Drôles d'oiseaux (2017) - full transcript

This French drama/comedy follows the development of a unique friendship between a young French woman and an old, cynical librarian.


- Do you want anything?
- A coffee, please.

I feel like days go by in slow motion
and nights race past.

Everyone looks busy.

Paris is big,
but less than I thought.

You can walk anywhere
if you have time and not much to do.

What I like best:

the beauty of the facades,
the long, tree-lined avenues,

and the fact that the sky
and roots blend in.

It all seems to go together.

Felicia is very busy.
We don't see much of each other...

She carries on
as if I wasn'there.

Jacques soon got used to it,
but I find it harder to accept.


Thanks. Bye.

Offering apartment

in exchange for a few hours' work

at Les Bles Verts bookstore.

It's good you're here.
I was expecting you.

I have an errand to run.

Here are the keys.
See you later.


Can you explain what to do
if someone pays by credit card?

They can go get some cash!

Anyway, no-one comes,
don't worry. It won't happen.


What is this mess?

I decided to start
tidying up all these boxes.

So, for you, tidying up...

is this?

I haven't had time lately.

That's why I put up the ad.

You're swamped?


I'm not interested.

Take a seat.

Now I want to know

where you're from
and what your name is.

From Tours,
but I was born in Rochefort.

My name's Vivianne Dolmane.
People call me Mavie.

That must be a weight.


I'm glad you're not from here.

Why did you leave Tours?

To get away.

And to breathe easier.

It's me.


I've made a big salad for dinner.

That's really nice.

I'll lay the table outside.
Miguel's coming to dinner.

His wife's at the clinic.

- Did you have a good day?
- Yeah, I found a job.

You want to eat outside?
We're not in Nice!

Miguel has a wife?
She's a nurse?

No, she's giving birth.

Are you OK with it?

Did they want it?

Sure, it's their third child.

I'm free and in love
and kids aren't my thing.


Come here.

I brought this back.

I think you must have forgotten it.

No need.
You can throw it all away.

There are papers in it.

Maybe you'll need them.

Strange you didn't open this one.

- It's Duras's works.
- That must be why.

You don't like her?

I can't stand her.
Such a narcissist writer!

It's deadly boring.

I adore her.

"The Little Horses of Tarquinia"
was a shock.

It changed me forever.

I read all her books one summer.

I admit she's a great writer.

Maybe she's too feminine for you.

I don't see why.

Her writing doesn't move you
as you're a man.

What a fanciful idea.

Don't you look
if a writer is a man or a woman?


He's read everything.

He thinks others understand nothing.

and that the main thing
is to do what you want.

I've never met
anyone like him before.

This is for you.

-Thanks, but...
-To help you settle in.

No-one can live without money.

People are so different here.

You're right. We're really...

In a unique place.

People here are illiterate.

Apart from drinking at terraces
and reading brochures,

they're interested in nothing.

Why do you say that?
Some people do read.

Have you seen a single person here,

sitting at a terrace, reading a book?

I never have.
In almost 40 years.

It's crazy, but it's true.

It's like the 60s never happened.

Yet you live here.

It was here,
Africa or South America.

So, if you must know...

How do you survive
if you never sell a book?

Money has never been a problem
in my field.

Oh? It's incredible
that no-one ever comes in.

I didn't think it was possible.

Anything's possible,
especially nowadays.

What do you want?

I'm disturbing you?

- You're doing the inventory?
- Can't you see?

Go on, scram!

- Another cretin!
- Do you know him?

No, I've never seen him in my life.

Nice place.

You've done it up well.
You'll be happy here.

I didn't think
I'd do it on my own.

-I'll stay tonight.
-You're moving in?

"Moving in"?
I only have Jacques and a bag.

- The paint's not dry.
- I know, but I need to be alone

to do as I please.

You can stay with me.

Us girls together.

And Miguel adores you.

Yes, but it's better this way.
It's handier.

And I won't disturb you any longer.
You'll have peace and quiet.

- Miguel's allergic to cats
- But that's a good thing.

He can't breathe,
but his libido's on fire!

He's stuck in bed.
It's incredible.

I never thought I'd say it,
but I'm exhausted!

So, how are things going
with your bookseller?


How old is he?

- I'd say 70.
- Oh, that old.

Poor thing.

- Why?
- Having to work at his age.

He has to top up his pension.

He hasn't paid in enough,
so he can't retire.

Will you come with me?

I want to go out.

Isn't 3 a bit early to close?

We can do what we like

if we don't want to work.

Time stretches endlessly.

Time is suspended,

it stops,

and we slide.

He said "you" to her.

They said "we".

Then, they fell silent.

I love your silences.

I'm not coming. G.

- Hello.
- It's me.

I'm not well.

Where are you?

It depresses me, having a migraine.

I'm exhausted.

I can't do a thing.
Even crying makes it worse.

You must be calm. It'll pass.

I know, but it's unbearable,
staying in bed.

I hate myself.
I'm like an old woman.

Thanks for coming to see me.

I'm no fun when I'm like this.

Does it happen often?

When I'm upset.

It'lI be OK.

I'm here.


It's the first time

I don't feel alone
whereas I am.

What's happening to me?

As if something had changed...


Something has become clearer.

What happened to you?

I had to change my life.

I can't say why.

- It's a secret?

What did you do before?
Did you have a job?

I was a publisher.


-Are you Swiss?
- Not at all.

Strange, you have a Swiss accent.

Yes, I chose it a long time ago.

You write?


For my own benefit.

It does me good.
I need to write.

Why is everything always impossible?

Because life's disgusting.

Yet we were lucky to meet.


Sometimes life has
more imagination than us.

I trust you.

It's the first time
someone believes in me.

I wish there was
less of an age gap.

Me too.

But that'show it is.

We should forget it all.

Forgive me.
For you. G.

Irish cyber-attack

Seagulls struck down in mid-flight

They should put nets over Paris.
It's really dangerous.

Falling like flies.

It's weird,
this kamikaze way of dying.

- Have they had enough?
- I don't think it's suicide.

Do you want
a Chernobyl potato?

No to nuclear power!

- Hello.
- Mavie, it's me.

-I've come back.

It's me.

Couldn't we tidy the desk today?

You can't put anything on it.

If it amuses you.

They try to raise awareness about
the risks of nuclear power by, say...

selling potatoes
from Chernobyl or Fukushima

for 1 euro.

Or by demonstrating.


Bunch of clowns!

If you really believe in something...

take action.

Make a direct hit.

The rest is just hot air.

Can you buy some garbage bags?
We're out.

Yes, I'm here.

Is he OK? Did you kill him?

No, he fell.

Who is he? What did he want?
Is he mafia?

There are lots in Paris.

He's so weird.

He was lurking outside,
the day you were sulking.


He looks really dead.

I wouldn't be surprised.

He's always tried to bother me.

Coming to die here
is just his style.

Just to annoy me.

He's alive. I'll give him first aid.

Leave him alone!

He must've hit his head on a box.

Why would he do that?

You've tidied up.

He's just pretending.

You'll hurt him.

I won't.
He's tough. He's used to it.

I just want him to go.
Pain in the ass!

Let's tell the hospital
we found him.

Why the hospital?
Let's dump him in the countryside.

Are you out of your mind?

God, he's heavy.

Pain in the ass!

You'll suffocate him!

6 hours' wait at the hospital

for a touch of damn diabetes!

People always try it on.

-You mustn't play along.
-It could've been serious.

Diabetics are a pain in the ass.

You can't have
a serious conversation with them.

They just pass out.

It works.

- It's a good trick.
- Lucky I was there though.

If you want my advice,
never get involved

with a man who has
back or sugar problems.

It comes back for no reason.
It's unbearable.

Who was he?

He loves the woman
I married 50 years ago

and last saw 40 years ago.

She doesn't love him.

- hat can I do?
- He came to talk about that?

I'll leave you here.
Park the car.

-I haven't passed my test.
-Who cares?







Hello, Georges?

You're here, no there...

One never knows with you.

I do what I can and what I want.


Are you crying?

Please don't cry.

It's hard enough.

Last night, I dreamed
about making love to you.

I dream about it, too sometimes,

but not really

I was 35. Strange...

I'm always older
when I dream of us as a couple.

I get younger.

Like in "Monkey Business".


Our dreams bring us closer.

You get younger, I get older.

- I'm jealous.
- No need.

I know.

I'm jealous of the future.

- That's new.
- It's called anticipation.

Yeah, suffering in advance.
When it happens, you've already done it.

I'm not joking. I'm jealous...

and envious.

- Why?
- I think of those men.

Can't you accept things are fine?
Look at us.

If only we were the same age...

Oh, It's you.

I can't leave you for 5 minutes.

I lost my keys.
I couldn't find a plumber.

- Locksmith, you mean?
- Oh, yes.

They were in the car
on the dashboard.

I phoned Felicia,
but they were stuck in bed.

It's gone on for days.
They never stop.

It's not normal.

I'll go upstairs.
I'll come down later.

I'll take you out to breakfast.

You must be hungry.

I love you.

Me too.

Isn't it horrible?

Yes, monstrous.

Love's so dumb.


That's why I never wanted
to be in love.

- And I came along.
- What a mess.

-Think we'll get through it?

- We'll be for it.
- Yes.

We've already had it.

I don't care if I'm with you.

Same here.

I don't care about anything but you.

Same here.

We're like 2 escapees.

It's weird. Why?

Because it's night time.

Here's your mail.


I saw your friends found a solution
for the seagulls.

Yes, they're contaminated
by food they eat at a dump.

They're covering it
and giving them special seeds.

They're taking
concrete action, after all.

I'm going with them to stop
a train full of radioactive waste.

What're you on about?

They're forming a human chain
to stop a train of radioactive waste.

-With their hands?
-Yes, they're pacifists.


A human chain!

It's a joke. The others are armed.
What're they thinking?

Do they think they'll stop the train
because of a bunch of hippies?

They'll go straight over them.

Don't get involved.

Don't ruin your life
for a bunch of morons.

Those days are over.

Others tried...

and failed.

You write.
You have better things to do.

-They're brave.
- No!

That's not bravery.

- Isn't Luigi here?
- No, it's his day off.

What would you
and your granddaughter like?

Two lasagnas.

That guy's absurd.

Where did they find him?

See that?

If he knew us, he'd see
you're younger than me.


Yes, if there was an inner age,

I'd be the adult, you'd be the teenager.
You're a rebel.

Well, I'm not resigned.

We're not born to be adults.

I brought you this.

More money?

Not every week!

We can't live without it.

I still have some left.

You don't spend much for a woman.

You didn't have kids?

I never believed in all that.

Kids are a pain.
They need constant attention.

It's sheer hell.

You've just never been
sufficiently in love.

You're a former godfather in the mafia?

Of course not!

Well, you're in hiding.

What imagination!

I have things to do at home.

I say that,
so you don't think I'm sulking.

What're you writing?

About disappearance.

Can I read it?

I've nearly finished.

Police hunt the publisher
of the R.B.

You lied to me.

Out of love, yes.

- So, that was it?
- What?

You fled for your ideas?


It must've been hard to dissapear.


It's harder to appear.

An Irish hacker
breaks into nuclear facilities.


Looking for something?
Can I help?

Know where Giorgio is?

"Giorgio" has left Paris.

I've taken over.

Are you sure?

You can see I'm alone.

Know where he went?

He's gone to Argentina.

Very well. Goodbye.

- What's wrong?
- Backache.

Come in.

Antonio's behind this.

Look where taking him to the hospital
has got us.

If I'd dumped him,
we'd be OK now.

What's your real name?

Giorgio Paolo Salina.
Happy now?

Why are they here now,
after 50 years?

29 years.

They're running out of time.

It's the 'in' thing
to arrest everyone.

They're not much good.

29years to find you.
What clowns.

No, things have changed.

- It used to be easier to hide.
- But you did.

Money buys anything.

Pay them off.

Not them.

What'll we do this time?

I'll have to disappear for a while.

You can stay.

No-one knows you live here.
I'll help.

It's too risky.

I don't care about myself.

But I don't want you put in danger.

You've a few days' respite.
I said you were in Argentina.

You spoke about Africa
or Latin America.

-You did well.
-Where will you go?

A friend of mine keeps...

sheep in the mountains.

A Corsican?

How did you guess?

I must go. Forgive me.

Do what you want with the bookstore

and the apartment.

Write. Don't wait for me.

I love you. G.

Would we have been happy
if we'd been the same age?

Very much so.

Would we have had kids?

Yes, just the one.

A marvelous boy,

just like you.

With your pretty white skin.

No, he'd have got sunburned.

My complexion,

but your eyes.

Are they pretty?


Perfectly-shaped brown lakes.

I love your eyes, too.

And your bad temper.

Am I bad-tempered?

Yes, but I love it.

Hold me.

Let me stay like this.

I love your arms.
I imagined them so often.

That painting's amazing.

It's like Pierrette Bloch.

Never heard of her.

Look, it's like me and Geronimo.


My boyfriend. We're going to Corsica.

I met him 12 years ago in Tours

when I met Miguel.

I followed Miguel to Paris.

6 years Iater,
who do I see in the street?


He'd married a suburban girl.
A stupid bitch.

Horrible. A bleached blonde,
no style. You'd hate her.

After Miguel dumped me,
I was buying paint.

Who do I see in the store?


Anyway, I'll spare you the details.

He came to see my palintings and...

and all of a sudden...

we fell into each other's arms.
It was so powerful.

Like two magnets.

- That's crazy.
- Yeah.

You can sleep here.

I changed the sheets.
I'll be away for 10 days.


Life is a rhythm.

Birth, death,

day, night,

happiness, grief,

meeting, parting.

Like the waves of the ocean,

sometimes up, sometimes down.

You can't have one without the other.


Come in.

Got a tissue?

I have a real handkerchief.

Here. I've not used it.

It's terrible to cry like that.

It doesn't matter.

It must do you good to let go.

Do you think so?

Do you cry?


Well, always in secret.

Thank you.

I'm embarrassed.

Don't be.

You can keep it.

-Are you Irish?
-No, why?

-It's my father's name.
- It souds familiar.

Have we met before?

I doubt it. I'm from Charente Maritime.

I was born in Rochefort.

I'm from Ile-d'Aix.

We're small town folk!

- Been in Paris long?
- A few months, but I'm leaving.

Paris is beautiful,
but it's like a trap.

People come, but never leave.

Well, I must be off.
I'm going to an anti--nuclear demo.

See you soon.

I work at Les Bles Verts bookstore.
Come get your handkerchief.


It smells good.

My grandmother's yard smelled the same.

All these smells are intimidating.

Don't you feel we're visiting,
that we could be in the way?

That's poetic.

Where are we?

It's a secret garden.

No-one ever comes here.

- Do you come often?
- Sometimes.

I like it.

I feel elsewhere. It's calm.

It's paradise in the city.

There are insects
you don't get in cities.

It's like a giant vivarium.
It's fascinating.




I don't understand all these papers.

They want codes and numbers,
but Georges threw it all away.

He hated paperwork.

I'll sort it out for you.

Don't worry.

Now then...

Oh, look.

Got a bit of paper?

Spiders are lucky in Nice.

They never squish them.

I had no idea.

It'll happen more often.

-It's like in the war.

We are at war.

I like you wanting
to change the world.

It's come back.

People must be at their wit's end.

Irish hacker

Attack of the guidance system
of a train carrying nuclear waste

- Coming back to the store?
- No.

I'm just passing through.

I've had enough
of nature and insects.

It's worse at night.
The silence...

The cicadas singing... Unbearable!

They should be wiped out.

What'll you do?

I may go back to Tours.

- Good.
- And you?

Good. Listen to your heart.

Do what you want to do.

The rest doesn't concern you.

You don't want to be loved.

Everything's impossible with you.

- I loved you so innocently.
- I know, but we can't help it.

- We can't change time.
- We should have.

My life, my beauty..

It'll be OK, you'll see.

Love hurts.

That's why I never wanted
to be in love.

George has disappeared.

I never saw him again.

Life went on.

His ghost comes back to haunt me.

The sun is scarce.


Subtitles: J. Miller, a.s.l.f.

Subtitling TITRAFILM