Droid Gunner (1995) - full transcript

In the future, the threat of global takeover by cyborg units has forced Earth to outlaw their use. But when four female androids are smuggled to Earth, Jack Ford is assigned to track them down. An adventurous chase takes him from the mean streets of Phoenix to the depths of New Angeles, an underwater city, and into the diabolical clutches of a maniacal kingpin and his criminal army.

[intriguing music]

[intriguing music]

[helicopter whirring]

[punches landing]

- I don't think
you heard me, pal.

I just asked you if
you'd seen this woman.

I'm gonna take that as a no.

Oh shit.

[intriguing music]


That's better.

[intriguing music]

[wires zapping]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[intriguing music]

Hi, sweetheart.

- Hi.

- Are you cold?

- Yeah.

- Did you ever see
one of those before?

- No.

- I'm gonna show you something.

[intriguing music]

[sexy music]

- [Man] Yeah, I'll take it.

Take it off.

[sexy music]

♪ There's this story ♪

♪ About this woman in my head ♪

♪ She'll tear you apart ♪

♪ She's absolutely evil
to the core of her heart ♪

♪ Her mind is twisted ♪

♪ She likes to fool around ♪

♪ It's not enough with
every man in town ♪

♪ So once you're caught
up in her bed in chains ♪

♪ You've been around ♪

- Whiskey.

♪ There's no place to hide ♪

- Whiskey and a beer bag.

- We don't serve your
kind around here.

- Why not?

- That stink you got on you.

That smell that never goes away.

- What smell is that?

- The smell of bot oil.

I can nose it from the minute
you walked through that door.

- Are you gonna
bring me a drink?

Or am I gonna bring you
a whole lotta trouble?

- Okay.

Whiskey and a wash rag.

- I'm Charles Humberstone,
mayor and owner of New Angeles.

New Angeles is a smoke-free,
drug-free, alcohol-free,

underwater agricultural
community located 400 miles

off the coast of Phoenix
looking for hard workers.

We require a four year
commitment working
and living onsite

in our beautiful
underwater city.

So if you're interested in
the career of a lifetime,

phone the number at the
bottom of your screen.

And I thank you very much.

- That'll take the sting away.

- I'm looking for a girl.

Have you seen her?

- You think if something
like this came in here,

I'd still be using
meat like that?

Why would a lady like this

come down here to
the surface anyway?

Maybe end up sweating 10 hours
a day in some robot factory.

Or maybe end up a
stripper or a hooker.

- So you haven't seen her?

- No. Is she the real thing?

- Did that look like a droid
passing as a human to you?

- Hell, I can't tell
the difference anymore.

Hey, that's old.

You wanna play for it?

[watch chiming]


I'll keep my out for you.

[exciting music]

[ship beeping]

[exciting music]

- [Hawks] Are you
sure they're here?

- Data transmissions from Alpha
Bank report they sold four

pleasure droids to the Jupiter
colony three weeks ago.

Transfers off the
colony is illegal.

They must still be here.

- Yeah, but where?

- [Caller] I do not know.

I am not programmed for
android search capabilities.

My knowledge of pleasure
droids is as follows:

PDs are androids
designed to appear

as various female humans.

- I know all that.

- They are programmed
to initiate and
enjoy sexual congress

with any human sensory distance

and will attach
themselves to you.

So be careful.

- Right.

[sexy music]

[women moaning]


Ladies, can I please
have your attention?

- I'll do anything you desire.

My name is Mariah and I'm
designed to please you.

- Oh, wait a minute.

Wait, down, down.

I get sexual pleasures
by having women follow me

single file down the hallway.

- Let me see to your pleasure.

- By all means, single file.

Down the hallway.

I'll be rich.

[intriguing music]


- Hi, I'm taking these
droids in for repairs.

I got the work order right here.


Oh, here it is.

They'll have to be reprogrammed.

There's something wrong
with their oral functions.

They bite.

All right ladies, single file.

Come on.

- Ooh, hello.


[droid smooches]

[exciting music]

- Ladies, you stay right here.

[exciting music]

This is Universal Condor.

Am I clear for takeoff?

- [Man] Condor, this is Tower.

We can find no
flight path for you.

[exciting music]

Universal Condor, you are
not clear for takeoff.

- Ground control?

Ground control?

I am losing you.

- [Man] Universal Condor,
this is Stratus Guard.

Return to base immediately.

- This is Universal Condor.

What can I do for you boys?

- Return to base immediately.

- No can do.

- Prepare your
ship for boarding.

- I don't think so.


I never sample the
merchandise, okay?

Just give me some room
so I can do my job.


[exciting music]

- [Man] Don't let him get away.

- Copy, Blue Leader.

[exciting music]

- Ha!

Ha ha.


[exciting music]

Earth, here I come.

Look, I told you, I never
sample the merchandise, okay?

- Just let me do my job, okay?

- What a way to make a living.

[intriguing music]

- Fire.

Come on.


[watch ticking]




[phone trilling]

[answering machine beeps]

- [Burt] Mr. Ford, this
is Burt Weatherbeam.

Remember the trouble you
had with us last month?

Well, we'd be interested
in forgetting all about it

if you would do me the
pleasure of reporting

to the Bennet Corporation
tomorrow morning

and see Mr. Reginald.

He's a friend of mine and
he has an assignment for you

and I strongly urge that you
do not overlook our suggestion.

Thank you.

[answering machine beeps]

[thunder rumbling]

[intriguing music]

- [Man] State your
name and business.

- Jack Ford.

I've got an appointment
with Mr. Reginald.

- [Man] Please place
palm on scanner.

[scanner beeps]

Thank you.

Have a nice day
and mind the doors.

- You sent for me?

- Yes.

- Well?

Do I pass inspection?

- You'll do.

- I got a message.

Something about a job.

- Yes. Four pleasure droids
were stolen last night

from the Mining
Colony on Jupiter.

It's believed that they
were brought here to Phoenix

where they'll be sold
on the black market.

- And you want me
to hunt them down?

- You know the surface world.

Places where they
could be hidden.

I'm told it's your element.

- It's where the
real people live.

- The Minute Corporation
is prepared to pay you

10,000 credits each
for their safe return.

- 10,000?

- Yes.

- A pleasure droid's worth
a million dollars retail.


I'd be better off stealing
them myself and selling them

to a third party.

- Except that
droids are illegal.

If you're caught with
one in your possession,

you could end up in prison.

- You gotta catch me first.

- All right, we're prepared
to pay 100,000 each, no more.

For their safe recovery.

- Cash only.

No credits.

If it isn't green,

doesn't have a picture
of a president on it,

I don't want it.

- I'm not sure we can assemble
that much actual cash.

- Try.

- You'll be accompanied
by a technician.

- I work better on a long leash.

- Mr. Ford,

those pleasure droids
are very valuable to me.

If they're damaged,
they're just scrap iron.

Can you shut down a droid
without leaving any marks?

I thought not.

Mr. Ford.

Beth Ann Wright.

- Sir, you can't
possible expect me

to team up with this man.

He smells of bot oil.

And sweat.

- I work for a
living, sweetheart.

What do you do?

- I am a respectable college
educated member of society.

- You ever been
down on the surface?

- Not exactly.

But I've seen it on
National Geographic.

- She wouldn't last
10 seconds out there.

- You have your assignment.

Here are photographs of
the four pleasure droids.

- Sir, I really must insist.

- Come on.

[lighter clicking]

- Would you wait up?


[intriguing music]

[Beth coughing]

God, what's that smell?

- Pollution.

Our air isn't
filtered down here.

- That's interesting.

Is that a real time piece?

- That's right.

I can wind it and everything.

- You know, you really
oughta do something

about your manners.

- I'm saving up
for charm school.

Look, this could be dangerous.

Why don't you go back upstairs

and have a hot
toddy or something?

- Look, you don't have
to like me, Jack Ford.

But you need me.

I can shut down a droid.

- So can I, permanently.

- I'm cyber trained
in judo and karate.

I've got over a hundred
hours on the simulators.

- Well, that's great.

If we run into any simulated
killers you can take over.

- Oh, and what's in the bag?

More weapons?

- You don't wanna know.

- Yes I do.

[head squishing]

- Satisfied?

- Yeah, fine.

- [Jack] Let's go
talk to these guys.

- [Beth] Oh, and
what will they know?

- Four beautiful women
in this neighborhood?

They might have noticed.

How you doing, guys?

- Doing okay, I guess.

- I'm Jack, that's Beth.

- Oh. Real good to meet you.

We were just about
to have some dinner.

You want some?

- Yeah, it smells good.

- [Man] It is.

- You can tuck into
some of that, I bet.

- Jack.

- You better accept some,
you're gonna insult the man.

We'd be glad to join you.

- All good.

It'll be ready in
a couple minutes.

- We're looking for some women.

Good looking, not mutants.

- There ain't nothing
but mutants now.

You know, you know,
when I was a kid,

just fresh outta high school,

I went out to Los Angeles

and lots of pretty
women, hundreds.


I had me some good times.


And then I came
back here and uh,

I went to Arizona state.

And then when that big 8.7
hit you just get knocked

all of them,

all of California and other
states into the ocean.

All we got left now is mutants.

But a couple pretty
good ones though.

- Yeah? Where would that be?

- Well, the nuns they got over
there at the soup kitchen.

They pretty fine looking.

And they're friendly,
know what I mean?

- Nuns?

- Yeah, they're
pretty hot looking.

There's a couple of habits
I'd like to get under.


What? Stop that.

He don't mean no harm, Miss.

Charter, keep your
hands off of her.

- We'd better move on.

We'll take a rain check
on the meal, thanks.

- I can still use a little
donation for the grub.

- Oh, sure.

- Oh, thank you.

Give Charter one, too.

Listen, y'all come
back tomorrow night.

Charter caught a rat
the size of a dog.

It's good.

You know, when
you cook it right.

- I'm gonna collect
the bounty on this.

Maybe ask a few questions.

You coming?

Go on.

Go on.

[sexy music]

I'm here to see Chew.

There's a bounty on this head
and I'm here to collect it.


- Jack.

As you can see, I'm
quite busy at the moment.

- No rest for the wicked, huh?

- I'm always trying
to get ahead.

- Well then this
is your lucky day.

I believe our deal was
20 grand, dead or alive.

- 20 was our deal, wasn't it?

Get this man 20,000.

How much for the girl?

- What do you think she's worth?

- I might be willing to spend...


- 10 grand, huh?

No. She's not for sale.

Right now.

Speaking of women,

you haven't heard of any
smugglers trying to get

pleasure droids into
the city, have you?

- Droids are illegal.

They might try to
pass as humans.

They might try to take over.

They might prove to be
smarter than we are.

If I knew of any
droids I'd send my men

out to hunt for them.

Sell their heads
to the government

and then I wouldn't have to
pay $20,000 to a bounty hunter.


- Right.

Except, these droids are
worth more alive than dead.

They're a special model.

- You hope to sell them
on the black market?

- No, actually, I'm
working for the owner.

He gets lonely without them.

- Well, if I hear of
anything I'll call you.

- Thanks.

- And if you change your
mind about the girl...

- I might.

[sexy music]

- Sell me?

Sell me?

What do you think I am?

A trinket or something?

- Look.

- I am not merchandise.

- Up there in wealthy
world you might be a queen

but down here on the street,
if you don't have manual labor

to sell or stolen goods to sell,

all you've got left
to sell is your body

and you're worth 10,000 bucks.

- And what are you worth?

- Maybe 5,000 on a good day.

I've got too many bullet holes.

And sometimes all your worth
can be reduced to a watch.

- Whose was it?

- Just a girl I knew.

It's all I've got left
to remind me of her.

- Should I as what
became of her?

- No, I don't think you should.

[sexy music]


- Tell our friend that Jack
Ford is looking for him.

- Yes, sir.

- And tell him not to worry.

We'll take care of the
bounty hunter if necessary.

Oh, um.

Remind our partner that I
expect my payment promptly.

[sexy music]

[intriguing music]

- Ah, Mr. Chew'Bah.

- Mr. Humberstone,

I'm sorry to disturb you but
we seem to have a problem.

- We do?

- Yes, there's a
droid gunner looking

for the missing merchandise.

His name is Jack Ford.

He's good.

- When he's good,
he's dead, isn't he?

- As you wish, sir.

- Mr. Walsh.

There's a bounty hunter
trying to reclaim the droids.

Mr. Chew'Bah is going
to take care of it.

In the event that he fails...

- We activate the assassin unit.

- When the time comes.

- Yes, sir.

- Jack Ford has
become a liability.

We must cut our losses.

Find him and kill him.

Oh, and if you can recover
my $20,000 at the same time,

all the better.

I think, I think we ought
to have some flowers

for Jack's funeral.

See to it.


Don't spend more than $10.

- And what is this place?

- It's a whore house.

It specializes in
non-mutant women.

- Good place to hide
pleasure droids.

- Yup.

The only problem is my droid
scanner only works close up.

So that means, here, take this.

That we're gonna have to
find a way to get inside.


I think this is gonna do nicely.

- Wait just a minute.

- No, I think this
is our only chance.

If I go in and nose
around as a customer

I'm gonna want you in there
running interference for me.

- No.

- Look, just say
you're a runaway wife

looking for a job, okay?

Ask if they've
got any positions.

Any openings.

You know what I mean.


Ace, huh?

Take good care of that.

- Hi.

Where do I get a
job application?

- [Woman] Just a minute.

[intriguing music]

[scanner beeping]

- I'm Hathaway.

Are you seeking employment?

- Yes.

- Are you from up top?

- Yeah, I couldn't
live there anymore.

I decided to try my
luck around the surface.

- This occupation can
be very demanding.

Many of the women who work
here have some experience

but aren't ready
for the vigorous

working schedule found here.

- Anything's better
than going back to him.

- Very well.

Follow me.

We'll get you into uniform

and I'll administer a
brief pre-employment test.

[scanner beeping]

[woman screams]

- Ah, all right.

Take it easy.

Take it easy.

It won't happen again.

[sexy music]


[sexy music]


[sexy music]

[scanner beeping]

Hi guys.

Don't get up.

Don't stop what you're doing.

Just me.

I'm just checking 'cause I
got a defective scanner here

and sometimes I gotta get
up real close just to...

Hold that for me, will you pal?

Just bend your head a little.

Yeah, okay, thanks.

I'm sorry, I thought
you might be an android.

Like I said, I get a false
reading on this thing sometimes

so I just...

[scanner beeping]

You know something?

Your husband's been
looking for you.

[scanner beeping]

Well, I'll get out of your hair.

[woman screams]

[scanner beeping]

- I, uh, I like your new look.

- That'll be 200 bucks.

- No thanks, I'm
just window shopping.

- Window shopping?

That was the worst
experience of my life.

Do you know what Hathaway
tried to do to me?

- I thought you could take it?

I thought you were a tough guy?

All right, we better
get you some clothes.

- Mr. Chew'Bah has
a message for you.

- Yeah, special delivery.



- Ha!

[gunshots firing]


- All right.

Let's see what this jay
bird's got in his pockets.

- What's that?

- It's a work card
from New Angeles.

- New Angeles?

Could the droids be there?

- I don't know.

I thought the
place had religion.

Some guy from the
God Squad owns it.

How do you look in leather?

- Chew'Bah's men failed.

- The goddamn
helicopter lost them.

Shall we go forward?

- Send him in.

Assassin droid, I
have a target for you.

- I will destroy him.

- His name is Jack Ford.

This is his
government photo card.

Find him, terminate him.

- My pleasure.

- In here.

[cat meows]

- I think it's time
we made a call.

- What you got?

- Hidden phone.

- Let me see.

- [Reginald] Good
evening, Mr. Ford.

- We got a situation here.

- Oh, really?

- [Jack] Yeah, somebody's
trying to kill us.

- Do you think it
has anything to do

with the stolen pleasure droids?

- You're damn right.

Two guys tried to kill us
and they're from New Angeles.

- That's preposterous.

New Angeles would never
have anything to do

with pleasure droids.

Charles Humberstone is
an ultra conservative.

He allows no gambling,
no drugs, no alcohol.

And above all, no
prostitution in his complex.

- Well, that explains
the lack of tourism.

- Yeah, New Angeles is
involved in agribusiness.

There is little chance of
the droids being sent there.

- You don't mind if I
check it out, do you?

- I don't think
you should do that.

Charles Humberstone is
a very powerful man.

- Do you want your droids back?


- All right.

Put Ms. Ann Wright on.

- Beth here.

- My God, Beth.

What have they done to you?

- Nothing, sir.

I'm dressed to be inconspicuous.

- All right.

Ms. Ann Wright, I want you
to make sure that Mr. Ford

doesn't make any actions
that could result

in litigation against
the Bennet Corporation.

- Yes, sir.

So what do you think?

- I think we head back
to the waterfront,

see if any smugglers
have delivered droids

to this Humberstone
guy, come on.

We'll go through there.

[rock music]

♪ She was good she was good ♪

♪ She was hot ♪

♪ She was fine ♪

- You're back.

- Another round of questions.

You could win a whole
new living room set.


- What happened to your bag?

- I traded it in.

I got this.


I'm looking for someone who
can get me to New Angeles.

- This ain't a taxi stand.

- Look, cyclops.

Are we gonna go
through this again?

You got a bar full of
smugglers and all I need

is someone with a mini sub who
takes things to New Angeles.

You understand?

- They check every
sub docks here.

You can't even dock unless
you got a delivery order.

Whiskey and a wash, right?

- And a fresh milk.

- Buy a girl a drink?

- I'm sorry, I
don't date mutants.

- I never said
anything about a date.

- Maybe you do know the answers.

- I know lots of answers.

What's the question?

- Garson, get this lady a drink.

I'm interested in New Angeles.

The underwater world?

How would a guy get there?

- It's easy.

You apply for a work permit.

They're always looking for help.

It's hard work
down there though.

Too many deadlines.

No drugs.

No gambling.

No women.

No fun at all.

- [Jack] None of
these guys go there?

- Are you kidding?

What for?

All the fun's up here.

- Your milk.

- Is this your hooker?

- She's a friend.

And she's not for sale.

- They're all for sale.

[exciting music]

- Jack! He's a droid.

[gunshot pops]

- Come on, honey.

[exciting music]

[electronic buzzing]

[exciting music]

[electronic buzzing]

- He's completely shut down.

- Yeah.

[intriguing music]


- Now let's download him.

Find out who sent him.

- All right.

Up you go.

Come on big guy.

I got it.

Is that it?

- [Beth] Yeah, plug
it right there.

- You're on.

[droid beeping]

- Must be some
sort of auto wipe.

Everything's breaking up.

Wait, I can read three things.

The nuns must be protected.

- A religious droid?

- Two is terminate Jack Ford.

- Sorry, Charlie.

- Three, the air strike is
automatically activated.

[helicopter approaching]

- I think it's time
we hit the road.

[exciting music]

- Hey.

I got damages.

[helicopter whirring]

[exciting music]

- Oh my God, Jack,
you're bleeding.

- I don't have time to bleed.

- Let's get you some help.

- Let's go to my place.

I've got a bandaid there.

[intriguing music]

- New Angeles here I come.


I'm trying to work here, okay?

- All work and no play?

- Look, would you please
go back to the others?

Will you?


- There's a bottle of local
anesthetic on the counter.

Can you hand that to me?

- What, this?

- It's all I got.

Thank you.

Help me.


All right.

Hand me the pliers,
will you please?

- You know Jack, we
could go to a hospital.

- Just hand me the pliers.



All right.



Ah, oh.

There you go.

Good as new.

[intriguing music]

- Cargo 719 approaching
New Angeles.

Do you copy?

- [Man] New Angeles copies.

What is your docking code, 719?

- Docking code Lucas Solo 411.

- [Man] That's a security code.

- Yes, I know.

I have direct shipment to Mr.
Walsh and Mr. Humberstone.

- [Man] Mr. Walsh, 719.

- I have forbidden cargo.

Am I clear to dock
at New Angeles?

- [Man] You're clear
for entry, Mr. Hawks.

- Clear for entry.

That sounds so exciting.

- I'm gonna be so happy
when this is over.

[ship beeping]

[intriguing music]

- Hawks?

- Fred Hawks.

And this is my cargo.

- I'm Walsh.

Mr. Humberstone's
private security.

I'll have my men take
care of your cargo.

Why don't you come with me?

- [Humberstone] Ah, Mr. Hawks.

- I hope you got my money ready.

- Well, let's talk about that.

I believe you were contracted

to deliver four pleasure droids?

Female models.

- That's right.

- Our shipping documents only
show that you shipped three.

Are they incorrect?

- No, sir.

I misplaced one.

- Ah, misplaced.

- Yes, somewhere in Phoenix.

- Well, we contracted
for four, not three.

So I'm only prepared
to pay you 24,000.

- That's less than half
of what we agreed on.

- We agreed on four, not three.

- That's only eight grand
each, [chuckles] no.

These things are worth millions.

- You can take your
payment in cash.

Or in lead.

Which would you like?

- Okay.

What if I find the fourth droid?

- Well, we'll discuss that later

when you get the droid
in your possession.

- Okay.

- It's a pleasure doing
business with you.

Now please, go away.

- Gave you a break, Hawks.

- Oh yeah?

Half the money, huh?

- Well, he was gonna kill you.

So you think about
that next time

you tell anybody
about your cargo.

Now shove off.


[watch ticking and chiming]

- You miss her don't you?

- Every single day of my life.


[romantic music]

I'm sorry.

- Don't be.

- What if somebody's smuggling

these droids into New Angeles

to make way for organized crime?

- Who could be that powerful
to corrupt New Angeles?

- Only one name comes to mind.

- Mr. Chew'Bah wants to see ya.

- Yeah, he says he forgot and
wants to give you something.

- Well, let's not
keep the man waiting.

Come on.

- Welcome back, Jack.

- You double crossing
son of a bitch.

- Well, let's not talk about
my dear sainted mother.

Let's talk about money.

- All right.

How much you getting for
corrupting New Angeles?

It's a good scheme.

You find a place where drugs,
sex, and booze are illegal

and then you provide
the services.

- It is a delicious
scheme, isn't it?

Too bad it isn't mine.

- Good try.

The stolen droids
lead right to you.

- Oh, if only that were true.

But my attempts to corrupt
New Angeles failed.

The security's too tight on
smugglers and outsiders like me.

- Then where are the droids?

- Well, I might tell you.

For a price.

- [Jack] How much?

- The girl.

She'd be a lot of money
on the black market.

[gun cocks]

- Are you gonna let him sell me?

- Well, I'm sorry, darling.

Looks like they got
us over a barrel.

[exciting music]

[intriguing music]

New deal.

You give the information,
I give you your life.

- I was only the broker.

I hired a smuggler to
steal the pleasure droids

from Jupiter Colony and
deliver them to New Angeles.

- [Jack] Okay, give
me the smuggler.

- Then why don't you look
for him on the waterfront?

You can't miss him.

He's a very large man
with long golden hair.

- How you survived this
long I'll never know.

Come on, let's get out of here.

[rock music]

[men cheering and whistling]

[rock music]

♪ Each and every ♪

♪ Each and every human ♪

- This is a private party.

- I need to talk to you.

- Look man, I don't know what
I was supposed to deliver

to you or when you were
supposed to have it

but there's been some
delay with my shipment.

I'll get it to you tomorrow.

- Four pleasure droids.


You delivered four of
them to New Angeles.


- Chew'Bah ratted me out?

So how much are those
droids worth to you?

- My contact offered me
$100,000 each to get them back.

- He only paid me eight
grand each to steal them.

- I'll give you 10% to help
me get them back safely.

- 20.

- 15.

- Deal.

15 grand each.

Well first the bad news.

I only delivered three
droids to New Angeles.

I lost one here in town.

- And the good news?

- This is how we
pass the guards.

You know New Angeles has
a shit load of security?

There's no way in and out
unless you have clearance.

- So how do we get clearance?

- You're coming back
with the missing droid.

- That's a great plan but
first we gotta find her.

- Done.


- Oh no you don't.

- That could work.

- It will work.

The son of a bitch doesn't
know the difference.

- What son of a bitch?

- Chew'Bah didn't tell you?

Hell, the crime
lord of New Angeles

and the tight ass conservative,

law and order business
man who owns New Angeles,

they're the same guy.


- It's preposterous.

- It makes sense.

Humberstone creates a world
where there is no vice,

that ups the value.

Then he provides the
vice and gets richer.

- Who else has the power
to corrupt New Angeles?

- It's astounding.

- We think we've got a way
of getting in New Angeles

but we're gonna need a map of
the place when we're inside.

- We have a corporate
espionage department.

They can supply you with
maps of New Angeles.

- Good.


- Yeah, in a moment.

- My God, Beth.

What has he done to you?

- Showed me the real world.

Wanna take a peek?


- No.

- I didn't think so.


[intriguing music]

- How much further?

- We'll be there
in a few minutes.

- This better work.

You got a light?

- Nope, there is no
smoking in my ship.

[intriguing music]

Cargo Vessel 719 approaching
New Angeles, do you copy?

- [Man] New Angeles copies.

Haven't you already
delivered cargo?

- Shipment was incomplete.

- [Man] You're gonna have to
speak to Mr. Walsh about this.

- Put him on.

- [Walsh] Mr. Hawks,
what's this about?

- Get my 24,000 ready.

I'm coming back with
the missing droid.

She's worth a couple million.

And she's got the new
upgraded oral program.

- [Walsh] We don't need her.

- You ought to see her.

She's the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.

- [Walsh] Okay, bring her in.

Your money will be waiting.

- Thanks.

We're in.

- You got the tracer on?

- It's hidden.

It's very uncomfortable.

- I'm sorry about that
but we need you to wear it

to lead us to the droids.

I better get out of sight.

[ship beeping]

- You're right.

She is the pick of the litter.

- Great, let's get my 24,000.

[exciting music]

- Hey you.

Let me see your
ID card right now.

- My ID.

You want my ID don't you?

I got it here somewhere.

Just let me look.


Well, hell.

That ain't it.

[exciting music]

Oh yeah.

You want my ID huh?


Here's my ID.

I knew I had it
around here somewhere.

[scanner beeping]

Oh, hey, how you doing?

- Hey.

New guy.

You're out of uniform.

Don't let the super
see you like that.

He'll dock your pay.

- Yeah, that uniform
thing, thanks.

Thanks for reminding me.

- You expect me to pay
24,000 for one droid?

- Look at her, she's worth it.

- I'm here to serve you, sir.

How can I suit your pleasure?

- Well, she is better
built than the others.

And, uh, softer too.

You'd never guess that
there's a machine underneath.

- [Hawks] Sure
doesn't look like it.

- [Humberstone]
Have you felt her?

- No. I never sample
the merchandise.

- [Humberstone] Does she
advanced programming?

- Oh, yes.

All her oral functions
have been expanded.

- Mr. Walsh will take
you to the payroll office

where you can pick
up your money.

- I'll put her with
the other droids.

- See to Mr. Hawks' money.

She can stay here with
me for the time being.

I do like to sample
the merchandise.

Close the door.

You're exquisite.

- Thank you, sir.

I was designed that way.

- You have advanced functions?

- Yes, sir.

- Would you like a drink?

I mix a wonderful martini.

- Splendid, I'll have one.

[intriguing music]

- Cocktails for two.

- I prefer the
Spike Jones version.

- Ha, you're
programmed for humor.

- Yes, I have all the
advanced oral functions.



I can speak seven
different languages.

- [Humberstone] Marvelous.

- It must be very demanding work

running an underwater

If you'd like to talk about it

I'm programmed to
listen and sympathize.

- You're a fascinating
piece of technology.

- Thank you.

[intriguing music]

Watch it.

- What's the matter?

Have you been reprogrammed?

- I'm programmed to
please and amuse.

- Good.

Then you take your gown off
and lay down on that desk.

Did you hear me?

Do you hear me?

What the?

You're human.

Think of the diseases.

[intriguing music]

[scanner beeping]

- [Guard] Hold it.

[exciting music]

[guard shouting]

[pager beeping]

- What is it?

- Oh, it's just my beeper.

After you.

- Oh shit.

Couldn't you wait until
after I got my 24,000?

So I could at
least die in peace?

- Mr. Humberstone needs me.

I guess that droid is a fake.

What is she?

Some street skank from Phoenix?

- Is that what Mr.
Humberstone thinks?

- Well, Mr. Humberstone
thinks it's a trap.

But I don't think
you're that smart.

- I'm not.

[exciting music]

[gun jams]

- Oh shit.

- Well, I'd like to see how
this ends but I gotta run.


[exciting music]

- We got an intruder
in the plant.

Sound the alarm.

[exciting music]

- [Man] Intruder alert.

Intruder alert.

This is not a drill.

Intruder alert.

[exciting music]

[scanner beeping]

[exciting music]

[intriguing music]

- Psst.

Ah, it's me, it's me, it's me.

- Jack.

- Where's Beth?

- Oh, I'm sorry,
Humberstone kept her.

He wants to try her out.

- That's not good.

- Yeah.

And I didn't even get my 24,000.

Can you believe it?

- Oh, I hate that.

- Yeah.

I don't think he ever
intended on paying me.

Sure, he takes the
merchandise and stiffs me.

- I tell you what we'll do.

I'll go get the droids first

and then we'll go back
and get Beth, how's that?

- Okay, let's go.

- Now, now.

You tell me what's
going on here.

[scanner beeping]

- Hey, hey, I'm
getting something.

- Yeah? Is it my 24,000?

- It's the pleasure
droids, remember?

You get 10%.


- You're right.

[scanner beeping]

- All right, let's get them out.

There you go, sweetheart.

You're free.

There you go.

All right, girls.

Now, what we're
gonna do is, we're--

Excuse me.

You know what?

I don't think we have
time for this right now.

- We have all the
time in the world.

- Yeah. Hawks, how
do I get them off me?

- Jack, that's what they do.

They're like leeches.


Hawks, do something.

- Ladies,

he only gets pleasure
from watching.

- That's right.

That's right.

I only get pleasure
from watching, thanks.

All right girls, if you
really wanna make me happy

all you gotta do is
listen to what I say.

All right?

- Let me slip out of my gown
and you can touch me anywhere.

- Freeze.


I'm not using you, sweetheart.

Here, just put that.

All right, ladies, follow me.

Single file.

This way.

[exciting music]

[Jack whistles]

Okay girls, okay, okay.

Here we go.

There you go.

Right over here.

Right over here.

- That was easy.

- Yeah, so far.

Come on, let's go.

Okay, girls, go on.

Go right ahead there.

There you go.

Hey, hey, hey.

- I'm programmed to excel in
bondage as well as group sex.

- Yeah, save it, sister.

Come on, we gotta
make some waves.

- Not yet.

Humberstone still has Beth.

- There isn't enough time.

- I'm going back for her.

I got her into this and I'm
getting her out of this.

- There's about a hundred
men out there waiting for us.

- I'm bringing her back

and you don't get
paid unless I make it.

So I suggest that
you wait here for me.

- I'm not gonna wait for you.

I'm going in with you.

- Okay, good.

- I built New Angeles to
be a perfect community.

No vice, no crime,
no sin, no sinners.

But after awhile,
productivity decreased.

The workers had no work.

There was nothing for
them to look forward to

when they came home and
church attendance dropped off.

You don't need confessionals
when there's no sin to confess.

- So you imported sin?

- Yeah, and now I'm gonna
cleanse you of yours.

[exciting music]


[exciting music]

- Hey, they're over here.

[watch chiming]


- Oh, Jack.

- Come on, big guy.

Come on.

- Just...

[coughing and chuckling]

Just get Beth back, okay?

- I will.

- And get those
droids out of here.

- I promise.

- Just promise me one thing.

- What?


- Just make sure

I get my ship, okay?

- You will.


[solemn music]

[footsteps approaching]

- You came back for me.


- A long time ago somebody
needed me and I wasn't there.

So I swore I'd
never be late again.

- Looks like you're right
on schedule this time.

[solemn music]

- Come on.

[solemn music]

- It's all there.


[romantic music]


You're not going with him?

- Why not?

- About my fourth
pleasure droid?

Do you have any
idea where she is?

- Out there.


[uplifting music]

- Take you to swim.

Oh, maggots.

God, I hate maggots.

Oh, that's not good.

You kidding?


All right.

Here, take my arm.

Are we going to
your place or mine?

I got a nice alley
there that looks good.

Which way is it?

To the right?

[intriguing music]

[rock music]