Drömkåken (1993) - full transcript

Göran, Tina and their two children buy a house in a suburb. It is in need of some repairs but Göran believes himself capable of repairing it himself with the help of a few cheap craftsmen. However, the state of the house is much worse than he thought. At the same time, a gang of crooks is searching for the dynamite they hid in the basement some time ago. Göran has to rescue both his wallet from greedy craftsmen as well as his marriage with Tina.


Hi! We've had a great time.
The weather was just right.

-Sweet. You're so brown and pretty.
-Stop it!

-Anton, did you catch any fish?

-So, What have you been up to?
-Oh you'll see.

But Göran, what are you doing?

What's this?
What's with the secrecy?


Where are we going?

I have to do the laundry.
I'm working tomorrow.

Welcome home.

Executive action! I had to make a move
and I couldn't call you on the lake.

This is exactly
the kind of house we've been looking at.

Did you buy it?

We can put the bookcase over there. I've been
carrying heavy books all week.

Maybe you could put the TV over there.

Oh this!
- look at that view!
You look adorable.

-And when you're all watching TV...

Then I can sit there and work.
To think we lived 12 years in a two-room apartment.

And if you want fresh air...

Complete silence...


Petra, here's your room.
Not bad, eh?

Oh, this is fun.

If you're tired in the morning
you can have breakfast right away.

I'll get it.

-Oh my God!
-What a ride!

-Are you okay?
-He fixed the elevator.

We can get this place in tip-top shape
for just under a hundred grand.

-You bought it?
-We bought it.

God, this is nice.

The shower on Götgatan...

I can't believe it's ours.

Can you turn on the tap?

It is tightened.



There's a lot of water here.

We might even have to repaint.

Göran, how are you? What's going on?

Do you think there's any booze here?
I would like a cup of... booze.

I guess I'm a homeowner then.

It's unbelievable!
You heard what happened, right?

Gunsan had fallen asleep in his car...
Right, in the Porsche.

She was asleep, because she gets so tired.
Janne filled the whole car with water.

How is it going?
Will there be any water soon, do you think?

-She could have drowned.
-Familys been out sailing.

Hold up a sec.
- Borrow water from the neighbor, I'm working.

What did you say? Oh right.
She wasn't very happy.

"Underwear!" "I'm so tired of being a woman.

I'm over here!

Hi, I'm Göran Karlgren.

We've moved into the flat where
and an accident happened last night.

-We don't have any water. -
-Shouldn't you take the hose instead?

Thank you.

-This is going to get out of hand.

-We'll probably end up with about 50,000.
-50? Oh...

-Unless you're handy, of course.
-Eh, no, well...

Sort off.

Hi, it's me. Have they arrived?

What did they say about the leak? Yippee...

-How's the leak going?
-Brilliant about 50,000.

-You're in luck to have such a handy man at home.
-Wow, thanks for the support.

That's what friends are for.

So you buy the GS90 branch pipes
and attach them to the bend.

-There then?
-No, right there.

-You got it?
-Yes of course.

I had a four in woodcraft in school.

I put it on the delicate program.
You spastic, German little shit!


I saw the hose in the garden.
Can I do the laundry?

It's chili con carne.
But I'll make it a little spicier..less spicier.

So its not too spicy for the kids.
And we'll get rid of the beans.

It's gonna be really tasty.

And If there's any left overs,then we can freeze it.


Oh, come on!

It's freezing,
I need hot water.

-Then you'll have to boil on more hot water. -
-It'll take a hundred years!

Everything takes a hundred years.

-How's it going? -
-Going great!

Yes, that's it.
Let's go to sports.

Which Swedish canoeist managed to win
six Olympic gold medals?

Very good questions
you wrote this week.

I tried to talk to Petra,
she doesn't like it here.

It'll pass, it's age.

How's your thumb?
I can see you're in pain.

Let's have a look at your thumb.

Tiddelo! There was no door,
so I just stepped in.


My name is Susanna Björkman,
but everyone just calls me Sanna.

My name is Susanna Björkman,
but everyone just calls me Sanna.

A little welcome present.
I have a second-hand store.

Get it? My house is over there.

I think that program
is really funny.

-Don't you think so too?
-Göran writes the questions.

Then you must know Tommy Körberg.

Let me ask you something. Is he seeing anyone else right now?

-I don't know...
-He walks by the shop every day.

I have a second-hand shop.
Did I say that?

-Do you want coffee?

Please and thank you, two pieces.
But, I have to ask you...

This English girl he was married to,
what was she really like?

-I didn't know her either. -
-He's also English.

But he's Swedish too.

His mother was English
and he grew up there.

But he went to Sweden
every summer - to visit family.

On his father's side. Then he became
military in the English army.

They say he was a spy
during the world war.

-Oh, well.
-You don't know what to believe.

I have to say though, I can understand why she divorced him.

Even if he doesn't drink that much,
and Woody doesn't.

I think they had it exactly like Liz and Richard.

-Maybe the coffee's gone? -

I guess I'll be going, then.

I don't know if I have the same colors as Michelle Pfeiffer.

But I think I could pull off the same haircut.

Except not the bangs, of course.
I'd look so flat.

Oh, boy. Otherwise, I've been thinking
about the french twist since that's so in right now.

-How do you become a Muslim?
-I was also thinking about Janet Jackson.

But the sister, La Toya,
her hair is great.


The police have no trace of the
pipe bombs that were stolen from Bofors.

Security around the production of
explosives is to be reviewed.

House prices are falling again.

It was tough,
but I got it done.

I did what you told me with the T75s and it turned out great.

Over there, I haven't done anything else
until we check in.

Other than that, it feels pretty done.




I cant get out!

Göran! I cant get out.

Did you wedge the lintel?

It's one thing for you to work
in the basement where you know what you're doing.

Hire handymen!

The lintel...

Can I get an advance on a few more
weeks? I bought a house.


-He wants an advance.
-No can do.

-I can't arrange that.
-He's apparently bought a house.

-Are those the questions of the week?

Remember, don't make the questions too complicated.

I've said it before:
questions up to five points should be as simple...

-that a child can answer them.

-Last week you told me they were too simple. -
-Yes, but not really.

Another thing - it's supposed to be fun.
A bit of carousels and comedy.

Remember, we're in the business of entertainment.
It's show biz

I didn't laugh even once
last week.

-Ok, so how do you want them then?
-You'll figure it out. I want it to be...

Show biz.

I'm going nuts!
He promised us water!

Looks like there was some pipe that wasn't in stock.

-He promised rock-solid by Tuesday. -
-What does that mean to a plumber?

There's a surprise waiting for you,
in the bedroom!

Well, why not?


-You told me yellow. -I said lemon yellow.

This is...
I don't know what.

We'll have to sleep somewhere else,
not in this smell.

-Come on.
-I have to work on the questions.

Thank you.
Tomorrow you have water.

-Is it safe?
-Yes, rock-solid.

You don't have a cappuccino? A well.

-Wow indeed, the whole drain is corroded.

We have to replace everything..
It could break at any moment.

-But it'll be great right?
-I'll guess we'll find out!

-This will be great.

That's great. Have a cinnamonroll.

Two pieces, no milk.
The floor seems a bit wicked.


Rock solid.

It's been 14 days since he promised water.
He doesn't even answer when we call.

He's got an answering machine.

We'll have to put on more. I'm going to the bathroom.

Hey, you! I forgot to tell you... one thing.

Hey, Tina!
Did you see the movie that was on channel 1 last night?

-No, I didn't see it.
-Michael York is so handsome!

But he's not as handsome as Tommy Körberg.

That neighbor is driving me crazy.

But we have good neighbours too.

Come on here and let daddy help you.

Thats it.


No, no!

Oh, hell no!

Hi, Tina. It got fucked up with Ernst today. No...

Hi, sweetie. We don't have any water.

Tina, this...

What's that?

What's so funny?

Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah!

Damn, how expensive!

Talk about a wicked floor.

Amazing what a little water
can do.

It's been crawling along the walls
and eating up the floor.

-It could take four weeks. -
-More like five or six, I think.

It could drag on even longer.
Remember the Berglunds?

Berglund's! What happened to them?

Joined a cult. Show him the hotplate,
and I'll extend the stove.

Lasse got a million volts
through his body.

You have water damage.
You can borrow it for now.

Water damage...


Hey, are you home?

Hi, you're home! Are you home already?
Is that a shirt for me?

It got a bit crazy with Ernst today.
I don't know how we do with water...

...with water stuff.

-It's not as bad as it looks. -
-Let's go down to the basement.

How can we... when the stove...

-How are we going to brush our teeth?

We've borrowed a stove.

Hello. My name is Tina Karlgren.
You've met my Göran.

Oh yes. Nice to meet you Tina.

Do you want me to help?

No, I'm fine.

We're invited to dinner.

-To the lovely Englishman.

-No, I have to work.
-What are you going to eat then?


-How's Göran doing?
-He's really trying.

But he's so terribly impractical.

Like an elephant in a china shop.

Or rather an eye surgeon
in a centrifuge.

The clumsiest clowns always carry the noblest of hearts.

John F Pickering.

Taste the sauce
so it's not too strong for Petra and Anton.

-Who's that? -
-I am. And Ong Ghan Ngien.

-A very skilled soldier.
-What is a skilled soldier?

I need 15,000 in advance.

For what?

It's cheap.

I'm broke. I don't have any money.

Hey, guys!

-What's this called?

Violoncell. A beautiful instrument
played by a beautiful woman.


Who was it?

My wife. Would you like to hear her play?

There she is in the orchestra.

I'll let you listen to Bach's D minor concerto.

Such pretty turtles.

Do they have to be in there?

No dough, no bakery.
Have a nice life.

Talk about lean cuisine!

Go ahead, I'll be right there.


I was either going to come like this
to the party

-or maybe I'll go with the..
Garbo look.

Dammit, That's it!

Fucking neighbors!

Mom went upstairs.

Damn fucking idiot!

Damn fucking idiot!
God dammit!

Anyone want to see a movie?


Tina, wait!

-I know the house is a mess.
-You can sell it without asking me.

We're moving in with Mom and Dad.


Let's go to grandma and grandpa's.


Hello! Is anyone home?

No, it's fine. I can repaint the boat.

I saw them leave
and I know how that feels.

Can I help you out with anything?

Old skipper Fornstam
He would cry if he saw this.

Strange old man, RR, always kept to himself.

It's gorgeous to have such a high ceiling.

Welcome aboard Pigge.
Time is nine o'clock.

The wife fell in love with
a teacher at the same school...

-and then she just left.
So I know what it's like to be lonely.

The worst part was
that the guy was my best friend.

I don't understand - if your wife
left, who's the one who...

- "Are you drinking again?"
-I forgot to lock her up!

-Lock her up.

-Lock her up?
-Yes, her.

I'm so tired of everything.

It's her.

I'm sorry, I thought it was...

You see now why I live in the boat?

-Cheers, wifey!
-"Not another word thank you."

Ernst, here's to your idea
with the cemetery.

For the dead.

-I didn't know boat cemeteries existed.
-Everything with a soul must be buried.

-Boats are like people.
-Well, You would know about that.

load the darn thing up!

Are you drinking again!

-You scared the crap out of me!
-Sorry! Just wanted to make sure it was working.

Okay, lift!

Are you coming!

-I have a surprise for you.
-Me too. Mine first okay?

I found this in the attic.

-It's almost rocking in here.
-It'll get worse.

Thank you.

Red, white, champagne and grog.

Ice machine, two pieces.

There you go.
But we will start with champagne.

Does the gentleman like that brand on his tongue?

Here you are...

How can I thank you, Ernst?

-What can I say?
-Say cheers.


Oh right, this must be
old man Fornstams.

Old log books and some kind of signal gun.

I thought I'd give this one to you.

It's very suitable for the sea.

It says Pigge here.

That's strange.

How lucky.

-I don't know what to say.
-Just say cheers.


-Let's eat.
-Let's drink first.

Sentimental guys, Yuck.

It was hard to get hold of you.

-The management is on me.

They think the questions are a little too manly.

Malou takes over half of your work.

We need a female profile
for the whole concept.

Your workload
will of course be lower.

Half the job, half the salary.

That's 50 percent.

-Watch the car!
-It's freshly waxed.

Pull yourself together.
"A man's got to do what a man"...


No, I got Al...

-Yes, in a way.
-Why doesn't he come to see me?

Since you don't even want to talk on the phone
he'll be insecure.

I love him so much!

It'll be all right.
He loves you so much too.

Get well.


Hi! My name is Karin Fornstam.

I'm sorry to drop in,
but grandfather lived here.

I'm back home visiting Sweden and I wanted to ask you-

-If i could have a look around the house.
I used to play here in the summers as a child.

Sure thing.

Thank you.

Can you bathe in that?

It feels so right to have lemon yellow in the bedroom.

God, it's beautiful!

Grandpa would have liked this.
He was a captain.

Where did you get everything?

-The cemetery.

-At the boat graveyard.

I work as an interior designer,
but I've never seen anything like it.

-The bathroom is amazing. -
-Yeah, it's kind of funny.

Oh, well... Thanks for letting me visit.

-Do you know what time it is? -Nine-thirty.

No.. Oh, dear.

Can I use your phone?
I have to call my boss in Paris.

I'll pay for the call, of course.

It's in the living room.

It's Karin. How are you?

What? Oh, my God...

What are you telling me?

What have happened?

No! When did this happen?

-What happened?
-My apartment have burned down.

The whole building has burned down.

-I don't know.

My God, all the stuff and papers!

I'm sorry.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Are you hungry?


-I can't take it anymore.

-Of course you can.
-I don't feel anything.

-Just that. Good.

-What was that? -Salvia.


-In the sauce. The meat is lime-marinated.
-You're so good at this.

-What's wrong?
-Some glitch in the fusebox.

I know a really good electrician.

Didn't I tell you how I've had it with handymen?

That's why.
He's great, and cheap.

-I'll give you the number.
-Sure why not.

I have to find a hotel.
The plane leaves early tomorrow.

Hey, I was thinking...

You mustn't get the wrong idea.

Good evening.

No, no, no.


Yupp, this is culture for 150,000.

-It shows, there is just so much paint.
-Of course.

It's all hand-painted.
He's a lactographer.

-Are they antique?
-It's Bellman 15th century.

In two years I'll sell these
and get triple the money back.

I'll put it into
some other new project.

Art is a huge thing, Malou.

Anneli at the office informed me
that I've been fired.

-Had our lunch arrived?
Don't be so dramatic!

Check out my bargin here.

Is she going to write knowledgeble questions alone?

-We need female perspectives.

Try to be a little humble.
You're not being humble.

A lot of menopausal bitches
are watching this.

-Now I'm hungry.
-You've hurt my me.

You've put me in touch
with my grief.

I'm a Scorpio after all.

Don't do anything and I'll be right back.

Hey, there.

Would you like to doodle?

Do you have a moment or are you in a hurry?

Skansen needs a combined
guidebook and annual story.

You seem to have the kind of knowledge
and education that we need.

I've got all the time
in the world this autumn.

Good! Come and have dinner with me
at Skansen next week.

Have you ever eaten calf's ear?
Life is full of surprises.


-Where is he?
-I don't know! I don't know!

This is mine! Let go!
Hand me my towel!

I'll get the rest of my stuff later.

-Have you had a bath?
-No, the tub was occupied.

You're not very romantic right now!

Not the thumb...

-It looks nasty.

Not that it's any of my business,
but is there anything I can do?

What do you do about a cheating wife?

A fool!
I met a fool in the forest!

A mottley fool!

What are you doing?

I'm looking for the fusebox

The electrician...

Well, its right up there.

Oh its one of those!


I'm so sorry about that
with your wife. It was so stupid.

It's not your fault.

-Didn't you leave this morning?
-Sorry, this is Robert.

The electrician I was telling you about.
I called him this morning.

-I'm the electrician.

I'm the electrician.

It's a good thing he was available.

Hello! Come out for a minute.

When Isabelle and I lived in Eton
we had a neighbor's wife...

-who was the bitch of the century.
Maybe you feel the same way about me but.

One of the privileges of old age is to interfere.

It hurts to see two people hurt each other over a misunderstanding.

It's not a misunderstanding. I saw her making out with someone at work.

A new star.

-Are you sure about that? -
-I saw them!

But I've seen you with that other woman.

-But there's nothing between us.
-I know!

And I'm just as sure there's nothing between Tina and... him.

How do you know?
You weren't there.

But I've been far and away.

And back in a day!

My job has been about assessing who can be trusted...

-...or not.
Now wait three minutes.

And do me a favor.
Go inside and call her.

I'll talk to her.

Bye bye.

Are you stupid? Sit down!

Sit down!

What you believe or don't believe about Dad
is up to you, but just shutting him out is mean.

Do you think he'll work on the joint
for us and then cheat?

How the fuck can you think that?
Fucking menopausal cow!


She yelled that she didn't want to talk.

-What do you mean Excellent?

She loves you!
-What do you mean Excellent?

She loves you!

Otherwise she wouldn't have gotten
so upset. Come on.

You'll see
that you're a couple within a week.

Excuse me.

I going to rake.

He's going to kill me.
I don't remember!

Take it easy. Just tell them the truth.
At least we're in.

-What are you doing?
-The meat will marinate for two hours.

It's going to be delicious!

I've bothered you long enough.

I'm flying home tomorrow.
I've booked a room at the Sheraton.

I want you to stay.

Looking for your electrician?

They said at the DMV his name is
Fornstam. You bring your husband here...

-...and claim he's an electrician.

-It's not what you think. I'll ask the the police.

-They'll kill Robert if you do.
-What do you mean?

Their names are Fille, Tomas and Mats.

Mats is the leader.

Two years ago they stole pipe bombs created for sabotage from Bofors.

Mats had planned to blackmail airlines.

-Robert has told about it.

Robert is my brother.
We have not kept in touch.

He is kind and naive
and can not say no.

Something went wrong with Mats' plan. The gang got caught but Robert got away.

The point of the pipe bombs is that they can be placed in advance-

-and then trigger them with a phone.

Each pipe has a number that you call
and then it exploded.

-What's all this got to do with me?
-Robert used to live here.

This is where he hid the pipe bombs.
He asked Mats in prison to get out.

They held his head under water in
a toilet until he had a cardiac arrest.

For seven months he was in a coma.
I didn't know!

I was in Paris
I called a few times, but ...

Do you want anything?

When he woke up, the house had been sold at auction.

No bills had been paid during his hospital stay.

And you had moved in.
He was here at night looking.

-He didn't know...
-He had blank spots after the coma.

Some things are completely black.

He contacted me and I went home.
If I could get Robert...

-maybe he'd remember again.

I'm sorry.

-What do we do now?
-We have to do something.

They're being released tomorrow. Robert's going to ask them to wait until he finds the rods.

-We have to call the police.
-Then they'll take revenge on your family.

We have to find the blasting rods so they can get them.

Then we can tip off the police so they get caught in a "traffic stop".

Well, Get us out of here.

-I thought I saw a copperhead.

We dont have time for that crap!

What did I tell you
He's hidden them somewhere else and forgotten.

-He's sure they're here.

Robert? Where are you?

You have to... Hello?

He's on his way. We have to leave.

We need to leave.
They're gonna tear the house down.


What are you doing?

You're out of your mind.
I have to find Robert.

Heya. , Oh crap i need to secure the mooring.

What do you want then?

Watch that.



Satanus protectus il aegonis
viene con il crio.

A beer and a dumpling, please.

It's Latin, Tomas.

"Satan protects his own.
He comes when they call out."

-Why do you say that?
-Today is the last day of May.

500 years ago
they burned Agata Askeborn.

The worst witch that ever lived.

What about that then?

Before the flames ate her, she swore-

-to return this night every 100 years.

With her jet-black hair, and her black nails...

...she would rip the heart
out of any man who wore white.

She's coming for you!

-When someone invokes Satan!

-I'm getting wrinkled!

Won't they come through the front door?

Yes, but you never know.

-What's the question? -
-It's about literature, and...

The question is this:

Which woman has written
the funniest books?

Is that the question? Can you repeat it?

Which woman has written
the funniest books?

-I need a few more.
-In the basement.

Hi, it's me.
This has nothing to do with her.

But you absolutely must not come here tonight. I'll explain later.

What makes you think I'm on my way right now?

Are you going to start acting like that too?

Talk about Christmas spirit!
You're kinda cooky.

-I Might be.
-I didn't mean it like that.

Well, maybe a little.

I shouldn't talk.

You know that boat I have?
I've never been out on it.

I'm a little scared of water.
A little phobia I have.

(Speaks Russian)


(Quoting in Latin)

Are you scared now, Robban?

The night has come, Satan is calling.

Agata Askeborn!

Agata, are you there?


What are you staring at?
Do you have an onion up your ass?

Poor thing.

Bettan, people are arriving
I bet they're famous.

A whole rock group.
And they're all dressed up!



-Let's go, huh?
-Get upstairs.

Check upstairs.

-You were supposed to...
-Don't screw around!


It's empty here, isn't it?


I'll eat the candy on my own then.

Swedish Fishes...

-Can you turn off the music?



-Fuck that lets leave.

Moron we have to get the stuff!
Come on and remember darn it!

Hey you could at least ask nicely...

-No? I could turn sterile you know...

-Go get him.
-Not a chance.

Oh, yeah?

Ow, I'm going!

Ow! I'm going!

Fille is everything okay?

Mats! I feel kinda thick in the head.

I'm tired of your memory
and your manchester pants.

-This again?.
-Use your head!

Come Robert.

Come down you bastard, or I'll Slice her throat.

I said I'll slit her throat!

I'm charged!

I'll cut her head off.

I don't know where the rods are.

I see them.

I'm sorry.

-Pick them up.
-but it's a four meters drop.

You can get in through the basement.

Well, let's go then.

Where have you hidden Tomas?

If I don't get Göran back,
they'll put me on the children's shows.

Such anxiety! "Which female
author wrote the funniest books?"

Have we passed the big
capital letters?



I think I see her now
Agata with her black nails and hair.

There it is.

Show Daddy what you got.

My suit!



That could have been bad. Are you glum?

Oh, shit! Grass stains!

Get the bag from the kitchen.
We're going to settle this now.

-Watch the two morons.
-Hey hey, Calm the fuck down...

...Take a few steps back okay?
-Shut Up!

A copperhead.


Well, Go get them then!

Now, you resourceful bastard!
you'll become the clip of the year!

You don't care about that, do you.

-Mari, my darling.
-Robert, pull yourself together.

Are we travelling?

Thank you!



The sweater, Martin! I can blow on it!

They've taken ecstasy!

Greetings. Now I'm here.

Agata Askeborn. - Fille, she's here.

So i was invited after all.

-Talk about Charged!
-Fille, the yard is growing!

A hockey goalie.

Catch this one if you can.

Get him!

What are you, a pacifist?

You think you where funny huh?

I just have to call Bettan.

Ready for tea old chap?

You look like you need a whiskey.

I'll make sure
the police take care of that.

Military secrets.
They could get ten years for that.

But how..? Nice.

Ok. Lets do it again sometime.

Thank you, it was lovely.


Go to bed. I called Tina.

Happy New Year.

Thanks for everything.

Mommy, I'm going to the zoo.

Watch the car!

-And they get disability benefits.
-Yea, Foreigners.

What do I do now?


You scaredy cat. It's just water.

Hi, honey.

-What a bang.
-I know. Karin told me and the police was here.
Hi, honey.

-What a bang.
-I know. Karin told me and the police was here.

What have you done?

Do you like it? Or do you mean the candles.

Britt Ekland
was married to Peter Sellers.

But Körberg would suit her.

-Do you like oysters?
Do you ever stop talking?

Excuse me, is the car available now?

If this is not lemon yellow, I'll strangle you.

God, how nice!

It's beautiful!

-Cheers to water.
-For my wonderful husband.

To wonderful neighbors.

I didn't know where you were!

Isn't it strange
with all the different people?

In so many different places, all the time,
all at the same time?

I can't believe Körberg showed up.

Just as unbelievable as
that Omar Sharif would show up in Dallas.

-But Dallas is in Texas... -

Subtitles by Jinx 2022