.

Wait, there are more, then you
get on your knees as usual.

I get hard just thinking
about it.

Not bad.

Then as you deca: Haras
my dream come true?

Please, please suck my penis.

Ok, but I'm not a knee
on the ground.

You put your jacket so that
my knees are not dirty.

Well the more you see later.

Good day.

God I can not believe it's one
of those girls who thought:

I have a dream about this,
but then again I realize

that guys like Denny.

He was dreaming awake making my
heart to read the same book.

And then in my hometown Catoosa Oklahoma
at times I thought it was boring.

Your favorite guy tells you
he has a dream with you.

You know what I mean.
And, well ...

Like most people already know, your hometown
is not always where your heart est.

It is only where your
parents were stuck.

Where t is then get stuck.

So you knew something
else in the world.

The world.

No knew nothing about the
world at the time.

Not until ... well you vern.

To get where I am you have to know
someone who knows about the world

and keep it just
below his heart.

She is beautiful, right?

That's my mom.

My mom likes to live in
a world of fantasy.

With your fantasy man.

Unfortunately, this is the
reality of masonry.

Where to estn shit my
macaroni and cheese?

- I was ...
- I was ...

You can do something please.

That's me again, from that
day I hate steak.

That's mam, some ugly
macaroni and cheese.

- Pequeo want something more than this
- Yes, Daddy.

Here you have more
on your plate boy.

Heck, my little brother
was so stupid.

Tabby t there?

- If Daddy.
- Oh, I think not.

- Dad?
- You have not given the special kiss to pap.

- Papi.
- A little bit lonely.

Ok, ok.

When it was pap ...

That's my baby.

We help.

I guess it was something
of myself.

What about t?
Want more macaroni and cheese?

You are so beautiful.
So beautiful.

I said I want some macaroni
and cheese?

No, no thanks.

When it came to mam,
bean much flatter.

- Being at the races.
- Ok.

See ya.

Das good.

Das good.

I'm your new neighbor
lmogene Cochran.

What is your name?


Hey look here.

- Now, What is your name?
- Anora Flees.

Well nice to meet Anora Flees.

Go those hands, you should come to
my home I have many cosmetics.

I have seen many problems like yours.
I have my magazine Katy Kate.

All right.

- What? Not like Katy Kate
- No, nor the know.

I was only messing
with you silly.

Come on now.

I do not remember mom
would have sb friend.


Not till Imogene.

This thing must be at sb side.


She herself was so adorable.
When mom got this lotion.

It was as if his hands
shake the dust.

Girl, gimme.

You gotta do it gently.

Yes, I will walk in the country,
then leave this house now.

This is my little of Oklahoma.

Katy T know Kate.

No, I'm afraid not.

Pequea Oh God, is the makeup more delicious
than currently exists for your skin.

Ybien was your husband
who went this morning?

If he works in the factory on
the outskirts of the roa.

Ro? You live in a condominium?

They have classrooms, swimming
pools that sort of thing.

- Make a river.
- Yes.

An interesting guess.

- Not really.
- Slo was being nice.

- What makes your husband?
- He does nothing, he is dead.

It should be sad.

Ok, well here we go,
it feels good.

Guess not.

Sacdete shoes please.
I just do not ...

- Tabitha.
- Qu?

- Ests right?
- No, I'm fine.

- You want some juice?
- I do not want a bloody juice.

Let me know if you
ever leave again.

Denny Damn, I hate
you fucking idiot.

Hey baby, check this out.
Katy this is Kate.

Good for those parts.

- Free of charge.
- Thanks.

Hey The small t must be Pete, I lmogene.
lmogene next door.

You're black.

As Pete is small and t are slow.

Deca only, we never had black
people in this neighborhood.

Well it seems that God has blessed
you because I'm here baby.

You can pay me with a cup of
coffee tonight and tomorrow.


See you then.

Adis: Little Pete.


She is your new best friend?

S not, maybe.

What is it that pap dir?

There has to know.

Not have to know your best
friend is a black?



Sorry, Ms. est princess at home?

I love you, CREL.
I love you from my heart.

Where to ESTs shit?

Princess tena a mouth
like box nails.

I was with Denny.

Tabby, Qu Tenas shit to
do with that idiot?

I know that AFTER appointment
of the latter.

Jesus Christ.

He said: I love you Tabby,
I love you from the heart.

- That's what I want, Tabby
- No, but at that time as estn.

Because it is stronger
than jams vi.

Jess Tabby, you should get
away from that idiot.

Stop whining like you have 16

then come check something super.

I'm sick, I swear, I have
to remove only the head.

- Shit.
- Well.

- You have to finish it.
- End?

If it was not because I
like both their penis.

We've been clear about
what is like.

- Djalo.
- Yes.

Quiros go there and drink beer?

- At what time?
- 8, I have dinner with my damn mother.

I hear you girl.

- See you later ms.
- See ya.

When was the first time I heard?

Face was normal?

Tabby, What about you?

I feel good, Dad.

But if your mom cook you this.

- Little Pete, What is your problem?

Nothing pap.

- Ran today?
- Yes.

- Cunrpido?
- Well he gan to Taylor for 15 seconds.

That's my boy.

You should get you to the football
team, everyone does.

I can retire?

S, Tabby.

Why do you say she can not do?

Forward silly.

Est good sweetness, not
what you want to kiss.

Well mam, What did you do today?

Had to wash my things
and modems.

Ms did not mam today?

Wash the shorts of pap.

- And clean the hall.
- That's it?

What shit do you care?

Have you seen your mam
est losing the way?

It is a nationwide undercover
survey or something?

I think not.

Hey at least treme another beer.

- Mom made a new friend today Daddy.
- Is that true?

Who fucking person, he shoots
his brains everywhere.

No, his is nice, it seems
to be a black list.

ESTs kidding me?


She was in our house today.

- Got involved with a black to my house?
- Slo pas door.

I do not want a damn
black in my house.

I mean bitch Is it clear?

Yes, I understand.

Good. Very good.

Eat your damn beans, dwarf.

Come on.

Let us flee from here,
just you and me.

But ... But ...


Hello, dejars enter
The small lady?

I can not, I have to fix the house y.

It is a coffee, girl.
This does not take all day.

I can not really.


- I'm sorry ...
- All right.

The coffee is like a cocktail
but do not need much as I do.

But t do not know what you're missing
it s doing good parties.

Well, you told the
son of a bitch?

Is only for a while, princess
give me a chance.

- I knew.
- Qu?

- Do not hars.
- It is not as.

If so use that jacket.

No way, I can tell that
motherfucker all.

Maybe it was not your jacket
that damn smell.

See you later ms.

What do you want Denny?

- Quera acompaarte classes.
- God EST kidding right?


Want to accompany a class?

Do not tell me, following me pedirs
go dancing and then SERN studies.

Okay, What is your problem?

Just a blowjob, Supralan.

Hey, I can return
my coat please?


Tabby know you really are ...

You threw it all away.

God, I love it.

Funny, beautiful, as follows!

Well ...

Well said, my leg and
not let you go alone.

That's funny.


Listen have a beautiful smile.

- No.
- Oh, s.

Times Square is like there.

Anora, is the most beautiful
face I've seen.

Maybe so quickly, a return true.

Dulce. Anora Dulce.

Sweet longing you feel so good.

Oh, my God, that is. As is.

Oh God, Oh God, yes, yes.

What happens, I see am?

I've been in love long ago.

No, I am, I want aam
inside, right?

Yes, it feels so good.

What about m?

As it is, as it is.

Good girl.

No matter how hard you work, no pruning
mam her image out of your head.

- What time is it?
- You needed sleep then I packed breakfast.

The sandwiches they are here, and
the coffee in the thermos.

Be better than worry, llegars later.



Jesus Christ.

Hey, curse!


- Hey Tabby, Tabby.
- Qu?

- The princess is a fucking bitch.
That's your excuse that the Princess is a bitch?

There is what I referred to,
look t up on me yesterday.

And to heal your broken heart Tenas to put
your penis into the mouth of my best friend.

She came am.

Do not worry about the princess
will do just stinks.

In case you were wondering,

Hit your best friend to
suck your penis novo.

It makes you feel like
a damn rock star.

- Hey you audicin.
- I do not care shit.


Oh, yeah.

- I regret not having more.
- I like exactly that.


Flees to the principal's office.

Flees to the principal's office.

You see, Denny never speaks of the work.
And we care about the ro.

Never asked.

Buenos das Flees.

Sorry Mr.
tard me my wife had to get up.

My wife sleeps in the
house of his mother.

Well do not just stand
all Sit back.

Thank you, Mr.

Flees Well, How do you think was
your productivity this month?

I've been working with all
the latest 6 weeks.

I have given your
best to follow.

Following brings no gold.

Gold is when you exceed
my expectations.

Not true?

Yes, Mr.

You know what happens to my kids
when they can not work.

- Please Mr.
- Qu?

No, not now.

You know you were one of
my favorite workers.

Like a son to m.

- Thank you, Mr.
- But you have to do something about it.



I want you to take care of
this as you did before.

Yes, Mr.

Why do not you go back
to school maricn?

Follow queer.

Estn my shoes in bed.

If you show me that.



I waited a long time
to use them.

Let me see, Let me see.


Thank you very much.

Jesus Christ.


I'm so glad to have left the football
practices straight home.

Think you can make the deal?

Shit how I can know?

You know your brother was
almost killed today.

Papi had not tried to
kill to: Little Pete.

I think she is smart. Do not s.

You know, I have an idea.

lmogene not want to upload
it all is a classic car.

While I lie Est.

No, it's so smart.

- It's better than I thought.
- Oh, 4 months ago when he was there.

Never knew the difference.

Damn, damn, damn!

Is rare.

Now the first time AFTER you wake
up that your mom your dad shoots.

Everything seems so normal.

Then the memory.

- Buenos das.
- Buenos das.

Why not sit down to
eat breakfast?

I have to get ready for school.

IRNA you 2 no school today.

Why not?

Why go to a little walk.

lremos, adnde we go?

It's a surprise.

She should not be locked up now?

Your mom does not go to the police,
nobody to go to the police.

Why not?

Because Ms. Queen,
if someone is going to find that your mam policay

is guilty of murdering the son of
a bitch, I'm sorry, your daddy.

lremos to 2 sweet children
prisiny SERN you apart.

And llevarn the SPM.
You know what's true?

That is Child Service PROTECTION with all
those people full of good intentions.

But I Dirn that seguirn with thousands
of things because people Dirn you do.

Think Harry is wrong?
Wait to wake in the middle of the night.

With your hands all without
your permission.

And despite all this weeping
and your pretty face.

Nobody will come, because your mom because the
next thing is to find government money.

I darn you for care, without Daddy.
Because your mom live in a prison high security

The small can not stand
it and told the police.

His mom so he took most things and was
more than any woman could endure.

Finally found the 45, was
hiding in your underwear.

And emptied the chest of
the son of a bitch.

I am sorry for your dad.

Ok, so she has a point.

Well no, we will not
squash the police.

Est either by t?

- What about t captain Crunch?
- Yes.

Only go to the next house
to pack some things.

I suggest you do the same.
I mean AFTER they finish breakfast and everything.



God I remember that
time as well.

Right there, the beans
are gone, just gone.

And of course I was sad but there was
something more to do to follow up.

Tenams guess not afraid.

And that scared me enough.

- Wait a minute, A Where to go?
- We take care of your father.

It's what I tell you now, ok.

Shit, if it was good.

- Ok.
- Ok.

And I do not want to play silly
I do not want noise in the car.

- I have nothing.
- Does not like video games.

- That's right.
- It does not.

Tabby Carian you to put your
briefcase in the backseat.

- What?
- No, it's huge.

- Tabby, your daddy.
- Ok, I'm coming.

I want to see Goly.

Solo 2.

- If you only want to go because I want to go.
- It is not as.

Course s.

- Debby not think we have time.
- Slo go.

Not going to ningn side
until you can see it.

He did when he was with
his friends years ago.

We were never very religious, Tabby
venamos here and pray alone.

Watch her.

Pete likes the beach.


If you see it.

Be right back.


This is Anora Flees, I am the wife of Jeff Flees.
You can tell that my husband Mr. Wilder

not going to work more.

Oh, that's very painful.
The left me, the gave up everything.

He said something about
more money and fu.

But he said they made the last deposit
to the following address.

Please check this out.

Mam and she accepts.

And am not Pete, especially am.

They say that something
really bad will happen.

Oh God, please the princess est tucked into
something terrible or something like coca.


If good both came with the same
case of mononucleosis.

Can be 1 two weeks to
return to school.


Well thanks, I hope
you feel good too.


- What the hell is that?
- Nothing.

You're a freak.
Where to hell were t?

Tena go walking in
this beautiful da.



Snikers Hey, pick one at random
and when we choose.

He was playing very
well, is cute.

You remember: Little Pete?


That must be what it started.

- I got it.
- No. ..

- I got it.
- Ok.

- Hello Anora.
- Men of fantasy.

- Where to EST?
- Here it in the world of fantasy.


Listen sorry about ... T know.

Is fine, you're happy.'s
All that matters.

- Thanks for everything.
- You're Anora.

Just wanted to come
and say goodbye.


Man of my fantasies.

If you miss, you can make
many women happy.

- Thanks Anora.
- Bye.

- Hey.
- Hello.

I saw the way you thought.

That looks pretty.

I think I'm sick.

Do not worry there is a bathroom
and all you see Have fun.

- Do not litter the hair.
- My butt hurts why do not you drive?

Tonight we can rest in a bed?

AFTER it's still my terms.

I can not believe that
we stay in this hole.

I can not believe it.

I'll see if I can get
something for dinner.

Chips anyone? No.

That is very good.

Really captured it.

That's what you do, ie have the
spirit of the individual.

Only as if we importramos.

- Quiros touch me?
- Qu?

My hair babe, want to touch it?
What were you thinking?

Come on you can, come on.

Is smooth.

Take good care of my appearance, do
not know who knocked on the door.

The company is all.

Want to worry about this?

Oh, what am you should have
seen me before all this.

It was worse than a nurse.

Take it, use it before going to bed and see
that thou shalt be better than the best.


Sorry, sorry.

It was almost like an accident.

And the way that country is because
one of us AURI's grave soon.

I hope that it is
not annoying me.

My God, my God.

My God.

- Ms.
- Official.

This is your car?

No, but my friend's car.
Is there any problem?

- Have something with you tonight?
- Something?


See, is that my wife is
a big fan of Kate Katy.

And, it never seems to find it then
passes through a autgrafo tonight.

No, not really, but I
can take an order.

- Seriously.
- Here I have the same catalog.


Just take a moment.

Hello Carlo, hey guess what,
I met the woman Katy Kate.

Yeah, well I did park.
Est Well, listen.

Cul was that dress you want?

You know how I like it,
wanted to magenta.

If not What do you mean?

These queens before.

Do not get intimidated
as before.

Ok, What do you think?

- I like it.
- Dress I told you.

Here's some lipstick?

I love lipstick.

Ok, come to makeup.

- Hello.
- Hello.

We're playing to make extreme.

- What you all?
- Costume sandwiches.

And I stopped a police officer ...
Very nice.

And I wanted to ask
questions only.

What this is good.

Remember this.

- Jesus Christ
- What?

This is full of man, I hate
the man, you know that.

Sorry, I did.

I can not eat it, is disgusting.

Carlo, you have the mo,
it's ham and cheese.

I do not like the damn
jamny cheese.

I like tuna with mayonnaise.

You can not do anything right.

Enough of that, do not you talk
to your mother as well.

Me no curse, none of you ever
talk to me again ms.

I hope to be clear.


My start was great, but then
I bumped into this crap.

- This is a real discovery.
- Thanks.

Maybe there's a job
for t in Katy Kate.


A Fuck Where to said lead us?

I told you that we had to take care Tenas
your beloved Daddy, Miss Queen.

Stop calling me as well.

EST is like acting like a queen.

As if all furamos here
to kiss your ass.

lmaginate all that
it's disgusting.

Going to let me speak as
You do not even know it.

You are my mother and do not even
have the guts to make it street.

- What I Street, fifth is believed to be?
- I'm your daughter I can say t. ms

- Who are t, anyway?
- Please stop shouting.

Do not stop screaming until
I have some answers.

Please want answers, well Let me tell you
something if you were my daughter.

You will be silenced.

- What is on the way?
- Please only distracted.

- Only Djala be.
- Let's see here, I dare you.

Slap you so hard that despertars
not until Sunday.

Seems like a rabbit or ...

- Who invites you at?
- Tabby, please.

I invited me alone.
Who invites you at?

Shit, Miss Queen look
what you made me do.

I?, T are the one who can not
manage to save his life.

Ok, I may save you in a minute.

I can go?, I have to pee.

- A squirrel.
- It's sad.

See, we gotta go, come on.

- No.
- Sorry, A qu you mean no?

I say no, we have to bury him.

Some people just throw in decent
shape as garbage on the road.

- T you killed.
- We killed him.

Well, we killed, we
have to bury him.

To heal that.

Someone who dies deserves
that ugly.

I think it's a good idea.

Ok, What do you think:
Little Pete?

I think he needs something new.

Mr. Squirrel, I do not know very well
indeed, I do not know at all.

Maybe a family tena you see in the
mornings to give them nuts.

We are very sorry we have
passed over him.

In this auto giant purple, he did a
verse and the company make no see

the car ...
good is a long history.

But over time Mr. Squirrel hope you find
peace and where est way to God.

Not to be rude but
you're not family.

I'm sure you run and rise and
live in your miserable life.

- Amen.
- Amn.

Now cover it with a little dust.

To go to heaven for squirrels.

Come on.

Oh, enough already.

So you think daddy s fine?

Carian clear, in fact est fit.

We have to bury it then.
So you can go to heaven and said: Little Pete.

Not going to ningn side when
not in heaven, Miss Queen.

I told you to stop calling
me as well.

How do you know it, nor knows?
I know their kind.

What kind is he?

Angry at life, angry with the world.

Dad was not crazy.

Was only sad.

That is profound.

Miss Queen have a
driving license?

Est good if it leads?

T you?

I am loved.

Well bring your black ass
here and give you apretn.

No wonder it is since
Daddy died.

- I removed Miss
- I too.

- Let me introduce you.
- This is Tabitha, this is Pete and this

- It is my longing.
- Nice to meet you.


Ladies and gentlemen and ready for
concerted estn Miss Katy Kate.

Well come here give me a hug.

Come on.

Both are very nice
and in color TV.

I am an average ...

Oh, Mrs.
Anora, she told me a lot of t.

T're a goddess.

Well let's I have a delicious
lunch waiting.


I'm so happy they

arrived at the home of Imogene.

As we are of all ABES?

Only I'm full of mysteries.

As a new suit.

Peter should try the pat.

What is that?

Is a small French
word for liver.

Tabby t your mother are much alike.
I mean look at that delicious chin.

ldnticos, is not it Amy?

As it is, as it is.

I am very happy that
they are here.

By the way your father is
resting in the bathroom.

I have a couple of
guys who help me.

When a lot of work.


Is not she lovely?

You said your kids ...

Students from Savannah
College of Art.

They come and help me with this
and then walk around the house.

So, that s fine that
they know about it?

Sure dear, are artists.

That is so sick.

Wonderful, thanks Rodney.
He is not rich?

My boys are easy to view, I do
want to have a big fat penis.

Now, Chev is correct?

That sounds like the name
of a rat bastard.

I loved, I mean when you shot?

- Well, no.
- That's good, that's very good.

When my first husband's murderer
was worried about l.

- Always take a month.
- A qu he do?

- I was in school heads of police officers.
- No.

- Oh s.
- No.

She knows how to find,
but we went with them.


Yes, until that day.

All Jeffrey's birthday
to share our jewelry.

Our work is really cute.

We are fabulous.

A man has to understand that when he
marries a woman is taking a gem.


The mom was upset all the time.

Yes, but she go crazy.

S that is disgusting.

I thought you liked that.

But pruning away of the little
Pete without termination.

Well, what you think that Imogen has
trade to you and your husband?

Honestly I'm not sure I
only said it may help.

But please tell me if you have the body of my
husband in the bathroom is an imposition.

Not for nothing, I'm happy to
have him in any way we can.

At last.

Mami, no.

Come here affection.

I think I'll leave the boys.

My God.

I think I need a little help.


Tabata This is an
outstanding girl.

She probably has the kids
buzzing like a bee.

That girl of 15 has more courage
than anyone msy makes no change.

15, when he was at that age I
was living without charge.

- No tits, braces ...
- And look what you became.

And the girls say, there is nothing
better than natural beauty.

Amn for it.

The first step is
to give it a try.

That disgusting.

- You were kissing lmogene.
- Yes.

- That's disgusting.
- Well that depends.

- Of what?
- From what I think is disgusting.

Do not think that what you were
doing is totally disgusting?


- Small Pete.
- Please do not call me as ms.

I have 13 now, yes,
but an're a dwarf.

You're a bitch.

I'm a bitch?

Tena Mam language in the mouth
of a black and I'm a bitch?

You shot Daddy?

If as was.

I do not understand,
Why do the 3 ...

Tena daddy why that weapon?

My God.

T lmogene were with, right?

And you were in the room
with her daddy.

If, as it was.

My God.

- Then t e lmogene normal?
- No, not normal idiot.

Estn totally fucked.

What are you doing hit me again?

No, if you do not understand why you hit the first
time then never entendersy that's your problem.

Pete s qu are not only
lmogene s that I love.

I love her more than
I loved Dad.

I regret not having loved your
father, was a difficult man.

He will sometimes blow, right?

If he did, but as Tabby
said, was a sad man.

And that made him angry.

- The hit me once.
- Well, I too.

Yes, but he was different, this time we
were on the game and lost the ball.

I told him to lose in the 3rd base
and clashes with the silly Billy.

Yes, I remember.

He never did anything I am.

- We Tabby about that time.
- Cllate idiot.

- You are so funny.
- She does not know anything about it.

- Know about what?
- Nothing.

We Tabby, he 's dead
more you can do.

It is not your damn business.

Tabby tell me what your father
did to you right now.


- Knock you inappropriately?
- No, of course not.

Wow, What is this
a special school?

Then what?

Tabitha, if not tell me what your father myself, I
will assume that bothered you in front of my nose

And I have not done
anything about it.


Once when Tenas flu, Dad took
me to the bar Spitty.

And I met many friends.
Left me take a couple of drinks.

- There are more.
- Ok.

I feel great, I think I'm drunk.

And one of these friends I lifted
her hand, stood looking at me.

- And then came and began to speak.
- Quiros stop me?

I think I need this. Come on.

As deca, he was up mo.

His tongue was in my mouth
and I could not sacrmelo.

- And then ...
- Oh God.

Only remember that Daddy
is only area.

He was not doing anything,
only be rea.

Then vomit, right in your mouth.

And he was so upset and dad
went on laughing ...

I thought that hit me for that.

And then Dad and I went
and that was it.

The next day Dad told me.

That you will not stop
going to bars.

Why not get out of here
for a little while?

Let's go, it seems that the
Ocano never seen before.

We've never done.

We mam.

I think the good Mr.
helps them live.

It is not so bad.

Well, we went to the desktop?

- Why the desktop?
- For all is where I feel most beautiful.

- Anora, Ests list?
- Yes, yes, yes.

Go to bed, come on.

Now, with lmogene with the test.

Makeup is an art form and should
not be taken as a joke.

Tmenme am for example.

I have not always seen as.

I had a little help from Miss mask, Lady
lipstick and golden mystery ...


Now let us begin.


And all was.


- Adelante.
- Ests right?


Well Pete and I have
been talking.


We decided that we
want to fix a pap.

I think that would
be very noble.

Let's do this fast.

You know, you 2 will have to see her
dad as ever in his entire life.

May now, Daddy.

I was wondering.

2 What about if you
stay for a while?



Dear diary, forget everything
I said about mom and lmogene.

Please perdnalas and all of us.
And care for Dad.

Because without l hubiramos never
been this and done here.