Driver (2018) - full transcript

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Son of a bitch.

Damn people
driving around.

What's the matter? What,
are you fucking stupid?

Are you stupid?

It's going to cost you $200.

But, hey, who cares?
It's Vegas, right?

It's Vegas.

It's not like you need
the money, right?

- Henry?
- Yeah, yeah. Hop on in.

Welcome to Las Vegas.

Thanks, man.
Thrilled to be here.

Well, hope you can
check it off your list.

How long you been in Vegas?

My whole life.


That must be nice.

No. No, it isn't.


Yeah, it's on the phone.

I mean, just take a look around
at this place.

Look at it.
I mean, it's...

It's got, you know,

money in its veins, you know?

The whole reason it's here

is to make just a couple
people richer.

So, the Mirage, huh?

Means you got
a big client.

Going to have enough
to tip me on the way back?

I thought you weren't allowed
to accept tips.

I thought prostitution
was illegal.

No, no, not supposed to.


Not supposed
to accept tips.

You're right.

Maybe I can get you
on the way back.

I don't have any cash
right now.


Almost there.

Thank you.

No problem.

Should I stick around?

I'm sorry?

Should I stick around?

Oh, no.

I'll just call someone.


I mean, you know,
Vegas actually is the one city

where money can buy you

Oh, but if you don't
have money...


go fuck yourself.

It's ridiculous,
it's ridiculous.

Good luck to you.

Thank you.
Have a good night.

Good morning.
This is your wake-up call.

Fuck you.

You know I can't reinstate you.

It's been three years.

Yeah, but I've seen
no improvement.

I see two assault charges.

One against
a fellow officer.

Two restraining orders
against you.

One from your new ex-wife.

We're separated.

Tell me, are you still
investigating your wife's murder?

Yes, I am.

You're not on that case.
You never were.

You know who's on that case?


It's sitting in a box
on a shelf somewhere

collecting dust until this guy
shows up and kills another woman

the same way
he killed Helen.

Listen, I get it.

If my wife were killed,
I'd do the exact same thing.

But I'm not your therapist.

And I'm not here to sympathize
with you.

I'm here to protect the
department from another lawsuit.

We live in a new age.

Everyone has
a fucking camera.

We can't have a loose cannon
on the force.

Man, you got stuff?

No. Go, go away.


Come on, man.
I got money.

Just go. Leave me...

leave me alone.

Come on, man.
You know that...

you know that good stuff
you gave me last time?

You got to be kidding
right now.

- What? What do you want?
- That good stuff.

Look, I don't have anything,
all right?

I got money this time.

Goddamn junkies.

Look, you ask me this
every night.

Do you... you just
don't remember?

Look, I don't have anything.
Just get off my car.

Go. You scratch it,
I'll beat the shit out of you.

- Go.
- Be cool.

- Just go.
- Just chill, chill, chill.


Start journaling.

Give me something
to put on file.

Just use your cell phone.

Give me five minutes
every day.

Text me.

You don't have to come in.

You don't even
have to see me.

I want to help you.

But you got to help me.

All right?

I'm not the bad guy here.

So why am I?

You beat the shit out of
those two dealers in broad daylight.

You scared the hell
out of your ex-wife.

Hi. Alicia?

Yup, that's me.

All right, well,
welcome aboard.


Let's do this.


Three years ago,
I was working undercover.

I was running drugs for an
organization out of Mexico City.

Got into some
pretty rough stuff.

Um... my cover was blown.

And they killed my wife.

You're a piece of shit!

So, uh, it's Treasure Island
you're going to, right?

Right, yes.

You know, um,

my favorite place
on the Strip was the Riv.

- And it was... the Riviera.
- Right.

It's right up the street
from Treasure Island.

And they had dollar blackjack,
dollar roulette, I think.

Anyway, now the bastards
are just tearing it down.

Making it a convention center.

It's just...

That sucks.


So, yeah, yeah.

I, um, I beat up some guys.

Some local...
drug pushers.

Just piece-of-shit scumbags.

I can't say that I wouldn't
do it again.

I can say I wouldn't
do it again.

I wouldn't do it again.

Not because I give a shit
about them,

but because of the job.

I'm a good cop.



Do you know a good place
to get drinks around here?


Yeah, yeah.

You want to make
a detour?

Is that possible?
Yes, please.

I guess it's possible.

Yeah, of course.

Yeah, I know this place
right off the Strip,

it's tucked away.

There's great drink specials
yet it's quiet.

Something like that?


yeah, I kind of meant
like a...

like a liquor store.

Yeah. Yeah...

- I'm sorry.
- No, no. I know.

I know.

I didn't mean for...

- No...
- Sorry.

No, that's not what...
I wasn't thinking that.

I just, you know...

if you wanted to come back
with somebody else... you know,

that's a good spot.

Oh, well...

maybe you could
show me sometime.


Do you mind waiting here
for just a moment?

I'll be right back.

Yeah, sure.

Awesome. Thank you.


What do you think
you're doing, huh?

What, do you think
she likes you?

Get over yourself, Henry.

She doesn't like you.
She's just another whore.

Just another whore.

What are you going to do, huh?
Huh? You going to do it?


Oh, hey, Dee.

Yeah, I'm coming.
I'm on my way.

Wait, what?

What do you mean
the strippers are...?

Dee, make him wait.
You know he's mine.


Yes, I'm on my way.
I'm on my way. I'm coming.

All right, I'm coming.
I'll see you soon. Alright.


Sorry about that.

Big party, huh?

Yeah. Bachelorette party.

Hey, do you want
a drink?

Can't. I'm driving.

I won't tell anyone.

Wouldn't want to crash,
now would we?

Uh... hey.

Isn't Treasure Island
just down the street?

It's just a shortcut.

Look, I appreciate that,

but Treasure Island's
just down the road.

Oh, you're right.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

You should have done it
when you had the chance.

When did I have
the chance?


Nothing. Sorry.


Can you just
get me there?

Yeah, absolutely.

- Thanks.
- Get you right there.

Thank you.

We're there.


Have a good night, huh?

You too.


I just need to get my hands
on her.

I like her too.

What do you think
I'll do with her?

Oh, we'll have a great time.

I'll tell you
what she was like.

Tell you how wet she was.

One West 823, over.

Go ahead, One West 823.

Please stand by while
I notify Homicide and the coroner.

One West 823, standing by.

One North 89 en route.

ETA: 20 minutes.

Has the scene been secured?

The scene's secure.

We have a Jane Doe,
mid-30's, roughly decomposed.

You're late.

I was sleeping.

Passed out.

Whatever. It's not like
I'm on the job anymore.

No, but you still
showed up.


Moved the body already.


We considered
waiting for you,

but you're not part
of the force anymore, so...

That's two this month.


This one was pretty well

by the time
we got to it, so...

Let me guess.

Blunt force trauma?

Most likely a crowbar?

Yeah. But it's not
a serial killer, so... enough.

This is a big-ass desert.

If you find two,
there's 20 out here.

Are you done?
I want to get out of here.

Yeah, I got what I need.

Come on, man,
give me something.

You want something?
Sober up, get on the scanner.

Maybe show up before
we clear the scene.

Get your shit together.


Hey, I'm here.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- How are you?
- Good, how are you?


Well, I've been told that
I have trouble letting go.


Debbie told me that

right before
she kicked me out,

so maybe it's true.

Spent three years investigating
my deceased wife, Helen.

And then I get
remarried to...

this chick.

And she calls it quits
after six months.

So, yeah,
maybe that's true.

She's too young
for me anyway.

She got daddy issues.

What the fuck are you doing?

Are you fucking
stalking me?

- No.
- Oh, my God.

This is a stakeout.

I'm calling the real
fucking police.

Yeah, go ahead.

I'm 50 yards
away from the property.

So you think you can just
sit there and watch me

from 50 yards away?

I don't...
No, I'm not.

Really, you're going
to send Joe Cool over here?


Just move the fucking car.

Yeah? "Move the fucking car."
Go back in the fucking house.


I'm out of here.

Just go back inside.

You don't want to mess
with this right now.

Thank you.

Fucking Ken doll.

It'll be okay.

Guess what?

We just got married.

Our Elvis was the minister.

No, he's...

Wait, oh, wait.

No, our minister
was the Elvis.

Wait a minute... right?

The singers
were celebrities.

Oh, and there is a jukebox
playing our favorite song.

And we did 'shrooms.

It was totally
a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I just won the jackpot
on the slot machines.

I was like,
why the hell not?

I mean, we got
a giant check now.

We can get a house.

You know, we've been talking
about getting married.

So you won a whole
bunch of money

and decided to give
half of it to her.

So we're going to Red Rock?

Yeah, yeah, we hear
it's the best park in town.

You realize
it's midnight, right?


Your funeral.

We're there.


Oh, yeah.

Come on.

It's spooky.

It's so hot out here.


Hey, man. Here.

- Fuck...
- Just wait here a minute.

I got more where that came from,
all right?

All right, yeah, fine.

All right.

Take our picture.

Yeah. Wedding photos!

Okay, here, let me set this up.
Let me set this up.

Babysitting a couple
of tripping assholes.

That's what she said.

You're stroking
my stick, babe.

Okay, okay, yeah, like a little
tepee or something.

- Babe, you got it!
- Yeah, I am the man.

Okay, don't move.
Don't move.

I think...

Done! Damn it. Fucking...

- I had it. Okay, okay, okay.
- Babe, go...


Hey, man,
sorry to bother you,

but could you, like, take some
photos of us or something?

Come on, man.
I'll give you more money.

Yeah, all right.

Yeah, come on.
I'm not being a dick.


All right.

- Okay...
- Shh!

Don't shush me.

Okay, okay, just wait
till we're in frame...

Shh! Stop.

Just wait till...
yeah, like that.

Just push the button.

Not yet! Okay...

Hey, man.

Whoa, wait...

what are you doing?

Kill 'em!

Let's go to
the strip club.

- Strip club!
- Yeah, I want to see some pussy.

They took you out to the middle
of the desert at midnight.

Here, take us
to a strip club.

Come on, they pretty much
just bag and tag themselves.

Just finish them off.

You're like the only guy
we know out here.

He could be our best man.


Dude, this isn't
our hotel.

We're at...

the Arizona Charlie.

I am done with you.

Get out of the car!

Jesus. Get out, get out.

Oh, goddamn it!




Damn. I was expecting
your call earlier.

Yeah, I figured.

Got the papers in front of you
right now, I just know it.

No, actually,
I'm in the can, so...

Just give me the name
of the girl.

I can't tell you that.

You owe me.

I saved you twice.

Just stop talking. Stop.

If I tell you this information,
I could lose my fucking job.

Never stopped you before.

All right, asshole,
listen up.

Not repeatable.

I'm not writing a report.

She's one of your
friend's girls.


He's got girls now?

Who is it?


You got some ID?

Just tell Reggie
that Art's here to see him.

Thank you.

Who the fuck are you?


Oh, you're Reggie's boy?

Yeah. You think you can
go find him for me?

You're a fucking cop?
Not rerouting shit?

- Hello.
- Hi.

Diamond, sweetheart,
it's not this kind of business.

Come on, sweetheart.
Just chill out in the back.

I'll be right back there.
Be right with you.

Art, what the fuck
brings you here?

Looks like the state
paid you pretty good.

Oh, you think your settlement
paid for this?

I'm expanding, man.
I got girls now.

I'm sure they love to see how
you're spending their money.

What? It's an escort service.
It's all aboveboard.

My girls all pay
their taxes, right?

What's the tax
on a blowjob?

Hey, I don't owe you
jack shit, dude,

and you don't have
anything on me.

I told you everything I knew,
and you didn't want to hear it.

So I'm not doing this
around and around with you.

Listen, I know the girl
they found in the desert

was one of yours.

I'm just trying
to track down her killer.

I-I was friends with...

Britney, shut the fuck up!

What are you afraid of?

My girls don't talk
to cops.

I'm trying to keep your girls
from getting killed, asshole.

All right, fine.

Pay the rate,
you get the time.


Twenty bucks
ain't going to cut it.

You think I'm a fucking tourist?

Tell me you never turned
a $20 trick before.

All right,
fuck you, then.

All right, Jesus!

Talk to him for 15 minutes.

But don't give him
a blowjob, okay?

He's a cop.

All right.

Tell me what you know.


last I heard from her
was February 16th.

We kept track
of each other like that.

Amber only had one client
that night.

It was 220 Western Avenue.

She told me
it was a 20-minute job.

She checked in with me
when she got there...

said it was
a family man's home.

Twenty minutes later,
she said she was leaving.

She never came back.

Time's up.

All right.

Listen, why don't you
do me a favor.

If you think of anything,

let me know, okay?

Thank you.

Reggie, good to see you again.

I don't owe you shit.
Remember that.


What are you going
to do about it, pussy?

Get the fuck
out of here.

Hi. Uh...

...can I talk
to your husband?

I'm sorry, he's at work.

- Where does he work?
- Security, at the Palace.

Is he a big guy?

I guess so, yeah.

Damn it.

Is something wrong?

Go back upstairs.

Uh, no, nothing. Um...

You know when
he'll be home?

Probably around 8:00.

Are you sure
everything's okay?

I'll have to ask him that.

- Is he all right?
- He's fine.

What did you say
your name was?

I didn't.

What the hell
is that smell?

It was that guy from Harrah's
I picked up.

He was disgusting,
had dried puke on his face.

Oh, come on.
Come on, it was you.

No, I swear to God,

the second he got in the car
the whole thing reeked.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Look at that one
over there.


Come on, the ho with the purse.

I mean, she's not
all that bad... considering.

Oh, yeah?

You like what you see, huh?

Come on, I'm not going
to pay for it.

Hey, who said anything
about paying for it, huh?


I'm working.

What, you call this working?


What are you,
nervous or something?

I'm not nervous.

I just don't want
to do it.


Whoa, is it that time
of month again?

Hmm? Huh, pussy?

What the fuck, man?

What are you doing
in my driveway?

Why don't you tell me
where you were on February 16th?

Then I'll get out
of your driveway.

George, is everything okay?

Everything's fine.

I'm just going to have a quick
conversation with this man

and have him go
on his way.

You can call the police.
Tell him we have a trespasser.

I am the police.

Vegas PD.

Just go inside
and close the door, honey.

You have a badge?

Nope. All I want to know is
what happened on February 16th.

How the fuck would I know?

Drinking, bowling.
Drifting, maybe.

Yeah? How about a prostitute?

Listen, you fuck,
I know she was here.

- Why'd you kill her?
- Kill her?

I didn't kill her.
I only fucked her.

Get back in the fucking house,

Get back in the house!
What happened?

I put her in a car
I sent her home.

Who called the car, you or her?

- I did.
- Did you see the driver's face?


Did he text you
when he arrived?

I don't know!

Then check
your fucking phone!


I got it, yeah.

What's his fucking number?


I'm sorry, ma'am.
Just... homicide investigation.

I just had to ask him
a couple questions.


I got the wrong guy.

I'm sorry.


No, not anymore.

Not doing it...

No, no...

I am fine.

I am in control.

I am in control.

I am in control.

I am in control.

Detective Hutchins.

Hey, buddy, listen.

It's me again.

I got one last favor
to ask you.

And I told you to call other
people when you need favors.

I got a real lead
on the dead escort.

The night before she was
murdered she was out on a call.

The address
was 220 Western Avenue.

You think the date did it.

No, I don't.

then what's going on, Art?

Talk to me.
What's happening?

Sorry, I shouldn't have...
I shouldn't have bothered you.

Detective Art
Matthews calling for Henry Falcon.

I have some
questions for you

regarding a homicide

- Fuck!
- Give me a call back

at 702-445-0318.

Fuck. He knows.

If he knew, he would have
arrested you already.

You fucking killed her.

I just did what
you wanted me to do.

Yeah, but I don't
do that shit.


He had another wife.

And look, her address.

3126 Rainbow Ave.

No, no, no.
He's already looking for us.

It's either him or us.

Then why don't you want
to kill him, you dumb fuck?


I'm disappointed.
In the past week,

I haven't seen one single
constructive thing you've done.

You're obsessed
with your wife's killer.

You're off the force

because we're trying
to get you off the case.

You asked me for the meeting.

What did you think
I was going to say?

You recorded the videos.

You could have lied to me.


Here I am at the park.

Here I am at the bookstore.

Here I am at the theater.

Henry, this is Detective
Matthews calling again.

I still haven't
heard back from you.

Art, you're delusional.

She's coming.

I said leave me alone.


Hi. May I get a ride?

You're supposed to pay
with your phone.

I know. I know.

My phone is dead.

You should have tipped
last time.

Yeah, I know.

But I'll make it up
to you.


Take me to Flamingo

and we can talk about it
on the way.


We'll work something out.


Thank you.

It has been the worst day.

Sorry to hear that.


Yeah, so, like,
my baby's sick,

and then now
her babysitter's sick,

so she's with my sister
for a little.

And, like, the hospital bills.
Oh, my God, the hospital bills.

They're killing me.

Sir, there's nothing I can do.

Please just give me
one more day.

I'm waiting for a check
to get here.

Sir, we have a strict policy.

You know how long
I've been staying here?

I must have
a free night by now.

I'm checking
your invoice, sir.



I'm hanging up now.

I'll bring a credit card by
later, okay?

And so he's trying
to get my sister to give her to him,

and my sister
is such a bitch.

Yeah, it's pretty tough.

And so my boyfriend
said he'll marry me,

then the state
can't take my baby.

Thank you so much
for the ride.


we had a deal.

I'm sorry,
I can get you the next time.

Yeah, you've said that before.

I really mean it.

No, I think you can
pay me right now.

I told you,
I don't have any money.

My last client
robbed me.

You think I'm going to believe
a fucking whore?

Honestly, I... I don't.


Who do you think I am? You can't
just walk over me like that.


Listen, I have
somewhere to be.

Oh, yeah?

- Yeah, I have a job.
- Oh, you have a job?

I think you need to pay
for this job right here.

I'll make it up to you.

We'll just find
someplace quiet.

I have a room
at the Flamingo.

It's pretty quiet.

You think
I'm just a mark?


Okay, all right,
I'm sorry.

I should have been
honest with you.

Listen, I've been doing this
since I was 13.

Do you have any idea
how it is to sell your body?

You're just an actress who
couldn't cut it in Hollywood.

I got you now.

Where are you going?


I'm just looking
for someplace quiet.

It's fine, it's fine.
Not yet, not yet.

Please just pull
the car over,

and I'll give you
whatever you want.

- You know you want me.
- Stop it. Stop it.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Stop it. It's a lie.
It's a lie.

It's a lie.

- I'll call the police.
- Oh, well, that's convenient.

Your phone works.

I guess you should have
just paid me,

then we wouldn't be here.

Go ahead, call them.

Hey, I'm the whore

that works over
by the Flamingo!

Fight me like that, huh?

Oh, yeah,
give me a little fight.

Give me a little fight!

Hey, remember
what you said?

Do you? You said that
you couldn't afford it.

You did, you did.

How about this, huh?
How about this?

I'm going to look
in that little purse of yours,

and if we find less than...
200 bucks, huh?

How about 200 bucks?

We'll say you're not lying,
you fucking whore.

How about that, huh?



fucking stay there.

Fucking stay still.

Ooh. Huh?

That's a nice little purse
you got here.

What's this?

Money for my baby.

It's for your baby?

That's a lot of money.
Oh, goddamn it!

If I only had
fucking kids,

you fucking goddamn whore.

Why did you do it?

Oh, why?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, God, why'd you kill her?

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

God, you're going
to get us caught.

How does...

how does that happen?

It's the same number.




It's a detective.

What's he want?

What's he know?

You fucking killed her.

I just did
what you wanted...

My neck...


Fuck, you again?

- Is Britney here?
- Who?

It's all right.
Just the crazy cop.

Britney, the girl that I talked
to the last time I was here.

Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.

Well, she didn't show up
for work yesterday.

Or today.

You see, the girls make
their own schedules.

And I got a policy
around here

that if they're not making
me money, then, you know,

not my responsibility.

Yeah, well,
I think she's dead.

You telling me I got two dead
girls on my hands now?

If I was a cop,

I'd pin you for the link
between those two.

That's all I got to say.

Reggie, come on, man.
Talk to me.

Talk to me.

Talk to me!

Get rid of him.

Get the fuck out of here.

- Fuck you, man!
- Fuck you, pig!

- Open the fucking door!
- Fuck you!


I'm going to give you
one more chance.

Meet me tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.
at the Desert Breeze Inn.

I'll be waiting on the bench
at the top of the south circle.

Be there, motherfucker.

It's an unusual meeting point,


You questioned
for murder often?

I watch a lot of movies.

So why'd you come?

I've got nothing
to hide from you.

Well, that's good.

Can you tell me what happened
on February 16th?

No. No, I can't.

I have no fucking clue
what day that was.

Let me refresh your memory.

Picked up a whore
at 220 Western Avenue.

Remember that?

I drive a lot of whores
from point A to point B.

Yeah, well, this particular one
didn't make it to point B.


What'd you do with her?

I can't answer for where you
think she was supposed to be.

All right?

Can say I dropped her off where
she asked to be dropped off.

But a lot of whores get sick
of the life, you know?

Run away.

Oh, is that right?

They found her buried
in the desert.

That's unfortunate
for her.

Yeah, well,
I got a witness who says

you were the last person
seen with her.

That guy says you were
the last one seen with me.

Look, I don't keep

on where I pick up
and drop off fares, all right?

So if that's all you got,
I got better things to do.


So you remember Helen.

You stabbed her to death
in my kitchen.

He knows everything,
you fuck!

He doesn't have anything.
If he knew something,

he wouldn't be meeting us
in a park.

He's meeting you in a park

because he's going
to fucking kill you.

I told you, he doesn't need
evidence, he doesn't need proof.

He just wanted to know
that you killed her

and you fucking gave it
right to him.

Just let me drive.

You're going to kill a cop.

You have to do it carefully.
It's not like killing a whore.

This is not the time
to hide, Henry.

What are you talking about?
Now is the perfect time to hide.

You're going to run away
your whole life.

Come on, stand up.
Be a man about it.

Yeah, I'm going to stand up

and I'm going to get
a bullet for it.

That's why you
got to hit him first.



I need you to run
some plates for me.


Copper can't run
his own plates?

I need it off the books.

Give me a couple hours.


For all I know,

the whole department
is looking for me.

Use your head.

Did you see a badge?

Did you see backup?
Did he have a gun?

He's gone rogue, Henry.


I got the 411
on your plates.

- Mm-hmm?
- I got a name.

Henry Falcon.

I knew that already.

But he put down
a fake address.

What do you mean
it's a fake address?

It's a vacant lot
in Phoenix.

So how am I supposed
to find this guy?

Not my problem.

Fuck you, Mac!

I got it.

Yeah, I got it.

Come on, it's green, asshole.

It's green, asshole.


Don't get in that car!

Who's your date?
The big, bad wolf?

Of course.
I even brought a basket.

You know, to be honest,
I almost missed you.

I thought we were looking
for a blonde.

Oh, yeah, sorry.
That's a really old picture.

Don't feel bad.
It works for you.



You wanted my account
of what happened

on the night that Helen
was murdered.

You knew I was undercover,

and that somebody leaked
my identity.

When I got home,
the door was wide open.

Helen was inside and she had
been stabbed to death.

No prints.

No forced entry.

I'm no longer on active duty,
because I was a suspect.

They think that I could have...

slit my wife's throat?

Stabbed her repeatedly?

I was betrayed.

So as much as red
is your color,

what's going on
with the cape?

It's for a costume party.

You party a lot?

Little more than I used to.

Can I be honest
with you?

Oh, yeah, of course.

I hate this.

It's going to be
people from high school,

and I hate everyone
from high school.

Oh, yeah? Come on,
you got to tell me why.

My friends...
I don't know.

They were always
doing something.

Just felt like
I didn't fit in.

I guess I still
don't fit in.

They're all doing
big stuff, and...

and I don't do anything
by myself.

Yeah, I get it.


No, no.

I get it.

I don't know. I guess I just
feel a little ridiculous.

You know, I mean, I haven't
seen them in a few years,

and here I am
for a costume party.

Well, you're dressed
to the nines.

Hey, go big
or go home, right?

You're not going home.

Hey, wait,
this isn't my stop.


No, this is my stop.

The "check engine" light's on.

Just give me a minute.
I'll get it fixed.

Oh, it's okay.
I can just call another car.

Don't. Put the...

put the phone down.

Look, I'll handle it.

Just give me a minute,
all right?

Look, I really have to go.

I said don't use the phone!

But you didn't do anything.
Get out!

What big eyes you have.

You remember what you told me?

- Please! Please!
- You remember what you told me?

That you can't do anything
on your own.

That you can't do
anything on your own, huh?

Remember that?

You remember that, huh?

Come here.

Oh, hey.

Hey, no, no, come on.

Be quiet,
Little Riding Hood.

No one can hear you
scream out here.

Oh, please!

Help. Help me.


I thought you got rid of her
last night!


I saved her.

You saved her?

You can't do that!

Yes, I can.

And tonight...

Oh, Henry, tonight...

we'll be rid of Art.

What are you going to do?

Don't... don't look at me like...
Don't do that.

Oh, I don't want
to do this anymore.

I don't want to do this anymore.
Just stop.

Just go away.

Please, just go away.

Calm down, Henry.

You're going
to be all right.

We're going to have ourselves...

a good old time.

Now what?



Art, I saw you taking photos.

Debbie, that wasn't me.

- I fucking saw you.
- I... listen, Debbie...

- I'm calling the police.
- Yes, call the police.

Just... listen, lock the door
and don't open it for anybody,

no matter what.




Get the fuck
away from me.

It's okay.
It's just me.

Yeah, you get away from me.

I was worried about you.

I've already called
the police.

They're on their way.

Your door was open,

and I just... I wanted
to check on you.

Those photos
were texted to me.

I just wanted to make sure
you were okay.



The door was open.
Why was your door open?

It wasn't open.


- Henry!
- There's nobody here.

- Just go.
- Show your face!


I know he's here.

Oh, God.

Please, just go.

This is going to be
my last journal entry.

I spent three years
searching for my wife's killer.

And I found him.

He's a driver.

His name is Henry Falcon.

He's killed at least
three other women

since Helen's death.

In case we never
see each other again,

I just wanted you to know...

that I found peace.

Detective Hutchins.

This is Nathan Jones.

What was Art's identity
when he was working undercover?

Henry Falcon.

I'll take it from here.

Get the fuck
away from me.

It's okay.

It's me.

Subtitles by explosiveskull