Driveways (2019) - full transcript

A lonesome boy accompanies his mother on a trip to clean out his late aunt's house, and ends up forming an unexpected friendship with the retiree who lives next door.

Come on.

Can you help me look
for the house numbers?

OK, 45, 43, getting close.

Getting close.

You got it?


Come on.


All right, come on.

[inaudible] on [inaudible]..

[inaudible] Skin, unremarkable.

Barracks, unremarkable
with normal [inaudible]..

[inaudible] within limits.

Account number

Yes, I'm her sister.

I don't understand.

I can't do that.

She passed away.

No, I just need four
days of electricity

while I pack up her house.

Is there someone
else I can talk to?


Mom, my tablet died.

Well, you should have
charged at the motel.

Cody, don't come in here.

The other way.

Other way.

Yeah, I'm smoking.

Don't give me a
lecture, Professor.

Soon you'll be saying I'm
going to have to quit GNC.

I thought you already
were going to quit GNC.

After we had the money
from the house, Cody.

Why is your shirt all wet?


An Army guy is in front.

What Army guy?

An old man on the porch.

Did he talk to you?

Hi, there.


I'm Kathy.

April, who lived
here, was my sister.


Is my son bothering you?


Did you spray water on him?


Well, he's not supposed
to talk to strangers, sir.

Good idea.

Did she die in here?

No, no, sweetheart, Auntie
April died in the hospital.

Something smells bad.

Where's the bathroom?

Do you have to go really bad?



What's wrong?

Are you OK?

What's wrong?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, God.

Are you OK?

I peed myself.

Oh, it's OK.

Come on.

Can you change in the
back seat on the way?


OK, no one's going
to see you, all right?

What's the
project, [inaudible]??

Cleaning out a house.

OK, $114.72.



Gonna be
cash or credit?


Hey, Cody?



Are you OK?

I'm fine.

I'm just waiting for a
friend to pick me up.

Where is he?

I think he forgot.

You know, it doesn't
help that there's

no electricity in the house,
because apparently that

went to collection,
and it's like a 900

something dollar bill, which
might as well be nine million.

I just got to keep
calling, and seeing someone

who actually knows something.

- Oh, bless you.
- Thanks.


I'm not sure
where we're going,

so if you want to give me a
left, right, straight ahead.

Yeah, we're just
going to the VFW.

Straight up here, big
building on the left.

On the left?

What's a VFW?

Uh, it's... it's
where I play bingo.

My aunt April died.

Potato salad, boys.

Hi ya, Del.


You know, you missed a
heck of an event, you know?

You were supposed to
pick me up, remember?

I was... I was
supposed to, wasn't I?

Christ, they
still let you drive?

Oh, come on.

Looking good, Del.

Hey, it's accurate.

And here you go.

Nice, [inaudible].

You're welcome.


All righty,
folks, cover all for $200.

And here's your first number.


Help me.

Can you spray this?

There's spider
webs on the bottom.

I'm Miguel.

We live over there.

What's your name?


Do you know manga?

Hi, Manga.

No, she's Anna.

Manga, like Japanese
comics and stuff?

This shelf is for
a manga collection.

A weird guy used to live
in our house before us,

and he left boxes and boxes
of them in the garage.

They're really cool.

They're not
really good comics.

Do you have cancer?

You can't
ask people that.

That's the
mask grandpa had.

Thanks, Cody.


Hey Cody, look at this.

Punch you in the dick.

Flying elbow drop.

Fuck, fuck.

Ah, that was my foot.

Hi, ya.

What are you playing?


How old are you?


No, no, no, don't be scared.

I've got two
grandkids, 11 and 12.

You'll love them.

Can I help you?

Hi, I'm Linda from next door.

I just saw a car out in
front, and I just thought

I'd come over and say hi.

I'm so sorry to hear
about April's passing.

I mean, I didn't
know her know her,

but, you know, I always tried
to be friendly and say hi.

And no offense, but she
really kept to herself.

Anyway, are you selling
or moving, or what?

I just... I assumed
you're family.

I'm her sister.


It'd be nice to have
young people here.

Well, there's a lot
of Mexican families

that live on the other
side of the alley,

and they've got a
lot of big parties.

I mean, I'm not being
racist or anything,

but they have a lot of babies,
and right out of high school,


where are you from?




I grew up near Grand
Rapids, but now Kalamazoo.

Get out of town!

We used to live in South Haven.

But then we had to sell the
house when my husband lost his

job in '08, you know, when
everything went to hell,

the whole economy.

Are you married?


You know, my daughter's
a single mom, so I get it.

Her husband left her.

Alcoholic, left
her with nothing.

Um, can I take a peek inside?

After all these years, I
never got a chance to look.

I mean, April didn't
want, you know.

I'm kind of in
the middle of stuff.

A quick peek?

Maybe another time.

Oh, great, terrific.

Well, if you guys need
anything, just let me know.

All right?

Thank you, Linda.

Tell me your names again?

Kathy and Cody.

Kathy, Cody, right.

All right, see ya.

Hey, Cody?

We gotta pack up tomorrow, OK?

We can't afford to
stay here anymore.

But I like it here.

Yeah, I know,
but I was thinking

we could fix up the
front porch, that screen

porch, make it real nice.

It'll be like camping.


It's going to be fun.





Was something
wrong with Auntie April?

I don't know.


Did you know her
house was like that?


Was her room like that
when you guys were kids?

I don't know.

She was 12 years older than me.

I don't remember.

What was she like?

She was smart, quiet.

I was the wild one.

She go to college?

Yeah, she was
a really good student.

Why didn't we see her?

I don't think...

surely... I was pissed at her.


Well, when you and me
moved in with Grandma,

I thought she should have
offered to take care of her,

because she had a house, and
she was like a real adult,

you know?

I didn't know.

OK, so let's set up in here.

You can pick a spot and
make it your own, OK?

What's wrong?

Can we take care of
the dead cat first?

Oh my God.


You OK?


It's gooey.


Who has more fun than us, huh?

Can we borrow a shovel?



So I can get you a list of
everything else we need as far

as paperwork for the
house, the estate and all

that, and then we'll
get it up on the market.

All right.

it'll sell like that.


You like it here, Cody?

We don't really know it.

Are you from here
originally, or...

No, Pittsburgh.

You like it here, though?

I mean...

I like selling here.

There's some OK people.

So when's good for
a walk through?

I can do right now, if
that's convenient for you.

Yeah, my sister just
had like a ton of shit.

It doesn't need to be
clean for the walk through.

You know anything
about the septic?

No, I don't.

Can I offer you some
coffee cake or something?

Right through here.

Oh my.

This is too much for one person.

Yeah, she had a lot of stuff.

No, for you.

I'm so sorry.

It's not that bad.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm a crier, too.

I just...

I just didn't know my
sister lived like this.

Maybe your sister got
comfort from all these things.

I just don't know.

I don't know what to do.

Are you online?



Are you online?

No, I'm just transcribing
files I already had.

When are we going home?

As soon as the house
is on the market.

When is that?

As soon as it's
cleaned out, Cody.

Am I going to miss day camp?

Ah, shit.

It's OK.

I'm sorry.

I didn't really
want to go anyway.

I know.

But it's good for you
to do stuff like that.

I'm sorry.

I wonder if we could
get the deposit back.


Hi, come on in.

Cool setup.


You got coupons, right?

Yeah, one second.

Hold on, sorry.

Pretty good, right?




You slept good.

Hi, ya.

These are my two
little knuckleheads

I was telling you about.

This is Brandon,
and this is Reese.

Say hi to Cody.

Hi, Cody.

I like your PJs.

You're going to hang
out with these guys

while I run some errands.

OK, Professor?

I want to come with.

You're going to have so
much more fun with them.

Come on.

We've got donuts
and Frappuccinos.

Does he drink coffee?

Only Irish.

got other stuff.


Brandon, come here.


All right, all
right, knock it off.

Now there's more, too.

Eat them up.

Thanks, Meema.

Thanks, Meema.

How old are you?

I'm nine in eight days.

What are you going to
do for your birthday?

Your Aunt was so fat.

Yeah, she was like so fat.

You like wrestling?

I don't know.


Vicious [inaudible]

right onto the mat
with [inaudible] rope.



here he was wobbled.

[inaudible] behind him
on that superman punch.

Do you know what horny means?

What are you playing?

A game.

What's with the necklace?

Let's wrestle.

Get up.

I said get up.


Ding, ding.

Oh, shit.

I threw up.

That's OK.

I'm not sick.

Is your mom home?


it's Del from next door.

Oh my God, what's wrong?

Everything's fine.

Cody just had a little run-in
with Linda's grandkids.

Did Cody throw up?

Yeah, he did, as
a matter of fact.


I'm so sorry.

He does that.

He gets overwhelmed...
karate lessons,

birthday parties, camp.

I'll... I'll... I'll
be right there.

We're doing fine.

Thank you so much.

I'm so sorry.

I'm getting better at barfing.

I used to barf more.

It doesn't bother me.

I've seen a lot of
puking in my time.

Way back, I was on a troop
ship, heading overseas.

And everything was fine until
we came to the last few days,


And Sergeant put
me on latrine duty,

cleaning up the puke
of all the other guys.

That did me in altogether.

You threw up?

Oh, I threw up big time.


Hey, Professor, how you doing?


Sorry it took
me so long to get here.

I do medical transcriptions,
and I had to send them in.

I don't know what that is.

Doctor's notes... it's
actually pretty cool.

Yeah, I get to learn
all the medical jargon.

I'm trying to be a.

Good for you.


I feel like I should
go talk to Linda.

Do you mind if I...

Heh, I wouldn't waste my
time talking to that lady.

Yeah, fuck her.

Um, well, thanks
for watching Cody.

You ready, bud?

Um, do you need my help?

No, not right now.

Maybe later.

I'm good.


No, no, it's a
pleasure having him around.

He's good company.

Call me if you need anything.

Will do.

Who's Vera?

My wife.

Is she dead?


It's, uh, getting
a little late, pal.

Why don't you think about
checking in with your mom?

Yeah, probably.


You know what else kids
used to get for the holidays?

No, what?

An orange.

Is that right?

Are we on some kind
of a date, Roger?

I mean, you're all
dressed up for this trip

to the supermarket?

Oh, no, but you...

but you... but you never know
who you're going to meet.

Yeah, right.

They, uh... they
got Chex on sale.

Want some?

No, no, no, I'm
an oatmeal man.

I got to take a piss.

You know where it is?

Last time I looked,
it was right here.

Get out of here, you old bum.


Hey, Del, how you been?

Not bad.

How do you doing?

I, uh...

I just, uh... more of the same.

What do you say
we do some shopping?



Go shopping.

Uh, sounds good.

All right, now, I want you
to stomp down on that pedal.

No, this one.
That's right.

All the way.

Hold it there, now.

Are you holding it?

You ready?



Huh, I remember now.

Keep both hands on
the wheel, all right?

And when you're ready,
just let go of the clutch.

- OK?
- OK.

OK, let's go.

You're doing good.

That's it.

That's it.

Turn the wheel.

You're doing fine.


One L.


R, an R.



These are great.

Thanks so much, Dell.

They were my wife's.

Why don't you... why don't you
go over to the kids' section

for a bit, all right?



Those two girls?

Those are two boys.

They just look like that.

I found another one.


There, it's... that's my
daughter, right here.

She's in the news?

She's a judge
out in the Seattle.

Does she put people to jail?

Well, if they're
guilty, she does, yeah.

Oh, I'm sorry.

What's with the house?

Run, run, run, run.

Go, go, go, go, go.

No, no, no.


It's OK, it's just fireworks.

I 29, I 29.


Ack, I was close.

You want to know
something weird?

I must have been rattling around
in my brain for weeks now.

Some poem from
school, Mrs. Stoddard.

I'm not sure she wanted
us to memorize this thing.

It was called "Thanatopsis."

Uh, it... it goes like this, like
"So live, that when thy summons

comes to join that innumerable
caravan, which moves

to that mysterious
realm, wherein

each shall take his chamber
to the silent halls of death.

Thou go not, like a
quarry slave at night,

scourged into his dungeon,
but soothed and sustained

by an unfaltering trust.

Approach thy grave, like
one who wraps himself

in the drapery of his couch, and
lies down to pleasant dreams."

Isn't it weird?

Hey, guess what?

I got the internet running.



What do you think...

what do you think about
having your birthday

at the roller rink?

Pretty cool, right?

You can get a
package with chicken

fingers, or hot dogs, or pizza.

Can I invite Del?

Yeah, I mean, I don't
think he's going to skate,

but that would be nice.

I think he'd like that.



Where, uh... where are you?


at Tanya's place.

Wh... why are you there?

Because I'm in town.

I thought I'd swing
by, say hi to Cody.

We're away.



no, really, where?

Uh, cleaning April's house.


My fucking sister.

Oh, right.

Uh, how is she?


Shit, I...

I'm sorry.

Tell Cody I say hi.

Hey, Kathy, [inaudible]

Where's that?

It's [inaudible].


I gotta perform
surgery in the morning.

Careful going down the step.



Just one more.

Here's good.

Cody, the boys have
something to say.

I'm sorry, Cody.

For what?

For setting
off the fireworks,

and making all that other noise.

I'll be honest with you, I
thought we were in the middle

of a goldarn terrorist attack.

I heard all the screams,
and I thought, this is it.

Meema, it hurts.

It's all right, honey.

And then I came home
to find Reese wailing

at the bottom of the stairs.

He tripped and fell
trying to hustle back,

and he broke his arm, so
you can see, instant karma.

He paid the price for it.

Hey, I got your invitation.

Can you come?


It'll be me, mom, and you.

And there's going to be pizza.

There's also going
to be roller skating,

but you don't have to do it.

You could just sit.

And I'll probably just sit.

Don't you want to invite
any young people, too?

Not really.

Look, I'm going to be there.

I can keep order if anybody
tries to start something.

I'm trained for
combat, you know.

It's going to go in there.


I'm turning nine,
and I wanted to invite

you to my pizza
party on Thursday

at the roller skating rink.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I've read some
manga at the library.

Which ones?

Um, "Kinoshita Heart Castle."


That's a weird one.

I like it.

Do you want to play?

Uh, not right now.

I have to work.



Oh, tag back.

Sure you don't want to skate?

Maybe we should order
the pizza now, huh?

No, let's wait.

It's getting kind of late.

It'll get cold.

This is really good.

I'm not hungry.

You want some cake?



Hey, it's the birthday boy.

Here you go.

I am so glad to see you, Del.

Wow, it's so nice.

Thanks, Del.

Happy birthday, though.

This... this place
is really loud.

Yeah, it is kind
of loud, isn't it?

You miss us too
much there, Del?


These yours?

My neighbors, Kathy and Cody.

And it's Cody's birthday.

Ah, how old are you?

Um, right... oh, nine.

And I have cake to prove it.

Oh, save a piece for me.

I got another gin
game starting up.

Can't you tell that wife of
yours you want to play bingo?

Not if I want to keep my nuts.

What do you need
them for, anyway?

Del, you know you
can't have kids on the floor.

Oh, for Christ's sake,
just let him sit here.

You know I can't
do that, Tommy.

It's gambling, so...

He's just going to sit here.

He ain't going to play.

Hey, Del, we can...

It ain't
whether he plays or not.

It's the law.

Who enforces the
a law around here?

Hey, Tom is a cop.

You do, Tom.

Well, I'm not going to tell.

And it's his birthday.

So we OK?

As long as he doesn't play.

I'll tell you what, why
don't you team up with Roger?

He needs a little help with
the numbers sometimes, huh?


You know how to play?


Uh, Roger, can I
team up with you?


I'm Cody.

Put it right there, Cody.

You back for seconds?

Three for the
lady, six for me.

Anything for your friends?

Hot cocoa, cup of soup, hot dog?

How's the soup?

I like it.

- Well, I'll have a soup.
- OK.


Uh, we got MGD and a
shot for $4.25, we got...

I'll take that.

You want
whiskey or apple pucker?


All right.

All righty, folks,
four corners for $100 jackpot.

That means you put a
dot in all four corners.


All right?


Keep your eyes on that board.

OK, the first number is
about to pop, all right?

B14, B14.

Ooh, very good, Cody.

You have eyes of an eagle.

I'm next to the [inaudible].

B1 in 30 seconds.

We're close, huh?



I'll [inaudible].


10 39.


Ooh, thank you, sir.

You're welcome.




Point, will you?


Hey, Bingo.

- Hey.
- Way to go.

Way to go.

Happy birthday
to you, happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear Cody,
happy birthday to you.

Go, go, go, go.

Hurry up, come on.

Hey, thanks for tonight.

It turned out good.

Oh, you don't have to whisper.

He can sleep through
just about anything.

I wish it wasn't
so hard for him.

He's so sensitive.

I mean, I know all
kids are sensitive,

because they're kids.

He reminds
me of my daughter.

It's trippy.

April was my sister, but
I didn't know her at all

as an adult. And now
I'm in her house,

going through all her
stuff, like who is this?

She was a nice lady.

Did you two talk a lot?

Once or twice, I guess.

About anything interesting?

Ah, she... she
brought some food

by when my wife passed away.

We had a nice conversation.

And April had her
chest pains that night.

She came to my house.

I called 911, so they would
pick her up at my place,

you know, instead of...

instead of going
inside her place.


I saw online
once somebody made

a pool out of one of these.

I think yours is going to be
too full of garbage to swim in.



All right, let's see.


All right.

I guess it counts.

Can you do this one?

Hi, Cody.

Hi, ya.

Sorry we wouldn't
come to your party.

My dad was working.

It's OK.

This is Miguel.



Was it fun?

Yeah, I went to the VFW.

You went to the VFW?

Yeah, everyone around
me was drinking beer.



Wait for me.

It was from me too.

Are you Cody's mom?

Yeah, hi.


It's volume two of
"Kinoshita Heart Castle."

It's not violent.

I appreciate the info.


That's a lot of garbage.

Oh, careful, honey.

Well, tell me when
you're done with the book.

We have lots more.


Hey, Cody, come
look at all the stuff

Charlene posted about Saturday.

What's Saturday?

The garage sale.

And then we go home?

Um, well, then there's
the open houses and stuff.

But if you don't want to stay,
I can check with Charlene

and see if we need
to stick around.

I think maybe we should
stick around for those...

moving sale.


Hey, Dad, it's Lisa.

You have time to talk?

Um, OK, so a unit just
opened up in the new wing.

Um, you know, I'm
thinking I'm going

to come down a few days early
to help you with everything.

Hey, Del, how much do
you want to ask for these?

Whatever you get for them.

You don't have any
grandkids, right?

My daughter is engaged
to a lady friend.

They're too old to
have kids, so, heh.

My mom had to tell me about...

about sex and how
babies are made,

because kids will
ask dumb questions,

like do you know
what a blow job is?

They would laugh at you
because you don't know.

Excuse me.


I farted, bad.

It happens.

I saw on that in
North Dakota, bingo

doesn't have an age limit.

Maybe we can go there sometime.

I've got an army buddy
who lives in North Dakota.

Was he on the same
ship where you puked?

No, mo, we did basic
training together

at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas.

Gordon Roberts from Grand Forks.

He later became a chaplain.

Is that like a church?


I thought so.

I have not religion.

You have not religion?

Well, it's just that even
though I had strong beliefs,

I really don't...

I don't really like religion.

I don't go to church anymore.

Did Vera like church?


I know, so crazy, right?

Look at these nice
hardwood floors that

were underneath all that crap.

Hey, come check it out.


This piano was
ours growing up.

It's nice, right?


You should get it tuned up.

It looks bigger
with the stuff gone.

Yeah, a lot bigger.

Hey, Cody, I was thinking if
I got more transcription work

and I focused on just that,
I can work from anywhere.

We could think about maybe
not selling the house

and keeping it.

For us?

Yeah, what do you think?

We would move, though.



OK, now rub.

Well, we have cups.

This one [inaudible].


Hey, fairy godmother.

Oh, than you so much.

We'll take it, though.

Mama, where's Del?

It's still really
early, honey.

How much for the whole box?

Um, there's a lot of
great stuff in there. $30.

I'll give you $10 for it.







That's my final offer.


Here's $20.

Keep the dollar for being
such a little hard ass.


Um, hi.

Come on in.



This is my pal, Cody.

Nice to meet you, Cody.

I saw you on the
papers at the library.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, we were just looking
stuff up on the computers,

you know.

My mom says we're
doing really good.

She's so happy.

Tonight we'll clean
up the yard, and then

do a final money count.

Also, guess what?


We're moving into
Auntie April's house.

We can be real neighbors.

Are you OK?

Yeah, listen, pal, I...

I... I'm moving to Seattle
at the end of the summer.

For how long?

Well, Lisa...

Lisa wants to be to
be near her, you know.

And she found this place where
I can still live by myself,

but they got whatever
I might need.

It's really nice.

We... we've been...

we've actually been talking...



Are you sleeping, Cody?

I'm not sleeping.

We can go visit him.

We don't have to
still move here.

You can go back
e if you want to.

Well, will I have
a room, or do we

always have to sleep out here?

Hmm... you'll have a room.

This one.

Hey, Dad?

Can I grab your
social security card

so I can finish transferring
your prescriptions?



Her lady friend will
be coming tomorrow,

and they'll start
packing up everything.

My mom says maybe
we could visit you.

We'll do a road trip.

That's a pretty
big road trip, pal.

Do you know hitchhiking?


I don't think I'm
allowed to do it.

My mom would have to take me.

No, [inaudible].

No, it's not so safe now.

But it used to be
the thing to do.

My buddy Eddie Olsen and I,
we hitchhiked everywhere,

right after the war.

Once time we were
in Joplin, Missouri,

and we were trying to bum a
ride, and a hearse pulls up,

big black hearse.

Was there a body in it?

There was a guy
driving the car, right?

So he jumps.

He sticks his head
out the window.

He says don't worry boys,
she's never been used.

Hop in.

At one point, he drove us
about 60 miles out of the way

so we could look at
the Grand Canyon.

Pulls up stops, says
there it is, boys.

Take a look.

We get out of the car, take
a look, and get back in.

He says, all right,
let's go to California.

And off we go.

I'll tell you, me and
Eddie did San Francisco

from stem to stern, whoo.

We stayed out there to
work for the summer.

That's where I met Vera.

I came back here
work at the factory.

Vera was still living with
her folks in those days.

I had to court her with
letters for a couple of years.

And then she finally came
out, and we got married.

We moved into this house.

We had Lisa.

And that's the story.

Do you have the letters?

No, we burned the letters.


We didn't want people
reading all that stuff

after we kicked bucket, right?

Kissing and stuff?

Oh yeah.

She did a lot of
little things I never

noticed till she was gone...

house things, people
things, you know,

keeping in touch with people.

She knew everybody's birthday.

I don't know.

Everything is so
different with her gone.

Now I'm... now I'm leaving
her here by herself.

I don't know what
the fuck happened.

You know, 40, 50 years just...

just disappeared
in there somehow.

All of a sudden,
there's time left.

I remember all these
things that I just...

I never said to her.

And I don't know why.

I wanted to.

I worked too much, I guess.

I just wasn't around as
much as I should have been,

you know, when Lisa was little.

What you want is a nice
life for your kids.

I liked that we knew.

We understood, you know?

I know it was real hard
for Lisa in this town.

God knows I didn't make
it any easier, either.

Boy, I regret that.

I regret it.

You know, people say things...

people say things,
but it doesn't matter.

You understand?

It doesn't matter.

You're a good kid.

Fuck 'em.

You know what I wish?

I wish me and Eddie was just
leaving Joplin this morning.

I wish we could do that
whole trip all over again.

We'd be a little more
deliberate this time,

drive a little
slower, take our time,

take a good look at stuff.

Really... really see the country.



You're it.

You're it.

No, no.

No, no.