Driving Licence (2019) - full transcript

A famous actor needs to renew his driver's licence, and the motor vehicle agent is a fan of his, but a series of misunderstandings causes a great deal of friction.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain


- Hello!

I am here, in front.

Over here!

Over here, sir.

Yes, I saw you.

And... Sir...

Four of my people
will come tomorrow.

Don't forget. See you tomorrow.
- Okay!

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Come out, you rascal!

Go and check!

Thrash him!

Come out, you rascal!

I will count to ten!






The whole world knows that I am
Superstar Hareendran's driver.

But it's been many years
since I'm being mocked,

... saying that I am good only for
reversing the car and washing it!

It would be nice if you could
let me drive once in a while.

To reach the location...

... we still have a lot of time!

You can go slowly!

Oh God! Allah!
Protect me!

Good Morning, sir.

Hey! The movie should be good.

People should like it.

The producer should make money.

Whether it breaks collection
records or not, is not my concern.

I'll call you.
I've reached the location.

There are amazing reports
about the movie.

When you said you're coming from Palakkad,
we expected you only by 10 AM.

But you drove yourself, is it?

Of course! To drive that car,
he should pay me money!

Is he leaving?


Go and tell him!

This one?

This is Rolls Royce
Series 1 Ghost, right?

Why, sir?
Is it bad?

It's not bad.
It's an amazing car.

To travel in the back seat.

Do I need a car to
sit in the back?

If you have any imported sports cars
that are great to drive, bring them.

I'll see then.
- Sir...

- Shall we get ready?

Have you acted in movies?
- No.

Why don't you act?

I'm not interested.
- Why so?

It's like that.
- What's your name?

Ikka, if you move his date from
14th to 13th, I'll be safe.

I'll call you, okay?

Tell him!
- I will.

I'll tell him.

Sir, shall I read that scene?

The scene in which he comes
out of the hospital, right?

I know it.

No, sir. There is a small
correction in the dialogue.

What's that?

Is it tight?
- It's okay, sir.

After coming out of the hospital,
Detective Rajan Philip talks to

CI Alex, who's waiting outside.

The surgery is not over yet.

But I know it will be a success.

Because Safalya Hospital is one of the
best in the whole world, in neurosurgery.

The neurology department
of Safalya Hospital...

Stop! Stop!

Why are you going on
saying 'Safalya Hospital'?

Earlier, I was supposed to say the
name of some neurosurgeon, right?

Why did you change it
to the hospital's name?

Well, sir...
In this hospital...

the producers' company
has an investment.

Oh! So it's an advertisement!


For that, you need to spend
money and shoot a separate ad!

Instead of stuffing
it into the movie!

The movie will have only
what's required for it.

I won't say this dialogue.

Keep scratching his back!

It's not too difficult to say one
dialogue if he wants to, sir.

It's a hospital which people attacked
for tearing up someone's stomach!

World's best, it seems!


I heard that!

I care a damn if you heard it!

Is the shot ready?

Sir, we've kept a close up shot of
the hand turning the car's key on.

I'll shoot it with a dupe.

When I'm here?

To start the car,
I'll use my own hand!

Sir, just one chance.
She'll do it properly.


Sir... Sir, please.

Are you the one who taught
her to take the H test?

- Do one thing.

Draw an 'H', on the way she goes.
It will be correct then.

For a ticket of 40 Rupees,
I need to pass 400 people? Next!

I'm not someone who made some
quick money from somewhere,

and came to produce, without
knowing the ABC of cinema!

This is a corporate institution!

I'm the one who's answerable!

Why aren't you saying anything?

After planning it in a
budget of 15 Crores,

we've already spent 18 Crores!

Here's the guy who planned the budget.
Ask him!

No movie has been completed in
the planned budget so far, sir.

Then why do we need a paper
with the budget on it?

To wipe kids' shit?

A climax in which
everything is on fire!

And we're yet to shoot it.
- Yes.

In between all that, he has a U.S.
trip of one month!

Hari sir had told us in advance
about the trip, right?

His wife has some surgery, right?
- Yes, he had told us, sir.

He told us in advance, it seems!

He gave such a long speech when we asked
him to change one dialogue, right?

If he loves cinema so much,

he should be leaving only after
the entire shoot is over.

Then you tell him directly!

Don't take it out on me!

I'm going there to say that now.


I will call you back.

Sir, the area marked in red... All
of it will be constructed as a set.

We'll start the construction
of the set very soon.

So early?

Just for fun!


Well, let the set construction be over.

If your trip gets cancelled
due to some reason,

we can finish the shooting, right?

To get cancelled, this
is not a vacation!

It's for my wife's treatment!

And it was scheduled 3 months back!

I had told you, right?
- Yes, sir.

Bhama, why are you doing this? Isn't
there anybody else? - it's okay.


She's completely fine, right?

It must be a minor surgery, right?

Who told you that
it's a surgery?

When she took some tests,
the doctors had a small doubt.

So we're going there to do
some more advanced tests.

That's all.

After that, we'll decide whether
a surgery is needed or...

I got what you said only now.

If it's a minor surgery,

why am I going all the
way there with her?

- Yes.

I might be an actor and
a star for you all.

But for her, I am her husband.

Do you know something?

In the past 8 years,

we're going to spend 30
days together only now.

If I can't be with her at least
during this time, when needs my care,

then all these awards and applause
from the people, would be meaningless.


In this matter,
I am an old-fashioned husband.

The shoot will happen correctly,
at the time I promised.

That's my word!

Tell me if there's anything else.


The place we're shooting, right?

It's a place where the
navy has a lease hold.

Along with giving the application
for the shooting permission,

the licences of the drivers who'll be driving
for the shooting, should be submitted.

So if we could get your licence,
we'll take a copy and send it back.

Well, my licence...

No one asks for it to
people like us, right?



You bloody dog!

Come out!
- That means?

That means, 'Come out!'

I will count to ten!

That means, he will count to ten.
- Okay.

Then he holds that guy tight...

and keeps him on gun-point,
and says...




- Here!

Food & gravy are ready!
Eat it!

If you keep narrating this stupid
story, and make the food go cold,

I'll break both your heads!

Get lost!

Don't you have any work in the kitchen?
Just go! Don't disturb us!

Go! Go! Get going!
- Get lost!

Disturbing when I'm talking to my child?
- Tell me the rest.

So people all around,
are gaping in wonder.

By the time he counts till ten,

the villain comes out,
from behind that wall.

He walks out, raising
both his hands.

That's where the
real twist happens.

We'd think that he'd ruin it with
the usual over-long dialogues.

But he just takes the gun out and..

He fires three shots,
and then blows into the gun like this...

and then he turns in slow motion!
Oh wow!!

Hit! Hit!
Take me for this movie tomorrow.

- Okay.

Bullets, smoke and fire!

Hareendran, it seems!

That's where Bhadran scores!

He is so good in comedy!


I'll whack you!
Eat it if you want!

Are you crazy to keep watching
the same movie 4-5 times?

Not 5. It's worth
watching even 10 times!

I watch one movie only once!

It's difficult to even watch once!

Bhadran's movies, right?

It goes away from theatres on first
day, and it comes on TV the second day!

Big deal!

Ants have entered inside
his shirt or what?

Oh my God!
What is this? Mamangam?

Chetta, have you come to act?

No! I was called by Bhadran sir.

What's your name?
- Ananthu Panicker.

You may go.

When sir is sitting here,
with a tough attitude,

Bhadran sir will make his entry.

As soon as Bhadran sir comes...

Someone stand in his position!

after a look from the Hajiyar,

it will be the dialogue of his wife.

Then, you should say
the next dialogue.

Okay? Won't you say it?
All set?

- Ready!

Sir, a rehearsal without artists?
- Who's that?

Move away from the frame!

I came to meet Bhadran sir.

Take him away!
- Sir, Bhadran sir is inside.

It's an emotional scene in which I
see my mother-in-law's dead body.

Why didn't you bring
pants that are colourful?

It's been half an hour since you said you
reached the gate, right? Where did you go?

Well, I thought you were busy, sir.
- Why would I be busy?

Sit down.

Here you go.

Horoscope of Hareendran...
Kalidinam 186...

Hey! Don't read it.
Explain it in short.

Hareendran is blessed with prosperity
by Venus for the next 5 years.

Bloody Venus!

Is there any way to lock
this Venus for a while.

To lock it, Venus is not a door!

Zaheer, lock that door!

Panicker, his next two movies...

No... Just one movie..
Is there any way to make it flop?

Like that thing
you do with eggs!

I mean, that Voodoo spell
you guys do using eggs?

Something like that?
- Sir, I've already done that.

Moreover, Hareendran will suffer from the
planet Kethu's curse for the next 3 months.

Enough of Kethu.
I've heard a lot about that.

Will you be able to do
anything like I said?

Will his film flop?

It won't flop!

Then what the hell were
you saying so far?

His next film will flop
only if it releases, right?

That movie won't release.
That's for sure!

Hello! Can you write that on
a stamp paper & sign on it?

Zaheer, keep quiet.
- What is this, sir?

You may leave now, Panicker.

We'll meet later.



Are you crazy or what, sir?

All these shady deals!

Come here.

Hey Fans Association President!

It's not because I believe in it.

I should do something
from my side...

... for my peace of mind.
That's all.

Give it.

Let me become fair!

No! The producer
doesn't know anything!

I'm the one who runs everything!

I have to run helter skelter
to get things done.

He has come.
I'll call you later.

Namaste, sir.

I have to bow to
this guy also now!

Sir., that's Hari sir's driver.

That's why I bowed to him!

Should I bow once more?

Namaste, sir.

What did you want to say?
- Well, I was about to say...

Tell me what it is!

Don't get tensed, sir.
- See!

You already made me tensed!

I'm fed up!


Tell me what the matter is.

Hari sir's driving
licence is missing!

So? - Sir, we have to submit
Hari sir's new driving licence,

to get the permission for
the location, right?

Hey Production Controller!

Learn to say at least something
without scaring other people!

Look at the matter you found
to make me tensed, in vain!

Where did he lose it, man?

We gave the licence to an
auto-consultant, to get it renewed.

Later when we enquired,
he left to Dubai.

We searched thoroughly
in his house.

We didn't find
anything there.

Give an application for
a duplicate licence!

If they see his name,
it will be done in 2 days!

No, sir.

He took the licence from
Kollam RTO office back then.

Kollam RTO office is
in Pakistan or what?

It's not that, sir.
We went to Kollam RTO office.

But when they
shifted their office,

many files went missing.



He would have to get a new
driving licence, sir.

Then ask him to get
a new one somehow.

Sir, only after getting Hari
sir's new driving licence,

we can apply for the
permission of the location.

We can start out set construction there,
only after getting the permission.

And we can shoot the climax,
only after the set construction is over.

This is the situation.

Why the hell did I have
to take up this movie?

This is why I said initially
that you shouldn't get tensed.

I'll whack...


Hari sir has a very close friend.
Johnny Peringodan.

He's the DCC President,
and KPCC member as well.

So? Should I make
him an AICC member?

It's not that, sir.

Peringodan sir is trying.

So we'll definitely get the licence.

Whichever loser it may be,
ask him to get it sorted quickly!


Now, can you all please leave?

I'll get my dose of
abuses from the top now.

You needn't hear that, right?

Ah! Here comes the call!

Go fast, man!


Everything is going fine!

Yeah! Yeah!

You know what the problem of
driving without a licence is?

You won't even get insurance.

Has Samuel sir come?

Yes, he is in inside.
Well, what about that matter of ours?

Which one?
- Didn't I tell you something that day?

That's why I have come, right?
- Is it?

It's quite crowded here today.
- There's a learner's test today.

Oh okay!

See you then.

What matter was he talking about?


You have one, right?
Look into that!

What's happening?

No way, sir.

It's a short-circuit.
The whole thing is damaged.

Kuruvilla sir!

Samuel sir is calling you.

Hey! Just have an eye on them!

Me? - Yeah, right!
As if this is an IAS exam.

Just keep saying 'Hello' at
regular intervals, like this...


Kuruvilla, don't you know?

Johnny Peringodan.
- Oh! Yes, I know him.

Of course!

He was a candidate for this
assembly election, right?

I had lost.

I had voted for you.

That was wasted, right?

That's okay.
There's still time, right?

He is a great fan...
- Sigh!

Thank you...
- No! No!

Fan of Hareendran sir!

It's okay.

We've been good friends
since childhood.

Is it?
- Yes.

Hari sir knows me.
- How?

I have his number.

I got it from Vazhoor Jose sir,
who works in the movies.

When his movies release, I watch them on
the first day and SMS my opinions to him.

He has replied to me
a couple of times...

... saying 'Thanks'.

Is it?

Otherwise, I don't disturb him
by calling him. Just SMS.

That's not a problem!

He's just tough on the outside.
He's actually soft.

Call whenever you want to!

Well, I don't want to
disturb him like that.

When you meet him privately,
please ask him...

.. if he knows MVI Kuruvilla.

Why not?

Most of the times,
we meet privately.

So, Kuruvilla...

You should do a
favour for Hareendran.

For Hareendran sir?

What favour is it, sir?

Hey! Due to an emergency, he...
- Sir...

Hey! I'll call you after ten minutes.
Go now.


you should make a driving
licence for him.

It's for some film
shooting purpose.

His licence went
missing somewhere.

I know we're asking you
to break rules, but...

... he needs it urgently.

Is this such a big deal?

That's okay. Just give me an
application form, with an older date.

I'll feed the details of the learner's
test, H test and the road test,

into the computer,
with an older date,

and arrange the licence within 3-4 days.

Is it?
- Of course.

Well... There won't be
any problem, right sir?

What problem?
He is your God, right? Do it!

Kuruvilla, this is the application.

I haven't written the date.
- I'll write it.

Phew! I'm relieved now.

Look, sir.
He's so stylish!

I clicked this on my mobile, when
he woke up and came, one morning.


I know that I'm asking too much!

Please don't misunderstand me
because I'm asking this.

Don't think that I'm asking this as
a reward for what I'm doing now.

You should ask Hari sir to come to
this office, when he gets free time.

- Well...

If this becomes a talking point,

I can say that sir had come
here to this office, right?


I want to meet Hari sir alone, without
any crowd or people surrounding him.

And it's been a great desire in life,
to click a photo with him.

I don't think all that's
possible, Kuruvilla.

It's okay if it doesn't happen.

But you just try
telling him, sir.

Ask him to come, man!
All of us can see him, right?

Don't have too
much expectations.

But still, I'll try.

I'll try.

That's enough.

Not possible, Johnny!

It's true that he's my fan.

When you told me,
I recognized who he is, too.

I keep seeing his messages.

But, if someone asks why I
went to the RTO office,

what will we say?

There's no road safety symposium or any
inauguration happening there, right?

Do you have to go there
informing everyone?

A small deviation, on your way to
the dubbing studio. Just 2 minutes.

A lightning visit.
Just click a photo! Done!


Wow! Beautiful shot!

Johnny, don't try to pull my leg!

In usual cases, it takes
at least one month.

Learner's test, 'H', road test...

But now, they feed everything on to
a computer, according to dates...

Moreover, he's making all these
adjustments because he likes you, right?

Did I ask you?

Dude, even if someone asks you...

Superstar Hareendran
went to the RTO office

to meet his dear fan, a
motor vehicles inspector.

It would only make
people like you more!

You politicians can't say
no to anyone, right?

You promised as soon
as you heard it!


I haven't promised, brother.

Only if you can!

This usually needs
so many formalities.

To do it within one day...

Your earlier shot
wasn't so beautiful.


Tomorrow morning, sharp 10.30 AM.

You should also be there,
at the RTO office.

Kuruvilla, Hari will reach your
office in the morning tomorrow.


Yes. At 10.30 AM.

He's particular about punctuality.
You know, right?

Thank you, sir.

'If the golden star I'm searching for,
appears before my eyes'

'If he puts his hands over my
shoulder and stands with me'

'My heart starts beating faster'

'My hands and legs are trembling'

'And my body starts sweating
really badly, on its own'

'Has my dream come true?'

'Like a flower that
has blossomed'

'Have I been blessed with
everything I wished for?'

'I can be a little pompous now'

'With fireworks and crackers'

'Yes, there is a concern'

'Yet this is such a happy day'

'Oh my God'

'What about the shoot?'

Chettan dances really well.

Do you dance?

Nothing like that.

Then we should check that out.
Master, let's do a rehearsal.


'Has my breath stopped?
Am I in a wonderland?'

'I am drifting somewhere like a
doll, that's out of control'

'Have I changed completely?
Has the story taken a new turn?'

'This is proof of good times
coming to my doorstep'

'How come the world has set its eyes'

'How come the world has set
its eyes on me today?'

Isn't this the car I
used in the movie 'Six'?

Yes. I bought that!

Awesome, bro!

Thank you, dude.

'Has my dream come true?'

'Like a flower that
has blossomed'

'Have I been blessed with
everything I wished for?'

'I can be a little pompous now'

'With fireworks and crackers'

'Yes, there is a concern'

'Yet this is such a happy day'

'If the golden star I'm searching for,
appears before my eyes'

'If he puts his hands over my
shoulder and stands by me'

'My heart starts beating faster'

'My hands and legs
are trembling'

'And my body starts sweating
really badly, on its own'

'Has my dream come true?'

'Like a flower that
has blossomed'

'Have I been blessed with
everything I wished for?'

'I can be a little pompous now'

'With fireworks and crackers'

'Yes, there is a concern'

'Yet this is such a happy day'

I've left the guest house.
The minister was here..

I'm coming.
Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!

No, sir. It's dubbing. No one can say
such lengthy dialogues in real life!

You're just jealous.
- Started in the morning itself?

Sir, it's 10.20 AM.

Hari Sir is really sharp when it
comes to timing. - Try calling him.

Don't you like him?

No! I don't like anyone.



Who called the media?

It's a habit of these movie stars to
turn everything into a news item.

You needn't be
tensed about that.

There's no problem.

Don't say one thing.

If they ask about the licence,
don't speak a word!

Why isn't he picking
up the phone?

Hello! Hari!

I'll reach now, dear!

Go fast!

By the way...

He's coming here because
he doesn't have a licence.

Are you sure?

Did you ask? Did you ask properly?
- Yes. The peon told me!

My dear bro!
Dude, ask them to go live, on air.

We'll rock this, definitely!

It's not just the Government...

But even major celebrities don't give
even a dog's value to the public.

News that proves that
is coming out now.

The movie star Mr. Hareendran,
who's also a driving addict,

was driving his cars till date
without a driving licence.

Our reporter Sahin Antony has
discovered this shocking news.

To Sahin's report...

Not just the movie industry,

even the public is aware of Superstar
Hareendran's driving craze.

But the shocking or scary
fact here is that...

he was driving for
all these years,

without a licence.

As you can see here, he has reached the
RTO office, for the learner's test,

prior to obtaining the licence.

Who called these guys here?

He has reached here for the learners' test,
since he doesn't have a licence.

Where did so many
people come from?

Let's ask him more details.

We can expect him to respond
within a few minutes.

Anyway, he is coming out now.

Sir, just one second.
Sir, just one question!

Who told you that I
don't have a licence?

Then why have you come here
for a learner's test now?

Someone has made you misunderstand.

Is it a problem?

Who told them about all this?

I have no idea!

Sir, you must respond.
The viewers want to know!

If an actor like you don't have a licence,
viewers need to know about it.

Sir, please respond.

Who is this MVI Kuruvilla?

Sir, well...

Are you happy now?

Did your itchiness get cured,

when you invited me here for
those guys to eat me up?

Sir, I...

He is Kuruvilla.

What's wrong with you?

You can get me a licence only if you
bloody bring me all the way here?


After inviting all the
media and declaring that

I'm coming to take your
damn learner's test,

you're standing here, dressed
up, with a gift box?

Fan, it seems!

Did you tell them?
Did you?

That I was called here to
take the damn learners' test?

This is a disgusting complex that
government officers like you have!

When you get someone who's
renowned in front of you,

you make them go in rounds!

You have meat on your
body to feed ten dogs!

And you don't even have common
sense worth even ten cents!

Such a useless...
Oh God!


You don't have to grant me a damn licence.
I'll get it from somewhere else!


I'm sorry.

Open it!

Sir, did you pass the learners' test?
Did you pass it?

Sir, what happened inside?

As you can see here, something
major has happened inside...

A major argument has happened
between our actor and the MVI.

Anyway, we're trying to bring it
to the viewers in a few moments.

Sir, please talk to us!

Sir, just one question.


Let me ask him!
Why are you being hasty?

Let me ask!

Get down!


Get down, I say!

You can drive hereafter only
after procuring a licence!

Who are you to say that?

Motor Vehicle Inspector.

Then, Inspector...

first you go and wear
your uniform and come.

We'll talk after that!

Hey! Kuruvilla!
Did Hari leave?


But he will have to come again.
Here, in front of me.

Licence, right?

Tell him that I've kept 15
of them ready, to give him!

Kuruvilla, come.

In a secret investigation led
by Motor Vehicle Inspector Kuruvilla,

it has been proved that
Superstar Hareendran

was driving without a
licence till date.

The incident happened at Kakkanad
RTO office, by around 10.30 AM.

It got this messed up?

He has ruined it!

Hey Panicker!

Your black magic has worked!


We're bringing you the visuals
from superstar Hareendran's house,

through Newsline TV.

Don't make a scene by honking!

Stop, man!

That other rascal!


All the scoundrels have
come here or what?

Disdain from even the
production manager?


You'll be served right.
- Disdain from the servant too?

Here he comes.

Go inside!

Disdain again?

She smiled.

Kunjali, where is he?

Is he angry?

Dude, actually I...

Ultimate disdain!

Why have you put it on mute?

Turn up the volume.
Let me hear it.

Hareendran had to procure a
driving licence urgently

for the location permission to shoot
the movie 'The Great Dictator',

of which only the climax
portions are yet to be filmed.

Hareendran's arrogance that he must procure
the licence within a day at any cost,

without going through the legal procedures
of learner's test, H test and road test,

was what agitated Vehicle
Inspector Kuruvilla.

'This defiant behaviour
from the superstar,

would reduce his popularity
among his fans and viewers'

...some film industry people who do not
wish to disclose their names, opined so.

- No.

Why did you stop?

Laugh, I say!

Look at you standing here after humiliating
me and making me a laughing stock!

Despite having so many connections,
including ministers...

I haven't called anyone for
any of my matters till date,

nor have I asked them
to do anything for me.

You came here and promised
to do this yourself!

You'll sort
it out, it seems!

After going to meet my fan, I've multiplied
my popularity manifold, as you can see!


Who's MVI Kuruvilla? Your aunty's son?
- No! No! Never!



It's nothing.
You go inside.

- Please don't go.

And you went to please some
minister, at the exact same time!

Bloody donkey!

Hari, please pay attention.

You don't have to consider
our deep friendship.

Blurt out the rest of the abuses
you have in store for me.

That will be a relief for you, at least.

That's enough for me.

Turn up the volume!
- Turn up the volume!

It's not mentioned anywhere
in the Vehicle Act

that it is not applicable
for superstars.

If he wants to procure
a licence now,

he has to come to this RTO office,

and go through all procedures including
the learner's test, H test & road test.

That means, he will have
to come before you again?

It's not mandatory that he
should appear before me.

If I get transferred because of this
issue now, he might get what he wants.

Otherwise, Hareendran must
definitely appear before me.

Why do we have to watch this?
Turn it off!

I have to go and bow
before him, huh?

Let him dream on!

MVI Kuruvilla!

Check if there's a location
where you get permission

without submitting my
licence or horoscope!

That's the only way to shoot the
climax at the time we fixed.

Since the media has
ruined it so much,

whichever RTO office I go to,

I have to go through all these
complications to get the licence.

That would take at least a month.

I must go to the U.S.,
day after tomorrow.

If there is any location like that,
you better go and find it.

But it should be within 48 hours.

Before he boards the flight.

Otherwise, he will leave only after getting
a licence and shooting the climax!

Sir, it comes under my duty, right?
I'll handle the rest.

Instead, if you take away his
application from me, overtaking me,

I swear, I'll call a press
conference, and reveal everything!

Not necessary!

What if you are transferred?
- Morning, sir!

What say?

Should I?

If you transfer me
because of this issue..

If I transfer you?
- I'll resign from this job.

It's been 18 years, sir.

Apart from the
Government salary,

me or my family have not eaten even a
grain of rice made with dishonest money.

The only asset I have
is some self-respect.

No one needs to mess with that!

Even if it is Guruvayoor Keshavan

Hey Kuru...

I can understand your feelings.

He said something out
of some misconception.

He said that to you,
and not to the TV channels.

After that, he didn't
speak a word about this,

even though the media tried
their best for his response!

But what about you?

You jumped in front
of the camera,

unleashed all your fury
and put up a grand show!

With that, all your
grief was over!

Sir, I...
- It must be over.

- Sir.

Initiate the further proceedings of
Hareendran's licence application,

only after informing me.

Sure, sir.

And we found out through
further investigation that...

Hareendran, who
misused his stardom

to illegally procure a driving licence
urgently, was stopped by MVI Kuruvilla.

And that enmity against him led
Hareendran to have such a major outburst!

Please take it.

Take it.

We applaud when he explodes at
ministers & collectors in the movies!

But is this like that?
- This is pure arrogance! What else?

He got it back from Kuruvilla,
for his arrogance, right?

My dear Elsa,

we never knew that Kuruvilla who's
always smiling and joking around,

had such a face to him!

My dear Chechi,
I've seen that face so many times!

And my Chettan never does
anything breaking the law!

For him, even Jesus and the New Testament
would come only after that!

What to do!

Remember what I told you, right?

Don't go there and say anything.

Here comes our hero.

What happened, dear?

What happened?
What happened, son?

What am I seeing?

Great job, Kuruvilla.
This is how you should deal with such guys!

You're all over the TV since morning!

He looks really handsome on TV.

Why? Does he look bad in real life?

TV Channels aren't showing that
Hareendran's face even for a second!

Of course!

TV channels understood the truth.
That's what!

Let people know that there
are such upright officers!

Recently when an M.P. came...

Right, Chetta?


He was throwing so much attitude, saying
that he needs a licence urgently.

Chettan didn't bother
about anything else!

He held him by his collar,
and threw him outside.

Is that so?

Back then, since the
channels didn't know...

no one knew about it luckily.

When Papa told him to drive
only after getting the licence,

that Hareendran was
so embarrassed!

Since Hari sir is a movie star,
it became a news.

For a Government officer who
does his job sincerely,

this is very common.

Hey dear...

Heat some water for him.
He must be really tired.

The resistance of an
honest Government officer,

who fights against powerful people,
who challenge our law and order!

How's that?
How's that?

Hey Kottukappally!

Announce a reward of 5 Lakhs
for that Vehicle Inspector.

I'll give you 2.5 Lakhs, man!

The abuses for the rewards declared
earlier, haven't stopped yet.

You make someone
else declare it!

If you want money,
I will give it!

Money is not the problem, man!

Even Oscar awards won't get as much news
value as your reward announcements.

Hey Kottukappally, this is a golden...
- Sir...

The main theatres have started
calling for our movie!

That's because Hareendran's
film got postponed.

That's what!

When his film releases, they give
all the good theatres for his film.

And I get only the ones with
stained screens and no sound!

- Yes.

Tell them to commit only after keeping
them waiting for some time! - Of course!

Then what!

So, the reward of 5 Lakhs.

Don't say anything! It's fixed!
Hold this!

Drink it!
It's fixed!

What is it?
- See!

Kottukappally's next reward is for
the Motor Vehicle Inspector...

Oh wow!

Rs. 5 Lakhs!

Papa, I want a computer!

Oh my God! Let me make a list!

Hey! Just enquire if Suresh Gopi
and Dileep have driving licences.

What if they don't have?
- Kuruvilla!

You've won a bumper, huh?

I need a treat!

Keep the money for a
Scotch whiskey aside.

My dear Menon Chetta...

Government officers aren't
supposed to accept such rewards.

We'll lose our jobs!

Even otherwise,
I don't want this money!

Hey boy!
What are you sitting here for?

Get ready & go to school!

He wants a computer now!

As if we have everything else here.

Why are you asking me about it?

Ask the people who
announced the reward!

He has started his journalism
early in the morning itself!


Didn't you see?

A reward of 5 Lakhs for Kuruvilla.

This must be that Bhadran's game!

He's the brand ambassador of
Kottukappally's charity programme, right?

- What is it?

What if we make someone give you
Rs. 10 Lakhs? How's that?

Get lost!

You and your stupid ideas!

Where are you going? To the gym?
- Yes.

The entire media is out
there with X-ray eyes.

Should we create problems
in between that?

So you needn't drive until
this whole issue dies down.

Damn it!
Why did I even think of...

- He hasn't reached!

He won't be there
when I need him!


You drive the car.

It's a punishment for
getting me into this fix!

Start the car, man!

Dude, even though I'm
an awesome driver,

I don't really know how to
drive gear-less cars.

Well, if it had gears,
I would have rocked!

You know, right? Don't you remember
getting scared when I went at 160 kmph?

Give me that key!

I'm not going to any damn place!

Bro, can I also come?
- No!

Bro, please give me a chance!

Come on!

Oh no!

Cut! Cut!

What happened?
- Sir, everything was awesome.

But at the end, the
track's edge was visible.

So let's do one more, please.

If everything is okay,
should we do one more?

Can't you smudge it &
sharpen it in graphics?

Sir, we needn't take a risk. Please.
Let's do one more.

Stop gaping & set up
the goons there, man!


Let me finish panting!

It's all right, sir.
You take your own time.

I heard that they're looking
for other locations

to shoot Hareendran's
film's climax.

He will leave to America
with his wife tonight.

But if they find another location,
he won't need the licence.

That Vehicle Inspector scoundrel...

When he refused the reward itself,
the issue died down.

How do we get it back on track?

To get it back on track,
there's only that way I told you.

No one will know anything!

That would be really cheap!

So everything you did till now?
What is that called?

Do whatever you want!

Chetta, we are ready!

Shashi Anna, the Jeep will
come till here, right?

Then why do you want
to make me run?

Chetta, if you run in the shot,
it would have a great impact!

There was no impact when you flew,
and he's talking about running!

Chetta, let's do it!
- Ready!

Saravanan, ready!

Oh my God!

When they were thrown out of this house,
they went to the next house?

They must be saluted!

What happened today?

Rice & buttermilk curry for
dinner, which is quite unusual?

I won't be able to have
it for one month, right?

That's why.

For one month, you can see something
rarer than this daily, right?

What's that?


Hello! Didn't I tell you not
to keep calling like this?

I've come for an urgent meeting.
You want to talk about BATA at night?

Call me in the morning.
Hang up!


Is he about to leave?

His flight is at 11 PM.

He needs to reach the
airport at 10 PM.

He is having dinner.

Just tell him.

So you've decided to tell him?

Yes, I've decided.

Don't you have a conscience?


I've left it at home.

It's 9.30 PM.

Don't you have to get ready?

I just have to wear my jeans.


Didn't I tell you not
to keep calling?


He's calling you.

Why have you both
come at this hour?

Have you found a new location?



Let's sit down and talk.

When we came in here,

he asked me,

whether I don't have a conscience!

I told him that...

I've left it at home.

While working for corporates,

having a heart and a conscience,
is a burden.

What, man?

What's with the emotional track?

He will say it himself, sir.

You're already aware of it, sir.

But still, I'm saying it.

I am the regional
Vice-President of NTV.

A salaried officer.

It was me who committed this film,
on behalf of the company.

After charting it for 90 days,
we've shot for 130 days already.

And the climax is still pending.

The planned budget was 15 Crores.

It became 18 Crores now.

He's making it sound like all
this happened because of me!

In films, there will be
many such contingencies.

It might be contingencies for you.

But before the company,
it is my carelessness.

I must finish shooting
the climax of this film

on the dates we had
already planned.

Shoot it!
Who said no?

You find a location first!

I can't find just another
location, right?

I should find a location where the hero's
driving licence is not required, right?

What are you saying?
What do you want now?

We were promised from Delhi that we'll
get the permit order within 2 days,

if we submit your licence, sir.

Since that Vehicle Inspector
made things so complicated,

we will get the driving licence,
only through normal course.

It will take one month.


We can finish shooting the film
within the dates we planned.


Only if you are here this month.

What if I can't?
- You must!

That is my request!

When I committed this film, did you
tell me that I should have a licence?

How will I know that a hero who's crazy
about driving, won't have a licence?

Mind your words!
- Harietta!

Just a second.


Take out my bags
alone from the car.

She is going alone.

You don't need to lose
sleep standing here.

Go home.


You leave.
I'll take an Uber.

What you saw now were the
visuals of Jagannatha Varma,

a business tycoon, and the producer
of the film 'The Great Dictator',

leaving from
Hareendran's house now.

When he gets together
with Hareendran,

it must be to conspire about schemes
to trap the Vehicle Inspector.

Rice-eating Malayalis, who are known for
their common sense, can easily guess that.

'Those who sprinkled gold in
the sky, to kiss the moon'

'Did you see the red dawn
that can topple your arrogant hats?'

Remembering these lines
of the great poet,

expecting that there
will be a new dawn,

I wish you all a good night!


It would take a couple of weeks
for my tests to get done.

And the surgery is required only
if there are complications, right?

Anyway, Alex, Sophie and
all are there, right?


Your quota for today is over.

No more for you!

Or let it be.

No quotas for today.

You can break the quota!

He slept.

He slept!


I'm thinking about
ending all this!

Don't talk nonsense!
I'm only 32 years old!

It's not that.

Hari sir...

He is an innocent chap.

Hari sir, it seems!

All the time!

You Vehicle Inspector rascal!
Come out!

You want to mess with our Hari sir?

Come out!
- What is it?

I don't know.
- Come out, if you dare!

The world should know that there
are real men with Hareendran sir!

Come on!

Throw and break his windows!

Shatter his whole house!

Son, don't come here!

He's bleeding!

Hey! Who's that?
- Dude, escape!

Stop! Stop there!
- Start the car, man!

Catch them!

Dude, open it!

- You wait here.

You scoundrel!

Hey! Stop! Stop!

Who are they? What happened?
- Kuruvilla!

What's the matter?

What happened?
- Cover the wound!

Open that door.
- Who are those people?

Who are they?
- It must be that scoundrel's people!

- That Hareendran's!

Make way!
Open the gate!

Sonny, don't be tensed.
Don't worry.

Go! Go! Go!


He's falling unconscious.

It's Hari sir.

Did you understand who I am?

I've understood!

I understood who you
are, only today.

You haven't understood
a damn thing!

I've just started!

Let's start!

Let's start from scratch!

You start counting!

I will count!

But you are the one who's
going to count stars!

We'll see!

We'll see!

Bloody loser!


Blocking my way?
- Buddy, can we meet Hari sir?

Let me meet him first.
I'll tell you after that.

We've been waiting
here for so long!

This is too much!
- What's the matter?

Why are you pushing?

Stand properly.
All of you will get the news.

Neighbours say that the
attackers did this as a protest

against the humiliation
faced by their idol.

alleged Kuruvilla.





Kuruvilla's son was badly injured.

Kuruvilla says that Hareendran's fans
association workers were behind the attack.

Around 11.30 PM in the night, Kakkanad
Vehicle Inspector Kuruvilla and family...

were attacked by a group of
25 people who came in a car...

Superstar Hareendran and DCC President
Johnny Peringodan are allegedly...

What is this,
in the morning itself?

Turn it off!

Kuruvilla's wife, Elsa told the media.

Though he hasn't responded yet, police
might interrogate actor Hareendran today.

In the stone pelting, all the windows at
the front of Kuruvilla's rented house,

were completely destroyed.

Kuruvilla's 8 year old son was
badly injured on his head.

Kuruvilla said that it was Ernakulam
DCC President Johnny Peringodan,

who led this attack by Hareendran Fans
Association members, coming with them.

The response of the Vehicle Inspector
that the licence won't be issued,

might have led Hareendran
to do such a vengeful act.

Concerned authorities said that
a major investigation is due,

about such a cruel actor from
a superstar like Hareendran.

How many of them were there?

There were a few people.

By few, you mean?

Around 20-25 people.

25 people?

Didn't you say that
they came in one car?

25 people in one car?

We don't know whether there was
another car behind that, right?

Can we count the number of cars,
while we are being pelted?

You can count the number
of people, right?

Was there anyone else whom you
could recognize in that group,

apart from Johnny Peringodan?

While they took off in the car,
I saw him like a flash.

I don't know whether
my husband saw him.

Hareendran was also there,
on the back seat of the car.

My dear sister, what
do you want now?

Do you want to catch
the actual culprit,

or to humiliate Hareendran?

If your wish is to catch
the actual culprit,

file a case against Hareendran,
for attempt to murder.

He had called me last
night at 11.30 PM.

He called me 10 minutes
after the incident.

He has spoken to me for
2 minutes as well.

To call at midnight
and make small talk,

I'm not married to
his sister, right?

You can check the call
details if you want, sir.


What did he tell you?

He threatened me.

'Did you understand who I am now?'

'I will make you count stars!'

'I'll show you'...
and so on.

Okay, Kuruvilla.

I'll investigate.
- Okay.

Are you sleeping?


Have you slept?

Yeah! I have slept!


What's wrong with you?

How many times have I told you
not to interfere while I am talking?

Yeah, right!


If you talk in between ever again...

Sir, discharge is ready.

- Pay the bill, man!

You heard, right?

Out of the anger that he
couldn't go with his wife,

he thrashed that MVI.

I'm wondering when I'm
going to be thrashed next.

If he has to get a licence now, he'd
have to go to Gokarna or Kanyakumari!


I'm going to Mookambika temple now.

The Goddess there
is my only solace!

O dear Goddess!
Please help me!

What are you charting?
Get lost!

Go! Escape!
All of you!

There's no movie happening here!

You said that you'll only throw a couple
of stones to break his window glass,

and broke that child's head,
you cruel fellow!

If Hareendran gets agitated
enough to go behind this,

Police will catch you easily.

Why are you speaking
in singular?

Just me?

Don't try to scare me!
Got it?

If you say anything like that,

I'll dismiss you from the fans'
association, pre-dated by one month.

Fans' association?

That's a gang of my boys!

We will decide whom we should
be fans of, from tomorrow.

I didn't become an actor because you
guys made me grow with your fandom.

This damn fans'
association came later.

I'll dissolve it.

I swear on God.
Those are not our boys. They won't do it.

I can vouch for the fans
from Ernakulam!

They are great boys! They won't do
anything that would harm you, sir.

Then who loves me so much,
to do such a thing?

Papa, I can get down and walk.

Sir... Sir...

We said everything we had
to say, to the Police.

Are you standing by the allegation
that Hareendran is involved in this?

It's not an allegation.

Hareendran's people did
this with his approval!

A case should be charged against
Hareendran for attempt to murder.

That's all I have to say.

Do you think the Police
would be ready to do that?

They must be!

In case the Police is not ready?

If they are not, we have
decided what we should do.

Sir, what have you decided to do?

Until the case is charged,

we'll go on a hunger Satyagraha in
front of Hareendran's house.

Madam, is it a Satyagraha
or a hunger strike?

A Satyagraha!

Yes, Bipin.
Things are clear now.

MVI Kuruvilla &
family have demanded

that a case should be charged against
Superstar Hareendran for attempt to murder.

If the Police is not ready
to charge such a case,

they have decided to go on a hunger
strike in front of Hareendran's house.

They are going on a hunger strike?


This guy is going over-board!

Sir, isn't this a deliberate attempt
to defame a superstar like Hareendran?


All these are problems faced by
a Government officer like me,

when I try to enforce the law.

When such a problem happens, the
first thing that such people do,

is trying to compromise,
by paying money.

I got many offers, connected
to this incident.

We didn't accept it.
That's all.

We want justice, not money.

Sir, are you sure that you'll get
justice through this strike?

I'll definitely get justice.

Let me get down.


Here comes that scoundrel!

Actually, has Johnny sir...?


When he gets drunk, he goes back
to his old shady behaviour!

Moreover, he feels guilty
about that licence case too.


I'll tell you.
I've come to talk, right?

What do you have
to say about that?

I'll tell you. There's time, right?

Sir! Sir!
What happened...

I'll settle this, man!

Wait! Wait!
- Where are you barging in?

He is also a citizen, right?
He also has rights.

Let him talk. Please talk.
- Okay! Please talk!

If you give me money for a
pint of alcohol plus taxes,

I'll solve all of
Hareendran's problems now.

But I need to meet
him in person!

Face to face!

Move! Please!

Please make way.

I'll come back!

Hey Hari!

Don't look at me with those CBI
eyes from that movie of yours!

It's not me.

I don't love you so much that
I'll attack someone at his house,

forgetting my public life.

Then where were you
all this while?

Hey! I was coming from Kollam.

There was a board meeting of the
cashew-nut corporation there.

You imbecile! Then why didn't you
tell the press when they asked,

about the nuts,
Kollam & the meeting?


We have a lot of time, right?

As proof, we have the hotel bill
and minutes from the meeting.

Before that, let them say 'Johnny Peringodan'
a thousand times on all the channels!


Ever since I lost the election,

I haven't created an issue for
people to remember my name.

You see the irony?

He's playing his dirty
politics in between all this!

It was only due to the political
backing of Johnny Peringodan,

that Hareendran dared
to do such a crime...

The police has reached Hareendran's house
to question him regarding the incident.

We can see the visuals of the
team led by DySP Joseph Unnyadan,

going into Hareendran's house now,
through Days Now channel.

Kalamassery SI Babu Paul has also come
along with DySP Joseph Unnyadan...

You were here, sir?

I reached in the morning.

What's happening?

Sir, I am Joseph Unnyadan.

Sir, I just need two minutes.

Shall we talk privately?

There are many exaggerations
in his statement.

But there's one thing, sir.

Did you call Kuruvilla on his phone,
last night at 11.28 PM?

That means, 10 minutes after the attack.

Can you tell me why
you called him?

I was ready to leave to
the U.S., last night.

For my wife's treatment.

Since this licence issue
became so complicated,

the producer was adamant that I should
stay here, finish the shoot and go.

And Kuruvilla was rubbing salt to
the wound, in between all that.

There's no point
hiding it now, right?

I had boozed a bit last night.

It's true that I called him
on the phone, and cursed him.

But apart from that...

Okay sir.

What action is the association going
to take against Hareendran, sir?

Hareendran is not just a colleague for us.

He is Malayalam cinema's
backbone as well.

If you try to crucify him
in the name of an allegation...

not just our association,

but the entire Malayalam film
industry would oppose it.

These are allegations, right?

We have a law and the police here, right?
Let them investigate.

A.M.M.A. association is speaking only
in favour of Hareendran now, right?

Sir, I have to ask you something.
Can you please stop the car?

Hari, I had called the DySP.

It's true that the
MVI was attacked.

And yeah, the case
against you won't stand.

In fact, I suspect that it's someone
amongst us who played this game!

I kept quiet because I didn't
want to say it from my mouth.

No! No! You needn't
intervene in this, Hari.

I've told the DySP not to
go behind this for now.

Even if this gets solved, the shame
would be for us, film industry people.

Yes, I've reached here.

I'll give it to Hari.

It's Innocent ettan (actor).

Yes, Innocent Etta...

Hari, when I stood for the elections,
a scoundrel abused me a lot.

I want to get back at him!

How much do you want
for this contract?

Tell me! - How are you able
to do this, Innocent Etta?

You're making jokes when
my back is on fire?

What's the issue now?

You go and get it, man!

Are you scared?

Which Rishiraj Singh can
beat you at that?

Go out and deliver a couple
of dialogues to the press.

In our Renji Panicker's style!

Why? Should I call
Joshiy to say 'Action'?

You hang up, Innocent Etta.


Open the gate!

Hari sir!!

Move away! If I see you here again.
I'll break your knees!

Get lost, man!

Hey! It's Hareendran!
Let me have a look!

Don't make noise.

I'll leave only after
answering your questions.

I'll leave only after
answering all your questions.

Behind the uproars that have been happening
connecting Kuruvilla & me,

for the past 2 weeks,

there's something
that you don't know.

There is a reason.

Long back, famous singer
John Lennon was shot dead.

It was his die hard
fan who killed him.

Canadian comedy star Phil Hartman,

and American actress Rebecca Schaeffer
were also killed by their fans.

Many such attacks that have happened
against celebrities from their fans,

have been reported.

A kind of urge to intervene in the life
of the celebrity whom they admire.

In psychiatry, it is described as a
mental illness called 'stalking'.

That means?

Dude, 'madness'.

Mr. Kuruvilla has already admitted
that he is a die hard of mine.

The messages which he had sent me in
the past two years, are on my phone.


You can verify it.

The words used in those messages,

prove the depth of his
admiration towards me.

It is true that I had called Kuruvilla
for the purpose of the licence,

since he's a Motor Vehicle
Inspector who's known to me.

It was Kuruvilla who promised me that he
would arrange the licence within 2 days.

Instead, I never requested him
to avoid me from all the tests.

He wanted to meet me in person, get
introduced and click a photo with me.

I went to the RTO office that day
to fulfill this request of his.

But, when I reached there....

I could see this condition called
'Stalking' that I mentioned earlier,

in Kuruvilla.

Later, he made many statements and
challenges through all the channels.

Sympathy towards a
patient who's my fan.

I didn't respond to any of that till date,
only because of that.

And now, this attack that
happened against him.

How can I respond about
something I have no clue about?

Let the Police investigate.
- Sir, can I ask you something?

Sir, I have a question.

Sir, in this situation, have you decided
not to procure the driving licence?

Never. I have no other option other
than procuring the licence, right?

The shooting has to happen, right?
- Which RTO office will you choose next, sir?

I have already selected
the RTO office, right?

I will appear before MVI Kuruvilla sir
himself, for all the tests.

Appearing for tests before someone
who has a grudge against you...

Isn't it suicidal, sir?

I don't know that.

But I have a request regarding
the learner's test.

.. that it should be made a
question-answer session like earlier.

People who know about
it say that...

it can be manipulated, if
it's done through a computer.

I've sent a formal request for that,
to the concerned authorities.

Will the media be able to see
the tests, sir? - Definitely.

You must see this test.

Because, the invigilators of this test...

... are you guys!

If you don't mind,
please make some way now.

I have to go for dubbing.

Kunjali, don't take the car.
It's just 1 kilometer from here, right?

Let's walk.

Move! Move!
Make way!

Move! Please move!
Make way!


This is called heroism!


Shall we also leave then?

What do we do sitting here now?

It's really hot too.

Get up and get lost, man!

Are you Mahatma Gandhi to go
on a hunger strike or what?

Then go to the beach and
make some salt, man!

Hey! That's Edavela Babu (Actor).

Get lost!

Let's go!


Will he fail?
- He will fail in the test.

Bless you!

Give it.

Well... This?

What to do with this?

That's all right.

It's tallied now, right?

What is it?

He doesn't know the power
of Hareendran's fans!

We should show it to him!
Come on!

Hurray Hariettan!

Excuse me.
Look, Mr. Hareendran. Question No. 1

How many wheels are there
in a multi-axle bus?

Tell me! Tell me!

That was awesome.
You'll rock it!


I've sprained my leg.
- It's okay. He gets it regularly.

Are you okay?
- Okay, Master. One minute.

What's happening?
Did you know anything?

That Kuruvilla will make the
learner's test really tough.

What's the maximum he can
ask for the learner's test?

Zaheer, you will be there, right?

I will be in front of the TV.

All channels will go live
from 10.30 AM, right?

I've never been so tensed,
even on release dates of my movies!

Why are you going there?

If he sees you, it will spoil
his mood & ruin the test!

Hey! Will there be a result for
these four sleepless nights?

Will he fail?

It's not an IAS exam, right?

Let him pass.

But I'll try my
maximum to make him fail.

There's a huge crowd outside, sir.

So many people!

I think he has arrived.



Come on! Yes! Yes!

All the best, Harietta!

This side, sir.

Please sit down.

Shall I get you something to drink, sir?
- No.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Would we have to use the spy camera?
- No! That's not necessary.

Sir, you will be asked 10 questions.

To pass, you need to
give 6 right answers.

There will be 3 options
for the answers.



Okay, Kuruvilla.
You may start.

Question No. 1

A motor car...

Listen to the question properly.

How many wheels does
a motor car have?

Option A

3 wheels.

Option B

4 wheels.

Option C

5 wheels.

He's really crazy, right?

No! There are 5 tyres,
including the stepney, right?

Oh! Stepney is a must, right?

Mr. Hareendran, if you don't
know the answer, you can say so.

Option B

4 wheels.

Kuruvilla, isn't there a
confusion in that question?

No confusions, sir.

Option B...

Right answer!

Question No. 2

When you are driving,

and you reach a traffic signal,

seeing which colour signal,
would you stop the vehicle?


Answer after listening
to the options.

Options for the signal
to stop the vehicle.

A) Sky Blue.


Parrot green.

C) Red.


Can't you give him straight options
such as 'Blue, Red or Green'?

Instead, Sky Blue.. Parrot Green...

Why add these
unnecessary decorations?

If a learner's test can
have so many decorations,

my options can also
have some decorations.

Tell me, Mr. Hareendran.

What's your answer?

Option C.


Right answer.

The power has gone!

Smart guy!

You've learned everything,
missing out on sleep, is it?

I've sorted it out, sir.

Question No. 3

When you're driving your vehicle
through a gut road,

someone is standing in
front of you with a bull.

The animal might go out of control if it
hears the sound of the horn or the vehicle.

Thus, he requests you
to stop the car there.

In such a scenario,

what's the maximum time

that you are legally obliged to
stop the car and wait there?

Option A :
Two hours.

Option B :
Four hours.

Option C :
24 hours.

It's four hours.

There are no lifelines or options to
phone your friend here. Say it quickly!

Option B

Four hours.

Option B :
Four hours.

Wrong answer.

The right answer is Option C.

You have to wait up to 24 hours....
- Which law says so?


See, Mister.

This is an examination.

If you interfere in this again,

for interrupting him while
he was on official duty,

Kuruvilla sir can charge
a case against you.


Ask me, sir.

Question No. 4

It looks like 'Who wants
to be a millionaire?'

Then do one thing. Change Kuruvilla
and make Suresh Gopi do it.

Since there is a doubt if Hareendran's
answer for the 8th question is right,

Joint RTO Samuel is examining the related
sections of the motor vehicle law.

God, I hope he answers
2 more correctly.


This is just a 1..2...3 case!

Only two minutes!

If you give me just two minutes,

this Augusty will solve
Hareendran's current problem!

But... face to face!

You must make me meet
him face to face.

Get lost, you devil.
Already we are screwed here.


Hareendran's answer is right.


Hareendran's learner's test for the driving
license, is entering its last stage.

As two questions remain, Hareendran
needs to give one more right answer.

To the live visuals of the test...

Kuruvilla, come on!

Question No. 9

You have parked your vehicle at the
allotted parking spot on the stage highway.

To stop the vehicle from being
towed away by the Police,

thinking that it's an
abandoned vehicle,

within how many hours should you move the
vehicle, from the place it was parked at?

Option A

Two hours.

Option B

Six hours.

Option C

Twenty four hours.

Option B

Six hours.

Option B

Six hours...

Right answer.

Hurray Hariettan!

O dear Goddess!

Okay, Mr. Hareendran.

You have passed the
learner's test.

From today, you can drive a car,
with an 'L' board.

Sit down.

What, sir?

One more question is
remaining, right?

The tenth question.

Ask me.

Sir, you gave six
right answers, right?

The next question needn't be asked.

What if I don't want to pass
with just the minimum marks?

Ask the next question, sir.

To pass with distinction,

you're not trying for
an MBBS seat, right?

It's for Veterinary science.

To treat you, sir.

Stop blabbering and ask the
next question, Kuruvilla sir.

Kuruvilla, ask some random question.

While you are driving, the
hand signal to turn right....

Option A

Option B

Option C

Say it!

Is this an option...

... Kuruvilla sir?

Take it easy.

Hurray Hariettan!

Hurray Hariettan!

Hurray Superstar Hariettan!

Move away!
Make way!

Hurray Hariettan!

Hurray Hariettan!

Hurray Hariettan!


Do you have any alcohol?

I started early.

Let me see.

I can't go stand in the queue in
front of the liquor store now.

I also became a superstar, right?

And yeah...
Don't scold him, okay?


Didn't Elsa tell you anything?


Jinto came back from school
at noon itself.


All the kids there mocked
him and booed at him today.

And the incident was live on
all the channels on TV, right?

Hey kiddo!

People will boo at us.

They might boo at us again too.

To win or lose,

this is not a wrestling
competition, right?


Now, didn't you see how many
people booed at your Papa?

But Papa wasn't sad, right?

We should do what we have to do.

You can't defeat him, Papa.

Give him that license!

Otherwise, admit me
in some other school.

Now my son will go to
school, only after I win!



- Yes.

It's Alex, from the U.S.

Yes, Alex.

By soon, you mean?

Day after tomorrow?

No! No!
Don't delay it.

I will reach.

What happened?

I need a ticket to New
York for tomorrow.

Doesn't matter which airline it is.
- What?

The test results came.


She has a minor growth...
- Oh God!

It's the surgery,
day after tomorrow.

You are safe!

I love you, Meera!

I love you a lot!

You will realize my love one day.

Isn't it okay?

Sir, it's okay.

But your chain's locket was clinking,
and that too got recorded.

Oh! Damn it!

Oh Gods!

I take back my words!

One more!

Shall we go for a take, sir?

Or keep it as an 'Okay' take.

What is it? - Manoj, can you
remove the sound of that chain?

I am at the dubbing theatre.

I miss you badly!


I love you!
- I love you too!

Can't he talk after moving
away from the microphone?

He doesn't have the
brains to do that!

Anyway, we got three
kisses for free, right?

I'll call you.
Let me finish dubbing.

I'm waiting, dear.

Okay. Play the next one.

Okay, play.

Okay! Take!


Isn't it okay?
- It's okay, sir.

But shall we do one more?
- Hey! Hey!

Don't sit there and
mock me, okay?

If you can, come here and cry.
Then you'll know how hard it is.

Stop, dude.
He'll mess things up.


Here comes the next kiss!

- What is it?

His road test & ground test
are happening tomorrow.

If he passes,
he'll go to America in the evening.

If we have to do something,
we should do it now.

That's too risky!

The earlier one's tension
hasn't gone yet.

Why are you getting scared, sir?

Police has forgotten about the stone
pelting case! You needn't know anything.

We will handle it.

Just give us cash to do it.

What do you say?

So it was this scoundrel
who got that done?


Execute this plan only if you
feel that he will pass the test.

I'll call you later.

Shall I set up everything then?

I said I'll call you, right?

Okay, ready.
Shall I cry?

Let's see, sir.
You might have to cry again!

Harietta, the flight is at 7.30 PM, right?

So shouldn't you report
at least by 6 PM?

Maximum 5 PM.
Office hours are only till then.

Road test and the H test,
would be done by then.

When you open your eyes after
your sedation, I'll be there.

Will he complicate things, Harietta?

What complication?

This is driving, right?

He will go mad.
That's all!

When it comes to the road test,
he decides the right and wrong.

Did I ask you?


He went that side.

You don't be tensed,
hearing what he said.

I will come.


Who told you all this, Kunjalikka?

Road test will have its own
rules and regulations.

Have you taught in
a driving school?

Have you?

I have taught... for five years!

Such rascals take out their grudge,
during the road test!

While stepping on the clutch on a
slope, it went back 2 inches...

While taking reverse,
it went to @%@@^

If he messes with you tomorrow,

I swear to God,
I'll thrash him!

You don't have to drive hereafter.
I will drive.

Hurray Hariettan!

Hurray Hariettan!

Hurray Hariettan!

I need to meet Hareendran and talk to him!

Don't lift me up!

Hareendran, if you give me money
for a pint, we can solve this!



Sir, all the best! Go ahead!
- Thank you.

Morning, sir.
- Morning!

Sir, I don't think we can let
him participate in the test.

Why Kuruvilla?
What's the problem?

He doesn't have the paper of participation
in the road safety awareness class.

Well... that...


Isn't that necessary?

What paper are you
talking about, sir?

Mister, after the learner's test, the 2nd
stage is the road safety awareness class.

A one-hour class conducted
by the department.

Only if he has the paper proving
his participation in that,

I can allow him to
take the ground test.

I had noticed.

I didn't see you in
the last class, sir.

Last... bloody!!
Sir, he's doing this on purpose!

It's not purpose, sir.
It's a Government notification.

Let the referee say otherwise!

Sir, is it right or wrong?

Well, that...

according to the
Government notification...


Let's go.

Or let's close our eyes
this one time, right sir?

Though it was without a licence,

he has been driving
a lot, right?


Which is the car?

That one.

Let me check.

Sit down, sir.

Do all applicants get chairs to sit?
- Well... No!

Step on the accelerator.

Sir, this car can't be used.


What's wrong with this car?
- Fog lamp is not allowed. - What?

Fog lamp is not allowed!

What is this, Kuruvilla?
- Done?

Not done.

This car's sound is high.

Higher than 80 decibels.

Did you weigh the sound?

Then you do one thing.

Take the car to a place where its sound
is weighed & bring a paper from there.

That it's lesser than 80 decibels.
He can take the 'H' test after that.

Kuruvilla, what utter
nonsense are you saying?

This is such a nuisance!

Do you have any other car?


I'll bring it in ten minutes.
- No.

Is that your car?

- Bring that car here.

Driving school's car is fine.

But I need to see a paper proving that
he attended classes there for 30 days.

Him and his...

I'm buying this car of yours.
You can quote any price. What say?


The car is ready.

Bring it.

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

Is Kuruvilla being nasty?
- He's getting angry for no reason, sir.

He's going to take
the H test now.

- Hari!

'Not fit for the road
test', it seems!

Sir, didn't I tell you that
he's doing this on purpose?

What was the problem?
Didn't he take the 'H' correctly?

- Sir...

What is the reason?

I'm also watching everything here.

Sir, reason 1 - when the car moved,
the wheels were not in uniform motion.

Reason 2 - when he
shifted to reverse gear,

his look went to the gear
lever, for a second.

Reason 3 - After taking the 'H'
test and stopping the car,

the wheels are not in
straight position. See!

You check all these always, right?

It is to drive a car,
and not an airplane, right?

Fit for the road test.

Get Samuel on line.

Samuel on line, sir.

You should also be there for the road test.
- Roger, sir.

Move the car.



The rest of the ground tests can
wait until his road test is over.

Sir, they have also been
waiting here since morning.

What privilege does he have,
that they don't?

He'll be a superstar on the screen!

- No!

I don't need any special privilege.

I'll wait.

There he goes...

Bring it, man! Should I
wait for your convenience?

I thought he would take out his
grudge only during the road test.

If he's like this during the H test,
do you think he'll spare you on the road?

He shouldn't spare me.

It's not done yet.

Left out to dry!
Bloody coconuts!

Not coconuts!

Sir, usually only 30 people are
called to the ground for the test.

Today he has called around 58 people.

So it's sure, right?

He's planning to make Hari sir wait in
the sun till 5 PM, and then send him away!

If he does that, I don't care if you
beat me to death with your Lathi...

I'll leave from here,
only after thrashing him!

Even otherwise, he deserves a couple
of rounds of thrashing! - Yes!


That's not right.

That's not needed.

Let's continue after some time.



Shall we have food?
- No.

Shall I bring the
food here then?

Didn't I say no?

Dude, Hari sir has not eaten food.
He also shouldn't eat!

Don't let him go!
Block him!

Block him in front.
Don't let him go!


Sir, our Hariettan has not had food.

So this scoundrel also shouldn't
eat until the test is over.

Eating or not eating,
is each person's choice.

It may be! But if this rascal comes
out before the test is over,

we'll beat him to death.
No one should eat!

Hurray Hariettan!

Make way!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Hail Hariettan!

Kuruvilla, people are all turning violent!

Make him pass somehow.

Or all of them will
thrash us, as well.

Give me the paper.

You can come day after
tomorrow for the road test.

There won't be time today.

So you didn't hear what I said so far?
- One minute.

I'm not procuring the
driving licence.

I'm never going to drive again!


Start the car!

Break it, guys!

The issue about my
driving licence...

... is ending today.


it won't be a news for you.

I wasn't driving for all these
years without a licence.

After acting,

the thing that I enjoy the most,
is indeed driving!

When I lost the licence I
had given for renewal,

I applied for a duplicate licence.

Since the RTO office didn't
have the old records,

I was told that they can't
give me a duplicate licence.

The only other option was
to take a new licence.

From the day my application
was filed before Kuruvilla,

till today, until this
ground test got over,

you've seen everything
that has happened.

Now I only have the
road test to clear.

Apparently, due to lack of time...

my road test has been postponed
to day after tomorrow.

I've heard many people saying
that 'Cinema is my life'.

But my life is not cinema.

It's my family.

My wife!

Acting and driving are just two things that
I love a lot, and can never get enough of.

It was while I was getting ready to
go abroad for my wife's treatment,

that my producer became adamant
that I should get the licence,

finish the shooting
& then leave.

Tomorrow, my wife is going
to face a very critical operation.


I must go to the U.S.

Even otherwise,

after going through all this humiliation,

another road test?

I don't want that.

One man who uses his
power of authority,

in the life of another man,

whoever it may be...

This is a prime example of
how that man can intervene!

Anyway, I have decided one thing.

I don't want the driving licence.

I'm letting go of my
love for driving.

Naturally, the shooting
would get stalled.

It's a movie for which Crores
have been spent already.

The money spent,
and its compensation...

I will pay it back to
the producer myself.

Now, if there is a case or controversy as
a result of this, in the cinema field,

I will let go of my main
love - acting, as well.

That's all.

Kunjali, start the car.

After creating all the problems,
what are you looking at?

Escape if you don't
want to get hurt!

We should finish him today!
- Run!

Run, sir!
Run through the field!

Let's break his legs!
Let's kill him!

This earth doesn't need him!

Open it!

Move away!


Kunjali, stop the car.

Policemen are there, right?
They will handle it.

Stop the car, I say!

Move away!

Move! Move!

Move, I say!

Move! Move!

Hey! Move!
- Beat him to death!

Kill him! Finish him!
- Leave him!

Leave him, I say!
Get up! Come!

We're going to kill him, Harietta.
- Don't touch him.


Beat him to death!

Harietta, he's a member of our
fans association. Don't hit him.

Have you guys gone crazy?
Don't you dare touch him!


Move, I say!


Don't touch him!


Get inside, man!

Kunjali, speed up!
Let's go!

All this...

I didn't think all
this would happen this way...

while speaking like
that over there.

I was expecting this, ever
since you spoke there.

Do you want to go to a hospital?


Where do you want to get down?

Go to my house.

No!. I'll drop you at the
next junction. Go on your own from there.



Hey! Pack some clothes and
come outside the house.

- Where are you now?
- Do what I say.

Don't forget to take my shoulder bag.
- Okay.

I'll come now.
- Okay.

You saved me and
became a hero, sir.

But who will save them?

Would the people spare them?

Ever since the learner's test got over,
I haven't been able to step outside.

It's been two weeks since
my son went to school, sir.

His hero is not you.
It's me.

Get down.

Kunjali, go to Panangad.

Don't worry, sir.

This is not 'Stalking',
like you said.

I used to admire you so much and
you became my enemy so quickly.

Self-respect is a kind of poison, sir.

Once it gets to your head,
you're done for.

We should let it remain
in the heart itself.

Chetta, first left.
Then right.

When you came to the
office for the first time,

I had a gift box with me, right?

Inside that...

... it was your licence, sir.

Get in.
- Were you beaten up badly, Chetta?

Get in through the front door.

Get inside.


Where to, next?

Drop me at the junction.

From there,
I'll go to Coimbatore.

I have an elder brother there.
- Sheesh! Are we going there?

Can you keep quiet, please?

Shall I drop you here?

Chetta, go a little forward and stop.

Stop at an area where there
are not many people.

I don't want to get beaten up
in front of my wife and child.


It's been a long time desire.

Can I click a photo with you?

Hey! Click a photo.

I'm also coming.


Didn't you say earlier...

... that you're going
to stop acting?

I know that it must be because
you're burning inside.


... don't say that even if it's
out of bitterness, sir.


Yes, Babu.
- It's not Babu.

You heard, right?

DySP had called me.

Kuttetta, I swear..
I have no idea about this.

It was my fans who did it.
They act according to their own will.

You being aware of it or not...
Let it be.

If the channels shouldn't know this, you
should reach Hari's house right now.

I'm on my way there.

My dear Hari, what Himalayan
blunder did you say?

That too, to the press?

You're going to stop acting, huh?

Can you decide that on your own?

We should also allow that, right?

Hey! I had called that producer.

Now he's saying that you can
do it whenever you can.




Isn't this that devil's wife?


Well, a twist in the climax,
is a weakness for me, right?

Hari, that DySP had called me.

He had called me too.
- Police caught your Zaheer, right?

Those unruly rascals did
something on their own.

I swear, I didn't know about it.

Hari, please don't
put me in trouble.

To put you in trouble,
I'm not the complainant, Bhadran.

It's Kuruvilla.


Hari! Bro!
Did you know?

That bloody pig Bhadran's fans were the
ones who attacked Kuruvilla's house.

Is it?
- Yes.


Like that, do you
know something else?

I entered politics by getting inspired
seeing his movie 'Dirty Minister'.

I still get goosebumps when
I think about that movie.

Let the hair remain there.

The first day I went
to the RTO office,

who informed the press?

That Vehicle rascal!


When did you come?

Are you doing good?

Didn't you say something?

Oh! That?

That was me... but I didn't
tell them about the licence!

And you know that I don't let out
secrets between us friends, right?

That's it!

Is anyone else coming, bro?

What is it, Kunjali?
Razak had called from the airport.

Flight has been
delayed by 1.5 hours.


It's all right.
Let's leave.

There will be traffic. - That's okay.
I'll go in front with lights on.

Hareendran sir, we are here.

We are here, Hareendran sir.


Chetta, please move!

I have to reach the airport by 6 PM.

But one thing.

I'll tell you one thing.

I know very well that there's no compulsion
that Malayalam cinema needs me.

But whatever it is...

I want Malayalam cinema.

Sir... Sir...

You meant that you'll
continue acting, right?

How can I be more clear in
explaining this, my friend?

I will continue to act!

Sir... Sir...
One more question.

Kuruvilla & family, whom you took
in your car... Where are they now?

What miracle happened
here within one hour, sir?

Well, countries go to war with each
other for no particular reason, right?

It gets over like that also.

Your fans were ready to beat up
Kuruvilla, out of their love for you.

So won't your new attitude
towards Kuruvilla worry them?

These fans are your strength, right?

Why do you have so much disdain
while talking about fans?

I am also a fan.

I'm a fan of Mammootty,
Mohanlal and Amitabh Bachchan.

Whichever actor's fan you may be,

that job is not to earn bread & butter for
the family or to get their sisters married.

I can't maintain this love from them,
by keeping them on my payroll too.

I don't feel any shame in admitting
that, that love is my strength.

They will understand that.

Sir... Johnny Peringodan...

Sir, you are a natural actor
and you've won many awards.

But now, this situation which
is completely unnatural,

aren't you acting to
make it convincing?

All the awards I won,
were for my acting in movies.

But I am a bad actor, in real life.

If we could win awards
for acting in real life,

people who should win Oscars,
are amidst us.

Even if my acting is natural or not,

it isn't part of my nature
to act in real life!

Please make way.

I have to leave now.

Please make way.

Going to airport is not a small thing.

Are you going to drive
without a licence, sir?

Please make way!

Sorry! I did it out of a habit.

Kunjali, start the car.
- Move.


- Mr. Hareendran!

Who's that?

Leave him.
- I have to tell you something.

Mr. Hareendran, you
should drive yourself.

What is your problem?

A licence!

That's all, right?

Here you go.
Keep this.

Mister, how can I drive
with your licence?

Oh no! Check whose licence it is.



The auto consultant who took your
licence to get it renewed...

Who is that?

- Yeah! Moses!

The only father of that Moses,
as per my knowledge.

That's me!

I suffered all this shoving
and pushing from the crowd,

to come and give this
to you directly.

And not because I'm a fan of yours!

What are the new
actors doing now?

[makes mocking noises]

Natural acting!

New gen, it seems!

Aren't you guys ashamed?
Here. Hold it.

Can you give me a 'Thanks' at least now?
- You should be given a slap!


So I can drive now, right?

I got it.

My driving licence.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain