Dreamland (2019) - full transcript

A teenager's adventures as a bounty hunter takes an unexpected twist.

This is
my half-brother's story.

I tell it because
it's all I can do

with the way
things turned out.

Eugene left me with something more
important than any of the facts.

Now, first thing people
get wrong about his story

is the beginning.

It didn't start
with the Wells lady.

It started with the first
train full of homesteaders.

Amongst the heartbroken fearful
who arrived in Bismark on that day

were John, Olivia
and Eugene Baker.

The Bakers had moved
their lives West

into the Great Plains,
on a promise.

A promise that now looked as
rotten as the dirt they stood on.

They prayed for rain and began to
build a new life up from scratch.

But John wasn't convinced.

He believed there was something
cursed about this land.

Over the next years,
John's drinking worsened...

...and he became paranoid.

His mind filled with visions
of some other life...

where he could live
in God's grace again.

And just like that,
when Eugene was five years old,

- he lost his father.
- You're just leaving?

An absence was created that would
haunt him for the rest of his life.

Eugene only ever got
one postcard from his father.

In it, John claimed
he had found the eye of God

in the most beautiful place
on Earth,

the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

Olivia quickly tried to fill
that absence in Eugene's life,

and a year later
she married George Evans,

a county deputy, farmer
and my father.

But John Baker
and the world he wrote about

were never far
from my brother's mind.

He wondered what his father
had really found out there.

Then, when Eugene was 17,

something else
took his attention.

All of ours, for that matter.

Just like the curse John had spoken
of, the land turned on us.

My fellow Americans,
I have been on a journey to nine states.

Fourteen storms
hit Bismark in the first year.

I saw a group of families
who had lost their wheat crops,

lost their corn crops,

basically withered
without food.

The more we
tried to start over,

the worse they got.

And the banks came
for Bismark.

Crazy preachers would scream
about God and salvation,

while families did the only
thing they still could...

...until they couldn't even
do that anymore.

Eugene hid away
in the abandoned family barn.

He would daydream
about his destiny,

fantasizing about a life
like his heroes...

...the outlaws and
adventurers he read about.

Phoebe, come back here!

I suppose no one
warned Eugene about what can happen

when you dream about
something so much.

That's how Allison Wells
entered this story...

...like a bat out of hell...

headed straight...

for my brother.

Roadblock for me,
would you?

Look at this cold bastard.

I bet he'd be in bed with a different
broad every night if he were real.

I bet he knows exactly the right thing
to say to a girl to make her crazy.

That's all it takes really...

Unless you live in a
dead old town like this.

Amen to that.

Hey, what's going on?

he'll tell you all about it.

- Check it out?
- Mm-hmm.

All right, folks, we got
some things need to be said.

So, y'all quiet down now
so that they can be heard.


During their raid
on a Missouri bank,

the thief and murderer,
Allison Wells,

sent a nine-year-old
little girl to heaven.

Nine years old.

And that was just
one of five human souls

that were taken on that day.

If you see this woman,

do not confront her.

She will not hesitate
to take another life.

Now, all and all,
she's just one little lady

with half the Texas law
enforcement trying to find her.

And find her we shall.

Is this real, this reward?

Ten thousand dollars
if we find her?

You're Deputy Evans' boy,
ain't you?

Yes, sir.
He's my stepfather.

Well, I appreciate
your interest, son,

but we've already got
all the help we need

from the Evans family,
so just run on home.

Search party meeting
at church after the service.

God and coincidence

cannot occupy the same Earth.

We know this,
ladies and gentlemen,

for where there is a sign,
there is the hand of God.

And our community
is under his palm now.

And now we see why...

women like Allison Wells...


What a drag.

Ready to go?


Hey, Joe.

- I want you at home today.
- Why?

With that Wells lady
on the loose,

it's not safe
around these parts.

We're going with
the search party, Ma.

We'll be safe.

We'll look after
each other, all right?

You have my word.

Mmm, home by dark.

- Yes, ma'am.
- And stick together.

Give me that.

- Can I come?
- No, you cannot.

- By dark.
- Yeah.

Can you even imagine
having that much money?

I sure as hell can.
Can't you?

No, not really.

I bet you actually
can't neither.

Fighting words, Evans.

Hell, you best give me your
share so as I don't whup ya.

I will die of laughing
before you whip me, boy.

Think we'll
find her dead?

I don't know. Probably.

You okay?

- Hey? What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Come on, tell me.
What's up?

We're going to California.

They told us this morning.

Said we are giving up
on Texas.

Shit, man.

How long you going for?

Well, forever.

I mean, when you think about
it, why would we come back?


Guess you'll have to find
someone else to bitch to.

Ain't no one I'd rather
bitch to than you, Garza.

- Can you handle that?
- Let go, you jackass!

No. I gotta
get it in before you go.


Come get me!
Come get me!

I'm gonna miss you, buddy.

Come on! Come on!

Let's go!

What you gonna do?

I'm faster than you, boy.

I always have been.

You really think we're going
to find her in all this?

It's worth a try.

I said "before dark."

George wants to talk to you.

You're in trouble.

His request.

You wanted to see me?

A mother's word... is law.

When a mother tells a son
to do something, he does it.


That's how families work.

Good times and bad.

We understand each other?

Yeah... Uh, yes, sir.

What you got there?


Do us both a favor.

Don't act like
you think I'm stupid.

What money from what job
did you pay for that garbage?

See, your mother may
let you off easy, but I can't.

There's no room for boys
in this family anymore.

Think about that.

Wash up.

Lights out.

Don't make a sound.


It's yours if you want it.

What's your name?

- I'm Allison.
- I know who you are.

Well, then it's only fair
that I know who you are.

Uh... Eugene.


That's a smart name.

Ain't that you? Huh?

- They said you was a killer.
- I'm not a killer.


I'm gonna be
real frank with you.

I'm trying
to maintain composure,

but this hole in my leg is hurting
like a motherfucker right now.

So, if you help me,
I'll tell you everything. Listen to me.

Eugene, listen to me.

I'm not a killer.

You still wouldn't
believe my story.

Just like one of these books.

Except I'm the man
in the hat.

Wow. Not bad.

All right.

Oh, Jesus.

Looks worse than it is.

All right.
Got steady hands, kid?

I think you should
see a doctor or something.

No, no, no.
You're my doctor now, okay?

Dr. Eugene.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Okay. Clean your hands
with that.


Everything's gonna
be fine, all right?

Okay. Get the tweezers.
Clean them.


You sure you didn't
kill nobody?


- Okay.
- All right.


Get the, uh... Rinse the alcohol on...
right smack on it.

Just pour it all on.

Holy shit!

Holy shit!


Give me the flashlight.


Can you see the bullet?

Yeah, yeah. I think so.

Okay, take it out.

It's okay.


Uh, think of something nice.

Okay. Okay.



Okay. Bandage it up.

- Okay, I'll hold it on. Yeah.
- Hold it.


You okay?


It feels good.

That was amazing.

Uh, you thirsty?

And he's a mind reader too.

I'll be right back.

As fate would have it,

Allison had lost her
own family and farm

in Missouri one year previous.

Her mother and father had
both succumbed to pneumonia.

Now, I have no intention of
painting Allison Wells as a liar,

as others have,

but I will say

she understood
who her audience was

and told her story accordingly.

How old are you?

Uh, 25.


You got a girlfriend, Mr. 25?

Well... park yourself.

I guess
I should explain things.

I appreciate
your caution, kid, but...

right now, if you wanted,
you could break me in two.

It's true I robbed that bank.

And it wasn't the first.

I never killed anybody.

Well, if you didn't,
then who did?

According to the
story Allison told Eugene that night,

she was the victim
of this whole affair.

After her land was taken and her
family passed, she became an outlaw.

It was her only way
of taking something back.

Which brought her

to the Guthrie Plains
bank robbery.

It had been
her fourth robbery that month,

but it was the first
with any loss of life.

The fact, she insisted,
was solely the police's fault.

Those cops, they got scared.

The second we came out of that
bank, they started firing.

Didn't matter that there was still
people on the street and in the sidewalk.

Her claim was
a stray bullet from the police

ended the life
of that innocent little girl.

It was straight
out of one of Eugene's stories.

- They're hunting me.
- Her...

stealing back the memory from a
world that had taken everything...

...and left her with nothing...

...and no one.

That's why I need you,
'cause I don't have anyone else.

You can stay here
as long as you need a room.

- As long as you want.
- Thank you.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Afraid I'm gonna have to ask you
for more than I know is fair.

How much would it be worth to
you to help me get to Mexico?


How does $20,000 sound?

That's double your bounty.

That's the point.

You got that much on you?

I don't have a nickel.

But I know my way around a
bank, even a Mexican one.

And I can have you that money
before you even know I'm gone.

All you need to do
is get me a car.

Well, that ain't an
easy thing to get around here.

with an empty wallet.

Maybe I'm wrong, but you seem
like a pretty capable fella.

I need a few days
to rest up.

And if you apply yourself to our
problem between now and then,

well, then, I'd say we're
in business, wouldn't you?

I've seen your fields, Eugene.

I know your family's in trouble,
same as mine was.

I mean, if there's a simpler
way to fix things for you,

I don't have the faintest
what that would be.

I could turn you in.

Sure. You could.

But, Eugene, and I say this with
all seriousness and sincerity.

If that's the choice you make,
and it is your choice to make,

have no illusions
of the consequences.

I won't be another victim
of their lies.

I'd rather die by my own hand.

Or yours.

This is
a land of burden, kid.

Right now,
you get to pick yours.

Makes you
one of the lucky ones.

- Why are you naked?
- Shh!

Okay, but...
what the hell?

Don't worry about it, okay?
And don't swear.

I ain't worried.
I'm curious.

Don't be.

All right, just go back
to sleep. Come on.

You're heading
into town today.

Look for some work.

Take your sister with you.

Yes, sir, okay.

And gear up.

They're saying
it's a windy one.


- Hi.
- I thought you might want to change.

It's perfect.

I hope it fits okay.
It's my mother's.

She don't wear it much, so
she shouldn't notice it's gone.

She'll notice.

Maybe she'll come in here
looking for it.

What, in here? No, no.

They ain't got much use for
this since the drought started.

Okay. Thank you.

Oh, excuse me.

- What are you looking at?
- Uh, nothing.

You're supposed to
take me to town.

- Yeah, well, I'm busy.
- You ain't.

- I am.
- What were you looking at?

Nothing. I was just seeing how
it looked in there, that's all.

I ain't dumb.
What's in there?

Ain't nothing
in there. Christ!

Okay, I'll tell you
if you promise me

you ain't gonna go in there
and look for yourself.

I don't want Mama or George going
in there until I clean it up.

Clean up what?

You promise?

Yeah, tell me.

Two dead dogs. Lying there with their
blood and their guts all in the dirt.

Flies all around.

Dogs? Whose dogs?


The blue yonder's.

What killed 'em?

Coyotes or something.
How should I know?

That's sad.

That's life.

Wait, where you going now?

Going to meet Joe Garza.

- What about? Can I come?
- Nothing and no.

Hey, Eugene

Why the hell you drag me
out here, Evans?

I got some private words
for you, Garza.

You know, I thought we was
gonna look for that woman today.

So I got up
butt-crack of dawn.

And then
you don't even show.

Now this.

How long have I known you?

- Years and years, by my count.
- You stand by me.

And in those years,
I've gone and trusted you.

Okay? And that's why what I'm
about to ask might seem unfair,

but it could save
both our necks.

Spit it out.

I need your family's truck...

for good.

I'll send you the money
as soon as I get to Mexico.

You getting stupid
on me, Eugene?

We are leaving in it
next week.

What the hell's going on?

I can't tell you everything right
now, but I've met somebody.

And they're gonna pay me
20,000 to get them to Mexico.

Do you believe it?

No, Evans, I don't.

And even if I did, shit,
I'd tell you to eat a toad.

If you're saying
what I think you're saying,

then me just saying it
could wind me dead.

No, no, no.
No one's gonna wind up dead.

They're chasing me out
of town enough as it is.


A murdering
white lady too?

Two dead dogs.


What's wrong?

Any luck with
the automobile?

No, not yet.
I'm still trying.

Are you gonna tell me
what's eating you?

I need to get
out of here, Eugene!

Yeah, I know that.

- Did something happen?
- No.

Something could.

It's not safe, me being here.

It's not safe for anyone.

Yeah, I know.


- I'm going crazy in here.
- I'm cooped up.

I'm hurt. I'm dirty.

- Yeah.
- I'm sorry, I didn't...

I didn't mean
to yell at you.


I may have just thought of
something that will cheer you up.

What's that?

You can wash here.

This is a clean
swimming lake.

Property's abandoned,
so, we're safe.

We can clean your leg and then
dress it after. How about that?

All right then.

We're leaving
in five minutes.

Hey, that's for later.

I couldn't resist.

Sit down.

Where is Eugene?

I'm missing my blue dress.
Have you seen it anywhere?

Um, no, Mama.


Anyone hear me?
I said, "Where is the boy"?

Him and Joe was out
looking for work.

He said you told him to.
Said he's going to meet us there.

Where are your shoes?

Do I have to wear them?

Yes. Come on.




What are you staring at?

Oh, nothing. I was, uh...

I was just thinking
about my father.

He took me swimming here once
when I was real little.

I'd forgotten about it
until just now.

He ain't around anymore.

You must miss him
pretty bad, huh?

Yeah, I suppose so.

When I wonder what I miss about
him, I can't think of nothin'.

You know,
I just can't remember.

It's funny.

Do you ever get that?

You know what the worst
part of dying is, kid?

I didn't say he was dead.


when you quit it with all this "kid"
crap, you can tell me.

You don't like it
when I call you kid?


I'm sorry. I didn't
mean it like that.

I didn't mean it
like you're a kid.

I meant it like...
Billy the Kid.

You know him?

The outlaw. The myth.

Yeah, I know him, but I...

I don't like it either way.

And why is that?

Well, 'cause what's
the big hoopla about some dummy

that got himself killed
before the age of 30, huh?

This ain't about
when he died.

It's about
how long he'll live.

You see,
the worst part of dying...

is being forgotten.

That's why I like Billy.

'Cause even though
he died before 30,

every couple of years someone
claims to have seen him.

You know, at the groceries
or riding a freight train.

He's like a ghost
out of time.

You see, you can't really die if
people still want you to live.

Not in any meaningful way,
at least.

- Hey! You!
- I thought you said this place was safe.

- Damn it!
- He was supposed to be off this land by now.

This is still my land
until the first of next month!


Go, go, go. Go!

I don't think he saw.
We got to...


Have you seen my brother?

Can I pinch a smoke,
please, sir?

- You got a light?
- Yeah.

Thank you, sir.

I'm telling you, they should
be sending out search parties still.

Damn sure she's still here
with a wound like that.

I hope so.

A little excitement
never hurt no one.

A little excitement
never hurt no one, huh?

You seen the evidence,

Nah, I'm just saying.

Well, I have.

All of it.

And let me
tell you something.

She don't tend
to leave no witnesses.

All kinds of horrors
in that evidence locker.

You hear Hartwell
talking in there?

He said he saw her
just a couple hours ago.

Swimming in that lake of his.

Everybody keeps
claiming they've seen her.

That's why we gotta get
all the farmers together,

and we got to search.

Splitting the bounty
won't save everyone,

but it will
some of us, Ernie.

I told Ethel I'd
dance with her to this one.

There's my girl.

You gonna
dance with your pa?

Shall we, little lady?


You might be the worst damn
thief I think I've ever seen.

Shit, Garza, you almost
gave me a coronary.

Run a block, would you?

Hell you think I'm doing?

Your daddy would've beat your ass in
public already if it weren't for me.

He ain't my daddy.


You are up to some fishy
shit, Eugene Evans.

Yeah, you have no idea.

Ride your bike here?

Sit down. Come on.


- Yeah!
- Uh-huh!


Punch it!


You ain't supposed
to be in here.

I'm sorry, sir.

I was just getting this
for my... for my old man.

- He wanted to take a look at it at home.
- Who's your old man?

Uh, Deputy Evans.

- I have his keys.
- You're Eugene Evans?

Uh, yeah, sir. Yeah.

Well, George knows better,

but, uh, I understand
he's got a bug up his ass

about this whole situation
we got here.

Yeah, yeah. Sure has, yeah.

All right, well,
take him what he needs.

- Yes, I will, sir. Thank you.
- All right.

Tell your ma I say hi.

Yes, sir.

You found her, ain't ya?

The Wells lady.

I ain't going to tell nobody,
if that's what you're worried about.

- You ain't?
- Not if you tell me why

you've been such a creeping,
little toad lately.

It's complicated. Complex.

I'm scared.

I know.

It scares me too.

Everything's gonna be
all right.

I promise.

Show me that smile.

- Come on. You want a ride back?
- Yeah.


Three, two, one.

I saw a change
in my brother that night.

There was a resolve in his eyes
I'd never seen before.

Like something invisible that had
tied him to our world came undone

and set off
a series of events

that would change the shape
of our family forever.

Maybe if I'd known
his father,

I would have
recognized that look.

Sheriff wants to see you
in his office.

I'm looking
for him too, Janice.

- George.
- What's up?

Sir, she is still here.

I found that on the edge
of the Hartwell property

after he claimed
that he had seen her.

And no one's safe
until we find her.

Now, the way I see it,
is if we raise the bounty,

we could get every farmer
and every farmhand

in the county on her ass.

What the fuck do you think
I brought you in here for?

- Huh?
- You send your boy in here at night to steal evidence

and expect me
not to fire your ass?

Where you been, kid?

I know about Perry Montroy.

You lied about him.

You could be lying
about everything.

I didn't... I didn't tell you about
him because it's hard to talk about.

Was you in love with him?

Are you jealous?


I've never seen
anything like it.

You're right.

It ain't safe for you here.

Or for any of us,
for that matter.

You said 20,000, right?

Find me a car,
and I'm history.

Same as your family debt.

Oh, shit.
George is back early.

Sheriff cut me loose.

You know why?

The evidence you took,
where is it?

- It's gone.
- Gone where?

I forget.

Okay, all that stuff was
lies and made-up nonsense!

Where in God's creation you get the
idea of calling that woman innocent?

- Well, I know things.
- Oh, you "know things"!

The apple don't fall far
from the tree, now, does it?

Full of foolish thoughts,
like your old man.

Well, I may have raised you,

but you sure as shit
ain't my son.

Well, thank God for that.

Son of a...

Where is it, huh? Huh?

You're gonna break your mama's heart
when you end up dead like John Baker.

But he ain't dead.
He's in Mexico.

I'm gonna find him
one day.



And this door,
from here on out, stays open.


Come on. Shit.


Come on.

Don't stop now.

Oh, God. It's fine.
It's fine.

I'm seeing stars, Allison.

No. No!

No, no, you can make it.

Come on. We can make it.
Come on.

Keep running.

No. No.

I'll see you in Mexico.


Hey, Papa.

Glad you're home.

What's wrong now?

No, you ought
to stay inside.

If he's hiding
it, it's in that barn.


That boy needs his mother.

Maybe he'll tell you
what the hell is going on.

George, he's sorry
what happened.

But he told me
what you did.

Just trying to help.

Help who?

George was dismissed.

Eugene, look at me.

We're less than a month away
from being homeless.

George said
John Baker was dead.

And he was right.

Do you remember that postcard
he wrote you when you were six?

Of course, I do.

Yeah, well, he sent more.

But I burned every one of them
after the first.

Every month, he'd write,
and every month,

each card was worse
than the last.

They'd be full of talk
about God and people

and strange things he'd seen,
but it was all jumbled up.

He was drinking himself to death,
and his mind was falling apart.

I couldn't let a little boy
read what he wrote.

I only lied
because I love you.

- You're lying to me now, Mama.
- No, Eugene, I'm not.

After five years,
the cards stopped.

And I believe that was
'cause he died.

No. No, you can't be sure
of that. You can't.


Eugene, I...

I'm sorry.

Oh, God.

He shut that door?

I did.

He say anything meaningful
about what he done?


I need your help with this, George.
He ain't going nowhere.

That day came
to be known as "Black Sunday."

It was the worst storm
Childress County had ever seen.

And for Eugene,

just the sign he needed.

Phoebe... I'm leaving.

Okay, I'm going.
I'm here to say goodbye.

Take me with you.

You don't even know
where we're going.

That don't matter.

Phoebe, we're going
to Mexico.

Mexico. I'll learn
Spanish, okay?

No. You gotta stay here.

I'm gonna send money.
I'm gonna send lots of it.

- Where you getting money?
- Well, that don't matter, does it?

This is a good thing.

Why you doing this?

I guess I'm in love.

You don't know
anything about love.

You don't neither.

I know that if you loved us,
you'd stay.

- If you loved me.
- Phoebe, I do love you.

Well, then stay.

I'll see you soon.

I promise.

Just go.
Quit drawing it out.

I held my
breath that whole night...

and I imagined I was him...

laying in the same bed
after his father left.

Once the storm passed,
George checked the barn.

But to his disappointment,
he found nothing.

Food's ready.

Can you wake the boy?


Oh, shit!


He went away
with that lady.

What lady?
What are you talking about?

Allison Wells,
the fugitive.

Why are you saying that?

Because I'm
telling the truth.

The damn truck's gone.

Papa! Papa, Phoebe here's been saying
strange things about her brother.

I want you to tell her
they isn't true.

What things
she been saying?

She says Eugene's been helping
Allison Wells, the fugitive?

But that just isn't possible.

It's just
a little girl's fantasy.

- Isn't it?
- No, it ain't.

Phoebe, you best tell us
where he's gone.

You don't want your brother
to get hurt, now, do you?

I'm gonna miss you,
but I hate goodbyes.

You should pull over soon.
We don't draw this one out.

No, no, no. There ain't
gonna be any goodbyes.

You don't gotta
fret about it.

Oh, no. Kid, no.

I'm going to Mexico alone.

Afraid not.

Afraid so.

What about your family?
You just gonna leave 'em?

You know what, Allison?

I've got family
in Mexico too.

Your father.


John Baker.

High damn time
I track him down.

I don't think you understand
what it entails to find somebody,

let alone in Mexico.

What does it matter to you if
I come to Mexico or not, huh?

- It matters 'cause you're in love with me, and you expect...
- No. No. No, I ain't.

You know what, Allison?

Last night I said to myself,
there is no way in hell

that you're going to Mexico
by yourself.

There ain't.

So, whether you love me back
or not is besides the point.

I don't love you back.

Well... it's a long drive.

God, what did I do wrong?

How did they
come across one another?

I don't know, but if word gets out
that that woman was hiding here,

and I'm not the one
to bring her in...

Makes me sick
to even think about.

You think I care right now
about any of that?

What's gonna happen
to my son, George?

I'm calling Tade,
and I'm calling Lomax.

We're gonna find him
before anyone else does.

Tade? George Evans.

Have you still got
that buck shooter?

- Don't shoot my son, George!
- Hey!

Ain't no one getting shot
until he's free and clear.

All right, Tade,
bring the vehicle.

Mine's on the fritz.

We stand to get
a third of the bounty.

- Then we can stay.
- Just bring my son back to me,

or you don't bother
coming back.

Goddamn it.

Turn back, you bastard.

What do we do, Allison?

Do you have the gun?

- No, we ain't using...
- Please, tell me you have the gun.

We ain't using it though,
right, Allison?

Not if we don't have to,
but we do have to pull over.


I want to report
a car stolen.


License plate number 3285M8.

What's the problem, sir?

Well, the problem is you ran
a clearly placed stop sign.

You leave your good sense
at home, son?

Oh, uh, no, sir.

I'm sorry. I didn't see the stop sign
till it was too late, that's all.

Where you headed and why?

I'm going to Lubbock.

Gonna pick up a part
for my old man.

His tiller's broke, so...

Who's your old man?

John Baker of Bismark.

I don't know him.

You know, there's
a fugitive about.

A lady. All armed
and ready to kill.

Yeah, I heard about that.

Yeah, she ain't
the kind of folk

that I associate with,
so I ain't seen her.

If I do, I'll be sure
to let the authorities know.

What's your name, son? I'm gonna write
you a citation, then you're free to go.

Uh, Eugene Baker.

Slow down.

I will. Thank you, sir.

You fucking did it!

That's right.

Well, you may not be
the worst person

to go on a trip with
after all.

- Mama?
- Huh?

Eugene has to have someone
looking out for him.

More than just Papa.


What the hell
you saying?

No, you're not setting foot outside
this house till this is over.

Not another word on that.
Just go to your room.

Close the door.

Morning, Mrs. Evans.

Eugene's going
to be A-okay.



Is that so?

Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's just my boy.

Sorry for the mix-up.
I'll handle it myself.

I appreciate that.

They're near Matador,
heading south.

Someone must've reported
my truck stolen.

Let's go, boys.

Phoebe? Come here.


Phoe... Phoebe.

No, no, no, no. No!

Come back!

You ain't gonna believe the green when
we get out of these forsaken parts.

There's rivers of it,
just rolling and rolling.

I'm telling you, there's,
like, bright green orchards...

bright blue waters.

I've seen a tree before,
you know?

Yeah, well, have you
seen the ocean?

No. No, I haven't.

I used to dream a lot
about it when I was a kid.

Not sure exactly what it's supposed
to look or feel like, though.

Have you seen it?

No, but I used to
dream about it too.

I plan on running into its big,
burly arms when we get to Mexico.

Yeah, that sounds nice.



Hi, Papa.

No. No, you should
stay here.

No, thank you.
I need to stretch my leg.

Allison, the clerk
might recognize you.

And once we're gone,
he'll tell everyone how pretty I was.

Here, take this with you.

Let's just see what
we're working with here.

- Evening.
- Evening yourself, handsome.

How are you doing
on this lonesome night?

Can't complain.

Sign says
you have vacancies.

That's right.
One room or two?


You're Room 17.

You're too kind.

Thank you, sir.

That was the last
of our money.


We'll get more.

I'm gonna shower.

Hey, kid.

Why don't you come in here?

Ah, God, feels like heaven.

You want to shower?

You afraid?


Are you embarrassed?

Why do you want me
in there with you?

What do you mean "why"?

That's a funny question.

Seems reasonable
enough to me.

Jesus, you want me
to drag you in?

Thinking too hard
about this, kid.

There it is again.

I'm "kid," but that dingbat
behind the desk, he's "handsome"?

You need me
to call you handsome?

No, I... I just...

Did I ask the dingbat behind the
desk to get in the shower with me?

Well, maybe if he
was here, you would.

Wow. Fuck you.

All I'm saying...

All I'm saying is,

I don't know if you
actually want me here or...

are you just saying that because
you're trying to get me to stick around

'cause you're afraid
I'll turn you in.

You wouldn't be here
if I didn't want you here.

You know that
as well as I do.

I apologize.

Thank you.

But I need to make something

This was your choice.

I didn't ask you to come.

Okay? You insisted.

And you talk a great game.

And hell, I'm accustomed
to your company.

But if you have any doubts about being
here right now, you need to go home.

Go home. Be a kid again.

Okay? 'Cause every second
you spend here,

that option gets slimmer
and slimmer.

You understand that,

This ain't a world
for kids.

It's ugly.


I ain't going nowhere.

I want to reach
the ocean with you.

Your skin's so soft.


I'm sorry.

I think I need
some sleep.

Have you ever
done this before?

- No.
- Lay down.

You okay?


You sure?

I just wanna...

I want to be good.

Okay, I'll show you.

I don't really know what's
gonna happen now, but...

can you, um...

Can you just
close your eyes?

- Why?
- Just... close 'em.

I think you should have it.

You don't like it?

Won't it remind you of him?

You seeing me wearing it?

Wherever Perry is,
the last thing he needs is a watch.

Besides, I want it to
remind me of someone else.

I believe that Allison Wells

did come to love
my brother back.

And that she was truthful,
for the most part.

Maybe it's on account
of how badly I miss Eugene...

but I've always imagined

that, for a moment,

the world appeared
before him

the way he always
dreamed it would.

In that moment, Eugene and Allison
were bound together by the dream.

One they believed
they were in control of.

I never been too concerned with
whose idea the next part was.

It never really
mattered much to me.

There are certain conditions
to the life Eugene dreamed of

that I'm sure Allison wished she
could have kept secret from him.

Prices she hoped to have paid
for the both of them.

There's no going back. Okay?
We're in and we're out.

Two minutes is all it takes.
Keep an eye on that watch.

Kiss me.

Count to five.

Pardon me.
I'm going to need that.

This is a holdup!

Everybody kiss the ground!

Shut up! Shut up!
Get on the goddamn floor!

I don't need you back there,
ma'am. Get out.

- Everybody, calm down!
- You can stay.

this is a family bank.

- I'm not falling for that, lady.
- We ain't insured.

Everybody, calm down! Everybody!
Tell 'em! Tell 'em now!

Do it.
Do as you're told.

What now, Allison?

You know what to do, ma'am.

Faster you go,
the faster we leave.

- Please, hear me. We are not...
- Oh, I hear you.

Now, hear me.

I want you to open
that little safe back there.

Me and my partner
can get out of your hair.

Come on!

How's it going
over there, Allison?

Tell him how good
it's going, lady.

Good! Good!
It's going good!

That's right.
Real good, kid.

It's going well.
It's going okay.

Everybody, just do
as you're told. Stay down.

It's going to be over
before you know it, okay?

Thank you.
That will be all, folks.


Eugene, come on.


Just breathe.
Come on, Eugene. We can't stop.

- We can't... not till we get to Mexico.
- You gotta pull over.

Pull over!

Eugene, please.


Eugene, please,
we really gotta keep going.

Kid, we gotta move.

Kid, please, get in the car.

One dead.
Citizens Pride Bank in Stanley.

Two fugitives, including Allison
Wells, are heading south on 281.

South, black truck on 281.
License plate number 3285M8.

- I repeat...
- That's them.


I can imagine how
you're feeling right now,

and I know that feeling
ain't about to go away,

but you need to have
that feeling in the car,

or we're gonna get
our asses killed.

He should have
just stayed lying there.

Yeah, he should've,

but he got arrogant,
and he got stupid.

I wasn't even thinking.
I just... I just did it.

Because you had to.

Eugene, it would have
been me otherwise.

And if someone
had to die today,

I'm sure glad
that choice was yours.

A man is dead because of me.

I know.
I know how you feel.

I know how you feel,
but we need to move.

You need to get
in the car, Eugene.

Allison, I don't think
you understand.

I don't think I can do this.

- I do understand...
- You don't!

I understand! Maybe
"I understand" doesn't mean

I'm just gonna sit down
and wait to die myself.

How would you understand?

Eugene, please.

Please, get in
the goddamn car.

Who did you kill, Allison?

You're everything
they said you was, ain't ya?

- I don't know if it was me who killed her.
- How could you not know?

Because it was happening
all at the same time.

If you weren't there,

would that girl
still be alive today?

You made me into something
that I ain't.

I didn't make you into anything
you didn't already want to be.




Ain't that your truck?


Stay here with her.

Eugene, we can still
get to Mexico.

Don't you want
to find your father?

He's gone, Allison!
He's dead.

I ain't gonna find nobody!

This is goodbye.

Don't shoot me.

get in the car!


If you want the bounty,
you can take me in and get it.

Or we can stick to the plan.

I said, get in the car.

But Eugene's out there.

I won't let nothing happen
to him. I promise.

It's all right.
It's all right.

Stay here.

Either way,
I'm leaving it up to you.

I'll tell them
I made you do everything.

You can go on with your life.

You got to pick
your burden, kid.


I never wanted to lie to you.

I told you all the truths
I knew how to.

And I am
who you thought I was.

It's a little more
complicated is all.

I'm scared, Allison.

Yeah, me too.

I'd rather be scared
with you than alone.


We can baptize ourselves
in the ocean.

Let's go.


Get out of the way!

We can make it.

Run, Eugene!


No! Allison!

Oh! Oh!


Oh, my God. No.

It's over, son.
Put your guns down.

Put 'em down!

It's all right, son.

Put your guns down!

Put it down!

I said put the gun down!

On the ground!

Run, Eugene!

That was the
last time any of us saw Eugene.

We don't know where he went
or if he got there...

but I never tried
to find him.

That was never my destiny.

Different fathers,
I suppose.

But I do what I can to keep the
legend of Eugene Baker alive.

And with the tools
left for me,

that true and honest absence
that John left him

and he gave to me,

I tell his story.

The last time I saw my
brother was 20 years ago

on April 16th, 1935...

The first day it rained
in almost a year.

Maybe a sign that Eugene
found what he was looking for.