Driver Jamuna (2022) - full transcript

A taxi driver unwillingly became accomplice to goons

'Driver Jamuna'

'Aren't you Jamuna's maternal uncle?'

'You have her best interest
at heart, right?'

'Then won't you advise her
for her own good?'

'Why should I advise her?'

'What wrong did Jamuna do?'

'It is all in your mind'

'You ask her directly'

Typical bailiff answer!

I thought you watch
only court proceedings happily

- Same attitude to family too
- Aunt

Uncle, don't move the chair

Amma will walk

'Lift your leg and walk, ma'

'You can do it'


'Jamuna, I agree the photos make her cry
and so you removed your appa's photos'

'What can you do about her memories
embedded in your amma's heart?'

'Of course I can't do anything'


Uncle, take her inside

Aunt, what are you mad about now?

I've told you like a broken record

You refuse to have an open mind

Nowadays a whole new avenue has
opened up for women professionally

Why should you reject all that
and take up a job as driver?

Listen to me, Jamuna
Quit this driver's job

I don't like it

- Aunt, wasn't my dad a driver?
- He's a man!

You are a girl

You'll have a hard time in life
if you stick to this job

I don't agree with you, aunt

Your younger brother got a job
in Bangalore as an engineer

'He has mortgaged the house
and helped himself to the cash'

'If only your dad had been sensible
he wouldn't have died'

'If you were sensible too
you wouldn't be so stubborn'

- Aunt
- 'Get this into your head'

'If you have to settle down well in life'

...first you should be selfish

You won't understand
anything I tell you now, aunt


Did your brother call you?

He spoke to me yesterday

Don't talk to him hereafter


Shall we both go out this evening
as soon as I'm back from work?

(no need)

In the tip of my 3 fingers

One is 'beach'

Another is 'park'


(to temple)

Whatever happens at home
you won't let go of your God!

(You apply on your forehead too)

This comforts you

You believe in God

I have many questions unanswered

Just let me be

'Philomena has come'

'I'm trusting her with you'

Take good care of her

- My grand daughter's wedding, sir
- Please do the needful, sir

[overlap of voices]

[indistinct chatter]

My husband gets sloshed
and hits me daily, sir

- I can't take this torture anymore
- No, sir, she is lying

I'll beat you to a pulp
if you don't reform

'Take good care of your wife'

- Bro
- Escort her home safely

Thank you, sir

Go home without any worry
I'm there for you

- Collected all the petitions?
- Yes, sir

- Keep it inside
- Yes, sir

Listen, brother


- Arul
- Sir?

- Drink buttermilk
- It's okay, sir

I'll water the plants
till you come

- It's alright, sir
- Go, I say

I can do this

Why did you gulp it
in one go like that?

- It's okay, sir
- Why rush like this?

It's alright
Drink it up

How many tender coconuts
do you sell per day?

'On Sundays I'll get Rs 500'

'Must be tough
making ends meet?'

'What to do?
Such is life'

The 'groom-target' is at home

The procession will
pass by this street

So can we conduct the 'wedding'
at the auspicious time we've chosen?


'What the eff are you doing?'

'Why did you bang the car
in the bus stand?'

'If you claw my face
while driving'

'That will be your fate!'

'Why do you behave like blockheads?'

- 'How dare you!
- Let go, bro'

- Yes, Bhaskar?
- Where are you, bro?

'Near Walajabad'

Are you caught
in a scuffle with Madhi?

This idiot is being so playful

I told you not to add
a bike chain-thief with us in our gang

Did you listen to me?

Did you read today's newspaper or not?
Situation isn't too good here

No cop should sniff us out
like scent hounds, bro

We have taken the cash

We must finish the wedding
and leave Chennai without a whisper!

I'll leave him behind here

- Otherwise we'll get caught
- 'He's a smart cookie, I say'

- Pccht!
- Okay, I'll talk to him'

Belsath doesn't have
any powder on him, right?

No, I checked thoroughly

If he takes a snort
then no one can control him, bro

He'll turn into a beast

He didn't snort a line

'Only intake is booze'

He's of no use to us
if he doesn't booze


- I hope you know that
- 'I know'

You should get here
within an hour

He wants us to reach in 1 hour

How will we go now, huh?

Walajabad to Chengalpattu.

Chengalpattu via Thiruporur to Devaneri

70 km on the whole

Bro, why don't the three of us...

...make a great escape?

Wasted fellow!

Just for fun, bro

He doesn't know English

Jolly time, bro

Give me your phone

- Give it to me, bro
- Why?

What happened to your phone?

Display screen cracked
I left it in my room

If you keep hugging your phone
all night, serves you right!

Listen, it's getting late

Let go of me

I'll call a cab

Who, man?

Your friend?

No one should know
about the wedding, okay?

Cab is not a person, bro

It's call taxi, bro

Thanks, bro


You had called me?

How is your mother?

When she walked this morning
she couldn't turn by herself

When she was practising with the ball

She missed twice

This is a first time for her, doctor

'She doesn't have
any complications, Jamuna'

'Sometimes this may happen'

'Because her body has become stiff'

'This is a regular symptom
of Parkinson's disease'

'But she has to practice
without missing the routine'

I am scared, doctor

Nothing should happen to amma

I have asked Philomena to observe
your amma the whole day

'Don't worry, Jamuna'

Okay, doctor
Thank you

'What is this, man?'

'Don't know which car
will fall into our hands'

- Thanks, bro
- Correct cash?


Got 1 car

What now?

I head a sound and
now the car has disappeared?

You stared at the screen, eh?

That's why sensor got cut

Turn the other side, bro

Car is almost here

We are the ones who called you


Where do you have to get dropped?

'Devaneri, near ECR'

Long distance

Please cancel the trip

It is very easy
to trick a female

Don't miss this car



I told you I can't opt for a long trip

'Please cancel it'

Please, it's really urgent

Already we are late


'On the way, the brake failed'

'I crashed into that bus stop'

We tried to set right
the damage to the car

But we failed

I'm also a car driver

We are the caterers for a wedding

Already our group has gone ahead

We are late as it is

- Owner will give us a shelling
- 'Hey! Madhi'

Got to shift this
pile of banana leaves

- Tell her
- 'Wait, brother

Please sister.


Do you know anyone in this gang?

No, sir


'Murders by mercenaries on the rise'

'Special task force under
Asst Commissioner Subash'

We get paid for this too, huh?

Lower your hands

Bro, zoom that frame

Rewind and zoom

Do you know that chap in a lungi?

I don't know, sir

Aren't you this Murthy?

No, sir

Sir, he is related to my wife

He visits us whenever
he comes from Palayamkottai

Other than that,
I have no connection with him, sir

Even now he's staying
in Kancheepuram

Hey! Tell me his current mobile #

Hey! I want his number


93-43, sir

- Hello?
- Nagu'na, where are you?

We are coming in a cup


I told you we have rented a taxi

Brainless or what?
Why did you take a public car?

Don't you have any sense?
I told you things are not going right

This young chap gave that idea-

Did your brain rust too?

'Choosing a call taxi'

'If we get into a mess
you'll get it from me'

Forget it

'The cops will be on a witch hunt'

- 'You'll count bars-'
- Don't get hyper

I'll make sure we have no hassles

Why have you come here?

We'll pick up another passenger here

Pick up, huh?
Ask her to halt

Tell her to stop now

'Stop now, madam'

'Will you stop now or not?'


'What is it?'

We booked this ride


No one else should get into this car

Sir, you have opted for a share trip

Sharing, huh?


You can check if you like

Yes, she's right, bro
Option has changed

Damn you!


[humming a rap song]


- Excuse me
- Are you mad or what?

Your car has come to
take you to Kilpauk hospital

- Oh!
- Go

'I am sorry'

'Why should I explain to this female?
I'll talk to the passenger'


'Listen to me'



- 'Look outside'
- Hahn?

Over there

- Hahn?
- Take another car

We need to go urgently

Why should I take another cab?
It's urgent for me too


He has to get down on the way

It won't take longer
or be a detour to drop him

'Lower the glass, man'

Bro, Bhaskar anna is calling, get in

He will get stressed out

Bhaskar, I told you
there won't be any hassles



Bloody fellow!
How dare you trick me!

'He pushed me'

Cancel appa's programs, all of them

Okay, bro

Don't take appa anywhere outside
without my permission

Okay, anna
I'll handle it

Tapas, appa should be safe

I'll take care, I can
assure you he'll be safe


Bhaskar, he is Tapas

He knows me very well

Chennai gang

That means the news has leaked

- Appa?
- What's the problem?

It's risky
No need today

Pccht! Shut your gob

Bhaskar, anyway call and check

Listen to me

There are many relatives just like us
all over the groom's house

Let me know if you want
the 'wedding' today?

Should not postpone
a politician's 'wedding'

Situation will present itself

Wait till then

'Bhaskar, what's the lawyer saying?'

Hari Krishna told me

It must be true, pa

I am your son

Believe me, pa

Make me believe you


Good luck!


I said 'good luck'

For what?

You are a music director

You are going for
a song composing session

How strange!
No one in the film industry knows

We haven't announced it
How do you know?

- Esakki told me
- Hahn?


She's sitting here

She told me


I'm being serious, sir

You are Anirudh's guitarist

You've got a chance
to be a music director

Your director is waiting in Neelankarai

You are going for
a song composing session

If you don't believe me

You can ask Her yourself

Anirudh himself doesn't know!

I was just kidding, sir

You booked this cab
from your mobile

So I have your mobile # in my phone

I have True Caller app in my phone

That's okay, but the director
waiting in Neelankarai?

Do you need a PhD
to figure this out?

Just paying keen attention is enough

Half the technicians in film industry
have shifted to ECR side

I take 3 trips a week
in this direction

Besides all that, a person's name
and phone number is all one needs

We can get all his details, A to Z

She is just fibbing

Excuse me

- Greetings, sir
- Hey! Bless you

Sit down

How do you know
someone is out to kill me?

Listen to MLA Karthikeyan's message

'Yov! Politics is a war, man'

'3 consecutive times in
Maragadha Velu's constituency'

'I used money power and defeated him
as Member of the Legislative Assembly'

But people's favorite
is Maragadha Velu

His son Manickam wanted to enter politics

Maragadha Velu was not inclined
to let his son enter this dirty world

But his son Manickam is very smart

He stood as an independent candidate
and won the Corporation election

He became a councillor

Even if Maragadha Velu wants to
he can't hold his son back now

His party members will support him

But despite all this, Maragadha Vel
won't make his son contest in this election

Only he will contest

He will win and become a minister

We won't be able to do a damn thing

In the coming election
if Maragadha Vel is not around

And if his son contests
it will be favorable to us

Do you get what I am implying?

If I am not alive

My son will take my place

He can be easily defeated

You claim that's why Karthikeyan
is hatching this plan, huh?

But how did you get this voice recording?

The driver working in
MLA Karthikeyan's house

And the cook in that household

They are my spies

Why are you playing with their lives?

He is head deep in corruption
That's how his brain will work

But why should I think
he is out to murder me?

Look, I am not here for the name, fame,
position or orchestrate political ploys

I am here to serve my people

If I win and occupy a seat in
the Parliament, I'll speak for the people

These statistics or Opposition
can't change that course of action

I told you in the club last night
I have no further information

Don't call during the day
It's risky, bro

You were sloshed last night

That's why I'm calling you
when you are sober, tell me

Some obituary posters
need to be stuck it seems

They wanted a reliable gang

'I gave them the number
Please ensure our leader is safe'

We need more men
Call them here immediately

Excuse me

[loudly conducting an orchestra]

Thriller genre

Theme is scary

That tune will terrify
the listener always

Weren't you scared?



- Jamuna?
- What, uncle?

My car will all of a sudden get stuck
I won't be able to start it at all

I'll be so stressed out

When I'm racking my head what to do
your father's car will come to my rescue

Today it is you

Looking at the car
is like seeing your appa

- Do you want diesel, uncle?
- Yes, dear

I tried pumping
but it isn't starting

Your father will always
stock extra diesel in the car

I have diesel even now, uncle

It is my appa's car, right?


Look here

Hardly any traffic on a Sunday
We can still make it, sir

Give it, dear



Airport ride
Already late

I'll transfer the amount
through Googlepay, okay?

Thanks, dear

We are late for the wedding

Aren't you coming?

You are bleeding?

Nothing serious

When I opened the boot, edge of
some sharp steel scratched me


Don't obsess about your father

Call me if there's any issue

I'm close by

- I'll take leave, sir
- Take care

How can I help my leader?

Am I your leader?

I address Maragadha Vel only as 'sir'

But you are the one
I call 'leader'

Wow! You'll make it big in politics
I should measure my words with you

Instead of throwing
this paper out

You can confess you aren't
part of the wedding group!

'Murders by mercenaries on the rise'

Oh gawd!

'Murders by mercenaries on the rise'


'Special task force under
Asst Commissioner Subash'







- What, man?
- I think it is risky

- I can't do it
- You took the cash, no?

Tapas is standing there

- Let's scoot
- Can we?

'Hey! Rahim'

Hello, Tapas anna

We are dead meat now

- Are you armed?
- It will boomerang

- What brings you here?
- Came regarding a finance job

- Nothing else, no?
- No, bro

I have a job
Want to take it up?

- What should we do?
- Just an escort job

You will get bulk payment

'I am hungry
I'll eat and be back'

- Can do, bro
- Only 2 of you?

3 more are on the way

Ask them to come here straight, okay?

Now I know why
the lawyer asked us to wait

I don't get it

- Philomi
- Akka?

1 minute, hold

I'll give the phone to the doctor

'Jamuna, amma's stiffness is getting worse'

'Going by her symptoms, I think
she has deteriorated to the next stage'

As far as possible, we must admit her
in the hospital as early as tomorrow

'With continuous therapy
she will definitely improve'

'Jamuna, don't worry'

'Okay, doctor'

'We can discuss it
when you get back'

'Akka, amma wants to see you'

Switch to video call

- Move
- Car took a dizzy turn

(Don't worry)

(I am really fine)

(Attend to your work)

Hey! Look

If she wants to cry
ask her to go home and cry


You said you checked his pocket
and he didn't have any powder

I checked, bro

There wasn't any powder on him

Why didn't you check his in pocket?

Let him be, he knows his limit
Nothing will go wrong

Situation highly risky

Ask them to hurry up

Yes, man

Sir, tea

- Give it to sir
- Sir?

For you

Why penalise your stomach
because you are stressed?

Waste of tracking them

That Palayamkottai gang
is travelling in a car now

In a call taxi

The driver is a girl

If only we are given
the force we are asking

I can lock this gang easily

But they are delaying it

The delay is because of
the retired Inspector General

I feel he is behind this case

Don't we know?

His only son and
daughter-in-law were killed

But how can he interfere
because of that?

He has clout within the department
and in political circles

We have to wait
till we get our back up

- We will have more casualties
- Let them die

But we won't have time
to think about it

We would've moved on
to the next case by then

- Hello?
- 'I am Subash'

'Asst commissioner of police'

Tell me

'Your passengers are mercenary killers'

'You don't worry'

'We have your car completely
under our surveillance'

'Talk to me as if you are
talking to someone else'

Okay, doctor

'But I am scared'

My mother has no one else, doctor

Similarly I have
only her in my life

I hope you understand, doctor

- 'Tell me'
- Somehow set it right, doctor

I trust you completely

Nothing dangerous should happen, please

'Don't get emotional
You will be fine'

'We've locked the road,
ahead and behind for 3 km'

'Your car is under our control now'

'Move the barricade and block'


'Buckle up'

Come, shift it here

What should I do, doctor?

Are the accused harmed?

Yes, doctor

What kind?

I don't know how to explain, doctor

Pistol, gun, anything like that?

Nothing of that sort, doctor

Sickle or knife?

Yes, doctor
You are right

'Nothing else'

Tell me what I should do

'Just follow my instructions carefully'

'Exactly 1km from where you are'

'When you cross the arch
of Vishnu temple in Thiruvadandhai'

'Beach View is on the left'

Stop the car as if you are stuck

- Hey!
- 'Pretend the car has stalled'

'Let the gang be seated in the car'

'Step out for 5 minutes'

'Open the bonnet and
pretend you are trying to repair'

'But they shouldn't suspect you'

We'll handle the gang in that time gap

IG is asking you to change the plan

- Sir
- Huh?

What did your 'doctor' tell you?

He didn't say anything else

He did


But I was so scared
I didn't hear a single word

Let go

Let go of me

Let go

Don't strangle me

- 'Ask him to let her go, bro
- Now she'll cough up the facts'

Let go...let go of me

Let go

Let go of my throat

Jamuna, drive, my dear

'You are doing a great job'

'Watch out'


Let me go


Let go of her, bro'

'Lorry, bro'


Go...go faster

'Drink water'


What you experienced just now

That is 'fear'!

If you think you can escape from us

It will be only for today

We can barge into your house tomorrow

If we do so

No one will be alive in your house

Only the house will remain
as brick and mortar

'When we decide to kill a man'

The police can't always save our target

Do you know why I spared your life now?

You are a 'worth' driver

Your car has to go in the route I specify


'Climb down carefully'

'Slow down...slow down'

- 'Go slow
- Send the vehicles'

- 'Quick!
- Go...go...go'

'Send the 2-wheelers'

'Just follow my orders, Subash'

Okay, received

'Don't stop'

'Keep moving'

'Go...go...keep going'

What is the IG saying?

Asking me to handle it as
a 'hit & run' case

How's that possible?

We notice the car
as we are driving casually

You get down and
interrogate the driver

At the same time I find
the weapons in the boot

Take the group from the car in our jeep
and we interrogate them formally

At that time, the backup force
will reach the spot

IG wants us to touch our nose
indirectly over our head

You see our nose is a scenthound!

Sir, as far as our case goes

Our revolver is just a puppet
following his orders, sir

'Which route should I take now?'

'Reverse and take the Kovalam route'

'Don't talk like a mad fellow'

- 'Hey!
- Police will be waiting if we reverse'

'Dimwitted dunce
Police will be waiting ahead too'

'You want us to get caught, eh?'

Then how will we go?

Whatever plan the police have hatched

According to their bloody plan

Take the same route

Drive past the arch
at Thiruvidandhai temple

Let the car halt at Beach View

Let the driver get down

She will open the bonnet
and check why the car has stalled

The next move after that

I will let you know


Oh God!

'Gurumurthy, cab position?'

Car on position, sir

- 'Shakthi?'
- Sir, watching

Move closer, when the jeep
closes in on the cab

Okay, sir

That Asst Commissioner of Police
is a bit of a hyper case

Must watch him carefully

Okay, sir

I'll ensure nothing goes amiss, sir

We were looking for
a 'Hit & run' case, right?

It's this car

Hello! You there

Show me your RC book

'Show your Trip Log?'

Where were you last night
from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m?

- Near Porur, sir
- Sir, look inside

Where are the 'accused' passengers?

He's the only passenger
in this trip, sir

Where did the passengers
seated at the back get down?

I am the only passenger, sir

We also know all the ploys
these criminals resort to

Don't risk your life
trying to help them

Sir, in this particular trip

I didn't take any accused
He is the only passenger, sir

Sir, if I don't say this
they have threatened to kill me

My mother stays alone
and she is a patient, sir

- Save me someho-
- Hey!

Didn't you speak clearly on the phone?

Muttering under your breath now

- Tell me where they are now
- I don't understand what you want, sir

He is the only passenger
I didn't take any other accused

I don't know what will happen next
I am very scared, sir

- Sir, help me
- Acting smart, eh?

I'll file a case and
take you into custody

Sir, call and inform your IG

Okay, sir

Let the patrol vehicles
stick to their rounds

I want that gang nabbed

No, sir

Car covered as per our plan

But the gang isn't in the car, sir

'Not at all, sir'

'We followed your orders
and executed it correctly'

'We don't know
how they escaped, sir'

- What, madam?
- Hey!

'Hey! Drop your gun
and sit down right there'

'Don't die'

Sir, accused has a gun too

Whatever happens at that spot
nothing should happen to that gang

Sir, should the police stand with
hands folded when lives are at stake?


Arrest them
Make them talk

Every word they utter is important

'Nothing else should happen beyond that'

Stop the car

Music director
Get up and sit properly

Play music

Sing song

[humming in a scared tone]

Music included

You think the person who paid us
for the 'wedding' is in this house?

[irrelevant chatter]

I told you right in the beginning
to check if Belsath has powder on him

We are in a fix!

The cops will be
patrolling all over

We will definitely get caught

Okay, just tell me
what we should do now

There's no problem here

We can 'tie the noose-thread'
at the given time for the wedding

But the headaches are
the driver and her passenger


Then we will be nailed, bro

Fine, I'll handle them

- Get down
- Belsath, Bhaskar called

We won't squeal to the police

Please let us go

Aren't we obeying your instructions?

Belsath 'na

The gunshot will be heard, bro

'Instead of that'

Why is my mind changing now?

Till we cross Chennai

Let her be with us

How long will it take to reach Devaneri?

Another 10 minutes

Make us reach in 5 minutes

5 min-

How can we reach in 5 minutes?


Didn't he pay you
to take another cab?

Can't you go faster than this?

If you slow down
from the present speed

Your head will get the same knock
your passenger just now got!

If you don't take us in 5 minutes flat

My mind will get re-set again!

'Why do you get angry, dear?'

'Your appa's advice is always
for the good of everyone'

'Don't you know that?'

'You were concerned of the welfare
of everyone in our neighborhood, pa

Did you ever think of us, pa?

Whom else do we have
other than you, pa?

Tell me if I am right or not?

Because of men like you

My father died

Who is your father?

Do you have a photo?

For all you know,
we may have killed your father

I know how he died

I didn't mean that

If a family member dies

That family will be shattered

How are you able to kill a person
for the sake of money?

Ask the same question
to your guardian deity 'Esakki'

She is also just like me
An ordinary woman

'Clear the road
Ambulance is leaving'

'Okay, sir'

You are hiding something from me

I don't understand your plan

By bending this case
to your whims and fancies

I don't know how many
more lives will be lost

I can't cooperate any longer
without knowing the truth


The man who killed my son
should meet the same fate

I need this gang alive
for me to fulfil my desire

By nabbing the agent
behind this gang

I need to know who ordered
my son to be killed

I want to kill him
with this same gang

After they kill him
we must 'encounter' this gang

I am using your uniform

If you can't comply
let me know

I can do this with the help
of some other officer

"Shall I dance in your eyes anew?
Whatever you ask, shall I give you?"

"Shall I enter your heart so true?
You are my heart, my beau"

"Shall I caress your cheeks?"

[song from 'All In All Azhagu Raja']

Belsath, shall I tell you something funny?

He is hosting us to his Last Supper
when we are his killers!

Maragadha Vel is truly a gentleman!

Suddenly turning over a new leaf?
Are you having second thoughts?

We can always redeem our sins
with a repentance ritual!

If we don't have targets like this
our pockets won't get lined!

'Listen, Jamuna
You are standing in one spot'

'A person falls down
right in front of our eyes'

What will you do?

Shouldn't we immediately
extend a helping hand?

It's the same with life, my dear

We don't have to go in search
of someone to be of help

But aren't we responsible too
for what's happening around us?

You may not realize the effect
of your father's words today

But you'll understand one day

'Police Station

- Huh?
- Button?

Go to the police


Tell the cops


What did you do?

Stop the car

Will you stop or not?

I couldn't control the car in that speed

The door wasn't shut properly

I know

Your mind is changing

Sir, no one can get into your house
when we are here to guard you

- Yes, sir
- Hey! Keep quiet

'Appa, what is the matter?'

Get that black note pad

'Sir, your coffee'

- Hey! Why didn't you tell?
- Stop it

Will he do this deliberately?

I'll wipe it clean, sir

I'll clean it myself
Only then he will reform

You go

In the same constituency
I was MLA for 3 terms

Karthikeyan has occupied my seat today


Power of money

That's his strength

But he still wants to kill me


People's good opinion of me

That's my strength

Why did I make everyone believe
I dislike you entering politics?

I made you fight with me
Made you drift away from me

I made you contest
in the councillor election

And I made you win
Tell me why?

People should hold you in high esteem
just like they do so with me

Who are these people?

Not someone living
in a remote village

Those people include our employees
in the kitchen, bathroom, garden

I got this title by making false promises
and usurping this post with difficulty

I have to hand it over to you

I won't let anyone
grab it from me in-between

I'll go to any extent for that

You can't even understand this


The fact I made you councillor
will boomerang, da

Appa, do you think
something is going wrong?

Here, call this number

I am Maragadha Vel speaking

Sir, tell me

Did you send your thugs to my house?




"Let it go"

[humming again]

No need to go


Go, just go

[humming again]

Go to the police

She asked me to go to the cops?


You have 2 more minutes

'Sir, you go in'

'Moron! We'll handle him'

'Tapas, he has to cough up
the truth in front of me'

Idiot! Who the hell sent you?

Hey! Cat got your tongue?

I came at your request

We've reached your location

I don't think so

'After we decide to
carry out a deed'

We shouldn't be scared

If you get scared
selfish interest will creep in

More than affecting others

It will destroy us

'Buddy, we will take it if needed'

'Let it be in the car'

- Hello
- I'm the Inspector from Pattipulam station

- Tell me
- 'Ex-MLA Maragadha Velu'

News from his beach house
about a gang of mercenaries

Who was your informant?

The police will arrive anytime now

Before they come here

If I get to know
who ordered you to kill me

I will make sure
you are in no danger

'If not, you will be-'

Hey! Only 2 of them have come

Check where the 3rd chap is

Okay, bro

Hey! Siva

We will let the police tackle them, don't

'Let's escape'



Sir, come quick

- Who are you?
- Driver, sir

- Hurry up
- Let's scoot, pa

Come fast

Where are you going?
Get into the car


- What happened?
- Not starting, sir

- Quick, start the car
- GO!




- He is the one
- Hey! Stop



Come here

Come, pa

I'll get you

'Jamuna, what do you want to do now?'

Come, pa




Appa, get up


Manickam, come away



'Hey! Don't'

'Let him go'



Someone save us


Start the car



Someone please save us

Oh gawd!!

Someone help!

- Hello?
- EX MLA Maragadha Vel's son

He is serious
Ambulance is on the way

Then the gang?

Let go

'All because of his snorting
we are in this mess'

'I told you so'

'No one paid heed'

Madhi had the powder in his pocket

How am I to blame?

Wonder if the cops caught
this young fellow?

- He won't, smart cookie
- Then let's kill her


You want to save them

'Her mind will keep changing'

Let's close her chapter
in Chengelpet forest

Bhaskar...Bhaskar, look at me

'Let him be
He knows his limit'

'He will be fine'


'Be quiet'

We are anyway killing her

I'll do whatever before that

'I don't know what you'll do
But you have to nab that gang'



Kottamedu checkpost

White Desire will be crossing
Block the road immediately

Hey! Chee!

'Won't you listen to me?'

'We'll deal with her in
the forest in Chengelpet forest'


'Let go of her'

'Chengelpet Govt Hospital'

Sir, they are only superficial cuts

I've spoken to the doctor

Manickam's life
is not in danger

The mercenaries called
by the MLA side

'It seems was to kill
some Revenue Department Officer'

'Then I think they dropped that idea'

MLA isn't linked with
today's incident, sir


Yes, sir

I played a double game

But not for the MLA

I did it for your son

Sir, out of the 4 mercenaries
3 of them are dead

Only one man is struggling for his life

2 of them in front of
Mr Maragadha Velu's house

Then 2 of them in the car

Total 4 men

Madam, if that car door
hadn't got unhinged

You'll be dead by now

It's a fact

You are the 2 eye witnesses

You must come
whenever called, okay?


Sir is calling you inside

- Doss
- Yes, sir?

You have any other doubt?

Looking at the turn of events

This looks like a political murder

In Alsa Mall, Egmore

There is a lawyer

He is the agent it seems
for these mercenaries

'Go and inquire'

2 thugs in front of the house

But there were 3 of them
in the back of the car

Wasn't there a short chap?

Then totally 5 of them

- No
- No...?

Only 2 people can share a trip

3 passengers means
it is a separate trip

There were only 2 passengers at the back

Only 2 passengers, huh?

1-2-3, no?

'Egmore, Alsa Mall complex, yes'

'Call our Party volunteers'

Your son will recover

He will be fine

Sit down, dear

What is your name?


What does your father do?


He isn't alive

He was killed

Hey! What are you doing?
Cake has been cut, right?

Why are you smearing it on his face?

Why yell at our children
when you are angry with me?


- What concern!
- What?

- Going to buy mutton?
- Yes

I'll buy it for you

- No one listens to me
- Akka

- I'll also go with her
- Go

I'm standing only for the councillor's post
Why get perturbed for that?

Schemes and facilities our area will get
from the Govt will happen through me

That's the job of a councillor

Otherwise I'm always a driver

We'll run our family
only with that money

Does that satisfy you?

Why are they threatening you
through phone calls then?

I'll handle that
Why do you get scared?

As long as you don't
threaten me, fine

Look at me and smile

Smile, dear

'Wait, bro'

'Kill him'

My dear-

'Spare him'

Don't kill him

My dear

My dear

Look at me, my dear

Look at me

Oh my gawd!

'Leave him alone'

'Let him be'

We went to the police station

They filed a complaint
stating my father had gone missing

We had only one option
to deal with our pain

To forget everything

To forget my father was killed

To forget my father existed




Amma, what happened?


Don't worry, ma

You'll feel better after you sleep


You'll be okay, ma

Come, lie down, ma


They have called our father
and threatened him

Everyone knows that


Can't we do anything?

We will kill them

Slowly our house came back to normalcy

My brother got a job
as a fire engineer

He left for Bangalore

No girlfriend, bro

Akka, I've joined that gang now

That lawyer is the only agent
and link for their contracts

'I have sent you the details'

'Give it to our uncle'


You be safe

We have to fix a good date
for the 'wedding'

Who is the groom?

What was next?

Auspicious time was fixed
for the 'wedding'!

'Just follow my instructions carefully'

'Exactly 1km from where you are'

'When you cross the arch
of Vishnu temple in Thiruvadandhai'

He has to die the same way
he killed our father

You don't shoot



Let's scoot

For common people like us
with no clout or authority

To forget whatever happens to us

We have to live quietly
closing our eyes, ears and mouth

Isn't that what
the man at the top thinks?

You are-

Is Selvam your father?

In the same ward

Let your son also contest the election

I will contest too

Let the people decide
the councillor of their choice

- I'll bash you
- Hey!

Apologize to him

I am sorry

This is a democratic nation

Anyone can contest
an election from anywhere

Our constitution has given
that right to everyone

Please contest for
the councillor's post

An auspicious date for
a 'wedding' has to be fixed

Who is the 'groom'?

[loud chatter]




Do you wish to say anything else?

'Be quiet'

I said Esakki is an ordinary woman
like me and it is true

My father used to tell me
Esakki Amman's story is also true

Hey! What are you blabbering?

He is my father

Hey! Look at this

She is-


She has planned and tricked us

'You are the one who has
fallen into our web'

'I'll kill you in this car-'

Kill her

'We'll deal with her in the forest'


Akka, we shouldn't miss

If it happens-

[Humming a song]

We shouldn't allow
our appa's killer escape, akka

I will handle it

- Akka?
- Go

- Akka
- GO!

'Excuse me'

'Sorry, sir
Your son-'



You shouldn't die

You should live

Every day that you are alive

Happiness in life

Is not just wealth,
name, fame, position

But only love and this lesson
will be ticking in your heart

What happened?

Father of the deceased, no?

It's a severe stroke

Doctor, attend immediately

Sister, call the neurologist immediately

- Okay, doctor
- Quick!

'Did he reveal the killer?'

'No one else is responsible'


That gang has disposed the body of a man
they killed in your son's industrial area

'Your son was a witness'

'They have tried to
cajole him to clam up'

'Then they panicked
and killed your son'

'Whose body is that?'

'I don't know, he died
before I could interrogate him'

Hey! Magizh?

Why are you crying?

Look at me

Don't cry like this
in front of our amma

Go, wash your face

First tie up your hair



(What happened?)

Ma, I am fine

It was just a minor accident, that's all


Don't worry, ma

I have a surprise for you

Touch a finger

(I don't want to)

Ma, come on, touch





(How are you?)

(How are you?)

"Rain drizzles drop by drop dewy
We shall be like clouds; you and me"

"Sounds various
turn melodious"

"Our lives too, my precious"

"Rain drizzles drop by drop dewy
We shall be like clouds; you and me"

"Sounds various
turn melodious"

"Our lives too, my precious"

"A penance of happiness"

"Mind chattering continuous"

"Pleasures in life simple"

"Multiple boons ample"

"I will sing in praise of beauty
with my amateur attempts at poetry"

"I will continue to be
a toddler playing innocently"

"I will rewind to prattling like a baby
with memories of a sweet lullaby"

"24 hours daily"

"Why do I need the world outside
with the most loving family by my side?"

"That is the sole reason for me
to elevate my inner beauty"

"A penance of happiness"

"Mind chattering continuous"

"Rain drizzles drop by drop dewy
We shall be like clouds; you and me"

"Sounds various
turn melodious"

"Our lives too, my precious"

"A thrill of joy in this bond so perfect
Happier still, living life to the fullest"

"In the lap of contentment, love I find
Resonating in heart and mind"

"In my heart 100 birds or more fly
forgetting hunger, touch the sky"

"When I am so blessed
why should I ever be depressed?"

"A penance of happiness"

"Mind chattering continuous"

"Pleasures in life simple"

"Multiple boons ample"

"I will sing in praise of beauty
with my amateur attempts at poetry"

"24 hours daily"

"Why do I need the world outside
with the most loving family by my side?"

"That is the sole reason for me
to elevate my inner beauty"

"Rain drizzles drop by drop dewy
We shall be like clouds; you and me"

"Sounds various
turn melodious"

"Our lives too, my precious"