Dreamcatcher (2021) - full transcript

The film centers on two estranged sisters who, along with their friends, become entrenched in a 48 hour whirlwind of violence after a traumatic experience at an underground music festival.

[Kya] How many times are
you going to keep calling me?

Unless you're calling to confirm

three rooms and a driver,

he's not showing up

to your heathenistic
poor man's Coachella.

No, no, no.
No, don't take it personal.

I'm his publicist, sweetie.
That's my job.

He's on the verge of becoming
a goddamn star.

- Who?
- [loud crash]

[gasps softly]

Listen, I don't care if Aoki,
Harris, and Garrix

are circle jerking
to the best next dance song

since the Macarena.

If you want my client,
put up or piss the fuck off.

Always want the most
for the least.

I mean, same.

But that's what
I get paid for.


- [loud crash]
- [cell phone rings]

I swear to God.

Hi, Colton.

I thought you were someone else.
I'm sorry.


Yes, I did everything
you asked me to do.

No, I don't know.

This place is
a fucking trashcan.

Just tell me where the cash is,

so I can dip the fuck
out of here.

Fantastic. Thanks.





Oh, fuck.

Oh, Kya, you deceitful
little minx.


Bitches got to eat.

[loud crash]

[distant indistinct chatter]

Hey, you can't
be back here.

This is for
professionals only.

Fans think they can do
whatever they want,

whenever they want.

You self-deserving
little shits.

I'm fucking out of here.


[metallic clang]

[yelps and cries]




[head clangs]

Fuck. Oh, fuck.




- [Pierce] Yes.
- [Jake chuckling]

[Jake] Even if she makes it out,
she's fucked.

Come on, she's literally
10 minutes away

from an infection.

Jake, it's horror.

Seventy years of genre tropes
tell us

that gore porn
is not about logic,

it's about the squirm factor.

Okay, remember when we were 8
and I fell off my bike?

Remember, you wouldn't help me
up because the skin was...

- [Chuckling] Oh! Yeah.
- ...hanging off my knee.

Yeah, yeah.
You left me at the playground.

The playground
where that homeless bag lady

used to quote old episodes
of "Murder She Wrote."


Look, now you watch this shit
like it's SpongeBob.

Well, it practically is.
It's not real.

It's real enough.

Oh, my God,
you are an actual limp dick.

Is there anything else you're
still holding a grudge about?

Eat me.


I'm being serious.

So we're about to be 22
next month.

If you've got any repressed
prepubescent confessions,

I need to know.

It's best-friend privilege.

- You're ridiculous and awful.
- Isn't that why you adore me?

- [microwave beeps]
- Here, you want some Skittles?

I had all the green ones,
but you hate them anyway,

so you're welcome.

I give you once more
your freedom.

I give you life.


[Pierce laughing]

Not now. We're done.

I don't want to watch this

No, dude, you promised me,

a Halloween movie Fridays
for entire month of October.

[cell phone chimes]

Your phone's getting more action

than my sister after she went
on birth control.

I really don't want
to talk to him.

He's like three cups
of boyfriend material too many.

Uh, how so?

How so?

He's like overly communicative,
and emotionally available,

and always wants
to be with me.

Just not what a real
relationship should be.

Sounds a bit like me
and our friendship.

Is that not real either?

Oh, yeah, but we're not
sleeping together.

Well, I hate to break it to you,

but sleeping with someone

doesn't make a relationship real

Can I just be 21?

Can I just be completely

of emotional commitment
to internalized self-loathing?

- A lot of big words.
- A lot of big words.

You know,
I don't know what I want.

Maybe I'm just having, like,
an emotional midlife crisis.

It's that sociopathic
floodgate breaking.

- [chuckling]
- Yeah.

You're becoming
who you really you are.

You are going to be last to die
on my shit list.

How's that for real

- Ooh!
- Hmm?


[knock on door]

Can you get it?

[knocking on door]

Nice, Jake.

[both scream]

- [Brecken chuckling]
- Oh, I'm sorry.

That was a little harsh.

Probably should've given you
a heads up, huh?


Ivy, is that you?

You're actually
such a puss.

[both chuckling]

- [Pierce] Hi.
- Oh, my God.

- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

You must be Brecken.

That's me.
Nice to meet you.

Thought you guys
weren't supposed

to be here till tomorrow.

- Surprise!
- Surprise.

- [both chuckle]
- Oh, wait.

Oh, no.

Did I ruin the consummation

of years and years
of friendship?


Just watching
some horror movies.

Oh, God, you guys
are so boring.

I blame you, Jake.

- Oh.
- I'm kidding.

- Nice to see you, too, Ivy.
- Oh, come on.

How was the flight?

You know, ouch.

[imitates gunshot]

I feel like I haven't seen you
in decades.

It's been three years, huh?

Yeah, it has.


Oh, I missed you so much.

I missed you, too.

- So you want to...?
- Yeah. Yeah, let's do it.


So uh, what's the deal there?


Friends is the deal.


Cool. Same. Yes.

Me and Pierce, I mean.

- Yeah? Oh.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God!

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- No.

- [Jake] What? What? What is it?
- [gasps]

Ivy, I can't believe
you did this!

Did what? Not helping.

We are going out tonight.



To the sordid realm of...

Take a deep breath, because shit
is about to get crazy.

- Cataclysm!
- Cataclysm!

Dude, how did you do this?

Tickets sold out
like the same day.

Well, I know your birthday
isn't for another few weeks,

but I figured, since I'm going
to be here anyway,

we could celebrate early.

That is awesome!

Wow, okay.
Judging by the name,

I'm going to guess
it's something anti-Jake?

No, no, you're going.

It is a 10-hour party
with six different EDM artists,

and I hear that lewd acts
and cocaine are encouraged.

- [laughs]
- Yeah, no.

It sounds like a breeding ground
for an STI.

I'm going to sit this one out.

You... You got plenty of friends,

I didn't want
to have to do this,

but remember high school
freshman year?

Beaver first, questions later,

- You got chlamydia.
- Wait, why are you doing this?

I covered for your ass
and told the nurse

I need a Z-Pack
for a lady-part staph infection.


You never paid me back for that.

I don't feel like
being sandwiched

between wasted white girls

wearing ill-fitted neon leggings
and flower crowns.

Oh, come on,
you would be so lucky.

I get enough of that
on Instagram, okay?

A bunch of millennial sheep
heading to the slaughter.

Honey, I am an
excellent shepherd.

Just not a good sister.

I'm kidding.

Also, these tickets were
really fucking expensive

and I have crippling
med school debts,

so maybe you could put a pin
in your anxiety

for just one night.

I will let you off the hook
for Halloween movie Fridays.


I'm going to regret this.

[all laugh]

- [knock on door]
- [Raye] Hunter, hello?

♪ Baby, let's go
We can live like the radio ♪


♪ All of these stars
They can fill up stadiums ♪

♪ Baby, I know
We can live like the radio ♪

♪ And all of these stars
They can fill up stadiums ♪


God, you're so strong.

Have you been working out?

- Shut up.
- [chuckles]

[cell phone chimes]

Are you kidding me?




[dance music blaring]

[sighs] This place is like
an adult Disneyland.

- [Jake] Whoa.
- [Ivy laughs]

That's what I was afraid of.

Okay, let's get drinks.

Shots on me.

- I'm okay, actually.
- [Pierce] Okay, lies.

You've been drinking
since you were 14.

She always could outdrink
her exes.

I bet.

Well, I am turning over
a new leaf.

Med school has been
very illuminating.

Okay, well, can you maybe
turn this leaf over after...

Are you pregnant?


No! No, I am not.

Seriously, Pierce,
come on.

- Oh, my God.
- [chuckling]

Okay, Brecken? No?

- Sorry.
- Jake?

Dude, drinking alone
makes me an alcoholic.

No, drinking excessively
makes you an alcoholic.

- Go.
- [Pierce] Are you kidding me?

- Off you go, come on.
- Yeah, come on, kids.

Yes, get out of here.

We'll wait for you.

You guys are freakishly similar.

[knock on door]

Your set starts at 12:45.

You need anything?

Water, vodka, MacBook charger?

How much are you getting paid?

Excuse me?

I'm just curious
why you felt entitled

to mock someone
who could get you fired.

It was a joke, actually.



I'm fucking with you.

Come on, lighten up.

Hey, if you happen to see
my agent or my publicist,

can you send them this way?

They were meant to be here
hours ago.

Of course.

Hey, so do those...?

Do those actually work
to capture dreams?

They're apotropaic.

Protective magic.

Wards against evil,

The webbing's based
on spiderwebs

stemming from Asibikaashi,

the spider grandmother.

My great-grandfather
was Ojibwe.

Wow, you are next level.


Thought it was kind of like
a gimmick.

Yeah, most people do.

The beautiful thing
,about heritage is

I'm not obligated
to explain it.

You a fan of EDM?

Yeah, yeah.


It's actually the reason
why that I took the gig.

My favorite was your show
in Sedona last year.

The show where those two teams
off themselves.

Yeah, the pagan blood ritual
or something, right?

Dude, it was kooky shit, man.

But you know,
I kind of loved it.

Never mind.

So, dude, how'd you get
your big break?

[sighs and clears throat]

Are you familiar
with Faust?

- No.
- Hm.

He sold his soul to the devil
in exchange for success,

knowledge, worldly pleasure.

At 20, I did
the same thing.

Yeah, why do you think
I carry around protection?

You know, my passion.

My... My drive.

It comes from knowing
I'm two steps from hell.

Oh, my God, yes.

[dance music playing]

Disneyland, yeah.

This is like a high school dance
on speed.

Yeah, well,
you never really went

to a high school dance, so...

You spent prom night
gorging on Arby's

and watching
"The Little Mermaid."

And I will not
apologize for that.

- Thank you.
- [laughing] You should.

Just... You know what?
I have an idea. Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.

Just once.

Okay, there you go.


- Just feel the bass.
- [dance music throbbing]

Yeah, you feel it
a little bit?

Okay, good.

It's more than just the music,

It's like a spiritual

Okay, there you go.

Okay, limp dick.

There you go.

No fucking way.

I know you.

Aren't you supposed
to be DJ Dream Catcher?

Are you worried about getting
mobbed out here?

I'm just another face
in a room full of strangers.

Why do you think I always
wear a mask?



- I like your outfit.
- Thank you.

My sister let me
borrow it.

Oh, is she here?

Oh, is that your move?

That's what you do?

Scope out the crowd early,
and charm a girl or two

for a little
drunken fun later?


Are you always
this judgmental?


I mean, uh, no.

I'm guarded.


I'm Pierce.

- I'm...
- I know.


[dance music blaring]

- Have you seen Pierce?
- Seriously?

- [Pierce laughs]
- Oh!

Where did you go?

Wow, Jesus,
you're lucky this was free.

I met a boy in line.

He seduced me
into a dark corner

and ravished me to the sound
of hard, pulsing drumbeats.



I'm joking.

Well, kind of.
I did meet a boy in line.

Not just any boy.

One of the headlining DJs.

Okay, what did he say?

Just, you know, the usual
groupie filter questions.

His number.

- Stop.
- [laughs] Yes.

He's really sweet,
and he's humble,

and he invited me back
to his room before the set,

and offered us
VIP seats during.

I mean, you're smarter
than that.

I don't really feel like
stroking your ego

when he breaks your heart
after he gets his way,

so go have fun.

Wow. Thank you.

Good to know you think
I'm such a slut, Jake.

Anyone else want to shame me
while he's at it?

Shame you? I'm being protective.
You know, what friends do.

- This isn't the first time you...
- Fuck you, Jake.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Okay, Pierce,
he didn't mean anything by it.

- Don't go off the deep end.
- Wow!

Good to know my own sister
won't even defend me either.

Great. Here we go.

You want to chime in, too?

No? Okay, well, you know what?
I'm going to go.

I'm going to go get some air
and pamper my vagina,

get ready for a pounding,

because apparently
that's the kind of person I am.


Come on,
we just got here!




Oh, this can't be real.

Have you upgraded
to stalking me now?

That's not stalking,
it's binge research.

- Hm.
- I thought you were into that.

Isn't "Psycho"
your favorite movie?

Wow, such a hard person
to see these days.

What a coincidence.



Have I seen you before?

I don't think so.

I mean, you look like
you go to Target,

so maybe there.

- Maybe there.
- [Raye] Okay, makes sense.

I'm Raye.

- Like a gun?
- [Raye] No.

Like the sun.

Did you and Hunter
go to college together?

You went to college?
Wait, now I remember.

You said you did two semesters
of Phoenix online, right?

- Hm.
- Yeah.

We met on a dating app.

Ah, looks like
that didn't work out.

Well, I guess that depends
who you ask.

I was looking for friends
and fucks, you know?

Too buried under
all my law school applications

to worry about romance.

- Future Cochran here.
- [Raye] Where are you applying?

I'm actually
in my final semester now.

You know, I'm already
building a client list

and actively participate
in cases.

That is truly fascinating.

It was so great meeting you.

So great running into you.

Listen, Pierce.

[Ivy] Defensive and reactionary
have always been Pierce's go-to.

She's been going through
a lot lately.

She's convinced she's having
a quarter-life crisis.

Yeah, babe,
it's a quarter-life crisis

that's been going on
since she was five years old.

I know you're dense,

but this is textbook narcissism,

Law school applications?

I guess toiling away
at Trader Joe's,

working on your romance novel
is not sexy enough for you.


Okay, do not
turn this around.

You ambush me here with
Ruth Bader Ginsbitch in, what,

hopes that I'll be jealous
and leap into your arms?

You made me split the check
with you on our first date,

but you'll spend 150 bucks
to stalk me here.

- [sighing]
- It was sex.

No commitment.

I'm not someone you want
to get involved with anyway.

- Trust me.
- Look, it wasn't just sex,

even though
it was good sex.

It was real connection.
It was real conversation.

- [drunken laughter]
- Jesus Christ.

Being smitten sucks.

Imagine being Raye.

...you go to a rave and you
think you're someone's date,

and then they fucking leave you
for another bitch.

- That's tough.
- Yeah.

Imagine being you.

You must think
I'm a complete idiot,

or maybe it's just you.

I'm magna cum laude,
second to none,

not your fucking

Okay, yet here we are.

You're disgusting.

How about a gift?

I can get a picture
with someone

that's going to rake in

likes and comments.

- Good night, Hunter.
- Okay.

I'll have him tag you.

I know how much your image means
to you competing with Yulia,

who trips to wherever the fuck.

You see, I listen.

We get this picture
and then we're leaving.

Leaving, and having
a serious conversation

about whatever is happening
between us.

[dance music blaring]

♪ Rise and shine ♪


Not now.
I'll meet you on the floor.

Pierce, for the love of God,
please don't do this.

Come on, Pierce,
let's go.

Whoa, stop.

You're going to randomly
pop back into my life

after three fucking years, Ivy,

then you can stand beside
or step aside.

Pierce, I just want us
to have a good time.

Look, I... I did this for you.

- Look, what Jake said...
- I'm going to go.

If I'm not back in 45 minutes,

I'm upstairs,
third door on the right.


[door creaks open]




This was a mistake.


[loud crash]


Oh, that was creepy.

[both laugh]

You're really not
helping ease my


I'm sorry.

I just had to deal
with some live stuff.

Do you want a drink?

[dance music playing]

Oh, look, I am on another
fucking mountain.

Oh, my God, the water is,
like, so blue.

Hashtag "Everglades of realness,

[loud knocking]

Your incessant photos
can really suck my dick, Julia.

[loud knocking]

Someone's obviously in here.

[loud knocking continuous]

Just a minute.

Oh, yes, nice makeup.

Want to do a little
finger banging in there?


What you popping?
Want us to pop something else?

We don't have to talk.

Hey, wait up.

[Dylan] Okay, so your life's
in shambles.

We've all been there.

You know, I was at rock-bottom,
but I pulled myself back up.

You've heard of spirit quests,

Sometimes, they can show you
your soul mate.

These kind of look like
roofies to me.

It's... It's mescaline.

A derivative of peyote.

It'll take you out
of your own body for a bit,

give you an insight,

an understanding.

Just enough time
for you to cut me open

and sell my organs
on the black market.


I have plenty of money without
having to get my hands dirty.

It's an offering,
not a demand.

I'll leave it to you.

[dance music playing]

Close your eyes.

It's like a spiritual

Oh, my gosh, what is it?

Fuck you, Jake.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

You good?

You good?

Okay, cool.

All right.

- Oops.
- [both chuckle]

I thought you knew
where his room was.

Fuck this.

I'm surprised you're coherent,

What are you on,
drink 14?

Trust me.

- Okay, you want to go first?
- Sure.


Now, feel yourself
leaving your own body.

Leaving what was.

This is a husk.

[no audio]

You did this!

Goddamn it, Pierce,
it's been an hour and a half.

Come on, let's go find her.

Confused gutter slut.

Useless cock tease.

Stupid, immature,

broken whore.

[Ivy] You will always be
my weak little sister.

Toxic bitch.


Pierce, come back to me.

Hey, follow my voice.

[breathing heavily]

[no audio]



Pierce, will you let us in.

[Pierce screaming]

You will always be...

Selfish, toxic bitch.

- [screaming]
- Pierce?

Will you please...


- [Brecken] Stupid.
- [Jake] Whore.

- [Ivy] You gutter slut.
- [Pierce] Kill yourself.


[screaming and indistinct

[Ivy crying]

What the fuck
did you give her?

What the fuck did you do?
What the fuck did you do?

Hey, Ivy.




- [Ivy] What did he give you?
- [Brecken] It's gonna be okay.

- [Ivy crying]
- [door opens]

[Josephine] What did I tell you
about bringing fans backstage?

Who the fuck are you?

I'm Josephine Tully.

I'm Dylan's right hand,
and his left hand.

His mind, his heart.
I'm his everything.

I had cameras installed
in this room.

So if you leak anything,

I will release
a doctored video

that will ruin your lives.

So here's the deal.

We will get rid of the body

and you will walk away with
a big fat compensation check.

I'm a lawyer.

You're not going
to get away with this.

Hold on, Erin Brockovich.
We're not going to trial.

We're going to settle here, now.

Dylan, get up.

Come on, you got to focus.

You have a set in 30 minutes.

Tomorrow, we have the big
release party.

Shit happens.

You can't be serious.

You're just going
to go down there

and pretend like
none of this happened?

Pretty much.

See, there's me,
and there's Dylan,

and there's his manager,

and then there's
all the other people

that I can buy
with motherfucking money.

I can twist this
however I want.


W-W-We won't be bullied
by your industry tactics.

I'm not a bully, sweetie.

I'm compassionate.

Being rich, you see,
you never have to bully.

You should get your costume on,
go downstairs.

Dylan, go.

How is...

50k apiece?

That do the trick?


No check bullshit.

[Josephine chuckles]


See? I like this one.

Fine. Hm.

So how about you come
to the release party tomorrow,

and I will bring your cash,
unmarked bills.

If you don't want it,
you don't have to take it.

But if any of you are going
to be the martyr for the cause,

trust me,
oh, that will backfire.

I have ruined more lives...


...than Mitch McConnell.

You're a goddamn monster.

Hm. No.

I'm worse.

I'm an agent.

[dance music blaring]

That's the address.
Party starts at 10:00.

Be there at 9:30
for business.

And keep your mouth shut.

She wasn't kidding
about Mitch McConnell.

[Jake sighs]

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, we can't go through
with this!

We can't.

We don't have
a lot of options.

Who... Who even are you?

You fucking sellout, man!

- Hey, guy...
- Fuck you, dude!

- You fucking sellout!
- Hey.

Guys, guys,
this is not the fucking time!


I forgot my clutch
on the couch. Fuck.

[Hunter] You really want
to go back in there?

No, but I do need my phone,
wallet, and keys,

otherwise I'll be sleeping
on the street tonight.

Wait, wait, wait.

You're not going to stay
with me tonight?

You really are
that guy, huh?

I'll call you tomorrow.

I will come up
with something, okay?

We will take them down,

but we're doing it
in the correct legal way.


I'm just getting
my fucking phone.


I'm really sorry for your loss.


It's all right.

[Ivy crying]

[crowd cheering]



[breathing heavily]

Take a hint, jerk.

I'm not looking
to rave with you,

so just fuck off.

[blade unsheathes]



Help! Somebody open the door!



Please, what do you want?

I don't have anything!


Please, please, no! Ah!

Please, no!


[dance music throbbing]

I saw Ivy's arm.

Not exactly subtle.

Why didn't she call Pierce?

You saw how they
were together.


It's... It's not my place, okay?

[Jake, chuckling]
Oh, right.

Right, that excuse.

[Brecken sighing]

Ivy and I were in an on-campus
support group together.

At the time,
we both had body dysmorphia

and anxiety-turned-depression.

We held each other's hands
when pain got too heavy.

[pills rattle]

Oh, we laughed,

we cried...

we learned.


Ivy made me feel safe.

She made everyone feel safe.

And then one night, she...

She stopped responding
to my text and my calls, and...

I knew.

I fucking knew
what was happening.


She needed me,

and I was paralyzed.

I was helpless,
because I was terrified

that maybe this is what
she really wanted.

Maybe it was her only way.

Pierce wasn't like that.

She had pain, yeah.


But not like that.

No one has the power
to measure someone's pain.

It's one of the flaws
of humanity.

We can look for it,
we can assume,

but we can never
know for sure.

Stop, okay? Don't...
Don't project Ivy onto Pierce.

It's not fair

and it's not true.

Listen to me.

I spent most of my childhood
deflecting, okay?

It didn't make
anything better.

It was...

It made me feel good
for a second,

but it didn't change
a fucking thing.

So, I'm sorry, Jake.




[voices whispering]

[voices whispering]

[breathing heavily]

Get it together,
get it together,

get it together, get it
together, get it together,

get it together,
get it together.

Get it together.

Get it together.

[indistinct whispering]


Get it together,
get it together.

Fuck this. Fuck this.

You bitch!

Fucking stop!




Before med school,

Pierce and I used to go
on a camping trip every fall.


It was a sister retreat.

Somewhere new each time.

And no matter how much time
we spent together,

we never got tired
of each other.

I still don't know
where it all went wrong.


I don't want to break again,
but I can feel it.


I can feel the fracturing
beneath my skin.

I keep playing it over and over
again in my mind.

Her eyes.

We've got to be strong.

You've got to be strong.

I don't want to be strong.

I want to be angry.

This isn't fucking
support group, Brecken.

Being strong
is not going to do anything.

Yeah, well,
neither is being vengeful.

We're not going
to take their money,

but we can't go in there
guns blazing

like a fucking
Tarantino movie.

We are better than that, Ivy.

We're going to use
that lawyer girl and...

we'll find a real solution.


Come on.



I can't believe she's gone.

No, I haven't heard from her.

[Josephine sighing]

Yes, I left the envelope
where you told me to.

Well, you know, Kya.

She got paid,

so she's probably juggling
three martinis and three men.

As long as she gets the article
prepped and ready.


[loud thump]




He's really shaken up.

More so than
with previous incidents.

Mm-hmm. Right.

I mean it's suicide.
It's not a thunderstorm.

It's not exactly


[loud thumping]



[loud crash]

[loud crashing]

[Josephine] And what'd you do
with the body?



Just a second.

Listen, if we're doing this,
we have to do it tomorrow.

[Josephine chuckles]

No, bring your gun.

Well, you know, how our little
Dream Catcher can be

when he gets angry.

Yeah. Okay, bye.

[inhales deeply]


I thought you were steaming.

I was, until you came up and
tried to dick around with me.

I've been on the phone.

It's just your imagination.

You're tired,
you're emotional.

But that crowd, oh!


you outshined everyone.

What did you do
with Pierce?

And that DJ Trek.

You know, he's good.
Do you know who reps him?

Jo, I don't think inviting
her friends over tomorrow night

for the event
is a good idea.


It is not your job to think.

Your job is to drop beats,
spin music

and make the world believe
your life is nothing

but a panty-dropping party.

Don't you remember
when you couldn't book a club,

not a wedding, not a low-rent
birthday party

with fake Disney

I did that.

- I created you.
- You're wrong.

I created myself.

Then why am I cleaning up
all your messes?

You're cocky, you're sloppy,
and you're lucky

that you keep checks
coming in.

Don't challenge
my decisions.

I could end you
just as fast as I created you.

Who were you on the phone to?

And why would they need
to bring a gun?

I was on the phone
with your manager,

making sure everything
from tonight

had been taken care of.


And the gun?

Well, this is America.


More trigger-happy than ISIS.

And it is my job
to ensure your protection.

Now, get some sleep.

Tomorrow is a very big night.




- You okay?
- [sniffles]


Do you want me
to call someone?

It's not like that.

You can talk to me.

"Life is but a walking shadow...

"a poor player
who struts and frets

"his hour upon the stage,

"and is heard no more.

"It's a tale told by an idiot...

"full of sound and fury,

signifying nothing."

That makes no sense to me.


It's from "Macbeth."



Pierce and I were both
in high school.

I was a senior
and she was a freshman.

She wanted to be
Lady Macbeth so bad,

but I got the part.

She played a witch.

And she took it so,
so seriously.

Her room was filled with books
on the occult and demonology.

She laughed
at all the other kids

that thought that Harry Potter
was real magic.


- [loud crash]
- [gasps]

What was that?

[door creaking open]

You think it's coming
from the foyer?

[objects crash]

Well, I'll follow your lead,

because I'm the endearing

I'm bound to die first.

Would you be quiet?

- [ice machine whirs]
- [gasps]

Oh, shit.



Who says, "hello"?

Shut up. Just shut up.
Shut up.

- [sighs]
- God.

[loud roar]

[indistinct whispering]

Ah! Dude!

Oh, my God,
you scared the shit out of me.

I nearly hit you
in the face.

Overreacting again.

Jesus Christ, Jake,
where have you been?

Was that you the whole time?

I couldn't sleep.

- I went for a run...
- Sit down.

...and I tripped
into some bushes.

[Jake gasps]

- I thought you were asthmatic.
- [Jake grunts]

That's why I tripped.

Lungs got the best of me.

Nice working that out.

Okay, let me just
get you some water.


[Jake exhaling sharply]

How did you get glass
in your shoulder?

That's bad.

Thank you. Yeah, I...
I told you I tripped.

Into some glass bushes?

You're such a fucking comedian.

I don't know.
I... I wasn't...

I wasn't checking
the debris.

Jesus, get off
my fucking back.

You know what?
I'm going to go shower.

Hey, let me clean up
your cuts first.

I'm good, but thank you.

I'm glad med school's
paying off.

Your conscience
is clear now.

- [door closes]
- God.


♪ I don't sleep
Like I used to ♪

♪ Counting sheep
Doesn't bring you... ♪

Mm-mm. Take it in the house.

♪ The seven drinks
In the green room... ♪

Drinking already?

[Josephine chuckles]

Don't act surprised.

You know, I like to stay
perpetually buzzed.

Today has been a day,
and it's only 12:00.

Flat tire,
conference call.

Everybody sounded
exactly the same.

And I got blood
in my fucking trunk

that won't wash out.

I just paid $18
for salmon on a bagel.

Was it life-changing salmon?

- From the salmon's perspective.
- [Josephine chuckles]

You're buying me
new trunk carpet.

[Josephine] When we're done,
just buy a new car, or two,

or lose your Audi
for a Chevy and get 12.

I still haven't heard from Kya.

What if she went solo
or tried to take us over?

Then she'd be a publicist.

Kya's got skin in the game.

She hates Dylan
just as much as we do,

and this whole thing was
her idea in the first place.

If she doesn't publish
the article tonight,

we'll know she's out
and we will handle accordingly.

Did you get the video I sent?


And it's recut.

Along with the footage
from the other festivals.

Switzerland, Brussels,

and EDC from last year.

[woman, on video] Can you help me?
Can you take me home?

This is great.

This doesn't feel right.

- This isn't okay.
- So what's happening

with our potential
new clients?

Four new artists ready to sign
by next weekend.

- Huh.
- They want to see Dream Catcher fizzle out as well.


Hmm, greed is a beautiful


And they say managers

are just wet blankets
who can't handle confrontation.


Ooh, I am impressed.


You're still going to pay
those kids from last night?

Over the dead girl?

No, of course not.

No, I have a contingency plan,

and it is one they will never
see coming.

Mm, can you talk
to the AV guys?

I need to make sure
that video plays on cue.

You know, technology is shit.


Can I get a second
to talk to Dylan?

He's asleep. Thanks.

[Dylan sighing]


Look alive, Dylan.

[inhaling and exhaling]

Look alive.

[turns on water]



[Kya, over answering machine]
It's Kya, you know what to do.

Kya, it's Colton, again.

What's the deal?

This is over a million dollars
on the line.

Call me.

[phone beeps off]

Hey, uh, AV guy?

[door slams shut]

[jiggles doorknob]


- [electricity crackling]
- [film projector whirring]

Dylan, stop dicking around, man.

[film projector whirring]




Where's Jake?

Another run into the bushes?

Um, I don't know.
I haven't seen him since noon.

Sent a text saying
he'd meet us there.


How was your nap?

Six hours isn't a nap.
It's a coma.

Are you sure
you want to do this?

I'm going to get justice
for Pierce any way that I can.

American legal system justice,



I'm not a dog,
so don't treat me like a bitch.

What do you think, I'm hoarding
a machete in my purse?

All I'm saying is if I get blood
splattered on these shoes,

I'm going to be pissed.

Let's go.

I don't want Jake there alone.

I would like to keep eyes
on both you wild cards

at all times, okay?



Name, please?

Uh, Victoria, and Jack.

Boss, I apologize. I don't see
those names on the list.

Don't I know you?

Oh, yeah.

Jack, you're Dylan's cousin.

Man! I'm sorry, man.
Good to see you.

- That's cool.
- Congrats on the engagement.

Come on in, Dylan's upstairs
waiting for you guys.

- Much appreciated.
- Absolutely.

Hi. Welcome, ladies.

Here you go. Thank you.

Hi, welcome.

[dance music playing]


Josephine Tully.


My favorite telemarketer.

Andrew, what a surprise.


If you're aiming to poach
any of my clients again...

I'm going to fuck you up.


Your ravenous personality is
coming off a little desperate.

Kind of cheap,
don't you think?

Well, no need to worry.

I've already stolen
all of your clients that I want.


Have y'all seen a girl...

I'm sorry,
she's just like...

She's Asian.

She looks, like,
really lawyery.

She, like, dresses
kind of like a lawyer.

Would you like another one?


What a drama queen.

- [Josephine] Hm.
- Oh, hey, Josie.

What a great party.

Explains why you look so tired.

Ha! What a great jacket.

Explains why you look
so celibate.


And Dylan,

the once homeless
music prodigy-turned-superstar.


Alex, how are you even here?

I heard you were in rehab
after your record label

dropped your sorry ass.

[Josephine laughs]

But, really,
I am loving the album.

All the songs you stole from me
seem to be doing really well.

You should leave
before I have you escorted out.


Do you know where
the garage is?

I believe it's...

[dance music blaring]



Where are you?


Come out.




You in here?

[car alarm chirps]

What the fuck?



You want to fuck
with me, huh?

[dance music throbbing]



Let's start your set early.

This is starting to feel
a little less release party,

a little more high school,
Bud Light-only shindig.

Buck the fuck up.

You're a DJ.

DJs are not
manic depressive.

Knock 'em dead.

You're late.

Where are the others?

Clearly also late.

We want to talk
with you privately.

Of course, I'm happy to.

I have a few things I need
to take care of first,

but you can help yourselves
to a drink.

Yeah, do what you got to do.

We should wait
for the other two anyway.

It is amazing

what 12 hours can do
for the rationale

of someone in this town.

You're free to explore.

All of the house is open.

I thought we agreed in the car
that I would handle the talking.

Well, I changed my mind, okay?

There's no use wasting words
if Raye isn't here anyway.


I'm going to go look
for a bathroom, okay?

You guys stay here.

Let me guess.
You're going to wander off, too.

Crowds make me anxious,

But running outside in
the middle of the night doesn't?

No. Surprising for a limp dick
like me, huh?

Where the fuck is that
stalker guy and lawyer girl?

It's 10:45.

I saw Hunter...

when I got here.

Okay, why didn't you
tell me this?

I figured he just came in
and took the money and left.

It seemed like
his MO last night,

and he hadn't heard from, uh...

his... whatever she was,
I don't know.

- So it's...
- This is weird.

We should go look for him.

No, no, no,
Ivy told us to stay here.

I'll text her, come on.

[Colton, on answering machine]
It's Colton.

Leave one at the beep.

- [answering machine beeps]
- Where the hell are you?

This is happening in the next
hour with or without you.

- [sighs]
- [phone beeps off]

[sultry techno music playing]

♪ I need you ♪

♪ Feel the music ♪

♪ I feel you ♪

- ♪ In every... ♪
- Pierce?

How many bathrooms are in there?

How many bathrooms do we have?

Oh, my fucking God!

Didn't I fucking say
this was going to happen?

Thanks a lot. You ever heard
of the word "sorry"?


You owe me a drink.

I... I owe you a drink?

You fucking spilled
the drink on me.

Just go to the bathroom, okay?

Listen, I'm going to be back.

Don't worry, I'll keep
the door open and meet me here.


Pierce, wait.

- [jiggles doorknob]
- Hey.


This is a new level

of self-obsession.

[tap water runs]

[loud thump]

[turns water off]

if it's no trouble,

do you mind keeping
the door open?

Oh, it's a voyeur.

Look, don't be nervous.

I saw you looking.

Yeah, I'm a...

I'm a window shopper.

Is this a normal look for you?

You know, goods exposed
and tensions on display chic.

Look, it's all right
if you're not out.

Listen, this scene
is more about energy.

You're not gay.
We're just fimming.

Actually, I am gay.

And while I admire
your 20-something mesh shirt,

cum gutters,
fuck-boy routine,

I'm really not interested.


I'm 19, bitch.

[loud thump]

Mm, so jumpy.

- You tweaking?
- [sighs]

I'm into that.

No, I'm...
I'm not tweaking.

If I make out with you,
will you let me leave?

[dance music playing]





I don't actually
know your name.


Yeah, it's probably
better that way.

There's something
you need to see.

Okay, well, can we wait?

Brecken's in the bathroom
and I don't know where Ivy is.


No, it can't wait.

Your suicidiac friend...

I don't think
she's really dead.

[door closes]

What the fuck?


Oh, shit.



No, no, no.

Oh no, no, no!





[breathing heavily]

[gun cocks]

[breathing heavily]


I don't have anything, please.

What are you doing this?


[dance music blaring]


[woman laughs]


[man laughs]

[loud crash]


[knife piercing]




What... What did you do to me?

This is not what I had in mind
for tonight.

My plan was perfect.

It was foolproof.

Oh, stop it.

I didn't hit you that hard.

Where are Brecken and Ivy?

At this point,
I'd assume they're dead.

But I kept you alive,
so you're welcome.

- Kept me alive?
- Yeah.

I noticed some weird shit
going down,

I saw you on the stairs,
I came over...

You said Pierce
was still alive.

I had to say something
to motivate you.

Didn't want to leave with,

"I think there's a killer
in the house."


You're lying.

Excuse me?

That's your job, right?

Lies, business deals.

Why should I trust you?

Oh, wow.

You could start with the fact
that you are still breathing.

Now, stop being
a little shit.


The party has cleared out.

I need your help.

[gasping softly]

[breathing heavily]


You want to go, bitch?






- Hey.
- Oh!

Oh, my God.

There's someone wearing
your mask and there's this...

Hey, it's Josephine, okay?

She's been targeting
all your friends.

You can't trust anyone.
Not even your friends.

I thought all my friends
were dead.


Look, I won't say anything.

You scared the shit out of me,

and I'm successfully
scarred for life, okay?

Just... Just let me leave,

[loud crash]


You walk out this door
and you are dead.

We just need to hang on for 15,
20 more minutes.

I have people on the way.

The police?

No, of course not.

I'd rather not commit
career suicide.

And God favors those
who help themselves.

We should have never gone
to that show.

I am one pervasive fuckup.

Older sister is supposed
to be the rock, right?

What a fucking joke.

Yeah, I saw her, too.


Your sister.

I saw her tonight, too.

How did you know I saw her?

You told me.

- [Jake grunting]
- Whoa.

You're really milking this.


- [Josephine grunts]
- Whew.

Now, Josephine is good,

but she's not that good.


Now, I think we have
some unfinished business.

After all, you did try
to butch me

with a very expensive
piece of art up there.

It was my favorite.

The great Brecken.

[breathing heavily]

I sliced and diced his ass.


- [chuckles]
- [gasps]

[car alarm blares]


[breathing heavily]



Oh, Jake, Jake, Jake.

- Jake, Jake.
- [Jake] What?

It's not Josephine.
It's Dylan.

I just hit her in the head
with a crowbar.


I thought she was
the fucking killer.

Oh, my God.


We got to get out of here.

[inaudible chatter]

Holy shit! Fuck!

Go, go, go!

The last few days have been
pretty rough for me.

You guys weren't even
in the equation.

I just wanted
to axe my fucking team.

You know, they wanted
to throw me under the bus,

and we know how ravenous
the media can be.

You know, you're playing
sold-out venues,

you're drinking
thousand-dollar champagne.

And one allegation...

one video...

Yeah, I know.

...one misplaced tweet,

and you're at
the fucking bottom!



We kind of have to be
to be in this industry.

On display 24/7.


Scrutinized, dissected.

Held to some...

Some strange
unobtainable standard.

You know, I've done some shit
to get to where I am today,

and I can't have people
trying to steal that rug

from underneath me,
now can I?

Your sister, though...

[inhales sharply]

...she was a wild card.

- An unexpected hang-up.
- [Jake] Come on, man, just...


- Shut the fuck up!
- [Jake grunts]

[Ivy breathing heavily]

She... She... She saw
through my soul.

You know, I...
I really believed that.

We had a real...
A real twin flames moment.

You know, broken people
attract broken people.

Wouldn't you agree?

[breathing heavily]

[Jake] You think you're going
to get away with this?

Ah, there it is.


There it is.


The question.

Yes. Yes, I am.

Now, Josephine...

you know, her evidence
she had against me,

I'll use as proof
for her obscure

and dangerous obsession.

Now, after covering up
a suicide...

she hunted down the witnesses

to tie up
those loose ends.

And I'll be playing
Vegas on Friday,

and I'll be through
on Sunday.


Fat chance, asshole.


Oh, you have always
been a little shit.

But this?
Oh, this is next level.

Being an artist...

constantly innovating.


Oh, fuck you, Dylan.

Go. Get out of here.

[gasps and wheezes]



We saw you die.

[Pierce] On one hand, there's a
theory how people are inherently good.

And then on the other hand,

there's the whole
of human history.


[coughs and gasps]


Oh, my God.

This is impossible.

Yet here I am.

You're a murderer?

An accomplice.

The best things come in twos.

Dylan showed me a world...

that wasn't...

...what was holding me back.

[Ivy, sobbing]
Please stop, Pierce.

And importantly...

he gave me a second chance
at life.


I loved you.

Sometimes that's just not
good enough.

- [knife pierces]
- [gasps and sobs]

I'm a fucking ghost now!

There are no secrets
for me anymore.

This isn't you.

I know it isn't you.


What are you doing?

I appreciated your plan
for revenge, Ivy.

Surprising to actually see
my big sister

stand up for me for once.

Let's see you come back
from that, bitch.

- No, no!
- [gunshot]

[Ivy gasps]


What the fuck?

[breathing heavily]

What the fuck?

- What the fuck?
- [exhaling]

What is wrong with you two?

I guess you weren't too far off
with the sociopathic floodgate.


Selling your soul
to the devil...

does come with its perks.

A favor here,
a favor there,

say a...

a ghostly companion.

If I'm going to be
eternally damned...

you better believe I'm gonna
get all the upgrades I can.

It wasn't too long ago
you wanted to die, Ivy.

Who better to help you
than me?

"Life has been
a walking shadow.

"A poor player who struts

"and frets his hour
upon the stage...

and is heard no more."

"It is a tale
told by an idiot...

full of sound and fury..."

[Ivy sobbing]

"...signifying nothing."

[Ivy whimpers]

- [knife pierces]
- [Ivy gasps]

[body thuds]

[gasps softly]

Hey, Dylan, I'm...

I'm sorry I passed out
on the piano last night.

It was crazy.

Who were you talking to?

- [blade pierces]
- [gasps and coughs]

- [blade rings]
- [body thuds]

♪ ♪